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When in San Francisco

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“How would you and Robin like to go to San Francisco for a weekend getaway?” Carl asked, knowing what my answer would be.

“When?” I excitedly asked him.

He handed me two airline tickets and said, How does next weekend suit you?”

“Only two tickets?” I asked.

“I can’t go, but I knew you and Robin would have a great time. Miss Pris told me you could use her house, as they were going away for two weeks in Spain. Hope you don’t mind that I already booked your flights?”

“Mind? I’m absolutely thrilled. Robin will be too.! I better tell her to start packing!”

I gave him a great big hug and wet sloppy kiss and went to the phone to call Robin.

“How does San Francisco sound?” I asked when she answered.

“Yummy! When do we go?” she asked.

“Carl already booked it for us for next weekend, so get packing!” I replied.

“Eddy can’t go, still in tax season!”

“That’s alright, Carl can’t either!”

“Oh goody, another Girl’s weekend!” she almost shouted into the phone.

I must have blushed because Carl looked at me, shook his head, grinned and said, “Have fun!”

After I hung up the phone, I went right to my closet and began sorting through what I would need.I picked out a few nice skirts and sweaters, and a knockout cocktail dress, just in case we went to a nice restaurant. Then I went to my lingerie chest.

“What to bring? What would make Robin crazy? What would make me crazy?” I thought to myself.

I settled on a really sheer lime green La Perla bra and panty set, a red teddy, and several extra pairs of sexy panties, and a really hot leather garter belt. Then, out of the bottom drawer, my one-piece leather strap-on. I figured Robin would bring a few toys, so I threw everything in a carry-on and was ready to go. All my toiletries could go in at the end.

I thought again to myself, “I hope no one searches my bag! But then again, so what!” Might give someone the RIGHT idea!”

That night, Carl was rewarded very well for his little present.

The weekend finally arrived and Robin and I met at the airport, half-way between our homes.

I found Robin in the bar, right where I figured she’d be.

“Did you order me one?” I asked as I walked to the table.

She just smiled broadly and replied, “It’s on the way!”

No sooner had I sat down, but an ice cold Cosmo was delivered in front of me.

“We’ve got two hours to kill. Might as well sit here and enjoy ourselves!” she stated.

I agreed with her and we passed the next two hours with conversation about what we were going to do in San Francisco.

“By the way, where are we staying?” she asked.

“At the home of one of Carl’s clients. I guess it overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. He gave me the address. It’s a three story walk-up on Lombard. You know that curvy one!”

“Where’s the owner?”

“On a trip somewhere. We’ll have it all to ourselves!”

They called final boarding for our flight as we finished our second drink. We hurried to the gate and boarded. The flight attendant gave us that look “Just what I needed, two drunk women”. As we were about to go toward the back of the plane, she grabbed Robin by the arm and directed us to the last row of First Class.

“Why don’t you sit here.” she said. “That way, I can keep an eye on you!” she added with a wink.

We plopped down in our seats, taking full advantage of her hospitality.

“Sure beats sitting in 25D & E!” Robin almost squealed.

“Hopefully, we’ll get free alcohol, too!” I giggled.

As soon as the wheels were up, the attendant made her way back to us and said, “My name is Julie. What may I offer you ladies?”

“Champagne?” we asked in unison.

“My pleasure!” she smiled. “Your dinner will arrive in about fifteen minutes when we reach cruising altitude.”

“Dinner?” Robin quizzed.

I knew something was up. Our tickets were for coach, and now we were in First Class being offered dinner. Carl! When Julie brought us back the champagne, I had to ask, “Why the special treatment? My husband?”

“Didn’t take you long to figure that out. He must have made special arrangements for the bump. I got a print out to watch for you. A little description, but the main thing was that you’d probably be the last to board!”

Robin and I burst out laughing. “He knows us all too well!” I said.

As we sat there enjoying the champagne I could feel the sexual tension between us. Even though the seats were huge, we sat close to each other. Thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted sex right now, but knew I’d have to wait.

“You horney?” Robin asked.

“My panties are soaked!” was my reply.

“Mine are past that!. I think drenched is more the word!” she added

About that time, the plane began pulling away from the gate and we buckled ourselves in.

“All nice and tight?” Julie asked as she looked at our seat belts.

I must have blushed a little but said, “Ready for take off!”

As she turned to walk to her jump seat in the front of the cabin, I couldn’t help but notice what a great ass she had. Her just below the knee skirt had a slit up the back to mid thigh, and I noticed her sway as she slowly checked everyone else out on her way up front. When she got to her seat, she sat down, and slid a little sideways to buckle her seat belt. In doing this, her legs parted just enough to give me a great view of her crotch. Her white panties stood out like a beacon against the contrast of her dark blue skirt.

I poked Robin and whispered, “Julie just gave me a little look at her beaver.”

Robin leaned over and looked. Julie’s legs were still slightly apart, “Too bad she’s wearing panties!”

I saw Robin’s hand move to the front of her dress and slowly pop a few of the buttons near her crotch loose. She then slid her hand inside and gently began to massage herself.

“Is your hand in your panties or out?” I asked

“Oh….out! I don’t want to get caught!” she sort of giggled.

Since there was no one across from us, I knew the possibility of that was pretty remote.

I watched as she closed her eyes, and began jilling herself a little faster. Before we reached cruising altitude, I heard her give a little sigh, and knew she had achieved her goal.

“When she finally opened her eyes, she just turned to me and whispered, “Really soaked now!”

“I know, the odor of hot woman is unmistakable!” I chided.

The seat belt light was turned off, and Julie began walking back through the cabin taking dinner orders.

Robin got up and decided to go up to the restroom to dry herself off a little. She took her purse with her and crossed in front of me, nearly putting her backside in my face.

“Like that?” she asked.

I didn’t answer, but playfully patted her and let her by.

She was able to squeeze by Julie and entered the bathroom. Julie then made her way back to where we were sitting.

“What would you like for your entree? Tenderloin or Lobster Newburgh?” she asked with a sweet smile.

“I’ll speak for Robin. We’ll both have the Lobster, please.”

She just sort of curled up the corner of her mouth in what I would have to say was a wicked grin and said, “I thought as much!”

Then, for some reason out of my mouth came, “Oh, we like meat, too! Just not this weekend!”

I could have died. That’s what happens when your mouth gets going before your brain does. Or…..maybe I had read some signals about her. After all, she did give me a little crotch shot when she sat down.

“Where are you staying?” she asked

“My husband has a client that is letting us use her home for the weekend. On Lombard.” I replied.

“Wow, must have some money! That’s a high rent district!”

“They own several motels out in Palm Springs. They have to work some time I guess!”

“You two will have a ball. It’s a fun city to party in!” she said with that evil little grin. “Girl’s Weekend?” she added.

“Is there any other kind? I asked.

“They’re the most fun!” she agreed.

She excused herself and went to get dinners for the other passengers. Robin finally exited the rest room and plopped herself down again next to me.

She pulled her panties out of her purse and secretly handed them to me. I could feel just how wet they were.

“Pee yourself?” I giggled.

She pulled them from my hand, turning the crotch outward, “Look like pee to you?”

I laughed again but was truly amazed by the amount of goo that covered them.

“Leftovers from Eddy?” I mused.

“Very funny!”

She stuffed the panties back in her purse and we settled back in our seats, just enjoying the champagne and waiting for dinner.

“I think Julie is hot for me”. I said matter-of-factly.

“What’s your point?” Robin asked.

“Well……..I thought maybe I should see!”

“And you would find out how?” she quizzed again.

“You’ll see!” OK with you?”

“Would be fun, Kinda like Vegas!” she giggled again.

By the time Julie got back to us, I had formulated a plan. She served our meals to us and went back up front. As she tidied up her serving area, I couldn’t help but look at her gorgeous ass. Not too big, but nicely rounded. As I finished dinner, I began to fantasize about that ass planted on my face. I just knew she would like that.

Julie returned to remove our dishes and as she approached, I could just tell by the swing in her stride she was sort of “strutting her stuff” so to speak.

