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Wedding Party

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Marie and I were serving drinks at a post-wedding-rehearsal-dinner party our boss’ restaurant had catered. It was a fun group, the wedding guests about a hundred-twenty strong and the crowd sticking around for the after-dinner party somewhere in the sixty or seventy range.

If there’s such a thing as a good place to get hurt or sick, this was it.

The banquet facility was just a few blocks from the hospital where both bride and groom worked, and seemingly everyone in the crowd was a doctor, a nurse, or some kind of medical technician. The bride, rightly Andrea but generally called Andie, was a cardiologist; the groom, Henry, a nurse in her department. And the families seemed to be divided along those lines, her side all doctors and his nurses and paramedics and technicians.

We were actually kind of a side bar at the function. Dale, the restaurant and bar owner, had a couple bartenders and several waitresses working out in the main banquet room, but he’d discovered at the last minute that their rental also included a little side bar. No way the caterer could say “Yeah, sorry, didn’t know about that cool little half-indoor, half-outdoor bar, so I’m not gonna staff it.” He’d called us at the last minute and we couldn’t very well say no since our evening’s plan had been to dine at his restaurant and drink at his bar, both of which we did free of charge. So here we were, my tuxedo shirt and bow tie and her little black skirt and white blouse out of retirement for a night.

Marie looked great, as ever. The skirt was short enough that she could contrive to show the tops of her stockings when the mood struck her, and the crisp white shirt was open far enough at the collar to show some of her smooth, dark skin. Her black hair was drawn back, showing off her pretty face and big, dark eyes, and with her strong, elegant legs on display and the easy, graceful way she moved it was no wonder conversations tended to stop and heads swivel openly everywhere she passed.

I’d teased her a bit as she’d chosen her shoes for the evening. Her irritation at her small size comes and goes, and it had been bothering her lately, so she was in very tall heels despite the fact that she’d both danced and gone running with me. She’s never the world’s greatest waitress, but her dedication to working the room was likely to be a bit suspect tonight.

Which was okay. Dale likes to have us help out at certain events because Marie’s charm and energy and my easy, friendly manner and occasional touches of wit help keep potentially dull gatherings moving and fun. Her great beauty and flirtatious joy keeps the guys buying drinks and trying out their games and tipping well, and for my part I’m neither without my own charm nor particularly hard on the eyes, either. My shoulders are broad enough and my waist narrow enough to make the tuxedo shirt and cummerbund work well, and people seem to like my smile and my somewhat loud laugh. Neither of which I’m shy about turning loose. With Marie for a lover, I’ve always got plenty to be happy about. I trimmed my beard down to a careful mustache and goatee, slicked my hair back to go with the dressy outfit, and was ready to spend the evening watching the boys fall in love with my little angel.

It was a good time. The room was small and had a smoked-glass window out to the main room and a series of French doors open to the nice spring evening. The entrance from the main room was so unobtrusive as to be almost hidden, which meant that most of the night we didn’t even have the twenty or thirty people the room could hold. Some of the couple’s friends found us pretty early on, and in the way of friends at a predominately family function were glad to have a place to hang out away from the crowd sometimes, but for the most part we served ten or twelve people at a time and those people rotated as they went back out to the main room.

The bride came in a few times to get a respite. She was very cool and very lovely, a tall, elegant brunette with the readily apparent intelligence you’d expect from a doctor, and she hit it off with Marie right away. They chatted as Andie sat looking out at the party, obviously glowing with joy but just as obviously a bit harried. Like every bride I’ve ever been around in the days before her wedding. And some of the groom’s buddies were in pretty frequently and pretty lengthily to flirt with Marie. It’s pretty standard for these things that she doesn’t mention that we’re together, partly because guys tip seemingly available girls much better and partly because a little flirting helps keep a party bouncing along. And she enjoys the flirting.

The little room was empty at about nine when the bride and groom came in together. Marie was sitting on the bar, black-stockinged legs primly crossed and shoes off. She started to grab her shoes, but Andie waved her down.

“Sit, sit, we’ll come to you,” she said. Turning to her affianced, she added, “Marie’s a ballerina, honey. Her poor feet are killing her, she didn’t know she was working tonight so she put in some extra dance practice.”

“A ballerina? That’s so cool, where do you dance?” said Henry, a tall, fit, good-looking dark-haired young man with a very bright smile. He and his bride were a good match.

“Meany Hall, mostly, I’m still in school.” And the conversation was off and running. Some of the younger friends and relations drifted in, and pretty soon we had about a dozen people laughing and goofing and generally having fun.

Several of the boys flirted pretty hard with Marie, who’d seemingly decided she was done serving drinks unless she could just take them from me and hand them to someone. She sat on the bar showing a lot of leg and occasionally turning to ask me for a couple beers or martinis, and the boys crowded around to make her laugh by stepping all over each other’s smooth lines.

I was in good form too, joking and chatting and flirting a little with some of the girls. Marie shot me a wink and a grin from time to time. This was what she missed about working the bar, the easy, friendly interaction with a good crowd. Me, too, for that matter. We’d already pegged our retirement for being spent owning a little bar somewhere warm and near a beach.

Talk eventually turned to bachelor parties. Something someone said made Marie curious.

“Wait,” she said to Henry, whose name she’d taken to giving the French pronunciation. “Are you having one, Henry, or not?”

“Yeah,” he said at the same time his best man, Mark, said “No.” Andie shook her head and faked aiming a punch at Mark.

“I’m actually having two, Marie. An official one tomorrow night and a small one tonight after we break this up.”

“Are you having two bachelorettes?” Marie said to Andie.

“No, just one. I’m having my sister and some girls sleep over tonight, but that’s all.”

“Which is all Henry’s bachelor party is going to be, a sleepover,” said Mark, a blonde, bearded pediatric nurse with very kind eyes that had seen their share of pain. There was a trace of irritation in his voice. He went on to explain that the original plan had been for a bachelor party the next night, which was Saturday night, but that Andie had conspired to get her minister cousin invited to it. So Mark had made plans for a smaller affair after the rehearsal dinner and party, just a handful of Henry’s closest friends. This time Andie had been more direct, banning her fiancee from getting crawling-around drunk or going anywhere near strippers. He’d acquiesced, and the planned debauchery had turned into a night of poker with the boys.

“Aww,” said Marie with a sympathetic grin. “Well, what about you, Andie, what are you going to do?”

“Ask Tammy,” she said, pointing to her sister, who was enough like her in appearance and demeanor to confuse me a little at first. Tammy started describing one of those girl parties that guys are glad to miss. The kind where there’s a rented movie, an activity that involves flowers or glitter and glue, and an ostensibly ‘naughty’ game that includes putting a condom on a cucumber orally. Marie nodded along but started clowning as she did, moving from the subtle to the overt. First she blinked a couple times, then turned a little on the bar seemingly to face Tammy, then gradually slumped over until she was leaning her head on the shoulder of one of Henry’s friends. She yawned mightily and let her eyes flutter closed, to much loud amusement from the gang.

“Well, we know how you made it through medical school,” said Marie.

“What do you expect, booze and strippers?” said Andie, laughing with the rest.

“Yes. Come on, it’s your last night of freedom. My bachelorette is going to be worthy of a Roman emperor. I’m going to tell my boy ‘Don’t ask unless you really want to know, because you’re not allowed to get mad.’ Hen night party games are things like ‘See how many boys’ phone numbers you can get’ and ‘Get to second base with a girl’ and ‘Show a stranger your underwear’ and ‘Give the stripper a hand job’ and something that involves kissing some boys.”

There was a lot of laughter and agreement.

