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Kid Sister

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My wife, Melissa, is amazing. She is fun to talk to, really smart, and on top of that, she is smoking hot. I met Melissa during my third year of college. It was Melissa’s first year, and she was letting loose. Our exclusive relationship didn’t start until late in my fourth year.

When I met her, she wasn’t looking to be in a relationship. She wanted to experience as much of college as she could.

Melissa wasn’t what I would call a slut, but she definitely got out there with multiple guys, myself included. Toward the end of her second year she was calming down, and when I asked her to be exclusive, something finally clicked. We had already been dating on and off throughout her first two years, so it wasn’t a stretch.

Sex with Melissa was great, but as soon as I knew I was the only guy banging her, sex somehow got better. It wasn’t that she was doing different things, though we did experiment. There was just an emotional connection that wasn’t there before.

After I graduated, I stuck around to work on my graduate degree. It worked out perfectly that, assuming that Melissa and I passed everything, she would finish her bachelors at the same time as I finished my masters.

We moved into an off campus apartment together. The road was rocky. Like every relationship, there were ups and downs.

During our second to last semester, I went to a job interview out of town. If they liked my presentation, I would be offered an internship once I graduated. When I got back, Melissa threw her arms around my neck the moment I walked through the door. She immediately started crying uncontrollably.

When I finally calmed her down enough to talk, she told me, “I screwed up real bad, Ben.”

“What did you do?” I asked with a concerned tone.

“I cheated on you. I got drunk at Tammy’s house and…” was all she could get out before her sobbing returned.

Anger welled up inside me as I listened to her stutter her way through her story. She had gotten drunk at her friend’s apartment and had a threesome with Tammy and her boyfriend.

“Please forgive me,” she begged. “I don’t want to lose you. I made a mistake.” Tears were streaming out of her puffy red eyes and down her face. The rage that had begun welling up inside me started to fade. It was replaced by disappointment. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in.

“Why would you do something so stupid?” I asked irritated and hurt. I didn’t wait for a response. “I need to get out of here. I’ll be back later.” I let her go and left. I returned after an evening of heavy drinking, forgave her, and told her that she had better never do it again.

Her family lived on the other side of the country, so, up until our last semester, I had never met them. Her parents were divorced and she had a younger sister she always referred to as “my kid sister.” Melissa’s sister, Felicity, was in her senior year high school when I met her and their mother, June. I had asked Melissa to marry me, so for spring break, we flew out to see her mom and sister to tell them the news in person.

I was blown away by how much Melissa looked like her mother. June was a gorgeous woman, and it was obvious why Melissa was so good looking. Felicity was on her way to being a stunning young woman as well. The eighteen year old girl had a flirtatious air about her when we met. It was very subtle how she bit her bottom lip when she shook my hand.

The good part of this story started when Melissa and June had planned a mother-daughter spa trip and weren’t going to be back until the next morning. I didn’t mind, because I had some work I desperately needed to get done for one of my classes. I was sitting in Melissa’s room typing away at my laptop when there was a knock on the door.

“What are you up to,” Felicity asked. I turned around to see the young high school student in a bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. Something about her slender form was very arousing. I stumbled a bit with my words for a moment.

“Oh. I’m just working on this paper for school. I guess you are going for a swim?” I managed to finally get out.

Felicity smiled knowing she had gotten the reaction she had wanted. “Yeah I’m gonna go lay out by the pool. Do you wanna come? It’s a nice day out.”

“I uh…I may come out a little later. I really need to get this done.” I coughed out. I wasn’t sure what was going through my head at that moment, but I knew I needed to get my head on straight and stop talking like a bumbling fool.

“Suit your self. I’ll be out side when you change your mind,” she said. Her choice of words had implied that there was no chance that I wouldn’t join her. She was right of course, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

As I continued working on my paper, I could see Felicity reaching the lounge chair by the pool through the window. She unwrapped the towel from her waist and and draped it across the chair. I swore I saw her look up toward the window before she reached behind her back and untied her top. She lifted the halter straps up and over her head exposing her small perky tits. She knelt into the lounge chair and laid down on her stomach. The thong bikini bottom ensured she would have minimal tan lines. Her exposed butt cheeks were two small bubbles. My cock grew rigid in my pants as I watched my fiancée’s kid sister lay out in the sun. I shook my head after about half of a minute when I realized I had zoned out. I looked back to my computer screen in an attempt to clear my head. Ten minutes passed. I came to the conclusion that I was not going to accomplish anymore at that moment. I had not written anything since Felicity had knocked on my door. I closed my laptop and changed into my swim trunks.

Felicity sat up pulling the towel up with her as I walked up to the poolside.

“Don’t want tan lines?” I asked as I took a seat on the chair beside her.

