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Sunday Shower

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I’ve just spent another long, hot afternoon in the garden and all I can think about is taking a shower to cool myself down. The garden looks great, but I’m a mess. Covered in dirt and sweat, I let myself into the back door and slip out of my gardening boots. I’ve rinsed myself off a bit with the hose but it’s nowhere near what a shower could do for me.

I peek into the living room…you are watching television and I don’t want to disturb you so I breeze past you and blow you a little kiss on the way to the bathroom. I close the door behind me, hearing the comforting ‘click’ of the door as it latches and I’m left in pure privacy. I undress in front of the mirror and eye my body from every angle. I make a face in the mirror and turn away from it, unhappy with what I see reflecting back at me.

At times like this, I’m comforted by the fact that I know you love my body. I can almost feel your hands running down my sides and over my soft curves. You sometimes refer to me as your ‘Rubenesque beauty’…it always makes me giggle and blush, but I love it. Thinking about how much you enjoy my body perks my self-esteem right back up and I run a loving hand down from my collarbone, between the valley of my breasts, and over my belly. I let my fingers linger there for a moment before inching them down to the soft, short hair covering my mound. I stroke it for a moment, my eyes fluttering closed as I picture your strong, sure hand as my own. I open my eyes and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror; mouth open, eyes half closed, hand between my thighs. I blush and shake my head. Giggling, I address my reflection, “Sophie Price…you wanton hussy!”

I turn the water on and set it as chilly as I can stand it. After letting the shower run for a moment, I take a deep breath and ease into the cool spray. My nipples harden instantly as the icy water rushes down over my body. A quiet moan escapes me as I run the palms of my hands across the little gumdrops atop my breasts. I pinch them both lightly between my thumb and forefinger and roll them just a bit. I moan again…louder this time.

I bite my lip and hope you didn’t hear me. Then again, perhaps if you think you are missing out on some fun, you might come join me. Just the very thought of our wet, naked bodies rubbing against each other makes me groan with pleasure. I squeeze my nipples harder and cry out softly. Just as I’m about to trail my fingertips down my soft and very round belly, I hear the door latch open. I tug on my engorged, sensitive nipples and whimper loudly. My eyes are closed, but I can hear the curtain as it rustles when you enter the shower with me. Before I can even open my eyes, you have your mouth latched around one of my swollen nipples and your arms snake their way ’round my waist, pulling me to you.

I’m putty in your arms. I press my wet body against yours and my hips instinctively rock. You position your leg between mine and I begin to grind against it slowly. Your lips haven’t left my breast the entire time and you are suckling at my nipple like a hungry babe. I run my fingers through your wet hair and give it a little tug, jerking your head back ever so slightly and causing you to scrape your teeth across my nipple roughly. I cry out with pleasure as your teeth rasp against my hardened nipple.

The longer you suck and nibble at my breast, the harder I grind against your leg. I’ve lost track of where the water ends and my wetness begins. The longer your mouth works on my nipple, the harder and faster I grind against your thigh. Just as I think I’m about to explode with a body-shaking orgasm, you pull away and look up at me with a devious grin. I whimper and mewl but you shake your head ‘no’ and proceed to reach for the shampoo with that same grin never wavering. I hang my head a bit at being denied an orgasm, but turn to face the spray so you can wash my hair.

You take your time…rubbing my scalp and neck, massaging the shampoo into my hair before rinsing it clean. It’s my turn to wash your hair and I do it as meticulously as you did mine…massaging your scalp and shoulders. When I’m finished, you put your head under the spray and I watch your strong hands as they gently rinse the soap from your hair. I picture those hands that I love and know so well, trailing down my sides and gripping my ample hips to pull me to you once again.

I shake my head to clear the fantasy from it as you begin soaping up my body. You move slow and sensuously. I notice that you seem to be taking your time at all the ‘sweet spots’ on my body. Languorously washing my inner arms, breasts, inner thighs…every single one of the spots that drive me mad with desire. You take particularly long while washing my breasts, using your thumb to rub back and forth over my nipple. When I glance up at your face, you seem to be in a state of pure bliss. I’m certain my face mirrors the same. I whimper with anticipation and you nod quickly as if you understand exactly what it is that I need. You wash yourself quickly as I rinse then rinse yourself before stepping out onto the bath mat and toweling off. I wipe my skin dry with one of our big fluffy towels and take your proffered hand.

You immediately pull me into your strong arms and kiss me hard. It’s a kiss full of desire and need and urgency. You begin backing up slowly, pulling me with you towards the bedroom. I follow like a curious kitten being enticed by a string. I’m eager to see what you have in store for me, for us. I follow you to the bed and you murmur softly into my wet hair ‘bend over, love…’. I shiver and my nipples instantly harden. I can feel my cheeks flush a bright pink. I nod quickly and turn to bend over the bed, resting on my forearms with my backside high in the air. My thighs are wide open and I am on display for you. I can hear you growl softly in your throat and I know you are pleased at the sight before you.

