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Warehouse Fun

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It was obvious that both Steve and I were both comfortable with the ground rules for our encounters changing, during our last adventure with Tracy I had encouraged Steve to break our ‘no penetration’ rule by actually taking charge of his cock and easing it between Tracy’s wet swollen lips with my own fingers.

Not content with watching him tease her pussy with the tip of his cock I was desperate to watch his penis as it slipped between her damp folds, to see the change in Tracy’s expression as he pounded her hard and fast, curious to see Steve the way Tracy had seen him when she watches us fuck, his hips grinding into her as he brings her to orgasm and his cock covered in her juices as he pulls out and finishes himself off, spilling his seed over her smooth pale skin.

After a long discussion of our ‘rules’ Steve and I decided that it would be fine, (and only fair considering the circumstances) if I wanted to go further than just mutual masturbation and actually fuck a stranger.

To be honest here had been times when I had been so hot that I was close to forgetting the ‘rules’ although, as much as I like the feel of a penis inside me, nothing gets me hotter than being surrounded by, and taking control of, several hard cocks, teasing them until they explode, covering me in streams of hot spunk.

I love watching men masturbate, the look of animal lust on their faces as they grip their penis ready to give this little slut all they have, hand moving from base to tip faster and faster, pre cum glistening on the end, the grunt as they stiffen up balls tightening as climax hits, cock throbbing and twitching, stream after stream of cum splashing on my breasts, belly and between my legs.

We agreed some things that would be kept as special between us, kissing with tongues for one, although the odd kiss on the lips would be fine. And, although fucking was now allowed, I decided that having a guy cum inside me was out, as was anal sex, that was Steve’s special treat, although allowing a guy to finger my ass was something that I had always allowed and sometimes even encouraged.

With the new rules decided I was keen to explore how far I would go next time an opportunity to misbehave came along.

As much fun as it was sharing experiences with Tracy I was desperate for a solo adventure where I would be totally in control and the centre of attention.

I longed for another encounter similar to one I had in the Jacuzzi at the gym, surrounded by guys willing to do what I asked.

The opportunity soon came along with a change of job.

Tired with the repetitive nature of my work and restless for a new challenge I had applied for a more interesting post at a company new to the area.

On hearing that my application had been successful I handed in a months notice, being able to finish that very week because of three weeks holiday the company owed me, a nice break before starting my new job, or so I thought.

One week into my time off I became bored, Steve and most of my friends were at work, chores completed the house was spotless, I had spent time getting my hair and nails done, shopped until even I was tired of shopping, visited everyone that wasn’t otherwise occupied, hit the gym every day twice a day and even crashed out for a day watching TV, eating junk and frigging myself silly watching porn.

Some of my ex colleagues had arranged to meet for drinks that Friday and when I mentioned I was bored and at a bit of a loose end my old boss immediately offered some temping work.

The annual stock take was due and he needed someone to sort through the boxes of files that had been stored in one of the old warehouse buildings, dumping any out of date paperwork and logging anything relevant.

I accepted as the extra money would come in useful.

Monday morning I arrived at the Warehouse, a big, chilly building with rows of racking filled with pallets and a maze of cardboard boxes stacked almost all the way to the ceiling along every wall, although it looked well maintained, clean and tidy.

The warehouse manager greeted me at the door, raising one eyebrow and shaking his head as he looked me up and down.

Introducing himself as Dave he was tall and slim with a pleasant tone.

He laughed and shook his head saying,

“I guess you thought this would all be office work.”

I had worn a pair of my favourite boots, calf length with a slight heel, sheer blouse with a nice lacy bra, just visible in the right light, and matching French knickers under a short flowing skirt that swished when I walked, the soft material tickling the back of my bare legs at mid thigh.

“You don’t approve of my choice of clothing then.” I replied.

“Won’t say that, it’s just that some of the files are high up on the shelving and the desk you will be working at is to the rear of the warehouse.”

He gestured for me to follow, as we made our way through the stacks of boxes he allowed me to walk slightly ahead of him, I guessed so he could watch my ass.

Not being one to disappoint I swayed my hips giving him a bit of a show then glanced back over my shoulder,

“For someone concerned with my attire you seem to be enjoying the view from behind.”

Dave burst out laughing, sweeping his hand to the left he said,

“Let me introduce you to the lads.”

Hidden between some of the boxes the warehouse guys had made themselves a nice little rest area. An old but clean sofa was set in front of a portable TV, a radio played on a filing cabinet and seated around a smart desk in one corner, two men sat drinking coffee.

Dave introduced me to a young, skinny guy named John who shook my hand rather nervously and a handsomely built guy in his mid-twenties named Rich who winked and made no attempt to hide his approval of me by nudging John in the ribs and twitching his eyebrows.

Poor John flushed bright red, I burst out laughing as Dave cuffed Rich around the ear and told him to watch his manners.

Dave took his place sitting behind the desk, the oldest of the three men looking to be late thirties with a pleasant face and easy smile.

