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Wet, Spent, and Wanting

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I got a call from my friend, Tara, to go to a party across campus. I almost didn’t go – it was a Friday night, I was tired, and I was feeling really down for no real reason. But she got me up for it by coming over and bouncing on my bed until I agreed to go…and out we were!

The party was at this little house in the college section of town, with people who went to another school.

It was a giant old three story house, but it looked liked like most of the houses around there, like it had been abused by years of loud music and horny college students getting drunk and doing all the silly, fun, and even destructive things that period of freedom allows you to do.

I didn’t know anyone there, really, so I clung close to Tara as we got more and more intoxicated. We leveled off at a nice buzz, screaming old TV theme songs and dancing like goofy, drunk little white girls. We were having a lot of fun, and I was grateful she’d gotten me out of my funk.

These two guys came up to us and started dancing with us from behind, their hard cocks pressing into our asses as we grinded against them. Tara and I decided to give them a little show – she’s about 5’5″, blonde, a slim, tight body with amazing little tits – and we started making out while rubbing our asses into the boys. They held us tighter against them as our tongues drunkenly explored each other, coming apart every little bit to make out with the boys, too. Eventually, we got off the dance floor after making out and groping with each of our boys – mine was about 6 feet or so, skinny, with shoulder-length shaggy hair, and what felt like a nice cock that had been pressing against me. Tara’s was taller, with shorter hair and a nice patch of stubble, built without being a muscleman.

They brought us to a little room on the second floor, which only had beige carpet and a maroon couch in it…apparently a lounge. The boys and we stripped, clumsily, taking off each other’s clothes and touching and fondling and stroking each other, trying to touch each other’s sweaty bodies all over. Our clothes were in a pile in the corner. The boys were very different – mine was slim and smooth, and confident in stature, with slim shoulders and a very nice cock dangling in-between his legs. He had a feminine face, with full lips and a pointed chin, his hair light brownish red. Tara’s was taller, and thicker, on the verge between being muscular and a little bit chubby, but very cute, and far more nervous than his friend. His cock was smaller, and hidden by a thick patch of hair – he was hairy all over, but more manly than disgusting. He looked like a poet, dark, curly brown hair and a near-beard, with sharp, angular features. Tara was petite and oozed sex, shaved bare, her small tits with large, brown nipples poking out like beacons, with tanned skin. I was pale, but curvy, my breasts the first place the boys looked, my nipples poking out at them as well. I was proud of that, that everyone in the room was lusting after me, even as I was nervous about how suddenly this all happened.

My boy laid me down on the floor and started fingering me, my wet pussy inviting in three fingers immediately as I kissed him, passionately, wanting to fuck this boy so much after he touched me, my worries flying out of my head as I felt his skin on mine. I had been nervous…now I just wanted to be fucked.

Tara was on her knees, giving her boy a blowjob while she fingered herself. My boy plunged a fourth finger into me, my legs spread wide for him. He took his hand out and smeared my juice all over my neck and tits, licking it off. When his mouth was on my nipple, my hand pressing his head to my tit, I looked over and saw Tara working her boy’s cock in and out of her mouth, and I reached for my boy’s meat, wanting to give back to him as he’d given to me.

Then, the door opened…these two girls came in, kissing, and then looked up at us, shocked. I have no idea how far gone they were, because we started hiding ourselves, but they just shut the door, sat on the couch, and kept kissing. They were both brunette, and plain, but hotter when they were kissing each other. They made out, Tara went back to resuscitating her boy’s cock, and I stuck my hand down to stroke my boy…and what a boy, Mistress. Long, thick, hot and purplish red, dripping precome. He kissed over to my ear, and said, “I wanna see you two make out with them, baby.” I was nervous, as we were already about to have sex with two boys we didn’t know, but for the cock that I wanted in me, I knew I could be pushed to do even more.

I held his cock in my hand and squeezed it, asking if he really wanted that – and he sucked a nipple into his mouth, nodding. I went and got Tara, licking that cock like a slut, and whispered to her what my boy wanted. She pulled off of her boy’s cock, kissing the head, and went over to the couch with me. Her boy look disappointed until his friend told him what we were going to do, and then he was grinning like an idiot.

We went over to the couch, and kneeled in front of the girls, who at this point only had on their bras and panties. We stripped them, and kissed them, it turning into a four-girl kissfest, our foreheads touching as we kissed around the circle, tongues and lips mixing indiscriminately. At that point, I stopped thinking, and just started feeling – whatever came to mind, I wanted to do it. It wasn’t about giving back, about trading orgasm for orgasm or making sure I was doing it the right way…it was about touching everything and having everything touch me.

