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I Am A Teacher

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Although I am only a high school graduate and almost all schools require a college degree, I consider myself to be as much a teacher as those in regular school classrooms. I also enjoy my teaching much more than most of the school teachers I have known.

My husband approves of my teaching, I have been doing it for the past ten years, and helps select my students. I have had a total of thirty four of them, most for periods lasting from one to three months. I started when I was thirty seven and I plan to continue as long as I am able to find students.

Inadvertently, my son Jimmy was the cause of it all.

The first student of my teaching career was an eighteen year old boy named Scott. Scott was almost a carbon copy of my son before he met his teacher. I wanted to help Scott develop in the way Jimmy had. Maybe I better explain about Jimmy.

Oh! What do I look like? Close your eyes. That’s me against your eyelids. Can you tell I jog about three miles a day when the weather is nice, or spend at least an hour doing aerobics when it is cold or rainy? Enough, already!

My husband, Jim Johnson, has worked in the oil patch following drilling rigs from oil field to oil field all of our married life. Our son and I, I’m Jane by the way, followed him.

Jimmy had attended seventeen different schools in five states by the time he graduated from high school. He was a shy and introverted boy as a result of our many moves and the short stays at most of the schools. Needless to say, we were never in one location long enough for him to develop any deep or lasting friendships.

Although I thought he was attractive, tall, well maybe a little on the skinny side, most young girls would not have considered him a ‘hunk’. He had never had a serious girlfriend. When we moved to a fairly large West Texas town the middle of his senior year in high school, he turned eighteen on Christmas Day, I know he was still a virgin.

With the weather warming up that spring, Ann Wilkes, a widowed neighbor, asked Jimmy to help her with yard work and other odd jobs around her house. Ann was about fifty years old, I never asked, to Jim’s and my thirty seven, but was still an attractive lady who took care of herself. Eventually we began jogging and doing aerobics together.

Jimmy was eager to help her and earn some money on his own so I told him to go for it. I might not have been so willing if I had known in advance what some of the odd jobs would turn out to be.

That first Saturday and Sunday he worked his tail off. Although his butt was dragging when he returned home, his enthusiasm remained high. He told me all they had done and was looking forward to the next weekend.

When he returned home the next Saturday I knew something had happened. Although not exactly upset, his demeanor was entirely different from that of the previous weekend. He barely spoke when he came in and immediately went to his room. The weekend before the first thing he did was hit the shower to rid himself of his grubbiness.

After putting supper on the table, I knocked on his door. Receiving no response, I quietly opened it. He had a smile on his face as he slept in his clothes. As I watched, he stirred and mumbled something and the smile got bigger. He was obviously enjoying a dream.

I was still sitting at the table when he sleepily emerged from his bedroom. While fixing him a plate, I asked “How’d your day go?”

He glanced at me, then down at his plate. I thought I detected a blush. “Just fine.” was his noncommittal answer.

My “What did you do?” was rewarded with a full blush. I did not think I had ever seen him so red faced.

I got angry! What did that woman do to my son? I will snatch her bald headed! I demanded, “What did she do to you?”

“Nothing.” he mumbled.

“Don’t give me that! What happened?” I pressed.

“I can’t talk about it.” He continued to mumble.

“And why not?”

“I promised Ann, Ms. Wilkes, I wouldn’t. Besides, I can’t talk to YOU about it.”

“I… am… your… Mother! You can talk to me about anything!”

Stubbornly, “No.”

“Fine! You will NOT have anything to do with her any more. That job is finished! I will have a talk with her!”

“No, Mom. Please!”

I sat and glared at him. He knew I was serious; it was over. I did not think he could, but he got redder in the face. So softly I could barely hear him, “We had sex.”

“What?”, I almost screamed.

He took a deep breath, looked me in the eye, and repeated in a stronger voice, “We had sex. And I am going to see her again, Mom.” I had never heard such confidence and determination in his voice. It was as if he had grown up all of a sudden.

“How? Why?” I wondered. “Tell me exactly what happened.”

“We were sitting at her table drinking a cup of coffee before we started to work. She told me how attractive she thought I was, how good looking. Me, good looking? But I could tell she meant it, Mom. She told me how lonely she was. Then she kissed me. Her lips were so warm, so soft.” He had a dreamy expression.

“Then she told me I should go home. She would pay me, but I should leave. She was sorry for what she had done. She did not want to upset me. She told me to come back in the morning and we would do the work she wanted as if today never happened.

“I told her I was not upset. That she was the only one, other than you, Mom, that had ever said I was good looking, and I liked it. I told her I would go home if she wanted me to, but she couldn’t pay me if I didn’t work.

