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Wish of Jeanie

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Jeanie waved goodbye to her two boys as her parents pulled away. She knew that she was going to miss them while they were gone for the weekend, but also knew that she needed the break.

Unfortunately, that break wouldn’t really start until she finished catching up on the housework. There were too many things that she’d put off, and she knew that she simply couldn’t relax until each and every one of them was done. She tied back her strawberry blonde tresses, and went to work.

The hours slipped by, and it was quite late by the time she was down to the final task. The new washing machine wouldn’t arrive until Monday, and virtually everything in the house was dirty.

Jeanie was down to a top that was too tight, and a skirt that was too short for her tastes — especially for going out into public. As late as it would be when she arrived, she wasn’t all that concerned with running into too many people, though. The newer laundromat on the other side of town drew most of the business.

She needed at least a brief rest before loading up the car, though. With a glass of water in hand, she sat down on the couch and flipped on the television. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw a shadowed love scene playing out. She then breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that both recording lights were on for the DVR. It had set the channel, which meant that she hadn’t left it there, and her boys hadn’t turned it there.

The scene, no matter how brief, was heated, and reminded Jeanie about how long it had been since she’d been with anyone.

It was hardly relaxing.

Jeanie cancelled the recording with a sigh, and flipped over to the game show channel until she finished her water. She felt as if she was ready to tackle the laundry, and took everything to the car.

Jeanie hauled in her six baskets; glad to find the laundromat empty of anyone except the attendant and a friend chatting with him. She set to work, loading up washers, and sighing at the mountains of quarters she was going to spend before this evening was over.

More than once, she saw the two young men looking her way. Their glances made her feel a little unnerved, but also flattered. She guessed that they were both just out of high school, and to have two such young men take notice of her was hard to ignore.

She also couldn’t help but notice that they were attractive. The shorts and t-shirts that the pair wore showed off their muscles, and Jeanie found that she had a hard time keeping her eyes from wandering toward them. The attendant had light brown hair, and was a little taller. His friend had almost coal-dark hair, and was deliciously muscled.

Jeanie glanced down as she loaded the last washer, and let out a nearly silent sigh of relief. She could feel her nipples stiffening against her bra, and she was concerned that they might be visible through her top.

Jeanie sat down and put her nose in the book that she’d brought with her, but knew from the moment that she opened it that it was a bad idea. The racy romance novel was the last thing that was going to distract her from the surge of arousal that had come over her. The bookmark sat right at the beginning of a heated coupling between the characters in the book.

The novel went back into her purse, and Jeanie looked around for something to read instead. She noticed that the two men had vanished at about the same time that she saw a stack of magazines on the attendant’s counter. Thankful that she wouldn’t have to keep her eyes and hormones under control in the process, she walked up to the counter to select a magazine.

With a safe home and garden magazine in hand, Jeanie turned to walk back to her chair. She just caught the sound of voices coming from the back room, and for some reason, her body refused to obey her commands to continue back to her seat.

The voices were quiet, just above whispers, but the acoustics of the building somehow dulled the sound of the washers just enough for her to hear every word.

“Her ass looks great when she bends over.”

“No joke. She’s got big tits, too.”

“Oh hell yeah. I’d hit that.”

“Not if I got to it first. Man, I would tear that pussy up.”

“Sloppy seconds, maybe.”

“Fuck you.”

“No — fuck her. Then you can have a turn.”

Jeanie hurried away from the counter — her eyes wide, her breathing quick, and her pussy tingling. She didn’t think that the pair behind the door could have hit on her fantasies any better if she’d written them a list. She took her seat, feeling more hot and bothered than she had in years, and tried to push the thoughts away.

It didn’t work.

With the upsurge in her son’s after-school activities, Jeanie hadn’t found any time to date in over a year. It had been even longer since she’d had sex with anyone other than her vibrator or her fingers. She’d always had an elevated sex drive, and lack of opportunity since her divorce had done little to change that. She couldn’t stop the images drifting into her head, and after a few minutes, she didn’t even try.

“Hey, I think your washers are shutting off.”

