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Voyeuristic DEElights

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Dee is a married woman, and a mother. She is 40 years old. Steve is her voyeur husband, who is 39, and they share a wonderful marriage. They also like to play. If you don’t like thi idea or sound of this, then for goodness sake, don’t read on!

However, if you do, and you enjoy all the Marriedpervs stories, then enjoy, and oh yeah, let us know what you think ok?

Love, DEE – yep, that’s me!!

It was Monday morning, and I was at work early for a change. Al had rung and asked me to meet with two clients wishing to purchase homes in the bayside area. I was busily preparing some documentation for them when I walked into the stationery storeroom to get some leaflets about the area.

Walking in, I was distracted by the sounds coming from the photocopy room adjacent. Stopping to listen more carefully, I heard the unmistaken sounds of a woman moaning in pleasure. The door was very slightly ajar, and I leaned slowly towards the crack and peered in, careful not to be seen by the woman inside. I was surprised to find not just a woman, but Chad, the new property manager! Chad was on knees, totally dressed, his tongue buried in the pussy of Sharon, the sales secretary. He legs were splayed across the top of the copier, and her skirt was hitched up way above her hips. Her panties were in the floor, and Chad was busily licking her busily, and obviously working some magic based on the sounds she was making! I was happy to stay and watch for a few minutes, as I was early and knew that there was time to enjoy the show.

The two inside hadn’t seen me, and so I slowly reached down and my fingers inched inside my own skirt, reaching for my pussy. I pulled my black lace thong to the side, and felt my recently waxed pussy. My clit was already swelling from the sight before me. I fingered it back and forth and started to flick it in the way that always makes me cum quite fast. I spread my legs apart further, exposing my lips and rapidly wetting pussy aswell.

In the copier room Sharon was approaching orgasm, and Chad sped up his tongue action until she gripped his head firmly, then thrashed about as the cum overtook her body. She accidentally leaned her elbow on the copy button just as her head thrashed back and forth in orgasm as Chad’s tongue flickered and lashed her love button. It was a fantastic sight, and one that made me push a finger deep inside my sopping pussy in response.

I wondered if that would be the end of the sex show they were putting on in the copy room, but left my fingers pleasuring my own pussy in case they decided to push on. I was not to be disappointed.

Allowing her legs to subside from their splayed position, Sharon lowered her body off the surface of the copier, and indicated for Chad to climb on to the glassy surface. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down, allowing his semi-erect cock to pop free and point it’s mushroom head towards the ceiling. Not to waste time, Sharon took his cock and licked it all the way up and down, making it stiffen nicely. I was impressed that Chad was in possession of a lovely long cock! I frigged my clit and the electricity charged through my body as I imagined being spiked upon his gorgeous dick. Suddenly behind me I felt warm breath on my neck.

“Don’t move baby” said Al. I knew his voice well.

“Check this out Al” I replied, my head turning back to the action in the copy room.

Al is the agent who originally hired me, and were are not only great friends, but also occasional lovers when the moment takes us. Anyway, back to the action in the copy room! As I masturbated under my skirt, Sharon was busily gobbling on Chad’s lovely cock. She was fiercely working her fist up and down at the same time as she sucked and licked the head and shaft of his cock. She seemed to be doing a wonderful job, because Chad was leaning his head back, his hips pushing his dick up towards her waiting and working lips and throat. I was dying to see if she would swallow his cum, as I adored cum, and enjoy seeing women who also love to swallow the creamy liquid.

Behind me, Al’s cock was pressing against my buttocks. I reached my other hand back, as we watched Sharon deep throat Chad on the copier, and felt his shaft grow in my fingers. I loved Al’s cock and knew it well. I suddenly saw Sharon gulp and her face jammed down on Chad’s cock, and I knew he was cumming in her mouth. Surprising me, she didn’t flinch at all. She gulped and slurped until the cum from Chad’s cock had all disappeared down her hungry and talented throat. It was a fantastic sight. Al unzipped his pants and freed his cock from it’s confines, and I delighted in squeezing the warm shaft that was released as I continued to masturbate.