“No. Prom is in a few weeks, and my dress has a deep back,” was her reply. She reached down to pick up her bikini top. Felicity spun in the seat to face away from me and let the towel fall in her lap as she put her top back on. When the strings on her back were tied she stretched out on the lounge chair. “So, you decided to take a break,” she said. More a statement than a question.

I reached behind my head and scratched. “Yeah. I really couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I think my brain was starting to melt,” I answered chuckling. Felicity laughed along with me. “What are your plans for today?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied, “I don’t really have anything I want to do this afternoon. My friend, Tiffany, is having a party tonight, so I’m gonna head over to her house around nine.”

“That sounds fun. I remember high school parties. The ones I went to got pretty crazy,” I told her, finally stretching out on the lounge chair I had been sitting on. “I was a wild one before I settled down.”

“Oh yeah?” she said, her interest piqued. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, I was a pretty heavy drinker, and when I drank, I did some pretty stupid stuff. I’m not very proud of it,” I replied.

“You should come with me. There’s no reason for you to stay here in the house all alone. It’s Friday. Staying in on Friday night is super lame,” she prodded.

I quickly replied, “I really don’t think it’s a good idea for a twenty-four year old guy to go hang out at a high school party. Besides, I have work I need to get done.” I must have subconsciously formed an expression on my face that said, “Convince me.”

“Tiffany’s BF is in college. He is inviting a bunch of people he goes to school with, so there will be other older people there,” she stated making her case. “Besides, if you are here all alone, I’ll feel really bad. You don’t want me to have a bad time at the party because I’m worried about you, do you?” She gave me her best sad puppy impression, and it was good.

I paused for a long thoughtful moment before I groaned out, “I guess I’ll come along.” I followed it up with, “But, I’m only going because I don’t want you to have a bad time.”

“Great!” she exclaimed. “You won’t regret it. We are gonna have a blast.”

“Well, I’m gonna jump in the pool,” I said standing up. I peeled off my shirt and dropped it in the chair before diving in.

As I started doing laps, I saw Felicity taking the straps from around her neck and placing them deliberately across her flattened out breasts. She, apparently, did not want tan line on her shoulders either. I felt like if I had not been there, Felicity probably would have just been topless.

After I had been swimming for about ten minutes, the water around me started lapping over my head and up my nose. I stopped swimming and looked behind me. Felicity had jumped into the pool a couple of feet away from me. She emerged from below the surface and wiped water from her beautiful smiling face. She was laughing fairly hard, happy with herself for successfully disrupting my swim.

“Oh, you think that’s funny, huh?” I said laughter in my tone. “What about this?” I used my arms to push a large wave of water at her face. She let out a scream of laughter and raised her arms to protect herself.

We laughed and played and splashed around for a while. My fingers were just about to start to prune up when we got out. I let Felicity climb out on the ladder ahead of me. Her tight bubble butt looked even better up close. Her red thong bottom barely covered her asshole and pussy. I followed, climbing out after her. Felicity bent over to pick up her towel. Once again, giving me a full view of her sexy ass. She turned around catching me in the act of checking her out. She gave a sly smile and glanced down at the bulging hard on that was growing in my trunks. Her eyebrows arched as she saw what I was packing. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist to cover up, and she did the same. We shared the awkwardly arousing moment in silence. As we gathered up our things and went back into the house.

Felicity and I went back to our rooms to shower. When I was done getting dressed, I went down stairs and started cooking up something for the two of us to eat. Felicity came down dressed in a pair of short shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top.

“And he cooks too? No wonder Melissa is so in to you,” she said in an amazed tone. “Smells good.”

“Yeah. Well, it’s my mom’s recipe,” I explained. “It’s one of the few things I can cook.” She smiled and sat down at the island in front of me. We chatted while I finished up the food. We continued the conversation as we ate. We had a good time talking to one another, and when we finished eating, Felicity thanked me for making dinner. She headed back up to her room to start getting ready for the party. I had no plans to change out of my blue jeans and foo fighters tee shirt, so I just sat down to watch TV.

About an hour passed before Felicity returned. “Whatcha watching?” She asked plopping down on the couch.

“It’s just this pawn store show,” I told her turning to look in her direction. Felicity was wearing her long black hair in a ponytail with a styled bump just above her forehead. The make up she wore on her face was minimal, but made her look a few years older and really made her jade green eyes pop. Continuing down, she was wearing a cute girl-cut tee shirt with a brand name emblazoned on the front in rhinestones. It fit close to her figure nicely, and looked like she had forgone wearing a bra. The small mounds on her chest remained perky without it, and her nipples poked through the fabric slightly. My eyes wandered further down reaching the very short black ruffle skirt. There was a lace detail around the bottom that made her outfit look very cute. Felicity’s long silky legs ended, very simply, with a pair of plain black flip flops.

