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Nineteen – Looking for Older Man

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As Ted Biondi looked at the young man through the peephole of the motel room he was staying in, the 57 year old salesman enjoyed the gawky kid’s fidgeting as he seemed to be trying to summon up enough courage to knock on the door.

He certainly looked like a geek, which was what Ted had him figured for when they spoke on the phone after Ted had read his ad on Craigslist, in which he claimed he was a 19 year old bisexual male looking for fun with an older man.

He probably was 19. although to Ted, the older he got, the younger 19 seemed to be. He was 19 once himself, but that was many years ago. Back then he was a college student bust trying to seduce the woman who would become his wife and endure a 26 year long sham of a marriage while Ted tried to hide his real feelings.

The kid raised his hand to knock again but then suddenly dropped it and turned away from the door as if to leave. Ted quickly opened it up before the kid got away, and when he heard the door open the young fellow spun around fast.

“Hi,” Ted said jovially, making sure to hold his robe together as he stood in the doorway while cars whizzed by the front of the budget motel. “I was afraid you weren’t going to show up. Come on in.”

The kid took a tentative step toward the door, trying to look past Ted into the room, and when the older man saw what he was trying to do he stepped aside so that the kid could see that the room was empty.

“Nobody here but me,” Ted said with a smile. “As for the room, I know it isn’t much but times are tough and business ain’t so hot these days.”

The towhead, who at around 6′ tall was almost a half foot taller than the husky older man, walked into the room, still looking around suspiciously as Ted closed the door behind him. The young man said he would be coming after work, and judging by the blue shirt that he wore that showed the logo of the major supermarket in the region, that seemed to be the truth.

“William,” Ted said, reading the name on the badge on the skinny kid’s chest. “Do you like William or Billy?”

“William – or Billy’s okay,” The kid mumbled, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “Billy’s good.”

“Okay, Billy,” the older man said. “I’m Ted. Nice to meet you.”

They shook hands, and Ted felt the moistness on the lad’s bony hand that disappeared inside of his own meaty paw.

“You’re still scared, Billy?” Ted said after the kid refused his offer of a drink. “I’m not going to hurt you. Nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to happen. You have a bad experience or something?”

“Yeah,” Billy mumbled.

“Anything you want to talk about?”

“The other time I met somebody like this – when I went to the place, it turned out to be a bunch of guys,” Billy said.


“They said they hated fags,” Billy said, swallowing hard as his eyes welled up. “They did stuff to me. Bad stuff.”

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that,” Ted said, looking up at the tall kid who was young enough to be his grandson. “Must have been horrible. I’m surprised that you would even try Craigslist again after that.”

“I’m too young for bars, and besides, when you look like I do, it’s better that people don’t get a look at you ahead of time. I think older guys are nicer – they don’t hurt your feelings like guys my age do.”

“I certainly never try to hurt anybody – in any way,” Ted said, putting his hands on Billy’s bony shoulders and giving them a squeeze. “And just so you know, I think you’re a very nice looking guy. A heck of a lot better looking than me.”

“You’re okay,” Billy said, and smiled.

“Well I guess we’re both okay then,” Ted said, reaching out and putting his arms around Billy, who returned the hug after a brief moment of hesitation.

“Sit down here with me,” Ted said as he sat on the edge of the bed and patted the space next to him, and for the next half hour Ted brought the lad out of his shell.

It was as if Billy never got to talk to anybody, for once Ted got him going there was no stopping him. He went from topic to topic, from baseball to movies to books with a breathless enthusiasm, and after a while it was obvious that his nervousness was gone.

Ted noticed Billy looking down for time to time, and it was then that he realized that his robe had opened a bit, unintentionally exposing his genitals.

“Oops. Sorry,” Ted said while starting to close the robe before shrugging. “I didn’t mean that. Obviously I wasn’t showing off, because as you can see there isn’t all that much to brag about.”

“It’s okay. It’s cool,” Billy said, glancing at the thick stub surrounded by a silver bush. “Never been with an uncircumcised guy before.”

“Here,” Ted said, taking Billy’s hand and bringing it over to his limp cock. “It will get a little bigger than it is now, but unfortunately not all that much.”

