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Bryan’s Seduction

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“Good morning Christy,” Bryan Jensen said, as he set his briefcase down on the floor next to the receptionist’s workstation. Without glancing her way, he began sorting through the stack of correspondence, phone messages and inter-office envelopes that were waiting for him.

“Good morning Mr. Jensen,” Christy responded smiling at him, though he really wasn’t looking at her. “Oh…I’m supposed to tell you, your conference call has been postponed until this afternoon at two,” she added quickly.

Bryan did look up at her then, smiling. He dreaded the weekly conference call meetings with the corporate office. They were always long and boring. The good news was, with the meeting rescheduled for the afternoon, it would in all likelihood be much shorter. They always were, whenever they had to be rescheduled.

“That’s good news,” he said, winking at her. It certainly wasn’t a flirtatious wink. Bryan had been and was very careful about that. His number one personal rule was he didn’t date, fool around or get too friendly or personal with anyone he worked with. It was not to say that there wasn’t a fair amount of office flirtation on occasion. He’d flirted himself, if you wanted to call it that, but it was generally innocent. Never anything that his co-workers could construe as being forward or worse, sexually harassing. At 51, Bryan was still in pretty good shape. It was something he was proud of, as he still looked a lot younger than many of the men his age that he worked with. He still had a full thick head of hair with only a touch of gray beginning to show at the temples.

It was a damn good thing that no one could read his mind, however, or he really would be in trouble. He noticed Christy for the first time now, as he actually looked up at her, winking as he sometimes did. He saw she was wearing her long dark hair in a ponytail today, something he personally liked. It tended to give women a younger, innocent look that he found to be a major turn on. Besides the ponytail, Christy was also wearing a modest though alluringly cut blouse. Standing slightly off to one side from her, especially with Christy sitting down, Bryan had a nice, unobstructed view of her fairly large breasts. Not that she was wearing anything too low cut, especially for the office. Just the style of her blouse as it tended to push in on one side of the “V” cut, and puff out on the other. He just happened to be standing opposite the puff-out side, giving him a tantalizing view of her white, very lacy bra. Christy’s smile widened even more, if that was possible, after he’d winked at her. Turning, he reached down to retrieve his briefcase, stealing one more quick view down her blouse, and nearly ran Rachel over.

“Oh, I’m sorry Rachel,” he said. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.” She had dropped a handful of interoffice mail she’d been carrying. Bryan met her at knee level as they both quickly stooped to pick it up simultaneously. “No problem…Bry…uh, Mr. Jensen,” she amended quickly. “As a matter of fact, there’s an important looking letter in here for you someplace.”

They both stood, Bryan handing Rachel his portion of the papers that had fallen, scattering all over the floor. “I need to hurry over to my office,” he said. “When you find it, go ahead and bring it in to me.” Without waiting for her response, Bryan turned and quickly headed down the hall without any further mishaps.

Rachel, who worked in the mailroom, made several interoffice drop-offs and pick-ups throughout the day. Bryan was fairly easy going and laid back for a quote “Office Manager”. He hated the formalities, certainly hated having to wear a tie, which was one of the reasons he’d fought so hard for, and finally pushed through Friday’s as being casual dress day.

Rachel had been working for the company for a little over a year now. In that time, Bryan had gotten to know her on a much more informal level. He’d told her a long time ago to call him Bryan, which she did whenever they were alone, though continuing to call him Mr. Jensen whenever anyone else was around. He smiled as he reached his office, flipped on the light switch, dropping his briefcase down on top of his desk. Rachel was another one that tended to wear her long, light brown hair in a ponytail. He’d told her a while back how much he liked it whenever she’d worn it that way, and suddenly, she’d begun doing so nearly every day. He wondered briefly if it was because he’d mentioned that to her, or if it was simply the style she preferred especially working in the environment that she did. Admittedly, he was attracted to her; she really was cute, but easily half his age. And besides, he was engaged to be married…”again” he mused to himself, in a little less than six month’s from now.

Though their relationship had remained professional, she was one of the few women he knew that he actually did flirt with, though remaining very careful about whatever it was he said to her when he did. She in turn, flirted back, sometimes bordering on the more explicit innuendos, which Bryan admittedly got quite a turn on out of hearing from her.

“Knock, knock.” Rachel suddenly said, catching Bryan by surprise when she did.

Looking up, he saw her standing in his doorway. “Have you got a second?” she asked him.

“Sure kiddo,” he said. “Come on in.” Bryan had called Rachel “kiddo” for about as long as he’d known and been working with her. But again, only whenever they were out of earshot from any of the other employee’s. “What’s up?” He asked her.

“I lied to you earlier,” she said, stepping into his office, closing the door behind her as she did.

“This really must be serious!” Bryan said standing up. As often as Rachel had come by his office, she’d never once come in and closed the door behind her before.

“I needed an excuse to come see you,” she began, leaning against the closed door. “I’m really going to miss hearing that,” she added as an afterthought.

“Miss hearing what?” He questioned, obvious confusion and concern in his voice as he spoke.

Rachel laughed, came away from the door and walked over to stand directly in front of him. It would have been difficult sliding an envelope between them. Bryan was a good six inches taller than Rachel was, as such, she stood on tippy-toes, reached up placing both hands on either side of his face and kissed him, quickly…but kissing him all the same.

“Rachel?” Bryan said with more than a little surprise in his tone of voice. She stepped back, blushing. On top of the ponytail, blushing gave her even more of that sweet innocent look. Bryan saw something else too that had suddenly just appeared. Chalk it off to the cooler air in this section of the office for whatever reason perhaps, but looking at her now, he couldn’t help but notice the twin hard little points that had suddenly appeared beneath the shirt she was wearing. Rachel was by no means chesty, far from it in fact. It was rare that he’d ever noticed her wearing a bra, unless it was a sports bra that she’d had to wear because of some outfit she’d chosen to wear that would not have allowed her to go bra less otherwise. The fact that her hard little nipples were so apparent now wasn’t much different than many of the other women in this section of the office struggled with every day themselves. But now…added to everything else, Rachel was looking even sexier, sensual than she had been.

“I just wanted to let you know that I gave my two weeks notice starting tomorrow. I’ve found a new job paying twice what I’ve been making here.”

Bryan knew it was pointless to try and convince her to stay, especially monetarily. Rachel also worked for an entirely different department from his, which gave him no sway whatsoever with her immediate supervisor.

“Damn…I’m happy for you, but sad to hear you’ll be leaving,” he told her honestly. “I hope they know what an excellent, hard working employee they’re losing,” he added.

Rachel blushed once again. Bryan felt his cock twitch inside his pants, immediately sitting down behind his desk before it became even more obvious.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you personally before you heard it from anyone else. And…I wanted to give you a personal thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” she said, immediately reminding him again of her little kiss. Now it was his turn to blush, and he turned away from her.

