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The Interview

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I got dressed as provocatively and with the sluttiest make-up that I could manage without looking like a transsexual, slipped on my heels and tottered my way to the interview. They had been so secretive, and I amused myself by twiddling with my cellphone and imagining things they would give me to do.

I sat there in a small ante room while a man came and took some details, smiled and said he’d get back to me, and then politely ushered me out the door.

I was devastated, I didn’t know what to do. I thought I would impress them, but they barely gave me a second glance. I couldn’t go back home, I couldn’t bear thinking about the face I would lose if I turned up again within the week I had promised I would be in the note I left for my mother. I stood, hesitant, on the street, my long black dress billowing in the summer breeze. My luggage was all back at the hotel, I would have to at least pick it up there, but it had been quite expensive and with no job on the horizon seemed now too expensive. I decided I would have a look around the area I was in for a cheaper hotel.

It certainly had all the hallmarks of being a cheaper area. I had counted at least three sex shops and a sex cinema on the way here. On the corner of the street opposite the underground station a couple of whores chatted to an old guy in a pork-pie hat. As I walked along a car drew up alongside me. ‘You open for business, darling?’, a man inside called. I shook my head no. I had rejected this line before, and it still didn’t look any more appealing, though I couldn’t blame him for thinking I’d be available. He shrugged and pulled off.

The cinema stood just behind me, down a side street, and I seriously considered the idea of calling in and servicing the patrons for free, just to give me that rush again. I rejected the idea only because it was not going to make me any money. Supply and demand, you can’t go giving it away, even if you want to, I told myself.

Next to the station there was a hotel which looked fairly clean, and was a good deal cheaper than mine, so I caught the tube, picked up my things and headed back. I booked in quickly and paid for tonight with a booking for tomorrow, so I could be sure I could stay another day. I decided to take it a day at a time, in case anything better turned up.

As I showered myself off I calculated with food as well I could afford to stay for a full nine days; enough to easily see me through the week. Seven days from today, if nothing better turned up, I would head home again. I decided to ring my brother and at least let him know I was ok, in case my mother was panicking.

I stepped out of the shower and lightly dried myself off with the towel. I wrung my hair out, but left it wet to cool me off: the day was stiflingly hot, even for late afternoon. My whole body steamed in the air as I walked over to where I had left my little purse. I looked through it, but my phone wasn’t in it. I looked around the room, slightly annoyed, but still couldn’t find it. Think, I thought to myself, where did I last have it?


I threw on my jeans and a t-shirt, slipped on my trainers and ran to the lift. The clock on the wall said 4:40. If they kept normal office hours that gave me twenty minutes to run over there and see if they still had it. ‘Come on!’ I muttered to myself at the lift doors. They seemed to take forever at the second floor. I was on fifth. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and slammed my way down the stairs. My hair was getting in my face, and fortunately I had a bobble in my jeans pocket, so I paused to fasten my hair loosely back at the ground floor. The clock in the lobby said it was just after quarter to.

I ran across the road and down the street, until I got to the interview address. It gave away no clue of being a business address with the door closed. I tried the handle. Locked. I was too late.

I knocked on the door, and waited. It was a solid, blue door, and I couldn’t tell whether the property was open or closed, but I thought it was worth a try. No reply. I knocked again. Still nothing. I was about to give up when I thought I heard voices. I was in the process of knocking a third time when the door opened a crack, before stopping on a chain. A woman’s face peered through.

‘Yes?’, she said. ‘Hi,’ I said, ‘I was here earlier. I think I may have left my phone. It’s got a silver cover on it. Would you mind having a look?’

She paused. ‘Are you alone?’, she said.


‘You were the girl this afternoon?’

‘Yes. About two.’

‘Ok.’. She paused. ‘Wait there.’. She closed the door again. I shivered a little, as I was still a little damp from the shower, and the yard where I was waiting was in shadow.

The door opened again, this time all the way. The man who had seen me earlier stood before me, and he looked me up and down. ‘Hello again.’, he said.

‘Hello, sorry to bother you again, it’s just that…’

‘…You left your phone. Yes, I know.’ He smiled again. ‘Come on in.’

Gratefully I followed him in to the building, and he closed the door behind me. ‘It’s in the office.’, He said. ‘Straight down the hall’. He gestured down the corridor, and I smiled uncertainly and walked on down it, with him following straight after. Inside the office the woman sat on the desk. She was in her late thirties to early forties, at a guess, but still in good shape. She wore a skirt and vest top that only just contained her very ample breasts, and had long sandy hair that reached down behind her back. There was also a large black man sat on a stool in the corner, dressed in a very tight t-shirt that showed off a very muscley chest. I also noticed that he was barefoot.