“Jules here probably needs help retrieving some of the files from the shelving and bringing them back here for sorting, she could use the desk at the back of the warehouse but ours is a damn site cleaner.”

Rich immediately volunteered but Dave assigned John to work with me.

I think Dave suspected Rich was a bit too keen and full of him self and might make a comment that would offend me, which goes to prove they didn’t know me at all.

Now, along with my rules, there are places that I would never fool around because there is always the danger some guy will read more into it and become a pest.

I like exciting unplanned situations, have fun then walk away, no strings.

Home is out; neighbours are a definite no, as are workmen, although I do tease a little with a flash here and there nothing ever goes any further.

When the mood takes me to fool around at the gym it is not my regular gym, but a small one at a hotel where I won’t bump into anyone I know. I joined because they have a nice spa and beauty rooms for when I have earned a days pampering.

Work is defiantly out because guys tend to brag, gossip will work its way around an office and then every creep will be chancing his hand…

Although today I was temping so technically it’s not my work place so…?

As we sorted our way through the boxes of paperwork John began loosen up and talk a little, I asked him questions about his work and the other guys.

Chatting pleasantly I asked if he had a girlfriend he went bright red and made a big thing of moving a box across the floor so that he did not have to look up as he replied.

“Not yet.”

Now and again I had seen him staring at my bra as the light shone through my blouse as I stretched up to reach a file or quickly cast an appreciative glance at my ass when I bent over to pick something up.

Feeling naughty I teased him by asking if he liked girls.

He flushed a deeper red, this time though with anger.

“Yes I do, I’m not gay so why does everyone assume that.”

Shocked at how much I had upset him I apologised, he calmed down and with a little coaxing explained that Rich and his mates were always taunting him because he was fairly shy and inexperienced.

Shame because he was a nice looking lad, a bit on the skinny side but he had bright intelligent eyes set behind rimless glasses, his blond hair was cut a little old fashioned, reminding me of a new romantic era floppy fringe, he smelled pleasantly of a spicy deodorant, his skin, if a little pale, clear and smooth.

I decided he deserved of some fun.

We would need a set of steps to reach the next row of boxes, John volunteered to reach them down but I said there were only certain files we needed and it was better if I got them, knowing what we were looking for.

We walked through the rows of shelving until we reached a corner that was well out of site of the rest of the warehouse.

Pointing to the top shelf I said. “I think the ones we want are up there, so I had better get up and have a look.”
John wheeled a set of tall steps over for me and I climbed up.

Reaching out for the first file I pretended to wobble, making a show of grabbing a hold of the shelves in front of me.
Looking back down I said, “Can you hold me steady, please John?”

From the look on his face he had obviously been peeking up my skirt, but pretended he hadn’t been looking, making a show of turning his head to avert his gaze as he reached up and steadied the steps.

“Sorry John it’s these heels causing the problem; I meant can you hold me steady?” “Hold onto my hips please.”

Slowly he placed a foot on the steps and moved his hands to my hips.

His eyes would now be level with my nice round arse, the outline of my panties visible, the thin material stretched tight by his grip, I was becoming slightly aroused knowing he would be looking at me, the feel of his warm hands cupping the shape of my hips and my own naughty thoughts of where this could lead.

Repositioning on the steps pretending to look at yet another file I shifted my hips, pushing my butt out so that it wiggled right in front of his face, his grip tightened slightly. I glanced down and he was bright red, the poor lad didn’t know where to look as I caught him staring at my ass, plan working I said.

“John I need to reach a file on the very top, would you mind loosing my hips and hold onto my legs just above my knees please.”

His hands left my hips and I took the last few steps to the very top. When he held my legs his touch was hot, he held me gently just above and to the side of my knees, this was perfect for what I wanted to do next.

As I stretched up I knew he would be able to see straight up my skirt, I positioned myself with one foot on the steps the other on a shelf so that my lacy panties would be in full view, the tanned skin of my ass would show through the lace and hopefully because of the loose legs of my French knickers he would get a glimpse of my pussy.

As I stepped back onto the steps I decided to tease him.

“John, can you stop staring at my ass please and keep a hold of my legs as I come down?”

He mumbled “Sorry.” And I quickly look back and smiled

“Hey, I don’t mind you looking at my ass.”

“I like it when guys look at me like that it makes me feel sexy.”

Asking him to keep his hands steady I lowered myself down quickly so that his hands slid up my legs, under my skirt and over my thigh.

He quickly pulled his hands away clearly embarrassed.

As I reached the bottom step he stood back to allow me to climb off, but not before I took the chance to push my ass back, brushing against his hardening dick.

Placing the files on the steps I turned to John and flicked his fringe away from his eyes, moving closer to him.

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

He swallowed hard as he nodded yes; I backed him up against some shelving, and moved my hand to his crotch.

“Because this says that you do.”

His eyes were wide as I stepped back and unbuttoned my blouse, letting it fall open but not slipping it right off. Taking his hand I pressed it to my chest, cupping his fingers over my bra he took the hint and roughly fondled my tit squeezing and rolling his thumb over the nipple which was standing out hard against the lacy material.

