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Foot Fetish Photo Shoot

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“What was your most interesting photo shoot, Natasha?” Alex asked.

His digital SLR snapped in the silence of the hotel room. I held my pose, wondering how honest I should be.

“Well, I did a shoot last year wearing nothing but body paint,” I offered, the over-stuffed comforter pressed softly between my legs.

“What was interesting about it?”

I thought for a moment.

“Well, I guess because I never did that before – it was a long process.”

“I see,” Alex replied, angling his camera before opening the shutter.

“I was a leopard….” I said lamely.

It wasn’t very interesting. Actually, it had been tedious.

Alex stepped back, his blue eyes surveying my lithe body. I remained on my knees, legs spread, hands on my thighs, back slightly arched.

I could tell Alex liked the way my breasts stood up beneath my white silk camisole. The lingerie was short – my pussy could be exposed if I wasn’t careful – but it flattered the shape of my bust, waist, and hips.

I liked the way the silky material slid over my nipples when I moved.

“Any other shoots that stand out?”

I tossed my long blond hair and changed my pose – checking out Alex’s crotch, chest, and arms as I did.

I parted my full lips a bit, then looked into his lens.

“Good – hold that….” Alex directed.

He snapped another photo as I considered his question. Alex seemed cool, but who knows about a man when you share something….unusual?

I did feel comfortable with him – he was older but quite handsome. Tall, tastefully dressed, dark brown hair cut short. Younger and better looking than most glamour photographers.

As I watched him work I could even imagine fucking him, if I didn’t already have a boyfriend.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it…” he started to say.

“Oh, no, it’s fine,” I said, deciding to tell him some of the story and stop if I felt uncomfortable.

“Actually, there was this one shoot where the guy wanted to photograph my feet.”


“Yeah!” I laughed.

“Just your feet?”

“Well, a bit of my legs, too.”

“How’d that come about?”

As Alex followed me around the bed, I described a photo in my portfolio that attracted the photographer’s attention.

It was a black and white shot of me on a sunny day, in the middle of a railroad track, wearing just a men’s button up shirt. The peaks of my nipples were visible against the fabric, and my cleavage was teasingly revealed by several undone buttons. My long shapely legs dominated the shot, and by standing on my toes the arches of my feet really stood out. In one hand I held a pair of vintage black pumps.

“But this guy,” I related, “said my feet were beautiful.”

I pulled the hem of my camisole down between my legs and put on a modest expression.

“So, you worked with him?” Alex prompted, camera clicking.

“Sure. He offered a good rate.”

I turned to the side, revealing the profile of my breasts.

“You have a great look,” Alex commented, “but I hadn’t noticed your feet.”

I rolled onto my back and raised my feet, so they were over and behind my head, facing him.

“Wanna see?” I asked.

Alex moved closer, looking at my feet as I turned and pointed them for his inspection.

“The guy liked my French pedicure.”

I wiggled my toes and spread them apart.

“I rarely go outside barefoot,” I elaborated.

Alex leaned closer and I became very aware of his scent, his body heat. I suddenly felt playful – and horny – as he stood over me.

“See how smooth they are,” I suggested, adding quickly, “If you want….”

Alex reached out, seemed to reconsider, then gently slid his hand around my ankle, over my heel, across the bottom of my foot, his fingers trailing sweetly off my toes.

“Nice,” he remarked with a small smile.

I glanced at Alex’s crotch – and noticed a bulge that wasn’t there before.

A bit nervous, but encouraged to talk, I wrapped my arms around my legs and hugged them, as if I planned the pose.

“Anyway, we did the shoot. He was about my age – 22 or so. He lavished a lot of attention on my feet, saying how sexy they were.”

Alex’s camera clicked another frame.

“He told me about toe cleavage – how it should show with pointed shoes. And I learned how to position my foot so the arch ‘pops’ above the side of the shoe.”

I demonstrated with one foot, the curve of my sole wrinkling slightly. Alex raised an eyebrow.

“He loved that,” I continued. “Anyway, after I posed for him in strappy heels, pumps, shiny latex boots, barefoot, I realized I didn’t know what the photos were for. When I asked he said they were for personal use.”

“Really?” Alex replied.

“Yeah. I thought it was a bit odd, so I was like, ‘What do you mean?'”

Alex laughed.