The man who had shown me in sat down behind the desk. He was wearing a very nice black suit, but he had removed the tie he had been wearing earlier in the day. He was quite old, maybe in his early fifties, and slightly running to fat. His hair was white, and combed back on his head. He looked quite distinguished, reminding me not a little of Jack Nicholson. ‘My name’s Mikey’, he said. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly earlier. This is my wife Charlie, and that over in the corner is Bear.’ They nodded at their names, and I smiled uncertainly in return. ‘Can I get you a drink or anything, by the way?’, He added.

‘Erm, no, no thank you, I’m fine.’

‘You look a lot different now, you know. I hardly recognised you.’

I looked down at my slightly faded t-shirt, with a picture of a teddy bear on my left breast, and blushed. ‘Sorry.’

‘No, don’t apologise. It’s actually more the sort of thing we’re after. What sort of thing were you after?’


‘Fame? Fortune?’

‘Not fame. Fortune, I guess. Like everyone else. A chance to make money doing what you enjoy.’

‘Really?’. He stole a glance at Bear in the corner.

Bear said ‘And what do you enjoy, girl?’

I tried to think of an answer that would cover it. ‘I enjoy… I guess I enjoy being dirty. Doing the kind of stuff you’re not supposed to. I enjoy being used, and using them in return. I enjoy using my body.’

There was a pause. Finally Mikey said ‘May we see that body?’

I nodded and slipped off my trainers, then my t-shirt, and finally my jeans. I stood there naked in front of them, feeling not a little embarrassed. I wasn’t sure quite what to do next, so I stood nervously on one foot, with my hands behind my back. I sucked at my lip and looked at their faces to try and read their thoughts.

‘Damn, girl!’, said Bear after what seemed like an eternity.

‘Quite small tits.’, Said Charlie.

‘That could be rectified.’, said Mikey. ‘Turn around, please. Yeah, Charlie, just look at that ass, though. That’s one in a million.’ He raised his voice to speak to me, as though I couldn’t hear him before. ‘How do you feel about taking orders? Can you do as you’re told without question?’ I nodded. I was starting to get turned on.

Mikey turned to his wife. ‘Charlie?’, he said, and she nodded and lay back on the big wooden desk and pulled up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her cunt was totally hairless. ‘Eat her out.’, Said Mikey.

I almost balked at that. I had never had anyone eat out my own pussy, let alone been near another woman’s. But I had tasted my own cum on more than one occasion, so how different could it be? I licked my lips and stepped up to the desk I started to kneel down, and then thought better of it, and just bent down from the waist, steadying myself with my hands on the edge of the desk. If my ass was my best asset I wanted them to still be able to see it.

Charlie’s cunt smelt warm and homely, a little like the male cum I had had in the past but with an extra sweetness too it. As I approached to it I saw that she still had some white patches glistening inside from where she had been fucked earlier in the day. I went for those first, greedily lapping up even this second-hand cum. I was becoming an addict. I licked tenderly around the outside of her snatch and then took a deep breath and dived on in. Charlie sighed contentedly and brought her legs together either side of my head. I found if I angled up my head slightly I could continue lapping away at her clit without coming up for air. I watched as her stomach rippled with pleasure in time to the licking of my tongue.

I could just see over the top of Charlie’s tits that Mikey was talking to Bear, but with Charlie’s legs pressed hard either side of my head could only hear a muffled rumbling. I soon got the gist of the conversation, though, as an extremely large, hard cock ripped into my anus and up my colon, momentarily quite winding me. I thanked God I had had the foresight to stretch my ass with the butt plug and my dildo over the last couple of days, and also that I had gone to the toilet before my shower.

Each thrust up my ass pushed me further and further into Charlie’s cunt, and it was getting harder not only to concentrate on what I was doing, but also to breathe. I was slowly being suffocated by her cunt, now awash with juices that I could barely swallow before they were replaced by more and more each passing second. In desperation I bit down into her cunt, but this only made her tense more as she orgasmed, and a wave of fluid washed over my lips and down my chin onto the desk. I began to buckle at the knees, and was thankfully saved by Bear who realised I was dropping and pulled me out, gasping for air, his cock still plunged deep into my ass.

He moved back a step, holding me tight by the hips, and Charlie slipped off the desk and away to the corner, where she picked up a hairbrush and began brushing her hair. Mikey moved in front of me. I still had Bear’s cock inside me, but he was holding it still. Now I had my breath back I was desperate to be fucked again, but aside from him throbbing away inside me nothing was happening. I wanted to cry out fuck me! Fuck me you bastards! But I was concerned about seeming submissive, as I gathered that was what they wanted.

Mikey stood in front of me and unzipped himself, letting his long, thin erect penis flop out of his suit trousers. It must have been at least nine inches long. He grabbed my damp hair and pulled back my head, looking into my eyes. ‘Charlie likes it rough, but try any of that biting shit on me and you’re dead, understand?’. I nodded.

Charlie added from the corner ‘…And try and keep that suit clean.’. Mikey smiled and lifted up his cock to my lips.

