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Warm Air

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Warm air. Wonderful stuff. We stepped of the aeroplane and felt it wash around us as we unwrapped ourselves from our winter coats. A bit too much white skin on show, but we would change that over the next couple of weeks, lying out in the sun, swimming, eating, drinking, living the tropical idyll.

The Astra was waiting at the hire desk. We threw the bags onto the back seat — there’s not much room in the boot because of the electric roof, swung out of Cairns Airport and headed north. Farmland on one side, Coral Sea on the other, blue sky above. Even allowing for the odd idiotic driver stress levels dropped dramatically in the hour it took to reach Port Douglas.

Paradise Villa, on Four Mile Beach, right on Four Mile Beach, straight out of the front door and on to the sand. Yep $500 a night was a bit above the odds, but it comes with a spa, pool, flat screen telly, huge sound system, fully equipped … you probably don’t want to full brochure, do you? Suffice to say luxurious, and with the beach right there — in the morning when you woke up, in the evening as you settled down with the first glass of chardonnay.

It was closing in on sunset by the time we, Jennifer Anne Miller and me, Angus Miller, had made ourselves sufficiently comfortable. I’d worked out all the electronic devices, discovered the complimentary bottle of bubbly (French no less) in the fridge. We wouldn’t cook tonight. Instead we headed into town, did a bit of grocery shopping, had a huge steak at the big country pub on the corner of McCrossin Street and then went back to Paradise. Travelling can be exhausting, especially from the deep wintry south of the country up into the tropics. We watched a bit of telly, listened to a bit of music (the sound system was simply magnificent), drank another glass or two of wine and went to bed at about 10pm. I would have fallen asleep at roughly the same time except for the hand that came snaking under the thin sheet towards a part of my anatomy that is known for getting pretty excited about movements like this. I was more than half expecting it; warm air and Jennifer are a wonderful combination. The snaking hand was closely followed by a set of warm lips. There is nothing on the planet like a languorous head job just to get you going, followed by about half an hour of thrusting and rolling around in as many positions as you can think off when you don’t have to think about keeping the covers on to keep warm.

Jennifer was standing against the wall; her legs wrapped around my waste as she began to moan noisily. I can’t remember if she was naked or not, but there was plenty of her to grab hold of without the intrusion of clothes. I sucked her nipples, carried her weight as she bounced into a huge orgasm and then waited for her to come to rest.

As she subsided, I whispered: “Can we finish this as we started?”

Her hand and lips returned to a very rigid cock. As her lips moved up and down, and her hands strokes by balls, it didn’t take long for me to explode and in the shadows I watched her swallow, then lick the rest of the come off my shaft. This rarely happened at home. Aaaah, warm air.

The next thing I remembered was the shafts of tropical sun coming through the wooden slats of the blinds. Jennifer was asleep beside me; contented was the word that came to mind as I looked at her face. My eyes wandered along her tight body and I thought about a reprise of the night before.

Instead, I thought I would be the good husband and get up and make coffee. She woke as I put a glass of orange juice and coffee down next to her.

“G’day sexy,” she said sleepily. “Thanks.”

“For the coffee and orange juice,” I smiled.

“For everything,” she smoked back.

We had breakfast on the balcony, an array of fresh fruit purchased the night before, and starting thinking about we would do with the rest of the day.

“Beach,” said Jennifer. “Right out of the front, I have no interest in travelling anywhere today.”

After a quick shower I put on a T shirt and shorts and headed for the beach, to where you sun-beds that belonged to the villa were discreetly chained to a couple of palm trees.

I threw my beach towel on one of the sun chairs, moved it out into the sun, sat down and began soaking up just a few rays before applying sunscreen. Didn’t want to get too much sun too soon.

I pulled my hat down over my eyes and only stirred when I heard a noise beside me. It was Jennifer, wearing a sarong tied around her waste and a bright yellow bikini top.

I watched from under the hat as she put her towel on another sun bed, pulled it into the sun and stretched out on her back.

“Nice, isn’t it,” she said, indicating the view. We were half way along Four Mile Beach, to the south there was a string of sand running between the sea and endless stands of palms. In the background the indigo of a mountain range.

Looking north, you could make out the busy section of the beach close to town.

