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What a Day!

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One day I bring you home to my place and introduce you to my friend Liz. She has just showered and still has a little water dripping off her hair and down her chest and into her gown. We sit down on the couch and chat for a bit while Liz goes and gets ready in the bathroom. While she is in the bathroom, I tell you all about the day me and Liz had together.

In the morning she came to my house and dropped off her gear and we went into the local mall to do a little shopping. While we were in there we bumped into Liz’s friend from work. His name was Matt and he was a very nice looking guy with big muscled arms. We all decide to go and see a movie together while we were there.

The movie we picked was an old one and when we walked into the theatre there was only about 5 other people in there, all sitting around the middle. We went up to the back seats and started watching. I sat on one side of Matt while Liz sat on the other. Half way through I figured why there was no one in the theatre, it was crap! So I reached down and started rubbing my clit through my panties.

A minute later, Matt looked down and realized exactly what I was doing (maybe it was when I started moaning) he leaned over and whispered something to Liz. Liz leaned forward and looked at me with a big grin on her face. She got off her seat and came over to me, lifting my skirt up very quickly and she knelt down on the floor. She instantly put her face in between my legs and started licking me through my g-string.

This got me all excited so I reached down and moved my panties to one side. I looked over at Matt and I don’t know if he was excited or shocked at seeing his workmate going down on another girl like this. I notice the growing bulge in his pants and guess its all excitement now! I put my legs up on the seat in front and slouch in my seat so Liz can get a better angle with her tongue in my pussy and I push her head right into my crotch, Feels soo good I can’t help moaning just a bit.

I reach down to Matt’s crotch and start rubbing his cock through his pants, then undo his zip and boxers to let his cock free. I rub his cock up and down but just can’t concentrate as Liz licks me harder and faster. I build up until I’m nearly about to cum in her mouth then she rams 2 of her fingers into my cunt, sending me over the edge with pleasure. Liz licks all my cum up and sucks her fingers dry while she looks at Matt with a slutty look on her face.

He is now wanking furiously and he pleads Liz to suck on his cock. She moves over to him and grabs his dick, she licks his balls and moves all the way up his shaft just teasing. She puts her lips around the top of his knob and slowly starts moving down, just until she has his knob in her mouth. She then takes it out and whispers to him, “you’ll have to wait for later sorry!!”

He pleads with her but she just gets up and sits back in her seat.

We decide that the movie isn’t worth waiting for so we leave before it ends. We tell Matt that if he wants to finish what we started then he can come back to my place with us and he agrees without even having to think about it.

We get back to my house and before we know it Matt is trying to seduce Liz as soon as we get through the door. We tell him it’s not that easy and if he really wants to fuck us then we will have to tie him up. Of course being as horny as he was he agrees and I go and get my ropes out from the bedroom. We decide to tie him on the living room floor so that we can watch him in case he tries to move.

We take his clothes off one at a time as well as kissing his body, he is already rock hard again before we even get to his pants. We take off his pants and tie his feet up, then we both start to lick his cock up and down just slowly. Liz gets up and takes her panties off while she’s standing over him, letting them drop onto his face and letting him see her beautiful pussy. She bends over him, spreading her legs but not getting close enough for him to touch or lick her slit. I keep sucking his dick, starting to get the hang of it, until I feel him start to fuck my face. I think he might be about to cum so I stop and just leave him there. Me and Liz leave the room and he can’t believe it.

5 minutes later we have to come and tie Liz’s panties in his mouth to stop him from moaning at us. About half an hour goes by and me and Liz are sitting on the couch with Matt still tied up on the floor, we keep flashing him our pussys and occasionally Liz would go down and lick his shaft, just to keep him interested. We decide to give him a proper show so I go and get one of my dildos and a small vibrator. We move down onto the floor next to Matt so he can see everything that we do but still can’t touch us.

We undress each other slowly kissing very hard. We take off our shirts and kiss and suck on each others breasts, I take off Liz’s skirt and remember she has no panties on so I quickly start licking her slit up and down, first shoving my tongue as far as I can into her hole, and then moving up to her clit. I take the vibrator and use it on her clit while I shove my fingers into her, it doesn’t take long and she starts shivering and bucking into my fingers. I keep rubbing her g-spot with my fingers until she starts gushing her juices all over them, I lick up as much of her juices as I can as they run down onto her arsehole and onto the floor. I take my fingers from her and lick her pussy clean, sucking all the juices from my fingers to.

