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Zoe’s Dress

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This story is entirely fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a friendly divorce. People either use every opportunity to continue punishing their ex, or simply avoid the opportunity as a dealing mechanism. Thankfully, our situation was the latter.

Hannah and I were married for twenty two years. We had only one child together, Zoe, who is now 19 years old, and a beautiful young woman. In retrospect, having Zoe is about the only thing we did together.

I was hurt deeply, but not surprised to learn that Hanna had a boyfriend, and had been secretly carrying on the affair for the past two years.

This revelation came as a matter-of fact statement one night after sex, a then seldom occurrence. Hannah just rolled over to face away and made the emotionless statement to the wall. Emotionless was a good description of our relationship. I didn’t cry, didn’t plead with her to stay, didn’t scream and yell or threaten bodily harm on the guy. I just laid there, easily retracing the long and respective paths to our current situation. We both had simply drifted apart and traveled separate paths. We no longer knew each other as we had once before. Seems like a trite explanation, but an accurate assessment.

Perhaps she used the sex that night as a way of an apology for the affair or even her way of saying goodbye. I don’t normally have a reason or desire to use the term “mercy fuck” but it seemed appropriate in my mind at the time. There was no fighting or even a good reason for the affair. We went about our daily routine as a “family” but there was no life left in it. Our relationship as a couple slowly starved to death over the past five years. It wasn’t because of what we did to each other. Instead, we did nothing to or for each other unintentional as it was. We were divorced only six months ago, and the boyfriend moved in with Hanna.

My career allowed for a generous income. As such, our modest home was paid for. Although I never cheated on Hannah, it was apparent that my career was my “mistress”. Long hours at the office and late nights reviewing proposals at my desk at home took all of the energy and romance out of me. Hannah understood my commitment to work, and enjoyed the benefits, but the inevitable drift began unassumingly as a silent killer of our relationship.

Hannah stayed in the home, and I elected to downsize to a condo not far from the old neighborhood to keep close to Zoe. The new upscale condo had two spacious bedrooms, one that I converted into an office so that I can work from home. As part of my downsizing, I also reduced my workload. As a senior partner in an architectural engineering firm, I elected to choose both the number and scope of projects to supervise. That was a good and overdue move on my part.

Zoe stayed with her mom which I encouraged, as to keep the normal routine of life until she eventually moved out on her own. She was attending a local college and working mornings as a barista. I know that the divorce was difficult for her to accept, but she did so without taking sides. She clearly loves both of us and has fortunately retained a close relationship with each of us. I enjoy her mid-morning frequent visits during the break between work and school, often arriving with my favorite coffee and a cheerful smile. The visits are short but sweet.

Lately Zoe has offered to visit for dinner at least once a week. I think this is her way of making sure that I take time to eat a good meal, and have some companionship which I really value. It is always good to see her and I of course look forward to the energetic hugs when she arrives and when she leaves. I don’t really get lonely but there are times when the place is a little too quiet. At 44, I have to consider whether I want to have another relationship.

I recognize that she leads a busy life, typical for an active 19 year old. So, most of our visits allow for a meal and a short visit before she leaves to study or hang out with friends. Occasionally, she will surprise me by staying for dinner and the watching a movie. We would sit together on the sofa, often talking through most of the movie which is fine with me. I really enjoyed her vibrancy and beauty.

School was out for summer break and Zoe was able to work more hours into the early afternoon at the coffee shop. Our morning visits were few, but she managed to stop in to say hello before heading out with friends.

Her long honey-blond hair had natural highlights. In addition, her skin took on a rich glow from time in the sunshine. Zoe looked very much like her mother did at this age, very attractive, lean and athletic with just the right amount of curve. She had several boyfriends and dated frequently, but didn’t want to get serious yet.

A couple weeks ago, she called to ask if she could bring her girlfriend Lexi for one of our dinner visits. I’m glad she has friends, and certainly would not pass up the opportunity to see Zoe and a friend.

Zoe and Lexi arrived for our dinner on a warm July Friday night. I had the gas grille warming and steaks set out when they arrived. What a treat. Both girls were dressed for the warm evening wearing shorts and thin white summer tops. The shorts and tops, while modest, could not contain their beauty and sexy attributes above and below. Zoe and Lexi shared a close resemblance and could easily be mistaken for sisters.

