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Unfinished Business

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The follwing story is a work of fiction, based on facts from my life. The names of all parties have been changed to protect their “innocence”.

“Hey Jim, you need anything from Supply while I’m down there?”

“Naw, I’m good Marv, thanks anyway.”

I headed down the hall to the elevators so I could get to Supply. It was Thursday, and I was winding up some details so my weekend wouldn’t be interrupted by any calls from the office.

Thursday was also when Tom did the interviews for the office, and as I was passing the conference I noticed a guy in there with him. I took a look back over my shoulder as I went passed the doorway and did a double-take. As I came to a quick stop and turned around into the room I called out in astonishment:

“You gotta be kidding me!! Rob? Rob Kingsley!!? How you doin’ man.?”

Tom looked from the new guy to me with that deer-in-the-headlights look.

“You know this character, Rob?”

“You do look kinda familiar, but I can’t place your name…?”

“Marv, Marv Poppler. Geez, must be twenty years now. Back in the day we were stationed in the panhandle together, remember?”

Ding, the light went on and Rob’s face lit up with a big grin!

“I’ll be damned. It is you!! Good god, man, it has been a while hasn’t it? Last I remember, you were just a skinny dude. Life must’ve been treating you pretty good; all filled out, and that beard is something I clearly remember you NOT having!”

Back in those days, I was one of the guys that could put away plates of chow and not gain an ounce; six foot and 155. I was that way from the time I got through puberty until I hit 40. Then my metabolism changed and the pounds finally filled out my frame. Now weighing in at 205, working out and eatin’ good didn’t hurt me any. I looked pretty good for a man hitting 45.

“Thanks Rob. You look no worse for wear yourself. Is Karen with you?”

“Naw, she’s back in KC taking care of the house sale. Soon’s that’s done she’ll be coming out.”

Tom jumped in.

“Yeah, Rob’s transferring in from the Kansas City office. He’ll be officially starting Monday. Tell ya what Marv, since you two already know each other, why don’t you take some time tomorrow and show Bob around, let him get the feel of the place.”

“Sure thing Tom, be happy to. Give us a chance to catch up and all that.”

I gave Rob a quick wink, and told him that I’d let the two of them finish up their business and that I’d get back with him later.

As I headed down the hall, a flurry of memories invaded my head.

Twenty years earlier, Rob and I had been stationed together, working in the same maintenance shop. He was married, no kids, and living off-base, I was single and living in the enlisted dorm. We worked the graveyard shift for several months, yacking it up about our early days: high school, cars, the typical guy talk. One night, the talk finally got ’round to sex and women.

“You’re pretty lucky having a wife like Karen. She seems like quite a catch. You say you two’ve known each other since high school?”

“Yeah, ever since Sophmore year. I was on the wrestling team and she came out for one of our home meets. I saw her sitting ’bout halfway up the bleachers and caught her eye. I know she’s not the cheerleader type, but she had that heat about her, ya’ know? The way she carried herself, that look of confidence about herself, that she was comfortable with herself.”

Yeah, he was right. Karen was only about 5’4″, but carried 120 lbs. in a very well proportioned way. She didn’t look like she was heavy, but had a full-bodied sensuality. Her legs were solid, muscled and perfectly smooth. She had just the slightest swell of a bubble butt and a full, bouncy rack. Contrary to her body, her face had a slender, almond shape, with laughing eyes and perfectly full lips. Oh yeah, she had heat allright.

“We started dating soon after that meet. Things went great the next two years. We did the proms, homecoming, all the regular stuff. We were both brought up with the old school ethic, so we never had heavy sex while we were in school. After high school I joined up and soon after boot camp Karen and I got married. That’s when we started to have a little…’trouble.'”

“What d’ya mean by ‘trouble’ man? She didn’t go frigid or soemthing, did she?”

“Aw, no, nothing like that. She was more than ready for that wedding night, it’s just that, well…”

“C’mon man, out with it, it’s just you and me here.”

“Yeah, well, see Karen’s kinda small, not just in her height, ya know what I mean?”

“You mean she was good and tight, right?”

“Oh yeah, she was tight allright, too tight for me.”

