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Wanna Order a Pizza?

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Dana Lee Pruitt finished pulling her long, silky, blonde hair off of her face and tied it in a high ponytail near the top of her head. She was dressed in a pale blue bikini top that matched her eyes. It did a better job of revealing her firm, champagne glass tits than it did of hiding them. She owned a matching thong to go with the top but currently wore a pair of skin tight, black, Lycra bicycle shorts instead of the thong.

Just like the bikini top showed everyone how nice Dana Lee’s little tits were, the Lycra shorts showed everyone why many of her classmates thought her ass was the nicest ass in Silver Lake High School. From the looks she caught them giving her from time to time, several of her male teachers also agreed with that assessment. Instead of her customary brown flip flops, her pretty feet were covered in a pair of white ankle socks and shoved down into a blue pair of high-tops that also matched her eyes. With the blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin deeply tanned by the summer sun, she was the typical Florida teenager.

Finished with her hair, she picked up her basketball as she stood and continued shooting hoops. She played against an imaginary opponent. The only games she ever played took place on this goal in her driveway, but she still could probably play basketball as well as any girl at Silver Lake High School. Better than a good number of the guys too. She always lied and told people she was five-ten because from the day she entered middle school, and it was no longer cool to look down on most of the boys, she’d hated being tall. Her actual height was one quarter of an inch taller than five-eleven and she was still growing. Both her parents were over six feet tall and her brother was six-four, so she had little reason to doubt she was done. She could only hope.

Still, between dance class, and volleyball, and spinning flags in the Color Guard, she’d developed an agility of movement that belied her height. The only reason that she didn’t play basketball for the Blue Bears was time conflicts with Color Guard. Her dad didn’t understand why she didn’t drop Color Guard and play basketball instead, but there was no way she’d ever give up being in Color Guard with her friend Alyson Ferrie. No way at all.

She attempted a twenty foot jumper and followed her shot to the goal just the way her dad had always told her to do. When the shot hit the back of the rim and bounced straight back to Dana Lee, she was already leaping, palming the ball with her right hand, and laying it softly against the backboard to let it tap into the net.

As she landed with her typical grace, she immediately heard clapping behind her. She turned to see that the Pruitt’s across the street neighbor had returned from the three mile run he made every afternoon. Admiring how fit and lean he looked as sweat ran down his shirtless torso, Dana Lee tossed him the ball and said, “Show me what you’ve got, Mr. Spenser.” Damn. I don’t know why, but that gray chest hair is so fucking sexy. Love to run my fingers through that rug.

Robert Spenser caught the ball effortlessly and said, “Please, Dana Lee. I’ve told you a million times to call me Bob.”

She smiled and said, “I know, but my Dad tells me to call you Mr. Spenser.”

“What about Spense at least? That’s what they call me at the Budweiser plant.”

Dana Lee wrinkled her pretty nose and said, “That’s what we call Bobby.”

The elder Spenser sighed as he bounced the ball back to Dana Lee and said, “So be it.”

As he took a turn and stepped toward his own house, Dana Lee said, “Don’t you want to play a game with me?”

Bob turned back to his young neighbor. I’d like to play with you alright. You can believe that. “The storm last weekend took out part of my backyard fence. If I don’t have it fixed by the time Brenda comes home tomorrow night, I’ll never get any peace.”

“How much do you have to do?”

“I’ve got to replace three posts and two panels,” he said. “And I’m working alone.”

“Where’s Bobby?”

“He’s in Orlando with Brenda helping her and Julie look at apartments.”

“That’s right. Julie told me you were letting her move out of the dorm this year.”

“Well,” Bob said. “She and her roommates want to try apartment life.”

“That’s cool,” Dana Lee said with sly smile. “Easier to bring boys in and out that way.”

Bob rolled his eyes and said, “Just what I wanted to hear.”

Dana Lee giggled and said, “You’re not one of those dads suffering from the delusion that his daughter is a virgin are you?”

What the hell is this little girl doing? Bob tried to look grim as he said, “No. I’m not. What about your dad? Is he under that delusion?”

“Definitely,” Dana Lee giggled even harder.

“And it’s definitely a delusion I take it?”

“Mr. Spenser,” Dana Lee put her hands on her hips and tried to fake outrage. “What are you suggesting?”

He smiled. If it’s not a delusion, I’d sure like to make it one. Stop it, Bob. This will only get you into trouble. “Nothing, Dana Lee. Anyway, I have no desire to incur my wife’s wrath tomorrow night, so I need get to work.”

“I’ll help you,” Dana Lee said.


“With your fence,” she said. “I’ll help.”