“I don’t know why, but I told her that her lips were so soft and warm, that I wanted her to kiss me again. She looked at me for a long time, then she did. She took my hand and put it on her breast! It was so soft. It felt so good! I told her so.

“She asked if I had ever seen a naked breast. Only in pictures I told her. She pulled her blouse off! Mom, she was beautiful! She asked me to suck on it. I didn’t want her to when she pulled it out of my mouth.

“She took me to her bedroom and took all of my clothes off. She pushed me back on the bed and she undressed. She kissed me when she lay down. She stuck her tongue in my mouth! I liked that. Then she put my thing in her mouth! It felt fantastic! I never felt anything so good in all my life.

“She would suck for a while, then raise up and grin at me and lick me all over, then start sucking again. I was squirming all over the bed. I tried to tell her I was fixing to shoot but she wouldn’t quit sucking ’til I did. She swallowed it all, Mom! She liked it!

“She kissed me again. I stuck my tongue in her mouth this time. I stayed hard, Mom. It wouldn’t go down. Then she got up on me. She raised up and put it in her… uh, in her…”

“Her pussy?”, I asked. When I talk about sex, I am usually pretty coarse. Jim says I talk like a two dollar whore and he likes it.

He blushed, nodded and said, “Mom, that’s the greatest thing. We did it six times.”

“Six?” I exclaimed.

He nodded. “She said we couldn’t do it tomorrow, but next Saturday we’d spend the entire day in bed, and she’d teach me how to eat her… uh.

“Mom. I am going over there tomorrow and work. I am also going to try to change her mind. I don’t wanta wait ’til next Saturday. Please don’t tell me I can’t go. I am going.”

I sat and stared out the window, looking at the blackness of night time. I was amazed at the change Ms. Wilkes had wrought in my son. He was not actually defying me, or rejecting my parental authority role, but was letting me know he was no longer my baby. He was ready to take his place in an adult world.

I got up and went to bed. I had much to think about and could not go to sleep. When Jim got in from work about one o’clock, he showered and came to bed. I attacked him. I bodily pulled him on me. After Jim came in me, I rolled him onto his back and rode him until he came again and I had at least four orgasms. I made him eat me to another, something he does not like to do after we have fucked. I had put three towels, instead of the normal two, under me when I went to bed. I was glad I did. I am a juicer. With my fluids and Jim’s cum, the towels minimize the wet spot. I kept putting him off as he asked what was going on? What triggered me? I would tell him tomorrow.

I woke Jimmy up telling him breakfast was ready and he better hurry if he wanted to get to Ms. Wilkes on time. I was rewarded with a beaming smile.

I went back to bed and woke Jim up by sucking his dick. I mounted him and rode him to two and a half orgasms before he blew. Afterward we lay there for at least three hours discussing what our son and I had talked about the night before and the change I perceived in him.

I did not and still do not know if it was the thought of someone like Ms. Wilkes getting to fuck someone like Jimmy for his very first time, or if it was the thought of the incest taboo, of fucking my son, being his first, that made me so randy. I will admit both situations turned me on.

That evening, after returning from Ms. Wilkes, Jimmy kissed me on the cheek and headed for the shower. He came in to keep me company as I put supper on the table, telling me of all they had accomplished, just as he had the previous weekend. I finally grinned and asked, “I guess Ms. Wilkes wouldn’t fuck you today?”

What a beautiful blush resulted from my question. “Mom! No. All we did was kiss a few times, but she did let me feel of her breasts while we kissed.”

“Honey, don’t be too pushy. Don’t be too aggressive with her. She could get in a lot of trouble if word of what you did gets out. Although you’re legal, a lot of people, maybe most people, would think badly of her if they knew. Be nice to her.”

“I will, Mom. I told her you knew. She did get upset. But I told her it was ok, that you were cool with it. You are, aren’t you, Mom?” A hopeful tone was in his voice.

“Yes, Hon.” I gave him a hug. “I’m cool with it.”

When Jim got out of the shower that night he stopped in the doorway and just looked at me. When I wanted to know what was wrong, he asked if he was going to be attacked again? If so, he wanted to be prepared. I told him to come to bed.

The first thing he did after laying down was to grab my pussy and stick a finger in it, even before he kissed me. I asked him who was attacking whom tonight as he trailed kisses down to my breasts and on down to my pussy. He sucked my clit and finger fucked me until I had a screaming orgasm. I bit my hand to shut myself up.

I pulled him on top of me, into my wet pussy and began hunching. Damn, he felt good, as usual, when he started pounding into me. I do so enjoy him. Sometimes we make love slow and gentle to make it last a long, long time, We share our love and our feelings for each other. Sometimes we fuck hard and fast, almost in a brutal way. He will pound into me until I am sore and almost walk bow-legged the next day. I love it either way.