“Fuck,” he said, laughing to himself. When he turned back around to face her, there was a look of surprise on her face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that word before.” Rachel said, a quirky amused expression showing on her face.

“What word?” He asked, honestly not knowing…suddenly realizing he had spoken it aloud instead of silently to himself.

“Fuck.” Rachel said before he could respond back apologetically at her.

Bryan glanced past her; suddenly damn glad the door to his office was still closed.

“Actually…I think it’s a very sexy word.” Rachel said, putting him off guard. “I always get a kick out of people who say it, then seem to freak out whenever they hear someone else saying it. Fuck…. Don’t you think it’s kind of sexy when you hear it?” she asked.

“Well yes, I guess. If it’s the right time, and the right setting, which I don’t think this would be considered,” he said seriously, once again looking past her at the still closed door.

Rachel laughed, once again coming around his desk towards him. Bryan didn’t dare stand up this time, but she was too quick for him to have done that anyway. Hugging him to her suddenly, he found himself at the “perfect” height, suddenly feeling one of her hard little nubbins of flesh grazing his cheek. Bryan had an insane notion suddenly. He wanted to stick his tongue out and caress that little point of cloth covered flesh. Fighting back the urge, he simply waited for her to release him, which she did a moment later.

“I really am going to miss you,” she said.

“Hey…would you like it if I took you out to lunch or something?” He asked.

“Lunch? Or something?” she winked. Bryan didn’t know what to say or how to respond to that one without making it worse, so he didn’t.

“You know…you’re not like most men. I know, cause I’ve heard them say things about me before when they thought I was too far away to hear them. You know, little comments about my hard nipples, or how they could see my cute pinkish little areolas through my shirts. Even though I knew damn well they couldn’t, they liked talking to one another, telling each other that they had, or that they did. But I never once heard you ever say anything, either to me, or to anyone else for that matter.”

Now Bryan felt stupid. And not entirely honest with her, especially sitting there sporting a full blown hardon at the moment.

“Listen Rachel, I’m no saint. I might not have said anything to you, or anyone else for that matter, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about things.” Just telling her that much had crossed over that imaginary line in the sand. Bryan sat there nervously wondering what she thought after having said it, wishing momentarily that he hadn’t.

She was smiling however, actually grinning quite broadly in fact. “Me too. It’s kinda nice to hear you say that. I’ve thought about, and fantasized all kinds of things,” she suddenly admitted.

Bryan swallowed, felt his prick lurch inside his pants hungrily. “Listen…about lunch,” he said trying to change the subject before this got even more out of hand than it was. “When would you like to go?”

“How about tomorrow?” she said.

“Sounds good…my afternoon’s pretty open. What time, and where would you like to go? You pick the place.”

Rachel stood there thinking for a moment. “How about 1:00? I’ll meet you out in the parking lot, and maybe by then, I’ll have decided where it is I want to go.”

“Ok…sounds good.” Bryan responded. Rachel turned, opening the door but stopped briefly before leaving. “By the way, you might want to sit there for a while,” she said. “Especially with that little problem you developed. If you get up and walk out now, you might be a little embarrassed,” she added.

Bryan wasn’t just blushing, his face had turned crimson as he watched Rachel quickly disappear, thankfully closing the door after herself when she did. Free to allow himself to look down, he expected to find a bulge in his slacks, but when he did look down, he also saw a rather round, very obvious wet spot showing on the front of his beige slacks.

“Fuck me!” He said loud enough that had his door been open; his assistant would have most likely have heard him.

A moment later his phone rang. “Bryan Jensen,” he answered as business like as he could muster. “May I help you?”

“Having a bad day?”

“Oh…Marsha!” Bryan said, trying to sound far less tense than he had. Then suddenly remembering his fiance was no doubt calling to remind him of their dinner party that evening. “No…not really. In fact, the good news is, I’ll probably be getting off a little earlier today than I thought I would,” he said, remembering the postponed conference call. He also realized that he probably had sounded angry, though of course he wasn’t really, unless it was at himself for allowing himself to get as excited, and as aroused as he had.

“Oh…well, you sounded like maybe you were.” Marsha said suspiciously. “I hope you won’t be in a bad mood tonight, you know how important this is to me, I really do want you to meet Nick and Kathy. I really think you’ll like them. And they’ll like you too…as long as you’re not in a pissy mood,” she said flatly.

“Don’t worry Marsha….” Bryan said, now getting a little pissy. “I’ll be just fine.”

“Uh huh…well, whatever…pick me up at seven though, ok?” she asked.

“Yeah…ok, seven. Listen honey, I really do need to get going here, or I won’t be getting off early,” he said changing his tone, making an effort to end their conversation on a good note. It seemed to work, as he could hear the difference in hers when she told him good-bye.


The evening went pretty much as he’d expected it to. He did like Marsha’s friends, finding he really liked Marsha’s best friends husband a great deal by the time the evening was over with. He and Nick seemed to have quite a bit in common together, venturing outside for a shared smoke, joking and teasing about some woman they saw walk past them on the side-walk with half her ass sticking out beneath the short-shorts she was wearing.

“Shit…wouldn’t you love to jump in and grab a hold of that?” Nick had stated. Bryan hadn’t responded back to him immediately however, he was too busy picturing Rachel’s ass at the moment to have heard him clearly.


He found her just where she said she would be. It was 1:00; Rachel stood waiting for him by his car. Bryan was glad it was Friday for several reasons, the least of which was he was wearing a dark blue pair of Levi’s for one thing, along with a light blue denim shirt. Surprisingly, so was Rachel. She immediately laughed, holding her hand up to her mouth when she saw him.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, though he’d said it with an amused tone, rather than an accusing one.

“Oh…nothing really. I was just thinking about something,” she said. “Have any problems after I left your office?”

Bryan knew where this was going; deciding to dodge that bullet before it even came close. “Well, where’d you like to go?” he asked her.

Rachel looked at him briefly for a moment. “Your place?”

“Rachel…I really don’t think that would be such a good idea,” he said.

“Ok…how about my place then?” Bryan looked at her, unsure of what to say at this point.

“Why? What have you got in mind?” he asked, now curious as to what it was she wanted to do.

“To be honest…I’m really not very hungry, but I would like to talk to you about a few things. Things that I couldn’t before, before now…with me leaving and all.”

Bryan lived far closer to their office than she did, so he quickly decided to take her there instead. They drove along in silence, however. Bryan beginning to wonder if Rachel was having a change of heart the closer they got to his place. Pulling into the garage, he closed the garage door before allowing either of them to get out.

“No sense giving the neighbors anything to think about,” he said glibly. Rachel followed him inside without saying anything.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked.

“Sure…have any beer?”

He didn’t unfortunately; he did have some scotch, rum…even tequila, but decided against offering her any of those. Normally he would not have a drink during business hours unless he was entertaining a client, and even then he would only have one. Now however, more than a little bit nervous, he thought a glass of wine or two perhaps would settle his nerves.