Rob clammed up and started to kind of stare off, like he was remembering that night. He seemed a little embarrassed, so I tried to smooth things out a little.

“Hey come on, we’ve been working together for a while now, man. You look like you could use someone to listen. Trust me, it’s just between you and me, Rob.”

He took a deep breath. Letting it out, he had that look of making a reluctant decision.

“Karen’s got a smaller than normal pussy, which wouldn’t be so bad except, that, well, I’m not exactly built like the average guy, and that makes it kinda rough for both of us.”

“Really? Not like the average guy, huh? what, you packing a salami instead of a braut?”

Without the slightest hesitation Rob replied:

“Yeah, kinda like that.”

Now it was my turn to look reluctant. I’d had fantasies while I was younger of other guy’s cocks. I was never a “jock” in school, so the only checking out I got to do was after gym class in the showers. I was pretty hesistant back then, not wanting to be a “fairy”, but now curiosity and opportunity got the best of me. With my heart in my throat, I forged ahead.

“Ya know, Rob, it might not be as bad as you think. How do ya know for sure?”

Rob glanced at me sideways, like he was debating whether to continue along or not. Finally, he looked up at me at said:

“You’d have to see to understand, Marv. It’s not as great being my size as some men let on.”

This was my chance.

“Well, let me take a look. That way I’ll know better. I won’t think any different about you.”

Hesitantly, Rob continued.

“OK, tell ya what. I gotta pull Dorm duty for your guys tomorrow. Would it be allright if I came up to your room when my shift is done? That way I can be sure no one else will interrupt.”

“Sure, man. In fact, my roomie is at his folks for the next week on leave. We’ll have the place to ourselves.”

“Allright, then. That’ll work.”

With that, we settled into finishing up the shift.

The next day dragged. Rob and I both had Friday/Saturday nights off, not really much happening in the shop on weekends. Dorm duty for the married guys ran a split, beginning with Swings from 1500-2300, then Graves from 2300-0600. Rob would be coming on at 1500. I took care of my weekly chores and dropped by the Package store for a case of brews. After evening chow, I went back to the dorm and took a long, hot shower. Drying off, I pulled out a set of sweats. Thinking about the night ahead, I decided not to put on any drawers, with only the sweats to cover me. I popped open a beer and leaning back in my bed, began catching up on some reading. I was having a tough time concentrating on the story though, my mind kept wandering to what was going to happen later. The realization that I was going to finally fulfill a fantasy was causing my heart race. The more I thought about it, the more my cock would get hard, and it was getting difficult to keep my hand off. I opened another beer and got back to my book. About the time I finished my third brew there was a knock at my door. My heart, and my cock, jumped!

“Yeah, who is it?”

“It’s Rob.”

“Hang on a second, be right there.”

Getting up from my bed, where I’d been reading, I rearranged my cock in the sweatpants. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Hey Rob. Come on in.”

After closing and bolting the door, I walked to the fridge to get another beer.

“Can I get ya a brew, man?”

“Yeah, that’d be great, thanks.”

As I handed Rob the beer, I could see that he looked nervous. When he grabbed the bottle, his fingers overlapped mine. I let them linger a little longer than would seem appropriate, and Rob gave me a once over look.

“From the look of things, you’ve gotten an early start.”

At first, I didn’t know what Rob was referring to. I thought that maybe he noticed my stiffening cock, but then I saw that he was looking at the empty bottles on the corner of the desk next to my bed. I relaxed and flopped onto my bed, taking a long pull off the beer. We went through another round of beers making small talk. I was getting a pretty good buzz on and my nerve finally worked up.

“So Rob, what’s all this fuss Karen’s been making? Come on over here and let me take at look at that thing.”

Rob was into his third beer and feeling pretty relaxed. He got up from the chair and walked over to the side of my bed. I sat up just as he got to the edge and was face-to-crotch with his pants. I set my beer on the desk and began to unbuckle his belt. My hands began to quiver as I undid his fly and hooked my fingers into the waistband of his pants and briefs. Looking up into Rob’s face, I could see the excitement in his eyes as I steadily pulled down. Once I got them down to his ankles, Rob placed his hand on my shoulder and stepped out of the clothes. As I straightened up, his hardening cock was right at eye level with my face. My god, he was right, he did have a big cock! Even though it was only partially hard, it was bigger than mine when it was full-on hard. Semi-hard, Rob’s cock was 7 inches and at least two fingers thick. His ballsack was full, hairy and nested what appeared to be two golf balls inside.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this magnificent cock. Without saying a word, I wrapped my hand around it, just below the purplish knob of a head. Rob began to moan as I slowly began stroking over the head. I couldn’t believe how much it was growing!! It only took a minute before I could wrap both hands along its full length.