“Yeah, but then I’d have to let him do all that,” said Andie. “And I don’t want any strippers touching his…”

“Boys don’t get to touch the strippers, honey,” said Marie. “Never, ever in a club, except lap dances, and only a few call-out strippers are that skanky. And the ones that are, none of the boys would touch anyway. We can touch the strippers ’cause they’re guys, which means they’re all skanky, but they can’t touch us. Haven’t you ever been to a strip club?”

“No, never. And how do you know so much about it?”

“I stripped in Vegas for a while,” said Marie casually, knowing it’d land like a bomb in this crowd. It did, the sudden burst of questions was worthy of a press conference.

I grinned. A while. Two nights, a total of four dances on stage.

“So you’ll let your man see strippers on his bachelor night?” asked Andie.

“Honey, I’m going to hand him a condom and say ‘If you get arrested you’d better be bailed out in time for the ceremony.'”

That got more laughter and a disbelieving look from Andie.

“Andie,” Marie said, “by then we’ll have been together a decade or so. I want him to remind himself why it’s me he’s choosing and get hitched with no regrets. I hope they paint the town red. Which, wild as my boy is, is pretty much a guarantee.”

“If he keeps up with you, he must be pretty wild,” said one of the guys.

“He’s a sexy beast. Even sexier than Ken, here, if only for dressing better.” She grinned at me.

“That’s pretty sexy,” said one of the bridesmaids, a pretty redheaded doctor named Jackie. I winked at her and got a smile and a pretty direct flirtatious look. I love women of strong personality.

I served some drinks as Marie continued chatting the gang. Jackie and I were getting along famously when Mark laughed and turned to step outside, taking out his cell phone.

Andie and Henry had what looked like a humorous negotiation ending with Henry holding up a hand like a Boy Scout taking an oath. They kissed and embraced, still laughing, and a few minutes later I got the story from Marie. Seemed Andie had agreed to each of them having a last revel, him tonight and her tomorrow night, so long as he swore not to fuck anyone. Mark was trying to arrange a stripper or strippers on short notice.

Everybody really started having a good time after that. I mixed up a batch of margaritas in celebration, making them right with frozen lemonade instead of just booze and ice. We put on some music, Marie danced with a couple of the boys and flirted with all of them, and by the time the boys were ready to leave sometime after ten they were having a blast.

“Hey, Ken,” Mark said, leaning over the bar. “Word kind of got out with the way this came together and like a dozen guys are gonna make an appearance. Wanna make a couple hundred bucks for mixing up some more of those margaritas? Just for an hour or so, just until the married guys take off.”

“Sure.” We quickly cleared it with Dale, who didn’t even ask for a cut. Mark invited Marie, of course, and she accepted, of course. She grinned at me when we got in the truck to follow Mark.

“Tammy and Andie invited me to her party tomorrow, too,” she said.


“Yeah. Tammy wants to make it wild now, but she doesn’t know how. They think I may know more about getting in trouble than they do.”

“Go figure.”

“I know, right?” She laughed. “And Henry reminded me of you. She told him he’s not to get laid and she doesn’t want to know about it if the stripper gets him off somehow, and he grabbed her and said ‘Yes, you do. And I want to hear all about it if you get laid.’ Apparently she’s only been with a couple boys and it’s a point of concern for him. Sound familiar?”

“Vaguely, yeah.”

“Tammy and I arranged for strippers, plural, late tomorrow night, and a limo for the whole night. I think we’re going on a bar crawl. And I think they’re gonna see some female strippers, too. And Andie’s gonna be playing with some boys. I’ve got shopping to do tomorrow, wanna come?”

“Hell yeah.”

We spent the rest of the ride plotting and laughing, stopped for booze and fixings along the way, and shortly thereafter I was set up at the bar that separated Mark’s kitchen from his living room, mixing drinks and joking with the boys.

Marie spent the half hour or so before the strippers got there flirting and dancing with the guys. And dancing for the guys, they persuaded her to show them a few simple ballet moves. Simple being relative, of course, most of us would rupture something trying even the most basic of the things they do. Even fully clothed she was hugely sexy, her black-stockinged legs elegant and strong as the majority of their length revealed itself when she turned and kicked.

I think all guys find it sexy when a girl wears stockings instead of hose. Certainly I do. Marie had been teasing me when it was slow in the little bar by pulling up her skirt to adjust the tops of hers, which were the kind that stay up on their own without a garter belt. She did it for the crowd after her little ballet demonstration, getting some whistles in reward.

“Down, boys,” she said with a grin. “I’m just straightening my clothes, not taking them off.”

“I’ll give you…” started one of the guys. He looked at Mark. “How much are we giving the strippers? I’ll give you five hundred to show us how you stripped in Vegas, Marie.”

She smiled and patted his face.

“No,” she said sweetly. Amidst the groans, Henry showed himself to be smarter than most.

“Well, you blew that,” he said. “Bet you anything if you’d asked her just ’cause she’s so damn beautiful she’d have done it.”

“Bet I would have,” Marie said with a laugh. There was an immediate chorus of compliments and requests, which made her laugh again.

“Too late,” she said. Their disappointment made her laugh yet again.

“Tell you what,” she said. “If the last-second strippers are, well, last-second strippers, maybe I’ll save the day. Maybe. But only if they suck mightily.”

She turned out to be prescient. Mightily was exactly how the strippers sucked. There were two, one of whom had obviously been stripping for about five minutes and one of whom seemed to have been doing it since the Nixon administration. The younger one was good-looking, but so nervous she couldn’t bring herself to expose anything until she’d been dancing for three songs. And even then she looked more like a kid on a dare than a professional titillator. And while the older one was certainly more comfortable with her clothes off, I’m confident I speak for everyone when I say I almost wish she wasn’t.

Marie just watched through the stripping, a couple pretty poor naked dances, and the most half-assed pseudo-lesbian show I’ve ever seen. The girls had obviously not worked together before, and the older one clearly resented the necessity she just as clearly saw to spice things up by dancing with the pretty young thing.

The lap dances were too much for my girl, though. The older woman started kind of limply moving from lap to lap, chewing gum and looking bored and almost disgusted as she suggested that for a big enough tip, the guys could get a lot more of her. The younger girl again looked like a teenager on a dare, barely making contact with her fair-skinned, large-breasted, and very nice body as she danced for Henry and doing her best to hide her pretty green-eyed face behind her long chestnut hair. When the first song ended Marie moved to the chair we’d set up in the middle of the room for Henry and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Let me take a turn, Mr. Henry,” she said. “You don’t mind dancing for a girl, do you, honey?”

“No,” the stripper said quietly.

“No?” Marie said, equally quietly, a teasing smile on her face. She took a seat as Henry moved off. “Look, everybody, it’s the world’s first shy stripper.”

The girl laughed, and only looked a little bit like she wanted to crawl into a hole. She started dancing near Marie, not quite in her lap. Marie grinned and grabbed her hips to pull her close.

“You’re not… you’re not supposed to touch me,” the girl said, putting out a hand as though to push herself away from Marie.

“The boys aren’t supposed to touch you, sweetie,” said Marie. “The rules are different for girls. What’s your name?”

“Rachel,” she said.

“Nice to meet you, Rachel. I’m Marie.” Marie grinned. “Now shake that pretty ass for me, girl.”

They were a lot of fun to watch. Marie kept touching Rachel, encouraging her hips to move, brushing her hair back, sneaking in lots of touches on the edge of out of bounds, and talking to her too quietly for the rest of us to hear over the music. There was a lot of grinning and laughing going on, mostly by Marie at first but increasingly by the shy stripper as a couple songs passed. Rachel was paying enough attention to my lover that she didn’t even seem to notice when the song changed, she just kept dancing and trying with ever-decreasing conviction to maintain a little distance.