In the copy room, Chad climbed down from the machine and turned Sharon around, so he was behind her in the doggy position. I was amazed, because, despite just dumping a wonderfully yummy load of cum into Sharon’s throat, he was still hard! Reaching forward, he pushed his cock into Sharon’s pussy and began a nice fucking motion.

Meanwhile, I was now masturbating Al rapidly and his fingers were now frigging my clitoris in the way that makes me come very rapidly. It was a sexy sight! We both had our hands playing with each other as we watched the young couple go at it like animals in the doggie position on the copier. Chas now had Sharon gripped by the his and was really ploughing into her fast and deep. It was impressive. He was fucking her so hard that with each thrust her ass cheeks rippled sexily as the erect penis ploughed it’s way deep into her cunt. I was jealous, but I was also turned on because Al had me to the point of cumming already. I crashed into a long moaning orgasm, and the power of the climax overtook my brain, as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Suddenly, a splurge of hot sticky cum landed in my hand and I remembered that during my climax I was still wanking Al as we stood there watching. The mess dripped on to the floor and I finished Al off by totally draining the shaft of his cock of it’s slippery juice.

In the copy room Sharon had her hands reaching back in an attempt to stop Chad fucking her so hard, but he was not to be denied. He pounded away until, incredibly considering he had cum just minutes earlier in Sharon’s mouth, he came again! He jammed his cock so far in Sharon that I swear I thought she would open her mouth and his cock would pop out! He pumped three or four times, filling her pussy with his cum, and then laughed sexily as he removed the now withering cock from her dripping cunt.

Suddenly there was a call over the intercom. It was for me. My first appointment for the morning was here, and I was standing there, my pussy throbbing and my hand covered in Al’s cum! I giggled also and gathered myself together. I quickly washed my hands and headed towards reception to meet the first client.

I managed to get through the first appointment but couldn’t get the sight of Chad fucking Sharon out of my mind. I was soooo horny all day it was unbearable! I couldn’t wait to get home and attack Steve, which is exactly what I did when I finished the second meeting and completed the rest of my work for the day. I dropped in on Al’s office but he was also out, and so I left him a short note.

It read, “Thanks for the morning – very exciting! Sold to the James’, but the Taylors want to have another look at the two storey place. I’ve gone home horny, so don’t ring ok!!! Love, DEE”.

Steve was home working on a planning brief, and the kids were still at school. I walked in the door and found him sitting at his computer. I went to our bedroom, stripped off, put on some thigh boots, some perfume, and reapplied my lipstick. Then, I went and got him good.

In my hand I carried my short stockwhip, the one I like to use on Steve’s ass when I am feeling nasty…and believe me, I was feeling nasty after the events of the morning watching Chad and Sharon and masturbating Al at the office. Standing there, my hands on my hips, I looked wild. I cracked the whip, scaring the absolute shit out my husband, Steve, who had obviously been so engrossed in his work that he hadn’t heard me come in.

“Get on your knees, boy!” I snarled…….demanding he leave his work and pleasure me this very instant.

“Babe, I’d love to, you know I would, but this brief is due in this afternoon and I have to present it tonight to the board. Can we pick up later when I get home?” he said forlorn, his puppy dog eyes pleading with me to say yes.

“Shit!” I said. “Are you sure it can’t wait? I’m as horny as a toad and came home specially to ravage you. Chad got me all flustered at work this morning.”

“OH? Tell me all about it you naughty slut!” he said smiling…knowing my preference for anything with a forsekin and a pulse.

“Well, I happened to stumble over he and Sharon in the copy room this morning, and they were going at hit hammer and tongs! In fact, quiet little Chad is a remarkably able young man! I saw him cum in Sharon’s mouth, then fuck her straight away without even going soft in between! It was marvellous baby!!”

