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Stuck in traffic – again. It was going to take a long time getting into work, the stop and go was starting at Trafalgar Road – Sigh should have caught the train.

Oh well, sit back and let it flow – no point getting tense over things which one can’t control. I looked to the trees and fences on the side of the highway, sometimes in the winter there are interesting raptors. This year, however, a good crop of voles was reported further north, and the Snowy Owls probably wouldn’t move this far south.

In a tree up to the left, sat a big hawk, a red tail, probably female (female raptors are larger and dominant to the males). I took out my binocs, rolled down my window and brought her into sight. Yes, only a red tail, sitting hunched in the tree; feathers puffed out against the cold. I wondered what she thought about this slow procession of smog bellowing behemoths passing under her gaze. A honk, I put the binocs down and moved ahead two car lengths, “Yea buddy we all are late and will get there when we get there.” I took out the binocs again; she was still there, so regal, so distant.

Then someone was knocking at my car window; a woman was standing next to my car. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, of medium height, with a long dark fur (mink) coat (I know its politically incorrect, but on the right women, mink looks so sexy – and she was definitely the right woman), long black boots, wavy black hair, golden skin and amber oriental eyes. I rolled down my window “Yes, can I help you?”

She handed me a cell phone “You appear interesting, let’s talk.” She walked back to her car, a red BWM, just in front of me. Traffic picked up a bit, but it was obvious there were many slow downs ahead, I might never get to work. The phone rang; I answered “Hello?”

Her voice was a sultry alto, with a slight mid-Pacific British accent. “My name is Larisa, but you will address me as Mistress. Your name doesn’t matter. I will call you winterhawk. I don’t think we’ll ever make it to the city this morning. I’m getting off at the next exit. Use the phone to call in sick or whatever, then follow me to my place.”

She was right, the day was a wipeout, and I really didn’t have to show up that day. I replied “Mistress, Your wish is my command” and followed the red BMW. She exited the highway and drove north, then west along a river, to a driveway. The gates opened as she approached and then shut after my car. I followed to a spectacular house on the edge of the ravine. It was all glass on the side overlooking the river, woods and snow. The garage doors opened automatically and we drove in. It was a huge garage, enough room for six cars, but empty, save for us. As I parked beside her car, the garage doors closed and the phone rang again.

“Well done winterhawk. You are to follow me into the house after three minutes. Take off all your clothes in the first room, and then go into the shower. Wash and dry yourself before proceeding to the next room. Take the cuffs and jesses off the hanger and attach them to your wrists and ankles. Remove your glasses, take the hood and place it over your head. Kneel and await my entry.” She got out of her car and went into the house. Three minutes later, I entered and followed her commands.

I removed my clothes in the first room, showered, and dried. I proceeded into the next room, attached the leather anklets or jesses to my ankles, then fastened the cuffs to my wrists. I took off my glasses and placed the hood, over my head. As my eyes were covered, I experienced a momentary claustrophobia “What am I doing here – why??”

The hood covered my head, I could not see. But there were airholes. My breath was shallow, as I reached behind me to fasten the clasps at the back of the hood, and knelt with my hands behind my back.

I knelt naked, in darkness, my other senses heightened, yet I did not hear her approach until I felt her breath on my shoulders and caught the first wisp of her fragrance, frangipani, but with undertones of something else. Then I felt her hands on my chest, moving down to my balls and cock, which twitched in her hand as Mistress explained “”Good, winterhawk, your cock is erect, just as I want it to be. I am attaching a harness to it, and tying your balls. With a strong pull or a gentle tug from me, I can give you either excruciating pain or gentle stimulation. Your behavior determines the level. For the rest of today, you shall amuse me. If you are aroused in the process, you may not cum till I allow you to. Understand.”

As she attached a chain to my cock harness, I mumbled “Yes….” A sharp pain radiated through my groin as she reprimanded me “Quiet – speak only when asked, and then the correct response is ‘Yes Mistress.’ She continued ” If I choose, I may explain all in due time?” I was jerked to my feet, again there was a sharp pain in my groin, and she pulled me forward. I followed the tug on my cock, shuffling in darkness, led I knew not where.