Jennifer begun to put on sunscreen lotion, She pulled the sarong aside and spread it on her long legs … what a sight.

She then started applying it to her upper body, rubbing it over her tummy, her chest.

“What do you think,” she asked?

“Why not,” I replied.

With that she reached behind her and took off her top and began applying sunscreen to her breasts.

I felt a tightening in trunks, not a full erection, just the little start of one.

“Be good,” I said to myself.

We both stretched out and probably dozed off. I was probably only asleep for 10 minutes tops when I heard a bunch of voices. There were a handful of blokes down on the water line, kicking and passing a footy. They set up camp, an Esky and a beach umbrella, and were marking out a makeshift field in the sand.

I vaguely counted there were seven of them, shut my eyes and thought about sleep again.

The next thing, one of the voices was right up close to where Jennifer and I were lying in our personal paradise.

“Excuse me mate,” the voice said politely.

“We about to have a game of touch and we need an extra bloke to make the teams even,” said the voice that I slowly discerned was attached to a fit, shirtless bloke around 25 or so.

I looked at Jennifer. She hadn’t woken.

I looked at the bloke and caught him sneaking a look at Jennifer’s tits, but pretended not to notice.

“Sure why not!”

I whacked on a good coating of sunscreen before heading off to join them. We played for about an hour. Jennifer had woken up and when she saw me playing, gave me a wave, and then rolled over onto her stomach.

She missed me scoring two brilliant tries and setting up another and generally having a good time with the blokes who I guess were mostly 10-15 years younger than me. I think they thought they would have to go easy on the old bloke, but even when you slow up, you never lose the ability to create space.

Eventually we were all knackered. They offered me a beer from their Esky, but I said no thanks, better get back to the wife.

“You looked like you had a good time,” Jennifer said as I wandered back to our sun chairs.

“Yeah, nice blokes, they asked me to have a beer with them.”

“Why didn’t you,” she said. “You can go back over if you like.”

“Why don’t you come to,” I said.

She started to reach for her bikini top.

“Don’t bother, the young bloke who asked me to play as already copped an eyeful,” I said. “Why should his mates miss out?”

“Because that’s why,” Jennifer said and demonstratively put on her top before we went back over to the blokes.

I introduced Jennifer to them and we sat and had a couple of their beers. They did their best not to get caught giving Jen the eye over but it was obvious they were.

Apart from being a bunch of pervs, they were however, an interesting collection of blokes from Brisbane, all young professionals in finance and so on.

This trip was reward for some big deal they have pulled off. All expenses paid and they were in a villa just up the beach that had, would you believe eight bedrooms, pool spa everything we had and more. A real mansion.

By now it was getting close to lunch so Jennifer and I made to say our goodbyes and head back to our villa.

“Might see you this arvo, or tomorrow,” I said.

“Why don’t you come over to our joint for a barbie,” said the young bloke who had originally asked me to play footy whom I now knew as Jordan. “We’ve got a stack of stuff. They have someone who comes in stocks the place for us every morning.

“Yeah, no dramas,” the others chimed in.

I looked at Jen, she gave me a why not look.

“Just need to go back to the house and get showered and into something less sweaty,” I said.

“We’ll see you in 15 minutes, we’ll bring some booze.”

As I stripped off for the shower, Jennifer said strangely: “Was that young bloke Jordan really having a look at my boobs?”

“What, do you think he’s superhuman,” I laughed. “Of course he did and his mates were having a long look at you too when we were having those beers with them, probably trying to imagine you the way Jordan had seen you.

“Mmmm,” she said. “An old bird like me having that impact on good looking young blokes like that, hardly likely, but nice of you to say so.”

Old bird Jennifer is not. She’s 35, beautifully shaped and striking whether the suit she is wearing is of the business, swim or birthday variety.

It was the latter as I stepped out from the shower and Jennifer stepped in.

I dried myself off, grabbed a fresh shirt and shorts and put them on. Aaaaah, I love this warm weather, no thick coat, no scarf.

Jennifer came out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her waist and begun flicking through her stuff hanging up in the wardrobe.

She was clearly after something and eventually she reached for the diaphanous skirt she usually wears over her bikini.

I didn’t think much of that, she wears it all the time on holiday.