She reached across me a little to get Robin’s plate and her breast was so near, I could have moved forward a little and touched it with my cheek. Was it intentional? I sure thought so.

As she picked up my dishes she asked, “Anything else for you ladies right now?”

I got up the nerve and said, “Not right now, but we’d love to have you for dinner this weekend! If you’d like. You pick the place!”

She blushed a little, and without so much as a waver replied, “I have Saturday off, I’d love to!”

Robin looked at me in disbelief as Julie walked to the front of the cabin.

“Told you so!” I said.

Robin just grinned and asked, “How did you know?”

“I thought the panty shot was just a little too obvious! Not to mention that WE are a little too obvious!”

“When in San Francisco!” she giggled.

For the remainder of the flight, I kept thinking about how bold I was by inviting Julie for dinner. Not only for inviting her out, but the way I said it, “We’d love to have have you for dinner!”. Made me wet just thinking about it, not that I wasn’t already wet. As I watched her working, I imagined her standing there naked. She definitely had nice full breasts, and her face, needless to say was gorgeous. Her Auburn hair was pulled back and rolled to the back of her head , probably to conform to company rules, as it was apparently quite long. She was definitely hot!

The pilot announced our descent into the Bay area and we buckled our seat belts again. Julie made a pass though the cabin just to make sure we were all buckled in. She stopped and knelt down by us and smiled warmly.

“Can’t wait for Saturday night! Here’s my card, call me with the address and I’ll pick you up!”

Robin gave her a card with her cell number on it, “Call me Saturday morning if not before!”

Julie got back up and went to her jump seat. This time, she smiled when she saw me looking and gave me a little wink.

We finally landed and arrived at the gate. None too soon, as all the champagne made me have to pee really bad. Robin and I got out of our seats, collected our purses, and headed for the front.

“See you Saturday!” she mouthed.

Boldly, I gave her butt a little squeeze as we went by. When she turned around I mouthed, “Til then!”

Robin just shook her head as we exited, “Guess you were right!”

I just grabbed her hand and said, “Always am!”

By the time I got to the bathroom, I nearly peed myself from all the fluid and being so horney. Robin waited for me and when I left the stall she said, “Let’s get to Lombard!”

Miraculously, our luggage was waiting for us when we got to the baggage claim. We quickly grabbed it, and went out front to get a taxi. When we exited the door, a driver was standing there with a sign in his hand that said “Robin & Marsha”

“That’s for us!” I said gleefully.

“He thinks of everything!” Robin remarked.

The driver escorted us to the limo and we got in the back. Kind of reminded me of our trip to Vegas.The driver took his time, slowing down to tell us some of the history and the scenic areas of his beautiful city. As we began our descent down Lombard street, there were hundreds of people taking pictures of the “Crookedest street in the World”. He pulled into the drive about three quarters of the way down and said, “You’re home!”

He got out, opened the door for us and led us to the door. I tried to tip him, but he insisted that it was already taken care of.

I knew where the key was hidden and got it, then opened the door. What a view! In front of us was a gorgeous view of the Bay. We literally ran out onto the deck and took it all in. We wandered around to the other side and there was a spectacular view of down town. Not like being in the woods! We finally went back inside and there was a note.”Our home is yours. Enjoy everything!” was all it said. Robin was already in the bar mixing Cosmos when I joined her.

“Here’s to a great weekend!” she toasted.

“When in San Francisco!” I added and touched her glass to mine.

We each took a long sip and put our glasses on the bar at the same moment. I took her in my arms and gave her a very sexy kiss, snaking my tongue into her mouth, and entwining mine with hers. She seemed to melt into me and we slowly lowered ourselves to the floor. I lay beside her, running my hands over her breasts and down her belly to the heat of her sex. She arched her back and pulled her dress up, allowing me access to her now pantiless mound. Two fingers slid easily into her and she pushed herself back against my hand. I kept my fingers busy inside her as I slid down her body, slowly unbuttoning her dress with my free hand, pulling the material aside and exposing her hardened breasts and pointy nipples. I almost inhaled them into my mouth as I went back and forth between each of them, leaving a trail of saliva across her cleavage. I kept making my way lower, and began tongueing her navel as I approached my goal. I felt the pressure of her hand on the back of my head as she began to force me lower. I could smell her womanhood emanating from deep within her as I continued to slide now tree fingers into her. As I twisted and turned them, her lubrication was making a sloshing noise each time I withdrew.

Right before I put my mouth over her sex I whispered, “You are sooo, soo wet, girl!”

She now forced me down and I replaced my fingers with lips and tongue, driving my tongue deep into her, causing her to buck hard against my face. I sucked her lips into my mouth, keeping my tongue buried in her as she came immediately.

She shivered and screamed as her fluids flowed into my mouth. I could feel each contraction of her vagina as she held me tightly against her dripping hole. Over and over again waves hit her. Each time I thought she was done, she would start again. I lost track of how many times she orgasmed, but I know it was at least four. When she finally relaxed back onto the floor, I stopped sucking her and slowly withdrew my tongue from her swollen hole. I got up on my elbows and looked down at her swollen sex, seeing a trickle of juices still flowing from her. I put my head back down and lapped them up, causing her to shudder again.

“Enough!” she moaned. “Enough, already!”

I got back up on my elbows again as she looked down at me.

“You’re face is a gooey mess!” she giggled in her usual little way.

“And who’s fault is that?” I asked coyly.

“You started it!” she said pulling me up on top of her.

As she did that, my dress rode up, exposing my drenched underwear.

“We’re going to have to do something about that!” she commanded.

I slid up her body and began sticking my sloppy tongue into her mouth, forcing her to taste the juices she’d left there. I slowly started forcing my crotch against hers, causing my totally wet panties to get even wetter. They were now being moisturized from both sides. I could feel the heat from her sex as I ground my clit against her mound. I knew this was going to be quick. I had been holding it in all morning.

Robin sucked on my tongue and mumbled into my mouth, “Cum for me! Cum for me, baby! Cum on my pussy!”

That was all it took. I went over the edge with her words and ground hard against her as I came. I could feel the spasms deep within me, trying desperately to escape my vagina. As one wave ended, another started and I orgasmed over and over, each time grinding harder into her mound. I finally collapsed on top of her, my tongue still buried in her mouth.

It was one of those totally earth-shattering, see stars, and nearly pass out kind of cums.

I finally rolled off of her and lay spread-eagle on the floor.

“Talk about a mess! Look at your panties!” she laughed.

I pulled myself up and looked down at what used to be a perfectly clean pair of pale pink panties, that were now so wet, they looked like they just came out of the laundry. I pulled them off and threw them at her.

“Suck on these!”

I knew that was exactly what she would do. I just sat there watching her as she savored them, sucking my juices out of every spot on them, and there weren’t many spots that were not totally drenched. God, it made me horney all over just watching her.

I finally grabbed them away from her and got up to the bar again, downing my Cosmo in a couple of gulps.

“Let’s play tourists!” I suggested.

We hopped in the shower together and quickly washed off, not wanting to get started with anything that we’d have to finish before we went out. As we stood there after the shower, both naked and drying our hair, I couldn’t help but notice how great we looked. Everything still tight and high. Not bad for over 50. We quickly threw on some comfortable clothes and tennis shoes to hike those hills.

We left the house and went up the block to catch a cable car. What a hoot that was. Most of the people on the car were tourists and we all sort of looked the same. Camera, back pack, you know the rest. We rode it for about five minutes and decided to do some walking. We found several small boutiques and spent an hour trying on different clothes that we couldn’t wear at home.

Robin went into the dressing room with several things I didn’t see her pick up and suddenly popped her head out the door.

“What about this for our date tomorrow?” she asked as she opened the door showing me what she had on. Now Robin, is for the most part very conservative in her dress. This was definitely not conservative!

She stood there in front of me in a totally sheer white blouse and a very tight pair of black velvet pants. She was stunning.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I stated.

“Not only will I dare, but I’m probably not going to wear a bra with it, either!” she retorted.

