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Wish Come True

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I watch him from across the room as he orders more drinks. His name is Matt, and I think I love him. Unfortunately, Matt’s in a very serious relationship. They have been living together for years, while I’ve only known them for a few months.

He returns to our table, our drinks in his hands. I watch as he gracefully crosses the dance floor, avoiding the gyrating dancers with a dance of his own. He doesn’t spill a single drop.

I smile as he places the drinks on the table and slips into the chair next to me.

“Hot out there tonight,” he says with a smile. “Wanna dance?”

Do I want to dance with him? Do I need air to breathe? Gravity to stay on Earth? He holds out his hand. I place my hand in his and he pulls me to my feet. He leads the way to the dance floor, my hand still in his. Is it my imagination, or did he really just pull my hand to his ass for a quick touch?

I feel light-headed as we begin to gyrate with the crowd. The song is nearly over, but I revel in these few moments, my eyes locked on his. The music slows into a love song, a couples dance. I start to back away, but he reaches for me and pulls me close.

What is happening here? I look into his eyes, startled. He smiles gently as he pulls me into his arms. I put my arms around his neck and we move together. Our bodies fit together as though they were two parts cast from one mold.

I can feel his hard cock as he grinds against me; my own cock has been hard since I first saw him. He moans slightly in my ear, then whispers, “Oh, yes, James, you want me, don’t you?”

I nod, mortified that he has discovered my secret. My ears are burning; I know my face must be bright red.

He laughs softly. “Oh, my sweet James. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you; since the first moment we met.”

I melt in his arms. He’s not talking about forever, only for right now, but I want whatever I can get from him. He nibbles on my ear and I bite my lip to keep from moaning aloud.

Matt pulls back and looks at me with dark eyes. “You wanna get out of here?”

I force myself to answer, “Yes, Matt, I do.”

We return to the table briefly to slam down our last drinks and grab our jackets. We don’t touch again, but my cheeks are burning. I’m afraid that every man in the place knows what has happened between us.

We walk out into the cool night air and Matt takes my hand, pulling me away from the club and to his car. It’s an older Chrysler, the black paint sleek in the streetlights.

I’m surprised to see his hand trembling as he unlocks the door for me. I slide into the car as he moves around the front and climbs in. He starts the car and puts it in gear and pulls into the street.

I watch him quietly. He looks at me and smiles; he reaches up and strokes my cheek with the back of his right hand, then takes my hand and places it in his lap.

I can feel the heat of his cock through his pants, and can’t resist curling my fingers around it. He moans, and mirrors the motion in my lap. I want to close my eyes and savor the feel of his hand on my cock, but can’t take my eyes from his face. He is so beautiful. I want to memorize every moment of our time together. I’m almost afraid to breathe, afraid I’ll break this spell.

In moments we pull up in front of my apartment building. He lets go of me to put the car into park. I remove my hand, but he grabs me and pulls me to him, kissing me roughly. I moan as his tongue invades my mouth. We are both breathless when he finally releases me. He looks deep into my eyes for a moment, then we break apart, eager to get out of the car, into the apartment, out of our clothes, and into each other.

We hold hands as we enter the building; I punch the button for the elevator as he reaches for me again. When the doors open we stagger into the elevator, hands stroking each other, busily removing jackets, undoing shirt buttons. We wage war with our tongues as he slams me against the wall, our cocks struggling to get out of our trousers.

When the doors open on my floor it becomes a race to the door. My hands are shaking so badly I can’t get the keys in the lock. Matt takes the keys from me, his hands nearly as unsteady as my own. We finally get the door open and lurch into the apartment, barely taking time to make sure the door is locked before returning to stripping the clothes off one another.

Suddenly it is as if time stands still as I undo his pants and his cock leaps out at me, demanding to be sucked. I pause and look at him. He moans in impatience and takes my head in his hands, pulling me toward him. It is all the encouragement I need.

I sink to my knees, my pants undone, my shirt hanging off my shoulders. He pulls my head onto his cock, my mouth open, ready to swallow him.

He is so huge! His cock is everything I’d fantasized about and more. I fight to relax my throat, wanting to take all of him in my mouth.

Matt moans as I slide my lips over his cock. I close my eyes, sure I am dreaming. Surely this isn’t Matt here with me, surely this is another drunken fantasy, like the many I’ve had over the last several months!

I reach down and pull my cock out of my pants. I start stroking myself in time with my mouth thrusting over his cock. I moan as I take his balls in my other hand.

Matt’s moans become louder and louder. “Oh God, James, I’m gonna cum,” he groans. I moan in response. This sends him over the edge and he cums in my mouth. I fight to swallow it all, but can’t. Some of it dribbles out along his cock and drips down his trousers.