But I did start to think about it when she slipped it on without putting her bikini on first.

She then went to the draw where she had put her underwear and pulled out a skimpy pair of nickers, not quite a G-string, but not far off.

I felt many things, but said nothing. It was obvious the thought of being ogled again was high on her mind.

I grabbed our Esky, put in a couple of bottles of chardonnay and a few coolers.

“Ready to go,” I said.

“Sure,” said Jen, as if answering a question I hadn’t asked.

We made our way through the low sand dunes towards where the blokes had indicated their mansion was.

Walking behind Jennifer, I could see the clear outline of her nickers through the thin material. I had already sussed that from the front you could see the dark shadow of nipples, even though the fabric was a cool, dark green colour.

I wondered what the reaction of the blokes would be.

Their mansion was behind a huge hedge of some sort of tropical plants. I’m a lawyer, not a botanist.

There was a security gate and we rang the bell. A disembodied voice said just push the gate and come in.

We found ourselves in a little paradise in paradise, swimming pool, neatly manicured lawns and a cabana with something that was more like a kitchen than a barbecue.

“Fantastic isn’t it,” said Jordan. “$3000 a night if you’re paying for it, which I am glad we’re not.

“Our company owns it and usually makes it available to big clients.”

Steaks were sizzling away, conversation was friendly and open, and so were eyes as in turn each of them noticed Jennifer’s attire, or general lack of it.

Nothing was said though.

Alcohol was distributed generously before we sat down to eat. I noticed there was a beeline to sit at the table opposite Jennifer.

After lunch, we all headed for the pool. There were more than enough sun chairs to go around and we talked and drank even more.

They wanted to know where I’d played rugby. I had played at school and at Uni in the first XV and one game for the combined universities against a touring side from Fiji.

“We thought you were a bit good,” said Andrew who was emerging with Jordan as the most conversational of the seven. “We all play lower grades in Brisbane, work together, play together, go on holidays together.

I don’t know what time it was but four of the blokes announced they were going into town and had rung a taxi. Did we want to come?

Jen and I said no, as did Jordan, Andrew and a third bloke call Scott.

“If you’re going out we’ll head off,” Jen said, a hint of a slur in her voice. She was by now on to her third of fourth glass of wine, and that after the beers before lunch.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Jordan. “This is bloody paradise. And you two are more than welcome to stay.”

Jen seemed relieved.

“Thanks I would like to stay if that’s all right, it’s ever so nice here.”

Jordan said: “Make yourself at home, if you want to you can go for a swim, or go inside and watch the home cinema, it’s bloody enormous and the sound system is fantastic.”

Jen poured herself another glass of wine and headed inside.

The four blokes left in the taxi, and the rest of us talked footy, business.

Then Jordan exploded: “Oh shit, we left that bloody porno in the DVD, I hope your wife hasn’t found it.”

“She’s a fully grown woman,” I laughed. “Probably not something she hasn’t seen before.”

“I don’t know,” said Jordan, “it’s pretty full on. Three blokes and a sheila going at it.”

About 15 minutes later, Jen re-appeared. “What a fantastic set up,” she said.

“The house goes on forever, you could play a game of footy in the lounge room.”

Jordan sighed silently. It seemed she hadn’t gone into the theatre, or if she had, at least hadn’t turned on the DVD player.

It was starting to go dark, as it does early in the tropics. The air temperature dropped a fraction, the fierceness of the day giving way to a more enjoyable temperature.

The lights came on in the pool.

“How about that swim,” said Scott?

“Yeah, why not,” said Andrew, “sober me up a bit so I can drink some more!”

He slipped of his T shirt and jumped into the pool, followed by Scott. I was wondering what I should do, when Jen stood up, took off her see through dress and walked over and jumped in, too.

She started to swim, naked except for her frilly nickers and went she got to the shallow end, she stood up and turned around the faced the two blokes, the water just up to her waist. She was looking but not looking, if you know what I mean, she was trying to see if they were looking at her.

Then she pushed off and swam back into deeper where she stood up again, with the water up to her neck.

Andrew and Scott were trying to be nonchalant and started talking about how great it was a place like this.

Jen joined in the conversation, looking straight at them.

“I just wish I could do this all the time, swim all year round, walk around in warm air,” she said.