I imagine what your view must look like. A pretty pink pussy, wide open and inviting…glistening and wet. The thought just excites me more. I wriggle my backside a bit but stop as soon as I feel your fingertip caressing my folds. A soft gasp escapes my lips when I feel your finger plunge into me. My body involuntarily rocks back against your hand, swallowing up as much of your finger as I can take. Your other hand moves to caress my hip and guide my body back and forth onto your hand. Ever so gently, you slip a second finger inside. I moan loudly and arch my back…my body begging for you to begin pumping in and out.

You begin slowly at first, your fingers exploring me as if it were our first time making love. You are moving with a sureness, but so gently. You ease in and out of me achingly slow at first then begin gaining a bit of speed. I’m trying to stay still to give you full control but it’s becoming increasingly harder not to buck back against your hand. Each time I try, though, the hand on my hip grips my skin a bit harder as if to let me know you are the one in charge right now.

I groan loudly as your fingertips graze my g-spot and my hips rock back. The hand on my hip grips me and steadies my backside from moving again as you begin to pump faster now. You bend down and I can feel your breath on my shoulder as you whisper into my still damp hair ‘you look so sexy from this angle…that pretty pussy all on display just for me, the little pink rosebud between your cheeks just begging for a finger, your back arching with every thrust into you…’.

My body reacts to every word you whisper by growing wetter still. Your fingertips trail from my hip over to grip one of my cheeks and I feel a probing finger pushing lightly against my rosebud. I moan loudly and nod my head furiously to grant you permission to enter me. Within seconds, you have slipped the very tip of your first finger into me. My back arches painfully and I know I am already on the verge of an orgasm.

You can feel it too…I can tell by the way you change your pace to thrust into me harder and pull out slowly. You are urging me on to an orgasm with your hands and your mouth is busy nibbling at my shoulder. Just as I am about to finish, you slide out of me completely and firmly roll me onto my back. I’m stunned for a moment…just long enough for you to climb on top of me and find my clit with your fingertip. Your eyes are on my ample breasts and the engorged nipples sitting atop them. I grin up at you and cup my heavy breasts with both hands, offering them up to you much the same as I offered myself to you earlier.

As your fingertip begins slow circles around my clit, you dip your head down to take one of my nipples into your mouth. Gripping it lightly with your teeth, your soft tongue strokes at the tip. You know my very weakness and you are playing upon it well. You know it won’t be long before I come to orgasm once you begin teasing my breasts. You begin to suckle and I feel it begin…You can tell I’m about to gush because your fingertip begins playing a staccato upon my clit, moving in quick strokes back and forth as you suckle greedily at my breast.

Within a few moments my back arches and I cry out your name as my orgasm hits me. My nectar gushing out of me and onto your hand, my thighs, the bed. My fingers are tangled up in your hair, holding you to my breast while I finish. I snake my arm down and between your thighs to find your soaking wet opening while I am still orgasming, eager to make you come with me. I begin thrusting into you quickly at first and then I find your g-spot. I focus on it, wriggling my fingertips against it whilst you are still suckling on my breast.

I whisper into your ear that I want you to finish with me. Your quick nod lets me know that you are going to grant my request. I move my thumb to rub back and forth across your clit while continuing to tease your g-spot and within seconds I feel you tighten around my fingers and I know you are about to come. I continue thumbing your clit and whimper into your ear as my body goes rigid and I gush again, this time ejaculating up onto your thigh. This becomes just far too much for you and I hear you call my name out loudly as you finish, coating my hand in your juices.

I take my time easing out of you, cupping your mound with my palm and lightly stroking at the bit of hair there with the very tips of my fingers. I glance up at your face as you roll off my body and slide your fingers out. You are watching me intently and I tilt my head quizzically at you. “What’s wrong, love?” I whisper while reaching up to stroke your hair. Your lips curl up into that smile that I adore and you lean down to nuzzle your nose against my cheek. You whisper so softly that I have to strain to hear you. “I love you, Sophie. Having you in my life has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Sharing my life with you has been such a scary experience and yet it’s been a change that I was so eager to make. I’m glad we decided to move in together.”

I bite my lip to keep from tearing up. “Oh Jamie,” I say, “I love you so much. I’m glad we’re sharing a life and a home. I’m glad we took our time and made this right.” Your lift your head and your smile brightens. I adjust my body so I’m lying in the crook of your arm, my own arm flung carelessly over your belly. Our bed is so soft and it’s inviting me to rest now and close my eyes. I fall asleep to you murmuring words of love in my ear.

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