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We Met Her at a Wedding

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We met Jana at a wedding reception. It was my younger cousin’s wedding. She sat at our table. Jack, my husband of nine years, could not take his eyes off of her. She was very beautiful with her black, long, curly hair and dark exotic eyes. She had long eyelashes and dark full eyebrows. She had high cheekbones and a classic Roman nose. Both of her parents were Italian, but she grew up in an eastern European country.

She had a lovely body and a very pretty face. She was 28 years old, much older than your average au pair. She cared for the children of a longtime friend of the family. She had only been to America for a few months and her Slavic accent was thick. She also spoke Italian, which I spoke as well. She had a captivating smile and a wonderful personality. She knew no one at the wedding, but she very sociable and outgoing. She laughed and danced and seemed to have a great time. She was just the type of woman that Jack liked. I liked her as well.

Jack made some small talk with her from across the table. She beamed when he spoke to her. He engaged in some mild flirting and he made her laugh. She seemed to be attracted to him. I should have felt jealous, but I wasn’t. I was not threatened by her good looks. I believed I could hold my own in the beauty department. I was a raven-haired girl of Italian ancestry. My hair was naturally curly and flowed long down upon my back. My brown almonds shaped eyes were deep and expressive. My skin was soft and flawless. I was of medium height and weight. I was very shapely and proud of my hour glass figure for being 33 years old. I had a tiny waist, an ample bosom and wide yet firm bottom. I looked ravishing in my short black sequenced dress with flimsy spaghetti string straps. Jack seemed to like me in it and I received many compliments that night. Although I had two kids, I felt pretty good about my self-image and my sexy body.

Jana was dressed in black too. She had on a short backless dress with a plunging neckline that was made of velour. She wore dark nylons over her shapely legs. She wore black suede pumps and had a small matching purse. A slim gold necklace with a heart shaped charm adorned her slender neck. She was about my height, but a few pounds lighter than I was. She had breasts that were nestled in a pair of size 34-C cups. I sat closer to her and smelled her sweet and alluring perfume. It was an unfamiliar sent that must have been from Europe. We made some girl talk and I asked about her life back home. We spoke a little Italian to each other. I sensed that she spoke with a northern as opposed to my southern dialect. She was single and found it difficult to meet men here in America, especially having to watch children full time. She was a live in au pair and stayed in a room at our friend’s house. The family got grandma to watch the kids so that Jana could come to the wedding and have the night off and have some fun.

Jana told me that she liked strong confident men. Someone who was stable and had a good head on his shoulders. But she also liked sensitivity and romance in a man. She liked the same qualities that I liked in men and Jack was that sort of man. That night he was dressed in a conservative dark suit and tie. He looked great. He stood just a hair under six feet and was a stocky build. He had short brown hair that he combed back and he was clean-shaven. He was very manly in the way he walked, talked, and carried himself. He wore musk cologne that drove me wild.

Jack got up to excuse himself to get a drink and catch up with an old friend he saw in the foyer. Jana and I talked some more. She complimented me and said that she loved my dress. She flattered me by telling me I was beautiful. I returned her compliments as I found her quite attractive. I never had a same sex experience with a woman, but I was not ashamed to notice and admire a beautiful woman when I saw one. Jane told me she thought Jack was very handsome and that I was a lucky woman. I told her that I WAS lucky and that Jack was a pretty good catch. Soon, the disc jockey played some oldies song. Jana rocked in rhythm while in her seat. I asked her if she liked to dance. She said she loved dancing, especially to oldies but goodies. She got up from her seat, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced and laughed and just had a great time. She was a load of fun. After a few dances, Jack came back into the room and spied us dancing together. He smiled and winked at me. I smiled waved back. Jana blew him a kiss and waved.

A slow song came on and Jack asked me to dance. He told me he thought Jana and I looked great together. I agreed. I knew he enjoyed two hot looking brunettes dancing together. I surprised him when said that she would be perfect for a threesome. Jack always fantasized about having a threesome with another girl and me. I would always kid him and tell him I would consider it if we found the right girl. He said that it would be nice, but he knew that I would never go through with it. “Try me.” I said to him coyly. He just grinned and we danced the next couple of slow songs together. We held each other tight and kissed on occasion. I noticed that Jana was looking at us. She was smiling.