Zoe promptly gave me her usual hug and squeeze with a big kiss on my cheek and then introduced Lexi to me. I extended my hand to greet her and instead received a generous hug and broad smile. Her soft hair brushed against my face and smelled clean. Her flawless tan skin glowed from freshly applied lotion. It took me off off-guard and I tried not to show too much reaction, but I saw Zoe’s knowing smile. Busted.

Now Zoe and I have always been close, and frequent shows of affection have been normal for us. On our late evenings together we sit close, shoulder to shoulder, and have casual touches and caresses without a second thought as we have for years. However, on this evening something stirred in me. It wasn’t really directed at either one of the girls, but instead there was an unexpected awakening. Perhaps it was the combination of sight smell and tender touch on the warm summer evening. I don’t think that Zoe noticed. I tried to pass it off to a fleeting fantasy, but something lingered and simmered deep down inside of me all evening.

The girls helped with final preparations while I redirected my attention to grilling the steaks. The meal was wonderful as was the company and animated conversation at the table late into the evening. Lexi was the unexpected catalyst who brought a new element to our conversation. I always enjoy conversations with Zoe. We normally talk about life and typical father daughter topics. But that night I saw a different side of her as we all visited together and laughed about the silly recent events of their summer.

As a parent, it’s fun and enlightening to be involved in a conversation with your young adult child and their friends. Topics in such a situation can often border on the edge of embarrassing and some that parents might suspect, don’t want to know about. There was a generous amount of playful kidding and innocent flirting on the part of both girls. It seemed to be almost an unspoken competition of sorts for my attention. I enjoyed the attention and was both flattered and amused by their efforts.

Time passed quickly and midnight was fast approaching as conversation wound down. Zoe and Lexi were a delight to have with me that evening. I felt energized by their youthfulness and enjoyed their beauty. As we reached the front door Zoe hugged me as usual but lingered as she nuzzled her face against my chest making an audible contented sigh. I was aware of the softness of her breasts against my chest and I held her. She moved away slowly looking into my eyes. She had a soft loving smile and a misty twinkle in her eye. It was just one of those moments that one never forgets.

Zoe turned to head towards her car, and Lexi came forward with arms outstretched. How could I resist such a temptation? I opened my arms and welcomed her hug. I could feel her entire body pressed gently against mine and was surrounded by soft arms. The softness of her breasts, the warmth of her toned body pressing against mine was pleasurable. I felt the beginnings of a stirring inside and fought to avoid an erection. This time, I was the one that involuntarily sighed, much to her surprise and delight. Lexi playfully laughed and leaned forward to give me a soft kiss on my cheek. She also had a glimmer in her eyes but it was much more seductive and playful than the loving look of my daughter.

I walked them to the car parked curbside. We said another farewell and waved goodbye as they drove away. I stood on the curb and watched the taillights disappear, repeating every event of the evening in my mind before walking back to the condo. The night air cleared my head and brought a little dose of reality. But still, I wanted to retain much of it for as long as possible.

I suspected that going to sleep would be difficult, and it was. I pulled back the sheets, laid on my back watching shadows dance on the ceiling until finally drifting off to sleep. Again, the events of the evening played in my dreams, except they were erotic in nature. Never before had I given conscious thought to any inappropriate behavior with my daughter. But on this night, I had dreams of both girls in situations that I would have never expected.

The first dream started off innocently enough replaying their arrival. They were wearing the same outfits as before but the shorts were tighter showing off their round and tight bottoms. The tops were white as before, but much thinner and cut low in front displaying a generous amount of cleavage. The nipples pressing against the fabric evidence of their lack of bras.

The greetings were as before, but that soon changed to something different. Lexi initiated the flirting as we prepared for dinner. I was grilling the steaks as the girls prepared the nearby table. I turned from the grille and faced the table to see Lexi bending over to put plates on the table, her top gaping and allowing a full view of her breasts. I froze in surprise of the view, unable to look away. As I brought my view up to her face, I saw Lexi looking at me, fully aware of her intentional display. She offered a sly smile and didn’t object to my gaze. But instead, moved around the table now showing off her tight butt. I couldn’t look away, and stood dumbstruck as she rubbed her butt against my crotch, moving in the small space between the table and where I stood.