After we finished and I caught my breath, he asked what happened with Ms. Wilkes today. Then he said he guessed we should call her Ann if she was going to be fucking Jimmy. He chuckled when I said she would not fuck him today, but Jimmy was excited because she did let him play with her tits. That got a laugh.

Jim said he could remember how exciting it was to be able to feel a girl’s tits and mine had been the third ones he had felt. He claimed not to remember the names of the others when I asked. His hands were also the third to ever touch my tits, the fourth, if you count my own. His finger was the second in my pussy, the third after mine. His dick was the only one which had been in me, pussy or mouth.

I walked over to Ann Wilkes’ the next morning, carrying a cup of coffee in each hand. She had a startled look when she answered the door to my kicking on it because my hands were full. She smiled at my smile and told me she hoped I brought that for her to drink and not to throw on her.

I told her yep, it was for the inside, not the outside. We sat and talked until three in the afternoon. I forgot all about Jim, who had to fix his own lunch to take to work.

She told me she had a wonderful sex life with her husband before he died. After coming to terms with her grief, she had a few encounters with men about her age, but they had all been so wrapped up in their own lives, that even when the sex was ok, the rest of the relationship was not. It seemed that most only wanted a free whore or a house cleaner and cook, not someone to share with.

Jimmy was the sixth young boy she had relations with. She told me she loves their eagerness to learn, their desire to please, and their stamina. Yeah, six times!

Her first encounter began with a winter ice storm. She had slipped and fallen while downtown, badly spraining her ankle. A group of boys came by about the time she fell. Only one really offered to help. The others said call 911 and let them take care of her. This one boy loaded her in her car, drove her home and helped her in the house and to her bed. He wrapped her ankle in an Ace Bandage and set up a pitcher of water and aspirins beside her. He refused to take any pay and left in the cold to walk home, a couple of miles away.

He returned the next afternoon and when he could not get her to come to the door in response to his knocking, he came to her bedroom window to check on her. She could not get out of bed, her ankle hurt still so bad. She told him the location of a hidden key so he could get in.

Her robe had been in the closet which she could not get to, so she had not undressed. She needed to pee so badly she was about to pop, but she could not get up and walk to the bathroom. She had been trying to get the nerve to attempt to crawl. He helped her pull her pantyhose and panties off and had to hold her skirt up so she could sit on the potty and relieve herself. She admitted she could have done this herself, but it was fun to tease the boy.

She said it was delightful to have him help. He obviously wanted to look at her, but was embarrassed at the same time. She had him get her robe, then help her remove her skirt, blouse and bra to put in on. I could picture his bright red face as she teased him.

After getting back to the bed, she had him order some KFC as she was also starved. They had a picnic on the bed, laughing and feeding each other as they ate the chicken and fixings.

She was constantly having trouble with her robe. As she would reach for something, it would gape open, exposing her breasts, or a tit would pop out. It would slide off a leg and expose her hairy cunt. She had a wonderful time with his reactions, with him trying to act as if he was not noticing anything.

He finally said he had to go home, that he was late as it was and he had a long walk. She said she trusted him and to take her car. He protested until she asked him to come by the next morning before he went to school and fix her some breakfast.

He never got to school that day. After breakfast she asked him to help her take a shower. They did not put any clothes on until he went home.

The affair lasted about a year and a half until he went away to college. He often came by during the week, and worked on the weekends as she wants Jimmy to do.

What a delightful story I told her. My husband will love it.

You can’t tell him, she exclaimed with a horrified look on her face. What will he think of me?

Relax, I assured her. He knows about Jimmy, and in a way that was why I came over this morning. We wanted to be sure you would not hurt Jimmy, that you had no ulterior motives. I think you have been good for him. You have boosted his ego and given him some confidence. I don’t think he is in love with you, and I don’t want him to be, but as long as you can enjoy each other, and can help each other, it is ok with us.

Thank you she said quietly, but I could hear the emotion in her words.

Anyway, I told her, we have always called you Ms. Wilkes. Jim said this morning that if you were going to be fucking Jimmy, we would have to call you Ann. She rang out a peal of laughter.

I finally asked her why she picked Jimmy. I knew he was special, but I am his mother. He was usually so quiet and shy most people ignored him.

That is primarily the reason Ann stated. I like the quiet and shy types. They are more sincere, more appreciative, and when they fully relax, knowing I want to do everything with them that they want to do to me, their gratitude is just marvelous. I have never had one that was demanding or threatening. When I say no, they quit! Oh, they may push a little, like Jimmy did today… Did he tell you?