Liz pulls me on top of her and kisses me hard, licking her own juice off my face. We look over at Matt’s rock hard cock and decide that we should take care of him now. I untie Matt’s mouth and take Liz’s panties out of it, he starts to say something but I quickly shove my pussy in his face hard so he has to lick me. Liz goes down to his cock and starts sucking it, properly this time. I look behind me to watch her suck it and I see that she takes it right down to his balls, I never thought she would be good at that, being such a small girl. She sucks him up and down and I can see that she’s also rubbing her pussy against his leg, horny little girl!

It’s not long until I hear Matt start to moan and I turn around to see Liz’s cheeks fill up as he starts to cum into her mouth, it must have been all that teasing that made him cum so quickly! Liz takes it all in, and the couple drops that she doesn’t she makes sure she licks them up. I stand up and Liz tells me that he won’t be good for anything now but she really wants to see me with that dildo inside me. Of course I will not disagree with that so I move over to lean up against the couch on my knees with my pussy facing Liz.

She come up behind me and licks my pussy from my clit all the way up to the top of my arsehole, stopping quickly at all the right places. She licks me and then takes her finger and puts it inside me. She grabs the dildo with her other hand and forces it into Matt’s mouth just to lube it up a bit, She takes it and puts it against my pussy, slowly putting a little pressure on it so it goes inside me so slowly. I can’t take this so I start bucking back against it, making her put it all inside me. I keep bucking against it so Liz can see it going in and out of me, getting shinier as I get wetter. My boobs are hanging down and every time I move backwards and forwards my hard nipples rub against the leather.

Liz keeps fucking me in and out but with her other hand she starts stroking Matt’s cock, getting him hard again. She tells me that he’s ready to go and takes the dildo out of me, quickly getting her tongue in my loose cunt to taste me. I move over and get on top of Matt, Liz guides his cock inside me and I start to ride him. Liz kneels over his face, making him lick her while she faces me and we start to kiss each other.

I ride Matt’s cock faster and faster, rubbing my clit on his crotch while his cock was right inside me. I feel myself start to go over the edge and start to really scream with pleasure. All I can feel is my pussy clenching around this big cock, pure ecstasy. I finally come down from such a great high and Liz kisses me, whispering to me, “that looked so great, could I have a turn now?” I hopped off Matt’s cock and Liz started to suck my juices off it while she was in the 69 position.

I made her hop on his cock the other way so that I could play with her clit while she rode it. She started riding it up and down, god it looked so good going in and out of her tight pussy. I grabbed the vibrator and held it against her clit while she was riding him. It wasn’t long at all before she started moaning hard and I could see she was about to cum. She tensed up and closed her eyes and sat on his cock as deep as it could go. She looked like she was going to faint she was so worn out so she told me that I would have to finish him off.

I quickly ran into my room and got the lube, came back out and Liz’s eyes lit up, I told her to rub this on my arsehole, while I sucked Matt’s dick, I told her to make sure it was nice and lubed and ready for a cock. She didn’t waste any time, licking my hole and getting two of her fingers in there, I hadn’t had anything in my arsehole for a while so it was a little tight. I moved up to Matt’s face and whispered to him in my dirtiest voice, ” U wanna fuck my tight arsehole?” He kind of muttered yes please but by that time I was already lowering myself onto him.

Liz guided his cock to my arse and I slowly sat on it, we needed a little more lube but I managed to slowly get it all inside me. I rode it slowly at first but then got into a rhythm nice and fast, up and down. While I rode his cock, Liz whispered dirty talk into his ear, I fucked him good and proper, until he started to moan and groan louder and louder. I kept going, faster, faster. God that felt so good with such a cock so far up my tight little hole. While I rode his dick I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and shoving my fingers in my pussy. I rode him and rubbed my clit until I was so built up with pleasure that I made Liz come around to my pussy to lick all of my cum up when I started to burst. She did, and when I came I started to squirt my juice all over her face. She said shed never seen so much cum before but it just felt so good. While I was cuming I must of been clenching my arse around Matt’s cock because he was almost ready to cum again, Liz told me to hop off, I thought she was just going to wank him off but when before I knew it she had his whole cock right down her throat again. He cummed in her mouth again and again she licked it all up.

