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Dee’s Anal Tease

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MMMmmmmmmmm, nothing like the feeling of waking after a long, luxurious sleep in!

Steve and I had been out with friends the night before, and the kids were staying at friends’ houses, so we decided to sleep in and enjoy the moment alone.

I reached my arms out of the covers, and pointed my toes, my body stretching in that wonderful post-snooze glow. I stretched till I wanted to moan with pleasure, my long legs peeking out the bottom of the covers.

I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to wander the trail back up my body from my thighs. My hips, I gave them a nice squeeze, then felt my fingers join as they first found, then caressed, my pussy lips. Upwards to my ribs, and finally onto the mounds of my breasts, their nipples straining for the touch of my own hands. I pinched, then pulled at my nipples. MMM, love the way that feels. Gave them a good squeeze and play, then once again reached over my head for a final stretch.

I was ready to play now. The warm up was over.

I glanced across at Steve as he dozed. His face was passive, relaxed. Little did he know the fate that was about to envelope him.

I reached into my second drawer. You know girls, the one we like to think we are able to hide all the toys away from prying eyes? Ah, got it! My little dolphin buzzer. It has that wonderful little flickering piece that tickles the clit just right. I know that most of us like a large dildo, or a good size vibrator every now and then, but for pure clitoral stimulation, if you can’t have a tongue, then the tickler is the next best thing.

Without disturbing Steve, I flicked the switch and my dolphin came to life. So did my clit. Fast.

I allowed my legs to spread apart as the warmth of the blood rushing to my pussy engulfed me. The warmth of clitoral stimulation is almost instantaneous, and I was very horny. My left hand held the toy, positioning it just right. My right hand rose to play with my boobs. I’ve always got off on quite firm breast play during sex, and this was no exception. I squeezed, pinched, squashed and stroked my boobs as the stimulation rose and my breathing became laboured. I glanced across at Steve. Still nothing.

“Fuck him!” I thought. “I’ll enjoy this then jump his bones!”

I once more closed my eyes and the memories of last weekend came back to arouse me rapidly. I had experienced a bisexual episode with my good friend Kate as her husband and Steve had watched us. There was no male interference. Just two hot mums enjoying each other’s bodies and tongues and toys as their husbands watched and played with their cocks. Wild. It was one of the most memorable sexual episodes I have had. Sure, there have been more mind blowing fuck sessions, with multiple partners and public displays of wanton lust, but for pure sexual pleasure, Kate and I making love was sensational.

The memories caused a rapid fire response and as I recalled her fingers pushing into my ass as her small fist had penetrated my pussy, I climaxed then and there in the bed next to Steve. It was lovely. First the small shudders took over, then the stop in my breathing as my chest heaved and I contracted every muscle in my body, trying to force as much pleasure into my cunt as possible. Suddenly the convulsions hit me, and my head began to thrash as the little dolphin worked his buzzing magic on my swollen clit. I writhed and moaned and shook and thrashed until the ecstasy washed over me and I allowed the little buzzer to switch off and return to his home in the drawer, his mission accomplished once more.

For two or three minutes I basked. Stretching once more to loosen those contracted muscles, I glanced across and noted that Steve’s eyes were open. He must have seen me. I slowly reached down, without saying a word, and discovered that his dick was rather hard. Yes, he had indeed been watching as I came.

I rolled onto my side, facing him, and began to play with his gorgeous cock. I must admit, I know it pretty well after all these years. Fat, it is not overly long, about seven inches when erect. The head swells wonderfully when he is hard, and the rim becomes like a ridge of pleasure that I adore feeling as he pushes it inside me every time we make love. It’s like a ribbon of pleasure that crowns the top of his fat dick. I marvel at the width of the shaft when it is hard too, as I actually find it almost too thick until my pussy walls have relaxed to accommodate his girth.

He didn’t move, so I decided to tease him a little. My hand gripped his shaft and gave it a nice firm squeeze. I felt the blood pulse as I gripped the shaft firmly.