I smiled, telling her he told me you said him no fucking until next Saturday, and he said he didn’t want to wait. But you kissed him and let him feel your tits and he was satisfied.

She giggled and said that is exactly what happened. I wanted to today, but I must set some ground rules. Jimmy will never give me a problem. And you do not have to worry about me. We will know when what we have runs its course. I am sure we will part as friends.

I am too I told her as I went home.

Jim and I talked about Jimmy and Ann quite often as we lay in bed. It became the favorite of our role playing sex games. Me being the experienced woman with Jim the inexperienced kid always led to some great sex.

About a month after Jimmy became involved with Ann, he suddenly began getting calls from a girl named Debbie. She called him, at first, much more than he called her. I teased him about her chasing him, that he better be careful or she would catch him. He always blushed. Several times she came by and picked him up to go somewhere. There were usually a bunch of kids together. He had never been involved with a group at any of his previous schools.

Sitting at the supper table one night Jimmy asked “Can I talk to you?”

With a smile, “I thought we were talking.” He blushed. “Go ahead, what’s bothering you?”

“How do you know something’s bothering me?”

Mysterious me, “I am your mother!”

“Debbie asked me to go to the Senior Prom with her.”

“Great!” I responded.

“But Mom, ” he claimed, “you don’t understand!”

“So explain it to me.”, I requested. It seems that after the Prom, you were supposed to have sex with your date. “I see. You’re worried about Ann.” He nodded. “Well, if you do want to go with Debbie, it is Ann you really need to talk to, not me.”

“I know,” he said, “I just do not want to hurt her feelings.”

I hugged him, “I know, Baby.”

I went to see Ann the next morning, carrying a couple of cups of coffee. She laughed as she opened the door, saying it has been quite a while since you brought me coffee. She continued, you must have something important on your mind. I told her of Jimmy’s and my conversation the night before. Ann was aware of the tradition, from her previous boys, but had not thought about it or about Jimmy going to the Prom. He had never mentioned it. Ann was aware of Debbie. We both thought the situation was cute and had several laughs about it. Ann requested me to tell Jimmy she had some work for him that night, normally an invitation for him to come over for some sex.

Jimmy went to the Prom. Ann took him to Debbie’s house where they were to use her car. When he got up the next morning, almost noon, he stumbled into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. As I looked at him he started grinning. “Well, looks like someone had a good time last night!”

“Oh, Mom. It was great.”

“Tell me all about it!”

“She was so pretty in her dress. She had her hair fixed up. She looked so nice. When I told her so, her Mom kissed me on the cheek!

“We danced at the Prom ’til I thought I’d wear out my shoes. Then we went out to the lake to party with a big bunch of other kids. Some of them went skinny-dipping, but we didn’t.”

I interrupted. “Did you have sex in the car?” I remembered Jim’s and my first time in his back seat.

He blushed and nodded. “Mom, she told me she had been with two other boys, but they couldn’t hold a candle to me. She said I was the best lover she ever had, and I could get in her panties whenever I wanted to. I heard her tell Mary the same thing!”

I hugged him. “Great! You know, I think you should go tell Ann. AND thank her. I love that woman for what she has done for you.”

“I do too, Mom. Other than you, she is the greatest person I have ever known.”

That summer Jimmy moved to Austin and started to college, living with a cousin of Jim’s. Ann helped Jimmy find a good job where he could work and study at the same time. Jim and I helped as much as we could with the finances. I hated to see him go. It left a big hole in my life.

Shortly thereafter, Jim and I followed a drilling rig to eastern Oklahoma. We were back in our mobile home in a fairly large trailer park.

Just after we moved in we met some old friends, Tom and Sue Anderson. They had a son, Scott, who was just about a carbon copy of the way Jimmy had been before he met Ann. Scott had been held back a year in school because of the many moves his family had made one year.

Laying in bed one night Jim said, “Scott needs to meet an Ann Wilkes.” I had to agree and wondered where we might find such for him. Jim had been busy fingering my pussy and had it nice and juicy and wet. He rolled over on top of me and sank to the hilt. He felt fantastic in me.

“I know only one woman I would sic on him.”, Jim said.

When I asked “Who?”, Jim pulled almost out, then rammed it back home, and stopped. When realization dawned on me, “You have got to be kidding?”

Jim shook his head and kissed me. “Thinking of Ann and Jimmy always turned you on so much, I know you often wished it were you instead of her.”

“But.” was all I could manage.

“Every time you talked about Ann and her boys, you were wishing you could do the same thing. I love you. I know you love me. If you want to do to Scott what Ann did to Jimmy, go ahead.” He was still buried in me, like an iron rod, moving slowly in and out.