Marie got Rachel to turn around and give her a butt-in-the-lap lapdance, ineptly of course, but it let Marie try to feel her up from another angle. Rachel fought her hands off with laughter and more embarrassment, finally stepping away and ducking her head, still laughing. Marie stood up when the second song ended and guided Rachel to the chair.

“Sit down, I’ll show you,” she said. “You need a lot less Mary Ann and a lot more Ginger, pretty girl.”

Whatever Rachel said in return was lost as the new song started, but it was delivered with a laugh and what was now pretty clearly a blush. A stripper who blushes. Just when I thought I’d seen everything.

Even with her clothes on Marie blew both strippers out of the water. And that’s not even just my admittedly prejudiced opinion, the guys went nuts as she swiveled her hips and danced close to the now furiously blushing Rachel. There was lots of touching, Marie’s arms sliding around the other girl’s neck and her sexy thighs making lots of contact as she straddled her lap. When she turned her back to dance that way she guided Rachel’s hands up to her breasts and down to her thighs, getting a frozen gasp from the girl and another burst of enthusiasm from the guys.

And from me, which Marie didn’t fail to notice and acknowledged with long eye contact and a smile that both promised all kinds of fun and told me that she was getting into the moment herself. Gave me a chance to shake her off before she got carried away, if I was so inclined. Not that I’m ever so inclined.

I think she was going to strip anyway- hell, I’m sure she was- but the guy who’d asked her earlier sealed it. He stepped forward as the song ended, sank to one knee, gestured for the stereo to be shut off, and took Marie’s hand.

“Beautiful Marie,” he said, Marie and some of the guys already laughing at the humorous earnestness on his face. “I want to apologize for so crassly asking you to show us that stunning body earlier. I should have seen that you’re a free spirit, moved more by joy than anything so base as money, and I should have more clearly conveyed that it would not only make this entire night, but become a memory all of us would treasure the rest of our lives if you were to take off your clothes as you danced sensually for us. So please, beautiful girl-”

He was cut off by cries of “woman!” and “lady!” And lots of laughter from everyone, Marie included.

“Beautiful woman,” he said quickly. “Lady. Beautiful lady. Please grace us with a glimpse of your exquisite beauty. Naked. Your naked exquisite beauty.”

Marie was laughing hard by the time he finished. She touched his face, pulled him to his feet and whispered something in his ear that made him laugh with delight, and pushed him back onto the couch.

“Clearly you were an English major before med school,” she said. “All that for a look at my tits? They’re not even all that big, Rachel’s are much more impressive.”

“Well, and your ass,” he said with a laugh. “I’m veeeery interested in that ass.”

“My ass?” she said, turning it toward him and sticking out a hip with a kind of Betty Boop innocent look over her shoulder. He groaned and feigned being held back as he reached for her. She laughed.

“Start the music,” she said to another burst of cheers.

There aren’t words to describe it when Marie strips. 90% of the time it’s just for me, of course, but she does it for me a lot and so has lots of opportunity to practice moves and see what kind of reactions they get. Plus, she’s a dancer talented enough to seriously consider trying to make a living at it. And so fucking hot I can’t take her on a hay ride lest the entire works burst into flame. And, and this is probably the most important part, she gets off on it. A lot. She jokes that she could never make it as a stripper because she’d get so hot she’d tear the clothes off every decent-looking customer. She loves to be looked at, loves to be naked, loves to know she’s turning people on.

Which was certainly the case on this night. The guys went nuts. They cheered as garments came off, groaned as she teased them by dancing close, and gasped when her nipple piercings put in their appearance. Her clitoral hood piercing had Henry’s jaw on the floor when her panties came off right in front of him. She worked her way around the room as she danced, giving everyone a nice close look as she pulled all her best stripper moves. Henry was the only one who got any contact, she danced so close to him that her legs were against his as he sat and just for a second dropped a knee to the couch between his legs so she could jiggle her tits (which aren’t really small, they’re a C cup) in his face, but she also shook her beautiful ass for the guy who’d asked so charmingly. I thought he was going to have a heart attack when she bent over, legs straight and feet well apart, right in front of him, so flexible she was able to look back at him past her own leg. When the song ended the calls for an encore had her laughing hard again.

Rachel had retreated into a corner during Marie’s performance, now Marie dragged her back to the chair and sat her down. Where Rachel had tried to keep Marie’s hands in line before, now it was like she was too stunned to limit the contact, and Marie put on a hell of a show. She guided the stripper’s hands all over her body, looking right at me as she ran them over her breasts so I’d be sure to see just how hard and swollen her pierced nipples were. That’s not a 100% indicator of sexual excitement with girls, not like a hard-on or something, but it’s very close with Marie.

Marie straddled Rachel’s lap backwards for part of the dance, her legs wide open, which was so incredibly sexy I actually felt myself start to sweat. Every eye in the house was riveted to her carefully waxed pussy and she looked from face to face, enjoying it, clearly getting hotter by the minute. My cock was hard enough to drive nails, I gave Marie a charge by letting her see me adjust it in my pants.

By the time Rachel escaped, laughing, there was more breathless silence from the boys than cheering. I about fell out when the older stripper broke the silence by saying “You’ve got to be kidding me” in a tired, almost resigned voice.

“Kind of hard to follow, eh?” I said, the two of us breaking the spell and getting some laughter.

Marie hung out in just her stockings and heels for a while, sitting crowded on the couch as she coached Rachel through some more dancing. None of the boys got real handsy, the most aggressive move I saw was an arm behind her on the back of the couch, although to be fair it’d take a bold guy to make a move on a naked girl right in front of his friends. They were keenly aware of her nudity, though, their stares ranging in subtlety depending on how much they’d had to drink.

And Marie was keenly aware of her nudity, too. The flush she gets from this particular brand of sexual excitement was visible on her neck and chest. With her Native American complexion I’m usually the only guy who can tell when she flushes or blushes, but maybe not in a room full of doctors and nurses.

Maybe fifteen minutes passed and both strippers had danced some more by the time Marie got involved again. The guy who’d made the little speech, Richard, was getting some teasing about it from Mark and I while we watched Rachel do a little better dancing in Henry’s lap, when one of the guys called to Richard over the music.

“Hey sweet-talker,” the guy called, “think you’ve got a soliloquy in you that’ll get Marie to give Henry a lapdance?”

Everybody laughed and Marie looked at him expectantly. He grinned, asked Mark and I to wish him luck, and theatrically bent a knee as he stepped over to Marie. She glanced at me over his head as he knelt, meeting my eyes again and asking a question.

One of the many things that’s fun when we play with other people, no matter the context, is the conspiracy of it. We are, in the main, playing with each other. Even if we never so much as touch each other, the other people involved are the extras, we’re the stars in each other’s movie. She was turned on by the boys and by the play with the girl and by being naked in front of people and by the possibility of something really wild happening, but she was more turned on by me being there watching her, and by the knowledge that her fun was turning me on too. We have entire conversations with glances so quick other people don’t even notice them; strangers may not even realize we’re together and friends often have no idea we’re aware of each other, thinking they have all our attention during the sexual play, even as we’re holding involved negotiations about where the play is going.

This one was easy and took no more than two seconds.

“May I?”

“Are you kidding? I’m amazed you haven’t already.”

“I’m really hot, I may get pretty physical.”

“Get him, tigress. Sky’s the limit tonight, this is fun and they’re cool. I love you, you little wild child.”

“I am going to fuck your brains out later, boy. I love you, too.”

Richard started to wax poetic, the drinks he’d had making that almost literally true this time. Marie laughed and patted his face.

