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What Happened to Honour?

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He had been head hunted by all the major players in the computing world where he had excelled; he was already head and shoulders above any computer expert and was only getting better.

He had left college and started his own one man band, he had decided after 3 or 4 months that his future as a major player lay in spy ware, mal ware, anti virus software, and system protection for computer works.

He was thankfully for his country, a stalwart supporter, a patriot, and would never ever engage in something that could hurt it.

Thus Canning Industries was born and after less than a year firms from all over the world was knocking at his door with offers to buy him out, to get his brain power for their own ends, he refused every offer hands down.

He had and was developing new software protection that was turning into viable challengers and the opposing companies were not too happy about the competition, and were now trying to oust him by suing for malpractice and the like, unfair practices, all sorts of tricks to quell his growing world wide reputation.

He had in the past contacted certain government officials to tell them he was going invade their sterile systems and let them know he had compromised them, this got there attention, because they had believed they were safe from any cyber attack.

They were more than astonished at his level of infiltration, but he never crossed the line, he was a patriot and he wanted his country and its firms to be safe, he was expensive, but he got the job done, he began employing people and gradually built his small but truly high end company, he was asked to the capital to explain things, he was questioned by government officials and military people, all sorts of civil servants were there, if that is what they really were he thought to himself, but all went well, he was on his way, he began to personalise systems for various low level departments that were tested to the fullest.

He was on his way to his first million!

As his business grew so did his reputation, he began to employ selected people, all men too, but they had to achieve more than exacting standards and levels of expertise, many fell by the wayside, and he ended up with 20 of the countries brightest and cleverest of computer literate people there was.

And he kept them because he paid about 3 or 4 more times than anyone else, and the perks were there too.

His system was his own, no one knew how to operate it, all had a part of it, but only he had the whole.

He operated now out of a large tower building where he owned the 4 top floors, the top one was his own office and apartment that housed everything he needed, including the main frame computer that was linked secretly to the main frame computer everyone on the next 3 floors below believed was the only one, this way he controlled everything, there was nothing anyone could do or write that he didn’t know about, he read every thing including private mails and work that his employees did.

He often let most of it go as it was nonsense, but he had an iron grip on his employees and some were summarily sacked on the spot when confronted wrong doings they thought they were safe with.

And now 12 years on at the young age of 33, this led him to continue with his other passion that his power and position allowed him, he was a good looking man in an ordinary way, powerfully naturally built, a natural charm, silky but powerful voice that commanded attention the moment he spoke, but it was his sexual prowess that made him the man he was, he just oozed sexual musk to women, they understood him for what he was, a real man, a danger, bad, an alpha male in the truest of senses, the rare sexual all conquering warrior they had always dreamed of.

He knew how to seduce just about any woman he met, and once they had had his cock in them it was no contest ever again.

His prick was what he knew to be the ultimate sexual organ, it was well mushroomed on top of an 8″ rod that thickened from its base of about 1 and ½” to 2 and ½” in the middle, back to 1 and ½” below the stiff ridged head, it was gently curved upward, and when erect could and did reach places most women had never experienced but wanted to experience again and again.

He was a sexual predator, and was at this moment in time fucking 4 of his employee’s wives, several of his client’s wives, and various wives of odd contacts, including some of the daughters of the mature people, if they were beautiful enough.

He nearly always fucked wives, it had to be that way, the thrill of the chase, the danger, the conquest, the submission and the acceptance that once he got his prick into any woman they would always return for more when summoned.

Today he was at his office managers home, his wife was of probably Mexican descent, her hair was black and silky, her skin was smooth and swarthy, she was face down over her sofa and he was up her arse, holding her by the wrists, driving in and out of her, she was moaning in arousal, his cock doing the damage that she would never be able to repair in the terms of her marriage, she loved him, his cock and anything he wanted to do to her.

He made her cum and he shot a load of his potent cream into her bowels.

He knew he had children, he just didn’t know who they were, they were all being brought up by mothers and their unwitting fathers, this didn’t bother him in the least, he just loved fucking women full stop.