“Is this a game? Are you trying to tease me?”

“Nope. I’m serious as hell. I just want to see how you fuck me after being with Scott.”

“Well, fuck the shit out of me now.” He almost did.

Two nights later I asked Jim, “You were just kidding the other night, weren’t you?” He was playing with my pussy as usual.

“About you fucking Scott like Ann fucked Jimmy?”



“It wouldn’t bother you if I fucked someone else?”

“Would you fuck them to hurt me?”


“Would you fuck them to make me jealous?”


“Would you fuck them if I didn’t want you to?”


“I would not like you going to bars looking for a pickup. I would not like you fucking someone behind my back, hiding it from me. But someone like Jimmy, Scott, when we can talk about it, when we both know they will be better off for it, as Jimmy was with Ann, no, that would not bother me. I know you love me. I also know that boys like Jimmy and Scott really need someone like you or Ann.”

“I think I want to.”

“Good. When?”

“Damn. Pushy aren’t you?”

“Nope.”, Jim replied, “Just stroking in and out.” He was. Slow and gentle, we did it for a long, long time.

I set out the next day to get Scott in my bed. I had no clue on how to start. I had no yard work like Ann. The trailer was not like a house. I had always made a point of speaking to him whenever we met. I would ask questions and try to draw him out. It was amazing how smart he actually was. I was sure he had a crush on me and I hoped he jacked-off fantasizing about me. It would make it easier to seduce him, if I ever got a chance.

I was returning from the grocery store when I spotted Scott walking down the street. Stopping to give him a lift, I asked “Could help me turn and flip all of the cushions and mattresses in my trailer?”

“Sure. Be glad to.” he responded.

As I put the groceries away he turned and flipped all of the cushions on the chairs and the couch. That left the two mattresses. The first was not much of a problem, but the one in Jim’s and my bedroom is a king size. There is not much empty space in the room. It was a struggle. When we finally got it turned and flipped I was breathing hard, as if we had already been having sex.

I grabbed Scott by the hand, sat down on the bed and flopped on my back, pulling him down beside me. I knew he could see my braless breasts bounce and move under my t-shirt. As I clasped the back of his hand against my breast, I could feel my nipple hardening. He had to feel it also. “Thank you, Scott. I could not have done that without you.”

“I’m glad I could help.”, he said. “Anytime you need some help, anything, please ask me.”

I raised up on an elbow to look him in the eyes as he lay beside me. “That’s sweet of you, Scott.” I slowly lowered my head while maintaining eye contact until my lips touched his. His eyes closed. I kissed him thinking of Jimmy’s description of Ann’s soft warm lips. I wanted the same reaction.

Except for a shudder as our lips met, Scott did not move. As I lifted my head Scott’s eyes popped open with a startled look. His hand came up and his fingers touched his lips. I smiled. “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes, Ms. Johnson. That’s the best kiss I’ve ever had. Your lips are so warm, so soft!” I had to struggle to keep from laughing from joy. I was not about to ask how many such kisses he had enjoyed.

I kissed him again, the same way, and brought his hand to my breast. He did not move at first, then gave one gentle squeeze, as if he was afraid he would hurt me or I would make him quit. I sighed and whispered against his lips, “Feel them, rub them, squeeze them.” I lay back and pulled him partially on me as he played with my tits. I could feel my panties and shorts become soaking wet. Although I have always been a juicer, this was unusual even for me. Jim, as usual, was right. The situation, this young boy, half of my age, was turning me on big time.

I gently pushed up on Scott’s chest until he was sitting beside me. He had a look of disappointment on his face as this stopped him from playing with my breasts. “Pull my t-shirt off.”, I requested softly. I thought his face would split, his grin was so big.

That was the point I embarked on my career as a teacher. I began to teach Scott how to lick, suck, nibble and bite on my breasts. He was an excellent student.

I stripped him as he played. Pressing him to his back, his eyes were wide open, wondering, watching me as I ran my fingertips up and down his shaft. Grasping it in my hand I began a slow up and down motion as I lowered my head toward it. I followed Ann’s story as I took him in my mouth, but Scott did not last as long as Jimmy must have. I kissed and licked his dick then engulfed it into my mouth. I had barely started sucking when he exploded and that is an apt term. He just exploded in my mouth.

After I sucked him dry I crawled up and hugged him, bare skin to bare skin. He had a blissful smile on his face. As he hugged me back, “I think you enjoyed that.”

“Oh god, Ms. Johnson. That’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It was wonderful. Your wonderful. I love you!”

“No, Scott. You love SEX! It IS better when you have affection for someone, and I do like you, and you like me, but you don’t love me. You just love what I DID to you. Understand?”