“Jeez, Rob, you weren’t kidding, it’s incredible.”

As I continued to stroke him, his moans became more audible. I cupped the sack and began kneading the balls inside. Rob put his hand on the back of my head and slowly guided my face toward his hard, thick rod. Without thinking, I parted my lips and let him push into my open, waiting mouth. His cock was full size now, the head was tight and reddish-purple, engorged by Rob’s lust. My mouth began to water as his cock slid passed my lips and glided along my tongue. This is what I had fantasized for years, to have my mouth stuffed full by a man’s cock!! It felt fantastic, hot and exciting! I began sucking in my cheeks around this wonderful tool and circled the head with my tongue. Precum beagn to ooze from the slit, and the pungent saltiness excited me even more.

Rob began an even, slow rythym of pumping his cock into my face. He easily began bumping into the back of my throat, causing me to gag reflexively. He pulled back until the head was at my lips and then slid back to my throat. The intensity of our sex drove my lust for his cock higher and I reached around him, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him towards me. Rob responded by taking my head with both hands and purposely began fucking my mouth. Disregarding my gagging, he continued banging into my throat. My jaw muscles were beginning to ache, but I couldn’t stop sucking him. I wanted him to keep fucking me. I was lost in the feeling of his cock sliding passed my lips, feeling the ridges of the veins across my tongue.

Suddenly, Rob stopped pumping my mouth, his cockhead against my throat. I thought ‘this is it, he’s going to come’ but instead, he slowly pulled out of my mouth, his cock dripping with my saliva. Looking up into his eyes, I could see the lust burning in them.

With a slight quiver in his voice, Rob looked down at me:

“I want to fuck you, I want to bury my cock deep into you and fuck you until I shoot you full of my cum.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I was shaking with the lust of the moment!

“Yes, yes please. I want your cock Rob. I want you to come in me. I want you to fuck me until your balls are empty.”

I lifted my ass off the bedcovers and Rob grabbed the waist of my sweatpants, swiftly pulling them off my legs, my own cock slapping my belly as the waistband slid by. I stood up, pulling my shirt off over my head. Reaching out, I began to unbutton Rob’s shirt; sliding it off his arms I grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and brought it up over his head. Our closeness caused our cocks to touch and I shivered with the contact. I turned around and on hands and knees, crawled back onto the bed, my ass lining up perfectly with his magnificent cock. Reaching over to the desk, I grabbed my bottle of jackoff lube and, slightly turning, I handed it to Rob.

“Here, take this and work it into my ass. Use you fingers and get me good and slick.”

Rob didn’t need much coaxing at this point. He flipped open the bottle and while he held my asscheeks apart with one hand, squeezed out some lube into the crack of my ass. Using his fingers, Rob worked the lube around my hole, the sphincter flexing every time he ran them over it. Finally, he worked the tip of one finger into my hole, running it around the inside of the muscle. I began to moan from his touch, the heat beginning to build in me. I leaned my head and shoulders down to the bed, my ass obscenely pointing up at Rob, my ass and balls fully exposed to his gaze, and his desire. He must have felt me relax, because he pulled his finger out, poured on more lube and went back to work with two fingers now. I concentrated on the feeling of his probing, relaxing to his touch. He easily slid both fingers in and began to finger-fuck me. While he had his fingers in me, he would pause and stroke my prostate, causing my cock to twitch and pulse. At this point, Rob could’ve done anything he wanted with me; I was totally lost in the moment. My gawd, this was incredible!!

