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Working It Out

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“Hey Rob, wanna come with me to the gym tonight?”

Leo’s question in the phone surprised me a bit, but on the other hand, I had nothing better to do.

“Sure, why not,” I replied. “I’ll just grab my things and meet you there.”

Twenty minutes later we stood in the locker room. Leo was already in his workout outfit – loose black pants, a tight white sleeveless shirt and fancy indoor sneakers – when I walked into the room.

I told him to go ahead to start the warm-up, but he insisted on waiting for me. No problem, I got changed rather quickly, and we headed to the athletic facilities.

“So, how’s it going with you and Alex?” Leo asked me as we were jogging on treadmills.

“Ah well,” I started, feeling a bit embarrassed. Alex was a girl I had been dating for a couple of weeks, but the previous day she had told me she was hooking up with some New Zealander guy and so our dating was over. I didn’t know how to take this, because me and Alex hadn’t known each other for a very long time, but on the other hand I did feel pretty bad for being ‘discarded’ like that. All this went though my head before I replied to Leo, “You know, it didn’t work out after all.”

“Huh? So you ditched her?”

“Um, more like the other way around. But, well, I think it was the right thing to do,” I lied with a straight face.

“I’m sorry to hear that, mate,” Leo said. My positive/neutral disguise didn’t fool him very well.

Another five minutes of jogging took place in silence, and then we moved from warm-up to the real deal; lifting weights.

Leo was a bit stronger than me, and we both knew it, but it didn’t stop us from competing every single time we went to the gym. I liked to push my body to its limits, even with the taste of blood in my mouth, but I was wise enough to stop before getting seriously injured. And competing with me wasn’t a child’s play for Leo either, he too had to do his best to win me.

I had known Leo for quite some time now, we had been friends since high school. I hadn’t been a big fan of sports back then, and Leo wasn’t the captain of the football team either. He was a sound guy, equally talented in maths, science, music, and sports. Only English was giving him a hard time back in high school, mainly because his dyslexia and complete disinterest in prose and poetry. He did read newspapers and scietific texts, however, even the kind of books that looked so boring to me that I might consider reading them only if I suffered a serious state of sleeplessness. He used to joke about it, too; despite the fact that he might be a genius, he had no will to show it off, and he had a great sense of humor. We got along really well, and a solid proof of that was that we still kept in touch, even though high school was over and I had moved on to university. Leo had taken a job in a computer firm after graduating from high school, and he seemed to love what he was doing for living.

A thing I wondered about Leo was that he never talked about his girlfriends. I was sure he had had plenty; he was six feet and seven inches tall, had great muscles and a toned body, black hair and a charming little beard, and big blue eyes to make any woman crazy. With that kind of looks, combined to his wit, humor and intelligence, I thought women would be killing each other because of him. Yet, he never said a word about any female human being other than his friends and co-workers. I didn’t dare to ask, seeing as it would sound rude and way too personal. If he didn’t want to talk about his love life, I was fine with it – but it didn’t stop me from wondering.

Right now, though, my brain had other issues to focus on. My biceps were crying for mercy as I lifted up two hunred pounds of metal, sweating and clenching my jaw, and repeated this move ten times over. Leo looked thoughtfully at this, and when I put the weights back to where they belonged, closing my eyes and breathing heavily, Leo added another 20 pounds to the iron bar. As I gave him room, he took the bar and lifted it up, repeating the move first ten times, then he breathed for a second and then lifted it for five more times.

“I quit,” I said when he was finished. “I can’t do this, Leo. You win.”

He grinned at me, and suggested we head to the shower. I was happy to agree.

The water was steaming hot, running down my body and helping my muscles to relax. I had always been shorter and more broad-shouldered than Leo, only six feet tall and with a very muscular build. In fact, I probably looked stronger than him, even though I actually wasn’t.

Leo was under the shower next to mine, his eyes were closed at the moment and he was facing me. I looked at his body, the finely outstanding muscles of his midsection, the biceps, and the strong thighs and legs… suddenly I realized I was staring at his cock. That, too, was a perfection with eight inches of length and a fair amount of girth. My own looked smaller to me, but I had measured it during my teen years and it was eight inches just like his.

“Is something the matter?” Leo asked, smirking.

I realized I had indeed been staring, and my face reddened as I realized I had also been caught. I stammered something incoherent as a reply, not daring to look at Leo at all. He took a step away from his shower, closer to me.

“So you wanna look, huh? Go on, don’t be shy; it’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” he said.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered, still not looking at him. I heard him take another step, and then felt his hands turn my head so that I was forced to look at him again.

“Don’t be,” he said, taking my hand and placing it on his penis. I was startled to realize he had a hard-on.

I swallowed, unsure of what to say or do. Leo decided for me.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered, and I complied.