“Uh,” he said. “I don’t know. It’s not exactly delicate work.”

She waved her hand dismissively and rolled her ball onto the grass. “I’m a long fucking way from being delicate.” She smiled and enjoyed his response to her deliberate use of the word fucking. Bobby’s my age and Julie is just two years older, but he’s got another daughter that’s around 30, so I know he’s at least 50. He looks fucking good though. Lean, strong, ripped to shreds. He’s been bald for as long as I can remember, but his body is fucking smoking. This is going to be fun. Way funner than going up to my room and trying to hack into one of the porn sites my parents have blocked on my computer. How’s a horny girl supposed to masturbate without good porn?

Bob shrugged and said, “Okay. I’ve got all the stuff already, so come with me.”


Bob let Dana Lee into the backyard through the sliding glass door at the rear of the family room, then he said, “I’m going to go put some different clothes on. You sure you don’t want to go change?”

Dana Lee shook her head as she picked up a pair of gloves that were laying with the tools and said, “Naa. My tan sucks this summer, so I need the sun.”

Bob fumbled for words before finally saying, “You’re practically bronze.”

“I know,” she said. “But I don’t want practically. I want full on bronze. Amy and I have a little bet going to see who can get the darkest this summer. I don’t like to lose.”

Bob smiled. “Yeah. I’ve caught enough elbows from you in your driveway to know that you hate losing.” And got a boner every time you bumped me aside with that delicious little ass of yours.

She smiled, “Losing fucking sucks. It’s for…Losers.”

Her smile broadened as his bald head and face turned red at her choice of adjectives. It was also impossible to not notice the bulge in his running shorts. That’s the real reason he wants to change clothes. He’s got to find something better for hiding that boner.

For fear that whatever he said would be taken as improper, Bob turned and stepped up the stairs to his bedroom. As soon as he entered the bedroom, he stripped out of his gym shorts and running shoes. Once his cock sprang free from the confines of his shorts, all seven inches of it stood proudly with his signature upward curve. No sag. No droop. Hard enough to drive nails through the wood of his broken fence. Fuck! What am I doing with her in my house? What the fuck is she doing here? She acts like she wants to fuck. Does she? No. No way. My imagination is in overdrive. She’s been over here a hundred times with Bobby or Julie. She even comes over and chats with Brenda, but she’s never come over here when all of them are gone. And, she’s sure as fuck never talked to me the way she’s talking. Is it my imagination? I’ve wanted to fuck that girl since she came over here in her bikini for the pool party Julie had after graduation two years ago. No. You’re reading it all wrong, Bob. She’s just playful. She does flirt like that with Bobby all the time, but they’ve never fucked. At least I don’t think they fuck. He’s too hung up on Amber to risk fucking around with Dana Lee. For that matter, Brenda would cut my dick off if I stick it in this girl. He slowly stroked his cock as he looked out the window through the open blinds and admired Dana Lee’s ass as she bent to pull the first of the broken posts out of the ground. Fuck. Might be worth it. Fuck. I can see those tight shorts pressing right into her pussy. What a fucking camel toe. God I want to sink my dick into that pussy.

A few more strokes and he was frantically grasping for his discarded gym shorts to shoot his load into. He grunted so loudly as he came, that he was sure he saw Dana Lee’s ears perk as she stood and looked around toward the house.

He wiped his cock clean as he forced himself away from the window and quickly pulled on an old tee shirt and a pair of faded Wranglers. For some reason, he chose not to put any boxers on first but just stepped into the Wranglers commando style. Then he went ahead and shoved his feet back into his running shoes and loped down the stairs and out the back door, clearly anxious to be back in the presence of the teen beauty from across the street.

Once in the yard, he was impressed that Dana Lee had managed to dig and pull two of the broken posts out of the ground. Not bad. I couldn’t get Julie to help me do this in a million years. Fuck. I can’t believe I’m in total lust for Julie’s friend. I’ve got to get to work just so I can clear my mind of fucking this girl.

He began mixing cement in two separate buckets while she worked on the third broken posts. Once the cement was mixed to his satisfaction, he centered a new post into one of the holes from where Dana Lee had pulled the broken one. As soon as it was placed to his liking, he poured the cement from one of the buckets into that hole so that it could form around the post as it began to set.

He repeated this process with the second post. By then, Dana Lee had the third broken post removed from the ground. She then helped him mix the third bucket of cement. Then she placed the last new post into the ground where the old one had been and held it in place as Bob poured the freshly mixed cement around it. When that was complete, she helped him rinse out the buckets so they’d be free of any residue.