“I think so. I know I loved that!”

“Would you like to return the favor?”

“What do you want me to do.”

“Pull my shorts off, then my panties.”

“Oh god, yes! Can I look at you?”

“All you want. And feel. And taste!”

“You want me to… cuni… to… eat you?”

“Yes. Do you want to?”

“I don’t know how. I’ve never done it!”

“I’ll teach you.”


As he reached for my shorts, he hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“Your wet!”

“I get that way when I’m excited, like you get hard.”

“You didn’t pee?”

“No!” I laughed. “That’s just my natural juices. Smell!”

As he sniffed his nose touched my shorts. “It doesn’t smell like pee! It’s like… I don’t know.”

“Like a woman? Do you like it?”

“I guess. I don’t know.” He continued to inhale deeply. Suddenly he rubbed his face on my shorts and looked up at me with a huge grin. “I guess if I’m going to eat you, I better like it.” I laughed delightedly.

He unbuttoned and ran the zipper down my shorts. Grasping the legs he tugged downward as I raised my hips, then slipped them off me. He stopped and just stared at my wet, translucent panties and at my bare pussy. With a touch of awe in his voice, “You don’t have any hair!”

“Do you like it?” The hospital shaved me when Jimmy was born. I liked the increased sensitivity and have continued to shave, or let Jim do it, ever since. It is party time when Jim does it.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Touch it.”

He ran a finger over my mound, then, as with the shorts, rubbed his face on my panties and grinned at me again. “Pull them off.” He did. “Now feel!”

“It’s so soft. It stretches! Wow! It does smell good. I like it!” He rubbed his face on the wet bare skin. “You want me to kiss it?”

“Uh huh. And lick it. See if you like the taste.”

He started licking, cleaning up the wetness, licking me like a cat cleans itself. I lifted my hips and slid a pillow and a couple of towels under my ass while raising and spreading my legs to give him access to the entire area. He followed a trail of wetness from my pussy down past my asshole. I jumped when his tongue hit my pucker. Looking up at me, grinning, the first time he had paused since he started licking. “I licked your asshole!” he giggled.

“You sure did. No one has ever done that to me before!”

“Really!” He then tried to worm his tongue inside. He had me squirming all over the bed. Who was teaching whom? Jim, you are in for a treat tonight. “You like that don’t you? I can tell!”

“Yes, Honey. I like that a lot. Now, raise up and take your thumbs, put them along my slit and spread it open.” As he did I described all of the parts, having him touch, lick, suck and play with his tongue and fingers until my breathing was so ragged I could hardly talk.

I had described how sensitive my clit was and what would happen when he sucked and licked it, but did not let him play with it too much. Now I told him to start on it. I convulsed into one of the best climaxes I have ever had. I almost fainted. The world did turn gray.

I have since learned the first orgasm with each new student is of a similar mind blowing experience. It may be the anticipation, the newness, coupled with the eagerness they convey.

When I finally recuperated and looked at Scott, he had a worried look. I smiled, reached with my arms and beckoned him to me. Kissing him, I repeated his words to me, “Oh, Scott! That’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It was wonderful. Your wonderful. I love you!” He stiffened in my arms. “Honey, I’m not mocking you, just teasing. It WAS great. One of the best cums I’ve ever had. I am SO glad I got you to help me today.”

“Me too.”

Wanting to see his reaction, and how he might phrase the question, I asked, “Hon, is there anything else you want to do?” He nodded and surprised me by not asking to fuck me, but “Can I just look at you?”

“Just look?” He nodded.

“You don’t want to touch?”

“Well, maybe. But I’ve never seen a real live girl. I’d like to take my time and just study you.”

“Please be my guest”

He began with my breasts, moving his head, looking from different angles, but not touching. I could almost feel his eyes move over my skin. He began to describe what he was looking at, as if he were speaking into a recorder so he could take it with him to listen to later. “Touch them. Move them. See how they work.” With a grin, he did, with the softest and gentlest handling.

He moved down to my pussy. Glancing at me, then looking back down, “I liked the licking and sucking, but I didn’t get to really look at it. It is beautiful. I’m glad you don’t have any hair. It’s all open where you can see!” His gaze was so intense I felt like I was under a microscope.

“Is it always so red? I didn’t hurt it, did I?”

“No. The redness and the juices show when a woman is excited, like when your dick gets hard. It just means I’m ready to have sex.”

A grin, “Then your still ready!”

“Yes, I guess I am. Sometimes it takes a while for me to get wound up, then it takes a while for me to cool off.”

“You know something?”


