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My Sister Elaine

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My sister Elaine came to the US from Hong Kong about 4 years ago. She’s actually my half sister from my dad’s first marriage. She’s much older than me, but at 36, she looks about 22. She’s tiny, standing at 5′, weighing about 95lbs or so. Her long black hair makes her appear much younger, and like many Asian women, her fine skin shows no sign of aging, and you can barely see the wrinkles around her eyes. Her body is quite well-proportioned for her tiny frame.

I know this because I’ve peeped through our bathroom keyhole many times to see her come out of the shower, still dripping wet and gloriously naked. Her small tits are perky, which is pretty amazing. Her pussy has a few strands of hair. Her body, even at her age, looks like a pubescent teenager.

There’s been many nights when I watched her come out of the shower, and went straight to my room to jerk off. I felt guilty every time I did this, but as a 17-year-old with uncontrollable hormones, that guilty feeling was overpowered by my need to ejaculate. And since she was the only female occupant in the house, I had no one else to satisfy my curiosity.

She went through a couple of relationships in Hong Kong, both of them left her sad and lonely. That’s why she decided to come to the US to live with my father and I. She worked at my dad’s business as a secretary, taking care of the paperwork and accounting. My dad’s business partner, Don, had his eyes fixed on my sister. He’s a big white guy in his late-40’s. He’s quite big, standing at 6’1″, pretty muscular and weighs in at almost 200 lb. He was always cool to me, buying me alcohol and taking me to parties that my dad would disapprove. So whenever he asked me about my sister I thought nothing of telling him what I knew, mostly about what she did with her free time and whether she was involved in a relationship.

“Hey kid, your sister’s one sexy woman.” he’d always tell me. I didn’t know how to respond to him so I just mostly kept quiet. But in my mind the image of her coming out of the shower and drying herself off would appear and I would get a raging hard-on.

Whenever I visit the office, which was often because it was my summer vacation and I had nothing better to do, I would see Don trying to start a conversation with Elaine. She would respond politely but never engage in anything personal. Don was nonetheless persistent, and Elaine would brush her off with a smile and walked away as she went on with her business.

Like I said before, Don often took me to parties that my dad couldn’t possibly find out. There were always plenty of alcohol and drugs. Everything was fresh to me and those parties were a blast. Women in their late 20’s and early 30’s would come and flirt with me hard. One time this lady even gave me a hand job, but I was so stoned I don’t remember much of what happened except that I shot all over her blouse, which did not impress her at all.

So it was to my great surprise and disappointment when Don came to me one day to have a “man-to-man” talk with me.

“Son, you know i shouldn’t be taking you to those parties anymore. If your dad finds out then I’m in deep shit. Besides, you’re too young to be living that kind of lifestyle…”

“Yeah, right. Get that high and mighty crap outta here, Don.” I said as I gave him a little punch on his shoulder.

“Yeah, alright, alright. But I’m serious, I’m not taking you to parties anymore unless you help me with something…”

“What is it? Is it serious? It sure sounds kinda serious.” I thought to myself, what a bummer if Don didn’t take me to those parties anymore. What the hell would I do with my long summer vacation? Peep at my sister in the shower and jerk off?

“Well, this is kinda awkward, but…hm, how should I put this…You promise not to tell anyone that I asked you to do this?”

“Sure.” I trusted Don. But more importantly I wanted to keep partying with the older crowd.

“Well, I’ve been wanting to get to know your sister for some time now, but I haven’t any luck so far. She’s all business at work and, you know, being your dad’s business partner pretty much keeps her private life out of my reach.”

I knew where he was going with it, but I was interested in hearing more from him before I promised him anything.

“So I thought you can help me out with setting me up with her, you know, like some sort of date or maybe something more…” he halted mid-sentence, checking me out to see how I would react to his proposal.

It was the “something more” bit that raised my curiosity. I knew Don had the hots for my sister, but I wanted to know about what exactly he had in mind.