“Naive, right?”

Alex shrugged as I sat up.

“Well, he just said they weren’t for sale.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and elegantly crossed my legs, stealing glances at Alex’s crotch.

“Weeks go by and nothing,” I went on. “So I wrote and asked if the photos were done.”

Alex pressed the shutter as he moved around me.

“What happened then?”

I leaned forward, hoping he could glimpse my round breasts and nipples through the collar of my camisole.

“He wrote back and asked if he should email them as he took them, or with his ‘personal touch.'”

Alex looked concerned.

“When I got the photos, I was….shocked.”

“Why?” Alex asked, his eyes searching mine.

I looked at my feet, imagining them as they looked in those photos.

“Well, I thought his personal touch meant Photoshopping….”

I tried to look at Alex, but couldn’t.

Finally, I said: “He, um – masturbated on them.”

Alex breathed.

I leaned back on my elbows, crossing my long legs the other way.

“I was disgusted… ” I began.

“Sure, who wouldn’t – ” Alex quickly agreed.

“But,” I interrupted, “it was amazing that my feet were so erotic that he paid to use them for his, uh, personal pleasure.”

I looked up at Alex.

The curve in his pants was bigger.

He took another photo and asked what I did next.

“Gross as it was, I couldn’t get the images out of my mind,” I said. “I viewed them again, seeing how he’d held his penis, the tip of it over my feet, as if almost touching me….”

I moved into a reclining pose, on my side, the camisole barely covering my moistening pussy.

“What then?” Alex wanted to know.

“I was ready to cuss him out, sue him – something!”

Alex lowered his camera.

“But you didn’t….”

I shook my head.

Alex raised the camera to his face, his hard-on obvious.

“Were they in color?” he asked.

“Black and white,” I answered.

I ran my fingers slowly up and down the side of my thigh as Alex’s camera snapped several times.

“The photos were big – they looked life size under his, his….”

Alex nodded.

“Well, you know,” I said sheepishly. “What really bothered me were the last photos.”

“How so?” Alex casually responded.

I raised my chin and looked at him.

“They showed his cum shooting,” I explained. “A ton of it – all over my photos….covering my feet….just…everywhere.”

“I see,” Alex murmured, crouching near the foot of the bed.

“I never saw anything like it,” I confessed. “And by the last photo there was so much of it….all over me – I mean, the photos.”

Alex took a photo near my feet, capturing an exaggerated up-the-leg perspective.

“When I look at my feet now, I still….”

Alex glanced at my feet, his eyes then traveling up – up my legs, under my lingerie.

He saw my pussy, I know. He cleared his throat and pretended not to.

“So, what did you do then?” Alex asked.

“Well, I wrote and said it was fucked up, that I wouldn’t work with him again and to not send any more photos.”

I curled my legs and laid a hand chastely upon my chest. Alex shot another frame.

“Was that the end?” he asked.

My silence gave him the answer.

“What happened?”

“He told me he had video, too,” I said. “I was worried – what he’d do with it. I demanded he show me.”

Alex waited for me to continue, camera poised.

“The video was different than the photos,” I said, looking toward the window. “It was in color. I could hear his breathing, the sound of his hand on his….his….”

I imitated the motions of a man jacking off.

“His….cock?” Alex gently suggested.

I nodded. “Yes – his cock.”

With the utterance of that word it seemed like a line was crossed.

And it felt good.

Alex focused his camera, a bit shaky.

“His penis – I mean, cock – was hard and straight,” I went on, “and oily with something because it was shiny.”

Alex’s camera shutter opened and closed.

“My photos were under his cock – on a table or desk,” I explained. “I could hear him saying things like, ‘God, your feet are so fucking hot – let me fuck your feet, baby….'”

“Wow,” Alex murmered.

I fixed my eyes on his lens, nearing the end of my story.

“He pumped his cock faster, and then he made a noise, and all of a sudden his cum shot out, and he’s going ‘Yes, Natasha, yes,’ and shooting it all over my feet.”

Alex moved to a corner of the bed.

“His cum flowed out, then dribbled, making little sounds as it dropped on my pictures….”

I sat up again, stretching my tightly closed legs, pointing my feet and toes toward Alex, gauging the effect of my story by the size of his bulge.