Placing one foot on the shelving I took his other hand and placed it on my leg guiding it up over my thigh and under my skirt.

A shiver ran down my spine as, with some encouragement, he moved from the outside of my legs to the inside, gently brushing against my panties.

Unclipping my bra I lifted it above my firm breasts, he began squeezing and stroking the bare flesh, getting rougher and rougher, obviously not very experienced.

Even so I was getting very wet as his clumsy fingers found their way inside the leg of my panties, touching the wetness there.

Pushing him away I reached for his zipper, pulling it down and easing his hard cock out, it was long and thin with a thick vein running along its length, the circumcised head glistened with pre cum.

Running my fingers along the shaft he shivered slightly, his cock twitched as I looked him in the eye and asked,

“Shall we have some fun and bring each other off?”

He nodded, breath hissing between his teeth as I squeezed the end of his cock between my finger and thumb.

Squatting down I took his member in my mouth, just the tip at first, swirling my tongue around and brushing my lips over it, then licking up and down the shaft and eventually taking it all in my mouth, pursing my lips when I got to the head, sucking the salty tip then sliding my lips up and down.

It was not long before he started to breathe hard, bucking his hips in rhythm with my movements, reaching up under my skirt I caressed my sopping pussy rubbing in time with his thrusts. Usually I pull away when a stranger is about to cum, enjoying watching and feeling it spurt over me as I finish him off with my hand, but I suspected this was his first blow job and decided to give him the full benefit of my experience.

The thought of someone other than Steve blowing his cum in my mouth was getting me so hot; my pussy needed more attention than it was getting from my fingers.

As I worked my lips over his shaft he gave a final jerk and tried to pull away, I held him tight to me as he pumped spurt after spurt of warm cum down my throat, I managed to swallow all but a little that escaped from the corner of my mouth.

His breathing came in short gasps, my lips moving up and down his softening shaft as his orgasm subsided, making sure that I cleaned him up with my mouth, paying special attention to the swollen purple head and finishing off with a soft kiss on its tip.

I let him get his breath back before sitting back on the steps and easing my panties down past my knees.

“My turn now, use your mouth on me.”

He tucked his softening penis back into his jeans and moved toward me.

He knelt down taking his time to get a good look at my shaven lips. I felt his hand fumble along my leg until he reached my pussy, one of his fingers slipping awkwardly into the wetness there as he began kissing his way up my inner thigh.

His head disappeared under the folds of my skirt; it was so erotic because I couldn’t see him, just feel the wet sensations as he gently nuzzled the outer lips of my pussy with his tongue.

As when he was fondling of my tits it seemed more exciting because his inexperienced movements were rushed, unsure; reminding me of my first fumbling encounters with boys rather than the expert attentions I was used to.

It would not take long for me to cum, my clit was hyper sensitive, my lips swollen damp with my juices as I could feel his tongue began to explore deeper, opening up my moist folds as his confidence grew, he exerted a little more pressure the tip of his nose nudging against my lips.

He began urgently lapping at my wetness, inserting his tongue deep inside me, fucking my pussy with quick flicks as I began to grind back into him.

Reaching down to rub my clit with my fingers as my excitement built, I let out a couple of moans, placing my hands on the back of his head pushing him hard into my pussy as a huge orgasm ripped through me, holding him there as I covered his face with my juices.

Finally I allowed him to pull away. I reached into my bag and took out some wet wipes and tissues so that we could clean ourselves up a little. John was bright red as he wiped his fingers and face, watching intently as I cleaned myself up then pulled up my panties, the crotch of them was pretty damp.

“Did I do that right?” he said.

Kissing him on the cheek I told him it was just fine then asked if he had done anything like it before.

The poor lad sat on the steps, scuffing the toe of his trainer along the floor, clearly embarrassed as he answered honestly that he had only ever touched one girl before, and that was through her knickers, when they were both drunk on a night out.

“But I have seen things on films so I knew what to do.” He quickly added.

We gathered up some of the files and made our way back to the office area.

Dave was behind his desk while Rich was lounging on the sofa reading a magazine, on seeing me he quickly folded the magazine and thrust it under the seat.

Deciding there was a chance for some fun I asked him what he was reading, I bent over in front of him, placing the files on the floor and giving him a flash of cleavage.

Flustered he answered. “Oh nothing someone like you would be interested in”

Annoyed at the, someone like you comment I asked. “Why? is it porn?”

Rich shot a look at Dave who just shrugged, deciding to brave it out he pulled the magazine out from under his seat and said.

“Like I said nothing you would be interested in…being a stuck up office chick.”

Walking over I took the magazine from his fingers, flicking through its pages.

It was a well thumbed soft porn publication with lots of boob and bum shots, the occasional glimpse of a ‘landing strip’ and the usual pages of letters and stories.

I came across a photo shoot of a model dressed in a typical fantasy secretary type outfit, severe business suit with too tight skirt, boobs pushed up, specs, etc.

Handing it back to Rich, who was now a little less cocky, looking back and forth between John and Dave for support, I asked him if this was the way the warehouse boys saw us, stuck up office chicks.