Deciding to take it to the next level, I once more reached into my second drawer and retrieved my bottle of raspberry flavoured lubricant. It’s wonderful. It’s the only one I have found that I can actually enjoy the flavour of it. I squeezed a generous amount onto my hand and then rubbed it to make it warm. Slowly, I reached across under the covers and then suddenly gripped Steve’s cock. He gasped. I smiled. Ever so slowly, I released my grip until I was able to slide my hot slippery hand down his fat, hard shaft. It felt great. The slippery raspberry lube smothered his cock and my hand and I continued to rub all the way up and down. I like to tease when I make love, so I took it nice and slow, making sure to rub every single part of his dick as I pumped my hand up and down. Steve’s eyes closed and I wondered what he was fantasizing about as I played with his cock.

Slowly I moved my hand down and coated his balls with the sticky love goo. I keep Steve’s balls clean shaven, as well as his cock shaft, as I prefer it that way for oral sex. Gentlemen, if you are wondering why your wife won’t suck your cock, surprise her by shaving the shaft entirely and cleaning up the hairs on your balls. You won’t cut yourself and the response from your woman will definitely be worth it. I may be wrong, but hey, what have you got to lose????

I played with the balls as they hung heavy in the palm of my hand. I rolled them,l squeezed them very gently, then tugged downward on the ball sack, the way I know Steve loves me to.

I moved slightly to allow both my hands free access to his cock and balls, and I went to work. I knew that by now he was thinking of something hot and erotic. We share all our sexual fantasies, and I was guessing that as my second hand gripped his slippery shaft, and the other played with his balls, he was thinking of fucking two women at once.

I kept working with my hands, the slippery goo helping the combined pumping action of my two fisted attack.

“OOOh, I can feel the other girl down here with me” I moaned in his ear.

His eyes raised but remained shut, and me moaned. His penis grew noticeably harder as my words hit home.

“She is kissing me now. My god, her tongue is sooo hot and wet as she flickers mine.”

I began to move slightly faster on my husband’s cock as I tormented him with my words.

“Oh my god, Steve, she is fingering me now. I can feel her fingers sliding inside my pussy, and, oh fuck, she is finding that G-spot sooo damn fast I think she’s gonna make me cum!”

I pumped up and down. Fast now, as my second hand roled his slippery balls between my hand and the action really hotted up. Steve’s pelvis thrust to meet my hand movements and I knew he was getting close to exploding. I had him just where I wanted him.

“Damn, Steve – I wish I had a cock to suck because this woman has me dying to fuck. She is fingering me, oh god, oooh god, OOOHH GOOOOODDD!”

Just as he began that familiar moaning and his hips thrust upwards, I let go of his fat cock and gripped his balls hard, jerking them down forcefully away from the base of his shaft. It was a trick I learned many years ago to stop men cumming. I had much practice, and it works every time. The downside I guess is that the man, and in this case, my desperate to climax husband, Steve, is prevented from exploding cum all over or inside the woman that is sexually arousing him.

Steve knew well what I was up to, and he cursed me.

“Bloody hell, Dee. You teasing bitch!”

I smiled, and slowly released the pressure on his now aching balls.

“Who me?” I asked, my eyes fluttering as I looked him directly in the face and smiled wickedly.

I adore teasing and this was no exception. Wanting to let Steve think it was over, I removed my hand slowly from him, tapped him on the leg and jumped from the bed.

“Time for a shower” I said, and headed off into the ensuite.

“What??? You flaming bitch!” I heard from the blue balled husband I left in my bed!

Little did he know that I was just planning phase 2!

In the bathroom I closed the door, and proceeded to shave off the stubble that had started growing around my pussy. I was in the mood to make this a day long sex session, and wanted to have Steve use his talented tongue on my clit to ensure a long lasting cum or three! I removed it all this time, even the small tuft I normally leave above my clit. I knew Steve would be surprised, pleasantly surprised.