Our procession seemed last for an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. If I stumbled or lagged the sharp tug on my cock quickly brought me forward. But when I tried to go faster, I stumbled into various sharp-edged items. At last we stopped and went through a door. Although I couldn’t see, I felt that I was in a small room; there was a resonance to the click of her heels. The room smelled of her perfume, lineament, oil and sweat, a training room, perhaps. I stood as she spread my legs and fastened the jesses at my ankles to a wooden rod. Then she coupled my wrist cuffs to overhead opes and pulled my arms apart and over my head. As I balanced on the balls of my feet, I shuddered, realizing I was totally exposed. Mistress murmured to herself “This is promising, my instinct must be getting better; pick one fresh off the street and he fits nicely into the role”

Then nothing. Later, much later, I felt a light but perceptible tickling across my scrotum. I blurted out “FFFeatehrs” but was met only by a sharp pain and a quick “Silence.” The tickling continued past my scrotum, down my thigh, round to my back, over my shoulders, down my chest and over my nipples. ‘OHH yes’ I silently pleaded as the touch crossed my navel ‘PLEASE’. Then a hiss, THWAP, a bright searing line of pain ran across my buttocks – a crop,a cane, perhaps a light bamboo tomato stake? I could not contain myself and cried “AHH.” Mistress laughed, her low alto voice like honey, “winterhawk, the correct response is One – Thank you Mistress”

Tickle, tickle hiss, THWAP “Two – Thank you Mistress.”

Tickle, hiss, THWAP “Three – Thank you Mistress.” tickle



Tickle, tickle, THWAP “Nineteen – Thank you Mistress.”

By itself, I think the pain would have been manageable. But the contrast of stimulation of the light erotic tickling, the searing pain of the crop, and the lack of pattern, put me right on the edge, maybe a bit beyond. My cock stayed rock hard throughout, however, and between my sobs I remembered to thank Mistress for each blow. Yes I was sobbing; it hurt like hell. Then at nineteen, it stopped.

NOTHING. For what seemed like an eternity, I was abandoned. I ached with the fatigue of balancing on the balls of my feet, unable to move to stretch, to rub my burning ass. The darkness closed around me. Lacking visual input, my other senses stained for anything. My brain compensated for an instant, I marveled at the shooting stars, but then I was back to NOTHING. I knew this was part of the training, that I had to learn to either release myself totally to my Mistresses whims or struggle and slowly go insane. But I was not prepared for NOTHING. I stifled my sobs and silently prayed “Please, anything. I need INPUT”.

Then a barely perceptible touch, or had I imagined a hand moving lightly across my balls. Again, this time a firmer touch at the base of my scrotum, a finger on my perineum and a hand slowly stroking my cock. Another hand spread a soothing balm on my inflamed ass. My Mistress cooed “I am pleased with you winterhawk. I think you are learning to enjoy sweet mixture of pleasure and pain I can provide. But there is more to come, much more” She squeezed my balls slowly, firmly. I winced. Her fingernail traced the perimeter of my balls, the line where my thigh met my torso, then behind my balls to press against my anus. “Mine all mine” she murmured.

I could feel my Mistress’ heat. Despite the hood, I could smell her sex. I silently pleaded “OHH If Mistress would let me attend to her needs – whatever her needs are!” Her hand grasped my cock and ran slowly along the tight harness sheathing my shaft. Up… Down…. Up… down…. I moaned, as her palm covered the tip of my cock, then her sharp fingernail traced my seeping cumhole. My cock twitched, I was so close to cumming but knew I must not cum until she commanded. Her mouth suckled my nipples, first gently then with hard bites. Her mouth and hand withdrew. “AAAiiieeee” sharp anchors of pain coursed through one nipple and then the other. I jerked back, but this pulled against my cock. Somehow Mistress had connected my nipples to my cock. She laughed “Yes winterhawk, I have attached nipple clamps, not too tightly, but it is always a shock to a first timer.” Her hand resumed shafting my cock, and then she leaned forward and licked my nipples where they protruded from the clamps. She removed one clamp then the other and resumed licking and suckling my engorged nipples. I tensed; moaning at teh pain of release and my nipples newfound sensitivity, reveling in sensations but then her mouth vanished. “OWWW!” again the clamp – this time more tightly. OHH again sweet agony – her hand on my cock, slowly stroking, her tongue on my nipples, the clamps removed, her tongue, mouth sucking, and then the clamp. Her hand moved away from my cock, she knew I was so close to coming. Her mouth moved to my other nipple, again she licked and sucked as the clamp was removed and then returned. She laughed “Oh my obedient one… soon you will learn to enjoy the sweet mix of pain and pleasure…. Now dear slave, you will learn to twitch your cock so as to increase the pressure on your nipples.” Then NOTHING.