We returned to the table. We moved our chairs closer to Jana so that we could talk some more. We drank champagne and wine as we conversed and communicated. Jana’s body language was very expressive and clear. With her deep, dark, lovely eyes, she held us in and made us feel that we were the only three people in the room. It was a large reception with over 300 guests, but we felt that we were all alone. Another slow song played and Jack graciously asked Jana to dance. She accepted and the two embraced on the floor. They swayed in each other’s arms and she looked forlornly into his eyes. He held her close and she rested her head on his beefy shoulder. They really hit it off and the sight of my husband tenderly holding and subtly seducing an attractive woman was turning me on. But who was seducing whom?

After the song they returned to the table. We talked and drank more wine. Our family friend who employed Jana said that they were leaving. Jana seemed disappointed and wanted to stay. She was having such a nice time. Jack kindly offered to take Jana home. Our friends didn’t want to spoil Jana’s night out and allowed us to take her home at a later hour. Jana was elated. So was I. Butterflies began to stir in my stomach as I felt that something very special would happen between the three of us that night.

We talked, drank, and danced till midnight. I was feeling a bit tipsy, but very relaxed and comfortable. Jack suggested that we all go up to our hotel room. We were 80 miles from home and decided to stay at the hotel where the wedding reception was held. Jana said that she didn’t want to be a third wheel and that Jack should spend some time alone with his beautiful wife. Jack and I both assured her that she was welcome to come with us. And with that, Jana happily accompanied us to our room. We brought a bottled of wine with us. We were all a little buzzed, but feeling very good.

Our room was on the 12th floor. It had a breath taking view of the city lights. We turned on just a few desk lamps for a little ambient light. Jack took off his coat and removed his tie. Jana and I kicked off our shoes and we sat upon the king-sized bed. Jack took a seat on the sofa chair, removed his shoes and plopped his feet on the bed next to Jana. She picked up his feet and placed them on her lap. He began messaging Jack’s feet. He closed his eyes and moaned as her thumbs worked at his tired, aching arches. I knelt down on the floor and began messaging his calf muscles and thighs. He was taking it all in. He loved having two women messaging his body. I moved my hands up his thighs and gave him a playful grab to his groin. He laughed slightly, still keeping his eyes close and his head tilted back. I moved up and placed my lips next to his. His breath was sweet with wine. His neck smelled of French cologne mixed with his manly scent. I kissed him passionately on the lips. I sat on his lap and began making out with him in front of Jana. She just kept rubbing his feet, watching us.

After a while, she began moving her hands up Jack’s lower legs, then his thighs. While rubbing his thighs, Jana brushed against my nylon stocking covered leg. I shuddered slightly at her delicate touch. She noticed my reaction and she went further. She began rubbing my thigh. I gasped while kissing Jack as she this. Jack placed his hand on my other thigh and slowly slid it up my dress. I moaned when he touched my pussy, which covered by black satin and lace panties and pantyhose. Jana slid her hand over Jack’s lower arm and wrist and rode his venturing hand up my dress. Her dainty fingers danced across the smooth material over my full mound as Jack sank his hand deep between my legs, pressing my underwear into my labia. Being a woman, Jana was quick to find my clitoris underneath its encasement of satin and nylon. She started to rub it in slow deep circular motions. My thighs drifted open and my dress rose up high on legs. I opened up for them and let them play with me over underwear that had become damp and warm with my hot flowing juices. Jack dug into my luscious lips as Jana worked away at my clit. My legs rocked open further. I moaned and groaned with sheer pleasure. I lifted my dress up and took it off, tossing it to the floor. Jana saw my 36-Ds contained in my sexy black lacy bra and she diverted her attention to play with my breasts. She stood up and walked behind me. She reached around and clasped both of my breasts and kissed me gently on the side of my neck. She turned her head toward Jack and gave him a long hot kiss on the lips. Jack moved his hand up to my clit and continued where Jana left off. He was really going at it and I was getting extremely wet. Jana rubbed her hands all up and down my soft silky smooth abdomen, then worked her way back up to my breasts. She unhooked my bra and let it fall down around my shoulders. She cupped my breasts in her hands and kneaded them gently. She fingered and playfully pitched my nipples, which drove me crazy.