“I don’t think I want to go back south to chilly winter days ever again. This is perfect, just perfect.”

She then pushed towards the edge of the pool, climbed out and walked slowly back to her sun chair, where her dress was draped over the back. But instead of putting it on, she walked past the chair and to the cabana fridge, took out a bottle of wine, grabbed a glass and said: “Let’s go watch a video.”

Jordan leapt from his sun bed at this.

The porno DVD!

“Don’t worry,” I said. “She won’t be embarrassed, as you can already see, and you shouldn’t be either.”

Andrew and Scott were out of the pool by now and all four of us made our way into the house.

Jen was sitting in one of the theatre chairs and in surround sound, on the huge screen, a woman stood naked and blindfolded in front of a small group of men.

“Nice movie,” she laughed. “So you boys were watching a bit of porn were you? I would have thought good looking blokes like you would have no trouble finding real life women to bring back to a pad like this.

“So does this movie have a plot or is it just wall to wall sex.”

Jordan answered first: “Well we haven’t watched all of it, but the thrust of what we’ve seen so far is this girl is blind-folded and the challenge is to pick who is kissing her.

“Look we’ve got plenty of other movies if you like.”

Jen put her finger to her lips, signalling him too stop talking.

“So the theory is that when she’s blind-folded she can’t tell who is kissing her, that doesn’t explain why she’s naked.”

It was my turn to say something: “Jen it’s a porn movie, people get naked.”

“But what about the pretext that if you’re blind-folded you can’t tell who’s kissing you, surely if she knows the people she can tell them apart,” Jen said.

“How would I know,” I said. “I’ve never been involved in anything like that.”

“Well let’s find out,” said Jen. “Jordan, go and get something for a blind fold.”

The blokes were riveted by this conversation. Remember Jen is pretty much naked and obviously had a bit too much to drink.

They were also unsure of what to do.

Jordan looked at me.

“You heard the lady, get her a blind fold,” I heard a voice remarkably like mine say.

I guess I had had more to drink than I knew, and I hadn’t had a swim to sober me up.

And anyway, it could be a bit of fun, a bit of innocent kissing, although glancing at the huge screen, the plot had moved way beyond that. Still blindfolded, the naked woman was being royally fucked.

Jordan came back with of all things, a tie.

“We all arrived straight from work in our suits,” he said.

He gave the tie to me and I put it over Jen’s eyes and pulled it tight.

“Okay, how do we do this,” Jen said. “I reckon all four of you line up, give me a kiss and I will say who was who at the end.

Again, they looked at me. I motioned to line up behind me. I walked up to Jen and gave her a peck on the lips.

“That’s not much of a clue,” she said. “Give a girl a bit of evidence.”

I kissed her again this time for a few seconds.

“Next,” she said.

Jordan inched forward and kissed her, a peck.

“More evidence please,” she said.

Jordan kissed her for about the same time I had the second time, very awkwardly and he looked at me with embarrassment when he’d finished.

“Mmmm, yep, I reckon I know those two,” she said. “Next.”

Scott was next, he just ploughed straight in for the now obligatory five seconds.


Andrew grabbed Jen gently by the head and planed a real steamer on her lips. Ten, maybe 15 seconds and just a hint of tongue.

“Mmmmm,” Jen said. Now I reckon it was Angus, Jordan, Scott and Andrew, am I right?

We all looked at each other. She was right.

“Correct,” I said.

“That was too easy,” said Jen. “Let’s make it harder.”

“How do we do that,” I said. “And anyway we came here to watch a movie.”

“So you’d rather watch a move than watch me,” said Jennifer in mock defiance.

“Not at all Jen,” said Jordan, “we’ve enjoyed watching you the whole day. If you had been here yesterday we wouldn’t have had to rent a porn video.

“You’re better looking than any of the women in the video, classier.”

He then turned to me: “Sorry Angus.”

“I’ve been watching you ogle Jen all arvo, and I don’t think she minded much given what she wasn’t wearing when she arrived here.”

“Was it that obvious,” said Jen. “Jordan, Angus told me you had enjoyed the sight of my tits this morning and that the other blokes had given me the once over when we came over for a beer.

“I thought it was sweet that you young blokes would find me attractive, so why not a bit more of a show. I hope I haven’t embarrassed you all.”