Jeanie started, and her cheeks immediately warmed. She’d been staring through the magazine, daydreaming about the attendant’s cock in her mouth while his friend took her hard and fast.

“Thank you,” she managed to respond, and then stood up to empty the washers. She could feel the damp spot in her panties as she walked over to the machines.

Emptying the washers did nothing to turn her thoughts away from sex, either. She could feel two sets of eyes on her every time she bent into the washer, and confirmed it when she secretly glanced toward the counter a couple of times. The thought of them admiring her body only made her hotter. She swore that she could hear them whispering about how much they’d like to fuck her every time she transported a basket of clothes to the dryers, which were out of sight of the counter.

Once Jeanie started the last dryer, she returned to her seat. She was really beginning to think that she would have to go home and masturbate, or go crazy from the sexy thoughts assaulting her.

“Uhm… Would you say anything if I went ahead and locked up? Someone always seems to come in at the last minute and keep me here an extra hour.”

Again, the attendant’s voice startled her from her fantasy, and this time, he was standing right in front of her. Jeanie looked up upon hearing the voice, and her eyes homed in on the bulge in his shorts — a rather significant one.

Jeanie snapped her eyes up to his, fighting down a shiver from the tingle shooting up her spine. “That’s fine. I used to work in a grocery store, and I know how annoying it is for someone to come in at the last minute.”

“Cool. Thanks,” he said, and then walked toward the doors.

Jeanie caught one more quick look at his bulge, and then a glimpse of his tight butt as well, when he returned to the counter. She quickly snapped her eyes back down to her magazine when she saw a knowing smile on the other young man’s face. She knew that he must have seen her checking out his friend’s butt.

She couldn’t resist looking toward the pair a few seconds later. Neither was making much effort to hide their looks in her direction now. Both were smiling — obviously flirting — and before she realized what she was doing, Jeanie was flirting back.

At first, it was simply a returned smile. Then, she smoothed back her hair and let out a sigh, the motion causing her tightly constrained breasts to lift. Some small part of her continued to admonish her to behave herself.

They’re half your age. Just because they’re looking doesn’t mean anything.

The pair behind the counter frequently whispered to each other, and vanished into the back room twice more while the dryers ran. All the while, Jeanie’s hormones were at a roiling boil.

When the first dryer stopped, Jeanie saw the attendant’s friend walk out into the room just as she reached the machine. He made a show of digging for change for the soda machine, but he certainly wasn’t trying hard.

Jeanie wondered just how far she could take the flirting, and her little fantasy. A crooked grin decorated her face as she opened the dryer and bent over far more than necessary to reach inside. When she emerged with an armload of clothes, she saw the young man admiring her ass, and doing little to hide it.

Another dryer stopped. Jeanie saw a pair of her panties tumble down from the side of the stopped drum. She turned to the young man behind her and said, “Could you bring me another of my baskets?”

“Sure,” he answered, and walked over toward where she’d left them.

While Jeanie finished emptying the first dryer, he stacked all of her baskets together and brought them over to her. “Thank you…” She paused, fishing for a name.


“Joe. I’m Jeanie.”

“No problem.”

Jeanie took the baskets and bent down to separate out one for the next dryer. As she rose, she let her eyes flash to the bulge in his shorts.

It was just as enticing as the one gracing his friend.

Jeanie opened the dryer and pulled out a pair of her panties to rub her fingers over them, making sure that they were dry.

“Are they wet?”

Joe’s tone left little doubt as to the double meaning of his words. Even though she’d fantasized about it, and believed that she’d noticed signs of desire, the blatant innuendo and the look in his eyes still caught her off balance. “They seem dry,” she replied, her voice a little distant.

“The dryers are old. They can be a bit dodgy at times. Wouldn’t want you to go home with wet panties.”

It’s far too late for that, Jeanie thought.

“No sense doing that, when you can do something about it,” Joe continued as he leaned back against the table behind him, thrusting his crotch out toward her.