By this time, the girl who was running the boutique came over and looked at Robin.

“Dynamite,girl, absolutely dynamite!” She said turning to me, “I wouldn’t wear a bra with it either!”

“OK, now find something for me!” I asked.

She went to the racks and soon came back with my outfit. Also a very sheer green blouse, ruffled collar and sleeves, and a pair of Rhinestone embellished jeans that had two lips on one cheek. I took them from her and went in the dressing room to try them on. Perfect! The material in the blouse was sheer enough to see the outline of my nipples and areola but not to the point of being rude. I came out of the room to their eager eyes.

“Hot!” was all Robin said.

The young girl, obviously proud of making a choice that I loved, merely smiled.

We both changed back into our comfies and I paid for the outfits.

“You didn’t have to buy mine!” Robin whined.

“Felt like it! What are best friends for?” I replied.

“Best friends….with benefits!” she added.

We left the boutique and continued our journey on down the hill. At the bottom, we found a cute little bistro that simply screamed Cosmo.

There were several tables out on the sidewalk, so we grabbed an empty one and sat down. The waiter soon appeared and came right over to us.

“What’s your pleasure?” he asked.

“What do you recommend?” Robin quizzed.

“How about a Lipstick Lesbian?”

We both burst out laughing.

“Does it show?’ I asked.

“It’s stamped on your forehead!” he mused.

I liked this guy.

“It’s a vodka martini, grenadine, and a splash of Cointreau.” he smilingly stated.

“Two, please, unless we have to share!” Robin chimed.

He left the table and we giggled uncontrollably nearly til he returned with our drinks. They were beautiful, and very good. We finished the first and decided to have another, so Robin motioned him to return.

“Another?” he asked knowingly.

“Please. You know the saying……….Two of these and I think there’s going to be a girl on girl encounter!” Robin giggled.

“I’m going to use that line if you don’t mind?” he laughed.

“You don’t have to give me credit for it!”

He left and soon returned with our order. He also brought an appetizer plate for us.

“Complements of the owner. She liked the line!”

We really were a little hungry, and the appetizers were spectacular, so we wolfed them down and finished our second drink without much conversation.

“Time for bed!” Robin said.

“Let’s go have that girl on girl encounter!” I replied.

Robin paid the tab and we headed up the hill. We decided to walk home and it took us about thirty minutes to make the climb and then back down to the house. By the time we got there, we were dogged. The walking down was a lot harder than the walking up.

We entered the house and made a beeline for the bedroom, stripping on the way. By the time we climbed into the bed, we had a trail of clothes from the front door on in.

Robin wrapped her arms around me and held me close.

“I’m so lucky to have you for a best friend!” she said softly.

“We really are close, and we really have a good time, don’t we?” I added.

“The best!” she said pulling me on top of her.

I could feel the exquisite heat of her naked sex as she ground it into mine. My juices were already flowing and I knew I was leaking down onto her. My tongue found her open mouth and I snaked it inside, tasting her and the “Lipstick Lesbians” we had just finished. I pushed myself off of her chest and ground my pelvis into her. She met each thrust with a gentle grinding back against me.

We continued our thrusting, quickly building to feverish climax in a short time. I had wanted to take my time, but it was not to be. She bucked against me, my tongue planted firmly in her mouth as she came. I could feel the contractions within her as she held her vagina pressed tightly against mine. The feeling of her contracting sent me over the edge too.

We held each other tightly until we both subsided, then slowly I peeled my body from hers, slowly easing from her and then rolling her on to her side, spooning her warmth until we both drifted off to sleep.

We must have been worn out, because we didn’t wake up until almost nine. I looked over at the clock and rolled out of bed.

“Robin. Time to get up!” I commanded. “It’s eleven o’clock at home!”

“Girl, did I sleep!” she said with a sleepy yawn.

She slowly got out of bed and we headed toward the kitchen to make some coffee. I managed to get that started as she got some juice from the fridge.

“Those “Lesbians” kicked my ass!” she whined.

I just laughed and said, “Get even tonight!”

“I will, nothing but wine or champagne. That I can handle!” she added.

I saw a note on the counter that was left for us. “Reservations have been made at our favorite restaurant for seven. Just give them a call to confirm. Pris” I dialed the phone number at it was picked up very quickly.

“I believe you have reservations for seven tonight for “Pris” .”

“Absolutely. She’s one of our favorite guests. How many will be dining?” he asked

“Three, if you can accommodate us?” I asked

“Certainly, we’ll have their table waiting for you. Anything special you require?”

Making sure that Robin was not listening I said, ” two pink roses, on on each plate to the sides of me, and a nicely chilled bottle of La Grand Dame, if you please.”

“Names of the guests?”

“Mine is Marsha. The roses are for Robin and Julie.”

“Very Good. We’ll be expecting you at seven.”

This was working out nicely. No need to figure out where to go for dinner. Already done. Knowing what I knew about Pris, this would be spectacular.

I got myself a cup of coffee, and joined Robin out on the deck. The view again was stunning. There were even sailboats down in the bay this morning and it was a very clear sunshiny day.

“Let’s go to the Wharf and Pier 39.” I suggested, seeing if I could get Robin motivated.

“That sounds like fun. Let’s grab a quick shower, then we can walk down there.”

“Let’s take a cab. My legs still hurt from yesterday!” was my reply.

“OK! You wuss!”

We went in and got in the shower together. No time for anything but getting clean again. I would have liked to fool around a bit, but she would have none of it. We soon got out, and my legs did feel better after the hot shower. I really did miss my hot tub, though. It would have been perfect out on the deck.

I grabbed my “Be Juicy” tracksuit out of my suitcase and put it on.

“The name running down your leg fits!” Robin laughed.

“I’ve got a Cherry one in here, too. Oh no, that wouldn’t fit would it?” I retorted.

“Just give it to me!”

I threw it at her and she pulled the sweats on. I gave her a once over and said, “Got a little ‘toe’ going there.”

She looked down and grinned, “Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?”

I didn’t answer, but put my walking shoes on, grabbed my backpack and headed for the door. She followed right behind.

We were about half way to the bus stop. (deciding it was going to get us where we wanted to go for a quarter) when Robin’s cell rang. It was Julie.

I only heard Robin’s side of the conversation, but she ended it with,” See you there in about half an hour!”

“She’s going to meet us at Pier 39. Was bored and wanted to make a day of it!”

We caught the right bus and within twenty minutes we were at the Pier. Even though it was before noon, tourists were all over the place. We exited the bus, and there was Julie waiting for us in front of the entrance. She waved to us, and as we walked closer, I couldn’t help but notice her long Auburn hair blowing gently in the breeze. It was longer than I thought, hanging nearly to her waist now that she was off duty. She was wearing a tight pair of low cut jeans, a small pink crop top, and a little sweater over it. Her gorgeous breasts were definitely on display. I knew I would have to struggle to keep my pants from getting wet. As we walked up to her, she gave us each a big hug. I could feel her firm breasts and stiff nipples poke into my chest as she hugged me tight.

“Thanks for letting me hang with you today!” she said. “I was bored at home!”

“We needed a good tour guide, thanks for volunteering!” Robin quipped

“Well, this is about as touristy as it gets. It is a fun place to people watch and shop for true Frisco goodies, though!” Julie told us.

We just wandered around for a while, walking in all the different shops. We bought a few things to bring back home, but not a lot. I did order Carl a box of fresh crab and had them FedEx it home so he would get it the next day.

“Love your warm up suit!” Julie said with a smile.

“The message is appropriate!” Robin informed her.

She blushed a little and said, “Thought so.”

She grabbed my hand and began dragging me out, saying, “Chowder at the Wharf!”

We hurried out the door and walked our way to the Wharf. The smell of fresh cooked seafood permeated the air. I realized I was hungry. We each got a bowl of chowder and sat outside enjoying the wonderful taste and texture of it.

“Best anywhere!” bragged Julie.

“Best I’ve had!” agreed Robin.

“Have you given any thought about dinner this evening?” asked Julie.