“Sorry, I don’t. Just wine, or a soft drink,” he added hopefully.

“Wine would be fine then,” she told him.

Bryan quickly poured them both a glass, handing one to her before sitting down on the sofa across from her. It was a fairly warm day outside, and as he was usually gone during the day, the air conditioning though running, was set at a much higher temperature than normal.

“Whew…it’s pretty hot today,” Rachel said taking a sip of her drink. “Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” she asked.

It was hot. “Getting hotter by the moment, in fact,” Bryan thought to himself. “No…of course not, go right a head,” he told her.

Rachel quickly unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it out of her Levi’s as she did. Beneath it she’d worn the equivalent of a white tank top. Bra less of course, Bryan could easily see her perky small rounded breasts as they pressed against the thin material. Though the air conditioning was still far less than normal, it was enough however to soon spring life into her nipples, which stood firm, straining against the fabric. Bryan had to force his gaze away from them. When he did, he caught a brief, coquettish look from Rachel as his eyes met hers.

“So…what did you want to talk about?” he asked, dodging what he believed to be another bullet fired from that same gun. “I hope you’re only using a six-shooter and not an automatic,” he said flippantly.

“What?” Rachel asked confused.

“Never mind…private joke,” he said, shaking his head.

She didn’t press it, which he was suddenly very grateful for. Instead of sitting down across from him on the opposite couch however, she walked over, sitting down on the same one he was sitting on, though on the far side, still leaving a short distance between them.

“Well, for one thing, I wanted to tell you that I was still a virgin,” she began. Bryan stared at her…not only was he at a loss for words, he wasn’t sure why Rachel was telling him this. “Had she just offered him her virginity or something?” he wondered.

“Ahh…is there a reason you wanted to tell me that?” he asked.

Rachel laughed, blushed slightly, then continued. “Well, probably not for the reason you’re thinking,” she said. “I’m not asking you to fuck me if that’s what you’re wondering. The point of my telling you that, was to tell you that I haven’t yet met a man who I really wanted to do anything with, for one reason.”

“And the other?” He asked.

“And the other…is because I really don’t trust men all that much anyway…never have really. To me, they’re pretty much all the same.” Rachel polished off her wine, holding it up to him. “May I have another?”

Bryan stood, finished his own drink, carried the two empty glasses back into the kitchen, where he poured them both another one. Rachel followed him when he did.

“Anyway….the reason I wanted to tell you that, share that with you is because you’re probably the very first man I’ve ever met who I felt like I really could trust,” she finished finally. “Admittedly, I’m a little inexperienced when it comes to any real intimate relationships with men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not a prude, and I don’t think I’m really inhibited or anything like that. I have fantasies, just like everybody else. I just haven’t acted on most of them, is all. So…since I’m telling you all this, might as well ask you while I’ve got the courage to do so. Do you have fantasies Bryan? Do you act…or just think of them like I do?”

“Well of course…sure I do,” Bryan told her. “But I’m probably even more inhibited than you are if the truth be known.”

“Oh really? Why is that…why do you think that?” she pressed him.

“For one thing…at my age, though I may have more experience in certain areas than you do, I’ve also had this so called “fantasy-life” for a lot longer than you have, too. I’m guessing around twenty-five, twenty-six years worth to be exact. And so…I’ve probably thought about things you’ve never even dreamed of, but never acted on. So in a way…I’m probably more inhibited sexually than you are…right now at least.”

“Have you ever wanted to experience a threesome?” she asked.

Now it was Bryan’s turn to shy away and laugh. Marsha and he had been engaged for quite a while by this time. Early on in their relationship they had discussed fantasies and such. One evening when things had gotten pretty hot and heavy, Marsha had been sucking his cock, teasing him almost unmercifully while doing so, finally coaxing from him what his biggest fantasy was.

He shared all this with Rachel, watching the expression on her face as he used the term’s “blow job” and “cock-sucking”. Surprisingly, she didn’t flinch upon hearing him say this. He was in turn surprised he could speak so candidly with her about it without feeling either embarrassed or uncomfortable.

“So no….I never have, but Marsha knows it’s something I’ve often fantasized about doing, several times. It’s my BIGGEST fantasy perhaps, which is pretty close to hers as well. Though mine is of course with two women, hers…with two men. Ok…now that I’ve shown you mine so to speak…show me yours.”

Rachel laughed, the meaning behind the question not lost on her. “Same as yours,” she said quietly.

Bryan’s eyebrows raised in surprise as he looked at her. “You mean…you, another woman and a guy?”

“Well, no…not exactly. More like…me, another woman…and you.”

Bryan was surprised by this revelation. Dodging yet another fired bullet from her gun, though this one coming considerably closer than the previous two, he stuttered “Have…. have you ever been with another woman before?”. He was curious…as well as interested in hearing what she had to say about that one.

“Once…sort of,” she began. “Back in high school you know, one of those sleep over things with my best friend? Well…we’d been friends for years, comfortable enough to tell one another just about anything. Somehow we got on the subject of masturbation, and Cindy…my friend, asked me if I ever did it. Of course I did, though not often…but I’d never had an orgasm really. I always felt “tingly-good” but never that “wham, oh my god” feeling you know?”

Bryan stood there listening, drained yet another full glass of wine and poured another. Rachel had hardly even touched hers, which suddenly he was slightly grateful for. “Uh huh…” he finally managed.

“So anyway, she asks me to show her how I do it…so maybe she can help me with it, you know?”

“Uh huh…” Bryan said again.

“I felt a little weird though, you know…just suddenly expected to start playing with myself in front of her. So I basically told her I’d do it…if she did. Which of course…she did.”

“Of course.” Bryan said pouring another glass of wine for himself.

“So now, we’re both masturbating watching one another, and one thing leads to another. Cindy sees that I’m having a little difficulty actually doing it in front of her, so she offers to do it for me. So…I let her.”

Bryan realized by this time his erection had begun growing. With no place to go without revealing himself to her, he quickly stepped behind the kitchen counter as a means to further conceal his rapidly worsening condition.

“Hell Rachel, I think everyone has, or goes through one of those experimental, curiosity things…I certainly did, you know…the old circle jerk thing some guys experience with one another when they’re growing up.”

“I agree with you,” she told him. “But it was very exciting for me too, Bryan. I really enjoyed it…I enjoyed her playing with me, and my playing with her. Things sort of escalated from there, and soon we were going down on one another, which is where I had my first really true orgasm.”

“I can see why,” he offered. “I rather enjoy doing that myself.”

Rachel smiled almost evilly at him. “I bet you’re damn good at it too,” she stated.

“Bam! Another bullet.” He thought. Only this one winged him as he felt his cock lurch involuntarily. “Good thing I wore dark blue this time,” he congratulated himself.

“No complaints,” he offered lamely.

