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Test Drive

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My name is Tom Green. I’m 49 years old, an even six feet tall, weigh just over 14 stones (or about 200 pounds) which is mostly still muscle I’m pleased to say! I also have greying dark hair and dark brown, almost black eyes which, I’ve been told, twinkle quite nicely when I’m in a good mood — which is most of the time these days.

It wasn’t always like that though. In recent years I’d undergone treatment for a rather unpleasant mouth cancer which, although now cured, left me with limitations on what I can eat and drink. Directly after I’d finished my treatments, my wife of 20 years had also been diagnosed, in her case with breast cancer — sadly, she had passed away after an all too short, but brave, battle with her illness. I still miss her, even 4 years on. Thankfully (or not) we had not been blessed with children, so at least I hadn’t had that added heartache to deal with.

Anyway — at the behest of several friends I had recently begun dating again, and had allowed myself to be set up with the mother of one of the girls who worked in my office. Debbie was a gorgeous 28-year old brunette with curves in all the right places, who in a younger period of my life I would have been more than happy to date. However it was her mother Patricia, or Pat as she preferred, who I’d been seeing for several months now.

Pat had endured her own tragedies in life, her husband dying suddenly about eight years ago, leaving her to finish bringing up her three kids, of whom Debbie was the eldest. The others were a son Paul, who was 25 and in the army, and Pamela, just turned 22. Pat herself was a very trim 51, light brown hair framing a very attractive face, complete with gorgeous hazel eyes. Looking at Pat, it was easy to see where Debbie got her figure from, though Pamela presumably took after her father, being blonde and slim-figured.

I’d been seeing Pat for about four months by the time the events in this story came to pass. For both of us, moving slowly was the sensible thing to do; I don’t think either of us wanted to jump into a relationship that didn’t suit too quickly, as we had both enjoyed thoroughly fulfilling relationships previously. I actually felt a bit like a teenager again at times, simply from getting home from nights out with Pat with decidedly lecherous thoughts — and the erection to go with them! We had reached the stage now where Pat was quite happy to guide my hands to places I was quite happy for them to go, namely playing with her deceptively full breasts, sliding a finger (or sometimes two) deep inside her slickly wet vagina, all the while kissing her as deeply as I’ve ever kissed anyone as she stroked my achingly hard penis through my jeans. Lovely, but ultimately very frustrating for me — and probably Pat as well!

So it happened that on Thursday evening I was sitting at the desk in my home office when my mobile phone buzzed. It was Debbie.

“So, Tom, are you busy tonight?” she asked after our initial hellos.

“Not really,” I replied, “just catching up on some work. Nothing special, or urgent. Why?”

“I ………. um, that is ……….. I wondered if I could come round and see you. I’ve got something to tell you — about mum”.

Well, that certainly piqued my interest so I quickly agreed, giving Debbie my address and directions of how to find my house, tucked away as it is between two small lanes on the outskirts of our town. An hour later my doorbell rang, and I answered the front door to find Debbie standing nervously on my front porch. Dressed simply, in a white tee-shirt, faded jeans and light shoes, she looked very sexy and desirable — not a thought a person should really be having about their partners’ daughter, but I am only human after all! Still, Debbie’s all too apparent nervousness was enough to quash any untoward thoughts I may have had very quickly. I invited her in, and she sat in the armchair opposite mine, one leg tucked underneath her in that way only limber young females can manage. I allowed general chat to follow its natural path as I busied myself making coffee for us both, while wondering quietly what had brought Debbie to my door with such seeming urgency.

After some more idle chat, I decided to get to the bottom of Debbie’s visit.

“OK, Debbie,” I started, “what is it about your mum I should know. She’s not an axe-murderer or something is she?” I joked.

“No, no,” Debbie laughed, “nothing like that. It’s more to do with the two of you and sex,” she went on, blushing fetchingly as she did so, “or rather, the lack of it!”

“Well,” I responded, “that was a bit unexpected, to say the least!”

Debbie went on to explain that Pat and she discussed everything together, including how Pat felt about me and how badly she wanted us to make love together.