John began to laugh, perhaps realising there was no way Rich was going to embarrass a girl like me, Rich told him to shut the fuck up and not wanting me to have the upper hand he flicked through the magazine, folded it open at a page and held it out to me.

The picture was of the secretary with her blouse partly open leaning forward over her desk, tapping the picture for emphasis he said. “Yes, but Id rather see you like this.”

Dave decided to intervene, perhaps worried that I would complain of sexual harassment because Rich was going too far, getting them in all kinds of trouble.

“That’s enough Richard; Jules doesn’t want to listen to your crap.”

Waving a hand in dismissal and winking at Dave I said it was fine.

Standing over Rich, legs either side of his I carefully, slowly undid the top buttons of my blouse, leaning forwards hands resting on his knees I arched my back pushed my lace covered breasts close to his face and said.

“You want to see me like this?”

You could have heard a pin drop; Rich’s eyes were glued to my chest, mouth wide open, he was ridged in his seat caught somewhere between disbelief and lust.

Dave broke the silence with his laughter; tears rolling down his face as he thumped the desk in glee. When he calmed down a little he said.

“Holy shit, I have waited ages for the day someone shuts up that mouthy little cock.”

To be fair to Rich he soon pulled himself together.

“Say what you like, I’m the one with the first class view of her tits.”

Straightening up but leaving my blouse open I said.

“Yes, but before you start boasting all you’ve seen is a pair of tits in a bra, why do you think John and I spent so long getting the files?”

John went red; the look on Rich and Dave’s face was priceless.

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of idea you have of us office girls but most of us enjoy sex as much, if not more than most blokes, I can name at least three girls in the office who would gladly come down here and fuck your brains out if they thought you could be trusted to keep it quiet and not go bragging to your mates.”

Taking up the magazine I dropped it in Richards lap.

“In fact those pictures have got me so horny I want to play a game.”

“If your lucky and behave you might see a little more than my bra, but only if you agree to my rules and do exactly as I say.”

All the lads agreed, so I told them to each pick a pose from the photo shoot featuring the secretary, nothing too revealing at first, and I would do my best to copy it for them, promising to get more daring as we went along.

As I said it was a soft porn publication, there were plenty of boobs but no pussy shots, if I was going too really heat things up I would have to get creative.

They all argued who would go first until Dave said that Rich had already seen my boobs up close and John had seen whatever he had seen so it was his go.

He chose a picture where she was standing in front of a filing cabinet, stretching forward looking over her shoulder, skirt hitched up so that her knickers were just visible, blouse open almost to the waist.

I struck almost the same pose but as my skirt was longer than that in the picture my knickers were not on display, I pulled open one of the lower draws of the filing cabinet and bent further forward.

My skirt slipped up over the backs of my thighs, I arched my back to make my ass stick out as far as I could, opening my legs a little wider than in the picture so the damp crotch of my panties would be on show, as earlier the tanned flesh of my ass showed through the lacy material, the loose legs of my French knickers perhaps giving a tantalising glimpse of what lay beyond.

I held the pose for a while savouring the delicious feeling I was getting from being on display to three strangers, damp at the thought of how far things might go.

When I straightened up the lads gave me a little round of applause.

“That was way hotter than the picture; you have a really nice ass.” Dave Said.

Rich picked the next picture, it was of the secretary lying on the desk, blouse open displaying her bra, legs together, skirt gathered up around her hips one foot resting on the desk.

As Dave cleared the desk, I could feel butterflies in my stomach and excitement building as my juices dampened my panties to the point where I would have to take them off just because they would soon be too wet to wear.

All of the guys had discernable bulges in their jeans.

Knowing that I would be taking care of them right here in the huge chilly warehouse where anyone could walk in was getting me so hot.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself lying naked on the desk, surrounded by erect cocks, tasting them on my lips and tongue, rough hands caressing my naked body, squeezing and rubbing at my tits and nipples, strangers fingers invading my pussy, the sounds of my gasps and cries echoing between the boxes in the warehouse, as they bring me to a shuddering climax…

Perhaps even taking one of them in my pussy, making him pull out as he ejaculates spraying my tits and belly with his cum.

All this passed in a moment but it was all I could do not to touch myself.

Dave had cleared the desk and I took up my position, hitching my skirt up so that my panties were on display, blouse open, foot resting on the edge of the desk.

“Is this about right?” I asked.

“Much better with those panties you have on, they are way sexier.” Rich replied.

Trailing my finger over my panties I let my knee swing out opening my legs a little.

Knowing if they stood at the bottom of the table and scooted down they would be able to see up the leg of my knickers to the soft skin where my inner thigh joins my mound I suggested they take up that position for a better view.

“Why are they much nicer?” I asked.

“Lacy, and from here I can almost see other things.”

Riches voice gave away his growing excitement

Feeling naughty I eased the leg of my knickers over so that one side of my hairless pussy would be uncovered, giving the briefest of flashes.

“What other things?” I said as I sat up.

