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Wordless Encounter

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I stood there in the door way not really sure what to do next. She looked up at me and smiled. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs soaking wet, but she was perfectly proportioned and beautiful. She was naked. Her breasts were perfectly formed with upturned nipples that were hard as rocks. Her ass was nicely shaped and her pussy was shaved except for a little tuff of hair that rested on her pubic bone. She has light brown hair and deep green eyes.

Beside her was a man, not much older than me. He, too, was naked. Her hand was wrapped around his cock slowly stroking it. I could see it was covered with saliva, her saliva. She let go of his cock and got off the bed and came over to me.

Without a word she touched her finger to my lips indicating that I should not speak. She slowly unbuttoned and removed my shirt. My breathing was getting harder, as was my cock. She looked up at me with her eyes and reached over and grabbed my crotch. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. When I opened my eyes she was still looking up at me while massaging my cock to life. She continued to look up at me while unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. They fell to the floor and she knelt and grabbed my boxers and pulled them down and motioned me to step out of the pile. Silently I obeyed.

Her hands went up either side of my legs and wrapped around, resting on my ass. My cock was sticking out, pointing hopefully at her. She did not disappoint me. Slowly she began to lightly suck on just the tip of my dick while digging her nails into my ass. My knees felt weak. She moved her mouth down to my balls and licked them all over before beginning a slow lick from the bottom of my cock all the way up my shaft. I shivered and felt my knees buckle a little.

She stood up and wrapped her hand around my cock and led me to the bed. I had almost forgotten about the other guy, who was watching us while slowly stroking his own dick. She grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his cock. It felt hot, hard, but soft, spongy-like. It was the first time I had ever touched another man’s dick. She watched me as she moved my hand indicating that I should stroke him. Silently I obeyed.

He moaned with pleasure as I manipulated his cock in my hand. I saw precum dripping out of his piss hole. I smeared it over the head and it became more slippery in my hand. I looked at her. She was lightly playing with her pussy while watching me. She looked into my eyes and then motioned with her head down to his cock. I looked at her, not understanding at first, but then she did it again and I knew she wanted me to suck his dick. I hesitated for a moment and she did it again. Silently I obeyed.

Slowly I descended toward his cock, which was still in my hand. I opened my mouth and directed his cock to my lips. The taste of the precum was strong. I covered his mushroom head with my mouth and gently started to suck. With each suck, I took more and more of him in my mouth, still stroking him as well. He moaned, obviously enjoying what I was doing. She came up behind me and started rubbing her body on my leg and ass. I could feel her wet pussy humping my leg, making me want to suck this cock harder. Her hands found my cock and were lightly stroking it and playing with my balls while I continued to suck my first cock.

I felt her mouth close over my cock and I jumped a bit. With a tenderness I’d never known, she covered my cock with licks and nibbles and strokes until I was ready to explode. I stood up and pushed her away, not wanting to cum just yet, fearing it would break this marvelous spell. She smiled up at me and stood.

She lay down on the bed and started to massage her breasts indicating that we should each take one. We got on either side of her and started to lick and suck those tender breasts while she moaned with pleasure. One of my hands made its way down her torso and came to rest on her pubic mound and I just applied slight pressure. She responded by thrusting her hips into my hand, grinding her pussy against it. I was enjoying kissing and sucking her breast while slowly beginning to masturbate her pussy when I felt a hand on my cock. While working on the other breast, he had reached down with one of his hands and found my hard cock and started to fondle it. It felt so good. I found myself wanting to return the favor, but my hand was busy pleasuring her. I decided to start moving my mouth down towards her pussy, which was sopping wet by now. He reluctantly let my cock go and I repositioned myself with my mouth over her pussy and my cock up by her head. I began to rub my face into her wet pussy taking in all the smells, opening my mouth to savor the flavor of her sweetness.

I was not surprised to feel a mouth on my cock as I settled in to enjoy her honey pot. But then I felt two mouths start working on my cock and I knew he and she were giving me a treat. I relished in the feeling of two tongues licking, two mouths sucking, exploring my cock and balls and then my asshole. They were all over my cock and ass as I drove my tongue into her wet pussy. I felt my balls start to tighten up as I worked feverishly on her pussy. She bucked and grinded telling me she was close to an orgasm, stimulating me to more action. I, too was ready to cum as they worked on me in ways I had never experienced before. Then I felt a finger press against my asshole and penetrate moments later. The totality of it all was more than I could take and I exploded, sending stream after stream of hot cum into someone’s mouth. I cared not who it was; it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. She too came simultaneously covering my face with her juices. I collapsed in ecstasy.

Catching my breath, I felt movement and soon I found myself staring at one hard cock. I smiled as I looked up and saw her smiling face looking at me. She moved in and started to lick and suck this cock and I quickly joined her. Our hands intermingled as we licked and sucked his cock and balls. One of my hands moved behind and started searching for his asshole. He adjusted to grant me access and while we continued to work on his cock, my fingers found their target. I inserted a finger and started to finger-fuck his ass while sucking and licking his cock. With both of our mouths working him over, he didn’t last long. I felt his balls expanding and I quickly moved my mouth over his cock head and prepared to take my first load of cum in my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long as his cock got bigger and then exploded in my mouth, filling it with his cum. It was more than I could take and it squirted out of my mouth, down his cock, where she was waiting to lap up the overflow. He collapsed beneath us.

She wormed her way between the two of us and kissed us both. We lay there for a few moments before drifting off to sleep, with her hands resting on our cocks. Silently, I fell asleep.

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