Both girls were about Tara’s height. One was flat-chested, the other with breasts slightly smaller than mine, full and heavy. The girl who picked me was the flat-chested one – she had unremarkable features and thin lips, and she was skinny, but with nice, sensuous hips and sharp nipples. Her pussy was hairy and thick, darker than her hair but not by much. The rest of her was smooth, and in my lust, she seemed like the sexiest cunt in the world to me. The other girl had much larger breasts, but they were droopy, her nipples almost invisible against her skin. She was trimmed, but not shaved, with a round ass and thick legs.

The girls pushed us onto the floor, each of them straddling one of us. Our legs intertwined, and we made out again, starting to finger each other. The room was silent except for our lips smacking together and the wet, sloshy sound of four girls fingering each other. The boys came over, mine by me and Tara’s by her, and as our girls moved to our nipples, so did our boys. I had a girl on my right nipple, a boy on my left one. I was nearly out of my mind with pleasure, just wanting everyone to pile on me, but too caught up in the moment to ask. They sucked, bit, and almost mauled my nipples, sexily, lifting my breasts and letting them fall, licking my breasts like their lives depended on it. They moved, the girl’s pussy over my face and his large, purplish-red cock drooling near my wet, gaping entrance…I looked over and saw Tara and the other girl in a 69, her boy sitting on the couch, seemingly spent. She later told me that he came almost immediately when she and the other girl started sucking him, spurting, and then he was done for the night.

My girl lowered her cunt onto my face…just in time for me to scream into it as my boy plunged his hard, hot cock right into my cunt in one motion. I grabbed her ass so hard my fingernails left marks, sucking on her clit just so I would stop yelling. Having that cock in me made me hungry, so hungry that I ate out that pussy like a dying woman. I plunged my tongue in, and licked everywhere, *hard*. I was over her clit like a little vibrator, and she came in my mouth, her juices falling on my face…then, she started grinding harder and harder into me. The alcohol that had been the taste in my mouth was being quickly replaced by something far better to get drunk on, a nice, hot cunt.

However, what was going on in my pussy was so good that my pussy-eating was on autopilot. My boy was pistoning in and out of me, slamming his long cock into my wet, dripping slit, fingering my clit at the same time (a boy who knows that you can add more pleasure just by fingering that little spot…far too rare). I came around his cock shortly after my girl did on my face the first time…and we weren’t done. I’d eaten her out to the point where she was oversensitive, and she climbed off of me and clambered over to the couch. Tara and her girl crawled over to me, smiling, and Tara kissed me, tasting like hot, sweet pussy. The other girl kissed me, too, tasting like Tara’s pussy, and I asked Tara to give me a better taste, breathing hard, through gasps. She swung her leg over my face, and her messy, well-fucked pussy ground into my face, her hips moving sexily. I came again, harder this time, and he started panting. Through a face full of pussy, I flicked Tara’s clit a few times, and then mumbled for her to get off me. For the first time since it started, I knew exactly what I want, and I was going to get his cum my way, right then and there.

She was shocked, but understood when I made my next motion. I pulled him out of me, and pulled his wonderful, wet, rubbed meat up towards me, and snuggled it between my breasts. I put my hands on my tits, pushing them together, as Tara and her girl licked from my nipples to the parts of his cock not enveloped by my tits. Tara slipped a hand down to my pussy and gently fingered my messy slit, putting a delicious cherry on top of a sumptuous fucking. I still wanted to be touched everywhere, to have the two lazy asses on the couch come over and fuck me like everyone else was!

Within a minute or so, he started groaning, “I’m coming…I’m coming.” He started rubbing his cock blazingly fast, his hand slapping against his groin, and he came all over me, Tara, and her girl, spurting hot streams over us faster and harder than I’d ever had it, a never-ending bath of cum enveloping us whole, most of it landing all over my face, neck, and tits. Tara and her girl licked me off, sucking the cum from my skin, as I licked it all off his deflating cock, getting as much of it in my mouth as I could. I was going to look over at Tara and thank her for bringing me, but it would have involved taking that salty, tasty cock out of my mouth.

I don’t know what happened after that…I put my head back, exhausted, his cock popping out of my mouth, two pointed tongues tracing cum off my neck and cheeks…and I passed out on the floor, a cum-spent slut. When I woke up in the morning, I’d been clothed and put in a bed on the third floor with Tara. We kissed a little bit, and giggled to each other about the previous night. We never found out the names of the guys or the girls, and it was a thrilling, singular night unto itself, one which gets me dripping wet to this day. I hugged Tara, and we went back to sleep. I was so grateful she dragged me out, and despite how dirty and slutty everything we did was, I felt beautiful and satisfied.

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