“If you don’t blink your eyes are gonna dry out,” she said with that sly smirk on her face once again.

“I’m sorry. I zoned out there for a second,” I said trying to recoup some semblance of my honor. Gawking at young girls was not something I did.

“Well, Tiffany’s house is about thirty minutes away, so we should get out of here,” she informed me.

I stood up and stuck my hand out. “Come on then. Let’s hit the road.” She took my hand and I pulled her up out of her seat. We went out to my car and headed out. The drive to the party mostly consisted of listening to Felicity singing along with the local pop station and dancing in her seat.

The GPS said we were about five minutes away when Felicity asked, “Can we stop in at the liquor store up there?” She asked pointing up the road to a large neon sign. “Do you mind buying some stuff for me?” She pulled some money out of her little purse. “I’ve got cash.”

I shrugged. “Sure.” I remembered being under twenty-one and having to get older friends to buy alcohol for me. I turned into the parking lot. “What do you want me to get?” I asked.

“A bottle of Absolute, and a bottle of grenadine,” was all she asked for. I took her cash and went in to the store.

When I came back out, there was a guy standing by the passenger door of my car knocking on the window. He looked like a middle aged homeless man. His white skin was filthy. He looked like he was trying to talk to Felicity.

“Excuse me,” I said in a stern and assertive tone. “Do you mind not knocking on my car door?”

“Oh. Hey there. Is this your car? That little lady you got in there looks mighty fine. I bet you do some pretty nasty stuff with that piece,” he prodded.

“Walk away,” I asserted. “Walk away, now, or we will have problem.” The man backed down as I stepped closer. He hobbled off quickly without another word. I opened the trunk and put the vodka and grenadine in a safe spot before I walked around to the driver seat. I got into the car and found Felicity with her arms wrapped around her chest holding herself tight. The man had obviously upset her. “Don’t worry about him,” I said putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Let’s get to your friends house and have a good time.” Felicity nodded and started to cheer up a bit. I started the car and pulled out.

When we arrived at Tiffany’s, we could hear music coming from the house all the way down on the road. Luckily, the house was just outside of town on a pretty big piece of land, so there was little chance of cops getting called to bust up the party. I grabbed the bag from the trunk. Then, I followed Felicity to the front door. Felicity just opened the door and walked in.

There were roughly fifteen people in the living room sitting around talking, drinking, and dancing. There were a few couples making out. About the time we walked in and I took in the first room, I heard what sounded like half a dozen guys cheer. I peeked around a corner and saw two girls kneeling on top of the kitchen island doing some pretty heavy kissing. One of them was wearing a skirt similar to Felicity’s and the other was wearing short cutoff blue jean shorts. Both had stripped down to their bra. Their hands probed each other’s chest as they kissed one another.

I looked back for Felicity in time to see her quickly walking to another room. I followed so as not to be the guy no one knows standing in the front room.

“Tiff,” Felicity said as she ran up and threw her arms around her friend’s neck.

“Hey Fee,” she said looking over Felicity’s shoulder at me. “Where did you find this guy, a magazine ad?” Tiffany asked looking me up and down. A surprised look appeared on my face. I’d never heard someone refer to me like that. I knew I was better than average looking, but I didn’t think I looked like a model from a magazine or anything.

“This is Melissa’s Fiancé.” Felicity explained, “They have been here this week for spring break. Mel and Mom went on an over night spa retreat. I didn’t want him to have to stay home all alone, so I invited him. Tiffany, this is Ben. Ben, this is Tiffany.”

I shook Tiffany’s hand and said, “Nice to meet you.”

“Ditto,” she replied cracking that same sly smile that Felicity had been using all day. Tiffany was cute. She wasn’t as cute as Felicity, but she definitely had some great features. Where Felicity had a slender figure and small perky breasts, Tiffany had a curvy figure and larger, fuller breasts. She had full, pouty lips, dark hair, and almond shaped eyes with amber colored irises. “You can bring your drinks in here and put them in the fridge.” She led them to the kitchen where the two girls were now laying on the counter, their bras on the floor. The girl on top had her hand up the skirt of the other. The girl in the skirt moaned between kisses. The guys watching continued to cheer and holler. “Woo! Get it girl!” Tiffany yelled.

“How long have they been going at it?” Felicity asked.

“Maybe twenty minutes. Those two are such attention whores,” Tiffany replied.

“You want a drink before I put it up?” I asked Felicity.

“Yeah make it a stiff one,” she replied. Something about the way she used the word stiff was very sexual, and I felt my pants tighten a little.

“Sure thing.” I grabbed a couple of plastic cups and put a couple of ice cubes in each. I then poured a pretty liberal amount of vodka into the cups. I followed it up with some of the grenadine. I handed Felicity the drink. She took a drink and shuddered a bit.