Andrew said: “Embarrassed us, you’re kidding. The whole show’s been fantastic. You’re one heck of a woman. The young birds we go out with are no where near as classy.”

“Ditto,” said Scott. ” And the chance of a kiss was pretty special, in fact this whole event is pretty amazing.”

“Well let’s continue,” said Jen. “How about I have to tell who it is who is touching me.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” said Andrew, “how about we clear the floor, you have to find us and tell which of us it is.”

“Fine,” said Jen. “So scatter, but not to far.”

The four of us left Jen out into the big open room, pushed all the furniture out of the way and told her we were going to take our places.

“I am going to count to 10, then come looking for you,” Jen said. “If I identify you correctly, you have to get me a drink. How about that for a deal.”

“And what if you’re wrong,” said Andrew, who was starting to get a real feel for the game.

“Oh I don’t know, I have to get you a drink,” said Jen.

“How about you have to give the person you get wrong a kiss.”

“Okay,” said Jen. “I’m counting, one, two, three …

At 10, she started shuffling around the room, tits wobbling gently, the tie around her face, her arms out feeling fresh air, feeling, shuffling, feeling shuffling, until she bumped into Andrew.

Her hands worked their way up his chest, to his face, through his hair, down his back.

“Andrew,” said Jen.

“Damn,” said Andrew and walked off towards the kitchen. “Would you like more wine, or something else?

“Wine would be perfect,” said Jen, as she starting her shuffling, feeling routine again.

She touched Scott next, repeating the routine of feeling his chest, head, hair and back.

“Mmmm,” she said, might need more clues. She moved down to his pants.

“They’re wet, it’s Scott. You’ve just been for a swim.”

“Correct,” he said, deflatedly. “Another glass of chardy coming up?

Jordan motioned to Scott to change shorts. He took of his dry ones and grabbed Scott’s wet ones and tugged them on.

For a brief moment, both had their penises exposed, and they were both mid-range stiff.

Jen was having a huge impact on her young audience.

She shuffled around again and this time found Jordan, though I sense he might have inched towards her a bit.

Again, she felt his torso, his head, his hair, his back.

“Mmmm,” she said, “not sure.” She reached for the shorts.

“They’re wet, has Andrew come back in?

“It’s Andrew trying to trick me.”

Jordan was triumphant: “No it’s not, it’s me, Jordan, I do believe I am owned a kiss.”

“Okay then, but remember I’m wearing a blindfold so you going to have to lead the way.”

He did, putting one hand behind Jen’s back and the other behind her waist as he slowly began to kiss her, pulling her breasts into his bear chest.

In turn, Jen grabbed him and the kiss became something more than a bit of a peck.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” Jen said as she finally pulled back. “Where is my husband?”

“Over here,” I said, “watching you having a good time without me!”

“Oooh sorry,” she said. “I promise I will make it up to you after. Let’s go watch the movies again.”

She pulled the tie down so it was loose around her neck.

Now isn’t that a sexy sight I thought. A bloke’s tie riding on her naked tits.

The porn movie was still going on. The women were spreadeagled on the bed, blokes all around her. One fucking her, another getting a blowjob, another getting a hand job. The woman was sure busy.

We settled into the lounge chairs, Jen in between Andrew and Scott, me on a single seat.

Jordan was last one in, carrying a glass of chardonnay: “For the lady!”

“Thank you,” said Jen. “Now, is that orgasm a real one or a faked one?

The woman on the screen was screaming by now as the bloke she had been giving a head job massaged her breasts.

“Probably a fake,” said Jordan.

“How can you tell,” said Jen.

“I can’t really, it just seems a bit unreal, having an orgasm like that with a camera crew around you.”

“Yeah,” said Jen, “probably just put on for the camera. I don’t know if I could have an orgasm with an audience, eh darling?”

I was going to mention the time we had fucked in a park once when we first started going out and had discovered a group of young blokes had been watching.

But the finding out was after the orgasm and anyway before I had time to finish my thoughts, then put it in words, Jen had added: “But I’d like to try.”

The world stopped, well the world except for the video, where the woman was still moaning.

The young blokes didn’t know where to look, except to try not to look at me.