I keep stroking myself harder, wanting to cum. He reaches down, the motion pulling him out of my mouth. “Oh no,” he breathes, taking hold of my arm. “Don’t cum yet. I want you to cum inside of me, James.”

His words nearly send me spinning over the edge, but I obey him. I want to cum inside him too. He pulls me to my feet and kisses me again. We grab our clothes and make our way to the living room.

Matt drops his clothes on the floor, kicks off his shoes and drops his trousers. I almost fall to my knees at the site of his beautiful body, but he immediately is at my side, his hands on my shoulders.

He tenderly pulls my shirt off, sliding it down my arms until it drops to the floor; he goes to one knee as he pulls my pants down, his hands caressing my ass and legs as he slides them down. He looks at me in delight as my cock sticks straight out at him, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip.

He puts out his tongue and catches the drop. I groan at the feather-light touch of his tongue on my dick.

“Oh, James!” he moans and buries my cock in his mouth. It’s all I can do not to cum right then and there, with the sight of his head where I’ve dreamed about having it so long.

He pulls back and strokes me. “Oooh,” he pants, “Now, James… fuck me NOW!” He turns and kneels on the couch, resting his forearms and head on the back of the couch, his ass pointed straight at me, at my spit-lubed cock.

I move behind him and lick my fingers before sliding two of them into his ass. He moans, “Forget the fingers – put your cock in me! Now, James… please!”

That’s all I need to hear. I pull my fingers out and place the head of my cock against his ass. I begin to gently push, feeling a slight resistance as I push through his sphincter. He groans at the care I’m taking and pushes himself down on my cock hard.

I moan as I feel him take all of me inside his ass. I let him set the pace, my hands on his hips, guiding him so that my cock is sliding along his prostate. He reaches down with one hand and starts stroking himself in time with the thrusts onto my cock.

He’s so tight! I haven’t fucked anyone in months – all I’ve wanted was Matt, all I dreamed about was Matt. I haven’t wanted my cock in any other man but him – and now I’m having him!

We’re bucking against one another, groaning as we pound away. I can feel his balls banging against mine as we fuck and revel in it. I feel him stiffen and know he’s going to cum again. As his ass tightens around my cock I feel the hot rush of my own orgasm.

“Cum in me, James! Cum with me!” he nearly screams as he humps his back up then comes down hard on my cock again. I explode a half-heartbeat after he does, filling his sweet ass with my cum. We cry out in unison, our voices melding even as our bodies do.

I reach down and pull him up to me, cradling him in my arms as we quake from our orgasms. When I can’t stay upright anymore I gently lower us both onto the couch, thankful for the throw across the back that absorbed most of the cum. I won’t have to get the couch cleaned.

Matt groans as my cock slides out of his ass with a small slurping sound. I giggle at the noise, slightly embarrassed. He turns in my arms and kisses me, his tongue strong and demanding entry into my mouth. I kiss him back, still barely believing this is real.

He snuggles into my arms and sighs. “I’ve wanted you for so long,” he says. “Ever since that first night we met – remember?” How could I forget? I’d been mesmerized by his dark eyes the first time I saw him. He was seldom out of my thoughts.

“Mmm-hmmm,” I answer. I don’t want him to realize how badly I wanted him, even then.

He looks at me and laughs. “I know you wanted me, don’t pretend you didn’t.”

I look into his eyes and smile. He knows.

He settled back down into my arms and asked quietly, “James?”

“Yeah, Matt?”

“I don’t want this to be the only time,” he almost whispered.

My heart nearly stopped in my chest. I couldn’t breathe, but I had to ask. “What about Steve?” His lover, his long-time partner.

He won’t look me in the eye. “Steve and I haven’t had sex in months – not since before I met you.” He looks down and plays with the fringe on the throw and sighs. “We sleep in separate rooms; we don’t do anything together. I don’t think he loves me anymore.”

I sit up and turn Matt’s face toward me with a finger under his chin. There are tears sparkling in his eyes.

“Matt…” I can’t let him do this. I swallow hard and try again. “Matt, you need to talk to Steve. You need to know if it really is over. Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering.”

He nods slowly. I lower my mouth to his and kiss him, all my love for him in the kiss. He returns the kiss, hesitantly at first, then with hunger.

Then with one swift movement he breaks the kiss and rises to his feet. I look at him astonished as he holds out his hand, his gorgeous body nearly glowing in the faint light.

“While I want to spend the night in your arms, I don’t fancy sleeping on the couch,” he says calmly.

I take his hand and let him lead me to bed.

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