All of the had the biggest grins on their faces, both Dave and Rich had their hands in front of them trying to hide erections, although John was just standing there.

It was his turn to pick and he chose the next picture in the sequence.

Again the model was on the desk in almost the same pose, but this time her bra was gone nipples clearly visible beneath the thin blouse, her skirt now discarded exposing little cotton panties which had ridden up her slit showing a distinct camel toe.

“You dirty little sod, there’s no way you can expect Jules to do that.” Dave said.

John shot me look as if to say if only they knew.

“It’s only a bit of fun so I don’t mind and let’s be fair I did say any of the pictures.”

I reassured Dave.

“Only turn your backs so that I can take off my bra and get into the pose for you.”

When they turned around I unbuttoned my skirt pulling it off, taking the time to run a finger just inside the leg panties along my sopping pussy before taking off my bra, slipping the straps down the arms of my blouse.

Mimicking the picture I draped the thin material of my blouse over both breasts so that it was just covering them, showing my abdomen and a great deal of cleavage.

Adjusting my knickers so that they cut up into my pussy to re create the camel toe of the girl in the picture I then very naughtily ran my finger over the material pushing it into my slit

“Okay I’m ready, you can look.”

There was an audible gasp as they turned around, Dave was the first to comment letting out a slow whistle he said.

“Sorry Jules but if the picture was as hot as what we are looking at now there is no way it would have been published, you are one bad girl.”

Half sitting up so that I was propped up on my left elbow one breast exposed as the material of the blouse slipped away I nodded at the three bulges in their jeans.

“It seems like I have caused you chaps some discomfort, how about I put on a real show and help you guys to relieve some of that stress, but only if you will help me do the same.”

They were all unsure of what was going to happen next but all agreed not wanting to lose the moment.

I told them to stand at the bottom of the desk and just watch for now.

My pussy was aching for some release.

Slipping off my panties, but doing it carefully without exposing my dripping pussy to the guys, keeping some mystery there, I started to masturbate in front of them, like I had been masturbating alone at home for the past week.

Keeping my hand flat over my pussy, thighs squeezed over my fingers so that everything was hidden from their sight I pressed my fingers against my swollen lips, they were soon slick with my juices, the heel of my hand rubbing against my clit causing my leg muscles to make involuntary little twitches.

It turned me on so much more touching myself in this way, almost naked but not yet fully exposed, the guys watching me attentively from the end of the desk, making complimentary comments about my body in a hushed whisper so as not to spoil the moment, soon I decided it was time to stop teasing and let them see all of me.

Opening my legs just a little and starting at the bottom of my pussy I ran a finger slowly through my lips over my slit, increasing the pressure when I got to the top exposing my tiny, swollen clit, caressing it until I shivered with excitement.

Parting my pussy lips with two fingers, the juices making the labia slick, I rubbed my tender clit with the fingers of my other hand, panting with lust and quickly close to orgasm I pressed two fingers inside the slick walls of my pussy and started to fuck myself with them.

Shameless with lust I now spread my legs wide, opening myself up to the guys so they could watch me thrusting my outstretched fingers in and out of my soaking vagina, pussy juice ran down the inside of my thighs as I began moaning “Oh, oh, oh,” in time with the wet sounds of my finger-fucking.

Glancing at the three men standing at the foot of the desk I could clearly make out the bulges of their swollen cocks. Young John stared with wide-open eyes, blushing and gasping for breath, the others just stood there, not moving a muscle – utterly mesmerised by my sexy performance.

I needed to come badly but held back, wanting to waiting a little and make it last.

All week I had been entertaining myself until Steve got home now I wanted to feel someone else’s fingers do the work and bring me to orgasm.

Slowly I withdrew my hand from between my legs, letting my fingers slide all the way out of my pussy then put them to my lips, licking them clean of my own hot sex juices, teasingly letting the end of my tongue linger over the fingertips.

Rich moaned deeply at the sight, I caught his eye and sitting up said.

“Does a girl have to do everything herself or are you going to help me?”

None of the guys moved looking dumbly at one another unsure of how to react; stripping off my blouse and throwing it on the sofa I eased my ass along the desk until my legs were dangling off the end.

My nipples were engorged and rock hard my pussy lips puffy, so wet that a little pool of my juices gathered where it trickled down my thighs, I sat there sexually aroused, and open in front of these three strangers, completely naked except for my calf length boots, and took charge of the situation.

“You seem a little confused so this is how things will go.” I said.

“You read your porno books and fantasise about women who love sex, well you have one right here available and willing to be your sex toy, I need to cum and by the state of those bulges so do you, I want to feel your fingers and tongues all over me until I am screaming this place down…right now ”

Lying back on the table and opening my legs wide I added.

“Then I will do the same for each of you until I am covered all over in your spunk.”

Not needing any more of an invitation Rich knelt down, kissing his way up my inner thigh to between my legs, I moaned loudly, as his thick tongue poked its way in between my labia pressing and squeezing further and further inside of me as he pushed it in all the way, swirling it around then letting it slip out, the tip of his tongue exploring the velvet folds of my outer lips, before plunging it in again.