“Go sit down,” she said. “You’re either going to blow it for Henry or be so charming I jump you right here on the floor.”

“Hey, if that’s in play…” he said. More laughter, and Marie shoved his head playfully as she turned toward Henry.

The dance was every guy’s dream of what a lap dance should be. Her hips started to swivel as she stepped toward him and as she reached him she did a turn, up on her toes with her arms stretched over her head. Pretty sure it was ten degrees hotter in the room by the time she straddled his lap, her perfect breasts right in his face.

She gyrated in his lap, guided his hands all over her body, made sure he got lengthy looks at every piece of her anatomy, ground up against him, it was smoking. At one point he put a hand on her thigh to stop her hips and she laughed, then bit her lower lip almost shyly and looked him in the eye, still moving her hips slowly. Wasn’t hard to guess what she said when she then leaned down to speak in his ear. “You almost came?” or “Were you close, baby?” or something like that. He laughed and ducked his head against her shoulder, which made her laugh again. She kind of petted his head tenderly for a second, then pushed it back, smiled at him, and started unbuttoning his shirt.

I was a little surprised when he stopped her. So, I think, was she. More smiles and more talking into his ear, but although he laughed along with her he kept shaking his head. Finally she sat back, laughed again, and went back to something closer to dancing than dry-humping, which was basically what she’d been doing while they talked.

“At least your shirt?” she said, her lips easy to read now. His answer didn’t really matter since she was already unbuttoning it as she asked. He had a nice build, lean bordering on skinny with tight muscles. Clearly a runner. Marie ran her hands over his chest and stomach the rest of the dance, and when she’d given him three songs’ worth of fun finally ended it with a quick but tender kiss.

“See, that’s a lap dance,” she said to Rachel when the guys were done cheering and in some cases doing “we’re not worthy!” on the floor. Somebody leaped into the chair as Henry stood, but Marie laughed and pointed to Rachel and the older woman.

She didn’t put her clothes back on, though, clearly enjoying moving around the room with all eyes on her and sitting squeezed with the boys on the couch or love seat. The crowd thinned rapidly over the next hour, the married or otherwise spoken for guys clearing off before it got too late, and we were down to just Henry, Mark, Richard, and a couple more by the time Marie found a quiet minute to come chat with me.

“That was so fucking hot,” she said, watching Rachel giggle as she fended off Mark’s hands.

“Who are you telling?” I laughed. “Kind of funny when Henry used his shirttails to hide his bone when he got up. Like we didn’t all know he was hard.”

“He almost came!” she said, wide-eyed and a little wicked. And totally delighted.

“Which it looked like you enjoyed.”

“God. Probably good he didn’t let me strip him. I was trying to figure out where the nearest condom was, ‘just in case.'”

The way she said “just in case,” emphasizing it with a grin, made it clear that there wasn’t any “just in case” about it at all.

“He wasn’t just hiding his hard-on, though,” she went on, still grinning. “I left a little wet spot.”

That had us both laughing and her maybe a little embarrassed. Not much, but a little.

“Okay,” she said after another moment. “I’m going back in, coach. Mark and Rachel are too cute not to play with.”

“Alright,” I laughed, rubbing her shoulders like a good corner man. “Keep your guard up, watch your footwork, and look out for the high hard one.”

“Think fast and I’ll be fast, right?” she said, her laugh bright and happy.

Mark may have had an even better time than Henry. Marie was just as bold, but this time with the pretty brunette’s body, too. She slid up close behind Rachel, pressing her up against Mark, guiding her hips, touching her body, and after a moment guiding Mark’s hands up to do some touching, too. Rachel was all giggles and blushes and hardly any protests, even when Marie’s hands touched very high on her thighs.

After a couple minutes Marie moved around behind Mark, sandwiching his head between their breasts for a minute before reaching down to unbutton his shirt and run her hands over his hairy chest. She whispered in his ear as she touched him and may have even kissed his neck a little, I didn’t have a clear angle. He certainly enjoyed it, whatever she did.

The dance didn’t end until one of them said something that made Rachel laugh and a grinning Marie leaned out over Mark far enough to kiss her pretty enthusiastically, clearly open-mouthed. When Rachel finally pulled back she wasn’t laughing anymore, and when Marie then gestured to Mark the pretty brunette only hesitated a second before kissing him for a long minute, too, then stepped back and absolutely cracked up. She fell more than sat on the couch, fanning herself and blushing furiously, but got no respite. Marie followed her, dropping down astride her lap to tease and whisper.

The older stripper (I never got her name) finally decided she had every buck she was likely to get and started making noise about leaving. Marie leaned down to talk quietly to Rachel and after a second they both turned to look at me.

“Hey, Ken,” Marie said. “Tell Rachel you’re looking out for me tonight and you can get her home, too.”

“Sure,” I said with a smile. “I’ll take care of you, Rachel. Nothing will happen that you two don’t want to happen.”

Well, that Marie doesn’t want to happen. Rachel had as much chance of resisting Marie as she did the tide.

“He’s probably scarier than your driver, anyway,” said Marie.

“We don’t have a driver,” said the older woman.

“Then you need a new agency,” I said. “Good lord.”

“Honey, I’m long past being able to choose.” There was some hesitation in the look she gave me. Marie saw it and started to reassure her, but for a change it was me that caught on first.

“No more money is going to change hands tonight,” I said. “This is just a party among friends now, if the girls stay naked it’ll be for the fun of it.”

“Have fun, kid,” she said over her shoulder, out the door before she was done talking.

Mark had moved over to the couch next to the girls after his lap dance, now he smiled at Marie and gently bumped her arm with the back of his hand.

“Being naked in company is fun?” he said.

“Depends on the company,” she said sweetly. They looked at each other a moment, his smile spreading as she pointedly made no move to stop him looking at her body. Hard to pick out any one moment with Marie’s energy where it was, but the connection between them right then probably sealed the deal on the wildness that followed.

“Not really fair,” Mark finally said, “that the best man got the best dance of the night.”

Marie laughed and stood, pulling Rachel to her feet.

“True, true,” she said, nodding. “But you guys have to tell Henry to do it right. Have you ever seen what they do to grooms-to-be in strip clubs?”

“They stick ’em in a chair onstage,” Richard said. “And strip ’em down while they dance for them.”

“Yes,” she said as Henry groaned. “But Henry stopped me from peeling him last time. Now that there are only a few of us left, maybe he’ll be a little braver?”

It didn’t take much encouragement. The girls spent a good few minutes dancing and teasing him, pulling off his clothes and touching him all over as they took turns in his lap. They sandwiched him, Marie touched Rachel from behind as Rachel danced in his lap, Marie trailed her hard nipples all over his chest, and he got his hands all over both of them with lots of encouragement.

They’d been playing for at least three, maybe four songs when Marie reached down for his cock. She was sitting astride his lap, very close, while Rachel stood behind him running her hands over his body.

Henry gasped when Marie’s hand found him, his hips twitching involuntarily, then laughed and let his head fall back for a minute. He was bright red from hairline to chest. Marie stroked him for a couple minutes, basically sitting still yet somehow managing to do it with a wiggle, then smiled wickedly and leaned in to say something in his ear that caused Rachel to laugh and him to jump suddenly enough to almost dump Marie off. He shook his head, still blushing, and said something too quiet for me to hear.

“You sure?” she said, her lips easy to read. He nodded, and she smiled and nodded in acquiescence.

We were all surprised when the music suddenly cut off. Everyone turned to see Richard standing by the stereo.

“Henry,” he said, “if you just turned down a handjob from that girl I’ll string you up by your toes.”