“Yeah!” She yelled. Then, she took another drink. We followed Tiffany back around to the living room where most of the people at the party were. I sat down on the arm of one of the couches and took a swig of my drink. It was stouter than I had meant to make it, but it was good. I watched as Tiffany and Felicity danced in the middle of the room with the other teens dancing around them.

I finished my drink after a few minutes and set the cup down just about half a minute before a young girl fell against me laughing. I helped her back to her feet. She looked pretty drunk when she looked into my eyes. The girl leaned in and kissed me square on the mouth. I didn’t have time to react before I felt her tongue attempting to penetrate my lips. I gently grabbed both of her shoulders and guided her back and away from me as inoffensively as I could.

“You don’t think I’m pretty?” The drunk girl asked.

“You are beautiful,” I replied. She smiled and tried to lean in again. I held her in place and said, “I’m just taken.” I looked at a drunk guy almost passed out at the other end of the couch. “He told me,” I said gesturing with my head to the drunk guy, “he thinks you’re pretty.” I let her go and she immediately drifted to the other end and fell onto the couch beside him. I looked back to Felicity when the two drunk teens started making out.

While she danced, Felicity looked back over her shoulder at me. She smiled big and started to dance out of the crowd in my direction. When she got to me it was evident that the drink had given her a pretty heavy buzz. She reached out and grabbed my hands in an attempt to pull me off the couch. The little girl didn’t have the mass to move me, but I just went with it. I was feeling pretty good from the alcohol in my system, and I was there to have fun.

Felicity reached to hook her hands around my neck. I bent at the knee to sway with the music and put one of my hands in the small of her back. As we moved in time with the music, I pulled her closer. She ground her crotch against my thigh. I could see a look of growing pleasure on her face with each move. Caught up in the moment, I didn’t back off. We kept dancing, changing up position occasionally, for another fifteen minutes. When our fourth or fifth song ended I stopped dancing.

“I need another drink, gotta cool off,” I explained. “You want one?” Felicity nodded. Sweat glistened on her skin after having danced in such close quarters.

In the kitchen, I found that the two girls were now completely naked. The one that had been wearing the skirt was now doggy style on the island, but a guy was up there pounding away at her little teen pussy. The girl that had had the cutoff shorts was being taken from behind at one of the kitchen counters. She was sucking on another guys cock as he sat on the counter in front of her. The girl’s hands were palms down on the countertop on either side of his hips. Each thrust from behind sent her diving down into his crotch. The guy’s cock disappeared into the back of the girl’s throat each time. The rest of the guys in the kitchen were standing around the room with their pants and underwear around their ankles stroking their cocks, I assume, waiting for their turn. It was like a gang bang porno I had seen on the internet. I had had no idea people actually did that. I shook my head in disbelief and fixed my drinks.

When I got back, Felicity was sitting on the couch with a seat saved for me.

“Here you go,” I said handing the plastic cup to her. I sat down and downed my drink quickly, the liquid cooling my core as it went down. Felicity quickly drank her cup as well. The liquor went to my head, so when Felicity leaned over and started kissing me, I didn’t stop her. She ran her hands across my abs and chest as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I pulled her closer with a firm hand on her narrow hip. Her hand made its way up to my jaw, as she kissed me deeply.

The make out session got heavier as she mounted my lap and ground her crotch into my full on erection. She moaned in pleasure as we continued kissing.

Felicity slipped back onto my thighs, reached under her lacy skirt with both hands, and got hold of my waistband and zipper. Her deft hands quickly dropped the zipper and reached into my pants and the opening in my boxers to loose my thick cock. With her small hand wrapped around the shaft, she looked into my eyes and bit her bottom lip. A wild look in her gorgeous eyes let me know she was surprised by the size of my rod. She leaned back in and we kissed some more as she pulled up and down on my dick hidden beneath her skirt. I put my hands under her skirt and firmly squeezed her perfect ass. I kneaded the smooth flesh in my palms enjoying every minute. I let out groans here and there as she worked my member.

After several minutes, I brought one of my hands around front and began pushing on her button with my thumb through her panties. Felicity started to rock forward against my thumb shuttering with every thrust. I worked her button for several minutes before she leaned forward and put her mouth right next to my ear.

“I’m gonna cum,” she whispered. Then, she gave my ear a sexy nibble before moaning very loudly into my ear. She collapsed against my chest as my touch sent her over board. Her loud moaning was drowned out by the music to everyone but me and the other couple on the couch, but they didn’t seem to care.

“We have to get out of here,” I urgently said into her ear as I reached down and tucked my cock back in my pants.

“Yeah,” she panted. “I need you. Right now.”