When she had finished I told her that I didn’t know she was such a dirty girl but she said she just loves the taste of cum in her mouth, she can’t get enough!

I finish telling you this just as she comes out of the bathroom, you look at her differently now that you have heard what I have just told you. And especially now that she is all dressed up. I can tell you just want to get her out of her clothes then and there but we have to wait and see what happens later on in the night!

Liz comes around and sits down next to us. She has brown hair coming down past her shoulders and a cute face that always looks gorgeous no matter what. She is in a dress, with her boobs pressed up, revealing some nice cleavage. She is quite short but her dress doesn’t go down far past her arse, but it is tight, so we can see her curvy hips and waist.

I have on a top which straps around my neck, my boobs being held up by just that, so you can see my hard nipples when we are out in the cold. I have a skirt on which is not tight, but very light material which could easily blow up if there is any wind. I have decided to risk it and leave my panties in the drawer. Maybe I can show my pussy off to people while we are out and about.

I’m very impressed by what you are wearing. You have a top which covers you up but the bra you have on holds up your big boobs just perfectly, making them look even bigger than I have ever realised, and you have a small denim skirt. I haven’t seen yet but I bet you have no underwear underneath that little skirt.

We decide that we should get going and call a cab to pick us up. The cab comes and we all jump in, I tell him exactly where we are going, and you sound impressed when I tell you that it is a small members only club that I have only been to a couple of times myself. Liz smiles when she finds out you have not been the before and tells you that your in for a bit of a surprise!

We get to the club and hop out of the cab and go inside. Inside is just like a normal club, it has a bar and a couple of couches and is fairly quiet since it is early in the night. There are two girls already in the club, they are very exposed in what they have decided to wear. We all get a drink from the bar and start having a dance, by this time we have all had 3 or 4 glasses of wine which is definitely helping us get a little raunchy with each other already!

Half an hour goes by and we have had another couple of drinks each, the club is starting to fill up a bit and you start to realise that it is almost all girls that are in there. All the girls that are dancing around us are really starting to dance dirty with each other as well. Liz starts to dance with another girl grinding her arse into this other girl. You face me and ask me if this is an all girls club, I tell you it sure is, and it sometimes gets really raunchy!

This makes you quite horny and I can tell you start to dance dirtier with me, while I see you eyeing up other girls as well. I press you up against me grabbing your arse, then I pull your skirt up, revealing your arse cheeks to everyone and spank you. From this we get two girls come over to us and start to dance with us. One starts to kiss me and I can see the other ones hand in between your legs, feeling your smooth pussy. I look over to Liz and see that she is already on one of the couches with another girl, feeling each others boobs and kissing hard.

By this time you can see alot of other girls getting raunchy which just makes you so much hornier. I see you bend over against the wall so that your dancing friend can tongue your slit. She does this just for a little bit, until another girl comes up and wants to taste you. She licks your clit, and plays with it with her tongue, she licks up your pussy and shoves her tongue into your pussy deep as it will go. I keep watching, knowing that I will be tasting your sweet juices later on, although the sight of you like that makes me so wet.

I take your hand and we find Liz, she has her head in-between another girls legs, but we manage to get her attention. We all decide that we will find one girl each and take them back to my place for a night of pleasure. I go and I find a blonde girl named Leanne, she is very tall with great legs. I manage to seduce her enough into coming back with us. When we find you again, you are dancing in between two other girls getting grinded from both directions. Turns out that they are friends and we decide to let them both come back with us.

We find Liz with the same girl she was with before, she tells me that this girl really knows how to lick pussy and there’s no way that she’s leaving the club without her. We call a couple of cabs and all head back to my house. It is now around 2am and we are all feeling really quite drunk. We get home and I manage to get inside ok, I go into the kitchen to get some more wine and pour everyone a glass.

Before I can even finish pouring the wine, Leanne comes into the kitchen and kisses the back of my neck. She tells me that everyone is already enjoying themselves enough without more wine and we should go and join them. I turn and start to kiss her, reaching down to clench her tight arse cheeks as well. I hop up on the bench and she goes straight to my pussy, licking and sucking it like she hadn’t tasted a girls juices in years. I spread my legs wider as she slides her fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot with those long tender fingers. I close my eyes and think about what you would be doing with the other girls in the lounge so I tell Leanne that we must go and see. Although first she demands that we strip naked so that we can see each others great bodies!