“Uh huh…” Rachel threw at him smiling.

“So…what other fantasies do you have?” he asked. He was probably treading on quicksand here he knew…but the truth of it was, he enjoyed talking with Rachel. Not only was she easy to talk to, the fact that those beautiful, perky little boobs of hers were poking out there at him the way they were, might have had something to do with it.

“Another BIG one for me…….but maybe I’d better not tell you about it. You’d probably only laugh at me anyway,” she said.

“No I wouldn’t.”

“Would too,” she shot back…



Bryan felt in a way like a teenager all over again. The banter, the teasing…innuendo’s galore. Rachel wasn’t using a six-gun after all. She was armed with a full automatic.

She walked around the kitchen counter, coming closer to him where he stood. “Seriously Bryan, I’ll tell you…but you’ve got to promise not to laugh at me, or tease me about it ok?”

“Ok…” he said seriously now. “So tell me…what is it?”

“I’ve never seen a man masturbate. I’ve always wanted too…but never have.”

“Why would I laugh about that? Hell Rachel, I love seeing a woman do that! It’s one of my favorite things in fact…I really enjoy seeing it. Certainly something I’d never turn down” he said grinning.

“Ok…well maybe you’re not laughing…but at least you’ve gotten to see it…I haven’t,” she said sadly…truthfully.

“Well…maybe you just need to ask the right guy,” he offered, not intending to mean himself, not wanting it to sound like he was trying to press himself on her, especially not like that.

Her face brightened however, when he did. “You mean…you would? If I asked you?” she said seriously.

Bryan felt a series of shots right through the heart. “If you’d like me to…I’d do it…for you,” he said softly, meaning it. Admitting it to her hadn’t hurt a bit. He was worried that their sudden intimate conversation would cause them problems. He was engaged to be married, for one thing, and Rachel was half his age, for an other. The fact that he was admittedly attracted to her wasn’t the problem. The problem was, he didn’t want to be just another one of those men that Rachel had told him about.

“When?” she asked. “Now?”

Bryan glanced at his watch; they had been gone nearly an hour already. Worse…he felt the affects of the wine. Not that he couldn’t drive safely…he could, or she could, at the very least. No…it was the erection he was sporting that was sending all kinds of naughty delicious signals out.

“Can you get off the rest of the day?” he asked.

“Sure…Jane, my supervisor told me I didn’t even have to come in if I didn’t want to. I told her I would, only to help out until they got a replacement for me, but it’s been really slow lately…so yeah, I think so.”

“Ok…you call your boss, and then if it’s ok. I’ll call my assistant and tell her I’m taking the rest of the afternoon off!”

Neither had any problems. Though Bryan admittedly got a sudden case of the “shy’s”. Where moments before he had a very hard, stiff erection, he felt it now dwindling slightly, suddenly very much aware of what he’d promised to do, would do. But the thought of disappointing her somehow in that area hadn’t really occurred to him, until now. He was an averaged sized guy. “Nothing to write home about,” he thought in that department. “Would she in fact find him less than in her fantasies? Her expectations?” he couldn’t help but wonder.

They headed downstairs to his den where it was considerably darker, especially during the day. With subdued lighting, it might help him overcome his sudden nervousness, perhaps even making it a little more sensual for them both. At least he found himself hoping it would, hoping as well that his erection would once again become at least as hard as it had been. If he were to simply sit there flogging a very flaccid, semi erect penis, he’d die from embarrassment.

Rachel however seemed keyed up…nervous in another way. Almost giddy with excitement over watching him…finally watching a man actually play with himself for her.

Bryan looked at it as though standing on the edge of a very cold lake. He somehow knew that if he simply dipped his toe in, he might never jump in all the way. There was only one way to get wet, by his thinking. And that was to simply jump in. Rachel had by now sat down on the couch next to him, once again hugging the corner, sipping her wine, but watching him expectantly.

“Uh…I’m not going to lie to you, kiddo,” he said. “I’m being a little bit shy here if you know what I mean.” Rachel laughed, though not at him…with him. Which helped ease the sexual tension somewhat, anyway. “What would you like me to do?” she asked seriously.

“Well…it might help if you were to maybe take your top off or something, so I’d have something to look at while I’m doing this,” he told her. Much to his delight and surprise, Rachel leaned over, grabbing the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up and over her head. Sitting back against the couch, her perfect perky little boobs staring at him, suddenly opened the floodgates to his semi-hard erection, filling it with the much needed fluid to make it nice and hard for her.

Bryan removed his clothing. Again thinking to himself, if he was really going to do this for her, he was going to do it naked…not half clothed as though he was trying to hide anything. Or make it look like he was going to rush through this just in order to get it over with. Nude, he turned towards her, glad that his cock had at least reached a point of standing up by itself, anyway.

“I’m not one of those guys with a really big dick,” he warned her.

“It’s not the size of your dick that I’m interested in,” Rachel told him. For a moment, he wasn’t exactly sure that was a good or a bad thing.

Bryan sat down on the couch finally and began slowly stroking himself. Warming up, he began to tell her what he enjoyed doing to himself, how it felt when he did, and why he liked doing things a certain way. Rachel looked genuinely interested, even lusty as she continued watching. He saw the change in her breathing, glancing occasionally at her very hard, very erect nipples that he’d surmised by now were no longer acting that way on account of the air-conditioning. Especially as this was the warmest room in his entire house.

“How does that feel when you do it like that?” she asked him, after he’d shown her a particular grip and stroke that he enjoyed doing at the beginning.

“It’s kind of a nice teasy-feeling,” he told her. “Sort of like foreplay I guess…I like the first few moments when I’m just working up to the pleasure strokes, touching my cock like this is my way of “getting there” before “getting there”, if you know what I mean.”

Rachel actually nodded her head in understanding, licking her upper lip with her tongue as she did. Bryan again glanced over at her cute little breasts, without thinking, he reached over, thumbing and caressing an erect nipple. “Oh…I’m sorry, is that ok?” he asked.

This time she simply nodded her head. So he continued to explore her hard nubbin of flesh with his fingers, which in turn made his erection even firmer, much harder than it had been. After a time, he began stroking it in such a way that would eventually lead to an orgasm. He hadn’t really thought about it until now…but under the circumstances, he thought he should at least ask her. “Do you want me to keep going until I cum? Or…have you seen as much as you wanted to see?”

“Until you cum,” she said breathlessly, obviously very much aroused now herself. Knowing this made it much easier for Bryan to continue, beginning to press for the obviously anticipated, and now expected result.

Feeling her soft breast, toying with her very erect nubbin of flesh brought him to the brink of ecstasy. “I’m almost there.” He told her. Rachel sat up, obviously interested and wanting to see “the show”, as he thought of it when she did. He began jacking his prick harder now, striving for that feeling; wanting to reach it for her, share it with her.

