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The Call

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The message light was blinking on his answering machine as he walked through the door. Another twelve hour shift at the plant had left him mentally drained, but there was still plenty of spring in his step. Besides, he had the whole next week off to enjoy life and mentally recharge. He was looking forward to getting outside and pushing his body to limit instead of his mind.

Hanging his coat on the back of a chair, he pushed the message button to listen to what would probably be another charity asking for a donation or one of his credit card companies offering him a great deal if he used their card. At best it would be his mother or father asking him to come and visit since they knew he had the next week off.

“Hello Mark. This is Staci from accounting at work. I know we don’t know each other real well, but I am hoping you can help me out with a problem at my house. I know this is sudden, but I know deep down that you are the best man to fix my problem.

I know you have to work till six and probably wouldn’t be able to get here before eight at the earliest, so all I ask is that if you can’t or won’t come, to please call me back at 7878. If I don’t hear from you, I hope to be expecting you between eight and nine.

Oh, I almost forgot, I live at 221 Oak Street. Please park in the driveway and come to the side door between the house and the garage.”

Glancing at the clock on the wall, he saw it was now 6:30 and he had at least an hour until he would need to leave. He had already decided to go, if for no other reason, to see exactly what her problem was. Besides, it would give him something to do with his evening.

He was relatively sure she was the cute little blond with the long hair who sometimes brought purchase orders out to the factory floor. If he was correct, she was only about five feet tall, but endowed with a more than ample chest for her height and frame. He seriously doubted if she even weighed a hundred pounds with her clothes on.

Two hours later he was standing at her side door reading a note she had left for him. “Please let yourself in when you get here and come to the kitchen,” it read. No reason not to go in, he thought to himself, as he opened the door. Quietly he walked down the tiled hallway looking for the kitchen and Staci. He found the kitchen quickly, but Staci was not there, just an envelope with his name on it.

He wasn’t sure if he was starting to feel annoyed or was still curious at this stage with the little games she was playing with him. As the envelope shredded in his hands, he knew he had switched to the annoyed side of his emotions. Unfolding the letter, he started reading its contents.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for being so cooperative and coming to my house tonight. I don’t really know where to start, so I will just blurt it out right now. I want to be your slave. I was asking the guys at work about you to see if you were involved with anyone and found out from them that you would only date submissive women.

I am the woman for you. Ever since I have had sexual feelings towards men, I have wanted them to take charge of me. Even as I write this, I feel my juices flowing from the thought of you using me for your pleasure. I want to be the woman you use and abuse for your pleasure.

I am waiting for you naked on my knees in the bedroom at the end of the hallway. Please, I beg of you, allow me to have the opportunity to prove my willingness to serve you in any capacity you desire. Your every wish will be my command to fulfill. Treat me as you would treat the lowest possible slave you could own. I am yours to do completely as you wish with.

Lovingly yours,


Somewhat taken back by the content of the letter, I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Somewhere through the second reading, my feeling of annoyance had changed to lust. It had been longer than I would like to admit since I had thoroughly enjoyed a woman. She easily possessed the physical aspects I liked on a woman, and if she was as willing as she said in her letter, it was not an opportunity I was going to pass on. It was not a hard decision to make on my part.

Leaving my coat on the back of a kitchen chair, I walked down the hall to the last door. The door knob turned easily in my grasp as I opened the door to the bedroom. I didn’t bother to knock; a master doesn’t knock when entering a room housing a slave. There she knelt with her hands on her widely split thighs. Her large breasts were capped with pink nipples and sagged nicely from their own weight. Her cunt was clean shaven and also very pink. The smell of her heat wafted in the air, tantalizing me even more.

Her gaze remained directed towards the floor and my feet as I walked towards her. She did not say a word as I came to stand directly in front of her. Up close I could see her juices glistening on her inner thighs. Her lips were swollen like her nipples which seemed to grow under my gaze. I liked the way her long hair cascaded down her back, easily reaching her ass.

“You belong at the feet of a master.”

“Thank you, master,” she replied in a timid voice. “I knew you would be able to see me for what I am.”

“You appear to be very aroused.”

“Yes, master.”

“What do you think we should do about your predicament?”

“We should do whatever my master wishes to do. I am here to give you pleasure as you desire to receive it. My needs are not important.”

“That is an acceptable answer,” I replied as I crouched down in front of her. She trembled as she watched my hands approach her breasts. Her intake of breath was sharp as my hard calloused fingers closed upon her tender nipples. She moaned as I rolled them between my fingers.