Dave and John both stood at opposite sides of the desk, both of them watching Rich service my pussy with his mouth while they explored my tits, Dave bent his head taking my nipple in his mouth while cupping the soft skin of the underside of my breast, the delicious feeling as he swirled his tongue around the sensitive nub and sucked on the flesh of my tit combined with the amateur fumbling of John who was roughly pinching and tugging at my other nipple sent a tingle through my pussy.

Moaning legs trembling beneath me I was about to cum.

Slurping greedily Rich was lapping at the love juice flowing freely from my pussy; I could feel his hot breath against my thighs as he panted with excitement, his tongue twisting as it slid in and out, then flicked over my clit.

Trembling all over from desire as my orgasm built I grabbed the back of his head, pressing his face hard against my pussy, Rich grunting from the pressure, as his tongue thrust all the way into my red-hot slit caressing the slick walls, finishing me off by lapping at my sopping lips as my orgasm hit flooding his face as I climaxed.

Both Dave and John had stopped playing with my tits to watch as Rich brought me off. Sitting up, still a little shaky from my orgasm I kissed Rich on the lips, licking them, tasting myself on him. Reaching out I tugged at his zip unleashing a short but thick cock and took it in my hand, I told him to come to the other end of the table where Dave had been standing, asking Dave to take Richards place.

Moving back up the desk so my head level with the end instead of my pussy I instructed them in what I wanted next.

“Dave I want to feel your fingers in me, when I have cum again it will be your turn.”

Taking Richards cock in my hand I said.

“Rich did a really nice job with his mouth so it’s only fair that I return the favour.”

The way that I had positioned myself I was able to turn my head and pay attention to the hard dick in front of me, pulling his dick free through his fly I took a good look at him, it was very wet on the tip as pre cum leaking from the end, short but thick, at least I wouldn’t gag.

I opened my mouth and tilted my head forward.
His dick twitched the second it was in my mouth, and he immediately groaned and started moving his hips. I started bobbing my head up and down with his thrusts, gradually taking control and slowing the pace.

Although short it was actually a very nice penis, I took it in my hand wrapping my fingers around the base and cupping his balls, slowly jerking him off as I ran my tongue over the end tasting his excitement.

Dave had moved my one leg up so that my foot was flat on the desk to give him better access to my vagina, I clenched my pussy muscles around his finger as it slipped into me, he took his time easing it further and further inside exploring the damp walls with gentle movements, curling the tip caressing the G spot.

Rich on the other hand was panting and jerking his hips, he had taken hold of the back of my head as he fucked my mouth.

“Sorry Jules I’m going to cum”

With that he pulled himself out of my mouth and started to shoot all over me, while I continued to jerk him off, cum hit my shoulder, arm and my chest, running down over my left breast and onto my nipple. He hit my face with two shots as I quickly took him back in my mouth and started to gulp and swallow the last few drops down, cleaning him up with my tongue and keeping his cock in my mouth until it was soft.

Rich pulled away from me and flopped down on the sofa, “Bloody hell I have never cum so hard.” He said.

John who had been standing back watching the show came over to where Rich had been standing, I had already tasted his cock and had other plans for him, besides I was enjoying the sensations Dave was arousing in my pussy with his fingers, and now Rich was satisfied as promised I could concentrate on my own pleasure.

Dave had been sliding his fingers up and down between my swollen lips watching as I had sucked Rich, now the show was over and he had my full attention his fingers worked their magic, stroking and caressing the most sensitive parts of my pussy.

Gently he circled my clitoris with the tip of his index finger, all the while dragging two fingers of his other hand over my labia with just enough pressure to part them, but not enough to enter me.

His finger circled faster, the pressure on my clit increasing as my breathing became heavy and I started to pant erotically, spreading my legs for him and twisting with pleasure rocking my hips against his hand as he moved position, his thumb now resting softly over my clit as he suddenly sank two fingers deep inside my moist pussy, causing me to moaned, the tips of his digits found the sweet spot on the upper velvet wall and he began to rub his fingers and thumb in time in a kind of pinching movement.

My reaction to his touch was like fireworks going off in my belly, within seconds his fingers stroked me to orgasm, my body bucked and twitched violently as he frigged his fingers and ground his thumb down on my clit, hands gripping the sides of the desk I pushed my ass up, thrusting my hips against his hand moaning as I climaxed with a force that left me weak and trembling.

Dave gently trailed his fingers over my pussy lips until my breathing returned to normal and I was able to sit up, his fingers were soaked in my juices so I took each one of them into my mouth and sucked them clean.

Taking the chance for a breather I cupped Dave’s bulge in my hand and said.

“Just need to clean up a little and I will be right with you.”

Taking the wet wipes and tissues from my bag I walked over to the toilets, running the water in the sink until it was hot, washing the spunk from my upper body and the wetness from between my thighs, I checked myself in the mirror, my face and chest were flushed nipples standing out proud partly because of the chill, mostly from excitement, parting my legs I could see that my pussy lips were slightly puffy and red, still a little damp, my ass was red from where it had been pressed into the desk and my hair a tangled mess where Rich had grabbed my head, all in all I looked like a sexy wanton slut.

