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What Evelyn Wanted

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Evelyn works too damned hard. Five days a week, she works as an auditor at a local grocery store, scanning items to see that they ring up the price marked on the shelf. On her two days off, she commutes over an hour to attend the university, in hopes of someday getting out of retail all together.

In any case, Evelyn has little time for herself and is often very tired. This leaves her little to no time for a social life, so Evelyn gets the majority of her peer interaction via e-mail and Yahoo Pager.

Among the names on her buddy list is Eric, a guy she met at a party a few months back. He lives in the Bay Area, and she, being a Tahoe girl, doesn’t see a lot of possibilities developing with so much distance between them. But he is so hot. He’s hot in a whole different kind of way than the other guys Evelyn has dated. He has a bit of a biker look going for him, with short, disheveled hair, a rusty goatee, and a thick chest.

Eric is also a bit on the unique side. He belongs to a historical re-enactment group, and plays medieval warrior on the weekends, complete with armor, weapons, and combat. Knowing nothing would ever come of it, Evelyn has always felt free to flirt relentlessly with Eric. He flirts just as relentlessly in turn. He tells her what he would do to her if he were with her; that he would man-handle her, because he knew that’s what she really wanted. Evelyn often takes long hot baths after conversations with him, pleasuring herself under the suds while imagining that her fingers were his tongue.

One afternoon while Evelyn was finishing a paper for a humanities class, a message popped up from Eric.

“Guess what!” it said.

“What?” she typed back, feeling a flush of warmth in her face as she realized how pleased she was to be hearing from him.

“My group has a two-day event in Tahoe next weekend,” Eric answered. “We’ll be camping and everything. I’d like you to come hang out with us. Can you make it?”

Evelyn breathed deeply. She would love to see him. But maybe she shouldn’t. It won’t work with him so far away. And I’m no good at one night stands. But he’s so sexy and he says all the right things. Maybe I could just go hang out. It doesn’t have to get sexual.

“Hello?” sounded the next message from Eric.

“Sorry,” Evelyn typed back. “I’m trying to remember what my schedule is for that day.” She was lying. What she was really trying to do is talk herself into meeting him. Or out of meeting him. Or just make a decision for heaven’s sake!

“I have to work until 4:30,” she finally answered. “Is it all right if I meet you after that?” “That would be perfect!” he assured her. “That way combat stuff will be over and it will just be music and food and mayhem!”

“What should I wear?” she asked, nervously.

“Nothing,” he answered, with an emoticon wink.


The next night after work, Evelyn stopped by the fabric store and bought a medieval costume gown pattern and some deep blue slinky fabric. She spent the next few nights sewing when she wasn’t doing homework, and by the following weekend, she had passable medieval attire. She pulled the top of her hair back into two braids and pinned it back with a barrette. She threw a white, crocheted afghan over her shoulders for warmth and headed out the door to the event.

The event took place on a ranch. When Evelyn arrived, she was amused to see all the people in the garments of the medieval period milling about with the sounds of the highway right behind her. Some of the people played the part and some did not. The illusion was often disrupted by the sight of a woman in full regalia chatting on a cell phone, or some other such business.

Evelyn walked around, trying not to draw attention to herself. She just wanted to check things out before she made her way to Eric’s encampment.

As it was early autumn, the sun was already beginning to fade as she made her way around. Candles and lanterns were burning in this tent or that pavilion. Shadows and silhouettes were falling around her. Over there, she could see a woman belly dancing in front of a fire, in nothing but her chemise. Evelyn could see the woman’s naked body through the thin fabric and found herself slightly aroused. “I could never do that!” she thought.

The sounds of laughter and singing filled her ears from all sides until finally she saw the red and gold pavilion flying a red flag with a black bear print. This was what Eric had told her to look for. It was a large pavilion, obviously sleeping quarters for the entire group of ten warriors and their ladies if they had them. There were dozens of people gathered around outside, preparing food at the fire, singing, and joking.

Evelyn moved in slowly, wanting to get used to the energy of the moment, before allowing herself to be overtaken by the feelings she knew would come when she saw Eric. Already she was beginning to feel that knot in her stomach.

Finally, she saw him. Eric was at the center of a group of men who were singing bawdy songs at the tops of their lungs. Her knees grew wobbly upon seeing him. He looked even better than she remembered him. And his smile was so inviting. She just wanted to kiss him… to quench this thirst she’d had for him.

What was she thinking?? Kiss him?? If she kissed him, it would be all over. She’d be putty in his hands, and she knew what he would do to her. Oh, she wanted him to do it to her. Wait! No! If he did, then she’d get all crazy and things would change and it wouldn’t be fun anymore because he’d be there and she’d be here.

Evelyn decided to go home. She began to think up stories in her head as to why she hadn’t met up with him, as she started creeping backward out of the crowd.

Just as she thought she was home free, Eric saw her. A great smile spread across his face as he put down his mandolin and began to move toward her. “Excuse me, gentleman,” he said, as he pushed his way through the gathering, making his way to Evelyn. When he reached her, he took her hand and kissed it. “My lady,” he said, “I am so honored that you decided to join me here, this night.” He winked as he bowed before her.