“As a matter of fact…” I said, “Our hosts had it set up for us to go to ‘First Crush’.”

“Really! I know it’s hard to get in on a Saturday night. They must have connections!”

“I’m sure they go there often. The gentleman I spoke with knew them by name and said they had called to set it up.”

“I’ll have to wear something appropriate then! Can’t go there without dressing a little.” Julie said.

“Our reservations are for seven. Come by the house around six and we’ll have a drink before we go. How far is it?” I asked.

“Not far, Five minutes, max!” she said.

“We’ll take a cab then. I don’t feel like walking anymore!” whined Robin.

“I can drive us.” Julie added.

“No way, we plan on having lots of wine!” Robin chimed “Lots of wine!”

We got up and walked to Julie’s car. She started it up and we got in. We were both glad for the short ride home. Our legs were hurting again.

“Nice Place!” Julie said as she pulled into the drive.

“See you in about three hours!” I said as I closed the door. ” Bring your party hat!”

“I can’t wait!” she gleamed. “See you soon!”

Robin and I entered the house as Julie drove away. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a fun night. I hope we don’t scare her off!”

Robin must have read my mind because the first words out of her mouth were, “She’s is so hot, but I think a cherry!”

“You really think so?” I asked

“I think she’s curious about it, but I think this will be her first time!”

“That certainly is a possibility, but I don’t believe it!”

“We’ll find out soon enough, I guess!” Robin said with a glint.”If she’s never been with a woman before, she picked the right two!”

I made us a couple of Cosmos to get us motivated. As we sat there enjoying the view from the deck, we couldn’t believe how gorgeous the city was, and what a great time we were having. After about thirty minutes of just ogling the view, we decided we had better start getting ready.

Robin jumped in the shower first, as I got out what I was going to wear. I decided that I’d better wear my la Perla under everything, after all, I didn’t want to reveal everything at dinner. I also got out the red teddy for Robin to wear under her totally sheer blouse.

When she got out of the shower, I said, “Thought you might want this to wear under that blouse!” showing her the lacy teddy.

“You’re right, I’m not quite as bold as I thought I was earlier. I was hoping you’d have something for me. I didn’t even bring a bra!”

I showed her the set I was wearing. She just smiled and said, “That’ll get you laid!”

“That’s the whole purpose!” I added and ran to get in the shower. I lingered for some time, allowing the hot water to soothe my aching calves for all the walking. When I finally got out, Robin was pulling up her new pants. The red teddy shown in it’s entirety under the gossamer blouse. She was absolutely stunning.

I quickly dried myself and began getting ready. I pulled the panties up my legs and tight against my crotch. “Awesome!” I thought, “Nothing feels like La Perla!” I then put on the matching bra. I could feel my nipples stiffen a little more as the silkiness of the fabric rubbed tight against them. I turned to Robin and posed.

“What do you think?” I asked coyly.

“Good enough to eat!” she replied with that look in her eyes.

I went back to dressing and soon had the blouse and jeans on. As I looked in the mirror, I was glad I decided to wear the bra. It definitely made the blouse a little sexier, concealing just enough, but not really leaving much to the imagination.

We both stood in front of the mirror putting a little makeup on. We both opted for the same perfume. Opium, our favorite. Makes us feel a little sexier.

We were ready, and just in time. Julie would be arriving in twenty minutes or so.

We sat down on the deck again to finish our drinks, which I had replenished a bit, and just enjoyed the darkness that was beginning to envelope the city, as the sun went down.

“It’s not the country, but it sure is beautiful!!” I commented to Robin.

“Breathtaking!” was her only reply.

Shortly the doorbell rang. Robin rushed to open it. I guess it was one of her giddy schoolgirl tricks, so that she would be the first to greet Julie. She opened the door for her and as I watched from the deck, I was blown away.

Julie walked in in a stunning “Little Black Dress”. It was just above her knee but it was well below her neckline on top. Her breasts looked spectacular in it. Trying not to be too obvious, I went back to her lower hemline with my eyes, and noticed the seams running up the backs of her calves. Perfectly straight! This girl pays attention to detail.

“Want a Cosmo?” I offered.

“Love one!” Julie responded. “You two look beautiful!”

“As do you, As do you!” I said returning the compliment.

“I hate these damn hose!” she complained, “Impossible to get the damn seams straight!”

“Look straight to me!” Robin remarked. ”

“Probably the only thing in San Francisco that is!” I added, looking for a reaction from Julie.

She blushed a little, but laughed with us at that comment.

We finished our drinks and decided it was time to hit the road to the restaurant. I opened the door for them and they exited just ahead of me. I had to admire the view, and stood there a moment before going out and locking the door behind me.

“Want to walk?” asked Robin.

“I don’t think so, let’s walk to the corner and get a cab.” I replied, knowing my calves would appreciate the ride.

“I can drive us.” Julie said.

“You could get us there, but how would we get back?” Robin quizzed.

“You’re right!” Julie and I both agreed.

We got to the corner in record time, and sure enough, were able to hail a taxi right away. Though it was not that far to the restaurant, It would have been a bitch walking. As the cab pulled into the valet area, a handsome young man opened the door for us.

“Welcome. Are you joining us for dinner or just drinks?” he asked.

“For dinner.” I said.

He escorted us through the door and into one of the sexiest restaurants I’ve been in. The place was buzzing yet very intimate. It appeared it was mostly small groups of friends and couples. A few patrons looked up from their tables as we approached the maitre’de.

He greeted us with a warm smile, “Marsha, you’re table is prepared!”

As we walked through the restaurant, it was almost like being on display. The table, or should I say booth was in a far corner, away from all the traffic. He had seen to my wishes, and there on the table on two of the place settings were pink roses; Along with the La Grande Dame on ice in front of the table.

I slid into the middle seat of the booth and asked the ladies to join me.

“Robin, over here on the right, and Julie on the left, please!”

They slid into their seats and there in front of each setting was a little ceramic place card with our names on them.

“Classy!” Robin whispered softly. “You ordered the Roses, didn’t you?”

I just smiled and said nothing.

The sommelier arrive at the table and removed the bottle from the ice. He cut the foil from around the basket and lay it on the table.

“May I serve you the Grand Lady?” he asked with a wink.

“By all means, do pour!” I said.

He poured just a drop in my glass for approval. Now if you’ve never had La Grande Dame, you’ve never had champagne. I took a sip….Heaven!

I replaced my glass in front of him and he began pouring for my two beautiful friends. When he had filled their glasses, he returned to mine, pouring it full.

“Enjoy, ladies!” he said and departed.

I took my glass and made a toast. “To San Francisco, to the beauty of my companions, and to a night!”

We gently touched our glasses together and all took a very long sip.

This is wonderful!” Julie remarked. “Almost sexy!”

“What do you mean, almost?” Robin asked, making a little fun of her.

Julie blushed a little and said, “This is the best champagne I’ve ever had, and it makes me feel all warm and toasty, you know sexy!”

“That’s what I thought you meant!” Robin said with a note of satisfaction.

We were soon approached by another gentleman bringing menus. As he placed them in our hands he just made one comment. “Ill be back in a little while to tell you about some of the specials we have and answer any questions you might have about our selections.”

Very polite, and obviously not wanting to rush us into anything. Busy place, bustling all over, but I was sure now, orders were given that we were special. Thank you Pris!

“This bubbly really gets me wet!” Robin whispered to me.

“I was hoping I wasn’t the only one affected!” Julie whispered as she obviously overheard Robin’s comment.

Her comment sort of surprised me and was about to blow it off to the alcohol when I felt her hand on my thigh. She didn’t squeeze it or move it up, but it was on my thigh.

I was about to say something to her when the waiter reappeared with a small tray of goodies.

“Compliments of the chef!” he beamed and left without explanation.

The tiny bits of mixed seafood in the pastries was heaven, and we finished them in no time.

He must have been watching from somewhere, because he returned to clear the plates and offered the special selections for the evening.