The three of them at the chair laughed and Henry tried to cover Marie’s mouth so she couldn’t answer.

“No,” he finally said. “I can honestly say I didn’t turn down a handjob.”

“Noooooooo,” said Richard in disbelief.

“Yeah,” said Marie, her smile turned once more on Henry. “What I said was ‘I am so fucking hot right now. Shall we find a condom?’ But Andie has a loyal man.”

“Aw, you idiot!” said Mark with affectionate indulgence. “You told Andie she could get some!”

“Yeah,” Henry said. “But I promised.”

The guys teased him some, as you’d expect. I noted that Marie hadn’t let go of his cock and that most of their attention was on each other, and after a moment Mark made it clear I wasn’t the only one.

“Um, Marie?” he said, clearing his throat and waiting until she looked. It took a second. “If you want to give him some fun on his last night as a free man… some more fun, I should say… Andie doesn’t give head.”

Marie looked at Henry while the rest of the guys expressed their amazement. Whatever they said was lost in the chatter, but it wasn’t hard to follow. The surprise, at least for everyone but me, came when it was quiet again.

“Rachel,” said Marie, looking over Henry’s shoulder at the brunette, “I know tonight has been wilder than you expected, but it’s been fun, right? Can I talk you into helping me make maybe Henry’s last-ever blowjob memorable?”

It didn’t take much persuading. She stood, took Rachel’s hand, and looked her in the eye as they went down to their knees in front of Henry. He started to protest, gesturing toward a bedroom, but Marie shook him off.

“A lot of the fun for me is in being watched, Mr. Henry,” she said with another wicked grin. “Besides, this is a nice cock. You should want your friends to see it, enhance your rep.”

Everybody laughed at that. Well, giggled, really, in that nervous, tense way you’ll only hear in a room with multiple men and extremely high sexual tension. When Marie took Henry’s cock in her hand you could hear the silence descend on the room, and when she leaned forward to plant a wet kiss on the shaft, her eyes locked on Henry’s, I heard someone gasp “Oh my god.”

Marie had to tell Rachel what to do at first, but they soon had a rhythm. They made it last, kissing and licking their way up and down his shaft and paying lots of attention to his balls in between bobbing up and down on him. There was another gasp when Marie took his long, slender cock all the way down her throat. And when he started to build to orgasm I could see several of the guys breathing in time with him.

He warned the girls when he was about to cum, and you could see the surprise when Marie immediately took him deep in her mouth, her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and pumping in time with her head. She gave a series of little moans in time with his orgasm and didn’t pull back right away, sucking him tenderly and slowly until he’d lost most of his erection.

Finally she pulled back and grinned at Rachel, who just looked stunned. Not unhappy, just totally unable to believe what they’d just done. Marie kissed her lightly, then climbed back into Henry’s lap to kiss him deeply and at length, grinning all the while. He said something when they broke the kiss that made her laugh.

“Nice girls don’t leave a mess,” she said. “I don’t mind. Besides, sometimes I give head in nice clothes, don’t want to leave any stains.”

“So if you’d been a White House intern…” Henry teased.

“No scandal, no evidence, and no talking afterwards. I’d have sucked that Presidential cock every damn day, then patted him on the ass and said ‘Now go save the world, Sir!'”

That broke the tightly-wound sexual tension a little, the boys laughing and cracking wise about Henry’s Lewinski while Marie stood, winked at me, and went to sit on the couch between Mark and Richard. After a couple more wisecracks Richard poked her lightly with an elbow.

“I know we’re not getting that.” he said, “but is some more dancing in the cards?”

“Sure,” she laughed. “But give me a minute. I’m almost high, I need to come down a little.”

“You really like to do that?”

“Oh hell yes. I love it. Didn’t it look like it?”

Whatever answer he gave was lost to me as Rachel came over for a drink. I turned on the charm for a couple minutes, reassuring her that this didn’t make her a whore or even a slut, that if you’re very lucky you’ll have a few nights in your life where the right combination of cool people and great mood and the alignment of the stars or whatever combine to create a moment like we were having. And that thirty years down the line she’d be glad she’d stayed, glad she’d given Henry the thrill, and glad she had the trump card in dirty stories when her girlfriends got to talking. She was laughing and responding to my flirting when I saw Marie, who’d gotten up and started shaking her ass again, let herself be pulled down to dance in Mark’s lap on the couch.

And this one wasn’t so much a lap dance as it was foreplay. Her arms slid around his neck, forearms on his shoulders, and she was basically grinding her hips on his lap while he touched her body. No real dancing to it, a point emphasized by the fact that the music had been turned low enough so as to just be providing atmosphere. Hot as hell, though, and they had every eye in the house on them, including ours.

After a few minutes Richard leaned over to say something. Marie laughed and pushed his head away, but he leaned back in with grin and a “hey, I’m just asking” kind of shrug. A couple more minutes of talk, now aided by Mark, and she laughed again and leaned back a little.

“What’s so funny over there?” asked one of the other guys, whose name I’d learn was Daniel.

“Richard and now Mark are trying to persuade me to repeat the entire dance I gave Henry,” Marie said. “Apparently on both of them.”

“Well, not at once,” said Richard with a laugh.

“Aw,” said Marie, which widened Richard’s eyes and made Mark laugh.

“You’d do that?” Richard said. “Two at once?”

“Handsome boy, if I decide to do it I’ll happily do it to every guy in this room at once. Just the thought gets me wet. Well, more wet.”

He looked shocked, which got another laugh from her.

“So how do we help you decide?” said Mark, who was grinning from ear to ear and still touching Marie, gently examining her nipple piercings. Marie grinned at him.

“You’re doing a pretty good job right now,” she said.

“Am I? So if I offer to do for you what you did for Henry, that would help our cause?”

Marie laughed, the sexual energy starting to make her voice a little breathy. She looked at him a second, her fingers lightly grabbing his hair in perfect time with his gentle pinches of her nipples.

“Help, yeah,” she said, then grinned at Richard. “But you’re both asking me, right? So, what’s in it for me, Ricky?”

“Oh, I’d love to try to get you off,” he said, recovering his wits and grinning. “You want to come over here when you’re done playing with Mark?”

Mark laughed and turned, sitting Marie on the couch between himself and Richard.

“Hey, the ladies double-teamed Henry,” he said with a smile at his friend. “Come on. I’ll play man-to-man, you run the trap.”

More laughing. Marie’s crack about guys and sports analogies was cut off by Mark’s kiss and long forgotten by the time he broke it.

They did a pretty good job, aided by Marie’s guidance. Both kissed her, both ran hands all over her, and they ran their double team pretty well when Mark moved toward Marie’s pussy, Richard smoothly transferring his attention to her breasts and neck and lips. Mark explored her belly and thighs at some length and didn’t move in on her center until she grabbed his hair and pulled him there. She wasn’t bored or impatient, she was just really, really hot.

As evidenced by the fact that she came after only a few minutes of his tongue on her clit. Marie’s good at guiding guys while they touch her, showing that she needs it harder or softer or faster or slower by movements of her hands and hips and by vocal guidance, and she got her reward very quickly this time. She dissolved into laughter after her orgasm and pulled Richard’s face up from her breasts for a long, happy kiss.

“That was quick,” said Mark with the satisfied grin guys get from making a woman cum.

“This night has been foreplay since my clothes came off,” said Marie with a laugh. “But I can go again if you’re feeling generous.”

“Oh, by all means! Can I explore some, play with your piercing down here?”

“Like I’m going to say no to that.”

He took his time, gaining confidence as she writhed under his touch. Their touches, Richard also seemed to be learning pretty quickly what she liked.