Once all smooth, I gave myself a good cleaning, applied some of my favourite Opium perfume to the appropriate places, flushed the toilet pretending to have had a pee, and returned to the bed.

There, I discovered Steve trying to ruin all my hard work teasing him! He was belting off in an attempt to relieve his frustration from the hand job tease I had delivered earlier!

I threw off the covers and once more grabbed his balls and jerked them away from from his shaft.

He shrieked.

I laughed.

Slowly I looked my husband in the eye, then lowered my body towards his now aching cock. It was very hard, and still covered in some of the raspberry lube he had been so recently stroking on his shaft. I kept looking him in the eye, even as my long, pink tongue snaked it’s way from my mouth towards the purplish head of his swollen penis. I had a plan, and it necessitated his penis being flaccid. I knew exactly what to do.

I lowered my head, allowing just the tip of my tongue to make contact with his cockhead. Then, as he closed his eyes to enjoy what he thought was to be one of my sloppy blow jobs, I reached under his ass and jammed my index finger into his butt. He hates that! It worked beautifully. His proud, hard and aching to cum dick dropped to a soft jelly like bundle of flesh in seconds.

He shrieked.

I laughed.

Now that I had succeeded in making him soft, I took out my favourite piece of equipment we have related to fucking. Steve’s cock ring. Let me tell you, if you have never fucked with a cock ring, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. I reckon Steve’s cock swells almost a quarter larger than normal when he is wearing the ring. Anyway, I can only recommend you try it for yourself to see the result. Not only does it make the penis larger, it also makes it last much longer before cumming!

I took the ring in my hand. It is made from black leather and has popping clips all the way around it so it fits all sizes of cock. Steve’s is rather thick as you know, so I always put it on the loosest clip. He smiled and lay back, as I fitted it to his now soft dick. Annoyed at my teasing, he was now pleased to see I intended to finish what I had started earlier!

Clipping it on, I then flicked his still soft willy a few times, before resuming my oral exploration of the flesh I knew so well.

I adore giving head, and pride myself on my skills. I took my husband’s dick into my mouth, engulfing his entire length until my tongue snaked it’s way onto the leather and silver buckles of his cock ring I adored so much. I swirled my tongue around the shaft, feeling the head of his penis swell in the deeper regions of my throat. I was able to remain in this position sucking and licking his cock until he thickened up and started to grow. I jammed down further trying to get as much of him inside my throat as I could, but his thickness got the better of me and I had to retreat a few inches in order to breathe properly as I continued to suck and lick.

I then took the cock out of my mouth and gripped the shaft just where the cock ring was starting to tighten on the base of Steve’s cock. I suckled on the rim and head, feeling the eye of his dick with my tongue, the edge of my tongue flickering it’s way in and out of the little eye, before slurping my tongue around and all over his sensitive head, causing Steve to moan and toss his head backwards as I sucked him off.

My head bobbed up and down, my mouth applying plenty or slippery, tongue laden pressure, as I felt him grow to his full size. I knew it was full size because the base of his cock was straining against the leather cock ring in my fist as I pumped up and down giving head. I love the taste, the feel and the whole experience of sucking a cock and reducing a man to a blithering mess of moans and whimpers, and that is just what I found myself doing with Steve.

I teased him a few seconds longer, before exposing my teeth and slowly biting down on the rim of his cock. I know Steve enjoys this because it feels great, but it also is a little frightening for the guy because he knows I am only millimetres away from being able to bite down and really hurt him by tearing and biting the bulging head of his penis, just at the very moment he wants to cum in my mouth!

It’s great being a woman!

I did this for a while longer, until passion got the better f me and I had to take his cock in my throat once more. I can’t deep throat Steve easily, and so I had some work ahead to achieve my goal.