Jack began to emerge from the chair. I felt his stiffening penis poke into my ass cheek as he motioned for me to stand up. I got up off his lap. He stood and faced me, stripping me of my dangling bra and tossed it aside. He kissed me and sat me down on the bed. He turned to Jana and embraced her. He kissed her passionately and unzipped the back of her dress. Her dress fell to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She was clad in a matching set of pink satin panties, which were cut high on the leg, and pink lacy bra. She wore black nylon pantyhose over her panties. Her body was exquisite. Jack kissed her and squeezed her ass. He slid his big hands up her arched back and unsnapped her bra. He took off of her and threw it across the room. He sat Jana down on the bed next to me. Jack performed a strip tease for us as he took off his suit. He slithered out of the red silk boxer shorts that I bought him last Christmas. Jack stood there naked with an 8 inch hard on. Jana gasped at his sized. She seemed pleased.

Jack told me to lie back on the bed while he pulled off my pantyhose and panties, while Jana caressed my tummy and breasts. Once my nicely trimmed pussy was exposed, she moved her hand down to pet it. Then Jack made Jana lay down and he removed the rest of her undergarments. He dropped her silky and satiny underwear to the floor where they co-mingled with my sexy underthings. The sight made Jack very aroused. He stood and admired the two beautiful brunettes he was about to conquer. He stroked his thick, long penis as he contemplated his next move.

I laid upon the bed waiting in anticipation. Jack lay down between us and began to caress both of our pussies. Jana had a rich, dark, lovely, thatch of hair protecting her pubis. It was a beautiful. I wanted to touch her. Jack rubbed both of our mounds simultaneously as he lay between us. He turned to kiss our cheeks and necks alternately. His hands made their way up to our chest and he began playing with our breasts at the same time. I stroked his penis as he did this. Then he rolled over on top of me and kissed me hard on the lips. I sighed as he pulled away and stood up. He pulled my legs off over the side of the bed and lowered his hips to mine. He took the tip of his cock and rubbed it all over my vulva. Then he focused on my clit. I was incredibly wet as he rubbed his cock hard and fast on my blood engorged clit. He checked my snatch to see if I was wet enough for him, then he entered my vagina. This is what I waited for all night. It felt soooooo gooood! He slipped his hot hard penis deep into my snatch and I clenched his throbbing member with my strong vaginal muscles. He loved that. Once he found a good spot, he worked his way into a steady rhythm. He fucked me at an angle and was not lying totally on top of me. His beautiful and gifted cock glanced off my G-Spot with every forward thrust. I was in ecstasy.

Jana played with her own lovely pussy as she watched Jack fuck me. She couldn’t take just sitting there and pleasuring herself any longer and decided to join in. She leaned over me and kissed me on the mouth as Jack fucked me. She then worked her way down my body giving me little kisses and tender flicks with her hot tongue. I reached for her dangling breasts as she moved away. She made her way down to my stuffed snatch. She watched closely as Jack’s dick worked its way in and out of my pussy. She lowered her head and started nibbling on my sensitive clitoris. Then she licked, probed and sucked it with her gifted tongue and mouth. It was quite a feeling to have my clit licked and my pussy filled and pumped at the same time. I came in no time at all. I screamed so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would call hotel security because they thought a woman was being killed. The only thing dead in the room was my precious little pussy, which had died and went to heaven.

Jack eased out of me and let me bask in the moment. He was not finished yet. He lured Jana’s head up from my crotch and planted a kiss on her full luscious lips, which was smeared with my wetness and her red lipstick. After the kiss, he held her in place and stuck his cock to her face. She opened her mouth and took it in lovingly. She reached up with one hand and got a hold of his rock hard shaft and began devouring his cock. She sucked and milked him to no end. I wonder if she could taste my essence on his dick. Jack stood back and just enjoyed it. She licked his big droopy balls and batted them around with her darting tongue. The she went back to sucking his cock. He pulled it out and began to playfully smack her face with his rubbery hard on. In turn, she tried to snap at it with her mouth as if it were a game. They giggled as they played.

Jack made Jana remain on all fours, but he made her turn away from him. He pulled her hips up to his groin and placed the tip of his cock to her lovely snatch. He eased himself into her tight wet hole and began to fuck her deep, hard and long. She bounced off his bucking pubic region and he would just pull her back with his powerful arms and slam her back into him. She loved it! She groaned and rocked as she got it from behind. Like me, she had a hard time containing herself. She was loud as she panted, moaned, and begged for more. Her accent combined with her mock little girl voice made the whole auditory scene very arousing for Jack. I was getting turned on too. I reached up and played with her flapping breasts.