I mumbled something stupid and unintelligible as she walked away, fully aware of how she had teased me. I snapped out of it and turned to tend the steaks on the grille just as Zoe walked onto the patio with a tray of appetizers. Was I ever glad that she didn’t witness my undoing. Zoe and Lexi made a playful exchange and patted each other on the butt as they passed.

Zoe called to get my attention as she placed the tray on the table. I turned to see her bend over, also showing a full view of her breasts. Again, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the sexy view only a couple of feet in front of me. She called my name again, bringing back my attention and raising my view to her face. She stood upright playfully wagging a finger at me and asked if I enjoyed the view. Without waiting for an answer she turned walked back into the house with Lexi. I soon heard their laughter as they obviously shared my misfortune.

They returned to the patio after a minute and took a seat at the table. They playfully looked at me then toward each other knowing they had the desired affect on me. From where I stood and in their seated positions I could see the rise of the top of their breasts, bare shoulders and back, trying not to stare or be obvious about it, albeit unsuccessfully.

Lexi asked me how such a successful, good looking man like me wouldn’t have a woman for every night, adding that she would do me. She leaned forward to emphasize her point, again showing more breast than I needed to see, Zoe leaned in the direction of Lexi to tap her on the shoulder and told her to stop flirting with me, because I was all hers. With that they offered exaggerated mock shame for their comments and shamelessly burst into laughter jiggling their breasts for my benefit.

I was saved by the grille timer and placed the steaks on the table. Conversation continued much as before, but now elaborating on many details of their mutual escapades of the summer. Again, every parent suspects, but really doesn’t want to know the details of their kids adventures, including and especially those of sexual nature. They shared everything, almost trying to outdo each other in the details of their prowess.

I sat across the table from Lexi, with Zoe seated between us. Lexi kicked off her sandals and ran her foot up and between my legs, Zoe’s view hidden by the table top. Each time her foot seemed to go higher up my leg, until finally she arrived at my crotch where it lingered, toes wiggling to tease my now stirring cock before making a slow retreat. Thankful for the table, I would shift to adjust the now full erection in my short pants. As if teasing me on the outside wasn’t enough, she began to extend her long smooth bare legs, navigating between the fabric of my shorts and the skin of my thigh until her toes just reach my balls. From above the table and from the look of her face, one had no idea of the happenings beneath the table.

As the evening progressed we stayed at the table still enjoying lively flirtatious conversation. The early evening coolness caused their nipples to harden, now visibly pressing against the sheer silky fabric of their tops, although neither seemed to care.

After finally clearing the table at sunset, Lexi commented on the covered spa at the corner of the patio. I had no intention of inviting the girls to the spa, and neither of them came prepared for it. In fact, I didn’t own a spa. But, this was my dream. Lexi, relentless in her quest to shock me, suggested that we go sit in the spa. With a little reluctance and resistance, I was ultimately outnumbered. Giving in, I excused myself to go change into a swimsuit. Lexi in true form said that we don’t need a suit because it was now dark enough, adding that we all family, kinda. As if on cue, both girls pulled their tops over their head and stood to pull down their shorts before I could object.

Zoe was standing naked in front of me, something I had never seen at her age. She had a grin, both embarrassed and mischievous and reached out a hand to me, pulling me towards the spa. They pulled open the spa cover and climbed in giggling and beckoning me to my certain death on the rocks, as the sailors of old giving in to the lure of the siren’s song. Zoe and Lexi in a show of bold teasing faced each other and kissed on the lips. That really did not help my resolve to resist. Reluctantly and with a little fear and trepidation, I turned away to remove my shirt and pants before climbing into the spa.

Just as I was seated, they leaned into me, together kissing my lips and lingering there for a moment with tongues darting across my lips. There I was with two beautiful young women embracing me, hands drifting about under the water. My hands were touching their bodies, their hands touching me and each other, when suddenly I was awakened by my cell phone. Damn.