“This has been the greatest day of my life. I’ve wanted to look at a girl like this forever. I never thought a beautiful woman like you would even think about someone like me. I haven’t even been able to find a girl. And you… you sucked me! You let me eat you! Touch you! Thank you so much! I will never, ever, forget this day!”

“So. What, you’re going home now?”

“Don’t you want me to go?”

“I suck you off. I let you eat me. I let you play with my pussy and titties. You don’t say a thing about wanting to do it again! You don’t say a thing about wanting to fuck me! What am I supposed to think?”

“Oh, Ms. Johnson.” He was almost in tears. “I loved what you did! I just didn’t think you would want to do it with me again. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how! You’re married. I didn’t think you would fuck me even if I asked. Wouldn’t your husband get mad? Please don’t be mad at me! I’ll do anything you want!”

I hugged him. “It’s ok, Honey. I was teasing. I loved what we did today too. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how. I’ll teach you.” I pushed him up so we could look at each other. “I do want you to come back. About three tomorrow?” A nod. Jim would be gone to work, as he was today. Do I have a story for him tonight? I can almost feel him pounding into me now. “And, Scott, I do want to fuck you, if you want to fuck me?”

“Oh god, Ms Johnson. I want that more than anything in the world!”

“Get dressed then. Tomorrow we will start all over.” I led him into the bathroom, wet a cloth and cleaned his face.

“All over? Everything?” I smiled and nodded. “You’ll suck me? I’ll eat you? You’ll fuck me?” His eagerness was thrilling.

“And you will fuck me!”

“Great!” he hollered as he ran out the door.

After his shower that night Jim stopped in the doorway when he saw my grin. “What have you been up to?”

“Come to bed.” I told him, still grinning.

After he lay down beside me and kissed me, I whispered in his ear, “Scott came by today!”

Hugging me, Jim demanded, “Tell me about it.”

I told him everything, except about Scott licking my asshole. That was to be a surprise, and it was! Jim laughed several times at my descriptions. He did indeed enjoy the story. Then, telling me he thought he knew, he asked “Why didn’t you fuck him?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “unless I wanted to give you one last chance to tell me not to.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes. You know I do.”

“Will you love me after you fuck Scott?”

“With all of my heart.”

“Then do it!”, as he slipped into my pussy. I had put three towels under my ass tonight instead of the usual two, to minimize the wet spot. It was a good thing. I had been flowing before Jim lay down on the bed.

I looked out the window just before three o’clock. Scott was standing on the porch looking at his watch. Laughing, I opened the door to see him blushing as he entered. His eagerness, his anticipation, was thrilling to observe. I could feel my wetness starting.

“I’m glad you’re here, Scott.” I whispered as I kissed him. Standing there in the middle of the room I began to teach him how I like to be kissed. Both of us were soon panting.

I slowly undressed him as we continued kissing. I had placed his hands on my breasts. He began to gently rub, squeeze and pinch my nipples as I had taught him the day before.

Looking at him, I sank to my knees holding his dick. I kissed the head, the sides, and started licking it while still looking at him. As I sucked it into my mouth his eyes closed and he swayed. I was afraid he was going to fall so I led him to the bed and pushed him on it. Taking him back into my mouth, he began a slight hunching motion in time to the rhythm of my sucks. He lasted longer than he had done the day before.

After sucking him dry, I crawled up beside him, taking him in my arms. As he hugged me back I asked him in a whisper, “Did you jack off last night?”

He blushed, nodded, and whispered back, “Four times.”

I laughed delightedly, giving him little pecking kisses. “Pull my shirt off.” As slowly as I had undressed him, he did me. He began kissing, licking and sucking on my nipples. He took a nipple gently in his teeth, lifting his head he stretched it up until it slipped out, bouncing and jiggling. He giggled.

“Where did you learn that?” I asked.

“I saw it in a movie once. It looked like fun. It is!” More giggles before he did the other tit.

“Now, pull my shorts off.”

He felt first. “They’re not as wet as yesterday.” He was a little disappointed.

“You’ll get me there.” I told him as he rubbed his face as he did the day before. After rubbing his face on my panties he pulled them off without my saying anything. He then reached for the towels and pillow, looking at me expectantly until I lifted my hips. He almost dove into my pussy. He had not forgotten a thing. He also did not stop his licking and sucking when I had my orgasm, but continued until I had a second one.

He held me as I had held him. Holding my head against his chest, he was stroking my hair and my cheek. As I looked up at him he gave me a gentle kiss. “You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever known.”

We lay beside each other, swapping gentle kisses as I recharged. I put his hand on my breasts, so he could play with my titties, then moved it down to my pussy. As he fingered me, we could both feel my wetness increasing, my juices flowing.