“Her problem is,” Debbie continued to explain, “that she doesn’t think she’ll be any good for you. She’s also worried about your size; she says you’re at least seven inches and very thick, and she’s scared she won’t be able to take you!”

Debbie was blushing furiously by now, mortally embarrassed by the things she was telling me. My next words did not serve to alleviate this in any way;

“My penis is actually eight inches long,” I said, dead-pan, “and your mum can barely fit her hand round it”.

Debbie had no answer to this, merely sitting staring at me incredulously as her face continued to blaze crimson. Her gaze dropped to my crotch several times, and I suddenly noticed that her nipples had hardened to sharp points beneath the thin tee-shirt she was wearing. It didn’t look like she was wearing a bra, either!

“Oh ………….. I see” she eventually managed to utter. “Eight inches. And thick”.

I confined myself to a gentle nod, not sure by now if I could keep the sudden tremor I imagined was sitting in my throat out of my voice.

“Well,” she went on bravely, “I’d thought that ………. if you didn’t object …………… I’d try it out for her!”

The last six words came out all in a rush, as if Debbie couldn’t believe she was going to say them. Truth is, I couldn’t believe it myself — I mean, how often in the REAL world do near-50 year old men have 20-somethings offering to have sex with them? Hardly ever, I’d imagine. Yet here was this incredibly sexy 28 year old woman offering to sleep with me — for her mothers’ sake? The cynical part of me kicked in then, suspicious of the whole situation.

“Well, that’s a very kind offer Debbie,” I said, “but I have very strong feelings for your mother (true) and I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to have sex with me whatever the reason (also true, although I DID want to!)

“I know you’re worried I’ll tell mum something negative about this,” Debbie replied, “like, you’re some kind of sleaze-bag or something like that. But I’m trying to help mum out here, I really want to make certain you won’t hurt her, and I promise I’ll never tell her about this”.

By now Debbie’s face was almost the colour of a beetroot, so hard was she blushing. However, even as I watched her for signs she was being duplicitous, I noticed the colour fading from her cheeks and a soft, wistful look fill her bright grey-blue eyes. I noticed too, for the first time in the three years I’d known her, that Debbie had a sprinkling of light freckles across the bridge of her nose and onto her cheeks. Very cute indeed.

“Tom, I can tell you really care for my mother,” she whispered a short while later, “and I really, really love the way you’ve turned my offer down. But,” she went on quickly as I began to speak, “I still think I should …………….. test you out!”

By the time she had finished her last sentence, she had quickly risen from her chair and sat herself on my lap, arms wrapping around my neck as her full pouting lips lowered to my mouth. Her eyes closed as she moulded her lips softly on to mine, I tasted her sweet breath as she exhaled into my mouth — and I was lost.

Now, I might be getting on a bit by some people’s standards, but things in the basement still work extremely well thank-you very much! Before my brain had fully cottoned on to what was happening, my “little brain” was well ahead of the game and had reacted in the only way it knew how. Within seconds, my penis had hardened to a point it seemed to be seriously threatening the integrity of the jeans I was wearing, and I could feel the increase in Debbie’s breathing as she felt me against the firmness of her thighs. Debbie had sat down facing the window to my left, and the early evening sun lit up our faces as our kiss intensified. I felt Debbie’s right hand guide my left one to her breast, folding my fingers round the firm swell and making sure her hard nipple slotted neatly between my first and second fingers.

I needed no further invitation than that. My fingers closed fully around the fullness of Debbie’s firm, beautiful orb, my fingers softly teasing the hard nipple between them as we kissed passionately, our tongues fencing, Debbie’s hands respectively squeezing my hand against her boob while the other stroked my head and face with short, firm movements.

Suddenly, Debbie pulled away from me, jumping to her feet and standing square on in front of me. I thought for a second she was about to lambast me for my actions, but instead I watched slack-jawed as she gripped the bottom of h rte-shirt with both hands and slipped it over her head, exposing the full naked glory of her breasts to my excited gaze. As she threw the shirt to one side I reciprocated her moves by ripping off my own shirt; then, quickly standing next to her, I snapped open the fastener of my jeans and slipped them quickly to the floor and stepped out of both them and my underwear.