‘This is the real test’, He said. Bear whooped as Mikey slid his cock along my waiting tongue further and further down my throat. I was grateful to the angle I was being held at as it meant my throat was straight, and I was less likely to gag, but I was concerned about flopping forward so I put my hands out for support. Bear let go of my hips and quickly grabbed for my wrists, pulling me back to keep me tight to his cock. Mikey held my head in his hands and pushed hard down my throat. I held my breath while he held it there, swallowed down my gullet. I could feel myself starting to pass out again, and then he removed it, right back so I had to push my tongue forward to stop it scraping on my front teeth. Then he pushed again, and out again quicker this time. Soon he had a rhythm going and I could breathe normally in between strokes. It’s easy once you get the knack. Breathe in, thrust and out, breathe out, thrust and out.

Seeing that I was able to cope Bear began to move slowly back in and out of me again, but holding my hands where they were he couldn’t get much of a purchase to thrust. I began to help him by rocking back a little on Mikey’s forward thrust down my throat, but not so much that he thought I was trying to pull away. Apart from moans and the occasional ‘Yes!’ the two of them had gone silent.

‘You love it, don’t you girl?’ Said Charlie from the corner. ‘You look sweet and innocent but you’re a proper little slut?’

I tried to smile, but it was hard with Mikey’s cock in my mouth. He withdrew it and lifted up my chin. Bear, with an audible plop removed himself as well, and pushed my ass down towards the floor. I followed the lead and knelt down, looking up at them both, their cocks in their hands, wanking themselves slowly. I realised for the first time how big Bear’s cock was, easily as long as Mikey’s but much thicker, with a beautiful large head, like a shiny peach. I was proud of my achievement in taking it.

Mikey grabbed my hair again and tilted my head right back. ‘Tell me what you want’.

That was easy. ‘I want to taste your cum.’

‘Oh, god’, He said, and let fly. I opened my mouth to catch it but he flicked my mouth shot and came on my face. Onto my forehead it fell, and ran down the side of my nose to my lips, where I opened my mouth again and let it fall onto my tongue.

Mikey said, ‘Oh, fuck.’, and brought his cock immediately forward, resting it on my lips so that I could smell my ass thickly in the air, and came onto my tongue, shot after shot of it until I had to close my mouth around his dick to stop it spilling out. I sucked hard on it to get out the last drops and then pulled away, swilling it round in my mouth to mix the two men’s cum, and smiling mischievously at them, before finally swallowing. God, that tasted good.

Mikey grabbed me by the hair and dragged me, so fast that I had to run to keep up, to the door at the back of the office, and shoved me through it. I was surprised to find that I was outside, in bright sunlight. We were in a small yard, overlooked by warehouses with no windows. Behind a wall I could distantly hear people talking, and the sound of machinery. Mikey let go, and pushed me back down again.

‘After I have sex’, He said, ‘I always need to take a piss.’ He lifted up his now fairly flaccid cock and pointed it at my face. I shut my eyes and let him play a stream of piss over my face. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it, but I wanted to please him. Shortly afterwards I became aware of another stream of it as well, running up and down my body, and into my crack.

I opened my mouth to seem less uptight, and could feel the piss fountaining up from between my teeth. It wasn’t quite as unpleasant a taste as I expected, a little like soapy cum, but I tried not to swallow very much of it, although I did so instinctively with a couple of mouthfuls. Still, I understand it’s quite good for you, in moderation. Finally they dried up and I sat on the concrete gasping for a little while. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Bear standing over me with his arm held out to help me up. I accepted, and he helped me back into the office. Mikey threw me a towel and told me he thought they could use me, although, he warned me, he wasn’t offering me fame. The clients were rich, and paid to use women who couldn’t seem like prostitutes. I had to seem inexperienced, maybe even cry a little. I said I thought I could do that. He asked me if I could take pain, and I said I didn’t know. He said it didn’t matter, maybe I could work up to that. He said I was paid by the hour, but the rate was different for each job. I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t actually the boss. I sat there on a stool, covered in piss, and completely naked, and talked business for around ten minutes. Finally he looked at his watch and said he had to go.

Charlie handed me a bundle of my clothes, with my phone and a bankroll on top. When I counted it back in the hotel room there was just under a thousand. ‘On account’, She said. She ushered me quickly to the door with a hand on my back and pushed me through it. I stood in the shade outside and began to dress, a couple of cars honking their horns at me as they passed by. I just smiled. I couldn’t stop smiling, even though I was desperately frustrated.

I walked back to the hotel on air, and once back in my room I stripped off again and fucked myself silly with my dildo, pretending to myself it was Bear’s big black cock. I screamed shrilly, and I did actually pass out. I awoke around nine to the smell of stale piss, got up and showered for the third time that day, before climbing gratefully into bed and going to sleep, hugging my dildo like a teddy bear, occasionally sucking on it for comfort. I slept soundly, thinking happy thoughts. Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of my new life.

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