I gathered a massive amount of my own saliva in my mouth, then slurped and allowed it all to cover Steve’s dick shaft completely. Then, slowly, I lowered my mouth onto the penis, and began to take it in my throat. I inched my way down, then raised back up, before lowering it down once again. I managed to get down to about an inch above the cock ring, before gagging slightly on the bulbous head that was stabbing me in the tonsils. Once more, determined, I stretched my jaw and cheeks to their limit, before forcing my own head downwards on to my husband’s penis. I had done it! Steve’s cock was totally encased in my mouth and throat. I managed in this position to slurp a little of my tongue around the shaft. Hearing a loud moan from Steve I reached for his balls and cradled them warmly in my hand as I sucked. Luckily there was no pubic hair on Steve to tickle my nose, and so I was able to breathe and enjoy the sensation of deep throating his cock for quite a few minutes.

Finally I needed to come up for a rest, and so I licked and slurped my way back his dick, until I found myself staring the eye of my husband’s penis in the face. I left my tongue hanging down, slurping at the rim of his cock head and played with his shaft in my fist. I knew what he wanted. I knew I was capable. I also knew I enjoyed teasing him more than anything else in this world!

I pumped my fist up and down, up and down, my mouth, tongue and hand bringing him to the brink of cumming once more that afternoon. For the second time inside an hour I brought my hubby to the point of no return, then jammed my hand onto his balls and tugged them away from his shaft once more!

Steve cursed and thrashed his head around madly.

“Damn you bitch!” he cursed.

“Be patient” I taunted, the twinkle in my eyes driving Steve crazy as I caused the surge of cum to withdraw back down the shaft and resume it waiting position in his balls and sack once more.

I noticed a small drop of precum had escaped my grip, and made it’s way out of the eye of his penis. Not being one to miss an opportunity to tease, I lowered my head and licked up the moist offering, savouring the taste as I licked my lips and swallowed the small offering.

I decided I wanted some pleasure by now, and so I moved into position over Steve’s face, my pussy lips hovering just above his outstretched tongue. I dropped down onto him, smothering his face completely with my pussy lips. I felt his tongue protrude from his mouth, and wiggled into position so he was able to flicker my clit.

“Fuck I love that feeling”.

Steve licked and flicked, sucked and tongued my pussy and clit, and somehow managed to breathe at the same time. I was in heaven. I reached back with one hand and felt the amazing erection encased in the leather cock ring my husband was wearing. It felt wonderfully hard and slick in my hand as I stroked it. At the very same time I began feeling an orgasm approaching. My body began to give off the tell tale signs: nipples tingling, thighs contracting, buttocks squeezing and pussy walls contracting tightly in an attempt to trap the tongue that was flickering at my clit.

This time it was Steve who managed to win the battle of the tease. He slowed his licking and flickering, the tongue gradually retreating from it’s orgasmic pattern upon my clit. I pushed my hips down harder, gripped his cock in my hand until I thought it might burst, but he was not to be outdone. Steve continued to ever so slowly lap at my clit, but in the motion that did not allow me to climax.

I’d had enough. I needed to cum and I wanted to fuck. I raised my hips, extracting my pussy from his tongue’s reach. Pointing his amazing erection upwards, I moved back until I felt the wonderful warmth of the head of his cock touch my lips at the entrance to my cunt. I was dying for it. I pushed the head of my husband’s cock into the entrance pf my sopping pussy. My lips were puffy and swollen, as the shaft entered me. I was in no mood to be gentle. The arousal in my loins took hold and I jammed down mercilessly on my husband’s cock until he was buried inside me to the hilt.

I momentarily rested, the thickness of his cock stretching me the way I love being stretched. As my pussy walls relaxed and my natural moisture mixed with the remaining lubricant on Steve’s cock, I fucked him. He lay below me, his hands gripping the headboard of our iron framed bed. His hips pushed upwards at me, his dick performing brilliantly as my hungry cunt fucked an fucked itself on him. We had sex for several minutes in this position. I fucked myself up and down, the moisture squelching as we raised up and down each thrust.