Debbie gasped as she saw my erect penis for the first time, it’s dark head glistening already with the pre-cum leaking from the tip. She undid her own jeans, slipping them down her legs with her thumbs hooked into the waistband of what looked like sheer lace panties; as her head reached the level of my groin, she leant over fractionally and took as much of me as she cold manage into her mouth.

The feelings in my throbbing cock were magical. Debbie sucked me deeper into her mouth, one hand cupping my heavy balls as she swirled her tongue round my glans, a single fingertip pressing against the tiny area of my perineum. Much as I loved the feeling, I knew I would last barely seconds if she continued and allowed my fingers to gently rest against her face and ease her to her feet again. I kissed her, tasting the merest hint of my juices on her, my fingers seeking and finding her hot core; one, then a second digit disappeared inside her soaked hole, the thick pads at the base of my fingers pressing firmly against her pebble-like clitoris causing this beautiful woman to moan in my mouth in pleasure. I moved again, taking my hand from between her legs and instead slipping it behind her thighs and lifting her bodily from the floor to carry her through to my room, kissing her all the way.

Laying Debbie gently on the bed, I moved over her and slid down her body so that my mouth latched onto her solid left nipple, drawing it deep between my lips and teasing the end with my tongue. Even as Debbie cried out in her passion, I moved to her right breast, repeating my actions until I could feel the surge of muscular ripples in the tight pussy I had once again impaled on my fingers, indicating to me that her orgasm wasn’t very far away. I inserted a third finger inside her now, my thumb pressing and teasing her swollen clit, sucking her nipple hard so it was now over an inch long and felt firm and rubbery against the roof of my mouth.

Then, it happened; Debbie screamed as an orgasm ripped through her, her thighs clamping hard onto my hand as she writhed on the bed beneath me. I relaxed my hand and fingers, allowing Debbie’s throes of lust to subside, intending to slide between her legs and use my mouth on her — a particularly favourite activity of mine. Instead, she rose up from the bed and pushed me onto my back, my neglected yet still hard penis rising vertically from the junction of my thighs. Still moving nimbly, Debbie threw her right leg over mine, placing herself so that her sweet pussy was lined up directly above my cock. Using one hand to guide me, and the other to spread her swollen, moist labia as wide as she could manage, Debbie lowered herself slowly, slowly, until the broad head of my penis was completely inside her.

Debbie paused then, allowing her sweet furrow to widen and accommodate my girth. When she felt comfortable, she continued to lower herself onto my pole, until after a couple more false starts her pussy was filled with my hardness. She leant forward then, allowing the thick nipples atop the perfect mounds of her breasts to flick against my lips. I pushed her tits together so the nipples were almost touching, and sucked them both between my lips and into my mouth, flicking the hard nubs roughly with my tongue, nipping them both gently between my teeth.

Moaning once more, I felt Debbie raise herself up the length of my cock and then slam down, filling herself even more full of my length than before. Again and again she moved until her body was a blur of movement and sweat, and I could feel my balls tighten as my own orgasm approached. Debbie obviously felt my release was imminent too and, sitting up straight, almost losing a nipple in the process, she placed her palms on my chest and looked me straight in the eyes as my penis exploded it’s first jet of hot sperm deep inside her tight cunt. One, two ….. eventually, four strong pulses of my spunk filled Debbie’s hot pussy, my slowly losing it’s rigidity and softening sensually inside her. With a long sigh of pleasure, Debbie slid to one side and lay lay cuddling me until we both fell asleep.

When I woke some hours later, I entertained hopes we might repeat our earlier exploits — but Debbie was gone. A note was lying on the floor by the bed, obviously dislodged by me, or the breeze form the window.

“Dearest Tom,” it began. “My motive for wanting to sleep with you tonight was pure in it’s conception, but when I looked into your eyes, I wanted you for myself. Now I’ve had you, yet I know you are exactly what my mother wants and needs, and I won’t stand in her way, or yours. Please do not ever mention tonight again, and nor will I. I love my mother beyond words, and I want her to be happy — with you. Deb XX”

Reading this brought tears to my eyes, and I knew then Debbie was indeed her mother’s daughter; pure of motive and full of love for her family.