I pushed him onto his back and straddled him. Trapping his dick between us, I began rubbing my pussy and clit up and down it. I raised up and with my hand rubbed his dick head in my slit while he watched round eyed and with his mouth open. Then I put it in my entrance and slowly sank down, wiggling until it was fully seated. As it disappeared from his view, his head flopped back and he moaned. “That feels wonderful.”, his favorite word.

I leaned forward pressing my breasts against his chest and whispered “I’m going to fuck you.” He jerked. As I raised up I told him, “Then you are going to fuck me!”

He jerked again. “Oh, Ms. Johnson!”

I started rocking back and forth, then making little circles with my hips. He was grunting and panting with each of my movements. I started raising and lowering myself, almost completely off him, then back down. I started moving faster. In this position I can move my hips very rapidly. We were making a stattacco sound as our bodies came together. My clit pounded into his pubic mound and neither of us lasted very long. He began jerking up into me as he came. Feeling this and his cum shooting into me set me off.

I lay on him until we both recovered our breath. His hands were gliding up and down my back when he spoke, “Ms. Johnson?”

“Yes, Hon.”

“Every time I think you just did the greatest thing in the world to me, you do something better!”

“Why thank you, Honey. It makes a woman, or a girl, feel good when a man like you tells them something nice. If we look good, or smell good, we like to hear it. When we do something you like, tell us about it. We’ll want to do more for you.”


“That’s right, Hon.”

“You better get ready for a bunch! ‘Cause I’m going to give ’em to you!”

“Not just me, Honey. Do it to all the females you see.”

“You’re so smart. Except for one thing.”

“Oh. And what is that?”

“I do love you. Oh, I don’t want to marry you or anything. But I do positively love you, AND what you do to me!”

Laughing, “I love you too, Honey,” I crawled off him and moved so I could take his dick in my mouth. It was not completely soft and limp, and it jumped back into a rigid hardness. I pulled him on me, “Now I want you to fuck me!”

He grinned. “I don’t know how! You’ll have to teach me!”

I laughed and began teaching. I did not get much out of that first time as I concentrated on my instructions, but Scott certainly enjoyed it. The second time was better and the third was better still. The improvement continued the fourth time.

Later, after bathing away our stickiness and odor, we sat at the table while drinking a glass of tea. Scott looked at me with a small smile. “Ms. Johnson, if you’re willing, I would love to come back and visit you tomorrow. Today has been an absolutely great day. You are, and have been, just wonderful. You are such a lovely person to spend time with.”

I giggled, the little devil. “Let’s skip tomorrow, Scott. I think I want to rest. Come back the day after and we can continue. Ok?”

“That will be great!” He walked out the door whistling.

I am glad I put Scott off the next day. That night, as I told Jim everything that happened, he fucked me raw. When he quit, he had blown his nuts three times, the first time in years, maybe since our honeymoon, when he did that. I do not know how many times I climaxed, it was almost continuous. I was bow-legged. God, I love that man.

Scott and I continued our playing, ok, our fucking, four or five times a week for about two months. Just before school started, Scott arrived one day with an odd look on his face. I asked him what was wrong.

“Ms. Johnson, I think I’ve got me a girl friend.”

“I know, Scott. I’ve seen her. She’s a cute little thing. She seems to like you.”

“Well, we’ve kissed a few times, but I didn’t think you’d care if we did that.”

“No, Scott. That’s fine. I hope she’s a good kisser!”

“I’ve been teaching her just like you taught me.”


“Well, anyway, last night she let me play with her titties and I put my finger in her pussy.”

“Great! Did she like it?”

“She said she did. She told me no one had ever made her feel like I do. I’ve been complimenting her like you told me to.”

“I’m glad for you and for her. So what’s the problem?”

“I think she will let me fuck her. I think she wanted me to last night.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I’ve been fucking you! I didn’t know if you would get mad, and I don’t want you mad at me. If you don’t want me to see her again, I won’t.”

I kissed him gently. “Scott, you are a sweetheart. I have loved fucking you, but we both knew it had to end some day. This is probably a good time. You have a sweet girl. Now you can teach and learn from each other. Promise me two things.”


“Make her feel as good as you have me. Be as nice to her as you have me.”

Scott flashed a beaming smile, a smile of gratitude, “I will, Ms. Johnson, I promise. And thank you. Thank you so much. Your wonderful. I will always love you.”

“Me too, Scott! Now go have fun!”

I cried a little as I told Jim that night while he held me. Losing Scott hurt as bad as losing Jimmy when he left home and started college. It is always hard to let the fledglings leave the nest.

Jim held me, rocked me in his arms, and comforted me until my sniffles ceased. “You ok now?”


He kissed me gently, then asked, “What do you think of little Brian Smith?”

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