I saw Zoe’s number on the display and rolled over to answer. She called to thank me for the evening and said that they really enjoyed the time together. She also added that it was nice to see a different side of her dad. I replied likewise of her as well, and that Lexi was a sweet girl and welcome at my home any time.

Zoe paused and then said that she had fun but was a little jealous of Lexi, and the idea of sharing her dad. Little did she know the dream that her call interrupted. I assured her that she will always be my sweetheart. She replied that she knew it too but it was always nice to hear it from me, adding that she would try to stop by a little more often, acknowledging that her visits were infrequent during the summer.

We talked a little more about the previous evening, and plans for the reminder of the weekend. Zoe added that she was going to spend the day downtown shopping with Lexi. For a moment my mind drifted back to the dream. I came back to the moment and told her that I too was looking forward to another dinner visit and wished them a fun day together.

I pushed the “end” button and lay back on the bed, my mind again eagerly revisiting the details of my dream. I figured the only remedy for this obsession was a long hot shower.

The shower did offer a small diversion but not completely. I let the hot water run on my back, steam billowing from the shower stall. Soaping my body and lingering at my balls, I felt the same stirring, and rise of a full erection. My hand began to stroke, slowly at first and then firm and rapid until I felt the release of cumming. I stopped, hand still encircling my residual erection but no longer stroking, rivulets of water on my shoulders and running down my chest rinsing away the soap and cum. I turned to face the spray letting it beat against my chest for a couple more minutes before turning off the water and toweling myself dry.

I wondered if there was a secret message in my dream, from Lexi’s comment about a woman every day, adding that she would even do me. I wiped the steam from the mirror and looked at myself doing a top to bottom assessment. I wondered if indeed something was missing, and if I would be interested in attracting the desires of another woman. My thoughts went into the gutter, wondering if I could have a younger woman, say Lexi.

Back to reality, I pushed away the thought of a young woman, especially a friend of my daughter, or even my daughter. How could anyone do that? Well, it happened easy enough in my dream and quite enjoyable indeed. But that was a dream. Things like that don’t happen in real life. Back in my room, I dressed for the day and planned for my week ahead.

Although Zoe told me she would come over again soon and knew of her good intentions, no plans were made yet, and I had not heard from her by Friday afternoon. I justified the silence by knowing that she is young, as I was once, and that her priorities where probably the same as mine at that age. I was pleased that she was enjoying the prime of her youth. I had loose plans for the weekend, and would catch up with her when she was available.

Just then the phone rang and it was Zoe. She was excited to share her week with me and at the same time apologizing for not calling. Offering a mock scolding I told her it was good to hear from her. In her usual youthful vibrancy and spontaneity, she said it was kinda last minute but wondered if we could get together that evening.

I had no real plans for the evening, or any idea of what to eat, but gladly accepted her offer. Zoe said she would be over at 7 o’clock, which allowed me about two hours to shower and run out for something to eat. It had been a while since I had ordered take-out Chinese food, so Chinese food it would be tonight.

I dressed into casual Docker shorts and a comfortable button sport shirt before driving to get dinner. It had been a while indeed and everything on the menu looked delicious. I ordered a combination of five entrees, hot mustard, ginger and chopsticks for an adventure.

It was a warm beautiful evening with sun setting in clear summer sky. I forgot how hard it is to go home with the tempting aroma of take out food in the car. I opened the top container and ate a deep fried prawn to stave away my hunger, but to no success. Fortunately my condo was in sight, as was Zoe’s car, so I used every ounce of resistance to make it home without dipping into the food again.

Zoe has a key to the condo and let herself in. I walked in with an armload of delicious food. She walked into the entry to greet me, and the sight of her nearly caused me to forget about dinner. She stopped only a step away and made a twirl to show off her new dress.

She called my name, breaking my gaze, and asked again what I thought of her dress. I could only nod and whistle approval. She followed me into the kitchen, stood nearby as I set down the bags of food, and held out her open arms. I paused for just a moment to admire her dress again before offering my arms in return.

She held me extra tight and again apologized for not calling me during the week. I rubbed my hand on her back and inhaled the fresh scent of her soft hair, savored the feel of her body pressed against mine. It took a moment to want to end the hug. I held her hands in mine and extended my arms to get another look at her dress. She saw the approval and admiring look on my face and blushed deeply.