“Oh come on, stop being silly,” said Jen, “I was only joking!”

Something vaguely resembling normal returned. Jen slumped back into the lounge and turned her attention to the video.

The boys though were still musing on the earlier topic.

“I fucked a woman in front of another couple who were fucking too, and she had an orgasm,” said Jordan. “It sure felt real.”

“Scott and I fucked the same bird last year after the grand final, and I think she came a couple of times,” said Andrew.

“I don’t know if we counted as an audience as we were both giving it to her at the same time.”

The woman on the video was still moaning, the blokes all over her.

Jen looked at me.

“Oh what the fuck, I am on fucking holidays, the air is deliciously warm, whatever I do here stays on tour, let’s give it a try Angus,” she said. “Come here.”

Obviously those last couple of chardies had really kicked in.

Now you might wonder what thoughts were going through my mind. Try a million, but the alcohol had had its impact on me, too, and the porno.

I walked over to Jen and pulled her up from the coach. I gave her a huge kiss, full pen of the tongue, and got full pen of the tongue back.

Jen gave a little moan. This was going to happen.

I reached down to her frilly knickers and began slowly to work them down. This would be the moment. If she stopped me now, it would be just another silly joke.

There was no resistance, in fact she helped me get them off her. Apart from the tie, she was bollocky naked. Well the tie and the dreamy smile that sat on her face.

She then started working off my swimming trunks. Needless to say a certain appendage was rigid.

I had no fear of being exposed in front of the young blokes. Not to big, not too small, just right.

The air could be cut with a knife.

Eyeballs were out of heads.

Jordan was adjusting his shorts, Andrew and Scott seriously engrossed.

What the fuck!

“Have you guys got a video camera,” said Jen?

“I’d like to make a movie just like that one!”

You could see their minds work. Were they all going to get to fuck Jen?

Jordan ran off and was back in a flash.

“Turn on the camera Jordan,” said Jen. “You be the cameraman, and the director.

“Ummm, okay,” he said.

“Okay Jen, let’s do it with a bit of class, a bit of a script.

“Angus is your husband and you have told him that one of your fantasies to is be fucked by other men while he is involved in the action too.

“You’ve been shocked by the suggestion Jen, but have now warmed to the idea.

“It’s been simmering away in the background until the two of you suddenly find yourself at a holiday resort, and meet a group of young blokes. Voile.

“So guys, apart from Jen and Angus, everyone out of camera shot while we have a bit of dialogue, just ad lib, you two, about whether you really want to go through with it.

“Jen, you go first.”

“Darling are you sure you’re okay with this,” Jen said.

“It was my fantasy,” I said.

“But reality is a lot different to fantasy, can we both handle this, how will you feel when you see those studs all over me, their cocks inside my cunt, my mouth, then their cream all over me,” said Jen.

I could tell she wasn’t asking a question, she was planning what she wanted to happen.

“It’s okay Jen,” I said. “I’m going to get off on this as much as you. I am going to go last and feel all the cum inside you. If that’s all right by you? You can still say no if you want.”

I knew what she would say. “I’m fine,” she said. “Fine, fine fine!”

I gave her a kiss.

“Shall we re-join the others,” I said.

Jen nodded her head.

Jordan stopped the camera.

“Okay, scene two,” he said. “How about we have the three of us discussing what has happened to far and what we’re going to do.

“Who will operate the camera if you’re acting,” said Jen.

“I will,” I said, “go for it guys.”

I took the camera from Jordan and turned it on and got the three of them in shot.

“Rolling,” I said.

There was a silence, then Jordan said: “They’re not really gonna let us fuck her are they?”

Andrew said: “Well if they aren’t is the biggest bloody cock tease I have ever seen, on DVD or in life.

“I wouldn’t mind giving her one, she’s a bloody classy bird,” said Scott. “The husband doesn’t seem to be too worried about it either. A lot of blokes really get off on watching other blokes fuck their wives.

“I reckon we take it as far as we can, hang the consequences, we on holidays, no one is going to know back in Brissie, and I bet they won’t be telling anybody.”

Jordan spoke next: “Well let’s go and see if it’s going to happen, fuck I will be disappointed if it isn’t, since I saw her tits on the beach this morning, I have been fantasising on sucking on them.