“Hmm..sounds like someone has an itch that needs scratching then!” he said. “But, unfortunately I need to rush off and present this to the board, so you’ll have to deal with it yourself you sexy bitch!”

He lightly kissed me on the cheek, and headed for the office, leaving me standing there in my thigh boots, my whip and a sad face! Feeling totally frustrated, I thought for a moment, before heading back to my room and getting dressed. I picked the kids up from school, cooked dinner, spent a lovely evening with them before putting them to bed and settling down in my room with a glass of champagne. I picked up the phone and dialled the number.

My plan was taking effect. Sharon was the first to arrive, and I invited her in. We sat in the lounge and I poured her a champagne also before we struck up a conversation. I allowed the chat to drift down an innocent path for ten minutes or so, before I steered the conversation to the topic I wanted to discuss. The morning session with Chad in the copy room! At first Sharon blushed, not realising that Al and I had been watching their wanton display, until I assured her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, on the contrary, I had been VERY impressed with their performance.

I mentioned that I had watched her swallow every last drop of his cum, and that I had noticed that he had stayed hard even after such and expert blow job from her. She said that she too was surprised by his staying hard, but was so keen to fuck that she just turned and allowed him to fuck her over the copier until he came inside her. We both laughed and enjoyed the finer points of cock sucking, and chatted about our sex lives. As Sharon was explaining that she was a sexually active single girl, there was a knock at the door.

“Please….come in Chad” I said, as I opened the door and was greeted by the young stud from the office.

“Oh, Hi Sharon, I didn’t know you were going to be here too?” he said, a little moment of awkwardness betraying the fact that Chad thought he had been invited over to fuck me I suspect!

“Hi Chad…..yes….oh, and thanks for this morning by the way, it was wonderful!” said Sharon, much calmer now that she and I had spoken, and she had also consumed two glasses of champagne.

We all sat in the lounge and I told Chad that in fact he wasn’t here for a work meeting. He smiled and sat back in the chair, his cockiness returning as he realised we were probably wanting to discuss other matters.

“I saw you working in the copy room this morning Chad. You’re very dedicated. In fact, I noticed you were also extremely capable!”

He almost spilt his drink down the front of his shirt.

“You what?” he asked, not sure if he had heard correctly.

“That’s right” I said. “Al and I saw the whole thing. It was quite a performance! I was just talking with Sharon about it, and she agreed that your efforts were noteworthy.”

“Well……ummm…thanks, Dee” he stammered, not sure of what was coming next.

“Relax handsome, I’m not here to cause you any trouble. In fact, quite the opposite. I was wondering if you might be interested in giving a repeat performance here with Sharon and me?. You left me horny as hell at work this morning, and woman should be left like that in her workplace, ever! How about we all hit the spa and talk a little more about the events of the morning?”

Ten minutes later we were all in the spa, our bodies hidden from view by the darkness, the dim glow of the half moon outlining our curves as we sat and sipped our drinks in the warm water. The stars were bright and I made sure the massage oil was within reach as I had plans for the remainder of the evening!

We began talking about how the two of them had come to end up fucking in the copy room. Chad said that Sharon had been teasing him for a while, lifting her skirts, showing off her stocking tops, and occasionally emailing him pics of her bum in thong panties at the office. He decided to confront her at the office, and things got all steamy that morning in the copy room. I asked Sharon if that was true, and she smiled, raising her drink, saying,

“Yep, and I learned it from the best, Dee, YOU!”.

I couldn’t argue. After all, Al always did like me to dress up sexy at the office and use my charms to persuade clients to purchase our homes.

“Well, well. It seems I have two apprentices working for me then” I said, and we all raised our glasses in a toast to our sexiness!

Under the water, I snaked my hand across to Chad’s cock, and was pleased to find that not only was it nice and thick, but that his balls had been clean shaven since the adventures of the morning!