Zoe’s dress was beautiful and showed off every aspect of her figure from top to bottom. She told me that she bought while shopping downtown with Lexi. It was a white eyelet sundress with halter neck. The hem was decent at mid-thigh showing off her long tan legs. The contrast of her tanned shoulders and chest was very attractive and striking. The neckline was scooped broad, rather that a deep V. It show much of her chest, and the rise of her breast, but only a little cleavage the way it was cut and laid against her. It was evident that she was not wearing a bra with the halter neck and deep neckline, but still reasonably modest. The eyelets were small and fabric was thick enough to prevent everything underneath from showing through. Her long honey blonde hair was down onto her shoulders in loose lazy curls. Absolutely beautiful.

Although I again complimented her on her appearance, she offered that she was unsure if it was too revealing and was a little embarrassed to wear it tonight. My only reply was to tell her that she was a beautiful woman and there is no shame in looking that good.

I had wine in the house and on occasion offered it to Zoe in acceptable portions. I knew that she drank with her friends and was responsible about it but even still had the parental protective nature to avoid having alcohol become a problem for her. She was here for the evening and it seemed like the perfect occasion to have a glass together.

I had planned on eating inside together, but Zoe offered that we should eat outside since it was such a nice evening. Zoe carried the wine glasses to the patio table. I followed behind carrying two plates and the food. She was beautiful. I found myself admiring her from behind watching the sway of her dress, not really checking her out but just innocent admiration. As with most women, her radar went off and she stopped to turn and look at me. Maybe she saw the angle of my gaze in the sliding glass door, or maybe coincidence. But either way she raised an eyebrow, gave me that serious look and asked me if I was checking out her butt.

I was taken off-guard, still looking at her backside; I raised my view to meet hers with that deer-in-the-headlight panic, unable to reply. She took my immediate lack of response as an admission of guilt. All I could do was offer a goofy smirk and raise my shoulders.

The corners of her mouth began to rise and her sneer became a broad smile. She told me that the dress had the desired affect, turn and continued confidently striding out to the patio.

Zoe set the wine glasses on the table and then seated herself. I was still standing and organizing the food on the table. The fabric of her neckline pulled away from her chest when she leaned forward to sit down, offering a full view of her breasts topped with perky pink nipples. I tried not to really look at her but there was no way of gracefully avoiding it given my position above her. Thank goodness she was looking down and did not see me ogling her. I snapped out of it and averted my gaze before she was fully seated. My next thought was back to the dream and a feeling of déjà vu.

It is one thing to admire your daughter but it is entirely a different story when caught looking down a woman’s gaping neckline, especially looking at your daughters bare breasts. I quickly sat down and continued nervously fidgeting with the food. Zoe looked at me, smiled and told me how hungry she was. What a relief to know that she was oblivious of the event.

I offered a toast and then took out the chopsticks much to her delight. She thought maybe I forgot the silverware, but told me she was up for the adventure. I knew this was going to be a perfect evening. The food was a good as it smelled, maybe even better. After all, hunger is the best seasoning. Little did I know what other kind of hunger was stirring inside of me. The company of a beautiful young woman and lively conversation was the only thing better than the food. I was at ease and enjoying the moment.

We were both doing well with the chopsticks. Although I knew I would lose 10 pounds in a month if I ate only with chopsticks. Midway through the meal, Zoe picked up a piece of sweet and sour chicken that was dripping with glaze. It was the last piece and looked a little ragged. I saw her hold it over the plate for a moment to let the excess glaze drip off. When satisfied that it was okay she brought the chicken toward her open mouth. However, when just an inch from her mouth, the chicken broke apart and slid between the chopsticks, falling into her lap with a juicy splat.

Zoe froze. I froze waiting for her to react. She paused for another moment and then lifted the food from her lap, seeing the residual glaze in the fabric of her new dress. Instinctively she immediately dipped her napkin in the glass of cold water, dabbing at the stain but to no avail. I saw tears of frustration welling up in her eyes, but knew that there was nothing I could do to take back what had just happened.