“Oh yeah…oh yeah….OH YEAH!” Bryan groaned deeply. Though the climax was good, he himself was a little disappointed in the obvious outcum. From start to finish had been perhaps no more than five or ten minutes at best. It had certainly felt good, made even better by looking at, and fondling Rachel’s tits. But his spendings had done little more than merely dribble out of and down the side of his cock. He felt almost embarrassed by the lackadaisical display.

“If I’d done this over a longer period of time…I’d have really ejaculated a lot better than I did,” he told her openly. She seemed honestly pleased however, that she’d witnessed what she had, and told him so.

“Perhaps you’ll do it for me again sometime then,” she added. “I’d enjoy seeing that.”

“Really? You’d like for me to do this again for you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said easily, simply. “I’d like that.”

They sat together chatting talking for quite a while, until it was finally time for him to drive her back so she could at least pick up her car. By the time he had dropped her off, and driven home, he saw that Marsha’s car was parked out in front of his place. Though they were not living together, he’d given her a set of keys to his house so that Marsha could let herself in anytime. As he pulled his car into the garage, he quickly tried to remember if he’d left any “evidence” out as to what had happened just a short time ago. He’d washed the wine glasses, putting them away before they left. There were no clothes to be found lying around, of that he was sure. Confident, he entered his house, calling out Marsha’s name.

“Marsha?” he called, opening the door to his house from the garage. “Are you here?”

Hearing nothing, he ventured quietly into the house, almost creeping wondering where she was, what she was doing. He found her, lying on the couch, a vibrator softly buzzing purring in her hand. “Thought I’d have some fun while waiting for you to get home,” she told him.

“I can see that.” He responded. Admittedly, his experience with Rachel earlier had left him still excited, aroused and terribly, terribly horny.

“You know that’s one of my fantasies,” he told her. “Among others….”

Marsha had obviously been pleasuring herself for a little while. She had that lusty-eyed look that told him she was in one of her really rare, dirty-minded moods. “Hmm, and what other fantasies would you like to enjoy doing?” she asked, slipping the toy deeply inside herself, holding it there, and allowing the intensity to increase inside her pussy.

“Watching you with another woman, seeing her licking your pussy…wouldn’t that feel really nice right about now?” he suggested.

Marsha gave him an inquisitive look, but Bryan continued. She was obviously close to reaching an orgasm, so he thought he would pursue this particular line of thought with her for as long as he dared. “She’d be down there between your legs, sucking, tickling your clit with her tongue.” He walked over to the end of the couch, reached down, and began to fondle and caress her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples. “I’d stand here like this, playing with your breasts while she licked you.”

“Hmm, that would feel nice,” she admitted.

“You said you were curious about it,” Bryan reminded her. “If I could find someone who might be interested…wouldn’t you like to really try it and see what it was like?”

Bryan had let it all hang out there now. He hoped, with Marsha on the verge of climax, that she was vulnerable to the idea. Painting the erotic picture for her the way he had been doing, he wanted her to want to do it. Knowing however, it would have to be her who accepted the idea.

“I might…,” she stated hotly. “But I’m not aware of anyone who might be interested,” she said, almost sadly.

“I think I do,” Bryan offered. “I remember overhearing something a while back at work, one of the women who used to work there,” he added.

“Oh? Who?” Marsha asked, forgetting momentarily about the toy, allowing it to slip out of herself entirely.

Bryan thumbed her nipples, rolled them just the way she liked for him to do. She moaned, closed her eyes, reinserting the vibrating toy.

“Don’t know if you ever met, or saw her. Rachel? She used to come into my office and deliver the mail? Wears her hair in a ponytail most of the time.”

Marsha was quiet for a moment, trying to remember. “Oh yeah…I think I do remember her,” she said. “You’re serious? You really think she’d be interested?”

Bryan could tell by Marsha’s level of excitement that she was actually considering the possibility. It wasn’t simply a game being played between them now, not merely a fantasy to be toyed with and forgotten.

“I think if we approached her, carefully with the idea, she might be willing to go along with it.” Bryan wanted to ensure that Marsha was being included in the approach. If he’d suggested it any other way, Marsha might have been suspicious that there was more to it than that.

“I guess we could invite her over or dinner or something, feel her out about it.”

“Feel her up you mean,” Bryan teased, wanting to keep things naughty, but with a teasing light banter.

“More like you wanting to feel her up,” Marsha countered.

“So, who would you like to approach about a two guy threesome?” Bryan asked, changing the subject, but wanting to keep her aroused, open to the possibilities.

He watched as she again began stroking herself with the vibrator, obviously considering it. “I don’t know…Nick maybe,” she hinted. “But I’m not sure he’d be all that interested.”

“Oh…I wouldn’t worry too much about that,” Bryan told her. “I’m sure he would be, in fact…I know he would.”

“Oh really?” Marsha perked up suddenly very interested.

“Yeah…I’ll arrange something with Rachel for one evening, then we’ll set up a similar one with Nick, if you’d like.”

“Ok…” Marsha said smiling, just as her orgasm began to over take her. Bryan continued fondling her nipples when she came…smiling to himself as he did.


The following Friday evening, Rachel came over to Bryan’s place for dinner. He had gone down to the mailroom the previous Monday, motioning her to come out into the hallway when he saw her. He’d extended the invitation, not sure if she would really be comfortable in coming over. To his surprise, she accepted almost immediately. He told her briefly that the whole point in their getting together was to see if she was even remotely interested in a three-way with him and Marsha. Rachel blushed profusely, but he considered it more excitement than any real shyness. He was delighted even more when she accepted.

With a refrigerator full of beer, a light easy dinner planned, and Marsha about as horny as Bryan had ever seen her, they both waited excitedly for Rachel’s arrival. Shortly after they had eaten, they immediately sat down in the warm, cozy den. Marsha had purposely worn an outfit that was suggestive without being vulgar. In addition, she had chosen to wear one of the sexiest bras she owned, more lace than support actually, that allowed her dark areola’s to peek through the lacy cups suggestively. The white blouse she wore was a sheer, nearly transparent garment that allowed both him, as well as Rachel, to clearly see the bra she was wearing beneath it. Bryan was even delighted when Rachel commented on it after they sat down.

“I really like your blouse,” Rachel told her. “And your bra is really pretty,” she added. “I can’t really wear a lot of things like that, obviously,” she indicated, drawing attention to her small bra less breasts.

“Actually Rachel, you have a distinct advantage over most women. You can at least wear tops without having to wear a bra. That is just as sexy, just as sensual. Don’t you agree Bryan?” she turned, questioning him. Bryan had been caught staring at her. Rachel had made herself a little more comfortable, undoing, but not taking off the denim shirt she was wearing. Her nipples were already hard, well defined in the tight fitting tee shirt she was wearing beneath it.

“Uh…yeah,” he stammered briefly, realizing he’d been caught looking.