I’m not sure Mark even realized when she came the second time, it was just a long, shuddering gasp. He didn’t stop or even pause. She grinned up at Richard, who grinned back and kissed his way around her face.

“Take your clothes off,” she said after a moment. “And do it nice, let me watch you.”

Takes a reasonably secure man to make a show of undressing while in a room full of guys. He pulled it off, though, smiling at her all the while. Nice body on the guy, lean and athletic, which made these guys three for three in that department. And I’m secure enough to say that when his pants came down we all got a surprise. Marie laughed with delight and Rachel, almost forgotten beside me, gasped out loud. Richard was packing. It was long and thick and already mostly hard.

“Damn, Richard!” Marie said. “And here I thought that was your given name.”

He laughed at that, and when he bent down to kiss her she whispered something that made him laugh again. He grinned widely at her delighted smile when she reached down to take hold of him.

“Come here, now,” she said quietly. He crawled up to present it to her, half-kneeling against the back of the couch.

Marie took her time getting to know the big tool. She kissed and sucked her way up and down it with obvious enjoyment for a few minutes, her gaze going from her new toy to his face and back. Her arms were outside his legs, making it awkward for her hands to reach him, which resulted in his cock flopping obscenely around against her face as she kissed and licked it. Finally she grabbed his ass in both hands and grinned up at him.

“You’re going to have to do most of the work,” she said. “I can’t move much. But let me guide you until we get it down.”

He did, but that doesn’t mean it was gentle or slow. She took it easy for a few minutes, letting him gradually deeper, until finally his balls reached her chin. It was insanely hot and insanely obscene watching his big cock slowly slide out until the head appeared, then just as slowly slide back in, her mouth stretched wide to accommodate it and her head tilted back a little to let it into her throat.

Once she was used to it she guided him in picking up the pace, and when she didn’t protest as his excitement increased he gradually built speed and force until he was fucking her face, saliva coating her chin now and her moans matching his thrusts. At one point he pulled it out for a second and looked down at her in concern.

“Am I hurting you, Marie?” he said.

“Nnnooooo!” her voice was a cry, she was near orgasm. She grabbed his ass again and pulled him back to her, her mouth groping for his cock like a hungry bird. “Give me!”

I hadn’t been paying much attention to Mark at the other end of her, but now I saw that he was looking up at what Richard and Marie were doing and his intensity had picked up to match theirs, his mouth locked firmly over her pussy, jacking her clit with his tongue more than licking her.

She came twice before Richard did. He didn’t pull back, and again her moans matched the timing of his orgasm, this time the action of her throat visible as she swallowed. It appeared to be an amount of cum worthy of a cock that big.

Her hands tightened on his ass when he started to pull back, keeping him there so she could give his cock some post-coital love. Marie’s been known to almost anthropomorphize cocks, treating them like lovers separate from the attached boys. Which is mostly my fault, and which I find just insanely hot for some reason.

Richard finally flopped down next to her, reaching over to touch her face tenderly.

“Was I too rough?” he asked.

“God, no,” she said, still breathless. “Showed these guys how I like it.”

“You like it that rough?” said Mark from between her legs. She reached down to touch his face with a smile.

“Of course. Everybody does sometimes. And that wasn’t really that rough.”

“You’ve got tears on your face!”

“That happens when I deep throat. Especially when I deep throat a leg. That is easily one of the three or four biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, Richard.”

He laughed and held it up, turning it this way and that. It’s been observed before, but I’m glad I’m big. Be awkward to see her get off that hard on a monster if I had a minnow in my pants.

“And you,” she said to Mark. “Fucking fantastic. That tongue curling thing you do could keep getting me off all night.”

“Yeah?” he said, then curled his tongue in a U and started stroking her clit with it.

“Yeah,” she breathed. After some teasing he seemed to be settling in again with intent, and Marie grinned and looked around the room.

“Somebody come take advantage of my oral fixation,” she said. “Before I drag these two off to Vegas and marry them.”

Daniel popped up off his chair so fast that I wasn’t the only one to laugh out loud. I laughed again when he then tried to act casual. Marie asked him to strip for her the way Richard had, and he did, albeit with somewhat less confidence. He was redheaded and appropriately pale, but in very good shape. It occurred to me looking at the group of them that I was probably looking at a YMCA league basketball team, and I entertained myself periodically as the night moved on by trying to guess their positions.

Daniel wasn’t the tower Richard was, but he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. He was nervous at first, but it passed quickly. They kissed and touched for a few minutes before he moved into position, and he was clearly so overstimulated that he wasn’t going to last.

Marie sensed it and kept letting him slip out of her mouth to kiss and lick him lewdly. Hot doesn’t even come close to how she looked with his balls in her mouth, her eyes trained upward at his face, Mark holding her hips down with his arms while he ate her furiously.

Must have looked pretty hot to Daniel, too. She wasn’t even sucking him when he started to cum. His cock was jutting into the air above her face while she licked and sucked his balls and the base of his shaft, then suddenly he was groaning and shooting into the air, onto the back of the couch, and all over her face. Marie laughed and tried to take him back in her mouth, but she couldn’t reach and ended up covered in cum.

“Oh my god, I’m a pornstar!” she joked as Daniel almost fell backwards onto Mark. “Towel!”

The action paused while Richard wiped her face, although Mark never completely stopped kissing and licking her. When she was clean-ish, she pulled Richard down for another couple minutes of kissing, then grinned down at Mark.

“You are seriously good at that,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said with a huge grin. “But is it my turn now?”

“How about if it’s both of our turn?” she said sweetly. Took him a second, so she grinned and added, “What else are you good at, Mr. Magic Tongue?”

He laughed, and despite her trying to tell him to do it slow he had the rest of his clothes off in about three seconds. She had to block him with a foot in his belly as he tried to dive on top of her.

“Condom!” she laughed. “Condom! I know how slutty you nurses are, sleeping with any doctor who smiles at you.”

He laughed and bounded to his bedroom in an eyeblink, coming back with several condoms, most of which he tossed on a table.

“Right,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her. “Something comes to mind about pots calling kettles black.”

“I don’t know what you could mean,” she teased. “This is my first time, be gentle.”

He was, but not for long. After a couple minutes Marie grabbed his hips with her legs and started pulling him in harder and faster. She pulled him down for a kiss, then pushed him back and looked at Richard.

“Let me see that thing again, Kong,” she said. “Let’s get dirty.”

It was on after that. Mark fucked her hard and fast while Richard again plumbed her throat. She loved it, cumming several times and moaning steadily around the beast. Mark came first, her legs again tightening around his thighs as he pressed hard against her. When he was done she almost knocked Richard over shoving him back.

“Give it to me,” she said, breathless. “Come on. I want that thing.”

Mark handed him a condom and they were quickly at it. Richard started off careful, no doubt he’d heard “it’s too big” more than once, but Marie bucked up to meet him and grabbed a handful of his hair.

“Fuck me, Richard!” she said, her voice almost a growl. “Come on, we aren’t making love here!”

I pegged him for a guy who’d never really fucked before, but he learned fast. They were soon going at it so hard the couch was sliding across the floor. It was easy to spot Marie’s orgasms, she sat up and grabbed him around the neck each time, getting the angle she needed to get off. His staying power was good and it was a pretty impressive fuck by the time he came, groaning and leaning down to kiss her hard. She’d had a good enough time by then to be partway out of it, in a happy sexual trance, and she just gently reached up to touch his face and kiss him, smiling almost dreamily. I grinned, happy for her. Not a lot of guys can do that to her.

When Richard rolled off Marie I put a hand on Rachel’s waist. She’d stood rapt so far through the performance on the couch, turning to look at me wide-eyed from time to time but not showing any signs of fleeing the scene.