Though the rib chop sounded delicious, I opted for Scalone(abalone stuffed with scallops)

“I said no meat this weekend, and I’m sticking to it!”

Robin did order the chop, but Julie also had the Scalone.

When the waiter departed I did comment, “Now if he were on the Menu, I’d probably want meat!”

We all laughed loudly, and I could see we agreed on that.

The sommelier returned and poured the remnants of the bottle in to each of our flutes. How can they know exactly how much is left and divide it equally. Anyway, another dead soldier.

Recommendations for dinner?” Robin asked.

“With the chop and Scalone, might I recommend a wonderful north cost Pinot. Tiny boutique vineyard. Very ripe and intense fruit. One of my personal favorites!”

“Please.” I said. “sounds interesting!”

“You won’t be disappointed!” he added.

We just chatted in generalities while we awaited dinner, but I could definitely feel a sexual tension at our cozy little table. I knew Robin must be totally drenched by now, and I was hoping that Julie was the same. I could feel my girls parts began throbbing ever so slightly and wanted to keep that feeling throughout dinner.

As our dinner arrived, we were absolutely dumbstruck. The presentation was magnificent and the aromas beyond description. I understood why Pris came here often.

The sommelier arrived at the same time and had the bottle open in a flash. He had carried three glasses and the bottle in one hand and deftly set them on the table in front of Robin. He poured her a small taste and awaited her approval.

“To die for!” was her comment.

“Splendid!” he mused, pouring us each a third full.

He left quickly and allowed us to savor our wonderful dinner. It was everything Pris had intimated it to be. Not a lot of talking went on, just a lot of what I call ‘Yummy’ sounds emanating from each of us. When we were through, the only thing remaining on a plate was the bone from Robin’s chop.

“Put you foot on it and growl!” I teased.

“Don’t tempt me.!” she replied.

We were nearing the bottom of the Pinot so I asked if anyone wanted dessert.

Two ladies shook their heads simultaneously a definitive no!

The waiter again showed up and cleared the table, allowing us to savor the last of our wine. A very tall gentleman arrived and I knew he had to be the chef.

“Everything to your taste, ladies?” he asked.

“Perfection!” I said, both ladies nodding in agreement.

“Then I shall leave you!” he said turning quickly and disappearing. Not a big talker!

The maitre’de returned and asked, “Everything satisfactory?”

Once again I said, “Perfect!”

He just grinned and said, “It’s been our pleasure having you join us!”

As he turned to leave I asked, “Check?”

He just motioned no check. That darned husband of mine. Set it up with Pris. He’s really a sneak.

“Who picked this up?” Julie asked.

“Marsha’s husband!” Robin spoke first, “He always does things like that!”

“Must be nice!”

Oh, it is!” I said. “Ready to get out of here?”

They each grabbed their roses and place cards. I put mine in my purse, and we headed for the door.As we walked out, we had the valet get us a cab. Robin tipped him and we got in.

“Where to ladies?”the driver asked.

“Home?” I quizzed the girls.

“Bottom of Lombard, we’ll walk from there!” I told him.

Five minutes later he was dropping us off. We got out and began the trek up the hill. The cool air felt great and I was surprised at the number of people still going up and down the hill. I guess they never stop.

We arrived at the house and I unlocked the door. We all stepped inside and I went right to the bar to get a bottle of champagne and three flutes.

“Everyone?” I asked.

They both nodded and I poured us each a glass.

Robin said, “I’m going to get a little more comfortable, be right back!”

“Oh God!” I thought to myself, “She’ll come back naked!”

While she was in the bedroom, Julie finally admitted what Robin had suspected, “I have never been with a woman before, much less two. God, I’m so nervous. We are going to do it, aren’t we?” she stammered.

I was about to pull her to me when Robin reappeared, not naked, but wearing only the red lace teddy.

“I guess that may answer your question!” I laughed.

“Julie giggled and stammered a little again, “Guess it does!”

Rather than exit to the bedroom, I just took off my jeans and blouse right there in the bar and stood in front of them in nothing but my green undies.

“Crotch looks a little damp!” Robin chided.

“It does, doesn’t it?” I said looking down. “What do you think, Julie?”

With a very nervous smile, she slowly unbutton the top of her dress, and, pulling it from her shoulders, let it fall to the floor. Both Robin and I stood there nearly staring at her perfect breasts, nipples jutting skyward and then focused our attention lower to her marvelous tight belly, clad only in a black garter thong and on down her perfectly stocking legs.

Instantly, Robin and I came to our senses and both approached her at once. Julie stood there trembling from both arousal and fear as we Lowered our mouths to her breasts, softly sucking in her nipples; causing her to take a very deep breath and then release a long sigh. I made my way up to her neck and kissed it softly, then proceeded up to her lips, sucking gently on her lower lip all the while Robin was sucking alternately on each nipple. I ran my hand up into her long auburn hair and pulled her mouth tighter against mine. She opened her lips and gingerly pushed her tongue out, finding mine. That was all it took.

She now forcefully inserted her tongue between my lips, probing with the passion and desire, only a woman can show. There was no longer any hesitation on her part, but just the desperate hunger for more.

As I stood there beside her, my tongue and hers entwined, being totally lost in each other, a very loud moan escaped from her lips. I glanced downward and saw that Robin was now on her knees between Julie’s legs with her face burying up into the crotch of her thong.

“Oh God yes!” she moaned as I could hear Robin sucking her crotch.

Now my hands began kneading both of Julie’s breast as I kept my lips glued to hers. Her kissing became more and more violent as Robin worked her magic below. Julies nipples were like marbles between my fingers as she literally began to tongue-fuck my mouth. I allowed her to do as she pleased, letting her experience her first time the way she wanted. One of her hands went to her waist and she pulled Robin’s face tighter into her, forcing Robin snugly up against her crotch. She broke her lip lock on me to verbalize her feelings.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck me, suck my pussy, suck my nasty pussy. God yes, Eat it.” came out of her mouth in one long screaming sentence.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Don’t stop! Pleeesse don’t stop!”

With that, she stuck her tongue back in my mouth and I sucked on it hard as I felt her began to shake in what I can only describe as a tremendous orgasm. Robin kept her face glued to Julie’s crotch until the shaking stopped and Julie nearly collapsed in a relaxed state. Nearly uncontrollable laughter escaped from her mouth for nearly a minute.

“When she was finally able to speak, it was “That, was years of fantasy escaping. Wow!”

Robin and I laughed at that remark. I said, “It’ll get even better. Even better!”

“I don’t think I could handle better than that!” Julie stammered, “It was light’s out!”

“Let’s move to the bed!” Robin suggested, taking both of us by the hand.

By the time we got into the bedroom, Robin had already removed her teddy and began unhooking my bra. Robin pulled me down onto the bed and forced my legs into the air removing my panties. As she let my legs back down, they just seemed to open with a mind of their own.

“You can join in whenever you want!” Robin said as she looked at Julie, who for the moment was still in a post orgasmic haze.

As I lay there, my legs splayed open, and my sex oozing, Robin swung herself over on top of me and knelt over my face. I could see just how wet her vagina was as the shiny pinkness opened up to me. I felt her fingers spread my lips and enter me with a delectable slowness. As soon as she had two of them inside me as far as she could reach, she slowly withdrew them.

“Kinda wet, isn’t she?” I heard her ask Julie. Want to taste her?”

Though I didn’t hear a response, I had to assume Julie opted to go for it as Robin’s fingers left me for several moments of slurping from someone before they found their way back inside me. This procedure was followed multiple times as I was being teased into submission to my desire.

I was still pinned under Robin’s dripping crotch, unable to reach it, though I dried desperately to get my tongue on her. I could see the little droplets of sticky lubrication as they left her vagina and began making a sticky trail down her cleft.

She began to forcefully pump her fingers in me, curling them as she withdrew to my entrance, the sliding them back to my depths. She quickened her pace knowing this would drive me over the edge and into orgasm land.

My view still blocked I could not see what Julie was doing, but I felt she was probably taking it all in, just watching the actions of Robin.

