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Want A Spanking?

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“Want a spanking?”

I squirmed in my chair, he stood behind me to speak. I shook my head, intentionally bashful.

“I think you’re about due for one.”

I could feel the warmth between my legs, the wetness, increase. If I leaned forward a little bit I’d get the first pulse of pleasure, he knew that, he put his hand on my shoulder and kept my back against the chair.

“I wasn’t bad.” I say, but this time I don’t have to suppress the smile to play along. He really would give it to me a little harder or a firm slap if I don’t take it somewhat seriously. It’s the routine. Ever since I found a website called something like ‘fondly and firmly’ and he found it in the history and read it.

“It’ll keep you honest.” I pout a little and that isn’t just to egg him on. It does hurt. “C’mon, get up. Do you want the hand?”

I nod, the belt is for special occasions when he thinks there’s really something to be learned. I get up and stand like a schoolgirl while he sits down. I pretend like I don’t see the bulge in his pants just like I’ll pretend I don’t feel it against my stomach when I bend over. There’s ritual to that too, and so it starts.

I unbutton my jeans and push them down to my knees. I bend over his lap and I wiggle around a little, bringing my feet up off the ground and sort of balancing there. I stare at the berber carpet and I can feel his hand on my thigh. He likes his part, I can feel how much he likes it, he pulls down my panties, tugging, until they’re just at the tops of my thighs. I tingle, I even wince once when I think the first one is coming.

So he waits until I’ve relaxed a little, the first one is firmer than the next. A well placed slap at the bottom of my ass where my legs start angled up to get the maximum effect on my pussy. I feel it there, I’m wetter than I’d like to admit, and it feels good but leaves me aching. It’s teasing, the thrusting of sex without the pleasure of penetration. The next one is the same way and it hurts twice as much. He grunts with effort and I know if I could see his face his teeth would be set together and he’d be looking down at the back of my head and then back to his business.

With the next slap I’m the one that grunts, groans, I won’t stop until after he does. He works his way up each cheek and I feel the tears come into my eyes. I start crying after the tenth or so stroke, I lose count quickly. My ass must already be red. He pauses, breathing heavier and shifting in the chair in such a way as to grind his hardon into me. The next one that comes signals the next notch up, harder and faster, he doesn’t try to conceal his effort at all now and I know it’ll leave some bruises.

“Stoooop.” Usually after a spanking like this I vow never to break down again but I always do. He says he has to spank me until I understand that he’s the one in control. Each time I think I can take it but I never can. I think I start blubbering at that point. I see tears fall to the carpet below my face. I struggle and he grabs me between my legs to keep me in place. He takes advantage even of my spread legs to land a hard one right on my lips, my labia, and I let out such a breathless scream that it’s just a whimper.

My face burns hot, wet, and he stops. He strokes my burning skin and gives me a minute to gather myself. He helps me up, into his lap, bunched up so my aching butt touches as little as possible.

“You’re going to be feeling that one tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if you can sit.”

I don’t say anything, maybe it was an attempt at humor. He clicks his tongue and puts his arms around me. I close my eyes and cry for a bit longer and press my face against his neck. I feel his hand rub my back, lower and lower. I want it but I’m still in pain. He turns my face up to kiss me, tears and all. He kisses me again, then with the third one I feel two of his fingers press down my crack, seeking my asshole, finding it and pushing deep in. His fingers are hot but not at all lubricated. I groan at this, I start squirming again but he holds me still.

“Do you want another spanking?”

I know he wouldn’t but I stop playing hard-to-get anyway. I relax, he licks my ear.

“That’s my girl.”

He loves patronizing me sometimes. I play along with it. He picks me up and puts me down on the floor, face on the carpet and ass in the air. He unbuttons his pants and pulls them down letting his cock brush my thigh as he arranges me, pushing one knee up more and pushing on my back so I’ll submit just a little more. He rubs his cock on my clit and down, one hand on my ass like if it wasn’t there I might forget and wander off. It feels so good that I gasp but he’s just getting his cock slick for the main attraction. I push back, grinding, and he takes advantage of that to enter me, hard, up the ass.

“Mmmm… You like that, don’t you?”

My first gasplike groan is an answer. It feels so intrusive, so huge, for a second I’m overcome. He reaches up and pulls my arms down towards my knees. He likes to hold onto my wrists, I think, as part of his fantasy. I find some of his flesh there, his hand maybe, and I dig my nails in to make him grunt and pull away. He’s so filling, so deep, balls teasing my lips as he thrusts. I’m sweaty all over, slick, he smacks my ass and I reach up to cover it, I turn my face to the side and somehow he finds a way to stick his fingers in my mouth.


I suck on them, I feel the pleasure sort of find itself and grow. It’s like someone catching a fingerhold on a rockwall and then climbing ever the faster towards the top. I block out everything, maybe I closed my eyes but I can’t remember anything but pressing my lips hard against his fingers and thrusting backwards towards him, taking him deeper. This is one of the good ones, when every single muscle in my body seems to take it’s cue and light up, screaming, even the rug burns growing on my knees feel good. The hand that he’s placed in my hair while I wasn’t paying attention pulls my head back. He jams his fingers into my mouth, against my tongue, and I suck.

But it’s not over until he’s done. He draws it out by going slow, I know he’s looking down and watching his cock go in and out. He holds it, lovingly, and aims. All the way in, all the way out. I can feel the beginnings of his climax trickle, tickle down to my pussy. That’s when he really lays in, I find myself trying to hold onto the floor. I concentrate on his gasps as he pounds, sighs and he plunges as deeply as he can to cum, and finally just exhausted breathing as he falls back on his knees.

He lays down there on the floor and I turn over to him, laying beside him, aching in a million different ways. My jeans are still on one leg, bunched up with my undies. My shirt was pushed up at some point and I didn’t notice, breasts sticking out below my bra. I don’t bother to rearrange myself. I slip a hand down between my legs and I rub my clit, pressing my legs together, enjoying the afterglow until the pain from the spanking sinks in again. I ignore the sting for now and he nuzzles my hair.

“Ready for another?”

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