Felicity hopped up off my lap and took my hands, pulling me off the couch. I figured we were going to head to the car so that we could go home, but apparently that would take too long. She turned and led me up the stairs. Felicity turned around at the top of the stairs and started kissing me again leading the way backwards down a hall. We bust through the door to, what I assumed was, Tiffany’s parents’ room. Felicity pulled my shirt up and over my head, so I followed suit and took her shirt off as well. Her small mounds were topped with perfect little nipples. I rolled one of them between my thumb and fore finger as she backed up to the bed.

Felicity fell backwards into the bed, her legs on either side of my thighs. Reaching between her legs, she fumbled with my belt. I let my pants hang open and reached under her skirt to grab the waistband of her panties. Felicity bucked her crotch into the air so I could slide the garment down and around her ass.

I scooped both her legs up onto my shoulder and pulled her to the edge of the bed as I knelt down on the floor. This put me at eye level with her bald twat. I dove right in lapping at the young pussy. Melissa’s younger sister bucked up into my mouth moaning with every lick. Her sweet juices poured out as I pleasured her. I felt her nubile body shuddering as she approached her climax.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh God! Oh God! I’m gonna cum! Like that! Like that!” she cried out. Just before letting out a primal scream of ecstasy. Felicity’s body shook all over as the climax rippled through her small frame. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked down at me.

“That was amazing,” she said. “I’ve never cum so hard from someone going down on me.”

“It’s an acquired skill,” I said standing up. Felicity pushed herself up the rest of the way to sit on the edge of the bed. She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and jeans and pulled down forcefully. My hardened cock sprung out from beneath the elastic band.

“OMG,” she said. A shocked expression on her face.

“Did you just say ‘OMG?'” I asked. “God you make me feel old.”

She ignored my comment as she took my shaft into her dainty hand. “This thing is huge,” she said lining it up with her slender forearm. “It goes from my elbow to my wrist. This is ridiculous.”

“Give it a taste,” I told her. She looked up at me and smiled before re-situating herself on the bed. She turned her body so that her stomach was flat on the bed. Propping up on her elbows, Felicity took the shaft of my cock in one hand and cupped my my balls in the other. Her little hands stroked and fondled the flesh with in them. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes when I felt her soft, wet lips kiss the head of my penis. Her succulent lips parted slightly to allow her tongue to exit. Electricity rippled through my body as Felicity licked the underside of my cock-head. She toyed with my dick licking and stroking. My rod hardened more becoming fully erect. Her face shown surprise. She had not realized that it got bigger.

Her small mouth opened wide and engulfed the tip of my cock. She pushed down another inch or so before I hit the back of her mouth. Throat muscles flexed and opened allowing my dick to go a little deeper. Felicity gagged a bit before backing up. A few strands of saliva stretched from the head to her lips. Her face had flushed from gagging. She wiped her mouth, giggled, and smiled before going back to work. She repeated the process multiple times working as far down as she could. She gagged and pulled back over and over again. The more she sucked my cock the sloppier it got. I felt spit rolling off my balls serving as a welcome lubrication to her slender fingers working the rest of my rod. It was seriously one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. I had had girls take more in, but the way she worked her fingers and palm against the shaft of my cock did something I had not felt before. I felt my balls clenching. I was close. She realized it and pulled off a final time.

“I don’t want you to cum yet,” she said seductively.

“How did someone so young get so good at sucking dick?” I asked.

“A good girl never kisses and tells,” was her simple reply.

“I’ll hold you to that,” I told her smiling.

“Don’t worry about it. Just get over here and Fuck me. Do you have a condom?” she asked. The prospect had not crossed my mind. I didn’t have one.

“Shit. No I don’t. Melissa is on birth control so we never use one,” I answered.

“Im sure there’s one around here somewhere,” she said rolling to the other side of the bed. She opened a drawer on the night stand. “Bingo,” she said turning back around holding up a string of Trojan Magnums. “Tiff’s dad must be hung. Luckily, so are you.” She tore one off and dropped the rest back in the drawer. She took the wrapper in her teeth and ripped it open. Felicity pulled out the rubber and put it between her lips. My cock had shrunk down a little in the interim, so she alleviated the problem by pushing the condom as far down onto my cock as her mouth would allow and finished the rest with her masterful hands. With my cock back at full attention, she fell backward into the bed once more, looked up at me, and smiled her sly smile that I was getting used to seeing before saying, “Now, get over here, and fuck me.” It was a command, and I was going to follow orders.

“Yes ma’am,” I said climbing onto the bed stepping out of my pants and boxers. Kneeling on the bed, I wrapped my hands around her thighs from underneath and pulled her ass into the air lining her beautiful bald pussy up with my rock hard dick. Her black skirt slid back onto her abdomen. I let go of her leg with one hand so I could guide myself into the tight pink opening before me. I started slow. Her hole looked tight and I didn’t want to hurt her.