My breath began to quicken and came in deep pants. Robin knew I was nearing the edge. She buried another finger along side the first two and began a rapid tapping on the upper wall, playing a drum on my g-spot. That was it. I moaned loudly as I felt my vaginal walls began their spastic contractions from deep inside. Robin knew I was cumming and opened up into my mouth. The first stream hit the back of my throat in the middle of a moan and began triggering stronger contractions. I was ready for the streams of her hot pee and began swallowing in time to the contractions from deep within me. I realized at that point that my pelvis was clear of the bed and being held up by Robin’s fingers buried in me. I just collapsed back to the bed and her fingers slid out of me.

Robin removed her sex from my face and sat down next to me. When I finally could reacquaint myself to reality she looked down at me and grinned.

“Sorry, too much champagne!” she giggled.

“I looked over at Julie who had what I would call a “Deer in the Headlights” look on her face.

“Yes she did, and yes I did!” I said with a little laugh.

“Oh my God, that was soooo hot!” Julie said nervously” I don’t think I could do that!”

“Nobody said you had to, but Robin would welcome you.”

Robin just lay down on the bed and patted next to her shoulders inviting Julie up. Julie got off the bed and began removing her hose and garter thong. I watched as she deftly unhooked her stocking and peeled them down her luscious legs. As she took her thong off, I saw for the first time her feminine triangle. Her neatly trimmed bush exposed her red and swollen lips. She stepped out of the thong and got back onto the bed. As her legs spread to climb over Robin’s face, I could easily see the hot pink center of her sex, glistening with lubrication. She was definitely ready for more.

She straddled Robin’s head and I got down near Robin’s hips, spreading her legs and nosing between her lips. I began tonguing her slit, all the while keeping my eyes glued upward to the gorgeous view of Julie’s swollen lips just above Robin’s open mouth.

I stopped licking for a moment and spoke softly, “Jill off for me. Jill in her mouth!”

Julie removed one of her hands that she was balancing over Robin with and began to slowly tease her lips. I watched intently as she squeezed her lips together between two fingers and ran them slowly up and down the full length of her slit. Moisture was now seeping out as she slowly “jilled off”. You could tell this was her normal jilling procedure as she looked totally comfortable with it. Robin made no move to reach her hole, but remained under her as she stroked herself.

“Cum for Me. Cum for me Julie. Show me how you cum!”

Her breath now started coming in short gasps as her hand did the magic on her sex. Her fingers moved faster and faster as she started to lose control. I knew she was only moments away.

“Spread you lips! Spread them wide, Julie! Cum for me, cum for Robin! Pee in her mouth! Make her drink you! Pee for me Julie! Pee in Robin’s mouth!” I growled.

That was all it took.

“Oh gawd, Oh gawd, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed, her eyes staring into mine, looking for approval.

From my vantage point I saw her urethra open and a golden stream began pouring into Robin’s mouth. Robin struggled to contain the flow and kept swallowing as Julie emptied herself, the whole time moaning something about cumming and cumming.

The stream finally subsided and then trickle to a stop. Robin swallowed to the post orgasmic laughter that Julie couldn’t help. I had stopped licking Robin while I watched the incredible spectacle in front of me. I had to laugh a little myself as Julie apparently has that vagal reaction to orgasms.

Julie finally had the strength to remove herself from over Robin and had stopped her uncontrolled laughter.

“Jesus!” she mumbled, still laughing a little, ” That was like nothing, I mean nothing I’ve ever felt!”

“Hope you liked it.” Robin laughed a little herself, “You nearly drowned me!”

“Sorry!” Julie stammered a little, “Couldn’t stop. Didn’t think I could do it, but then I couldn’t stop! Besides, Marsha made me do it!”

“Sure, blame me!” I jabbed back, “All my fault!”

“So tell me” Julie asked, “How long have you two been doing this together?”

“Well……, we’ve been friends for over twenty years. Friends with benefits didn’t start until about 5 months ago!” Robin stated.

“I got my cherry busted in Vegas last spring. Got picked up by the waitress in a bar. With my husband!” I added sheepishly.

“Are you kidding?” Julie asked with disbelief.

“Not much to learn when you already have the parts!” Robin chimed in.

“It’s not that we don’t enjoy sex with our husbands, it’s just that we enjoy sex, period!” I added firmly.

“It’s not any better, it’s Just different, maybe a little nastier, if you will.” Robin said with an evil grin.

“So tell me, how did you two get started?”

“I read the story Marsha wrote about her liaison in Vegas. Got me hot! Thought I’d like some, too!” that’s what best friends are for!”

“I’ve always had the hots for Robin. I just never would have acted on it.”

“And your husbands are OK with this?”

“More than OK, they think its great. We even include them in the fun once and a while.” I said with a little pride.

“We come back from these “Girl Trips” with a great attitude!” Robin said giggling again. “They love to hear the details, and know they’ll get laid regularly. What they don’t realize is that they would anyway. We love em!”

“Anyone else in your little circle?” Julie quizzed again.

Only two ladies, Shauna and Kelley. We’re very selective.” I said.

“I guess you just added me to the group!” Julie giggled a little. “Should I feel honored?”

“Horney!” Robin stated. “Horney!”

“Believe me, I am, I am!” Julie giggled again.

“Let’s give her a little show!” I said, pulling Robin down to me.

I turned around and slid my legs up between Robin’s, forming our ‘tribbing’ position. I slowly started to grind my mound against hers, forcing our lips together in a perfect mesh. As I ground against her, soft squishing sounds emanated from our locked vagina’s each time we slightly separated. Julie was watching intently, her fingers slowly stroking her labia. She was still flushed from her orgasm, but obviously still very aroused.

I grabbed Robin’s hands and pulled her tighter against me. I felt like I wanted to pull her sex inside mine. I could feel our juices mixing together and almost dripping down my ass. I was so hot, knowing we were being watched so intently.

“Feel free to join in!” I mumbled to Julie.

She had a look on her face that said, “Where?”

She stopped stroking herself and got on the bed between us. I could feel her breath on my sex as she lowered her head to it and tentatively snaked her tongue from her mouth and touched it to my throbbing clit. I humped forward a little and she sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue dancing over it in time with my humping against Robin. I felt her leave me and move to Robin, her head now resting on my mound as I heard Robin moan as Julie’s mouth found it’s mark. Back and forth she went, never spending too much time with either of us, making sure that we didn’t cum too quickly.We kept our pace up and I let go of Robin’s hands and pulled Julie around on top of me into a sixty-nine, having her kneel doggy style over my face as she continued to lick and suck Robin and I together. I pulled her down onto my face and forced my tongue into her, reaching as deep as I could into her extremely wet vagina. I felt Robin quicken her pace as Julie now had left my clit completely alone and focused on Robin. I withdrew my tongue from Julie and locked my lips over her sopping hole, trying to swallow all her juices as she pressed herself back against me.

“Come in my mouth, come in my mouth, Julie!” I said in a voice I knew was totally garbled, but that she would understand. I felt her tighten up and force herself down hard on me. I was ready to cum, too, and knew that Robin was so close she didn’t need any coaxing.

As I felt Julie’s vagina began contracting against my mouth, I slid a finger deep in her ass and just held it there, feeling the contractions from the other side.

“Oh gawd, Oh gawd, I’m cummmmmmming!” she laughed into Robin’s mound.

Robin ground harder against me and shuddered as she went over the edge. This caused me to quicken my humping against her to bring myself off,too. The room nearly went dark with the strength of my orgasm. My head spun, and I thought I was going to pass out from the magnitude of the waves that hit me from deep inside. It was one of those totally mind-blowing cums.

We all just collapsed in nearly total silence. Only Julie could be heard giggling a little from her meltdown. As we recovered slightly, I pulled apart from Robin and slid from under Julie.

“That was nice!” I said “Naughty, but nice!”

“Drink, anyone?” Robin asked.

“Love one!” Julie said.

With that, Robin got up, and, standing in front of Julie, spread her lips with one hand, grabbed Julie’s head with the other and pulled her mouth tight against her sex.