“Cool,” Billy said as he pulled on the fat little stub and felt it start to grow in his grasp, and as Ted’s cock lengthened Billy slid the foreskin back and exposed the plump helmet.

“Ooh!” Ted sighed as his cock became fully engorged, and started to unbutton Billy’s shirt. “Better slow down before my night ends just as it gets started.”

Ted pulled the shirt off of Billy, exposing his pale and skinny upper torso, and after Ted ran his hands over his hairless chest he asked Billy to stand up.

“Oh my!” Ted exclaimed as Billy rose to his feet and stood in front of him, the bulge in the lad’s pants commanding the older man’s immediate attention. “May I?”

Ted’s hand ran along the slender bulge that went over to Billy’s pocket, and that made both of the men shiver.

“Big boy, aren’t you?” Ted asked while moving up to his belt.

“Kinda,” Billy said, obviously happy that Ted seemed pleased with him, and after the belt came loose Ted unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zipper before easing the denims down Billy’s skinny legs.

“Kinda?” Ted said with a chuckle as he saw what looked like a snake stuffed in the snug white underwear, with a damp spot over near his hip where the long tool eventually ended, and Billy’s knees rattled when Ted’s plump hand ran along the bulge again.

“Let’s see what you look like out of the wrapper,” Ted said as he worked to get the elastic over the bulge, and as he did, Billy’s cock sprang out of confinement, the long pale member waving in the older man’s face as he helped Billy get the underwear off.

“Nice,” Ted cooed as he ran his hand over the young man’s cock, first lifting it to his belly to expose the taut underside of his penis and the low hanging balls that dangled in their wrinkled pouch, and then stroking it in his palm.

A large bead of pre-cum formed on the mushroom-shaped glans, and Ted’s tongue licked at the tender opening, causing more to follow. Ted glanced up at Billy, who had his eyes closed and his mouth wide open, his pleasure obvious.

Ted let Billy’s cock slide into his mouth, his wet lips slowly sliding down the rigid shaft until the tip of Billy’s manhood hit Ted’s throat. Ted made a little choking sound and slid his mouth back off of it and looked at the long prong which glistened with his saliva.

“Don’t think I’ve had one as long as yours,” Ted said by way of apology before going back down on Billy.

Ted’s hand cupped the loose sac as his mouth worked over Billy’s cock, his fingers rolling the meaty balls around his palm while occasionally kneading them a little roughly, causing Billy’s knees to buckle as he groaned loudly.

“Ted!” Billy suddenly cried out after Ted’s hand had churned his balls with a lot of vigor, and when the older man felt the cock in his mouth spasm, he braced himself for the torrent of cum that followed.

Ted cupped Billy’s ass in his hands as the young man ejaculated into his throat, kneading his buttocks as he fought the choking urge caused by what seemed to be an outrageous load of cum, and Ted kept sucking Billy’s dick as it deflated, his nose buried in the lad’s pubes.

Ted finally took his mouth away from Billy’s member and looked up at the young man, who smiled down at him.

“That was so far out!” Billy exclaimed as he ran his hand through the older man’s thinning hair.

Billy eased Ted backward and parted the robe, leaving Ted to work it off himself as he knelt between Ted’s thighs. Billy ran his hands up and down the older man’s hairy thighs as he looked at the thick stub and the furry sac in front of him.

Peeling back the first foreskin he had ever handled, Billy took the fat head of Ted’s cock in his mouth and heard the groan of approval from the other end of the bed. A few seconds later Ted’s cock was fully erect, and Billy noticed that his hand could not fully reach around the thick shaft of his penis.

What Ted’s manhood lacked in length it more than made up for in girth, and Billy’s mouth stretched to the limit and he tried to take all of his fat cock into his mouth.

“Oh that’s so good,” Ted groaned as Billy’s lips slid down to the base of his cock before sliding back up to the tip.

Billy’s tongue toyed with the sensitive opening a bit before his mouth enveloped Ted’s member once again. Up and down the young man went, making Ted writhe on the bed while Billy churned the hairy sac in his fist, kneading the older man’s balls harder and harder until Ted couldn’t hold back any longer.