Marsha laughed openly. “Boy…you can sure tell Bryan’s a tit man can’t you?” she asked Rachel. “Show him a little hard nipple, or a fleshy breast, and he simply zones out.”

Rachel laughed over that one too. “I’ve noticed,” she responded. “I bet you have a difficult time keeping his hands off of yours,” she told her. “There’s not a lot of mine to want to play with.”

“Oh I bet you’ve got plenty of titty,” Marsha said, suddenly standing up, walking over to sit down beside Rachel on the couch.

Bryan held his breath. Seeing Marsha so boldly approach Rachel was one of his ultimate fantasies. The fact that the very real possibility of something actually happening was finally starting to dawn on him, awakening his still flaccid penis, giving him renewed hope. Only a short time ago, it was nothing more than that…nothing more than an exciting thought that he hadn’t really considered as being all that realistic.

He watched as Marsha reached over, cupping one of Rachel’s breasts, gently giving it an affectionate squeeze. “Hmm, soft…,” Marsha purred like a contented kitten, as she continued caressing it and kneading it just like a cat.

“Well…this is certainly making me horny,” Bryan threw out teasingly. “I almost feel like I’m stoned.”

Rachel laughed. “I am stoned,” she admitted. “I was a little nervous about coming over here, so I smoked a joint before I came. The only problem is…it really makes me horny!” Rachel reached over, cupping one of Marsha’s breasts and began caressing hers in a similar manner to the way that Marsha had been caressing hers.

Laughing, Bryan stated how he hadn’t smoked grass since his old days back in college. “I’ve got some out in my car,” Rachel said. “If you’d like to smoke a little?”

“Wow…I don’t know Rachel, like I said, I’m already horny now…I’m afraid if I smoke any of that, I don’t know what I’d be like…or what I’d do afterwards.”

“Oh well then, …I think you should go out and get it,” Marsha told her. “I for one would enjoy seeing Bryan hornier than he’s ever been before…how about you?”

“I’ll be right back,” Rachel said, getting up off the couch, peeling off her shirt as she did. She turned to smile at Bryan, winking…just as he thought her hard nipples appeared to be doing.

The moment Rachel disappeared through the door, Bryan turned towards Marsha. “You still ok with this?” he asked, concerned.

Marsha stood, by way of an answer, promptly taking her blouse off, quickly sliding out of her bra, shortly after. “I guess we’ll see,” she said, getting naked rather quickly. “Especially when she comes back in and sees me laying like this,” she said, as she laid out on the couch.

Moments later, Rachel returned with the joint. Spying Marsha nude on the couch, she looked over towards Bryan. “How come you’re not undressed?” she questioned him. “Here…light this,” she said passing him the thinly rolled smoke. He quickly produced his lighter and lit it. As he did, he was slightly surprised to see Rachel pull her tee shirt over the top of her head in one fell swoop, followed quickly by her undoing her jeans, stepping out of them, and then pulling down the cotton briefs she’d been wearing.

“Well?” she questioned him again, taking back the joint from him, pulling on it hard, drawing the smoke into her lungs, holding it there.

“Damn…it really has been a long time,” he had to admit. One hit and he was already starting to feel a nice, delicious horny little buzz.

“That’s not what I meant,” Rachel stated accusingly. “You’re still not naked yet!” she admonished him.

Rachel offered the rapidly dwindling smoke to Marsha, but she declined. “No thanks, never really did anything for me, besides…I want to have a clear head so I can see what Bryan’s like when he’s stoned,” she said laughing, almost as though she were high.

Rachel gave it back to Bryan, though only after he’d finally undressed and now stood there with his hard cock sticking straight out like the proud little soldier it was. “So…feeling it yet?” she asked him.

“Oh hell yes!”he giggled. “Damn…I’d almost forgotten what it was like.”

“Obviously your dick hasn’t,” Rachel said, looking at him. “I can see what you mean though…obviously you really are horny!”

“Shit…you can say that again. And speaking of horny…why don’t we head up stairs and see what we can do about that?” he said smiling, feeling as though his smile had wrapped itself around his head three or four times.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Marsha said jumping in. Standing up, she took Rachel by the hand, quickly leading her up the stairs towards the bedroom. “Coming Bryan?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder towards him.

“Not yet…but I plan too…several times in fact.”

“Oh yeah…I’d say he’s horny,” Marsha chuckled.

“Obviously,” Rachel agreed, continuing to follow her up the stairs.

By the time Bryan finally made his way to the bedroom, Marsha and Rachel were already on top of the bed. Even more surprising, however, Rachel was laying down on her back with Marsha having already positioned herself over the young woman’s face.

“Like what you see?” Marsha asked him the moment he’d stepped inside the room.

“Actually…I’d like to lick what I see” he continued to giggle, though considerably more lustfully as he did.

“Then why don’t you?” Marsha told him. “I’d enjoy seeing that, and I bet Rachel would enjoy feeling that…wouldn’t you Rachel?”

“Ah huh…,” she barely managed to say, as she lay there lightly tonguing Marsha’s pussy with the flat of her tongue.

Bryan approached the bed. Positioned as she was, it was easier for him to kneel on the floor before her. Taking her legs, he spread them apart taking his first real look at her puffy swollen lips, reveling in the way she looked…so heated. “And so wet!” he thought almost immediately. He drew the tip of his finger down the soft recess of her slit, eliciting a choked, soft moan from her as he did. Rachel in turn, must have reacted simultaneously as she sucked Marsha’s clit inside her mouth, giving it a quick pleasurable little kiss as her lips surrounded it.

“Oh…I don’t know what you just did to her Bryan, but do that again whatever it was. I like what she did to me when you did that,” Marsha laughed excitedly.

Bryan did…though he did so with his tongue this time, performing the same slow tantalizing exploration of her sweet little groove. Again Marsha responded, as again Rachel must have found the nubbin of Marsha’s sex, sucking it gently…sweetly as she did. From his vantage point, looking up and through the tuft of soft downy fur he was also running the palm of his hand through, he watched as Rachel reached up, grasping each of Marsha’s breasts. He watched as Rachel felt them with her hands, caressing and molding the soft tit flesh as she continued licking Marsha’s aroused pussy.

“Fuck that looks good. Does it feel as good as it looks, Marsha?” He asked, his tongue deeply embedded inside Rachel’s cunt, softly twiddling her clitty, teasing it as he knelt there watching everything going on above him.

“Oh fuck yes!” Marsha responded vulgarly. Whatever Rachel was doing to her, she was truly feeling it. Her eyes were closed tightly as she sat there above Rachel’s face, chewing on her bottom lip, moaning contentedly over and over again. He also noticed that Marsha had leaned over slightly, now caressing and cupping one of Rachel’s breasts.

Reaching up, Bryan began caressing Rachel’s sole neglected tit. As Marsha played with her right breast, he in turn caressed and played with her left. Rachel was now moaning softly in accompaniment with Marsha’s continued mewlings, which to Bryan, was like listening to a symphony of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard.