Pure pleasure shot up the shaft of my cock and through my body as I pushed the head slowly into the dripping slit. I could see the same was happening to Felicity. I continued slowly back until I hit the back wall. I had never been in such a tight pussy before. It felt intense to an extent that I almost couldn’t handle it. We both groaned as I worked my way back just as slowly.

“God you are so tight,” I said. “I almost can’t stand it.

“I know,” she replied, “but, keep going. It feels amazing.” I pressed back in a little quicker. Felicity let out a shout and smiled up at me. I pulled back out and pushed back in repeating the slow process but increased the pace with each motion. Felicity trembled all over. As the speed of my thrusts increased, so did the volume of her screams. I moaned and groaned feeling her muscles contracting around my shaft as it slid easily in and out of her wet opening.

My fiancée’s little sister pushed herself up off the bed supporting her weight on her hands behind her back. I reached down and wrapped my arms around her lower back and pulled her up. Our chests met as she started to bounce. The intense feeling grew with each up and and down motion. Her tiny breasts rubbed against my chest and we kissed passionately. She stopped kissing my mouth and worked her way around to my ear where she nibbled lightly on my ear lobe.

“It’s so deep. It’s so deep,” she repeated. “Ooh you’re gonna make me cum again. I didn’t know it could go that deep.” She groaned shallowly into my ear. I felt my balls begin to contract once again.

“Oh, God. I’m gonna cum.” I said aloud.

“Do it,” she whispered in my ear. “Cum in my pussy, Ben.” Her breath on my ear was exhilarating. I felt the mounting pressure in my balls. Felicity threw her head back her hands clinging to my shoulders as she bounced up and down more vigorously. I watched her tiny breasts jiggle each time she dropped down onto my thighs. Her screams grew louder. My strong hands continued to grip her perfect little ass as I lifted her up and down. Felicity’s eyes rolled back into her head and her eyelids fluttered. I closed my eyes and listened to her moaning grow louder. She went over the top as the semen erupted from my cock filling the large rubber. The young teen bounced on my cock a few more times as her climax continued.

“That was amazing,” she panted into my ear remaining mounted on my large member. I could feel semen dripping out of the bottom of the condom and rolling off my balls.

“Yeah that was pretty fucking good,” I replied.

My soon to be sister in-law kissed me deeply. Then, she raised up and off of me. She dropped down onto her cute little butt and sat Indian style on the bed. I rolled the condom off of my shrinking penis. There was still a considerable amount of cum in the tip of the latex sheath.

“Been a while?” she asked.

“Only a week or so. I haven’t had sex since we got into town,” I replied not thinking about the fact that I was talking to Felicity about her older sister.

“Wanna go again?” She asked. I looked at the mostly naked girl in front of me and thought about taking her again. I felt my cock stir. Felicity smiled at me. I was getting used to that sultry smile, and it became evident that she could get me to do anything by flashing it. “We can do it doggy style,” she added prodding me further. Felicity effortlessly flipped over onto her hands and knees in front of me the wagged her little butt in my direction.

Without a word, I saddled up behind her and lined my hardening cock up with her still dripping pussy. I met little resistance as my pole slid in effortlessly. Felicity let out a long groan as I reached the back wall of her vagina. The sensation of her tight wet hole wrapped around my bare cock was unbelievable. With a condom on her snatch had felt really good, but without it, it was insane how amazing it was. I put both hands on her narrow waist and pulled her back against my cock each time she pulled away.

Her increasing volume queued me to thrust harder and faster.

“Oh, God,” she called out. “Your balls feel so good slapping my clit! Gimmie that cock!” I obliged, slamming in as deep as I could with each pump.

“Holy shit. You have the tightest, wettest pussy I have ever felt,” I said. Felicity let her self fall face first into the mattress and reached back between her legs to finger her clit. “Yeah. Play with that sloppy pussy.” I reached down and grabbed her ponytail. Pulling her up off of the mattress, I told her, “No. I wanna hear you.” Felicity laughed and smiled. Her laughter turned into more shouts of ecstasy.

“You guys seem to be having a good time,” a girl’s voice said coming from behind my back. I stopped what I was doing and turned around. Tiffany had come in and shut the door behind her. Felicity looked back at her friend and laughed.

“You have no idea,” Felicity told her friend. “I’ve never had it this good.”

“Oh really? Better than Mark?” Tiffany asked.

“Way better. Come over here,” Felicity commanded crooking one of her index fingers at the second teen. Tiffany followed Felicity’s instructions and walked over to the bed. I had not moved. I had not know exactly how to react in the situation, but Felicity seemed okay talking to her friend with my cock buried in her snatch, so I had just gone with it. I knew what was about to happen. Tiffany stood at the foot of the bed. She was only a foot or so away from us. Our eyes met.