“You’ll make her real happy, pretty girl,” I said, “if you go sit by her and hold her hand and maybe talk to her while she comes down.”

“What would I say?” she said, the wide-eyed gaze turned on me again.

“Just start with ‘wow, that looked like fun’ and go from there,” I said with a grin and a pat on her ass. “Now hop. She likes to have somebody connected to her when she comes down from this high.”

Marie grinned at her when she squeezed in on the couch, and although Rachel spoke too quietly for me to hear it looked like she said exactly what I’d suggested.

“It was awesome,” Marie said. She was holding her hands up against her belly, amusing Richard and Mark and Rachel and Daniel by trying to approximate how far Richard’s cock had reached inside her, when Henry and the fifth guy in the room came over to see if there was any margarita left.

“Adrian, dude, don’t worry about it,” Henry said while I poured. He punched his friend lightly on the shoulder.

“What’s up?” I asked. Adrian looked like he’d rather not say, but Henry answered.

“He’s dating Richard’s ex,” he said. Took me a second, but I got it and laughed.

“Hey, it’s not all about size, brother,” I said. He just nodded kind of glumly. Which I really shouldn’t have found funny. Over their shoulders I could see that Marie wasn’t wasting much time, she’d guided one of Rachel’s hands to Richard’s big cock and the two of them were feeling him up and laughing about it.

“I’ve never…” Adrian said. “Not like that.”

At least it wasn’t just me who found it funny. Henry was grinning now, too.

“For whatever it’s worth,” I said, shaking his shoulder reassuringly, “I don’t think he has, either. That’s Marie’s influence. So come on. Let’s go see if the little sex elemental can infect us with some of that.”

Marie smiled at me as we moved over by them.

“Oh,” she said. “You think you’re playing, too, Ken? Sorry, I’m not touching the help.”

“Hate to remind you, Sugarpop, but you’re the help too.”

“Oh, yeah.” She shrugged and grinned brightly. “Okay, then. Strip.”

“Actually,” I said, “Adrian here was hoping Mark would show him that tongue trick before we get back to sullying your virtue in the Biblical sense.”

She quickly had two guys between her legs, taking turns touching and licking, all three of them gleefully delighted to be naughty. The grin on Marie’s face was priceless, she was having a very good time. She bit the end of one finger and giggled and touched the head of whoever was pleasing her at the moment, coaching and complimenting and occasionally bursting into laughter. And the guys fed off her joy, chuckling and tickling and a lot less uncomfortable than they’d have been if she was a more passive participant. It’s always fun dirty as opposed to sordid with Marie.

When it was clear that the boys were going to be there for a few minutes Marie pulled Rachel’s head down by hers and whispered something, her eyes twinkling at me all the while. Rachel laughed and brought a hand up to her face, blushing a little.

“Rachel doesn’t believe your cock is as big as Richard’s, Ken,” Marie said. “She wants to compare them side by side.”

Rachel laughed and started to protest, but I reassured her with a smile and a wink and stood to strip off my clothes, making a bit of a show of it. Daniel laughed when my half-erect cock came out.

“Fuck, man,” he said. “And here I thought I was doing good.”

“You are,” said Marie. “Those two are outrageous. And I’ve seen a lot of cocks, believe me.”

“We believe you,” said Henry at the same time Daniel said “No problem there.” Marie laughed and they both moved over to kiss her and make sure she knew they were teasing.

Rachel still stroked Richard’s cock, kind of idly. He didn’t seem to mind, although after two orgasms he wasn’t getting hard right away. When the pretty brunette’s eyes finally lifted to my face there was heat, but also a lot of trepidation. I smiled at her.

“Don’t do anything you don’t want to, pretty girl,” I said. “Not everyone is the sex maniac Marie is.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” she said quietly. “It’s… I have a boyfriend.”

“Several, tonight,” said Richard with a grin. She laughed, as did Marie.

“Ken,” Marie said, “quit being Mr. Sensitive Guy and offer the girl some cock. She’s a grownup, she can say no if she wants to. And you, missy, get to work. I can’t take care of all these guys, they’ll kill me.”

I moved close, intending to help Rachel to her feet and move to give Marie and her suitors some room, but Rachel thought I wanted something else and took my cock in her hand, still stroking Richard. She giggled, her eyes wide, and after a second looked down at Marie.

“Kiss them, honey,” Marie said quietly. “Seize the day, and all that. Seize the cock.”

Rachel laughed and looked up at me. I could see the instant she decided to do it, her look changing subtly from shocked and a little scared to something naughtier. “Oh my god, what am I doing?” to “What the hell, you only live once,” so to speak. She leaned forward and took me in her mouth, tentatively at first, then let out a long moan and sucked me deeper. Her mouth was very soft and very hot, and I gasped a little at the first touch.

“It’s so big,” she whispered when she pulled back, seemingly to herself. She turned to Richard’s, still in her other hand, and it was obvious her lust was skyrocketing. She sucked him with real enthusiasm, the moans steadily increasing.

It was hard to figure out what to watch for the next few minutes. Marie’s good time continued, Mark and Adrian licking her while she kind of idly stroked Daniel’s cock as he sat by her on the couch, Rachel went back and forth between my cock and Richard’s, her energy climbing by the minute until she was clearly at least as excited as either of us, it was a hell of a wild scene. The only person not getting any was the groom-to-be, who sat watching and occasionally cracking wise.

When Marie had finally had enough cunnilingus she put a hand under Adrian’s chin and drew him up for some kissing and whispering. She caught and squeezed my hand just for a second as he stood to strip, shooting me a grin.

Rachel saw what they were getting ready to do and looked up at me expectantly, grinning and blushing at my smile. I drew her to her feet.

“Don’t mind if this hot little tramp and I spend some time, do you?” I said to Richard with a grin. He laughed and made a “be my guest” gesture as I led her to the now unoccupied love seat.

Neither of us needed much foreplay. She was all over the place as I touched and kissed her gorgeous body, her hands in my hair and her cries mixing with laughs as I tickled and teased. I went down on her more for the fun of exploring her awesome body and as an excuse for a once-over than because she needed help getting ready. The girl definitely took care of herself, her body was a work of art. Her breasts were beautiful, their nipples thick and hard when I licked and nipped them, her stomach muscles solid and fun to feel twitching at my touch, and her pussy was soaking wet and very hot.

Everyone was too turned on for their orgasms to be particularly patient, and she was no exception. Seemed like I’d hardly introduced myself before her hips were bucking into my face and her pussy tightening around the fingers I’d slipped inside. Her legs closed around my head and after a moment she collapsed, laughing and pushing my head away.

The action on the couch had progressed while we played. Adrian was giving it to Marie and clearly enjoying her repeated demands that he do it harder and faster. He’d already cracked a sweat, and I could tell Marie was getting to that place where the orgasms just follow each other in waves.

Henry made me grin. He’d moved over to the couch where Rachel had been sitting and was obviously trying to get some attention from Marie, holding her hand to his cock and touching her breasts. She was too into the fucking, though, I’m not sure she was even aware of him.

“Henry,” I said. Took him a second to look at me. “You saw how she likes it. Just take it, man. Get up on her and shove your cock in her mouth.”

“Yyyeeeeeeessssss!” moaned Marie, her voice made staccato by the pounding.

“All you guys,” I said. “Just fuck the little slut. Smack her ass, grab her hair, shove your cocks down her throat. Fuck her like she stole something. And don’t say please or wait your turn. She’ll love you for it, it’s what she needs.”

Marie had an orgasm while I spoke, and I knew it was at least partly because of what I said. Henry slid up on top of her, still probably too polite but at least getting in the game, and I grinned at Rachel and grabbed a condom.