They were firm, but had to give during the intense impact being applied to her body. They were beautiful and I loved to touch and message them. With my free hand I found myself playing with my clit. I thought about my husband fucking Jana’s pussy with his huge cock until she begged for mercy. I enjoyed seeing them both in such pleasure. Jana soon arrived at a thundering climax. She exhaled and roared like a wildcat as she achieved her ultimate pleasure. But, Jack was not through and he did not let up. This drove Jana insane. She came three more times before he did and each time was more intense than the previous.

After ten minutes of non-stop pounding, Jack felt himself coming. He did not know if he should just come in Jana’s pussy. We never had the chance to talk about ground rules or birth control methods. He wanted to come in her badly though. But, he decided to pull out and shoot his wad all over her hot, sweaty, and quivering butt cheeks. It was amazing to see how far he shot the white globs of cum from his penis. It was like a shotgun blast of white all over her hynie. Then an urge came over me. I bent down and licked my husband’s cum off of Jana’s sweet ass. It tasted heavenly. Then I went over to Jack and cleaned him off with my mouth. I tasted Jana’s musty womanly flavor on his mighty meat pole. I sucked him off wildly until he couldn’t stand it any longer. His cock ring became quite sensitive and he was begging for me to stop. I refused and kept going with more tenacity. He jerked uncontrollably and came in a torrent. He heaved a breath-stealing scream. That was the first time he had a vocally expressed orgasm. I was stunned. But no one was more shocked than he. Once he recouped, he stood me up, embraced me tightly, and kissed me passionately.

Jana stood up and wrapped her arms around us. We stood there for awhile. Then I turned and kissed Jana passionately on the lips. After a while, our tongues swirled wildly within our connected mouths. We hugged and felt each other’s bodies with exploring hands. We were hot and perspiring. Our bodies were very slippery to the touch. My hand found her plump, moist, pussy. I found myself grabbing and molesting Jana’s fleshy, hairy, mound and pinching her clit. I spread open her labia and stuck my fingers into her hot box. I almost wished I had a penis for one moment so that I could fully take her and vanquish her. I needed to have her.

Jana lay down upon the bed and spread her legs open for me. I settled between her thighs and placed my face up to her crotch. I examined it and pet it with my hands at first. I was intrigued with the beauty of a woman’s vagina. I mean I had one and looked at it in a mirror, but I never saw one this close and personal before. I kissed all over her vulva. Her scent was very womanly and musty, very much like the way my freshly fucked pussy smells. I began exploring her with my tongue. A couple of times I stuck my probing tongue into her vagina. After exploring and teasing, I lapped up her budding clitoris. My tongue slid around her love button in a semi circular motion. I liked that, so I figured that she might too. She pulled my hair, which I like very much during sex, and held my head into her pubic arch. Jack saw me on my haunches with my rear in air going down on another woman and it drove him nuts. He still wanted to cum in a wet, warm, and inviting pussy.

Mine was there for his taking. He mounted me from behind and fucked me like a dog in heat as I ate out Jana. Judging by her body language and her vocal expressions, I knew she loved what I was doing and I was doing it well. It takes a woman to know what a woman wants. I couldn’t believe that I made her get off through lingual to clitoral stimulation. I kind of felt proud that I was able to get another woman off like that. I kissed her soft fleshy nub gently. Jack stood behind me slamming into my ass. His cock speared right through me with every forward motion. It was not long before he came inside me. His cum dribbled out of me as he pulled out. He stepped back and told Jana and me to continue what we were doing while he watch. We went on for twenty more minutes, while he watched and masturbated.

Jana came two more times, but after a while she whispered to me that she wanted Jack to cum inside her pussy. She sensed a look of reservation on my face. She said that she problems with her fallopian tubes and that she could not get pregnant and that we were not to worry. I was a good judge of character and I didn’t think she would lie about something like that.