Making my way back to the rest area I could hear the lad’s chatting excitedly, falling silent as I walked over, it wasn’t every day that a naked chick in calf length boots strode through the warehouse.

Rich was still on the sofa, John at the end of the desk where I had just been brought to a shuddering orgasm, a wet patch evidence of my excitement. Dave was sitting in his leather office chair, I stood between his feet bent over and eased the zip of his jeans down pulling his cock free, stroking the semi hard shaft.

They had all calmed down a little which had been my plan, taking my time cleaning myself off because I wanted them to enjoy the moment and not blow their wad as soon as I touched them.

Dave pressed his lips to mine and cupped both breasts in his hands, working the thumb over the nipple I returned the kiss, keeping my mouth closed against his probing tongue then eased back inching his jeans and boxers down, Dave lifting his hips to help.

Crouching down in front of him keeping eye contact I dribbled spit over the head of his penis working it over the end and shaft with my hand, then placing his swelling cock to my lips I blew ever so gently causing him to shudder.

With intense concentration I lowered my mouth inching ever so slightly forward, breasts pressing against his legs, I eased his foreskin back letting only the exposed head of his cock slip inside my mouth, pressing my lips over it, holding it still.

Cupping his balls with the lightest of touches I massaged them and began to flick my tongue over the slit in the end of his cock

Wrapping my hand around his shaft at the base I could feel the familiar tingle between my legs, my nails tickled his balls and he gave a start but I held his penis firm between my lips not wanting him to cum too quick.

Easing up I dragged my breasts along the length of his body, pushing them into his face, grazing his lips with my nipples, pulling back before he could take one them in his mouth.

Stepping back I told him to sit on his hands, Rich and John were both standing in front of us enjoying the show, I instructed them to play with my tits as I turned my back to Dave, straddling his legs easing my ass back into his lap, pushing his penis down, lining it up so it nestled between my butt cheeks.

I slowly rubbed my ass into his crotch, grinding my hips down, the wetness of his cock spreading between my cheeks and lubricating them.

The position of my body had me bending over just a little, just enough so that the other guys could cup and play with a breast each, as I looked down between my legs I could see that each time I pushed my ass back the head of his long penis would just peek out right by my pussy.

Dave started to buck his hips as I reached down slipping a finger along my damp slit, tickling the end of his cock each time it appeared, the two lads either side of me alternated between kissing and squeezing my breasts, running their tongues over them and slurping at my engorged nipples.

Dave started to make moaning noises and his movements were getting increasingly urgent, I climbed off his lap and once again lowered myself to a crouch and held his cock. It smelled slightly of my own pussy where I had mingled our juices, I lapped at his shaft running my tongue down it then tickled his balls with the tip before nibbling my way back to the crown with my lips.

Briefly locking eyes with Dave I slowly let his shaft disappear between my smiling lips, running my tongue down the underside as the shaft slipped deeper into my mouth.

When I’d deep-throated his entire cock I sealed my lips around it and gave it a good, hard suck. “Damn, damn, damn…” Dave moaned placing his hand on my head and attempting to hump my mouth. Keeping control, limiting his movements by kneeling and leaning my weight forwards, I massaged his balls while slurping up and down on his cock.

Kneeling meant that my ass was now pushed out and I jumped a little as I felt hands on my ass cheeks, then caressing my inner thighs, I parted my legs a little to make access easier and soon felt fingers running along my pussy lips as they got bolder.

Dave was lifting his hips attempting to fuck his cock into my mouth.

“You’re lips feels so good Jules I don’t think I can last much longer”

Sucking his cock even harder, letting it practically slid from my mouth, teasing the tip and then taking it deep into my throat again, sliding faster and faster on the slick shaft, wanting to make him cum, I soon got my wish.

Dave thrust his hips forward with a grunt, his cock spraying the first gobs of cum down my throat before I had chance to pull away.

His cock swelled madly in my grip as I pulled it away from my lips, jerking it with my hand he froze ridged as it ejaculated, his member spitting jets of hot sperm over my face and tits, excitement was stirred in my own belly as John and Rich took it in turns to feel my ass and finger fuck my sopping pussy.

Dave’s orgasm started to subside while mine was building.

As I cleaned Dave’s cock licking the last drops from the end, feeling it going soft in my mouth I pushed back onto the hand stroking my pussy, rotating my hips in time to the fingers pushing into me.

My pussy was dripping and I was very close, I wanted to cum but not like this.

Pushing the hands away I turned to John and told him to take off his jeans and lie on the desk, cradling Richards’s bulge I told him to get it out ready while I cleaned myself up. After wiping the sperm from my tits and face once again I climbed onto the desk straddling John’s legs.

He must have thought he was in for a blow job the same as the other guys as I freed his thin cock, pulling it through the fly of his boxer shorts, instead I squatted astride his hips, placing a hand on his chest to keep my balance I held his cock so that it pointing straight up, lowering myself so that it was aimed right for my pussy.