“Don’t…” she started. “I don’t… not so rough.”

“Yes you do,” I said with a grin. “But don’t worry, I’ll let you figure it out.”

I’m not embarrassed to say I hogged the stripper. If somebody had tried with a will to get me to tag out I would have, but they were otherwise occupied and so we went from reasonably gentle sex on the chair to much wilder fucking on the floor, her legs over my arms and her screams loud enough to wake the neighbors. The whole scene had me so hot I kept having to slow down, change positions, think about baseball, even pinch myself to keep from finishing before I was ready. Gotta feed the ego, right? Gotta pound the hell out of a new lover, make sure she knows who’s daddy. Fortunately her orgasm wasn’t the least bit shy and I was mostly able to do my little cool-downs while she came down from climax. Mostly.

Over the next 45 minutes or so all the guys but Richard wore themselves out on Marie’s body, generally two at a time. She loved it, especially when Mark was fucking her and Henry slid down beside her to whisper in her ear and stroke her body. The orgasms followed on each other fast and furious, but of course even when she wasn’t cumming she was having a great time. There were lots of giggles and laughs and kisses and “oh my god we’re so naughty” smiles.

At last there was a lull, Henry having just made yet another deposit in Marie’s mouth and Daniel sitting between her legs with his back to the couch watching Rachel and I, still breathing hard from his exertions. We were barely moving, my orgasm close enough to have me breathing very slowly and carefully and trying not to look at Marie lest the glazed lust in her eyes send me over the falls. Rachel’s arms were around my neck and she was slowly and languidly kissing my chest and shoulders and face, her legs sort of limply waving over my arms as I thrust and her body moving very slightly to meet me.

“Daaaaaaaaamn,” Marie finally said with a very satisfied sigh, which cracked everybody up. Well, everybody but Rachel, but to be fair I don’t think she even heard. A fact that didn’t escape Marie’s attention.

“Think she’s glad she stayed?” she said to Richard, pointing at the languid stripper. The guys all laughed again, or at least the ones with enough energy. Marie’s gaze stayed on Richard, wandering from his face to his semi-erect cock, and after a second she reached out to take him in her hand and slowly stroke him.

“What do you think, big guy?” she said. “Got another round in you?”

They ended up on the floor right by us, Marie on her back. She sighed when he entered her, her legs lifting off the floor seemingly in time with his first thrust. The guy was clearly a good fuck, reading Marie well and now much more willing to drive it into her as hard as she wanted.

At first Marie was willing to let our connection be limited to conspiratorial smiles, but when her orgasm had come and gone the first time she suddenly reached up almost frantically to grab my head and pull me down. I grinned, shifted Rachel until I could reach, and tried not to think about how many loads of cum had been in Marie’s mouth as we kissed. Can’t be squicked by that stuff and really enjoy a group scene. And it’s not like she hasn’t tasted pussy in my kiss.

It was an urgent kiss, very hot. And it reinforced more than just our emotional connection: she went right back over the top and came again in the middle of it, just a couple minutes after her last orgasm. I pulled back and grinned at Richard.

“One, two, three, swap?” I said. He laughed and nodded and I looked down at Rachel.

“I’m too close to give it to you right, pretty girl,” I said. “I need reinforcements. Want to compare Richard’s cock and mine again?”

She kissed me at some length, but then her eyes came into focus a little and she grinned and nodded.

“Wild child,” I whispered to her with a wide grin and another kiss. There was a momentary pause when Richard went to change condoms and saw only one left, but he didn’t argue when I gestured for him to take it.

Marie and I moved slow for a while, kissing and smiling and just loving the feel of each other. She was quite the picture, her hair wet with her sweat and her partners’ and both it and her face carrying substantial DNA evidence of her evening. Her eyes were aware, but a little glazed. Definitely in a happy place. When I started to pick up the pace her arms slid around my neck and she pulled me down hard against her.

“Yes, baby,” she whispered. “Oh, please…”

I’ve pointed out to her before that it’s hard to both fuck energetically and hold each other that close, but we worked it out. Her hips lifted to meet mine and we found a rhythm, both of our energy climbing quickly.

I managed to last until she’d had one more orgasm or little series of them, but then it was just too much. She pulled me down hard as I came, kissing my neck and ear and whispering her love, and when it was done we spent a couple minutes kissing and laughing softly and teasing each other that we smelled like other people.

Finally I shifted off her, putting my back against the couch by Daniel and helping Marie slide over to lay with her head in my lap. We all watched Richard and Rachel finish, then it was a room full of collapsed bodies and the smell of sex.

“This where we all take vows of secrecy?” said Mark after a few minutes. He grinned. “I mean, I know Andie said Henry could have some fun, but there’s some girlfriends that can never, ever hear about this.”

“Aw,” said Marie. “Don’t tell me that. I want to leave here still a little in love with you boys.”

“What,” he said, “are you saying you’ll tell your boyfriend about this?”

Richard laughed and gave him an astonished look, but didn’t say anything, his attention still mostly on Rachel as they lay with her head on his shoulder. Marie grinned and winked at him and didn’t answer Mark directly.

“Here’s what you do,” said Marie. “Now that you know how much fun this is, you have one of your buddies- I suggest Richard- over and put the moves on your girl. Then you tell her where you got the idea. But you’ve gotta tell her, right?”

“Seriously,” he said, laughing. “Are you saying you’re going to tell your boyfriend you fucked six guys tonight?”

“Dude, you can not be that dense,” said Henry from above us on the couch. He grinned at Marie. “I don’t know whether I’m excited at the idea of letting Andie out with you or terrified.”

“How about both?” she laughed, reaching up to give his hand a squeeze. “I can’t imagine she’s going to end up on the business end of six boys.”

“What do you have in mind?” he asked. Marie looked up at him, I think trying to see if she was hearing a proprietary tone there, but it just sounded curious to me.

“Well, getting laid for one,” she finally said with a shrug. “And if she doesn’t freeze up like a deer in headlights or run screaming, I might try to introduce her to the fun of oral. Take a fiancé who doesn’t go down and turn her into a wife who loves it.”

Henry nodded thoughtfully, then grinned and squeezed her hand.

“Maybe when I talk to her in the morning,” he said, “I can encourage her to let her hair down and have some fun. I kind of like the idea of her having a night like this. Straight-laced is an understatement describing Andie.”

“Oh my god!” said Mark suddenly. He pointed at Marie and I. “You two?”

Pretty much everybody cracked up. Daniel hadn’t figured it out, but seemingly everyone else. Even the half-asleep Rachel.

“And on that note,” I said, looking at the clock. Took us a while to get out the door because Marie’s affection for the boys was high, everyone got lengthy good night kisses. And some good night feel-ups. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say Marie falls a little in love with the majority of the guys she beds. Or couches, in this case. Or floors. Both girls fell asleep in the truck on the way home, Rachel’s head on Marie’s shoulder, and Marie more or less passed out in the tub at home. I washed her as gently as I could given the mess she was, laughing each time she woke up enough to smile and kiss me. She smiled again as we settled into bed.

“You sure know how to show a girl a good time,” she said.

“Think you showed the good time tonight, Sugarpop. I was just a happy passenger on the ride.”

“Yeah,” she said with a self-satisfied grin that made me laugh.

“So how would you like your bride-to-be served tomorrow?” she murmured after a moment, her eyes already closed.

“Whipped cream, cherry on top, the usual,” I said. We chuckled quietly, close enough together for our lips to touch.

“You really, really love me,” she sighed a moment later, at most half awake.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

“And I really, really love you.”

“Yes, you do.”

Another happy sigh, and we were both out like lights.

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