Jana laid back, lifted and spread her legs. Jack climbed upon her and slipped his stiff cock into her nice saturated vagina. He rocked her gently first, then he picked up the pace. She liked how his pubic bone pressed against her clit. Her vagina felt very full and satisfied with Jack’s thickness and length. I stared as his cock just stuffed her pussy. Watching them together turned me on. A slight hint of jealousy hit me as I saw my husband intimately screwing this young beautiful woman. But the feeling soon passed as Jana looked over to me lovingly and reached out for me. She wanted to hold my hand as my husband made love to her. I held her hand and stroked her face and hair as Jack rocked her steadily in the missionary position. Jack slowed his pace and started to grind and gyrate into her. She moaned in delight. Jack needed slow deep penetrating thrusts for him to cum this time. He stroked her hair back and kissed her neck, cheek, and temple as he moved in and out of her vagina. She begged for him to cum inside her. She wanted to feel his hot liquid shoot inside her. He did not let her down. He came and she shuddered as his warm ejaculate bathed her inner walls. Jack, being the good guy that he was, continued a little longer so that Jana could cum one more time as well. He was always a thoughtful lover.

We lay in bed together to rest a bit. Jack lay between us. He had an arm around us both, and we rested our heads on his shoulders. We made some pillow talk and sipped more wine.

After a brief respite, we started up again. Jack fucked Jana’s pussy again. She was his new toy. He placed her on her back and pulled her legs off the side of the bed before he stuck his cock into her again. I watched as her vagina swallowed his shaft. I bent down and licked her clit as they screwed. I stared closely at the action that took place just inches from my mouth. The movement of Jack’s thrusting cock stuffing Jana’s pussy was tantalizing. My tongue slid off of Jana’s clit onto the top of Jack’s wet shaft. I licked his working cock as it disappeared and reappeared at the door to Jana’s vagina. I alternated my tongue between his cock and her clit as they fucked vigorously.

Then Jana wanted to eat me out. I lay down and opened my legs for her. Her loving tongue lavished my clit and pussy with her steamy wet saliva. She was very good. She was talented and knew had to please both and man and a woman. Jack got behind Jana and entered her vagina. After a few minutes, he pulled out and tried to put it in her ass, but she refused to allow him. She was scared that it would hurt her too much. So Jack put it back in her pussy for a while, but then he stopped and pulled out again. He seemed to be more content at watching us and masturbating so he left us alone. Jana brought me to another dreamy orgasm. I offered to return the favor and we switched places.

She lay on her back and opened her legs for me. I went down on her glorious pussy and licked her clit. My probing tongue ventured into her moist vagina. I ate her out and she just took it all in. She moaned and wiggled about. Jack saw me with my ass up in the air and decided that he wanted to take me in my vulnerable position. He found some petroleum jelly in my purse and applied it generously to his penis. He moved in behind me and pushed his cock into my ass. I jumped for a beat as I was startled by Jack’s invasive presence in my ass. We tried anal sex on occasion, but it wasn’t for me. I knew Jack like it though. I went right back to loving Jana’s pussy with my tongue.

After a while, Jack’s deep forceful penetrations into my ass broke me down and he pushed me down on to Jana’s firm open body. Our breasts felt wonderful as they slipped and slid between each other. Jack drove my ass downward, which caused my pelvis to bump and press down hard onto Jana’s pubic bone. We mashed our wet slippery pussies together. Our clits found each other and we began to rub them together. The feeling was incredible. I felt like a human sandwich wedged between my horny husband and our new hot friend. We stayed in this position for several minutes. Soon, I felt Jack begin to tremble. I knew he was ready to cum. I was very close and by the way Jana was panting and grunting, I knew she was ready to let loose as well. With one last powerful and deep thrust, which he held in place in my ass, he shot his wad into anal cavity. We all came at the same time!

We all climbed off of each other and settled into bed. We fell asleep in a tangled web of arms and legs. What an experience!

We got to see Jana on a regular basis. We even had her baby-sit our kids for us. We got together a few more times after my cousin’s wedding. The sex was incredible. Then about three months later, we learned that Jana became pregnant. How was that possible? I thought she said she was physically incapable. She said that she was sorry that she lied to me, but she wanted a baby badly and that Jack had the perfect physical traits that she was looking for in a father. If her baby was born in America, it would make her easier to become and American citizen. I was upset, primarily because she lied to me and betrayed my trust in her. But it did not take her long to seduce us again. Her pregnant body introduced a new dynamic into our three-way love making adventures. We are still very close.

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