Standing suspended on the balls of my feet, I shifted my weight, trying to ease my fatigue, and felt the twitch of my cock transmitted to my nipples. Again shift; twitch AHH, shift twitch AHH. If I leaned forward slightly, then back, I could move the harness slightly up and down my cock. This increased the pain in my nipples, but feeling my cock twitch in response to the stimulation was so pleasant that I persisted. As much as the erotic stimulation, my actions gave me a focus to fill the void left by the absence of other sensory input. I didn’t think I would cum but it did keep my mind off other questions like “What am I doing here?”

Somehow I knew she was nearby, standing silently watching, perhaps even smiling to herself, slowly rubbing her clit. Then I heard her footsteps and I knew she was there. I immediately stopped my twitching. She laughed “Ah winterhawk, many Mistress would whip you for arousing yourself, but though I told you that you may cum only when I permit, I did not forbid your stimulating yourself. In fact I encourage my playthings to keep themselves stimulated. It is necessary if they are to please me fully.” Her hand tweaked my cock; I moaned. Next her mouth was kissing my balls, licking them, sucking them…. then kissing her way to the tip and licking my rim. “Ummmm” her tongue probed s at my cumhole. “Oohhhhh….” she was sensuously sucking my cock, while her hand caressed my balls and played with my perineum then beyond.I relaxed slightly “Opphh” she had inserted one finger…Ahh” exquisite feelings of pleasure mixed with slight pain coursed through my groin as Mistress sucked my cock, ran her hands along my inflamed buttocks, and pushed her finger past my sphincter to rub my prostate. I was held at the edge of coming by the harness wrapped tightly round the base of my cock, and the knowledge that I must only cum at Mistress’ command. Mistress removed her hand; I felt a cold glass (???) placed at the tip of my cock and her sexy alto command “Cum.”

I tensed and strained and shifted forward, feeling the twitch of my cock transmitted by the chain to my nipple clips, but I remained at the edge and do not cum. “You are new to my care, winterhawk, but your Mistress’ patience is limited – now Cum” WACK – I felt a wave of pain as a broad paddle struck right buttock “Thank you Mistress” then WACK, the my left “Thank you Mistress!” She loosened my cock harness, slightly. WACK. I was cumming and cumming, my jism flowing, spurting squirting in time to her blows, until I was spent, although my restrained cock remained hard. “Good winterhawk, again you are learning to appreciate the sweet mix of pain and pleasure.” I smelt a rich herbal aroma and felt, warm fluids poured onto my buttocks. I tensed anticipating pain, but rather there was soothing relief as she rubbed her potion on my burning backside. She murmured “This would sting only if I had broken skin, which I take care not to. Further, it will erase any makings I may have created. But I am not all kind” Despite Mistress’ interdiction I cried “Aiieee” as I felt a sudden shooting pain when she pushed a slippery wet plug past my sphincter. “Push back winterhawk! Mistress wants her toy well plugged. Remember you are mine to play with as I wish.” I tried in vain to relax as she slowly pushed the massive plug until I felt my rectum was completely filled.

Mistress removed the hood and brought the small glass bowl containing my milky cum to my face. Again she laughed “I like my playthings smeared in dried cum. Now drink your cum, you will need strength for later!” While I lapped my salty effluent, Mistress dipped her fingers in the bowl and smeared cum on my face, mustache, neck, chest and nipples. As I licked the last drops from the bowl, she held her fingers before me. As I sucked her fingers clean, I glanced myopically at Mistress.