“So Don, what are you proposing?”

“Well, it’s really hard for me to get close to your sister outside of work, and there are very few excuses for me to come to your house to talk with your dad because we do business at the office. So, why don’t you ask me to come over on Saturday afternoon to fix your car with you, and then just leave the rest to me.”

“That’s easy enough. You just want to come hang out at my place. That’s no problem.”

“Well, there might be a little more, kid.”

“What’s that?”

“To tell you the truth, I just want to fuck your sister’s brains out…”

I was shocked to hear Don being so straight up with me. Whoa. This guy wants to do my older sister!!! Now I really didn’t know how to respond to that. On one hand, no way was I going to help this guy jump my sister. I mean, i like Don and all, but what about my sister’s honor and all that? How can a brother to that to his own sister? But on the other hand, that guilty feeling from peeping through the bathroom keyhole crept back up again and knocked me off my high horse. And the thought of seeing my sister getting her tiny Asian pussy penetrated by a big guy like Don actually excited me. So I was dealing with this dilemma with a raging hard-on. Oh, the teenage hormones, it worked me.

“…a man can only hold back so much until he explodes…you know what I’m saying?” Don apparently went on for a while, but I only caught the first and last sentence of what he said.

“OK, man. OK. But you promise me not to hurt her or anything, right?” I said to Don.

Don’s eyes lit up with excitement. It’s the same crazy look he has when he was on coke, all excited and wiry, almost frothing at the mouth. I wasn’t sure now whether this was such a good idea or not. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure I knew Don as well as I’d thought. But it’s too late. I said OK. I kept telling myself that Don was a cool guy and all he wanted was a piece of tail. My sister’s, no less, and that he wouldn’t hurt her.

“Great. That’s great little buddy.” Don said, almost crushing my arm with his grip.

“Alright, so you come over around noon this Saturday. I’ll be fixing my car, and I think my dad’s gone golfing with his other business friends…”

“I know, that’s why I asked you about Saturday.” Don said with a huge grin. “And I will bring some good shit for you, straight from my private stash.” Don knew I liked the skunk weed, and that was a huge weak spot for me.

“OK, then. But remember, don’t do anything to hurt her OK? She’s my sister.”

“Of course not. I’ll take good care of her.” Don assured me.


On Saturday morning, I woke up to the smell of breakfast. Elaine had been up and cooking, like she did every weekend morning. Dad had already left for his day at the golf course. I put on my sweat pants and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Said Elaine in Chinese, as we use our native language in our house.

I grunted, not being fully awake. Elaine was in still in her night gown, which showed off her girlish figure quite nicely. I’ve seen it all before so it was nothing new. But what was new was that in a little while Don was probably going to be on top of her, doing as he wished with this 36-year-old Asian body.

“Don’s coming over to help me with my car today.” I said.

“Oh, OK. Is your car OK?”

“Yeah, just maintenance.” I said, all the while thinking about what might be about to happen. “What are you up to today?”

“Not much, just going to stay in and read some books. Probably take a nap. Work’s been really busy and I just want to relax.”

“I see.”

I finished breakfast and went to the garage to begin working on my car. Don had always been punctual, and today was no exception, of course. He arrived right at noon and came half running to the garage.

“Hey man what’s up?” Don said cheerfully, and threw me a huge sandwich bag full of weed. I was impressed with it.

“Thanks.” I said.

“So where’s your sister?”

“She’s in the house. Why don’t you come in for some coffee?” I asked.

“Perfect. Enjoy the weed, it’s top grade.”

I feel like such a loser now. But at the time, as long as I had my weed and my partying, it was all good.

Don came into the house behind me and we went to the kitchen. Elaine was cleaning up when we walked in, still wearing her night gown. Don’s eyes popped out of his head, and could barely contain his excitement. Aside from Elaine’s curves, I think Don had a little something else that made him hyper. Elaine was a little embarrassed by Don’s presence while she was still in her night gown. She seemed uneasy with Don’s intense stare at her body, but was calm enough to have small talks with Don, and offered him some coffee and toast.