Zoe snapped to her feet and said that she had to get the stain out. All I could do was offer the use of my washing machine which she accepted. She normally didn’t keep clothing at my house and only brought a small backpack on times when she would spend the night. I had a silk robe that she could wear until her dress was laundered. She planned on spending the evening with me anyway, so time would not be an issue.

I laid out the robe and left her to change in my room while I cleared off the table. Between trips back and forth from the kitchen I heard the washing machine start. Zoe met me in the kitchen as I came in with the last load of food and dishes.

She was wearing the robe, tied at the waist. I knew that she was not wearing a bra but even still admired the way her youthful breasts held out the fabric. She made another wishful comment about the dress coming clean, and then accepted the outcome no matter what.

She was still interested in watching a movie with me and in good humor said that I had a captive audience since her dress was in the washer. We made our way to the living room, selected a movie and took a seat on the couch. The room was still warm from the heat of the day, but comfortably so. Zoe curled her feet under her, leaned into me and threaded her arm through mine as she often did. It felt good to have her close beside me. The silk robe, although covering her modestly, was thin. I could feel her body heat through the fabric and for some reason was suddenly aware of heat specifically from her breast radiating through the fabric, her soft breast resting against my arm. My mind began to drift from the movie.

I paused the movie, and then went into the kitchen to refill our glasses. Zoe used the break to check on her dress and move it to the dryer. When I returned I saw that Zoe was there but had changed position, now extending her legs forward. The robe looked shorter than earlier, the hem creeping up to her upper thigh. The tie must have loosened when she repositioned, allowing the robe to gape open ever so slightly, still covering her but now exposing a little more of her chest than before. There it was again, that gently rise of her breasts now visible from my vantage point. I put the glasses on the table within reach and took my position beside her again. Just like before she leaned into me threading her arm into mine again. I looked toward her to offer a smile but skin caught my attention. I saw that the robe had opened even more exposing cleavage and much of one breast. What to do now, I wondered. I thought that less said is better. She wasn’t showing any more than the average bathing suit I reasoned. Our gaze met. She smiled and returned her view to the movie content with things the way they were. I was satisfied.

Zoe leaned forward to get her glass, and in doing so the fabric of her robe fell away completely exposing a breast. I instinctively turned toward the movement and saw everything for a moment. I looked back to the TV hoping she did not see my gaze. She closed it with her free hand and sat back as if nothing had happened, convinced that I did not see her exposure.

The movie was okay but lasted longer than most. Zoe began to fidget, seemingly trying to find a comfortable position. She pulled her arm free and scooted to the side. She lay down on the couch with her head in my lap. My free arm rested on her hip. I got a small pillow for her head, and assured that she was comfortable resumed the movie but quickly lost interest.

From the feel of her weight and the deeper breathing, it seemed that she was now comfortable again. She snuggled in more and curled her arms in front. I was comfortable too and enjoyed her closeness. Zoe, apparently losing interest in the movie, began to talk about this and that just making casual conversation.

She told more about her week and the shopping trip with Lexi last weekend. And, that Lexi talked more about me while they shopped. Perhaps a little more than Zoe wanted. She seemed to talk in generalities about their conversation, avoiding any details. She said it was fun, but then admitted that she was a little jealous of the attention Lexi showed toward me last week and the attention that I returned, even though it was appropriate. . Filling in the blanks, I got the bigger picture and sensed her apprehension of addressing the issue…

Zoe commented that she was surprised to feel jealous about me, as mom was the only woman I had been with and I had not dated since. Zoe began to wiggle her finger as a nervous fidget, brushing them against the skin of my thigh below the hem of my pants. After an awkward silence, Zoe said she didn’t know if she could ever share me. There was another silence. I could tell that she was having a hard time with words and unsure of how and how much to share of her feelings. I didn’t want to interrupt her moment. With my hand still on her hip, I moved it gently back and forth to reassure her. I felt her tension drain a little, knowing that she was comfortable talking to me about a new emotion and her reaction to it.

She asked me if I felt it was wrong for her to feel this way. I told her that every girl goes through this to some degree or another at times in their life. I reassured her that I loved her so much, and always would. That alone seemed to take the worry away. She sighed deeply and hugged her shoulder into my leg. I realized that she didn’t need any big explanation from me, she only needed reassurance.