“Take off your shirt,” I told her. She grinned at Felicity then, started unbuttoning her white blouse. With each button, her tan skin became more and more visible. Tiffany dropped the shirt back off of her shoulders letting it hit the floor. She wore a sexy navy blue bra with a fastener in the front. “That too,” I added. Tiffany bit her bottom lip and did what she was told. The bra joined the shirt on the floor. Her full breasts were young and perky.

“Give ’em a squeeze,” Felicity said looking back at me. I silently gave Tiffany a look asking if it was okay. She bit her bottom lip again and nodded. I reached out and palmed one of her breasts. It was a good hand full, just about a D-cup. As I fondled the young girl’s breast, I felt movement on my cock. Felicity had started rocking slowly against me once again. Her groaning and moaning began almost immediately. Felicity was quickly joined by Tiffany as I played with her hardened, light brown nipple. Tiffany licked her pouty lips and reached up to play with her other nipple.

“Ooh…You need to…oh…get your pants off…ooh,” Felicity told Tiffany between moans. I stopped playing with the girls pillowy tit and brought my hand back to Felicity’s waist while her friend did what she was told. “Lay down,” Felicity said to me looking back over her shoulder. I didn’t take long changing positions. I quickly found the pillow at the head of the bed, and got comfortable. I watched as the now completely naked Tiffany crawled into the bed with us. She grabbed the bottom of Felicity’s skirt and pulled it up and over her head.

“You don’t need this any more,” she said dropping the small garment on the floor with the rest of our clothes. The two girls pushed my legs apart and shared the space between my thighs.

“Gve it a try,” Felicity urged her friend. Tiffany smiled back at her and turned to look down at my cock.

“Damn, that’s a big one,” she commented.

“It’s gotten a little soft. It’ll get bigger,” I told her. She arched her eyebrows. It was that same look Felicity had had. “Go ahead. It won’t bite.”

Tiffany licked one Palm then the other. She wrapped her small hands around my shaft and began working up and down with both. As she slid up and down she twisted each hand in the opposite direction. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and the sensation was amazing. She leaned over after a few more up and down motions and spit a slow falling glob of saliva down onto the head of my dick to re-lubricate it. The renewed slickness increased the pleasure I was feeling.

“Suck on it,” Felicity said urging her friend on again. Tiffany bit her bottom lip again before dropping her head down onto the head of my cock. Her luscious lips wrapped around my helmet and slid down several inches. She continued to work the bottom of my shaft as she bobbed up and down. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back into the pillow. I let out a low groan of pleasure as she continued to work on me. I opened my eyes again when it stopped. I looked down at the girls as Felicity was taking over where Tiffany had left off.

Tiffany stopped waiting for directions and crawled up the bed to join me. She planted her soft pouty lips on mine and kissed me, our tongues briefly meeting in the middle. I reached over and resumed playing with her full tits. The light brown nipples were now fully erect. We continued kissing while Felicity worked away at my slobbery cock. Moaning escaped Tiffany’s lips between kisses as she began playing with herself.

“Sit on my face,” I told her. Tiffany smiled expectantly then stood up on the bed. She put a foot on either side of my head before kneeling down over my mouth. The curvy teen gripped the headboard as I wrapped my hands around her thighs from underneath. I began lapping at the second bald pussy I had had in my face that night. She trembled as my tongue slipped across her clit, then, down into her wet hole, and then, back up again. The more Felicity worked my cock the faster I licked Tiffany’s pussy.

I felt the mouth leave my cock and the bed around my hips depressed as Felicity stood up on the bed to position herself above my pelvis, behind her friend. The amazing sensation of Felicity’s tight slit returned as she grabbed my cock by the base and guided it into her. When she began bouncing up and down on me, she reached around Tiffany and groped her full tan breasts. I could see the small hands working the mounds of flesh above me, and Tiffany’s head rolled back as she let out moans and groans of pleasure. It became difficult to distinguish between Tiffany and Felicity’s screams and shouts as they blended together. I flicked at her little button with my tongue faster and faster. She began to shudder almost uncontrollably.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhh OHH! OHHHHHH!” Tiffany belted out collapsing forward against the head board hitting her climax. I could hear Felicity screaming out loudly as she dropped onto her knees, hands on my stomach. She ground her pussy into my pelvis as deeply as she could.

Rocking back and forth on my cock she cried out,” Fuck, fuck, fuck. It’s sooo good.” She fell forward after climaxing as well. Felicity leaned against her friend’s back. They both were panting. Felicity rolled off of my still hard cock and cuddled up next to me. “You have to give that a shot. It is intense,” she said looking up at her still heavily breathing friend. Tiffany smiled and scooted back onto my lap then lifted one of her legs so that she could better angle my rod into her pink slit.