By then, she was sweating profusely in the ninety-five degree heat, but there was no towel for her to wipe her face. To Bob’s amazement, instead of asking for a towel, she stepped to him and lifted his tee shirt up so that she could pull it to her face and wiped her face with his shirt. Then she released the shirt, smiled at his dazed expression, and said, “I think you owe me a beer.”

At this point, it didn’t even faze him that an eighteen year old girl was asking him for a beer. Did she tweak my nipple when she slid her hand under my shirt? She did. The little bitch tweaked my nipple. Whether she did, or whether she didn’t, his cock was growing hard again at the sight of her own nipples standing proudly erect and poking against the fabric of the blue bikini top that was drenched with her sweat. “Yeah,” he said, unable to take his eyes from her nipples. “I could use one too.” Oh my god. What the fuck am I doing? I’m going to do it. I know I’m going to fuck this girl. I don’t even care if my wife finds out I’ve done it. Get a grip, Bob. You can’t do this. She’s just fucking with you anyway. Little fucking tease is what the little bitch is.

He let her lead him into the house. Partly so he could watch her ass and partly so he could just figure out how to get out of what he’d gotten into. What have I gotten into? She’s been in my house a hundred times. It’s as natural for her to be here as it is for either of my own daughters. Why am I freaking? So she’s teasing me a little bit. She’s always been a tease.

As he followed her perfectly round ass into the kitchen, his eye fixed on it. Look at that fucking gap between her legs. It’s got to be two inches wide. Two fucking inches. Oh fuck I want that pussy. He was so fixed on that gap, that he didn’t even realize Dana Lee had pulled two beers out of the refrigerator, opened each, and was trying to hand him one. When she twisted around to face him, the gap was even more prominent, and just as prominent as the gap was the camel toe the outline of her pussy formed as her shorts molded with her vulva.

“Mr. Spenser,” she said. “You do want this beer, don’t you?”

Her words broke him out of his daze. He quickly moved his eyes from her pussy and looked up to reach for the beer. In so doing, he made eye contact with her as she handed him the beer and found himself convicted by her knowing smile. Shit! I’m busted. So fucking busted.

Dana Lee drank half her beer in one swallow, sat it down on the counter and said, “If I don’t get out of these clothes, I’m going to get a major heat rash.”

Then she picked up the bottle again, put it to her lips, and tilted it to down the second half of her beer. Bob breathed a slow sigh of relief. Oh thank god. She’s going to leave. “Yeah,” he said. Finally beginning to relax. “That’s a good idea. You don’t want those sweaty clothes rubbing against that delicate skin of yours.”

“Glad you agree,” she said as she set her empty bottle down onto the counter. Then she reached behind her back and slowly untied her bikini top and dropped it to the floor as she kicked off her high-tops. As Bob stared open mouthed, she slowly, teasingly, rolled the black Lycra shorts down her slender thighs until they were all the way to her ankles and she just as slowly stepped her feet through them. Bob’s jaw rested on his chest as she stood before him totally nude except for her white ankle socks.

Before another word could be said, he was lifting her by the armpits and pinning her against the refrigerator. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he mashed his lips into hers and violently shoved his tongue into her mouth. She hungrily sucked his tongue as if it were a short, flat dick and moaned as he dry humped his denim covered penis into her neatly trimmed blonde pussy.

He continued to dry hump her against the refrigerator door as she ripped at his tee shirt and tore it from his torso. She took a brief moment to playfully tug at thick tufts of his gray chest hair. Then she frantically found his belt buckle and hurriedly worked it loose so that she could just has hurriedly pull at the button and zipper of his jeans. Eventually, she was able to get his jeans off of his hips so that she could grip his steel hard cock and guide it to her dripping cunt.

As she rubbed the length of her slit with the head of his cock, he backed away from the refrigerator and, with her arms and legs still wrapped around him, walked her over to the sofa where they fell together onto the sofa cushions. She lost her grip on his dick as they rolled around until she was on the bottom and then as he lifted up from her, she pushed herself backward until her head and the back of her shoulders rested against the arm of the sofa. After that, she grasped his cock again and guided it back to her moist slit.

Bob gasped as the head of his cock parted the damp lips of her eighteen year old pussy and slowly eased its way into her. Oh gawd. She’s so fucking tight. Brenda hasn’t been this tight since she we were virgins in the front seat of my car. Oh fuck! When he’d finally eased his entire dick into her, he stopped and let her adjust to the full impalement of his girth. When he felt her heels dig into the back of his thighs and pull, he knew she was ready for the real fucking to begin.