Inching down my damp lips briefly touched the tip of his penis, he jerked like he’d been shocked, I paused for a moment to let him calm down then, keeping a firm hand on the shaft of his cock just below the head I pushed my ass in the air dragging my pussy lips across the tip of his penis. By the look on his face it was his first time his cock had been in contact with anything other than his hand and of course my mouth.

Easing back a little I shifted my grip to the base of his cock and lowered myself a little so the head just brushed my vagina, John squirmed under me and I gave his cock a squeeze just to remind him who was in charge.

Aching to be filled I eased down again and caught the head of John’s cock between my lips moving my ass backwards and forwards so that the end ran through my folds,
John was doing what I wanted him to do, which was lay there and take it.

Rubbing the tip of his cock against my vagina, working it in little circles towards my clit, I was driving myself crazy by taking my time, my pussy was so wet juices ran down my thighs, hanging my head forward so that I could watch myself, I teased my clit with his cock which started twitching and pulsing in my hand as I rubbed myself, by the way John was breathing I knew we were both close to climax.

Adjusting position so that the head of his cock parted my labia I began rotating my hips in small circles taking him further inside me. I could feel my vagina trying to draw his cock deeper, as I slowly slid up and down the first inches of his length.

My thighs began to ache from the position I was in so, with a groan from John, I sank down taking his slim shaft all the way into me, after all the teasing and playing around it was wonderful to be filled with cock at last.

Although thin it was still enough to send tingling pulses of pleasure shooting through my pussy. Sitting still to let John get used to the sensation I looked to the other guys. They were both hard again; having them watch me fuck John as they stroked their erections was making me crazy with lust.

Turning up for work this morning I never in a million years thought I would be fucking anyone, especially with two strangers watching, but here I was and very clearly enjoying it, John’s cock was buried to the hilt, my first cock other than my husband’s since our rule change,

Getting used to the feel of Johns penis I began moving my hips in a rocking motion, keeping his cock deep inside me while humping and grinding down onto him, he moaned again and I knew it would not be long before he would be shooting his load.

Closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation of the unfamiliar shaft impaling me I needed to cum, I arched my back and tilted my head back, clenching and releasing my ass, gripping him tight with my pussy as I worked his cock.

Dave and Rich started to caress my tits, kneading the warm flesh and pinching my nipples; I was going to cum big this time, lights danced before my eyes as I bounced up and down on his shaft, John was also close and started lifting his ass from the desk to pump up into me.

“Come on, fuck me, fuck me John, OH YES!!!”

I cried out as my orgasm seized me, cutting off my breath and making me shake uncontrollably as my juices flooded out, coating his already slick shaft and balls, riding his cock hard as my orgasm flooded through me.

John began to grunt, a tremor shot through his body, I felt his penis swell and twitch as he started to cum but managed to collapse forward before he flooded me with his spunk, his cock pulling out of me with a plop, the first jets of spunk hitting my pussy lips as his end came free the rest spraying over my lower belly and thighs.

Taking hold of his cock I jacked him off directing the hot stream over my tits.

Dave and Rich helped me as I climbed down off the desk on shaky legs and slumped down on the sofa, and the two of them had been masturbating while they watched the show, I grabbed their dicks in each hand and started to jerk them off instead, servicing two men at once was such a turn on, working their cocks at a frantic pace I brought first one then the other to my mouth, sucking hard on each one in turn.

It wasn’t long before first Rich then Dave began bucking their hips their members swelled in my fingers as stream after stream of cum splashing over my chest, running down my belly and pooling between my thighs; I pulled them close rubbing the creamy spunk into my tits and over my nipples with the ends of their cocks.

Sitting back on the sofa I looked down at the mess, warm cum coated both breasts, little droplets hanging off my nipples, my belly and both thighs were soaked as was my pussy.

As soon as I got my breath back I walked over to the toilets to clean myself up, this time I fixed my make up and brushed my hair, my clothes were still in the rest area and the boys watched appreciatively as I got dressed pulling on my blouse and skirt, and pushing my bra into my handbag.

Taking up my damp panties I handed them to John.

“You boys can keep these as a kind of trophy if you want; it’s kind of a tradition.”

I grinned at Rich.

“A reminder of what we stuck up office chicks are really like.”

Dave started to laugh. “Jules if all the girls were like you we would enjoy coming to work, in fact I would even work for free.”

Taking a pen from my hand bag I wrote a couple of numbers on a pad.

“Remember when we started this I told Rich that there were girls in the office that love sexy adventures who would love to come down here and fuck your brains out if only you could be trusted to keep it quiet and not brag about it?”

They looked at one another and nodded.

“Well I think you might be the kind of guys that can be trusted so I am going to leave you their numbers give it a day before you call so that I have chance to speak to them first and tell them about today, let’s see if we can fix something up.”

Hugging each of the guys I left them to finish up the work that I was supposed to do that day…although I do suspect it’s something they won’t be complaining about.

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