Responding immediately, Chad reached over and took my face by the chin, kissing me deeply on the lips, as my hand pumped his shaft up and down. Not to be left out of the action, Sharon glided over and placed he hands on my shoulders, before sexily biting down on my shoulder and sucking hard, leaving a small love bite on the nape of my neck. It felt deliciously wicked, and I wanted more.

Before long we were engaged in a magnificently erotic threesome, with Chad sitting on the bench in the spa, and me riding his rather impressive young cock slowly up and down. I was facing away from him, which allowed me to push back and really control the speed with which we fucked. I love this position, and encouraged Chad to scratch my back, which you all know drives me crazy, especially when fucking! In front of me, Sharon was working hard sucking my nipples, which were hard and begging for some rough action. Under the water, her fingers played with my clit as I fucked Chad up and down. It was lovely.

Every now and then I would raise Sharon’s head so we could kiss, our tongues entangling and flickering the slippery way only two women can. Chad’s staying power was just as impressive in the spa as it had been that morning in the copy room when he had fucked Sharon. I knew he wouldn’t have a lot of cum, but was pleased he was also able to hold off as I fucked myself to orgasm using Sharon’s fingers on my clit and lips on my nipples for extra arousal. As I felt my first orgasm swell, I happened to look up towards the fence, and noticed my neighbour, Graham, standing on his back deck watching us in the spa. He was masturbating, his pants lewdly round his ankles, his eyes fixed on the three of us fucking wildly in the spa, and his hand pumping his shaft furiously. It was too much for me, and I came.

In the water my hips absolutely pummeled down on Chad’s cock, and I managed to reach down and force Sharon to bite on my nipples, thereby enhancing my own climax. I called out in pleasure,

“Yes Graham, yes, yes, oooooh, yes!” as I noticed Graham’s cock spew a large few spurts of white gooey cum all over his balcony decking.

I had a wonderful orgasm and was happy to lay back and let Chad do some of the work for a few minutes as I luxuriated in the hot bubbling water, post orgasm, and allowing my body to soak in the pleasure of having my nipples still sucked as I came down from the high of such a wonderfully erotic climax with these two young workmates.

I glanced back at Graham, and he was zipping up his trousers, and blowing me a kiss. I took a punt. I waved at him indicating he should come and join us in the spa. I knew his wife, Jackie, was not into extramarital sex, but wondered if he might like to have some fun too. I was brought back to attention by Chad, who asked me to climb off for a moment. I allowed his still VERY hard cock to slip from my pussy, and noticed that Sharon was turning round, exposing her juicy pussy. I took the hint and bent to lick it, allowing two of my fingers to slide inside her wet cunt. I love licking other women, and as Sharon had just helped me cum, I felt I should return the favour. I brought her to the brink of climax once or twice, but always stopped short of letting her crash over the edge into a full on orgasm. I knew what I wanted, and I wanted Chad’s cock inside her when she came.

I positioned Chad behind Sharon, and for the second time that day, I watched as he pushed his cock inside her and started to fuck her with long, powerful strokes. He really was an impressive lover, and as I bent my back to lick Sharon’s clit from underneath, I was treated to a spectacular view of Chad’s cock sliding in and out of the sopping snatch I was licking. My tongue action must have done the trick, because within a couple of minutes, Sharon gripped my head, thrust backwards onto Chad’s cock, and then contracted every muscle in her body as the orgasm from within shook and spasmed every inch of her sexy frame. On my tongue, her clit throbbed and swelled as the blood rushed to her loins. Her head thrashed up and down, just like you see in porno movies, and I managed to stop her from drowning me in the water as she finished cumming. Chad was still hard, and had not cum!