He grabbed the woman forcefully and gently by her hair and forced his cum stained and brown stained cock into her willing mouth and ordered her to clean him up, she did so with enthusiasm.

Now looking at the photo, he was working out how he could get to fuck her too; she was definitely more than worthy of his attention.

In the frame was a head shot of her, her hair was brown, tightly curled and longish, her eyes were almond shaped and startlingly green, there were what appeared to be natural blonde highlights captured by the camera flash, high cheek bones, her nose was small and rounded, her lips were heart shaped and made to be kissed, and to suck cock, his cock!.

It was her skin colour that captured his imagination; she looked almost biracial, lightly but softly brown.

In with the head shot tucked into one corner was a full height shot with her husband, he knew him to be over 6ft, and she almost levelled with him, but she had on heels so he guessed her to be about 5ft 9″ maybe even 5ft 10″, and built with it!

Magnificent breasts that were full even though her dress covered them, the dress was short; she was narrow waisted and long legged.

As he gazed at the photo he had to have her, but the question was how?

He normally insisted on meeting his new employee’s wives so he could assess them for potential seduction, but he hadn’t met her yet as she was away for a funeral on the day of her husbands 2nd interview.

It was another 2 months before the opportunity fell to him, and it was her husband who presented it, the fool.

Canning had told his manager to find him a part time secretary, and in the process the husband had heard of the possibility of employment for his wife, who as it turned out had a business degree in administration.

The manager called her for interview along with 5 others; it was to be a part time job to start with, Canning went through the motions and gave her the job.

He made it clear that she would have to work odd hours, she didn’t have children so that wasn’t a problem, he called her husband and told him the news but would he have any objections to his wife working some mornings, afternoons or some evenings, or even weekends, with trips away on occasions?

He readily agreed as his wife had told him she wanted this position if it was offered.

As Canning’s office was on the top of his 4 floors she would be isolated from the rest of the office and the only access was the elevator to and from the floors that was solely controlled by him, and by a secure fire escape.

By the end of the first week he was already well into her knickers, although she wasn’t aware of it, he was subtly getting to know her and her ways, what she liked, what she didn’t etc.

He engaged her in general conversation, and found out they were waiting to start a family, Canning asked what protection they used, she readily answered that they used a Dutch cap to ensure no pregnancies accidentally happened.

She was 22 her name was Nicola, and he was enthralled by her beauty, she was as sexy as hell, she was of a quiet disposition and demure in her ways, but he was patient, he still went out of office, she thought work related, but he was out fucking his young employee’s wives.

Then after 3 weeks he dropped the bomb, he told her confidentially that he was reviewing his staff with a view to bringing in new people and letting some present ones go, and that her husband would probably be one of them, he was good at his job, in fact he was probably his best employee, but made a few mistakes, he lied to her.

This brought the tears he hoped for, the shock, the horror that they would lose lots of money if he had to work else where, he for his part Canning was sorry about it, but business is business he told her, he was sure there could be a solution found to this impending disaster if she cared to look for one, this was said with a knowing gleam in his eye and half smile on his lips as he looked into her soft doe eyes as he said it.

Canning told her she had to keep it quiet because if he got to know she had talked, she would go as well.

Nicola spent her lunch time pondering the consequences of her husband losing his job, they had over stretched their mortgage and spent lots on credit cards that were now maxed, and if he was dismissed they would lose everything.

She had picked up on Mr Canning’s words and nuances and knew that if she did what he hadn’t actually said there would be no going back; her marriage vows would be worthless, but she loved the life they were leading, how could she say no, or plead for clemency?

Nicola went to him that afternoon it had finally dawned on her that she and her husband’s future was in Mr Canning’s hands, she wasn’t stupid, it was going to be his way which meant sexual conquest, or the highway!

He wanted her of that she was certain now, and she said to herself if I do this, then it must be for the sake of my very life and my husband and my future children.

She knocked timidly on his door and entered; she stepped to his big desk, and asked if she could talk with him.

Canning said. ‘Of course Nicola, sit down please.’ He indicated the chair.