“It would be a little silly,” Jeanie responded, and then reached back into the dryer. She took a deep breath as she gathered up a double handful of clothing. He couldn’t be any more obvious without asking, “Wanna fuck?”

The burning question now was how she was going to respond. Her body was already screaming its answer.

Joe adjusted his erection as Jeanie let the clothes tumble into the basket. The sight made her think that she was dropping the wrong panties. He smiled, and looked directly at her breasts without the slightest hint of ambiguity.

“Are you cold?”

Jeanie glanced down and saw that this time, her nipples were prominently displayed against her blouse. Her eyes returned to his, and she answered before she had an opportunity to second guess it. “Actually, I’m hot.”

“The dryers?” Joe suggested, though his grin said something else entirely.

“Not really.”

“You do look hot.”

Jeanie took a step closer to him and said, “A woman might think you were coming on to her, the way you’re talking.”

“I guess you could think that.”

“But then, I wouldn’t really know for sure.”

“And I wouldn’t know whether you liked it, or whether you were about to slap me.”

The banter brought out a side of Jeanie that hadn’t surfaced in years, back before her marriage. “That would sort of leave us stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Her eyes dropped to his bulge.

“Rock. Hard.” He glanced down at the V of her legs in her tight skirt. “I see where you’re coming from.”

“The skirt isn’t that short.”

“Wishful thinking?”

“My name is Jeanie.”

Joe finally stopped playing the game. “Wish I could get a good look at those tits.”

The washers and a sign of rules directly behind Joe meant that nobody could possibly see inside through the windows. The door was locked, so nobody was coming in. Every remaining hint of inhibition Jeanie had left evaporated in the heat of her need. She tugged the tail of her blouse free of her skirt.

“Oh yeah,” Joe said with a chuckle as she pulled off the blouse. He squeezed his cock through his shorts as she dropped it into one of her baskets.

Jeanie popped open the clasp of her bra and tugged down the shoulder straps. A shrug of her shoulders and a pull let the cloth drop to the floor, freeing her heavy breasts.

“Didn’t waste that wish,” Joe said as he reached out to cup the globes in his hands.

“Neither did I,” Jeanie agreed, and stepped in right next to him. While she reached down for the waist of his shorts, he lifted her right nipple to his lips.

Jeanie’s back arched as his lips closed around the stiff bud. Though the angle was awkward, and she couldn’t see around him suckling her nipple, she managed to push his shorts down enough to pop the tip of his cock free. From there, it was easy enough to worm her fingers beneath to wrap around it.

Her fingers barely touched around his girth, and a stroke of her hand traced a shaft of more than average length as well. Jeanie whimpered, almost in disbelief that it was really happening. She had a hard, young cock in her hand, and an eager set of lips making her tingle all over.

The sound of a surprised grunt caused her to turn her head.

The attendant stood at the corner where he’d emerged from behind the counter. His eyes and mouth were both wide open in astonishment. Intent upon her breasts, Joe hadn’t even noticed his friend yet. Jeanie crooked her finger to the other young man, beckoning him to her.

He hesitated for a moment, but then broke out into a lusty grin and crossed the room with quick steps. The sound of his footfalls alerted Joe, but his lips never left her nipple.

Jeanie moaned as the attendant arrived. “I’m Jeanie. What’s your name?”

“Todd,” he answered, and then saved her some trouble by dropping his shorts.

Jeanie licked her lips as she reached for his cock. He was only about half hard, but rising rapidly. His hand slipped beneath her skirt to find the wet spot on her panties as he hardened in her hand.

Though she’d dreamed about being with two men at once, she never really dreamed that it could actually happen. Her fantasies had certainly never included two such young, virile, well-hung men, either — let alone the laundromat setting.

Joe released her nipple to kiss her, and nearly made her swoon. His kiss was full of a hunger and passion that she didn’t think was possible. He wanted her — desperately. Todd’s probing fingers spoke of the same need, and fanned the flames of Jeanie’s arousal as well.