“By the way…I really should warn you Rachel…Marsha squirts when she cums, even more than I do, actually.”

Bryan and Marsha both heard mumbled, garbled sounds as Rachel attempted to speak, none of which sounded remotely intelligent, more like squishy frothy incoherencies, instead.

“Normally I’d say don’t talk with your mouth full,” Marsha quipped. “But as good as that just felt…maybe you should do it again!” she laughed.

She did however, rise up just enough to place her weight on her haunches, forcing Rachel to remove her tongue from inside her pussy when she did.

“I said…I’ve heard about that before, but never actually experienced it myself.” Rachel said laughing. “Now…bring your pussy back here!”she demanded.

“Well…I guess you’ll soon find out then!” Bryan said. “So be prepared, as she’s apt to drown you when she does!” he told her.

Bryan just loved the way Rachel’s nipples felt as he rolled them between his fingers. His cock throbbed achingly, feeling it stabbing the comforter on the bed uselessly, as though looking for a place to go. Reluctantly he removed his hand from her exquisite tit, slipping it down between his legs, finding, when he did, the river of pre-fuck juice that was leaking from his prick, coating the bedspread in a slimy sticky trail of unfulfilled desire. Spreading her pussy apart even wider as he now used both hands, he displayed her hard little clit even more openly than it had been.

“Oh Rachel…you have a beautiful clit!” Bryan exclaimed.

The sound of her mumbling something was heard, but the what that she’d replied remained unknown.

“I think she said thank you,” Marsha laughed. “Now…quit making her talk Bryan, I was almost there!” she managed to say in a raspy breathless sounding tone.

Bryan had been slowly running his tongue through the folds of Rachel’s cunt, gently…almost too gently. Having spread her lips apart with his hands, exposing her clit the way he had, he now pressed his lips around it, sucking, tenderly though firmly. Much like attempting to draw the pit from a cherry without breaking the skin.

“Oh you sweet wonderful bastard!” Marsha exclaimed lewdly. “I know what you’re doing to Rachel…because she’s doing it to me!”

Bryan was going crazy himself. Rachel’s pussy was so deliciously wet, her clitoris so wonderfully hard, that he almost did not want her to cum. Not wanting this feast he was enjoying to end any time soon. The way Marsha was carrying on though, he knew that she was teetering on the edge of her own orgasm, capable of exploding any moment now.

“Lets change around a little,” Bryan stated, suddenly.

“Oh no! Bryan…fuck…I’m so fucking close!” Marsha whined.

“All the more reason then, Marsha…if you cum in the position you’re in, you really will drown poor Rachel, and besides…I think it’s far more fun to watch you cum when you’re laying down.”

Marsha finally relented, moving away from Rachel, immediately lying down beside her instead. “Ok…damn you. But hurry up, I don’t feel like starting over all over again, like I said…I’m fucking almost there now!”

Rachel immediately positioned herself so that she was towards the end of the bed in a lying down position between Marsha’s legs.

“Hey…I know,” Bryan said excitedly. “Let me sit on the floor with my back against the bed, then you sort of stand over my face so that I can continue licking you,” he told her.

Rachel did as he asked, loving the slightly different sensation as she more or less straddled Bryan’s face while leaning over to continue licking Marsha’s pussy. She also enjoyed the freedom of teasing Marsha with her tongue a little more easily, all the while experiencing a myriad of differing sensations while Bryan continued tonguing and licking hers.

Moments later, Marsha was starting to buck against her. Rachel had latched on to her swollen clit, tenderly chewing it and sucking it into her mouth with tiny little nips of her teeth that made it tingle beyond Marsha’s ability to endure.

“Oh fuck Rachel…make me cum now…please. Please make me cum, oh god I’m so damn close now!” she begged.

Bryan was simultaneously receiving a rather nice abundance of Rachel’s female nectar at that very moment. With the tip of his tongue, he had been barely touching the tip of her clitoris ever so lightly, then alternating with quick-fire rapid full on strokes that had her quivering. He was enjoying the periodic convulsions and leg spasms he was causing while torturing her pussy that way. Rachel’s breathing was coming quicker and quicker with each passing moment, though Bryan was trying as hard as he could to match the tempo and approach of Marsha’s impending release.

“Oh…Oh…Oh….Rachel! Now……..Now……….Now!” Marsha screamed at the top of her lungs. In the very next instant, her cunt erupted into a geyser of female cum cream. Her pussy squirted a milky-white cascade that looked very much like a waterfall as her cunt pulsated, throwing thin little streams of her musky spunk several inches into the air. Most of which splashed against Rachel’s face, or simply disappeared down her throat. The onslaught was too great for Rachel to handle; she was forced away momentarily, though treated to actually witnessing the continued expulsions of juice from deep inside Marsha’s pussy.

It was enough however, to trigger her own climax. Bryan felt her suddenly tense up, her legs pressing against his face, trapping him there briefly. Additionally, she seemed to collapse, surrendering herself, as well as her orgasm to him as his tongue flew back and forth across her super-sensitive clit like a thousand beating wings. Rachel wasn’t nearly as vocal as Marsha had been, but her climax was every bit as intense, if not more so. Just the sudden rigidity that seemed to turn her into solid stone for a brief moment told Bryan all he needed to know, as Rachel literally turned inside out.

Marsha and Rachel both had collapsed on the bed together now. Each lying there, eyes closed, lost in a moment too special, too pure to share with anyone. Bryan could only sit back on the floor, watching them both…relieving the moment over and over in his mind. After what seemed like an eternity, Marsha was the first one to finally come around.

“Well…that was nothing short of spectacular,” she said. “Are you ok, Rachel? I didn’t think I’d cum quite that hard…or that much. I hope I didn’t shock you by that,” she said more than just a little sheepishly.

Rachel rolled over, lying next to Marsha, gingerly reaching out to touch her still damp glistening slit. “That was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. Do you always do that?” she asked.

“Not every time…” Bryan said standing up finally, moving over to sit down on the bed. “But usually when she’s really….really aroused, she does.”

“Speaking of aroused…” Marsha indicated pointing at Bryan’s very obvious erection. “I guess we really should do something about that don’t you think?” Marsha reached over, clasping his penis. “Would you like to feel this inside you, Rachel?” she asked.

Bryan immediately looked over towards where Rachel lay. He remembered her mentioning to him about her being a virgin, something he wasn’t about to confess to knowing about. “Maybe she’s not interested in doing that,” Bryan stated, hoping as he did, that he had given Rachel a way where she wouldn’t be expected to.

“I’d enjoy that,” she said instead, looking at him with eyes that told him she still trusted him. Trusted him to be gentle with her when he did.