‘Sir, I have to ask you what I can do to avoid my husbands dismissal, I know you are a kind man, and I am asking you sir what can I do?’

‘I will do anything you say to secure our future here at the company sir.’

‘Well now Nicola that’s a very interesting offer, what did you have in mind?’ he asked her.

He wasn’t making it easy she thought, he wanted her to put herself into the impossible position of offering herself without him saying a word.

She stood up and walked as sexily as she could and a seductive smile playing on her lips and stood in front of him.

He smiled at her in return, spun his chair towards her and spread his feet.

‘Sir,’ she murmured, ‘may I do something nice for you?’ as she looked down at his crotch.

‘I’m sure you could Nicola, I’m sure you could do something wonderful for me if you tried.’

Dropping slowly to her knees between his legs she slid her hands up his legs and stroked his already growing erection.

Just you wait he thought slyly to himself, as soon as you get that in your pussy there will be no regrets at all.

He lay back as she undid his belt, the button and pulled down the zip, fishing inside she soon found what her trembling fingers were searching for.

It surprised her somewhat as well as a little confusion, she had never felt a cock like this, it was harder than she knew of, it felt different in its shape, and as her hand ran to its end the spread of the ridge was like a door stop.

Her intrigue got the better of her and she hurriedly pulled it out, her eyes took it in immediately scanning it in one knowing female glance, it was, as he knew the ultimate organ for women, ‘Oh my God,’ she said to herself, ‘what a cock this is!’

She looked up at him to see the knowing smile on his face that she would get used to seeing, but she would never get used to his cock.

‘Kiss it Nicola, lick it, and suck it,’ he ordered gently.

She obeyed, already her mind was in conflict with her emotions, she was being forced to do this she told herself for the sake of her husband and her own future, but her mouth wasn’t being forced over his beautiful prick, it was already there on it sucking already as hard as she could.

The nuclear cloud shaped cock head was as if it had been manufactured to fit her mouth, it was as if it and her mouth had been machine made to fit the other, and she instinctively knew that it would fit her pussy just as well, she was in trouble!

Her hands had gone unknowingly up his legs and to his balls, trying to milk the cum she knew was waiting for her in there, and did she want it? Oh God did she want it!

His hands were in her soft hair; encouraging her to suck harder, this is fantastic he said to himself, what a cock sucker, the best ever, ‘Nicola I have waited and waited for this blowjob all my life and finally I have found you baby,’ he told her.

She beamed unreasonably with pride, she couldn’t help it, it spurred her on to greater heights and he came right into her willing mouth, she pulled back a little and took it all down gratefully.

She was still sucking gently on his cock when she felt and heard the zip in her dress being led down her back, she stiffened at first then carried on, it was at the point of her zip falling that she realised that yes she was being coerced, but she also knew now with unerring certainty that this cock had a place to be and that place was her pussy.

She stood up and shook of her dress, unclipped her bra, and practically ripped off her own skimpy thong, she was naked now, the soft glow of her sand coloured skin entranced him, she was built and made for him and him alone to fuck, how he wished he had met her before her husband found her, he leaned forward and lost the rest of his clothes as he kissed her belly too, this excited her immensely, her legs were trembling, her husband had never excited her like this, but the thought saddened her too, she was completely and utterly aroused now beyond redemption.

She looked at his cock expecting it to have diminished because of her blow job, she was feverously desperate now to be fucked, her happy delight at seeing it still at full erectness made her dive on him, try to get it into her now steaming pussy.

He held her of, making her wait, he pushed himself and her up and gained his feet, he walked out of his office to his stupendous inner sanctum; he stopped adjacent to a bathroom, and put her down.

‘Go in there and remove the cap, I am fucking you bareback or not at all,’ he told her.

‘But I might get pregnant?’ she said.

‘That’s the idea Nicola, I want you to have my baby, your baby, our baby, it’s time I was a father and I want you to be the mother of my child, now do it!’ he ordered her.

It was one of those defining moments in someone’s life, is it yes or no?

She pondered for all of 10 seconds and went into the bathroom and removed the protection, her future was being sealed.