When Joe broke away from the tongue-wrangling kiss, Jeanie got her first good look at both of them. Todd was a little longer, but Joe’s manhood was surprisingly thick, their cocks seemingly a reflection of their bodies. Both had smooth, shaved balls, making them look all the more delicious. She squeezed both of their cocks, watching the tips swell and darken above her hand.

Jeanie felt a flash of self-consciousness as Joe pulled down her skirt. She only trimmed the curls around her pussy, and she knew that the fashion was to shave bare. Todd moved his hand to let her skirt fall to the floor, and then both men jerked down her panties.

Neither seemed to mind the view as Joe caressed her ass and Todd slipped his fingers into her wet heat.

Joe leaned in, kissed her neck, and then whispered into her ear, “I bet you really know how to suck a dick.”

Jeanie gasped and squeezed their cocks a little harder. A moment later, Todd’s fingers slipped from inside her as she knelt between the two of them. She admired the two gorgeous cocks up close, and then licked each in turn, looking up into the young men’s eyes.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Todd groaned as her tongue tickled his glans.

Jeanie’s lips parted, and she took him in. The coordination was difficult, but she kept her hand stroking Joe’s hard organ while her lips slid over Todd’s shaft. A drop of pre-cum oozed from his tip almost immediately, filling her mouth with flavor. She took him as deep as she could, and then bobbed her head over about half of his length.

Todd growled and fisted his fingers into her blonde tresses. His hips twitched from her ministrations, and Jeanie almost gagged when his tip pushed against the back of her tongue. She released him for a moment to catch her breath, trailing tendrils of saliva from her lips to his mushroom tip. She wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft to keep him at bay when she engulfed him in her mouth again.

After a few hard sucks, Jeanie let her lips slide back to the head, looking up into his eyes. His tip popped free of her lips, and she smiled before turning to Joe.

“Fuck yeah,” Joe breathed as she took him in, his thick cock stretching her lips wide.

Jeanie used every trick she knew — licking, sucking, and stroking the two young men until both were breathing heavily. She was lost in the feeling of two cocks begging for her attention, and she was far from ready to stop when Joe pushed her away, his expression suggesting that he’d nearly exploded in her mouth.

She was about to turn back to Todd when Joe bent his knees and slid his hands beneath her arms. Jeanie gasped, allowing him to lift and guide her until she was sitting on the table. He spun her until she lay lengthwise on the table, and then pulled her toward one end.

“Oh god yes,” Jeanie breathed as Joe parted her legs.

“You’ve got great tits,” Todd said as he took one in each hand to squeeze them.

“Thank y…” Jeanie began, but the last word changed into a squeal when Joe’s tongue stabbed into her pussy.

Joe had certainly done this before. His tongue darted over her in a rapid dance, lapping up her juices. What little he lacked in skill, he made up for with enthusiasm. Her hand found the back of his head, pulling him against her need as her hips lifted toward him.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Jeanie said as she watched Joe devouring her pussy. A second later, Todd blocked her view by leaning down to suck one of her nipples.

The fantasies about this that Jeanie had envisioned were pale shadows of reality. Having one set of lips sucking her nipples while another teased every inch of her pussy was overwhelming. She writhed uncontrollably on the table, the young men holding her in place with their strong arms. She couldn’t manage more than whimpers and gasps, her pleasure-fogged brain unable to put together the sounds necessary to form even the simplest word.

“Let me have a taste of that pussy,” Jeanie barely heard Todd say over the sound of her heart pounding in her ears.

Jeanie whimpered in protest when Joe rose up from between her legs. His face glistened with her juices as the two traded places, taking care not to touch each other or pass too close.

Todd was even more enthusiastic than his friend. Jeanie let out a yelp as he sucked her hood and clit between his lips. He wiggled his head back and forth, sucking hard, and teasing her swollen bud with his tongue at the same time. She saw Joe step in next to her, and parted her lips as he leaned down to kiss her.

Jeanie moaned as she tasted her juices on his lips. The scent and taste surprised her with the intoxicating effect that they had on her, combining with the feeling of Todd’s mouth on her and Joe’s ardent kiss to make the flame of her desire grow even brighter.