I was sweating now, the beads of moisture appearing between my boobs as I fucked my husband. I grabbed his head by the hair, and smothered his face with my boobs, my erect nipples yearning to be sucked. Steve took the hint, and as he stabbed my pussy again and again, he raised his mouth to first my right nipple, then my left. He spent the next five minutes sucking, biting and licking my nipples and tits, and I luxuriated in the sensations overcoming my incredibly aroused body. We were both totally turned on and fucked each other wildly.

Just as I thought I might relent and allow us both to climax, I had a change of thought. Looking Steve in the eyes once more, I suddenly stopped moving. The look of dejected horror and disappointment on his face was priceless. He practically begged with his eyes. Just as he started to say something, I put a finger to his lips, indicating that he should not say a word.

I extricated myself from his massively thick and slimy erection, then slowly spun myself around, so that my ass was facing him, my legs bent and either side of his outstretched legs. I positioned his penis once more in my pussy, and fucked myself slowly up and down on the firm shaft again. However, I had different plans this time, and reached back to tease him once more. I took my index finger and slowly pushed it inside my tight asshole, merely inches from his face as he watched his cock fuck my sexy and wet cunt. It must have been quite a sight, because, for the first time, Steve reached out with his hands and scratched my back, the way I love it when I am approaching a climax.

Encouraged by his back scratching, I pushed the finger deeper inside my own bum hole. I felt the wrinkled skin at the opening, before finding the nice smooth surface of my own anus. I pushed in and out, making the muscles inside my ass slick with wetness, and also stretching my asshole to relax. Slowly I managed to get a second finger in my own ass, and as I fucked my own ass up and down, a third finger entered, only this third finger was Steve’s. My husband and I were both fucking my ass with our fingers as his cockring bound erection ploughed my pussy again and again in it’s quest for release.

I eased upwards once more, removing the fingers from my now stretched and wet bum. Sensing what was to come, Steve took hold of my butt cheeks and gently spread my asshole open, the pink puckered hole of my sphincter clearly on display inviting attention from his fat cock. I gripped the tip of his erection and positioned it once more. This time however, it was to invade a different, tighter hole. It was to fuck my ass.

I felt the amazing sensation of the head push it’s way inside my tightest entry. It was intense beyond words. In tiny movements I bobbed up and down, slowly, slowly covering the cock head with slippery lube as I managed to start ass fucking my husband. Amazing thing the ass muscles, because they actually relax and stretch as they are forced open by any object. My very own asshole relaxed and allowed its invading cock to take charge. I went wild with excitement as I had my ass fucked by my husband from behind.

My fingers went crazy frigging my clit as I attempted to not only ass fuck myself, but to bring myself to a vaginal climax on top of my desperate to orgasm husband who was fucking his teasing wife’s asshole!

For seven or eight minutes we were speechless in our intense anal sex. I could hold off no longer as the thick shaft raked the walls of my bum hole again and again. My fingers worked their magic and my orgasm began to wrack my body with surges of contraction and release. My ass muscles clenched down incredibly tight on Steve’s fat cock, and I felt the clips of his cock ring tickle the sensitive walls of my asshole. That was all it took.

I crashed into an amazing climax of ass fucking and thrashed up and down, crazy filth emanating from my mouth as I became a babbling, climaxing and shaking bundle of woman hood, pinned on her man by an ass fucking invader that started to spew forth it’s own rewards.

Yes, I allowed Steve to cum. And cum he did. I swear I felt every single contraction of his pulsating cock as he filled my asshole with his cum. It spurted against my ass walls again and again, until I felt him subside, the ooze of the massive dose of cum slipping it’s way out of my tightest opening as he began to relax beneath me. I collapsed onto him, the movement eliciting an audible ‘pop’ as the cock sprung free from my fucked asshole.

He shrieked.

I laughed.

I lay on the bed, my legs slightly parted as I regained my breath. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Suddenly a tongue snaked it’s way between my ass cheeks as I lay on my belly. God it felt good! I spread my legs further, and was delighted to feel my husband’s tongue snake it’s way inside my asshole and lick the tender flesh in there. It was an amazing feeling.

I moaned.

He laughed.

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