I was to learn very soon, this was a trait that ran in the family, too!

~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~

Friday. Last day of the working week, and also the first day after having had mind-blowing sex with a gorgeous woman barely half my age. True to Debbie’s request, though, I made no mention of last nights events when I bumped into Debbie around the office, and on her part, she comported herself in her usual professional manner. I had half expected she would drop me a quick note, or maybe an email, but nothing happened at all, which to be honest was probably for the best.

I finished late that night, due to problems with a supplier, so it was nearly nine o’clock by the time I got home. That, only half a sandwich to eat, plus my exertions of the night before, left me feeling quite tired. I figured on a quick beer then an early night for once. It was not to be. As I poured my beer, the phone rang shrilly in the quiet evening. I was tempted to let it go to voicemail, but given the problems with the supplier earlier, I thought it might be work, so I answered.

“Hi…..” long pause.

“Is this Tom Green?” A rush of words, the feminine voice somehow familiar, but not really — you know the feeling?

Too quickly,

“Debbie? Is that you?” Stupid, STUPID, Tom — she knows your number, you dolt! She doesn’t need to ask!

“No-o-o…. I’m Pamela, Debbie’s sister” came the slightly tremulous reply.

“Oh, Pamela — right.” Not the smoothest answer Tom — get a grip! “Erm, fine, Pamela, what can I do for you?” Back in control now.

“I’m actually down the street in my car. I wondered if I could come in and speak to you. It’s about mum……”

Well. Talk about deja vu! Still, I’d only ever met Pamela very briefly a couple of times, due to her having moved out to go to university when she was 17, and never moving back in.

“Sure you can” I replied, “just give me a minute to straighten the place up”.

“Great, I’ll be there in 5 minutes” Pamela hung up.

I ran in to my bedroom and ripped the sheets off the bed — not that I was expecting anything like last night, but because of the evidence of sex from last night; I quickly re-made the bed, smoothing the sheet and cover down just as the front-door bell rang.

Opening the door I was greeted to the sight of another gorgeous young woman standing on my step, this one very slim with short blonde hair and wide, bright-blue eyes. It appeared that she had been at work, dressed as she was in a white blouse and blue skirt, the ensemble completed by a pair of 4-inch heels in the same shade of blue as her eyes.

“Come in,” I motioned to Pamela, “can I offer you a coffee, or something stronger to drink?”

“Um, no thanks ……. I mean, yes please, I’ll have a coffee” came the flustered answer, Pamela’s face turning faintly pink I colour in her embarrassment. Something in common with her sister then, I pondered, to match the faint hint of freckles across the bridge of her nose I’d already noticed.

I heard Pamela moving about my house as I fixed the coffee machine, and was glad I’d taken those few minutes to re-make my bed and quickly straighten up the house. When the coffees were poured, Pamela was sitting in the very same chair her sister had been sat in a mere 24 hours earlier, the setting sun catching highlights in her hair and giving her bright blue eyes added sheen.

“Right then Pamela,” I began once we were settled with our coffees, “what exactly brings you here tonight?”

“Well, er, it’s umm …difficult to just …..come out and say!” she stammered her answer, blushing furiously as she spoke, and coming to a halt as she stared at me like a rabbit caught in headlights.

“You mentioned something about Pat; I mean, your mum,” I helped her out, not wanting the poor girl to suffer any longer in her embarrassment.

“Yes, that was it,” Pamela was a little more relaxed now, ” and please, call me Pam. I prefer it”.

“Of course I will — Pam” I winked at her in reply.

“OK, right,” Pam went on, “the thing is, mum’s a bit worried about the next stage in your relationship” she was getting into her stride now, “about, you know, sleeping together. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to manage your …..size.

There. I’ve said it” she ended.

“Lord” I though to myself, “has Pat talked about me to every female she knows?”