I was feeling a little weird with this whole thing. But I thought what the hell, Elaine could probably use a good lay as I imagined it’s been a LONG time since her last; and Don would get that out of his system and I got my weeds. Everyone wins.

So on it went for a few minutes. I went back to the garage, leaving Don and Elaine alone in the kitchen, which I thought made Elaine even more uneasy.

I began working on my car, and once in a while I would take out a pinch of weed to smoke out. I was nice and high, the music going. This was a good Saturday so far.

Half and hour had past and no sight of Don. So I went around the back, which is a bit of a short cut to our kitchen area, to see what the hell he was up to.

I looked through the window and all I saw was Don, still sipping his coffee, and Elaine chatting away happily with him, all the while drinking a glass of orange juice. This was a bit odd since I’ve never seen Elaine chat with Don so comfortably. It had always been straight up business. Besides, Elaine was still in her fairly revealing night gown, now draped loosely over her tight little body. She was leaning against the counter, showing more of her legs as the night gown hiked higher up to her thighs. Don was talking and listening, but would steal glances at her tits and legs, and I swear I could see a bulge in his pants. And suddenly I realized what was happening. Don had slipped Elaine a pill or two!!! How else could you explain her easiness in talking with her father’s business partner while still wearing her night gown! Oh damn. My sister, a 5′ little Asian woman, is gonna get fucked by Don, the 200lb. 6’1″ white guy who, from what I’ve heard from the ladies at the parties, has a huge prick to boot. And it’s all because of me! I felt guilty but at the same time super excited, as I have imagined having my cock in my sister little cunt hole as well. At the thought of this, I ran to my room and grabbed my digital camcorder, hoping to capture the event.

When I came back to the kitchen window, I saw Don inching closer to Elaine, and she in turn was back-peddling. Don towered over my sister as he came closer and closer to her, all the while exchanging words I could not hear. I began taping this strange but exciting episode. Finally Elaine backed into the fridge and had no where to go, and that’s when Don grabbed her by the arms and pulled her in. I could see Elaine struggling a bit, trying to get free. But she was no match for Don. He easily took her in and begin forcing himself on her. I felt confused, wanting to stop Don but at the same time my cock was rock hard, wanting to witness this fantasy come true.

Don sloppily kissed her cheeks and lips, all the while hungrily grabbing her ass under the night gown. She was powerless against Don, and more so now because she was on some sort of drug Don had slipped her. Don became more aggressive and tore off the top of her night gown, revealing her tiny but perky bare tits. There was a look of shock on her face, as she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Don had his hands around her ass, picked her up and carried her to the living room, while Elaine futilely struggle to get free. I went on taping as the couple went out of the kitchen and out of my sight, and then I quietly came in through the kitchen door and followed them. Hiding behind the kitchen counter, I got the full view of the action in the living room. Don now had Elaine pinned on the sofa while he sucked her tits, and his hand all over her thighs and ass. Elaine continued to struggle weakly, “Stop it! Don’t. uhhh…please stop…” Her pleading only made Don hotter. With one swift swipe he tore off her panties, revealing her soft pink pussy. He then rubbed his hand all over her pussy, and all Elaine could do now was to plead quietly tried to pull his hand away.

“Come on, sweetie, you know I’m gonna give you a good time. Just wait” Don said.

“Please stop. Why are you doing this?”

“Because you are one hot bitch that I just have to fuck you.”

With this Don sat on top of Elaine with his crotch on her belly, pinning her torso and arms to the sofa. He took off he shirt and unzipped his pants. When he pulled down his boxers, Elaine had in front of her face a 10-inch raging hard-on. It looked especially enormous in contrast to her small body, and for a few seconds Elaine was stunt by the sheer size of Don’t penis.