“Your pussy taste good?” Joe asked when he ended the tongue-wrangling kiss.

“Mmm hmm,” Jeanie responded, and then pulled him back down to her so that she could lap her juices from his chin.

Between Todd’s flickering tongue and her prolonged state of arousal, Jeanie felt the pressure of an orgasm building inside her. Her head fell back to the table, and she gasped. She could feel a warm buzz dancing through her folds wherever Todd’s tongue touched her, the current gathering beneath her mound.

Joe stood up, and Jeanie couldn’t resist the sight of his big cock twitching in her peripheral vision. She reached out to wrap her hand around it, and he stepped up right next to the table with a sensual growl. Jeanie guided him into her mouth, to whimper around him as she sucked him.

“Oh yeah, suck it,” Joe breathed as he twined the fingers of one hand into her hair, and squeezed her breasts with the other.

Jeanie eagerly engulfed Joe’s manhood, taking all of him that she could. She froze in place for a moment when Todd added two fingers plunging into her moist canal to his dancing tongue. Only a few seconds later, she was spiraling relentlessly toward climax.

Jeanie lost control, barely able to lick and kiss the tip of Joe’s cock as her cries of pleasure grew louder, and longer. Orgasm eluded her, somehow just beyond reach, leaving her trapped in an abyss of intense — almost painful — pleasure. She involuntarily held her breath, silently pleading with all her will for release.

An explosion of color behind her tightly closed eyes provided her with warning of no longer than a fraction of a fraction of a second. A primal scream of ecstasy exploded from her, as the hot bubble of need within her burst.

Jeanie’s muscles contracted in a convulsive wave, raising her back up from the table. She remained frozen, sitting up and trembling, her mouth open in a silent scream, as jolts of orgasmic energy ripped through her body. She sucked in a loud, noisy gasp that she couldn’t hear, and then screamed again. Her strength fled her with her breath, and she collapsed heavily onto the table.

“Fuckin’ yeah,” Todd exclaimed as he wiped her juices off his chin and watched her come.

Jeanie twitched and lurched on the table, her body under the complete control of her orgasm. Todd leaned back in to swipe his tongue over her clit, and her legs snapped together. He barely pulled back in time to avoid having her knees slam into his temples. She snaked a quivering hand down her body to cover her pussy, not sure if she could handle even another second of his mouth on her.

How long she remained trapped in the beautiful agony of her ecstasy, she would never know. When her eyes at last fluttered open and her senses returned, both men were watching her with wide smiles, their hands roaming over her sweat dampened body.

“Never seen a woman come like that,” Joe remarked.

“I… I’ve n-never c-come like t-that,” Jeanie stammered. She sucked in several deep breaths, and then panted, “Oh. Oh my god.”

“You like it?” Todd asked.

“Uh huh,” Jeanie responded, and then let out a long, warbling moan as a ripple of bliss passed through her.

“There’s more where that came from,” Joe said while suggestively pointing his cock toward her.

“Let me… Let me catch my breath. Oh god, I need a drink.”

Joe said, “I got it.” He bent down and picked up his shorts to fish out his wallet.

Jeanie beckoned Todd to her, and then guided him down into a kiss. She trembled as she tasted her own juices again, and kissed him hard. When their lips parted, she smiled up at him and mouthed, Thank you.

Joe returned with a bottle of water, and the two men helped her to sit up. Jeanie’s already flushed face grew even redder when she saw the small puddle of pussy nectar that had dribbled from her as she came. She drank, keenly aware of the two hard cocks in front of her.

Once she’d drained about half of the bottle, Jeanie had caught her breath, and the flames of her passion had ignited again. “Your cocks are so gorgeous,” she said in a husky voice, just above a whisper.

“I want in that pussy,” Joe said while staring intently into her eyes and stroking his manhood.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” Jeanie spun around on her bottom and scooted to the edge of the table again. Joe snatched up his wallet from the table and moved with her, his eyes intent on her body. As she reclined and parted her legs, she repeated, “Fuck me.”

Joe pulled a condom out of his wallet and started trying to tear it open.