When she came out he smiled at her, picked her up in his strong arms and carried her into a bedroom that you play football in, with 90 degree panoramic views.

She didn’t see them at first she was too busy kissing his face and neck, his lips, and mewling in submissive arousal, all she could think of right now was his cock and where she fervently needed and wanted it., no past lover not even her husband had driven her to heights such as this, she was almost delirious with it, her primal instincts were now in command, she wanted to be bred, rutted and fucked by this man and this man alone, no one else would ever do again!

He lowered her onto his bed and climbed over her, he was sure now of her capitulation to him, she was his and he would prove it to her later, he had to admit to himself that he had never been taken with a woman quite like this, she actually turned him on just by being her young beautiful self, she was now freely giving him exactly what he wanted, her lithe body seemed to float on the bed around him, she was everything he looked for in a woman, but wasn’t aware of it, he wanted to satisfy her in a way he hadn’t satisfied a woman.

He took great pride in giving every woman he had ever fucked total satisfaction even before he had gained his own, that is what kept them coming back for more, they knew he would leave them sated completely, even if he was rough with them sometimes, some women liked to be humiliated, hurt even, slapped etc, he had them all under wraps.

He raised his body over hers and plunged into to her waiting longing aching pussy, it took more than her breath away, it seemed like her life as she knew it was over.

As his fabulous cock worked it’s magic, she came and came and came, never had this happened to her, she felt like feinting but willed herself not to because she didn’t want to miss any of the crazy things her body was feeling as his cock drove into and out of her pussy, the head of his cock was treating the walls of her pussy like a chimney sweep sweeps a chimney, it scraped and cleaned her pipes totally.

He went on and on, her orgasms were overwhelming her, their lips were constantly feeding off each others, she knew she was falling off the edge of the planet when he came in her, she felt his cum blast its way into her open and defenceless womb, and then she feinted.

She didn’t regain conscientious, she awoke from a wonderful dream where she was in life’s heaven, she was turned into him, her head on his shoulder, not moving she raised her eyes to look at him, and he was looking at her, smiling.

Nicola hugged herself to him and cuddled in tight.

‘Was that good for you Nicola my baby?’ he asked.

‘Oh my God sir, what did you do to me, how did you know about me, how do you know this, what am I to do?’

‘What are you to do Nicola?’ he said brightly, ‘is, you are to get on your knees right now so I can do you like that again honey, up you get!’ he said as he swatted her arse.

She did as told, but she felt ever so weak and weary, but he got behind her and 1.5 seconds after hammering his curving prick up her unknowingly wanton pussy she was moaning in submission and total arousal, ‘Oh my God sir, please don’t, oh yes sir please do, do me harder, oh please sir don’t stop, Oh God sir I’m cumming!’ she yelled into the pillow fastened by the vice like grip of her teeth.

30 seconds after she had cum, he did, he filled her full with his hot cream, her body took over and sucked it all into her womb, it wanted his baby, even if she was unsure of it yet, although she hadn’t had time really to think about it, that would come later.

This time even he wanted to rest, he pulled her close, when they had got their breath back, he told her her life was going to change in a big way and to get ready for it.

‘What do you mean Mr Canning?’ she said.

He rolled his body over hers, got between her legs, pushed his forearms under her shoulders and gripped her wrists in one hand.

‘Who do you belong to Nicola? He asked.

‘Sir I am married you remember?’

‘I am well aware of that, you have a husband but now who do you belong to?’

‘I’m not sure I can answer that right now sir,’ she said.

He drove his prick into her and fucked her helplessly senseless, her multiple orgasms took her over, ‘Sir,’ she pleaded, ‘I belong to you sir, completely!’

‘Sure?’ he roared at her.

‘Yes sir, yes, I belong to you I promise.’

He used his fee arm and picked up a remote control and pointed it at a TV screen on a wall, and pressing a few buttons, the camera zoomed in on a close up of her husband.

‘Now tell me again Nicola, who do you belong to?’

She looked at the screen for a long moment, turned her beautiful face to him and said.