Truth be told, and despite what had happened last night, I was a little bit annoyed Pat had spoken to Debbie about my penis size, and now I knew she’d spoken to Pamela too! I hadn’t managed to speak with Pat over the past few days, because her shifts as a nurse meant she’d been on 12-hour nights this past week. It was also part of the reason our relationship was moving slowly — we weren’t able to physically be with each other for significant periods of time!

The thing that confused me about all this was Pat’s job; or more to the point, the fact that as part of her job she had seen just about every conceivable size of penis, and more than a few erect ones, due to bed-bathing and such. I couldn’t quite get my head around why she thought I was ‘too’ big for her.

Pamela was about to enlighten me on that score though.

“You don’t look too happy at me knowing such personal stuff about you” she said, “and I can understand that. It’s just that mum has only had two lovers before you, and they were both, well, quite small”.

“Oh, that’s alright, really” I said, hopefully convincingly, “since you put it like that, it makes sense”.

Past partners was something Pat and I had never really spoken about to any great degree, mostly because she knew about my wife through Debbie, and I’ve never really been an advocate of knowing everything about another persons past. I’ve always felt that the person we meet is the sum of their life up until that point, and it isn’t necessary to know exactly how they got to be that way. Pat seemed to feel the same way about these things, which was why we’d never really spoken of it.

“Anyway,” Pam continued speaking quickly, “I got to thinking about how I could help and I decided I would need to sort of ‘test you out’ for her”. Pamela’s face was now scarlet in embarrassment once again, yet there was a strong air of defiance in her expression.

“I’m sure you think I’m mad,” she went on, “or I’m trying to break you up, or test you out or something……” her words tailed off faintly.

“Well — I’m not!” Pamela’s eyes flashed with a dangerous fire, “but I’ve been racking my brains how to help, and this was what I felt would be best”.

As she finished her sentence, Pam stood up and walked over to stand directly in front of me. Taking both my hands in hers, she placed them on the firm curves of her hips and looked into my eyes as she went on,

“I want you to fuck me now, so I can reassure my mother that it will be alright for her to make love to you and not be physically hurt” she said, not taking into account the emotional side of the equation it seemed.

“I will never tell her about this night,” she went on, “and nor must you. It would destroy her. But I have to do it, so I know for sure you two will be suited”.

All this seemed more than a little strange to me by now, but when Pamela bent over and kissed me full on my lips, I was lost in her sweet fragrance in the same way as I was with her sister the night before. Pamela, or rather Pam, was very much bolder than Debbie had been, and I suspected that despite her younger years she was more experienced than her older sister. She was certainly more forward, as she proved by starting to undo the buttons on my shirt as we stood kissing, pushing it from my shoulders and down my arms in no time at all.

I found this rather exhilarating to be honest, and felt it only fair to reciprocate the process. I slid my hands from Pam’s hips upwards along her lean flanks, moving them so my palms rubbed her firmly through the thin material of her blouse and noting that the nipples on her small breasts were hard nubbins under my touch. I unbuttoned Pam’s blouse in seconds flat, sweeping the sides apart and releasing her beautiful young and pert tits to my gaze inside their sheer lacy covering; desperate to see them in the flesh, I reached behind her and quickly released the catch of her bra, lifting it away and admiring their shape and firmness first with my eyes and then, unbidden, with my mouth, lips and tongue.

Considering her small breasts, barely large enough in size to fill my cupped hand, her nipples were truly amazing. Jutting out at least three quarters of an inch, maybe longer, they were easily as thick as my pinky finger and a lovely dusky rose in colour. Irresistible they were, nor did I try. I sucked them one at a time into my eager mouth, feeling each nipple swell even more between my lips and I heard Pam moaning as I felt her squirming beneath my touch. After only a few minutes of this, sucking both of Pam’s whole breasts into my mouth one at a time as I teased the rigid nubs of flesh with my tongue, I felt her legs give way slightly as she began to climax. Quickly cupping her bottom in my hands I lifted her from the floor, her arms wrapping round my head as I continued my oral assault of her breasts, her legs also wrapping round my waist and her groin thrusting against me as she wailed her orgasm into the top of my head.