We were in the moment. The movie played on but we weren’t watching it, simply looking in that direction. After another period of silence, she turned to look at me and asked if I was checking out her butt again. I was mindlessly looking forward into space and it took me a moment to comprehend what she said. Her laughter caught me off guard, and I realized that her mood was lifted. She was giving me a bad time again about my watching her walk out to the patio. My Zoe was back.

She suddenly twisted from her side position onto her back so that she could hug me. As she did so, her robe opened completely exposing all of her naked beauty. She was already in the middle of a hug with eyes closed and unaware that her robe was open. I knew I should tell her, but in the heat of moment, could not do so. As I tried to discretely hug her in return, skin was all that I could feel. My hand that was on her hip before was now between her thighs. My other hand was under her robe against the smooth bare skin of her back. There is something unmistakable about the feel of breasts against any part of my body. At this moment she was pressed firmly against my chest, her unrestrained hard nipples pressing through my shirt.

There are moments such as this when you just can’t interfere at risk of ruining the moment. And then there is that moment when everything gets awkward, and something needs to be corrected. I was starting to get that awkward feeling that she might freak out when she realizes that I just got a free show.

I backed away just a little, still holding her embrace, and tried to delicately motion to her of the open robe. Expecting the worst, I held my breath as Zoe looked down at her nakedness. But to my surprise, she sighed deeply and resumed her embrace. Unsure of what to expect next, I just held her close minimizing my view of her nakedness in an effort to preserve my dignity in her sight.

After another moment, she backed away, held my face in her hands and then moved to straddle me. Her eyes were seductive and inviting me to look at her body proudly on display. She kissed me soft on the lips and then took my hands in hers, raising them to cup her breasts. I was wishing she would say something, but in my heart I knew where this was headed and what she wanted even without be told so.

Zoe began to unbutton my shirt, removing it and tossing it aside. She moved down, unbuttoning and pulling down my pants. This was incredibly sexy. I had no control over my now full blow erection. She leaned forward, hovering over my penis, so close that I could feel her warm breath. She slowly moved closer, kissing and then licking the tip and then surrounding it with her lips for just a moment.

I watched in wonder as she stood straddling me. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed me deeply on the lips, lowering herself onto my penis until I was completely inside her. Only then did she move her face a way from mine, arms still around my neck. She seemed delight that I was caressing her breasts, exploring, taking interest in her body.

She kissed me again and then began to rock her hips with an even tempo. I felt the rise and fall of her passion, rising again and again higher and higher until she moaned and pressed her body even tighter against mine. Wave after wave swept over her. Our bodies were now glistening with sweat. She resumed her rocking and nodded approval aware that I was about to come. As I came, she kissed my lips, my eyes my forehead. She pressed her breasts against my face, encouraging me to kiss and suckle at her nipple.

She fell against me with all of her weight, completely exhausted, and completely satisfied. We held our embrace and talked well into the night about everything good and bad that had happened in our lives. We were comfortable with our nakedness, unashamed of our passion for each other. Well after midnight we moved from the sofa to my bed. We cuddled, talked some more and kissed tenderly until overtaken by sleep.

I awoke first and realized that we were still in an embrace, her leg draped over mine. She awoke soon thereafter, kissed me on the lips and told me that she loved me. She made it clear that there were no regrets, but instead only joy and satisfaction of our closeness. I tenderly caressed her breasts, moved my hand down her side to hold her against me. Zoe pressed on my shoulder to have me lay on my back. She moved over to lay on top of me, kissing me again and again with an unbridled passion. I hardened with the offering of her body. We made love that morning and again that night, never dressing, but instead enjoying our nakedness.

After a little more searching in my closet she found an old pair of sweats, a college hoodie and some flip-flops. She went back to her mom’s on Sunday morning

I talked with her on Monday to make sure she was okay. She re-assured me that there were no regrets, and that she was fine. Before ending our call, she told me that she looked forward to our next dinner visit. I do too.

Her dress? It is clean and hanging in my closet.

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Jay Stacie wrote

Nice story but please correct spelling mistakes which are terrible in many stories here.