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Farmers House Party

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This story contains some male bisexuality. If that’s not your thing, you might want to pass.

Years ago I wrote about the first time I met with a bi farm couple here in Colorado. To this day it is one of my fondest memories, as I experienced some things for the first time in my life that I really enjoyed.

A few years later, I had my last get together with them before they decided to leave the lifestyle. I decided to finally put it to paper before the years take away some of the memories.

Roger and Sandy sent me a message inviting me to a house party a few weeks before Christmas. They were having one last blast before taking a break from the lifestyle. They had mentioned to me in the past that they had had a few but I’d never been invited since I was a lone male and these parties were restricted to couples. To say the least, I was excited. The parties were pretty exclusive and very discreet because it is a small town environment. I had no idea if there might be someone I knew show up at the party. I’d moved away from the area decades before. It was just by chance I’d met Roger and Sandy online and found out they were from a town about an hour from where I grew up.

The day of the party it snowed. I was bumming since I didn’t know if I should get on the roads and try to make the three hour drive. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and got in my truck and headed out. It was both the smartest and dumbest decision I’d made in a while. The roads got worse and the 3 hour drive turned into 5. By the time I got to their farm, it was already 9 o’clock and the party had been going since 6.

I knocked at the door and Roger met me and welcomed me adding that he was surprised I was able to make it at all with the weather. I told him I’d thought about it for quite a while but finally couldn’t resist and that I was sorry I was late. He assured me it wasn’t a problem but that everyone was off in their own little areas doing their own thing for the most part, so I’d just have to make my own introductions as the night went on.

Roger did lead me into the living room where five people were standing around with drinks, chatting in various stages of dress, and introduced me before excusing himself and heading up to the second floor. I stuck up a conversation with a younger woman, Melinda and a guy whose name I can’t remember. Melinda was an attractive average looking woman about thirty five and the guy looked to be about the same age. Being in my early fifties, I started to wonder if I was going to be a little out of place here. Roger and Sandy were my age and they’d said the group of 9 couples varied in ages so I just put it behind me and figured I’d just enjoy the moments as they came.

After some small talk, the guy moved on to chat with a couple closer to the fireplace and Melinda and I continued to chat about casual things. It was getting to be obvious that the group here tonight wasn’t just into the lifestyle, but also close longtime friends as well. When Melinda changed the topic to sex, she mentioned that she, and the others had heard quite a bit about me from Sandy. I guess I was a little embarrassed because I had no idea what Sandy had told them, and it must have showed because Melinda gave a soft warm laugh that put me back at ease and assured me it was a good thing. She said Sandy referred to me as her oral wizard. I laughed and told her that was a tough nickname to try to live up to.

We chatted for a while longer before Melinda wandered down the hall and out of sight. I walked around the house and finally ended up later on the enclosed porch out back where the hot tub was. There were two guys and a woman in there and they greeted me and invited me in. It didn’t take long to shed my clothes and enter the steaming water. As the new guy, I felt a little self conscious noting that all were checking me out after I had my clothes off. Like everyone else, it was no big deal though so I soon found myself chatting and laughing with the other three like we’d known each other for years. This was a great group of people.

After we had been joking around, I was surprised when Melinda came up behind me wrapped in a towel and whispered in my ear. “If you’d like to meet me in the basement, I’d really like to find out why Sandy calls you her oral wizard.” With that, she turned around and walked away. The woman across from me just smiled at me like she knew something I didn’t.

I excused myself saying the tub was getting a little too hot and exited, grabbing a towel and making my way to the basement. The basement wasn’t a large room and I noticed a wood burning stove with a fire in it. The fire through the grass doors was the only light down there and was just the right atmosphere to get cozy with a stranger. In front of the stove about 6 feet away was a mattress on the floor with a mink blanket and a few pillows. Melinda was backed up to the stove warming herself, and smiled at me as I came closer. She walked towards me smiling as her robe dropped from her body. It turned out to be a very nice body indeed. She didn’t say a word as she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a deep soft kiss.. I retuned the kiss warmly and felt my cock start to rise to the occasion. She continued to kiss me as she backed me to the mattress and I was soon lying on my back with her over me.

“I’ve got to find out.” She whispered. With that, she moved quickly up and before I knew it, I was looking at a very wet shaved pussy being lowered to my mouth. The moment my tongue made contact, she gave a deep moan and I experienced a big shock. Her pussy tasted like cum. A few seconds later, I realized her pussy not only tasted like cum, it was filled with cum. Although shocked, my tongue danced inside her as well as across her clit for the next ten minutes tasting the strong flavor of cum mixed with Melinda’s juices. As Melinda got closer, it felt like her pussy clamped down on my tongue and then suddenly it opened wide as she bore down and my mouth was filled with a thick cream. From the soft moans coming from her lips before, I now found out just how vocal Melinda could get. With wild abandon, she ground down on me in a long intense orgasm almost smothering me in the process. I was still having to swallow what she’d just deposited as she rolled off me giggling. As she laid beside me she finally looked over at me smiling and said, “Sandy was right.”

We chatted for a while and Melinda confided to me that Sandy had revealed that I would eat her right after Roger came inside her. Although some in the group had heard of this, none had ever experienced it. This unique thing, was what got me the invitation to a couples only house party. It seemed like most of the women wanted to experience it as well as other things she wouldn’t say right then. Although a couple of the women played around with being bi, none of the men were. After a year of discussions, the men agreed to their wives demands to invite me to the party and see how it went. I hadn’t realized this was a test. They all finally agreed because I lived three hours away and Roger had assured them of my discretion and that I was clean and respectful.