“Swallow!” she said, as I saw her straining to fill Julie’s mouth with her golden nectar.

I watched as Julie’s throat opened and closed, swallowing Robin’s urine as Robin emptied her bladder.

Julie never spilled a drop. When Robin was finished she just grinned and asked, “Now, how about some champagne, ladies?”

Robin jumped from the bed and went out to get some champagne and glasses, leaving Julie and I alone on the bed.

“Want to ‘trib’?” I asked her.

“What you and Robin were doing?” She asked, sliding her warm sex against mine.

I grabbed her hands and pulled her tightly against me, creating a bond between our sexes and then slowly began rocking against her. She ground back against me, and by the time Robin returned with the champagne, we had a great rhythm going, and were on our way to another climax. I saw Robin open the champagne and pour three glasses, setting them on the table next to the bed.

“Mind if I watch?” she asked, knowing the show was for her benefit.

“Please do!” Julie said slyly, now feeling very comfortable in verbal jousting with us. “Please do!”

We ground our pussies together in a slow sensuous dance, feeling the warmth growing inside, slowly seeping out and lubricating our lips.

“Really hot!” Robin giggled. “Need any help?”

“Soon!” was all Julie said.

As Robin sat there sipping champagne, I could feel her eyes burning into our pelvis’s as we ground them together. Our grinding became more forceful and I knew I was reaching another peak. Julie sensed it too, and we pulled each other tighter together, and, in one last forceful hump, spasmed together in a beautiful orgasm. This time Julie tried to withhold her laughter, but to no avail. As soon as she finished orgasm, the laughter came out. It really gives her away.

Julie got up and stood on the bed, pointing her finger down to her swollen sex. She then gave Robin the curled finger ‘Come here’ sign.

Robin got on the bed with her now empty glass and placed it in front of Julie’s mound. Julie had a slightly startled look on her face that was quickly calmed by Robin spreading open Julie’s lips and pointing to the empty glass.

This I had to see. Robin held the glass firmly in place as Julie gave a forceful squirt into it. Urine trickle from her and into the glass. I watched as it filled slowly to about half full.

“Stop!” Robin demanded.

Julie stooped peeing in the glass and Robin lifted it to her lips, turning it up and downing the golden contents.

“More!” Robin demanded again, returning the glass to Julie’s sex.

Once again she began filling the glass with her hot pee.

“Stop!” Robin once more demanded. Julie once again stopped, now struggling to keep her feet.

This time Robin offered it to me. I lay down on bed again and opened my mouth. Robin poured the heated contents into my gaping mouth and I drank it down in one gulp. Yummy!

Robin brought the glass back up to Julie again. She didn’t have to say anything this time and Julie now finished emptying her bladder into the waiting glass. When the last dribble hit the glass, she pulled Julie down next to her, and handing her the glass, said “Drink!”

Julie tipped the glass up and swallowed her nectar willingly. When she was finished, she put the glass back in Robin’s hand, and giggling a little asked “More?”

I couldn’t resist. I took the glass from Robin and pressed it against my sex, straining to pee into it. I filled the glass about half and pulled it away, offering it to Julie. She took it from me and literally poured it into her mouth with a wanton look in her eyes.

Handing it back to me, I repeated the process, this time offering it to Robin.

Greedily, she took it from me, quaffing it in one gulp. She returned the glass to me. This time it was my turn. First time for everything. I’d never drunk my own, but I couldn’t stop now. Brazenly, I filled the glass, and slowly, bring it to my lips, tried to be as sexy as I could, slowly sipping the urine like it was champagne. All the while, they watched until I finished it, slowly licking the rim of the glass before handing it to Robin.

“Your turn!” I said.

Robin took the glass, and stood in front of us. Julie pulled one of Robin’s lips aside and motioned for me to do the other. Our faces were now right in front of Robin’s hot hole as we watched intently as she began to fill the glass. She was able to fill it about a third of the way, before only a dribble came out.

“That’s it for now, ladies. I’m dry!” she said.

We released our hold on her sex and Julie said, no demanded, “Then it’s yours!”

Dutifully, Robin brought the glass to her face, and in one move, drank herself down.

A little fake applause and we all started laughing.

“How about some champagne, now?” I asked

“That’ll fill us back up!” Julie giggled.

“You know, for never having done anything like this before, you sure learn fast!” Robin chided.

“Great teachers!” Julie replied.

As Robin poured us each a new glass of champagne, I reflected on how hot our ‘Girl’s Weekend’ had been. It got me even wetter than I already was. We toasted our little get together and I began scheming my next move. It was now almost three in the morning, but I sensed that this would be a sleepless night anyway. Good thing our flight was not until late afternoon, so we could at least sober up before we had to leave.

I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I got into my suitcase and got out my leather teddy with the big strap-on cock. As I pulled the teddy up tight into my crotch, I felt a little more power come into me and thought to myself, “These ladies both need a good cock about now!”.

As I walked back into the bedroom I quizzed,”Anybody need to get fucked!”

I looked for Julie’s reaction to my new dress. I knew it looked formidable, black leather and a big pink dong attached. I knew Robin loved it, but didn’t know quite what to expect from Julie. I should have known what her reaction would be.

Her eyes kinda lit up and she got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Perfect. I walked to the edge of the bed and pulled her back toward me. Robin took her position sliding under Julie’s crotch so she could assist. Robin spread Julie’s lips apart, showing a very wet vagina and grabbed the tip of my dong and positioned it at the entrance. I began slowly inserting the eight inch cock into Julie. Robin’s tongue was busy licking Julie’s clit and around her lips as I sank the rubber cock to the hilt. Slowly, I withdrew it, only to slide it back in. gently I began a steady rhythm as I fucked her with it. It was now a total part of me. She began pushing back and moaning loudly as I slowly stroked in and out.

I pulled the cock from her and dropped it in Robin’s appreciative mouth. She sucked and licked all of the copious fluids clinging to it from deep within Julie. After she was certain she had got all she could, she reinserted it in Julie’s now gaping hole. It slid in easily and I began stroking again. I wanted her to beg to cum, so I deliberately took my time. She also didn’t appear to be in any hurry, as her head went down between Robin’s wide-spread legs and began devouring her sex. I could hear all the sloshing and slurping sounds coming from both of them as I slowly stroked in and out of a very wet vagina.

I pulled out again and stuck the tool back in Robin’s mouth, then, letting her only have one suck, put it back in Julie. I repeated this over and over, as Robin whined for more.

I had been slowly stroking in and out of Julie for quite some time, and could feel the tingling in my belly, signaling that another orgasm was approaching. I began squeezing both my breasts almost painfully as I began to quicken my pace into Julie. Robin now had both of her hands busy tweaking Julie’s nipples as she continued to suck her clit. Julie began to buck back against me harder and it became increasingly difficult to maintain control.

I let go of my swollen titties and grabbed her hair. I pulled her back into me hard now, and slammed the cock deep into her in a rapid fire barrage. That was all it took.

“Awwwwrgh………Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd!” she literally screamed. I felt her tunnel tighten up so much that I could not force myself any deeper, nor pull out. Her orgasm sent me over the edge, to, causing deep contractions in my vagina and uterus, nearly making me pass out. I stayed ‘tied’ with her until her vagina relaxed and my rubber cock just sort of fell out into Robin’s waiting mouth.

Robin began jacking the cock into her mouth, slobbering all over it, and trying to take in the whole thing. As I looked down at her, Julie’s gaping hole above her head I felt very powerful. Robin finally stopped sucking my cock and went about cleaning out Julie’s mess. All that stroking had increased her lubrication and turned it into a milky froth, now dripping from her. Robin was gentle in her clean up detail, not wanting to cause Julie to get started all over again too quickly.

She needn’t have worried. Julie was ready almost instantly anyway.

“Clean me up, too!” I demanded, pulling aside the crotch of my teddy. Robin turned her tongue toward me and began swabbing all the discharge from my sopping hole. When she was satisfied it was clean, she began licking the inside crotch of the leather, trying to get all she could of my juices.