Marsha sat up next to Rachel, immediately reaching over to begin caressing her perky soft breasts. “They really are nice to play with,” she told her. “Your nipple’s are even bigger than mine,” she added. Bryan looked at Rachel one more time, still trying to convey to her that she didn’t have to do this if she really didn’t want to. Rachel reached out, fondling his erection lovingly. As Bryan knelt between her legs, she used his prick like a vibrator, teasing herself, sliding it up and down the slick groove of her moist folds. She began using the tip of his cock to toy with the hard little nubbin of her clit, sliding it from side to side, drawing moans of delight from herself as she did.

“Oh….that feels really nice,” she admitted.

Bryan was delighted that she was doing this, not only did he enjoy the sensations that Rachel’s hand, as well as her slippery wet cunt were giving him, but that she was preparing herself for him well ahead of time. A short time later, she placed him at the opening of her sex, withdrawing her hand. Once again he gazed into her eyes, but saw no fear or anxiety there as he looked at her, more like wonder and surrender. Bryan slowly eased himself into her, the head of his penis gently pushing against her lips until they engulfed the head of his dick, as though kissing it.

“Bryan?” Rachel said. He stopped, holding his breath, suddenly worried and concerned if he was hurting her or something.

“I’m a virgin technically,” she said smiling. “This is my first time with a man. yes…but, it’s NOT my first time having something inside of me,” she laughed. “If you’re worried about hurting me…I don’t think that’s going to happen. But I do like the slow thingy you’re doing…so, keep doing that. It’s kinda nice, actually.”

Bryan looked towards Marsha, grinning sheepishly. She in turn blew him a kiss. “Go easy darling,” she cautioned.

Bryan continued to ease his very hard prick inside of her. “Damn Rachel…you’re really wet. Feels damn good!”

“Hmmm,” Rachel managed in turn as he continued to slowly slide inside her warm tight sheath.

Marsha bent, drawing in one of Rachel’s hard nipples, sucking it gently, and thumbing the other with her fingers. As she did, she brought one of her breasts within easy reach of Rachel’s waiting lips. Rachel was soon sucking Marsha’s tit with the same soft hunger that she was being fed.

“Damn that looks good…seeing the two of you doing that to one another,” Bryan said excitedly.

“I thought you might enjoy this,” Marsha said, looking at him. “After all, I’ve known for quite sometime that this was one of your major fantasies.”

Bryan slowly withdrew, easing his penis backwards before thrusting equally as slowly back inside Rachel’s pussy. “Ah yes…and it’s certainly everything I imagined it could ever be,” he responded with difficulty. Beneath him, Rachel began to arch her back slightly meeting his thrusts, timing her rhythm to his and increasing the tempo of their coupling as she did. Gradually, Bryan was stroking in and out of Rachel’s hot liquid quim with needful expectation. She in turn drew him closer to her, forcing Marsha to temporarily let go of her breasts. Holding on for all she was worth now, Rachel locked her legs around Bryan’s lower back, angling herself so as to feel him filling her completely.

“Oh Bryan! That’s it baby…keep going. You should see the look on her face! It’s fucking beautiful!” Marsha admired, watching the two as they headed towards obvious orgasm together.

Rachel’s face was in fact, beginning to turn red with the strain of intensity that was suddenly starting to envelope her. Bryan was desperately trying to stave off his own impending climax, losing ground in doing so with every passing second, however. “Oh Rachel…Rachel….Rachel!” Bryan moaned, feeling his eruption already beginning, lost in a cataclysmic bliss that began to engulf him entirely from head to toe. From out of nowhere, Rachel suddenly groaned, deep…audibly, intensely as she climaxed, meeting Bryan as he poured his spendings deep inside her hungrily sucking womb.

He had felt her hands digging into his back, his shoulders, raking her fingernails down along his sides in passionate bliss. She continued to press her hands deeply against him, as though she were afraid to let go, afraid she would somehow fall if she did.

Eventually Bryan’s softening penis slid from her of it’s own accord. When it did, he sat up, weak kneed, as well as lightheaded, immediately sitting down in a nearby chair.

“Wow…that was fucking intense,” he finally said, breaking the silence.

Marsha had lain down next to Rachel once again, easing her hands and fingers along her body, caressing, comforting without trying to stimulate. Rachel finally eased herself up into more of a reclining position, leaned over and kissed Marsha fully on the lips. Bryan continued to sit there, surprised though pleasantly pleased, at what he was seeing. After several long moments, they finally broke apart and looked over towards him smiling.

“What?” he said grinning back.

“So…..did you like your surprise?” Marsha asked.

“Sur….surprise?” He looked back at them both, questioningly.

Rachel and Marsha broke up into conspiritory laughter together.

“What?” he said again.

“When you go back to work on Monday, maybe you should drop by Jane’s office.” Marsha suggested.

“Jane?” he again questioned in his one-worded responses. Sounding a little like Tarzan when he did.

“Yes…you…see Jane. Say Thanks!” Marsha quipped at him, now imitating Tarzan herself.

Rachel was beginning to laugh hysterically. “Oh just tell him, Marsha!” she said laughing even harder now.

Bryan was about to speak, but he could only think to say “what” again, so refrained from doing so.

“Ok…” Marsha said, controlling herself enough to tell Bryan the story. “Kathy? Bryan?” she said, “Nick’s wife? Well…she and Jane are sisters.”

Bryan was still confused however, staring at the two women as though seeing them for the first time.

“Jane might have been my boss Bryan, but we were still pretty good friends too,” Rachel said. “There wasn’t much she didn’t know about me. Anyway, Marsha confided in Kathy a while back about this little fantasy of yours. Eventually, Kathy spoke to Jane, who mentioned that she might know someone who’d be interested, especially as I already knew who you were. The only problem was, my working there. When I took the other job, Jane got me in contact with Marsha, we met for lunch and set the whole thing up as a surprise for you.”

“So…you and Marsha were in on this in the beginning then? Everything?” he said looking over towards Rachel curiously.

“Everything…” Rachel said winking at him. “Marsha thought you might enjoy the little afternoon’s get acquainted session. Which was fun…especially for me,” she added winking at him.

“Well I’ll be go to hell,” Bryan said.

“So obviously…you two have known one another for a little while,” he said looking at them, then raising his eyebrows as another question hit him. “How well?” he asked pointedly.

“Nothing quite this intimate, before today.” Marsha confessed. “Though I wouldn’t mind it at all if we enjoyed this again from time to time.”

Bryan laughed….”I’d like that myself!” he exclaimed happily looking towards Rachel, who was already nodding her head in agreement.

“By the way Bryan…I still expect you to fulfill my fantasy some time too, you know,” Marsha said.


“Yeah…Nick, maybe Kathy too. Who knows?” she said. “Or…how about Rachel, me…and Kathy?” Marsha said slyly, tweaking one of Rachel’s still hardened nipples.

“What?” Bryan said, triggering the girl’s laughter all over again.

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