“Then he took his cock….and he spread his cum all over my feet,” I concluded softly. “Barefoot, high heels, leather boots, peep-toe pumps. Just squeezing the last of his cum on them….”

Alex took a picture of my feet, which were right in front of him.

“As the video ended he whispered, ‘Thank you, Natasha….thank you….'”

I paused, trying to guess Alex’s thoughts.

“How did you feel?” Alex asked.

“Used,” I said, unable to speak the whole truth.

I shifted, trying to get the over-stuffed comforter against my pussy once more. Alex stayed silent, hiding his hardness.

I crossed my legs again, laying one freshly pedicured foot over the other, feeling my juices leak out of my pussy lips, trickling between my ass cheeks and onto the bed.

“It’s a wonder you’re still doing photo shoots,” Alex said sympathetically.

“You know, I wondered if guys jerked off to my photos,” I said, watching him. “At least, sometimes I hoped my photos were inspiring enough for it.”

Alex aimed his lens up my legs, close enough to brush his hand against my toes.

The contact was slow and warm. I felt as aroused as Alex looked.

“Do you….do you do that?” I asked him hesitantly.

He looked at me with confusion. “Do what?”

I playfully rubbed his hand with the top of my foot.

“You know – jack off. On models’ photos.”

Alex blushed.

“Natasha, I don’t think – ”

“Will you jack off with my photos, Alex?”

He put his camera to his face.

“What are you saying, Natasha?”

I laid back, hands clasped behind my head.

“Maybe you’ll be at your computer later, editing my photos, looking at my feet, and remember what I told you, and do it,” I challenged.

Alex knelt on the edge of the bed, photographing me from above, his pants strained my his cock.

“And what would you think of that?” he asked.

“I think it’s funny,” I said. “Fantasizing about my feet, about how good they felt….”

I lifted one leg, pressed my toes against his crotch.

“….wishing they were on your cock instead of your own hand.”

Alex leaned into my foot but kept shooting.

“Think I didn’t notice this?” I taunted, pussy tingling.

Alex said nothing.

“You can’t wait to go home and pull it out,” I whispered, feeling him throb beneath my foot. “You want to jerk off so bad….”

“I’m married, Natasha,” Alex said defensively.

“It’ll be our secret,” I promised. “You can jack off on my pictures after she goes to bed and see how your cum looks on me.”

“Natasha,” Alex laughed. “I don’t – ”

“Wouldn’t you like to show me, Alex? Hmm?”

I slid my foot up and down Alex’s confined cock, pushing on his shaft until it straightened upward.

The sudden shift of his hardness excited me.

“You’re a pervert, aren’t you Alex?” I whispered. “Photographing me with your hard cock, wondering which shot will be the one you’ll cum over?”

He photographed me again as I massaged his stiff length through his pants.

“I know you imagine fucking your little models, staring at their pictures, playing with your dick….”

Alex lowered his camera and closed his eyes, trying to resist.

“Why wait till later, Alex?” I persisted. “Just take out your cock & get it over with….”

“This isn’t cool, Natasha,” he warned.

“Don’t worry about your wife,” I whispered, rubbing his cock under the ball of my foot. “She’ll never know I touched you….”

Alex leaned longingly against me.

“She’ll never know how hard I made you”

“I can’t….”

“Imagine how good it will feel,” I said, gripping his zipper with my toes, trying to pull it down. “Your bare cock….on my bare feet….”

Groaning in resignation, Alex hurriedly unzipped his pants and freed his slender cock.

I placed my other foot on his throbbing shaft and held it between my arches.

“Mmm. Nice. Circumcised, very hard – hot to the touch,” I cooed. “This is where your cock belongs….”

Then something dawned on Alex.

“You knew what that guy wanted, didn’t you?”

I toyed with his cock, grinning.

“When he said ‘personal use’ you knew?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?” I shrugged, stroking the flesh of Alex’s manhood between my feet.

“Why is it wrong,” I asked, “if a guy cums while I watch – when I know he’ll do it later?”

A clear stream of precum spilled from the tip of Alex’s cock and I slid my toes over it, coating the underside of his shaft.

Alex sighed.

“You’re going to get someone in trouble someday.”

“I’ve made a lot of men hard, Alex….Just relax….”

“Was his dick hard, like this?” he asked, putting his camera down and taking my feet in his hands.