I could feel the lube running down my ass and onto my balls. I was getting into it now, my asshole opening up to Rob’s finger-fucking. He must have noticed because he pulled them out, and then, with one hand on my back, put the head of his cock against my hole. My virgin asshole flinched reflexively and I got back up onto all fours. Rob responded by grabbing onto one of my hips and then, guiding his cock with one hand, steadily increased the pressure against my hole. I took a deep breath, willing myself to relax. The muscle slowly stretched and Rob’s cock began to enter the virgin territory of my ass. When his cock got to the inner muscle, I winced, and Rob stopped pushing. His cock was so big! Rob had a hold of both my hips now, keeping a steady pressure against me with his cock.

“Oh gawd, Rob. Easy, stop there, give me a second to get used to you.”

Rob held me steady, and I slowly began to rock against him. My ass felt on fire, but I couldn’t stop, I had to have that cock, I had to have it in me!! After taking another deep breath, I slowly let it out and pushed against Rob’s cock with lustful determination. My ass finally gave in and Rob slid smoothly into me, steadily sliding in until I could feel his pubic hairs brushing the crack of my ass. Oh my gawd, I felt like his cock was splitting me in two. I could hardly believe that he had his entire cock buried in my ass. I never imagined it would feel this way, so filling, so overpowering!!

Rob pulled back a couple inches and then slid back in again until his belly was back against my asscheeks. Again and again, pulling back more each time, he slid in and out, fucking my virgin, wanting ass.

“Yes…yes! Oh man, Rob, you’re so fucking huge! Yes, fuck me, man, oh please gawd, yes fuck me.”

Rob really started going at it now. He stepped up his rythym and I began fucking him back. It only took a couple of minutes for him to start breathing hard, sweat trickling down his chest. He began to pound into my ass, his cock driving into me with a forcefulness that caused his balls to slap into mine with each stroke. All I could do now was to match his strokes, flexing my asscheeks around this marvelous cock, squeezing with every invading stroke. Rob suddenly slowed and fucked me with hard, deliberate strokes. Panting, Rob called out:

“Oh gawd, I’m going to cum, man. I’m going to cum…oh..gawd…I’m cumming man, I’m cumming!!!”

With that, Rob’s fingers dug into my asscheeks and somehow he drove even deeper spraying the inside of my ass with his juice. I clenched my asshole around his pulsing cock, holding him there while his cocked pulsed inside me, shot after shot of his hot cum filling my ass.

As his breath came back, one of Rob’s hands reached around my waist and found my rock hard cock. He beagn to roughly, forcefully jerk my cock. He again started fucking my ass while he stroked back onto my cock. My gawd, it felt like he was trying to fuck my cock from inside my ass! It only took a minute before I began spraying my own cum onto the bedcovers!! I shuddered from the ecstacy of the moment! With my face buried in the bedding, I cried out as my asshole pulsed around Rob’s cock with each shot of cum. Finally, Rob stopped fucking my ass and pulled away, collapsing on the chair behind him.

Slowly, we both came back to earth, our breath returning to normal, our cocks going soft. I rolled off my knees, turning to face Rob. My tender hole flinched as I sat in my own cum. Looking over at Rob, I watched as his cum slowly oozed out of his wilting cock. Sliding off the bed and onto my knees, I gently lifted the glistening shaft and began to lick it clean. When I got to the head, I worked my tongue into his piss-slit and lapped it out clean. Satisfied, I released his cock and looked up into his face.

“That was great man; I mean, really great. I never thought that it could feel that good. Thanks man.”

Rob reached out and stroked my hair.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I could never get off like that with Karen. She’d never let me in her ass. But that was more than I expected from tonight. Thanks for letting me come here tonight.”

The double meaning of Rob’s statement caused me to smile.

“We’ll need to get together again soon, man. Maybe we can work something out that’ll get Karen involved, ya know?”

“yeah, I’ll work on that, see what I can do.”

With that, Rob slowly picked up his clothes and got dressed. I laid back on the bed, watching him cover up. When he got to the door, Rob turned around, smiled lightly and said:

“Thanks again, Marv. I really mean it. I’ll talk with you soon.”

The memory of that night nearly overwhelmed me, my cock straining against the fabric of my slacks. The thought of finally, after all these years, seeing Rob again stirred me from deep inside. Tomorrow’s going to be a very interesting day, very interesting indeed.

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