We walk from the kitchen and in the lounge, all I see is beautiful girls with their legs spread and their tongues inside each other! I see you with your tight arse high in the air, I look down and realise that it’s Liz that has her fingers in your pussy pumping you in and out. I go into my bedroom and bring out my box full of all my favourite toys, everyone stops and comes to look at what there is in there. I make sure I grab my favourite dildo out first and I take you aside, kissing you down your body and laying you down on your back with your legs wide, exposing that tasty pussy of your to me.

I start to lick your clit, playing with it with my tongue. I play with it until you shudder every time my tongue flicks your little bud. I bring my head back and spit on your pussy, even though it is already so nice and wet. I look at you as I put the dildo into my mouth, making it nice and wet so it can slide into your hole nice and easily. I press it against you hole and press it in, not wasting any time. I slide it into you until only the base is sticking out and you moan with great pleasure. I bring it out of your cunt and put it back in my mouth sucking your juices from it. Then I slide it in you again in one go, this time only taking it half out and back in again. I start pumping you like this, faster and faster until your moaning gets heavier. You start to play with your clit while I pump you and you grab your boobs, You rub your clit and I pump you and pump you until your back starts to rise from the ground and your moaning goes into more of a scream of pleasure, I can feel your pussy tighten around the plastic dick as you start orgasming so hard, your juices gushing out of you, I try to taste all your juices but you just keep flowing. You finally stop gushing out of your pussy and I take the dildo out of you, licking all your juice off it.

I feel something touching my pussy and turn around to realise that its the girl Liz brought home trying to get her tongue into my cunt. I spread my legs wider and then Liz comes up next to me and asks me if I had finished with you as you just lay there on the ground. I tell her she can take you if she likes, as long as she gives you a good time! She tastes your pussy, a bit of juice still on your thighs from your huge orgasm gets cleaned up by her ravaging tongue. She tells you to turn over and lay on your stomach so you do. By now I am almost nearing orgasm because this girl really is great at licking pussy just like Liz said!

When you turn over Liz gets straight to work on your tight little arsehole, tonguing it and teasing it with one of her fingers. There is still some of your cum which had ran down onto your arsehole, which she uses to lube your hole as she shoves one of her fingers in you. You start to moan again but she takes her finger from you and spanks your arse, which makes you yelp as you weren’t expecting it. She slaps your arse again and again, making your arse red where she has slapped it. She brings you up to your knees where she can get a better angle to tongue and fuck your arsehole. She tongues you again, then this time she gets two fingers into your hole. She takes them out and spits on your hole, lubing it up even more. Then she takes the dildo and starts to slowly put it into you.

Leanne comes over and sees what’s going on and decides to slide underneath you, so that she can lick your pussy while Liz fucks your arse with the dildo. Liz gets the whole dildo into you when Leanne starts licking your clit. Liz takes the dildo from you and sucks all of your arse juices from it, while lubing it up some more. Now she has it sliding freely in and out of your hole so much that she can really start to pump you good. I am there watching you getting fucked and licked at the same time with a girls behind me licking my slit so well. All this finally puts me over the edge and I let out a scream with pleasure. I start to gush all over this girls face, covering her with my cum.

When I open my eyes, I see Leanne now has two fingers right inside your pussy playing with your g-spot, while you get fucked so hard from behind. I see you pushing back against her fingers and the dildo inside you and then I see you start to cum again. Your arse clenches so hard that Liz cannot even move the dildo and Liz takes her fingers out of you and starts rubbing your clit furiously. You gush, your juices flowing all over Leanne’s pretty face but she loves it. She opens her mouth wide so she can taste your juice as you just cant stop. She keeps rubbing your clit so fast it just keeps you gushing all over her. Liz looks at me in amazement and tells me she thought that my orgasm was big earlier on but that’s nothing compared to this!

You finally stop cumming and just collapse on top of Leanne, so exhausted. Liz takes the dildo from your arsehole and licks it dry. Then she kisses and licks all of your juice from Leanne’s face and mouth, licking your pussy clean while she’s there. After a few minutes you gather the strength to hop up off Leanne and sit up on the couch…

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