‘You sir, I belong to you and I always will sir, I am yours,’ she said evenly even though her breath and voice was fractious.

‘That’s what I wanted to hear Nicola; I have plans for you and your husband.’

‘Plans sir what plans?’

‘I am opening an office across the country and your husband will run it while you stay behind to be with me.’ He told her.

He made love to her again keeping her off balance, so that all she could think of was him and his wonderful prick, and it worked.

She complained when he finally pulled it out, she wanted to keep it in her for as long as possible.

But even he was exhausted now, he looked at his watch and told her to go home, but to make sure she refitted the cap; he said her husband could make love to her when ever he wanted for what good it would do him or her now, sure of his capture of Nicola, ‘but the cap has to be in, clear? He said.

‘The baby you are going to have is going to be mine and mine alone honey okay?’

‘Yes sir, it will be yours only.’ She conceded.

‘You can call me John from now on Nicola except in company okay honey?’ he squeezed her tightly to him; ‘this is going to be your one true love Nicola,’ he told her with all the charm he had, and he stunned himself by the admission, because he meant it.

She smiled at him and said ‘yes John, I think you are right darling,’ She looked into his eyes with her own sparkling bright green ones, and kissed him before she left.

What surprised him more was he felt he did mean what he had said, he looked at her beautiful 22 year old form as she left, his cock twitched!

She went back to her home, her husband was there, he wanted to make love because he was going to be promoted, she laughed and said, ‘yes I know, I work for the boss you know?’

‘You already knew?’ he asked.

‘Of course I did silly, I know lots and lots of things you don’t know,’ she said secretly with a knowing laugh on her lips, and a thrill in her pussy.

She let him take her to bed where he did his best, and she pretended it was good, but it wasn’t, she was glad when it was over, later that night with her husband snoring softly beside her, she thought of John Canning and his wonderful cock, she couldn’t stop her hand from finding her pussy and clit, she came forcefully just thinking of his beautiful cock buried in her.

She did cry after because she knew her marriage as she had known it was over, she had been taken away from him but there was nothing she could have done to prevent it.

3 weeks later she told John Canning that she had missed her period, she swore it was his, and not her husbands, ‘but what does the future hold for me now,’ she begged.

‘The choice is yours Nicola, your husband leaves next week, you can leave him for me or go your own way, I want you baby, and I want our baby too,’ he told her.

‘That means divorce John, what about my husband and his future?’

‘I promise you Nicola, he is going to be top dog here in 2 years, but that will depend on him accepting the fact that you will be mine?’

‘Please tell me you mean that John, promise me, and I will move in here tomorrow,’ she whispered into his neck.

‘I mean it baby, you will have more children with me that is another promise.’

‘Okay then from now on I am yours, but you will marry me John Canning and don’t think you won’t!’ she laughed.

He bent her over his sofa, lubricated her sphincter and proceeded to fuck her arse for the first time, she was stunned by the sexuality, the sensuality and the mind bending orgasm he gave her, how could he fuck me at the drop of a hat she said to herself, again she was flooded with his sperm, her bowels felt like they would pop!

The following afternoon she moved in and left her husband, she never told him why, or who if there was a who, she had left him for, the following week her soon to be ex husband left for his new post.

That very day John Canning was fucking the life out of the Mayor’s wife, he had her held down and was beating her as he fucked her, she was begging for mercy, but he knew she loved it, her body was black and blue when he finished, his cum was in her belly, he told her he wanted a child and she had better conceive or else!

‘I will John I promise,’ she bleated between racking sobs.

He checked his mental diary when he left and called the wife of his security officer and arranged to meet her at his permanent suite at the best hotel in town for a day long session in 2 days time, she was a black woman, small but voluptuous, and loved John Canning.

That night John and his soon to be wife would make love like it was the first time, he had fallen in love with her that was for sure, but he knew he could never give up fucking other women.

He already had his eye on Nicola’s husband’s replacement’s wife, she was a stunning blonde and he was imagining her and Nicola together in bed having fun, but he would be there too!

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