I had expected black leather, but Mistress seemed to favor Victoria’s Secrets rather than the fetish catalogues. She wore a diaphanous red cape, a red push-up half bra supporting her erect nipples and a moist red thong. I recalled a stripper once telling me that red was the sexiest color. Based on the evidence before me, I could not disagree. Mistress was of medium height, around 1.6 m and 55 kg, with full breasts and a narrow waist curved to her full hips and pouting shaven sex. She had wavy mid-length black hair, amber oriental eyes and golden skin traced with red welts. “Yes winterhawk, I too know the other side of the lash. I am weary after a long night and need your ministrations. You must cleanse me with your tongue, and then rub me with my balms.” Mistress freed my ankles and wrists, then joined my wrists behind my back. I stretched enjoying the limited ability to move my limbs, then I returned to kneel before Her with my eyes down. “First you must remove my undergarments, and lick then clean so I may place then on my new toy.”

Mistress thrust her bosom in my face, I moved my tongue and mouth from her nipples to the bra, and licked, sucked, the cum smeared fabric, finally returning to middle clasp. I fumbled at it with my mouth and teeth until it was undone and hung from my mouth. Mistress took it from my mouth and stretched it across my back fastening it just under my nipples, the fabric brushing my clamped nipples. I licked down her stomach, pausing briefly to cleanse her navel before reaching to her thong. Again I licked the outside of the fabric, tasting mixed cum, smelling her frangipani mixed with other fragrances. Alternatively, I took each side of the panties and eased them down her legs, Mistress stepped out of them, I held then in my mouth. Mistress stuffed them into my mouth. “Now we put them on you” Mistress patted my cheek, and drew her underwear from my mouth. As she held them open, I stepped in and Mistress ran the panties up my legs. “But I do like to view an appreciative cock!” Mistress traced her red fingernail across my cumhole, then attached a fine chain from the butt plug to my cock harness. She took a knife and slashed a hole in the front of the panties, pulling my cock through the hole. She then drew the panties up to my waist. I looked, felt ridiculous with my harnessed cock sticking out of the red thong panties, which pressed deep into the cleft of my ass, pushing the plug deeper.

“Now the rest of me!” Mistress removed her robe and lay back on her divan. I licked her back and shoulders, then down her back, buttocks and leg. Then up the other leg, paying greater attention to the red marks on her buttocks, then the point where the small of her back meets the clef of her ass. Mistress sighed and poured her balm over her ass. I rubbed it in with my cheek. She turned over, and I continued – shoulders and breasts, the deep cleft between her breasts, then down her navel. I was constantly frustrated by my inability to use my hands, but perhaps this made me more creative with my mouth. Mistress’ smooth sex was obviously moist but I skirted her sex to attend to her legs. She took my head and thrust it between her thighs. I ran my tongue along her labia, first outside then inside, flitting my tongue across her clit. Mistress thrust her sex against my mouth. I lipped her labia while nibbling, tonguing her clit, tasting her arousal mixed with other flavours, perhaps the cum of others from her earlier adventures. She arched her back rubbing her clit against my teeth, fucking my face as she came, and came and came. I lapped her juices avidly, but was taken aback by a lager flow of warm fluid; she was peeing into my mouth. I gasped but continued to receive her fluids until this flow too was spent. I lazily ran my tongue along her clitoris; Mistress sighed, then lifted her legs round to her shoulders presenting me with a view of her sodden sex. She unfastened my harness and cried “Now fuck me hard – cum deep inside my cunt”

Her wish was my command. I was upon her at once plowing my hard cock deep into her womb. We fucked like the animals we were, although I was somewhat hampered by the fact that my hands were still coupled behind my back. All too soon, I was crying “Yes Mistress” and spilling my cum deep within her cunt. As I climaxed, she cried “BINGO” and her cunt spasmed round my cock milking the last of my release. Her hand moved to caress my balls – I dribbled a last drop. We remained coupled for a minute or so before my deflated cock slipped form her leaking cunt. She kept her legs over her shoulders and motioned for me to come round.

As I did so she reached for my wrists and released my couplings. “Go out this door, turn right and walk to the end of the corridor. Take the door to the left and you will be back to the room where you came in. As you know there is a shower, clean yourself and leave the harness as you found it. Then leave, but keep the cell phone, I may wish to play with you in the future. My Master requires an heir. We both know he is sterile, but he denies it. You are a close enough match that none will ask questions.”

I left, did as she bid and went home. was surprised to find it was evening – but days are short in the winter here. Almost a month has past and I live in anticipation and dread of her call. I don’t think I should tell her of my vasectomy.

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