“I love women with a bit of style around them, who know who they are and what they want.”

This was the sort of dialogue that Jen wanted to hear. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Cut,” I said.

“Back to you Jordan, Jen obviously trusts you as the director.”

Jordan took the camera.

“Okay, this is the set up,” he said.

“I want all four of you in shot. Jen, I want you to tell Andrew and Scott what you and Angus have just discussed, and to make sure they are comfortable with it all.

“Once they say okay, I want you to lie down on the floor just here on this rug. I am then going to put the camera on the tripod and point it at you and we will all work around you.

“You will be in shot all the time. Just let us know if you want to stop anytime.

“Okay, roll!”

Andrew, Scott, Jen and I stood in a half circle.

“Guys, Angus and I have talked about this and ummm, we’d really like to make the rest of the evening pretty special for all of us,” she said.

“Do you understand what I am saying?

“If you’ve got girlfriends and you’re not comfortable, just say, I won’t be offended.


“It’s okay Jen,” he said.


“Same for me Jen, he said. “Let us make it really special for you. Just let us know what you want us to do, and I guess we respect everyone’s right to stop whenever they want.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” said Jen, moving to lie down in the place Jordan had indicated, on a big fluffy rug. “Angus, I know you want to be last, who wants to be first?”

With that, she laid back on the rug, resting on her elbows, her legs spread apart, a gilt-edged invitation.

Andrew knelt down in front of her, kissed on the stomach and then eased himself forward to kiss her on the lips.

Jen grabbed his shorts and eased them down.

“Don’t be greedy,” she said, as he kept on kissing her. “You can’t have both, my mouth is for some else. But you stick that great big cock I can feel right inside me. I am wet and I am ready for some fucking.

“And Scott, wouldn’t you like to have your cock sucked? Come here sweet boy.

“Jordan and Angus, your turn will come, just bring your cocks over here and I will get them ready with my hands.”

Her last words tapered off into a purr. Andrew had inserted and was thrusting.

Scott found a comfortable position so that Jen could envelope the head of his cock with her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she muttered, and then let out little whining noises.

Jordan and I moved to either side of her and pulled down our shorts. I felt her hand on my cock. I saw another hand on Jordan’s. This was awesome, a four way. My wife in a four way and me involved, and I know it shouldn’t have been happening, but it was and I was feeling no pain … and Jen wasn’t either, quite the contrary.

Suddenly, she let Scott’s cock slip out of her mouth and let out a huge scream, followed by “yes, fuck me, fuck me, I’m comingggggggggggggggggg!

As she quietened, she said to us all, move around one. That meant that Jordan would be next to fuck her, Scott and Andrew got hand jobs and I got my cock sucked by my gorgeous wife while three other blokes worked on her.

I was determined not to blow it, literally, until I got my turn.

Jordan began fucking her as my cock slipped inside her mouth. It wasn’t the practiced head job she usually gave. There was too much else going on for that. But it still felt good.

Jen came again, then Jordan pulled out and squirted come all over her stomach.

“You naughty boy,” she said. “I wanted that inside me for my husband to feel.”

Creampie, I hadn’t thought of that. All I was concentrating on was not blowing too soon, while enjoying all that was going on around me.

The rotation continued until it was my turn to fuck Jen. My cock was as hard as nails, my sense of anticipation out of control. As I slipped inside her, I could feel the come of the others.

I could also feel Jen coming for a fourth time.

“This is the one,” she said in between sucking and hand-jobbing. “This is the fucking big one, big boy,

“This is why we’re all here. Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m coming, how does it feel to watched your wife fucked. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

There was no need to answer. We humped liked we never had before. We were both worked up into a frenzy. The other three drifted into the background. It had all been about us, this whole set up, pushing the boundaries, taking our sex where it hadn’t been before for our mutual benefit.

Sure, the other blokes got their moment, but this was Jen’s and my moment, they were just props, like large, living, breathing dildos. They had been used to work her up, work me up, too, in a strange way.

We had pushed our boundaries, taken the big risks and now the ultimate moment had arrived.

We came together.

We said out thanks and our good byes and walked back to our accommodation. Jen was still naked. There was no need to clothes. Warm air, the great aphrodisiac, was all around us.

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