That’s it. Evelyn knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. She’d give it her best effort, but she knew she’d be his before the night was over.

“You look amazing,” he told her as he pulled her into the crowd of people he’d hoped to introduce her to. “Where did you get this costume?”

“I made it,” she confessed. “I didn’t want to stand out.”

“You are the most astonishing woman here,” he told her. “You’ll stand out.” Evelyn blushed. Eric kissed her hand once more. He dragged her to the front of the crowd and announced, “Everyone, this is my friend Evelyn. Evelyn, this is everyone.”

The people were friendly and winked at her and shook her hand and she was having a great time.

“Lets go for a walk,” Eric suggested. “to get some privacy.” He took her hand and began walking quickly through the darkness that had fallen, past the wall of tents and up into a grove of trees. They were within earshot of the event, but far enough out for privacy. Evelyn was excited and nervous all at once.

Eric took off his cloak and spread it on the ground. Then he sat down on it and pulled Evelyn down toward him. “I can’t believe how much you turn me on,” he said, as he began kissing her softly on the mouth.

One kiss won’t hurt anything, Evelyn thought to herself as she soaked up his kisses. O.k., a few kisses, then.

She could feel Eric’s intensity growing. He caught his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back as his kisses became more impassioned and aggressive. He sucked on her bottom lip and bit her hard on the neck.

O.k., o.k…. some heavy petting, but no sex, Evelyn assured herself. No sex.

Eric pushed her down on the ground and let his lips travel from her neck to her collar bone to her breast bone. His free hand began massaging her breast through her gown as he pulled on her laces with his teeth. The laces undone, Eric pulled open the front of her dress to expose her breast, and then began suckling her there so hard she cried out.

Evelyn began to have second thoughts about this. Perhaps she shouldn’t give in quite so easily. She began to pull her dress closed, but Eric pulled it open again.

“Eric,” she began, but he kissed her mouth to silence her as he began to push her dress up over her knees.

“Eric, wait!” she said, turning her head for air.

“I have waited,” he said, breathlessly.

Evelyn felt a mixture of arousal and alarm. She wasn’t sure this was the right thing to do, but her body wanted it so badly.

“Eric, I’m not sure I want to do this,” she said, struggling to keep her skirt below her waist.

“Yes you are,” he said, taking both of her hands in one of his. With his other hand, strong as it was, he managed to break the elastic strings that held her bikini panties together at the sides. As Evelyn’s heart began to race with panic, Eric pulled what remained of her panties away from her effortlessly.

“Eric!” Evelyn gasped, knowing the situation was out of her control. She gasped when she felt his fingers probing inside of her as she fought her own desire to just give in to it. “Eric, listen to me,” she pleaded, urgently.

“I have listened to you,” he answered, gruffly, untying the drawstring of his pants. “I know what you want. I know I can give it to you. Stop fighting me. You will not regret this.” He put her hands on his hardened member as he began kissing her breasts again.

“But I . . .” she began, as she tried to push him off of her. She just wanted to think this through.

“No buts,” Eric insisted. He pushed her hands down beside her and forced his knee between hers. With his other foot, he spread her legs and brought his other leg between them and dropped down upon her.

Evelyn struggled under his body weight.

“You think too much,” Eric whispered against her cheek. “Just give in to it.”

Evelyn could feel his hot, hardness pressing into her hip and then her thigh, as it searched eagerly for her sacred place. She did think too much. She felt his throbbing desire hesitate as it found her opening. It was then that she realized just how moist she had become. Just give in to it. “Eric!” she moaned, giving in to his advances, opening her legs and wrapping herself around him as she felt him slide inside of her in one painfully gentle motion.

Evelyn arched her back, giving Eric full access to her body. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders as she moved with his deep and probing strokes. She heard Eric’s breath coming quickly as he pushed himself in and out of her. He kissed her savagely, causing her lip to bleed.

Evelyn felt the heat of his mouth as Eric made his best efforts to devour her, body and soul. She was overwhelmed by the animalistic passion she felt, as she grabbed his hips and helped him to move deeper and harder inside of her. Oh, God, this was what she wanted. He felt so good against her, inside of her, wrapped around her. How could this not be right?

It was only moments before Evelyn could feel the pressure building in her middle. She initially tried to suppress her moans and gasps for fear that she would be heard by campers at the event, but she soon gave no care to that, either. Just give in to it. She spread her legs wider, grasped Eric’s hair with both hands and cried out in a shuddering explosion, “I’m coming!”

Eric wrapped his arms tightly around her, as his hips began to thrust harder and deeper still. He forced the breath from her as he exploded inside of her, their ecstasies mingling. They panted breathlessly as they collapsed together on that hillside.

And when the noise of the revelry had died down, and when Eric and Evelyn had both climaxed several times in several different positions, they crept back into Eric’s encampment, curled up in his bed, and drifted off to sleep.

Evelyn would be calling in sick tomorrow.

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