He slowly eased his cock back until just the tip was inside her. Then he eased one inch back inside her. Stopped. Eased it back out and slowly stroked the lips of her pussy with the head of his cock. She moaned and begged as he again eased his cock back into her, this time stopping when he had two inches inside her. As she tried to push up to fully impale herself with his cock, he eased back and again pulled out and used his head to stroke her drenched pussy lips. This time when he eased back into her, he continued until half his cock was inside her. Then he eased it back out until only the tip was left inside.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “Fucking fuck me. Please. Fucking fuck me.”

“I’ve got condoms upstairs,” he said. “Did I need to put one on?”

“No,” she moaned. “Fuck me just like this. I like it raw.”

Cool. She must be on the pill. Bob smiled. She thought she was in control. She’s not in control. My dick is in control. But, this time he eased his entire cock inside her, let it sit for a moment and then eased it all the way out. Eased it all the way in. Eased it all the way out. Eased it in a little faster. Eased it out even faster. Rammed it in. Pulled it out. Rammed it. Pulled it. Soon they were humping and grinding like two berserk bunny rabbits.

Oh fuck. This bitch is so fucking tight. So fucking tight. He groaned as he pumped in and out like a piston.

That’s it, motherfucker. Fucking fuck me. “Oh yeah, motherfucker,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Oh yeah. Fucking fuck me.”

She wrapped her legs tightly around his back and groaned and he kept pumping into her. He’d go fast. Then he’d ease off and go slow. Then he’d slowly build the pace back up again. Finally his mad piston like pumping drove her into an mind shattering orgasm and she began to scream, “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! THAT IS FUUUUUUUCKING ITTTTTTTTTTT!!”

Upon hearing her screams, he grunted and shot his load deep into her pussy. When he collapsed and went limp atop of her, she gasped, “Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. That was fucking incredible.”

Then she rolled from beneath him and fell to the floor. The a/c was set to seventy-two degrees. The combination of the cold air and hot fuck had her nipples popping to their full inch of length. Goose bumps formed on her bare ass and thighs as she lay on the cool marble tile and searched the floor for her purse. Amused, he watched for a moment and finally asked, “What are you looking for?”

“My purse,” she said. “I need a cigarette.”

Bob laughed and said, “You didn’t bring a purse with you, but I think Brenda keeps a pack or two in one of the drawers under the microwave.”

Dana Lee stood and walked in her socked feet to the kitchen and searched the drawers until she found a half empty pack of Marlboro Reds. She felt Bob’s seed oozing out of her pussy and dripping down her thigh as she extracted a cigarette from the pack. After placing the cigarette between her lips, she struck a match to the tip and inhaled deeply, held the smoke briefly in her lungs, and then sent a long, slow stream of smoke floating to the ceiling.

She casually, cigarette in hand, strolled back to the sofa and nudged Bob’s legs open so she could sit between them with her legs crossed in front of her Indian style. By then, he had pulled off his jeans and shoes so that he was just as naked as Dana Lee. As he lay on his back with his hand reaching up and playfully pinching and tweaking her left nipple, she used her free hand to just as playfully stroke his cock. By the time she finished the cigarette, his cock was about half hard again. Then she dropped the cigarette into her empty Budweiser bottle and lowered her lips to his cock. He gasped and dug his fingers into her blonde scalp as she let her soft, wet lips slowly suck his cock deep into her mouth. Once she had swallowed the entire cock and her lips were wrapped around the base, she slowly slid her lips back up to the tip and then back down to the base. Up to the tip and down to the base. He gasped again and gripped her scalp even tighter. Oh my god. This little bitch sucks cock like a fucking pro. If Brenda ever gave me even one blow job like this, I’d be the happiest motherfucker alive. Fuck. Thirty years ago and my cock would be like a piece of iron by now instead of just three quarters hard in her mouth.

Dana Lee took his cock from her mouth and smiled to set his mind at ease. She kept stroking with her right hand as she said, “I guess we need a little more time.”

Thankful for her understanding, he said, “A little, but keep that up and it won’t be too much longer.” Shit. I shouldn’t have masturbated upstairs. I’d be ready by now.

She switched his cock to her left hand and continued to stroke and said, “You’re incredible you know. Brenda said you were, and I believed her, but I had to experience it to know just how incredible incredible really was.”

“Huh,” he said.

She giggled. “Yeah we talk about sex all the time. We sit out on your patio and we smoke and we talk about fucking.”

“You and Brenda?”

“Yeah. Julie too.”

“You and Julie?”

“Yep. And me and Brenda and Julie.”

“Brenda knows that Julie fucks?”

Dana Lee giggled, and chuckled and laughed out right. Then she switched back to stroking his cock with her right hand. “Yeah,” she said after she stopped laughing. “Brenda knows.”