“That’s right, honey. You’re gonna get all of this…” Don rubbed his cock all over Elaine’s face. She tried to turn away but couldn’t keep from looking at this huge cock that was about to invade her mouth. “Open up, here comes Johnny…” With this Don began to stuff his cock in Elaine’s mouth. She kept turning at first, refusing to let it into her mouth. But she knew it was useless to resist, so she opened up and took in the tip of Don’s enormous cock.

I was recording this scene…My dad’s business partner, sitting on top of my older sister Elaine and stuffing her mouth with his giant prick. What was I thinking? I had the best angle, a three-quarter view of the couple’s action.

Don then got in to the missionary position, and with his hands around Elaine’s head, holding his torso up with his head and feet, he began fucking my sister’s mouth. The first few inches of Don’s cock disappeared into Elaine’s mouth, but after a minute or so more than half of the giant shaft is going in and out of Elaine’s tiny mouth. She was taking in it, with eyes wide open and looking up at this muscular white man raping her mouth, wondering what else is going to happen to her. After two disappointing relationships in Hong Kong, this was the kind of treatment she was getting from an American male?

Don was now going at a steady pace, and my sister was just laying on the sofa, motionless except for her mouth and cheeks, invaded by a foreign cock. Pretty soon Don’s muscles began to contract as his movement became tighter and faster, a sure sign of things to cum. He let out a loud moan as he jerked and began to shoot his load into my poor sister’s mouth. The first shot caught Elaine by surprise. She choked but nothing came out. as Don continued to stuff his cock in her mouth and unloading his seeds, the stream of white cum began to flow out of Elaine’s mouth. For a brief second she could not breathe, nor could she push Don’s cock away to catch her breath because his palms are wrapped around the back of her head. Once Don finished cumming in my sister’s mouth, he let go and Elaine turned to her side, spat out his cum and took in a deep breath. I could see tears coming out of her eyes, I’m not sure if it was from the cum or from the mouth rape she had just experienced, but probably both.

She stayed laying on the sofa for a brief moment, breathing heavily. Don sat up and looked at his rape victim and smiled: “Now for the main course.”

He was not done! Shit. I didn’t want him to hurt her, and obviously she did not enjoy what Don had just done to her. But I couldn’t say anything now because not only did I allow it to happen, I actually taped it. All I could do now was to hope that Don would treat her a little gentler.

“What do you mean main course?” Elaine asked indignantly, wiping cum from her mouth.

Without saying a word Don pushed her over and grabbed her by the legs. He pulled her legs up high and began to suck on her pussy.

“Aaaaahhh…” Elaine moaned, as she did earlier in the kitchen. At this point, that was all she could muster. She had already been molested by Don, so this, she was probably hoping, would be the end of it. Don continued to suck and lick her tiny little Asian pussy hungrily. “What a soft pussy you have Elaine. My oh my, and you don’t have much hair either, it’s like licking a teenage girl.” He kept on sucking as Elaine put her hands over her face in shame.

Don then slid himself up on top of her, again pinning her. “And now, I’m going to give you my pleasure.” Elaine’s eyes went wide as she realized what is about to happen to her. She was going to get raped by Don’s 10-inch cock!

Don’s cock was hard again, and began to aim for Elaine’s tiny pussy. Elaine managed somehow to pull herself up into a sitting position, but Don’t left hand got a hold of her around her neck, and his right hand lifted her left leg up high. Don held her down against the sofa’s arm rest with one hand, and the other held onto his shaft, getting ready to penetrate Elaine’s tiny pussy.

With one smooth move Don aimed and penetrated Elaine’s vagina. It could not go in very far at first as the tip was way too large for Elaine’s barely moist opening.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…” screamed Elaine with her eyes closed tightly.

“Oooooooohhhhh, my fuckin’ god. Damn, you got the tightest pussy Elaine. Ooooooh, damn….” Don continued to push his shaft into my sister’s pussy. I zoomed in on this amazing view, as Don’s giant cock violated Elaine’s sex.