“Yes,” I answered.

“But you couldn’t touch it.”


“And you left him excited, alone,” Alex accused, sliding his cum-lubed cock between my supple arches.

“He had precum soaking through his pants,” I confessed, spreading my legs.

“You touched yourself later, thinking about that cock….”


I pinched my nipples through the silky fabric of my camisole, loving the sight of Alex’s hard, slick shaft sliding through my feet.

“You knew he’d jerk off to your photos,” he hissed, thrusting faster.

“Of course,” I answered with a smile. “Just like you….”

“Look at me Natasha,” Alex instructed firmly.

He squeezed my feet tighter around his cock, and when our eyes met I couldn’t stop my hands from going to my pussy.

“You wanted him to cum on you, didn’t you?” Alex accused.

“Yes,” I sighed, sliding two fingers into my pussy as my thumb circled my clit.

“You enjoy this?” Alex said hotly. “The power you have?”

“Mmm yes….” I moaned.

“Show me how you wanted him,” Alex demanded, holding my ankles so I could take control of his cock.

As he glared lustfully at me I pictured the view he had, me in my perfect makeup, on my back, tussled blonde hair around my head, tan athletic legs spread, exposing myself, fucking myself and jacking off his cock in a way his wife never could.

“Is this how to do it, Alex?” I teased, gripping him with my nimble toes. “Is this the way to fuck a foot pervert?”

Alex breathed deep, trying to delay the inevitable. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as I massaged his entire engorged length.

“God Natasha – he should’ve felt this,” Alex groaned. “He’d be in heaven….”

“Open your eyes Alex,” I ordered. “Watch your fantasy come true….”

He looked at me again, saying, “You’re a beautiful fucking slut, Natasha.”

The heat inside my pussy rocketed and my fingers became like a probing cock.

“Cum….” I urged him.

“All over you,” Alex promised, rocking his hips.

“Do it….cum for me….” I pleaded, filling my pussy up with three, then four fingers.

“Imagine him spurting all over you,” Alex gasped. “Imagine every photographer you’ve known doing it….

His words penetrated my brain and the fire between my legs ignited.

“Take that cum all over your feet, your thighs, your ass,” Alex chanted. “Beg….”

“I’ll beg, Alex,” I said. “Just like you want me to….”

“Make them surrender, Natasha….”

I thought of all the hard, hidden cocks I’d inspired; pictured them above me and beside me; stroked fast and slow as all those men gazed upon me, dying to fuck me; wishing my pouty lips or my manicured fingers were wrapped around around their cocks; craving my smooth pussy and puckered asshole, but all too happy to have the gift of simply cumming on my tight little body.

….and when you work with that guy again, your feet will belong to him.”

“Yessss,” I whispered – so ready to cum. “He’ll lick my toes when I get home….”

And as I slipped my entire hand inside my pussy, I came, kicking my legs back and forth, furiously stroking Alex’s engorged cock to make him cum with me.

Alex threw his head back, leaning into my pistoning legs.

“Oh fuck fuuuuck!” he cried, and hot white ropes of cum flew from his cock, arcing through the air, landing on my thighs, sluicing down my feet and dripping from my ankles to the bed.

“Fuck yeah, Alex…Fucking cum!” I urged, thrilled by the copious quantities of salty nectar he unleashed, relishing the intense pulses of his spurting cock between my feet.

“Natasha, Natasha….” he breathed, coming to rest on his heels.

I removed my hands from my pussy and clit, then ran them down my legs through Alex’s cum, massaging his pearly fluid into my skin.

“Look at this mess, Alex!” I admonished playfully. “Very unprofessional.”

His dick twitched as I squished the last dribbles of his cum between my toes.

“When you fuck your wife tonight she’ll wonder why you don’t have any cum left….”

“What did you mean,” Alex asked between ragged breaths, “‘When I get home’?”

I smiled and played with his half-hard cock, my feet slithering around his shaft and smooth-shaven balls, webs of his cum extending from my heels to the soiled bed.

“Oh, well, that photographer became my boyfriend,” I explained non-chalantly. “He likes it when guys cum on my feet – and he wants to hear all the details….just like you do.”

Alex stared at me, mouth open.

“Don’t worry!” I assured him. “He’ll be so turned on when he hears about this, he’ll want to take pictures next time….”

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