“Please. I need your cock inside me,” Jeanie pleaded, and parted her nether lips.

“Just a sec,” he said, still trying to get the package to tear.

“Give it to me — now,” Jeanie demanded.

Joe held up the condom and raised his eyebrows.

“Now,” Jeanie repeated, answering his question.

Joe broke out into a wide grin and tossed the condom aside. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

He moved between her legs, took his cock in hand, and guided it through her nest of curly blonde hairs.

Jeanie’s back arched up from the table as his big cock stretched her pussy, sliding smoothly inside her in a single, powerful thrust.

“Oh — so big,” Jeanie whimpered, fuller than anything she’d ever felt in her life.

“Damn, that’s tight,” Joe half growled, half chuckled, and then started thrusting.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh god!” Jeanie cried out as his thick shaft dove into her.

Joe buried his cock inside her and tore off his shirt before he pulled back again. Jeanie drank in the sight of his young body as he spent his desire on her. His muscles bulged, and sweat beaded on his brow. Todd’s shirt fell to the floor as well, and he stepped over to the table.

Jeanie fulfilled her earlier fantasy, taking Todd’s throbbing cock while Joe pounded her pussy. Todd stroked a couple of inches in and out of her mouth while teasing her nipples and moaning. Joe began to grunt with effort as he increased the speed and power of his thrusts.

A hot tightness built in Jeanie’s belly, deeper than she usually felt it as she moved toward climax, and almost numb. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was going to come without any direct stimulation to her clit. The sensation grew stronger with every hard thrust of Joe’s hips, already more intense than her first orgasm.

Rapid, loud smacks accompanied Joe’s body clashing with hers. His groans grew louder, and mixed with growls. Even though she knew that she was going to come soon, and come hard, she still had control of her body. Her tongue wriggled along Todd’s hard shaft as he pumped it into her mouth, the vibrations of her moans adding to his pleasure.

A loud growl and a rush of cool air accompanied Joe pulling free of her clinging sheathe. Jeanie turned her head and pleaded, “Oh no, please don’t stop.”

Joe breathed heavily, obviously on the edge of erupting, stumbled back a pair of steps, and leaned against the washers to steady his legs. Todd moved in her peripheral vision, and then appeared at the foot of the table with his cock in hand.

“Oh — hurry,” Jeanie begged.

The aching void in Jeanie vanished as Todd filled it with his long cock. “Fuck, you’re wet,” he groaned as he withdrew, already coated in her creamy juices.

“Fuck me. Make me come,” Jeanie breathed.

Todd growled and gave her every ounce of his strength. The swollen tip nearly knocked against the entrance of her womb, hitting new pleasure points deep inside her. Only his tight grip on her legs kept her ass from sliding back on the table, and her breasts bounced chaotically from the power of his thrusts.

“Yes! Right there. I’m going to c-come,” Jeanie wailed as the pressure inside her swelled, now feeling as though it was glowing white hot.

“Fuck, I’m about to blow,” Todd responded in a tight voice.

“Don’t stop. Give it to me!”

“In your pussy?” He asked in a rush.

“Yes! Faster! Come in my pussy!”

The grip of Todd’s fingers tightened. “Oh fuck yeah.”

The slaps of their bodies coming together mingled with his growls and series of increasingly loud cries from Jeanie. As before, she remained teetering on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity. Then, Todd rammed his cock home with an explosive cry.

The feeling of him pulsing in her depths, pumping her full of cum, pushed Jeanie over the edge. Her muscles tightened, lifting her head up from the table, and she squeezed her breasts as she screamed in ecstasy. She could almost feel his cream pooling in her depths, mingling with the heat of her climax, driving her to new heights.

Todd fell forward on his hands, panting for breath as Jeanie continued to lurch through the throes of her orgasm. Her walls rhythmically contracted around his cock, causing him to twitch and groan with every squeeze. Finally, he couldn’t take any more, and jerked his cock free.

Jeanie heard Joe say, “Move over.”

With some effort, Todd stood up and stepped away, revealing Joe ready to take his place.