“What do you think of this as a way to give pleasure to myself?”

“Harder, please do it harder.”

I could not believe my good fortune. Not only had I found a natural slave, but one who found their greatest pleasure while being subjugated to pain. There would be almost nothing I could not do with her. The harder I was with her, the more likely it would give her pleasure.

Releasing her left nipple, my right hand sought the very center of her womanhood. Almost lifting her off her knees, I forced three of my fingers into her cunt with no warning. As she struggled to maintain her balance, I used her left breast as a grip to steady her. With her impaled on my fingers, I scraped down her sensitive clit with my thumb nail.

As I worked my fingers inside of her to loosen her up, I searched for that hidden spot deep in her cunt. Finding it was easy as her whole body jerked upright as my finger grazed over it. Mission accomplished, I lowered my head to hers as I used my free hand to pull her head back. Our lips met as I devoured her mouth with mine. Slowly I raped her mouth with mine, thrusting my tongue deep into her open mouth as my fingers and thumb worked her cunt without mercy.

Her release came fast under my forceful assault. As she quivered in my arms, I continued to work her sensitive clit, driving her to even higher levels of sensitivity. I was curious if she would be able to go from one orgasm into another. Testing her limits, I bit down hard on a very swollen nipple. I was rewarded by a very audible moan, signaling her ascent into her second orgasm.

My juice covered hand pulled free from her contracting cunt with a slurping sound. Our eyes made contact as I raised it up between us. An unspoken command passed between us as she began to lick her juices from it. Her delicate tongue slipped between my fingers when it wasn’t using broad strokes to clean up every drop. Each finger was suckled deep into her mouth to guarantee its cleanliness.

Watching and feeling her clean my hand was the last straw for me. Standing up swiftly, I pulled her to her feet and propelled her onto the bed. My shirt left my body as buttons gave their life and were scattered across the room. My shoes and pants quickly followed without being ruined at least.

Rolling her unto her back, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and onto my cock all in the same motion. Standing there, I held her by her waist as I used her body to slack my lust. Each contact of our bodies made a slapping sound as my thighs made contact with her ass cheeks. I could feel her cunt muscles tightening around my cock as sheer rawness of our mating drove her still sensitive body into yet another orgasm. It was all I needed to go over the edge myself.

Coming to a complete standstill, I shot jets of thick cum deep in her cunt. Basking in the after glow, I noticed how her skin was covered in sweat and had blushed to a bright pink hue. Meanwhile, the muscles of her cunt continued to spasm around my cock, milking me dry while her body attempted to return to a more normal state.

Feeling my cock returning to at least a sensitivity level which was bearable to tolerate movement, I slowly pulled free of her body. Our combined fluids glistened in the muted light of her bedroom along its length. A drop of cum slowly formed at the tip as my cum continued to seep from my body, a drop to be shared with her.

Effortlessly, I spun her small body around on the bed until her head hung over the side. Her tongue darted out to catch my cum just as the drip was ready to break away. Moaning with pleasure, she diligently began to clean my member with her tongue as best she could in her current position. Feeling pity for her, I eased her burden by thrusting forward, pushing myself deep into her mouth. It felt so good; I continued to thrust in and out of her mouth.

Adjusting my position, I was able to position myself so that I could hold her head steady and at an angle for maximum penetration. Each stroke had me sliding into her throat easily. Effortlessly, she deep throated me; or rather her throat accepted me. She really didn’t have much of a choice and just continued to moan as I used her mouth. I really didn’t think I would be able to cum again, but I was definitely wrong. The visual stimulation of fucking her mouth along with the vibration of her moans brought me to the magical plane of orgasm again.

Pulling out until the tip rested on her upper lip, I watched my cum shoot into her gaping mouth. While not nearly as much as the first time, it was just as powerful in feeling. Grasping myself, I milked the remaining drops into her mouth as she attempted to swallow everything head still hanging over the side of the bed. The last few drops I smeared on her outstretched tongue.

“I think you have the potential to be an adequate slave, Staci,” I told her after I had allowed her to move until she was kneeling at my feed again.

“Thank you, master,” she whispered.

“We will make a weekend of it. I can think of a great many more ways to enjoy the fruits you have to offer. But right now I’m hungry and tired, so go fix me something to eat. After that I’m going to sleep for awhile, until I’m ready to continue your training.”

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