Don began to pound Elaine hard, her small frame got rocked every time he thrusted forward, barreling his entire 10-inches into her tight cunt. Don was obsessed. He had been wanting to do this for quite some time, and now he had her where he wanted her. At the office she was always brushing him off. On this day, Don had ejaculated into Elaine’s mouth, and was now giving her the fuck of her life. He was pounding away, savoring every moment. From where I was sitting my camcorder took in the whole view — his cock going in and out of my older sister’s now swollen pussy, fast and furious, and absolutely taking the breath out of her. I could hear Elaine moaning, with mixture of pain and, to my surprise, a certain degree of pleasure. Don’s hand around her neck made movement impossible for Elaine. She was like a little rag doll held up against the sofa and pounded by a 200lb. gorilla. When her eyes were not shut tight, grimacing from the heavy pounding, she was actually looking at Don, and at his giant cock destroying her decent pussy. Somehow I got the feeling that at that point she was starting to enjoy the rough sex. She has always been real prim and proper. Now my dad’s business partner was treating her like a little two-bit whore, half choking her and mercilessly fucking her pussy.

The pounding went on for a long time, and by now, when I zoomed back in to get a good view of Elaine’s cunt, it was bright red and swollen from the assault. Don had already came in Elaine’s mouth, so this time around he was able to last a lot longer. This pounding went on for about 30 minutes, during which Elaine arched her back a few times and came hard. Don kept a steady rhythm, jamming his cock in and out of my sister’s now moist pussy. She didn’t say a word, just lie there and let Don did whatever he wanted with her.

Then Don turned her around so that her stomach was laying on the sofa’s armrest, with her ass in the air for his taking.

He quickly and roughly stuffed his cock back into Elaine’s pussy and continued the merciless pounding. Elaine’s moan grew louder, as Don’s cock went deep into her. She was drenched, covered with sweat, both from her own and Don’s dripping on her. Her hair was wild and wet, covering half her pretty face. Her nails dug deep into the sofa’s fabric, trying to hang on and survive the assault from behind. Don just kept going and going. His eyes were wild, full of lust. His physique dominated the tiny backside of my older sister. She was in a submissive position, his hands on the back of her neck and shoulder, holding her down as he glided balls deep into her cunt. She screamed, then with a long “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” punctuated her climax. Once again, Don’s movement became tighter and much faster, and in a couple of seconds he unload another wave of cum deep into my sister’s pussy. This caused Elaine to cum once again as she made a very weak but deep noise from her throat. Don just kept on cumming into her pussy, as he jerked and contorted for at least 10 seconds.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!” Don collapsed on top of the backside of Elaine, both exhausted now, and lie limply on the sofa. I could see the white cum dripping from Elaine’s pussy as Don took her cock out. There was so much of it that it covered the back side of her thighs.

Finally, I thought, it was over. My older sister actually enjoyed being raped by Don, although not at first. Don sat back on the sofa, completely spent from his workout, and also completely amazed by what had just happened. Elaine sat back on the sofa next to him, and to my surprise put her head on Don’s shoulder and cuddled. Don put his arm around her and said: “That was incredible. I’m sorry if i was rough on you. But I couldn’t help it, you’re so beautiful, and I just had to…”

“it’s alright.” said Elaine, cutting him off. “I’ve never had sex like that before, and I’ve never had such orgasms…” she said, blushing like a little girl. “We better get dressed before my brother comes back into the house” Little did she know…

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it, sweetie.”

My god, my sister fell in love with the man who had just raped her for more than an hour, and I have all of it on tape. I promptly went to the bathroom and jacked off, twice.

So this story does have a happy ending. Six months after this little episode Elaine and Don got engaged, and they’re now fucking whenever they have any spare time.

As a wedding present, I gave them the videotape.

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