As Sharon rested from her orgasm, I asked Chad to sit up on the edge of the spa so I could suck his lovely cock. I wanted to show him my talents with a cock in my mouth, and this position allowed me to stay in the warm water, on my knees, and take his cock into my mouth easily just at the right height. I went to work on him, using my right hand and my mouth, alternately sucking and pumping his dick until I thought he was ready to squirt his cum. I had watched Sharon swallow his cum that morning, and was determined to show him that I was equally as skilled with my mouth. I slowly licked the head of his cock as he started to grunt, because I wanted to tease him. I adore making men wait, and this time was no exception.

I cupped his balls in my hand, and then slowly but firmly jerked them downwards, in the way that I know stops a man from cumming. As I did this, I deep throated him, thereby confusing his feelings. His cock told him he wanted to cum deep in my throat, but his balls were telling him no, as I tugged harder on the little agates. I held his cock deep in my throat and worked my tongue around his shaft, as I also moved the muscles of my mouth to squeeze and delight him with the heat and pressure of my throat on his cock shaft. I withdrew, and released his balls, before using my hand to furiously pump him once more, bringing him to the brink again. Just as his hips pushed forward in an attempt to stuff his cock deeper in my throat, I withdrew again and once more tugged his heavy balls down.

“You teasing bitch!” he laughed as I again slid his shaft back into my mouth.

I resumed sucking again, this time working my slippery mouth up and down his shaft very fast as my hand stayed near the base of his cock squeezing it. Suddenly a pair of hands took me by the hips, and I presumed it was Sharon. However, moments later as a cock pushed itself forcefully deep inside my pussy, I turned to see my neighbour, Graham, smiling at me as he jammed it further in.

“God ” I thought, “Can every guy around here get hard after cumming?” as he had cum only minutes earlier on the deck, and was now hard as a rock inside me and fucking me with considerable force.

I resumed my sucking and it was too much for Chad. The sight of my neighbour walking in and start to fuck me while I sucked him off was too much. From behind, Graham must have sensed Chad was cumming, because he pushed all his cock inside me and then just held it there, filling me to the brim with his cock as the penis in my mouth started to spew it’s white liquid into my throat, spilling some down my chin and lips as I struggled to swallow it all. I slurped up any that I had missed as Chad stopped his moaning and groaning, and collapsed into the spa water once more.

I barely had time to notice that indeed his cock had stayed hard, because behind me Graham was banging away for all he was worth. I looked back to watch him fucking me, and noticed that Sharon was behind him. One hand was on his shoulder, and they kissed a few times as he fucked me. The hot water was splashing around a little, as the three of us fucked. Sharon’s other hand dropped to Graham’s butt, and I smiled devilishly at her as I understood what she was trying to do. She pushed a finger deep inside his asshole, causing him to really pump his cock deep into my pussy, making me lurch forward, such was the force! She pumped away, her nasty action causing Graham to once more climax.

As she jammed her finger deeper into his ass, he came inside my pussy and flooded me with cum as I thrashed on his cock, demanding he give me every last drop. He did not disappoint. As he fell back and rested against the wall of the spa, Sharon moved round to kiss him on the lips, her hand scraping it’s nails down his hairy chest in a raking motion. It was a very sexy movement, and I glided across the tub to join the two of them as they kissed. I allowed my hands to move around Sharon’s waist and grasp her breasts, which sat at water level. They felt very warm, and her boobs were firm and luscious, with big nipples. I can’t help myself, but I love big nipples. It might be because my own nipples are small, although ultra sensitive.

I played with her boobs, and she reached back to cuddle me with one had, our mouths meeting in a passionate kiss in front of the two men, Graham and Chad, as they sat in the spa watching us. Graham reached forward and joined e in squeezing Sharon’s breasts, and I took a moment to look over at Chad. Dammit, his cock was still hard as a rock! I just HAD to do something about that!

“Let’s go inside” I said to the others.

“The fire is lit and we can relax in there”.