Melinda asked me if I would like for her to give me some pleasure now. I just smiled and said she already had but maybe later we could do more. As she got up to leave, she wrapped her towel around herself and smiled back at me saying. “You might as well make yourself comfortable there. I think you’ll be getting more company before long.” With that, she literally seemed to bounce out of the room and up the stairs.

It wasn’t long before another lady appeared in the room. This was a no nonsense woman. She just walked over to me without a word and started to grind her pussy against my mouth. Although the taste of cum was there, there wasn’t the volume I experienced with Melinda. She rocked her hips and pushed down so hard I thought my lips might bleed before she erupted into her orgasm. She didn’t make a sound the entire time but it was obvious she had cum hard. Then as suddenly as it started, she got off of me. Not a word. She looked at my cock standing straight up for a few seconds and then wordlessly, squatted over it and impaled herself on it. She went up and down for a while and then, just when it really started feeling good, she just stood up and got off me. She looked at me, nodded her head at me and was gone. That was a strange one I thought.

Two more women made it down to the basement over the next hour and they were similar repeats of Melinda. One sucked on me for a while before she just got up and left as well. This was the strangest night of my life. It was also a time I realized just how different the various loads of cum tasted.

I was pretty surprised when a couple came downstairs. She just smiled at me and got in a 69 position with me while the man went over and sat in a chair and watched. There was no taste of cum from this woman. Either she had cleaned herself well first or no one had cum in her yet tonight. She was giving me great head and I was doing all I could to give her as much pleasure as possible. The man watching was stroking himself and seemed in deep thought. I disregarded him and concentrated on the pussy at my face. A few minutes later, I was startled when above me a large hairy cock appeared, and it was moving closer. I just continued to lick her clit as he thrust his cock inside her, inches from my eyes. As he thrust time and again, now and then his movements shifted us all around and my tongue ended up on his cock for only the briefest of moments. I could tell he as getting closer. Out of no-where, he asked. “Would you lick the shaft for me?” I was taken aback for a few seconds but figured what the hell and did as he asked. I started licking his shaft and her pussy at the same time. This soon set the woman off and she screamed as her orgasm rocked her. He was thrusting deeper as he got closer and my tongue licked his balls a couple times. This must have set him off because he shuddered and held his cock deep inside her as I felt the convulsions of his cock shooting loads of cum into her. When he withdrew, I saw the cum start to pour out of her and into my mouth. She sat up on me and ground her pussy against me reaching another orgasm. She stayed there till I had her completely cleaned out. When she got off, she turned around and kissed me deeply and just said, “Thank you so much. You’re a keeper” She then disappeared up the stairs. The man looked at me a while with a look of disbelief for a few seconds before saying. “That was really intense man. Thanks. Just remember that what happens in the basement, stays in the basement.” I smiled at him and he smiled back and was soon gone as well.

The last couple that came down was similar to the second woman in that that this was all business. I didn’t even get to see her face as the fire had died down, and she was straddling my face before I knew it. The moment I opened my mouth and started to eat her, it was as if a cork had just come out of her. There was a flood of cum and I struggled to swallow to keep up with the flow. She was giggling now and whispered down to me that she had to wait too long for her turn so she had fucked three of the guys upstairs before coming down. As she reached her orgasm, and I can’t really say she just reached it. She just started to orgasm and it didn’t stop. She just went through one continuous orgasm until she quickly turned around and got in a 69 with me. This was some of the best head I’d ever had and when she started to cum again, I couldn’t hold back and shot a load as she sucked down every drop.

I thought it was over until I realized she wasn’t getting off of me and once again I saw a big cock approaching her pussy. This cock was shaved and was soon entering her now cleaned pussy. As he began thrusting, my cock started to get hard again and the woman continued to suck me. Again I ended up licking the shaft and could tell by the reactions that the man was enjoying it. Out of nowhere I thought he must have cum because of my face getting drenched but it wasn’t cum. The woman had started squirting and I was on the verge of drowning. I pulled my mouth away from her pussy just long enough to take some breaths and in a flash, I felt a cock enter my mouth. This was no accident. He started to thrust in my mouth and caught up in the moment, I started to suck him as well as I could. The woman continued to squirt once she realized what was happening. The man continued to fuck my mouth and then without a word, he started to cum. To say there were volumes would be an understatement. The other odd thing was the taste. His cum tasted like a sweet cream and was actually delicious.

When he finally pulled out of my mouth he whispered to me, “That was one of the wildest things I’ve ever experienced. Thanks. Stay in touch with us.” With that, he got up, went and got his towel and left. The woman was still sucking on me, intent to get me off again. Finally I stopped her and told her that was enough for now. She finally rolled off me and turned around to give me a kiss. When she got closer, she just stared at me for a while and exclaimed, “Jim? Is that you?” I looked at her closer and the recognition hit me. “Nancy??” She just grabbed me and held me tight and started crying. Nancy was a girl I’d gone to school with over 30 years ago. I had the biggest crush on her in high school and although good friends, I’d never worked up the nerve to ask her out. I left that town soon afterwards and hadn’t seen her since. Those were the days before email and the internet and I guess many of us lost contact with friends.

Still crying, a few minutes later she asked me if I would make love to her, not fuck her. I won’t even try to describe the feelings both physical and emotional over that next hour. I guess I drifted off to sleep because when I woke up, there was light coming through the basement window. I went up and showered and got dressed. It was another two hours before anyone else was stirring in the house. When Sandy finally came down, she told me the last couple women were disappointed that they never got their turn with her “oral wizard.” I looked at her and she laughed. She added that she didn’t get her turn either but the day was young and two couples has spent the night. She also handed me a few business cards and pieces of paper from people and said they would like me to call them sometime. Nancy’s had a nice note on the back.

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