“Oh my god,” Jeanie whimpered, still caught in the aftershocks of her climax. She nodded her head and said, “Uh huh,” when Joe stepped between her legs with his cock in hand.

Joe let out an explosive grunt as he buried his cock in her cum-filled pussy. Jeanie squealed, his thick cock causing the last remnants of her orgasm to turn sharp, shooting through her entire body like lightning bolts.

When she finally caught her breath, Jeanie looked up into Joe’s eyes and said, “Do it. Come in my pussy. I want it.”

“You’re gonna get it,” Joe responded, and pounded his cock home even harder.

Jeanie’s fingers found her clit, moving as if they had a mind of their own. The mixture of her juices and Todd’s cum squirting out around Joe’s cock made her folds quite slippery, and her fingertips glided over her bud with ease. Even though she was still crying out and twitching from her previous orgasm, another was building beneath it.

Joe stared down at her flashing fingers and said, “Play with that pussy. Make it come.”

“Faster. Give it to me,” Jeanie squealed.

Joe’s expression tightened, and his teeth clenched. His cock slammed into her with relentless force. This time, she was completely unprepared.

Jeanie let out an ear-piercing scream that a passerby might have mistaken for a death cry if anyone had heard it. Rather than releasing in a shock, followed by waves, her orgasm felt like a true explosion. It was as if every inch of her was coming, and it didn’t stop. It went on and on, losing none of its strength, fueled by Joe’s big cock ramming into her.

Joe drove his cock home and blasted her depths with his hot cream. Jeanie just kept coming.

By the time the beast of an orgasm released her, her throat was hoarse and dry from screaming. Her pussy throbbed, and she could feel cum dripping down her buttocks onto the table. Joe had already pulled free, and sat on the floor, gasping for breath. Jeanie curled up, still trembling from her orgasm, and let the warmth of afterglow slowly claim her.

Quite the opposite of the two young men, Jeanie felt invigorated as she settled down from the most unbelievable climaxes of her life. Her body uncurled, and she reached between her legs. Her eyes widened when she saw the amount of cum on her fingers. She brought them to her lips, and moaned as she sucked them clean.

“Fuck, that was awesome,” Todd remarked as he watched her.

“We taste good together,” Jeanie said in a languid tone, and sought out more of the treat.

After a few minutes, Jeanie sat up and finished her water. Then, completely beyond caring about the possibility that someone might see her, she walked over to one of the dryers and pulled out a pair of towels. The first she tucked between her legs, to stem the still steady flow of cum seeping from her. The second, she tossed to Todd so that he could clean up.

Jeanie kissed each of them in turn, once they’d cleaned up and managed to find their feet again. Then she smiled, and said, “I don’t suppose two strong young men would mind helping me empty these dryers?”

Joe picked up the panties that she had been wearing and said, “If we get to keep these.”

“You’ll have to share.”

“Done,” Todd agreed.

“I need to go to the girl’s room. Why don’t you two get started?” Jeanie blew them both a kiss, and then pulled back on her blouse, foregoing the bra. She kept the towel tucked between her legs when she pulled up her skirt, and then waddled to the bathroom, drawing chuckles from the pair.

The dryers were already empty by the time Jeanie returned. She smiled and said, “Thank you,” before locating a clean pair of panties in one of her baskets. She pulled them on and smiled when she saw both of them look up from where their eyes had locked between her legs.

“You were both wonderful,” Jeanie said as she walked toward them. She kissed them in turn, and then couldn’t resist reaching for the two wonderful cocks that had made her feel so good.

Jeanie’s eyebrows shot up. “Are you getting hard again?”

Joe chuckled, and Todd answered, “Yeah.”

Just like her namesake, her passions were out of the bottle, and there was no containing them again.

“I don’t suppose that the two of you might help me carry all of these into the house for me? I think I can make it worth your while.”


“Hell yeah.”

Jeanie picked up one of her baskets, knowing that she probably wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week after tonight.

Her pussy tingled with a fresh surge of wetness, and she knew that it was going to be well worth it.

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