Noone argued, and we all climbed out of the warm water and headed inside. Once there, we all sat on the large plush rug Steve bought me last xmas. It is in front of the open fireplace, protected by a large mesh screen. I went to the fridge and returned with a large jug of ice water and four glasses. As Chad poured everyone a drink, I returned to the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of vegetable oil. I then proceeded to pour a little of the edible oil onto my hand and asked Chad to lay down. He obliged and I took his still semi-hard cock in my slippery hand.

Those of you who have had a hand job by a woman with an oil coated hand, will attest to the fact that it is one of the sexiest feelings there is. However, I was not interested in making Chad cum…..yet!

Sharon and Graham were now sipping on their water and watching, wondering what was on my mind. Well, I didn’t let on as I wanted it to be a special surprise. I spent about five minutes slowly working on Chad’s cock, marvelling at his stamina. According to me, he had cum three times and fucked two women that day already, and yet, her he was, hard and ready to go in my fist as I pumped the vegetable oil up and down his shaft. When I thought he was getting close to cumming, I stopped once again.

“Damn Dee, you really ARE a bitch!” he said as I lay down and passed him the oil bottle.

I rolled onto my stomach and asked them all to massage me. Before long Graham, Chad and Sharon were coating my back, legs and buttocks on oil, their hands working magic along my spine and fleshy thighs as I started to moan with the pleasure of it all.

The heat from the open fire made it a dreamy feeling, and I swear I had died and gone to heaven! Six slippery and warm hands were turning me on, and my body tingles as hands and fingers delved into my pussy and assholes making sure that there was not an inch of untouched flesh. I was electrically charged and ready to make Chad cum for the fourth time that day!

I slowly snaked my way up on to my hands and knees, and then looked them all in the eye.

“Chad, I want you to fuck me, NOW! But, I want you to fuck me now, IN MY ASS”.

Graham almost collapsed! Here he was, having masturbated on his deck watching me fuck. His neighbour. His MARRIED neighbour. Sure, he’d peeked on me sunbaking naked a few times. But tonight, he had cum stroking his cock as he watched me suck and fuck in a wild threesome, then had come over and fucked the shit out of me and now, here I was, begging to be fucked up the ass as he sat there watching in front of the fire.

I smiled at him and took a little of the vegetable oil and coated my fingers of my left hand. Then, I reached back and pushed one finger into my ass, before pushing two, then three fingers inside my tightest hole. I fucked myself in the ass as Chad moved in behind me, and asked him to also cover his cock with the oil. Sharon helped out there, generously coating the reddened shaft with oil before pointing the head towards my puckered opening.

I removed my hand and readied myself for the anal invasion. God I was horny! Slowly I felt Chas ease the head of his cock inside my ass. It was totally intense and I still felt a little pain as I always do when I have someone fuck my ass. I’ve always found the best way to remove the pain is to stimulate my clitoris at the same time as being ass fucked, and so I was about to reach down to finger myself when Sharon’s tongue swirled it’s way onto my clit from below. It was a hot sight, and the feelings were incredible.

On my hands and knees Chad was fucking my ass. I wanted him to explode into my bowels and so I was really putting on a show for him, and for Graham too. I was yelling encouragement as his cock pistoned in and out of my tight asshole, as Sharon lashed my clit driving me towards my own orgasm. She had moved underneath me so that her tongue was down at my pussy, and she could watch Chad’s cock fuck my ass. Her pussy was just below my own face, and I began to lick her clit too. It was fantastic!

Not to be left out, Graham approached my head, and I thought he wanted me to suck his cock, so I started to lick his shaft as I bucked back and forth moaning and squealing on the cock fucking my ass. However, he had different plans, and pushed his cock into Sharon’s gaping pussy just below my nose! The scene was now one right out of a high class porno movie! In front of my fire place, I was having my ass fucked by Chad, as Sharon sucked my clitoris and Graham fucked her pussy. We kept us this motion for a few minutes, until I jammed my ass backwards onto Chad’s cock. I was ready to cum, and so wanted him to cum at the same time. I told Sharon I was going to cum, and then started spewing rude words of encouragement at the young stud fucking my ass!