Ted cried out, warning the young man what was to follow, his cum filling Billy’s mouth as he came. Billy let the seed drool down Ted’s cock as he kept sucking away until it went limp.

“That was so good,” Ted said when Billy crawled up onto the bed and cuddled with him

Ted wrapped his arm around Billy’s shoulder as they stared up at the ceiling for a while. Billy’s hand rubbed the older man’s chest, his fingers raking though the mat of salt and pepper hair gently as he leaned into Ted’s side.

“I’m glad I came,” Billy said.

“So am I,” Ted agreed, and when Billy wrapped his arms around the older man he returned the favor.

“Teddy. Like Teddy bear,” Billy said as he ground his body into the hirsute man, nuzzling his face into the thick tuft of hair under the older man’s arm. “That’s what you feel like. I love hairy guys.”

“Are you hard again already?” Ted said when he felt Billy’s cock rubbing against his own.

“Kinda,” Billy said as he moved his cock against Ted’s. “You like this?”

“Love it,” Ted assured Billy, reaching down and working their cocks together with his hand before concentrating on Billy’s. “You know what I would really love?”


Billy brought the head of his cock up to Ted’s well-lubricated anus and rubbed it against the puckered ring. The older man’s ass was as hairy as the rest of him, which excited Billy even more, and as Billy eased his manhood into Ted’s rectum he heard the older man groan.

Beneath Billy, Ted felt Billy’s long sabre tear into his bowels, and although the pain was intense, it was also pleasurable. He had only let a couple of men take him like this before, and neither of them were as well endowed as Billy, so as Billy plunged his cock in to the hilt Ted cried out.

“Sorry,” Billy said, his arms wrapped around Ted.

“It’s okay,” Ted said. “Been awhile. I’m fine.”

“I’ll be gentle,” Billy promised, and that he was.

Billy moved his cock in and out of Ted with long and slow strokes, being careful not to fully impale the older man as he embraced him, enjoying the feel of Ted’s hairy body against his skin as he mounted him.

Soon, the pain dulled and Ted began to enjoy Billy’s tender probing of his rectum, the lad’s lovemaking showing restraint and passion as well as a great deal of endurance.

“Feels so good,” Billy said. “Don’t want to…”

Ted felt Billy’s cock twitch a second before he felt the warmth of the young man’s seed filling his bowels. Billy groaned as he came, staying inside of Ted until his dick slithered out on its own.


“Like I said, my work takes me around this area every couple of weeks,” Ted told Billy as he pulled up a few doors down from the lad’s house and parked.

“You’ll call me?” Billy asked, and the joy on the young man’s face made it clear what he wanted to hear.

“I have your number, and you can count on it,” Ted assured Billy, and as the young man leaned across the seat and hugged the older man, he added, “In the meantime, please be careful.”

Ted looked at Billy, not entirely sure why a young fellow like him would be interested in a worn-out old wreck such as himself, but incredibly happy that he was.

“I won’t be doing this anymore,” Billy promised Ted, referring to the way they had met. “Tonight. I mean last night, wasn’t it? Please don’t forget about me though.”

“How could I forget you?” Ted said, laughing while reaching over to give the young man’s crotch a playful squeeze, and when he found the bulge hard he laughed even louder. “Does this ever go limp?”

The suburban street was quiet and dark, and when Ted’s hand found Billy’s cock stiff despite having drained it four times during the night, he started thinking like he was the teenager instead of the old man he was.

“This is to remember me by,” Ted said as he looked up and down the deserted street before reclining Billy’s chair back and pulling the lad’s arching plum out of confinement.

Ted gobbled Billy’s cock with the same enthusiasm he had done that first time, and when Billy came he came hard and fast, filling Ted’s throat with his bittersweet nectar.

Ted savored the thick seed as if it might be the last time he would ever taste it, and when he finally let the young man’s limp dick out from his mouth and straightened up, Billy kissed him.

“You’re awesome,” Billy gushed. “I really love you, man.”

“Same here,” Ted said, and as Billy climbed out of the car and cut through the yard of his next door neighbor on the way to his house, Ted’s eyes never strayed from Billy’s loping form as he jogged safely home.


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