Deciding to change the subject, for the temporary anyway, he said, “I honestly thought you might still be a virgin, but there’s no blood on my dick.”

She leaned down and kissed the tip of his dick. It still wasn’t quite hard enough to fuck, but it was getting there. She slowly lowered her lips over the length of it once, twice and then three times, before sitting back up and asking, “You got any weed?”

He shook his head and said, “Nope. No weed in my house.”

She smiled. I guess I won’t tell him I’m sure I could find some in Bobby’s room, and I know I can find some in Julie’s. “Okay,” she said. “And, no. I’m not a virgin. Hell, I’m the class slut.”

“I doubt that,” he said.

“You shouldn’t though.”

“How many guys have you fucked?”

“You’re number five. How many girls have you fucked?”

He hesitated.

“Come on,” she said. “After this, it’s not like I’m going to tell Brenda what you told me.”

“Since Brenda?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Since Brenda.”

“Two. You make three.”

“Oh, Mr. Spenser,” she said. “You’re a dog.”

“It’s been about ten years since I’ve cheated on her.”

“Actually,” Dana Lee said. “It’s been about ten minutes.”

They laughed together and she leaned down and took his cock back into her mouth. She sucked for two or three minutes until it was fully hard, but still not quite as hard as it had been. He gasped as she sucked him and said, “What about Bobby?”

She took his cock from her mouth and said, “What about him?”

“Is he one of the five?”

“Nope,” she said just before she took his dick back into her mouth. “I have sucked him though.”

“When,” Bob asked as he closed his eyes and enjoyed what her mouth was doing to him.

She removed his cock from her mouth again and said, “You want me to tell you this, or you want me to suck your dick.”

“Suck my dick,” he said.

She smiled. “I’ve been sucking him off every night when he comes back from Amber’s for about a month now. He’ll text me when he’s almost to the house, and I’ll come down and meet him and we’ll sit in his car and smoke a joint. Then I’ll suck his dick and let him cum in mouth.”

“I see,” Bob said. “So she won’t let him fuck her?”

“Oh she’ll fuck,” Dana Lee said. Amused that Bob seemed to have ignored what she said about she and Bobby sharing a joint before she sucked him off. “She’s almost as easy a lay as I am. She just gives lousy blow jobs.” Then she took him back into her mouth and sucked him with complete attention.

He sensed that she was no longer interested in conversation, and at that point his cock was completely hard and ready to drive nails again. She let if fall from her mouth and slowly stroked it with her right hand and then her left before she said, “Are we going to use this to finish the fence with?”

He laughed and said, “We probably could, but the cement needs to set for a day. I’ll have to finish the fence tomorrow.”

“Sweet,” she said. “Then let’s fuck again.”

Without responding verbally, Bob pulled her up onto the sofa as he rolled off of it and dragged her down until he was laying her hips across the sofa’s arm. He stood behind her for a moment just to admire the beauty of her ass. Small. Firm. Round. Perfect. Fucking perfect. He kneeled and spread her cheeks just to get a better view of the pink little starfish asshole. Then he leaned his face into it and slowly rimmed her asshole with his tongue. It was still slick from her sweat and she moaned loudly as he dipped his tongue into and worked his tongue as far into her anus as it would go. She gasped and moaned louder as she squirmed beneath his tongue. Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good!! So fucking good.

Then he stood behind her and lined the head of his cock up with her little pink starfish. As he pushed the head into her asshole, she groaned. “Ahhhhhh. Oh fuck.”

He didn’t stop, but proceeded to slowly ease just a bit more of his cock into her. Then a bit more. Then just a bit more until he felt that little pop and knew he was through the balloon opening and they both sighed as his cock sank into her ass down to the base. “Ah, yes,” she said as he slowly eased his cock in and out. “That feels so good.”

Bob merely grunted. Oh fuck. This little slut. This skinny little fucking slut. So tight. Feels so tight. So good. Oh gawd. I’m going to bust a nut already. “Shit,” he said. “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum,” she groaned. “Go ahead and do it.”

Then he grunted again and shot his third load of the day, filling her rectum with his seed just as he had moments ago filled her pussy. As he withdrew his cock from her ass, he saw with amazement that he had not gone soft. Then he watched with even greater amazement as Dana Lee twisted around and took his cock straight from her ass back into her mouth and sucked it just like a hungry calf working on its mother’s teat. She continued to suck him just like that until one last time he felt his balls tighten and he shot his final load into her mouth.

When she’d sucked and swallowed every last drop from his penis, she finally let it slip from her mouth and Bob collapsed to the floor with pure exhaustion. Dana Lee rested her elbows on the sofa arm as she looked down on him and said, “Wanna order a pizza?”

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