It was too much for Graham, and as I started my own climax on the cock in my asshole, I watched in awe as the veins on his cock shaft pulsed and his semen spewed into Sharon’s pussy a few inches from my face. I thrashed and thrashed when I felt Chad grip my hips harder and announce that he was also cumming. His sperm jettisoned directly into my hot tight ass and I felt the incredibly horny sensation of having a man cum deep inside your bowels. It is heaven girls, let me tell you!! My ass flooded with cum, and Chad’s cock popped out of my anus as I leaned down and lapped and slurped at Graham’s cock as it slid out of Sharon’s sloppy pussy and gradually went soft.

A large flash suddenly distracted me from slurping up the cum from Graham’s shaft, and I turned my cum soaked face to see my husband, Steve, standing there with his camera. He snapped off three more pics before I noticed that his trousers were down around his ankles, and his cock was stiff as a board.

“You selfish buggers have left Sharon and I all high and dry!” he laughingly commented.

“Well, come over here and do something about it!” I smiled back at him, as I made way for him on the rug in front of the fire.

Chad, Graham and I took a seat on the leather lounge, as Steve proceeded to undress and join Sharon on the rug. She kissed him on the lips as they moved into the missionary position and Steve’s cock slid effortlessly into her saturated opening. I must admit that the sight really turned me on, but I was totally spent. I sat between Chad and Graham, whose hands alternated between their cocks and my boobs, and the three of us just watched and enjoyed the scene before us. I took the camera and made sure I got some good shots of Steve fucking Sharon. After all, Steve has watched me fuck countless men and women over the years, and we have thousands of photos of me in action, but hardly any of him. I thought it might be nice to take some for him as he fucked her harder and harder. Sharon asked Steve to stop, and then got him to lie on his back, before pushing his cock deep into her pussy on top of him. She was facing him, her boobs pointing their hard nipples right at his face as she rode up and down.

She was ready to cum now, and her fingers did a manic dance on her bulging clit as Steve sucked her nipples. She started to buck and writhe on my husband’s cock, and her orgasm caused her to collapse in a moaning heap on his chest and then roll off onto the rug in front of the fire. Poor Steve had no chance to cum yet, and so I approached him on my knees. I laid down and joined Sharon on the rug, our faces next to each other.

“Cum on us both baby” I said, “Spray our faces and cum all over us please?” I whimpered beggingly.

Not to be outdone, the other two men joined Steve standing above us, and I was rewarded with my ultimate fantasy – a cum bath from three men! To look up and see the three cocks being pumped was an awesome sight, and I knew I was about to be sprayed with three lots of cum. I pushed my boobs together, and Sharon did the same, tempting Graham, Chad and my hubby Steve to spray us. Our tongues were poking out and as we nastily licked and flickered each other’s tongue, the cum shower started! Steve was first, and judging by the loudness of his moaning and the amount of goo that landed on my tongue, hair and face, he was more than ready to cum! I loved it!! My tongue went wild as I moaned and squealed and rubbed the gooey liquid all over my boobs and face and into my hungry mouth. Sharon copped a lovely load from Graham, who came for the third time in less than two hours!

My admiration for my neighbour had certainly grown as I watched him lewdly push his cock down until Sharon was able to slurp the head clean, just as Chad, my young ‘superstud’ from the office finished the night off by covering both our faces and boobs with a very watery load of jism! On the rug Sharon and I kissed and our bodies rubbed together. We rolled around and rubbed our boobs and legs against each other as we kissed deeply, the sperm being swapped as our tongues danced the tune of a lovely bisexual kiss. Our bodies glistened in the light of the fire was the cum of our three studs shimmered all over our skin.

It was a memorable day, and I went to bed tired, sore, but feeling totally satiated with pleasure!

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