Julie pulled her away from my crotch and began kissing her, swapping juices from mouth to mouth, in an effort to taste everyone.

“”Mind if I fuck Robin?” Julie asked evilly.

I didn’t answer, but merely took off the teddy for her to put on. She squeezed into it easily and I soon had it laced up for her.

“What do you think?” she quizzed.

“I think I want you to fuck me!” Robin growled.

“I’ll help” I added. “What can I do?”

“Same as Robin did! Keep the tool cleaned off!” Julie sneered.

Julie had lost all of her shyness, and was totally into her new found pleasures. As I slid in under Robin, I could see that she was more than ready for Julie. I grabbed the shaft of the rubber cock and placed it at Robin’s gaping opening. Julie wasted no time in plunging the cock deep into Robin. Robin immediately pushed back into her as Julie began a rhythmic pumping into her. Julie withdrew and grabbed the cock, directing it into my mouth.

“Taste her cum, clean me off, slut!” she growled, then giggled a little. “I can’t believe I said that!” she half apologized, pulling the cock from my mouth and driving it back into Robin. I began furiously flicking my tongue across Robin’s over-sensitive clit, causing her to buck back harder against the pounding Julie was giving her.

Again Julie pulled out and jammed her cock back in my mouth. This time only allowing me a taste before ramming back into Robin. Robin was nearly howling now, as Julie teased her by only stoking once, then pulling back out and into my mouth. Each time that cock entered my mouth it was covered with Robin. Vagina’s have a tendency to get rather messy when they’re being drilled by a big cock.

I savored every stringy glop of her goo as I liked and sucked Julie’s cock as it entered my mouth. Julie was really getting off on this.

“Puleeeze, fuck me hard!” Robin wailed. Julie pulled the cock back away from me and stuck it back in Robin. She forcefully pistoned her until I thought Robin was going to split.

A huge groan escaped Robin’s lips, “Jesus, oh God I’m gonna cum. Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Make me cum on your cock!” she screamed and went rigid.

She shook uncontrollably as Julie held the cock deep within her, allowing Robin’s vagina to spasm around it. I’m not sure Julie could have pulled out of her if she had wanted to.

When Robin stopped shaking from her orgasm, Julie slowly slid the cock from her and got up on the bed and moved to Robin’s face. I could see Robin’s juices coating and actually dripping from the end of the cock. That is, right up until it disappeared into her mouth. She gently sucked all the juices off; and, when Julie was satisfied it was clean, allowed the cock to fall from her mouth.

Julie pulled aside the crotch of the teddy and pointed to the upturned inside that had been pressed firmly against her open hole.

“Clean that, please!” she whispered nastily. You wouldn’t want to put it on looking like this!”

Robin began to tongue the slimy crotch of the teddy with the knowledge she would soon be putting it on. When she had finished cleaning it, Julie slid two fingers into herself, then, withdrawing them, stuck them in Robin’s mouth.

Dutifully Robin sucked them clean and begged for more. Julie now began alternately sliding her fingers in her dripping vagina and then sticking them in Robin’s pleading mouth. Within a minute, Julie pulled Robin’s head tightly against her sex as she furiously diddled herself and screamed, “Drink!”

Julie then proceeded to have another massive orgasm as she peed in Robin’s tightly attached lips.

“I’m cummmmmming! Oh gawd, I’m cuuuummmming! Drink me, oh yes, drink me……….!”

I watched as Robin continued to swallow the whole time Julie spasmed against her face laughing uncontrollably. I knew Robin was drinking more that just vaginal fluid. When Julie finally pulled back from Robin, she had that sheepish grin on her face.

“Had to cum! Needed to Pee! Did both!” she giggled.

We all laughed at that remark.

Julie stripped out of the teddy, handed it to Robin and asked, “Clean enough for you?”

Robin got up off the bed and began pulling it on. “Right now it is!” she snickered.

As Julie laced it up for her, I got up on all fours to prepare for my little ‘doggy style’ poking. My butt was over the edge of the bed, and Robin got in behind me. Julie slid under me so that she could assist in any way she could. Robin wrapped her arms tightly around my waist and began humping at me wildly, missing the mark.

I blushed knowing what she was thinking as Julie grabbed the cock and impaled me with it.

Robin began stroking rapidly in and out with short staccato jabs and then allowed the cock to fall out into Julie’s mouth. Julie sucked it and put it back in my leaking hole. Robin went back to her wildly staccato jabs and soon I was absolutely howling with pleasure.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder!” I screamed. Robin didn’t comply, but merely went about the same teasing we had performed earlier, swapping holes from pussy to mouth with that rubber cock. This went on for what seemed like an eternity when Robin finally stuck it back in my totally sopping vagina. Sloshing sounds were coming from my nether region like a leaking pump. My vagina was so lubricated that it seemed to effortlessly piston in and out of me.

Something I had never done before happened. I grabbed the cock as it withdrew from me a placed it a little higher. I felt the big head touch my puckered ass and knew I was going to try it.

“Fuck my ass, Robin! Fuck my ass!” I moaned.

She slowly began pushing forward, causing my sphincter to stretch a little. There was a sharp jab as my puckered little butt hole opened to allow her access. Then it was done! I felt the cock sliding in me. All I felt was the warm feeling of being filled.

“OK?” she asked.

“Fuck me!” was my reply.

Robin began stroking slowly into my ass as Julie latched on to my clit and began sucking feverishly on it. The waves of pleasure rippled through me as Robin forcefully began stroking in and out of me. She never allowed the cock to slip totally from my ass, but only allowed the bulbous head to reach my sphincter. As I was off in la la land wondering why I had never done this before, I thought.”Now I know why Carl likes me to fuck him like this.”

Back to reality now, as Robin is hammering away on my virgin butt. I can feel a tightness beginning deep within me as I know I can’t hold out much longer.

“Suck me Julie! Suck my nasty pussy! Drink my cum!” I screamed as I came in her mouth, Robin’s cock buried deep in my ass. I spasmed over and over again, each stronger than the first. I was not going to stop cumming. It was like someone had put an electrical charge in me. When I finally subsided a little, Julies mouth still attached to my clit, I pulled her off a bit and repositioned her mouth over my hole.

She locked her lips over my labia and began sucking my entire mound into her mouth Meanwhile, robin still has that wonderful cock buried in my ass, and now I’m going to try to pee.

“Suck me! Drink my pee, Julie! Drink my pee!” I vaguely remember yelling as I began unloading into her throat. I could feel the increased suction each time she swallowed more of my golden urine down her throat. When I finally finished, she release her lock on my gaping hole, and, sliding out from under me, grinned.

“That was totally awesome!” she giggled.

“You don’t know the half of it!” I said with a note of exhaustion in my voice.

Robin slowly withdrew from my butt. There was just a slight degree of discomfort as the head popped out, but the pleasure was worth a little pain. Seems that sometimes there is not a lot of difference between the two.

I looked over at the clock and saw it was nearly six.

“Let’s clean up and go get breakfast!” I suggested.

We all jumped in the shower together and were soon ready to go.

“I’ll drive to breakfast, then I’ll take you to the airport!” Julie offered.

“Sounds great,!” Robin said as she through the last of her stuff in her suitcase.

I took the nasty teddy back into the bathroom and cleaned it all up, and brought it back out to the girls.

“Want to keep it here?” I asked Julie.

“She grinned a little and said, “It’s just what every girl needs!”

We all laughed and headed for the door.

“Good bye, Miss P’s! It’s been a gas!” Robin exclaimed as I closed the door.

“Thank you San Francisco!” I added.

We had breakfast at a little bistro that opened at eight and stayed there until it was time for us to get to the airport. Robin gave me that little wink that she does when she is up to something. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave her the go ahead sign.

“Want to go to Mexico for a week in January? It’s a ‘Girl’s Trip’. Two bedrooms, two baths, beach, and just the girls. Please say you’ll come!”

Julie just smiled and said, “You couldn’t keep me away!”

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