As I was kneeling in front of him, it was only obvious what he wanted me to do. He maneuvered his huge cock into my mouth with his hand, and I started sucking. I had never ever sucked a cock before, but I had been on the receiving end a couple of times, and tried to act on that basis of knowledge. Judging by his grunts, I wasn’t badly mistaken.

I worked the full length of his shaft with my tongue, licking the base of the huge thing, sliding my tongue over his balls, then back up to the large head. I took the head into my mouth, sucking the shaft deeper into my throat, inch by inch taking in its full length. I grabbed is ass with my hands, taking more of his cock into my mouth, sucking as best as I could and working my tongue all the way down his manhood. He shoved the final two inches in, and I tried my best to breathe and not gag, tears leaking from the corners of my eyes. I managed, somehow, and after only a couple of more thrusts he came, shooting a full load into my mouth. Shocked, I didn’t know what else to do, so I tried my best to swallow. I did a good job with that, only a couple droplets escaped my mouth, sliding down my chin.

As Leo’s penis softened, I let it out of my mouth, wiping the sperm off my chin. I remained on my knees, face down, not daring to look up. Leo took a few breaths to stabilize himself, then he ordered me to stand up. I complied, still ashamed. He took a grip of my penis, sliding his hand up and down its length. Giving Leo a blowjob had given me a full erection.

Leo’s hands were talented, and I closed my eyes to engoy the sensations. After a couple of minutes, Leo stopped, removing his hand from my cock. Puzzled, I opened my eyes, realizing Leo was now standing behind me. He placed his hands on my shoulders, shoving me roughly against the shower wall. My hands made contact with the white tile wall, and then I felt a sharp pain in my anus. Leo forced his dick inside me with a grunt, and I let out a surprised yelp. He felt so big, I had never had anything up my ass before, and he wasn’t wearing a condom nor any lubricant. I thought I was already full of him, but then he forced another inch or two in. I cried out in pain,

“Please, I can’t take any more!”

“Oh, shut up,” Leo grunted. “You have already taken five inches, so you can take the rest as well. Don’t be such a crybaby.”

And with that, he shoved more of his dick into me. I shuddered, trying to pull away from him, but I was trapped between him and the wall.

“Just – an inch – more,” Leo breathed, forcing that inch into my ass. I could feel his balls against my buttocks, and tears were running freely down my face. He pulled away a bit, a move that hurt just as much as him thrusting in – and then he thrust back in, continuing this with a steady rhythm. And though it hurt like hell, my dick was also harder than ever before. Leo’s hands were on my hips, keeping me steady, and he was pumping in with inceasing speed. I was panting just like him, and I felt a familiar tingle in my balls.

“You’re so tight,” Leo breathed. “I bet you’re a virgin.”

My anus was tightly squeezed around his big shaft, even if it was stretched to its limits and beyond. Yes, I had never been fucked to the ass before.

“I’m gonna cum into you,” Leo grunted, his pace still getting faster and faster.

“Please,” I whispered spontaneously, wanting to feel him shoot his warm cum into my ass.

And with a final thrust and a roar, he unloaded all the sperm he could into my anus. As I felt him throbbing inside me, my hand found my own penis, and all I needed to do was touch it and I was shooting sperm to the shower wall and crying out Leo’s name.

Breathing heavily, Leo withdrew his cock from my anus. He gave my shoulder a friendly punch before I could turn around to face him again.

“I see why things didn’t seem to work out with the ladies you were dating,” he said.

“No, that’s not the reason…” I protested weakly. I was too weak to speak, too flushed, too exhausted, too confused. Thinking was giving me a headache – not to mention what other places were aching.

“Whatever you say, pal,” Leo replied with a grin. “But I can tell you enjoyed my attentions.”

I shuddered.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m -”

He laughed.

“Of course not. But I am gay, and I’m glad I could come out of the closet just this way, pal. Now you’d better get washed up, you look like you just got fucked in a common shower.”

That made me remember we actually were in a common showering room. I hoped no one had seen us – I had been too preoccupied to notice even if someone had peeked inside.

Leo stepped under his own shower again, giving his dick a few strokes to was it clean. His sperm was now running down my thighs, and there was a trace of blood among it. I must have looked concerned, because Leo said,

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt for long. And the bleeding will cease, too. Well I gotta hurry now, so see you around. Later!”

He exited the showering room, leaving me alone to wash myself up. I made sure to stay under the shower long enough that Leo had surely got dressed and away from the locker room before I entered it. After getting dressed, I headed back home – wishing I could walk without revealing what had been done to me – and as soon as I had closed the door behind me I fell onto my bed. Workout had never left me exhausted as that, and had never left sore muscles like that.

I fell asleep, dreaming of certain enchanting blue eyes, and a bearded mouth smiling at me.

The End.

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