Tiffany’s twat was not quite as tight as Felicity’s, but it felt good just the same. Her slick inner walls were welcoming to my deep penetration. Felicity stayed on the bed next to me. I reached up and grabbed hold of Tiffany’s ample hips. I rocked her back and forth on my rod. She fondled one of her D-cup tits with one hand and rubbed her throbbing pink button with the other. I more vigorously pumped into her as she cried out louder. Felicity sat up on her knees and started making out with her friend. I continued pounding away at the young teen pussy while I watched Melissa’s sister passionately kissing her best friend. I could hear Tiffany’s moans escaping between kisses. I let go of Tiffany with one hand started playing with Felicity’s dripping pussy from behind. I got my thumb wet with her juices and tickled her little butt hole. Felicity stopped kissing long enough to let out a gasp and turn to smile at me. She returned to her make out session with Tiffany. The two teens rocked back and forth on my appendages. Tiffany’s volume started to increase as she grew closer to her exquisite finish. Felicity was also close. Vibing off of one another, they came at the same time. Their moaning was a sexy chorus that went on for almost a minute. I let them roll off of me onto the bed where they kissed playfully. I swung my legs out of bed and stood up.

“Come here. I’ve got something for both of you,” I told them gesturing to the floor in front of me. They gave one another that sly grin. Tiffany and Felicity crawled out of the bed and settled down on their knees in front of my throbbing cock.

“Let me help you with that,” Felicity said wrapping both hands around my shaft and sucking the head into her mouth once more. Tiffany got in close as well and fondled my balls. The two young girls worked my cock like I had never felt before. They traded back and forth both getting a turn sucking my large member.

“Okay. Here it comes,” I said taking hold of my rod in my own hand. The two girls, my Fiancée’s kid sister and her equally young friend, sat back on their heels. They both opened their mouths and closed their eyes as I stroked up and down the long shaft of my cock. It only took a few squeezing motions to coerce the load from my balls. Hot strings of semen erupted from my cock. Each spurt was directed, as best as I could, toward each of the girls’ faces. Stream after stream landed on their closed eyelids, mouths, chins, and tits. I don’t think I have ever cum so much in my life. It was especially astounding, since I had cum once earlier.

“Ooh yeah. Keep it coming,” Felicity urged.

“Yeah drown us in your cum,” Tiffany added.

The last spurt dripped out of my cock head as my rod started to sink toward the floor. Felicity took her fingers and wiped the semen from her eyes. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched the two teens giggle and wipe the semen from their faces. Tiffany stuck two of her fingers into Felicity’s mouth feeding her a warm glob of my seed.

“Mmm,” Felicity said feeding her friend some as well. They both laughed again.

“Let’s get in the shower. Its big enough for all of us,” Tiffany said leading Felicity by the hand to the master bathroom. I rose from the bed and followed them toward the shower. The bathroom was ridiculous. The walk in shower looked like it could have held five people.

“You weren’t kidding,” I said as I stepped in with the two girls who were already getting their hair wet under the two shower heads. Felicity grabbed a loofa and squirted some body wash into it lathering her face then her chest. She passed it to Tiffany and she did the same. I stood there letting the cast off water splash me. When Felicity and Tiffany rinsed off they both pulled me into the water and started washing me.

“Gotta clean this part real well,” Felicity said massaging soap into my soft cock flesh. Tiffany reached around and worked on my chest and shoulders from behind. Then she got my back and ass. It felt good to have two young girls cleaning every inch of my body. My dick hardened a little as Felicity worked the flesh in her little hands. The three of us made out and played around until the water started to cool off a bit. We all got out an got dressed.

We left shortly after we went back down stairs. When we got back to Felicity’s house, we walked up stairs and stopped in front of her bedroom door.

“I told you we’d have fun tonight,” she said in an, ‘I told you so’ tone.

“You were right,” I said smiling.

Felicity stretched up and kissed me on the cheek before saying, “Good night. See you in the morning.” She opened her door, stepped in, and turned around smiling at me as she closed the door.

I scratched the back of my head and neck as I walked to Melissa’s room and opened the door. I shut it behind me and crashed on the bed.

I slept in the next morning until Melissa woke me up with a kiss.

“You look like you had a fun night,” she said as I woke up. “What did you do?”

“I just hung out with your sister. She was pretty cool,” was my groggy response.

“Well that’s good. I had a really good time with Mom,” Melissa started. She told me all about everything they did. As I listened I thought about how I finally felt like I was even with her for cheating on me. We were on an even slate, and I didn’t have to worry about that hanging over my head any more. To this day, Melissa has no clue why Felicity calls me Big Ben.

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