I reluctantly ceased my sucking of her wonderful tits, and Pam’s climax slowly faded from her body. Her legs slipping from my waist to allow her to stand, rather shakily, on her own, Pam could only pant as her breathing rate slowly dropped to somewhere approaching normal. I thought she may say something then, but instead she merely dropped to her knees to loosen my trousers and slid them, along with my underwear, to the floor where I could step out of them, allowing my rock-hard erection to slap Pam in the cheek! She immediately took me in her mouth, swallowing most of my thick length in one go ~ something no-one else has ever managed before!

Even as she was loving my hardness with her mouth she was removing her skirt and panties, until she was naked in front of me. Suddenly letting my stiff pole free from her oral ministrations Pam stood up and moved over to the chair, turning away from me to kneel on the seat with her sweet, heart-shaped arse wiggling side to side in front of me. Motioning me over to her — like I needed it! – she guided my cock into her sodden pussy in one swift move.

This girl was amazing; only on a handful of occasions had even my wife been able to do that, and here was a slip of a girl taking my thickness like it was only a finger. Even Pam couldn’t quite manage my full eight inches on that first thrust, but on my second I felt my balls hitting her clit as I filled her hot snatch. Snarling at me now, Pam spooke for the first time in what seemed like hours;

“Fuck me, you bastard,” she growled, “fill my cunt up with that hard cock and make me cum!”

I took her at her word, grabbing her tightly by the hips and slamming my prick deep and hard into Pam’s swollen pussy. I kept losing my grip on her cheeks, we were so covered in sweat now, and as I gripped her harder one of my thumbs slipped into her tight anal opening. Instead of a cry of outrage from Pam, which was what I expected even though it was a complete accident, I heard a moan of utter lust from Pam which far exceeded anything else up to now.

“Oh, do it again, deeper” she shouted at me, “in fact, put your cock up there — fuck my arse, do it, DO IT! I love it that way!!”

Who was I to argue?

I pulled out of her pussy and inserted three fingers instead, coating them with copious amounts of her juices. Smearing the slick wetness around Pam’s anus, I placed the head of my cock at her entrance, pushing lightly against her pink rosebud. A shudder of ecstasy (I hoped!) ran through her body as Pam begged me to “just stick it in!”, pushing her hips back towards me as if to emphasise her lust even more. I looked down in awe as the bulbous head of my penis slid inside her tight ring, a gasp of pain issuing from Pam’s lips as once again she pushed back, another inch of me disappearing into her tightness, and another, and yet another, until virtually all of my full eight thick inches of solid cock muscle filled her tender rear orifice. Now I slid out so only the head of my penis remained inside then thrusting into Pam again, harder this time, repeating this motion until within a few strokes I was pounding her arsehole as hard as I’d been fucking her slick honeypot.

“OhmiGodOhmiGodOhmiGod” Pam ‘s voice got louder and louder as she came hard, pussy juice flooding, spurting, from her all over my swinging balls and covering my thighs in sticky loveliness. I too was nearly there now, and it took only a couple more deep thrusts before my balls tightened in that familiar way and I erupted inside her bowels, flooding her insides with my white, creamy sperm. When I was done, I stayed buried inside Pam for a few minutes, letting my prick start to soften before I allowed it to gently slip out. Pam’s dark hole gaped wetly before slowly, yet somehow sexily, it irised closed, squeezing globs of my spunk out of her arse. She scooped it up with her fingers and brought it to her mouth, swallowing it down as if it was honey, and just as sweet!

I had to sit down then, my own legs starting to shake with the excitement and exertion of butt-fucking this sexy girl less than half my age. As I did, Pam stood and started to dress.

“Tom, that was amazing,” she whispered, “and I would love to just curl up and sleep in your bed, holding you tight. But, I promised I would go straight away”.

What did she mean by that exactly? I wondered to myself. No time to puzzle it out now though, as Pam continued,

“At least now I know mum will be well looked after in every way” she said, “and I’ll let her know both Debbie and I will be out all night tomorrow when she takes you home”.

She laughed at my look of incredulity as she added,

“Oh, yes — she said to ask you can you pick her up at 7:30 to go to dinner. Is that OK?”

And with that, she was dressed and gone from my house.

But not my life!

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