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Visit to Paradise

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By some miracle, I finally convinced you to come see me in my little part of the world. I live in a small town that is practically in the middle of nowhere which I affectionately refer to as God’s country. The nearest big city, if you could call it that is two hours away. At any rate, I have been dreaming about you coming to see me for a while now.

The small town I live in is a ranching community with a couple of small factories and mills near the city limits. I can’t wait for you to get here to show you some of my favorite places. The winter here is absolutely beautiful, but with the places I want to show you, they are inaccessible due to all the snow we get.

It is a hot day in late July for our little Oregon town when you finally arrive. Well hot for me at any rate. You being a bit of a nature girl like me, I can only hope that the first place I take you to will melt your heart. We drive an hour into the mountains and stop at a trail head. The sign reads 2.5 miles to Blue Lake. I had mentioned that I would take you on a hike, but true to my smart ass self, I neglected to tell you how far the hike to the lake would be.

As we start out on the hike I tell you the story of my father when he was a teenager. He had hiked in with his brother and father, and packed a canoe the entire way. Then when I was the same age, he brought my mom and I up here, and told us that it was only a mile to the lake. When we read the sign, both of us gave him a huge raft of shit that there was a big difference between one mile and two and a half miles. Needless to say, mom and I made it, and by the time we hiked back down I had blisters on my feet. There is even a picture somewhere of me with my boots off soaking my feet in a cool stream halfway down the mountain.

You listen to my rambling in silent amusement, smiling to yourself out how much I talk if given half a chance. After I hear you snicker, I realize that yet again, I was off on a tangent and hadn’t given you much of a chance to get two words in edge wise. I shake my head promising to myself to not talk so much as we continue the hike in relative silence, enjoying the beauty of nature. The birds sing their lullabies around us as the dirt and gravel crunch softly under our shoes. We see the occasional chipmunk scurry here and there and butterflies dancing around us to the beat of their own songs. With the scent of the wild flowers mixed with the pine and juniper trees, it is hard not to be completely breathless. Well that coupled with the site of your ass swaying seductively in jean shorts, makes the hike interesting to say the least. I’m amazed that I didn’t trip and fall back down the mountain because I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

After a couple of hours, we finally reach the little lake. As always, the crystal clear blue water reflects the small fluffy clouds scattered in the sky, while at the same time you can see the bottom of the lake. We find a flat boulder big enough for both of us to sit side by side on as we enjoy a small lunch while we take in the beautiful site of our surroundings. We can even see the occasional trout swimming by just below the surface of the water.

I can tell that you want to be closer to me when you decide to sit between my legs with your back pressed against my chest. My arms naturally wrap around your waist and pull you closer into my body. We sit like this for a while until I feel your hands start at my knees as they gently massage my flesh. They slowly glide up the inside of my thighs and underneath my shorts. I can already tell where your mind is headed. I should have known that this little spot would have that affect on you. With your hands gently rubbing my thighs, I look down to find your lips inches from my face. Your brown eyes give away the lust you feel as our lips are pulled toward one another, almost like they are linked by magnets. When our lips brush against one another, we can feel the little shocks that leave us feeling like there is a Fourth of July firework show going off in our minds. Our tongues battle for dominance, first in your mouth, then in mine. What started off as a sweet and innocent kiss, quickly becomes a torrid affair to see who is left breathless first.

You turn in my arms to where you are on your knees in front of me and your hands are holding my face. If I have learned anything from the time we have spent together, you can quickly change from this sweet loving woman to a tigress in the blink of an eye waiting to pounce on her prey. As you press your lips harder to mine, I find myself on my back with you straddling my hips. I can’t help but chuckle about how well you know me, and that the position you are in now is one of my favorites.

Your hands leave my face and find their way under my shirt to my C cup breasts. I can feel you push my bra up and each hand grabs a breast as you gently start to roll my nipples between your thumb and finger. My nipples aren’t as prominent and large as yours are, but that doesn’t matter to you. You push my shirt up as well and I feel you suck my nipple into your hot little mouth. As your tongue swirls around my bud and your teeth gently nip, I can’t help but groan in delight as you voraciously feast on my offering.

A faint whimper escapes my lips as your warm mouth leaves my breast. Our eyes meet and for a second, I get just a little scared from the devilish smile and the fiendish look in your eyes. Before I know it, you exhale. With your breath and the cool air both reaching my nipple at the same time, my whole body is suddenly covered in goose bumps from head to toe. You can’t help but reply with an impish grin with the result of your actions. You continue to tease me like this for a couple minutes longer, switching from breast to breast until my thrusting hips almost buck you off.

In the blink of an eye, I flip you onto your back and pin you down with my strength as I take my time in devouring your lips, ears, jaw, neck, and collarbone. I just can’t help that the sight of you and what you do to my body makes my blood boil. My hands impatiently push your shirt and bra up so I can get a look at those glorious tits. Oh how do I love your breasts. No tan lines anywhere and look as if God created them just for me. As I continue to lick, kiss, and lightly bite your skin, my hands have their way with your breasts. My hands alternate between gently massaging each of those globes to pinching and twisting your nipples. I can’t help but smile at how vocal you are becoming and the pace of your hips thrusting into me.

My mouth moves from your neck down to one of your breasts to feast on the elongated nipple, calling out to me for my sweet lips to bring you pleasure. With one hand now free, I struggle to undo my belt, and unzip my shorts. My hand and mouth switch breasts, and I decide to repay the favor for your devilish ways a few minutes prior.

Now I have you where I want you, with goose bumps from head to toe, your head thrashing back and forth, cries now erupting from your mouth begging me to eat your pussy. My hands quickly unbutton your shorts and pull them and your sexy cherry covered underwear down to your knees.

My fingers gently stroke and massage your outer lips, as I start to kiss my way down your incredibly sexy stomach. Before I can reach the promise land, you grab me by the shoulders and pull my face to yours for a searing kiss. I respond by sliding two fingers in your soft, warm cocoon. I develop a slow rhythm stroking your inner core with my palm pressing down on your clit, as I feel your hand snake it’s way to my pussy. I can tell by the intensity of your ministrations, you want to get me off quickly, while I want you to drive you into a frenzy before granting you your sweet release.

My concentration on giving you pleasure is shattered when I feel a third push it’s way into my ass already joining the two motion. Not to be outdone, I mimic your move and trying with little success to not let your impatience impede me of my goal. So with that, the game is on. With fingers flying at the speed of light, in and out, out and in, full, empty, and deliciously full again. The only question left is who will give in to their carnal desires and have the first orgasm. As we kiss in between the moans and screams, and being left totally breathless, both of us on the brink of beautiful bliss…

From across the lake the snap of a tree branch echos loudly around us. My fingers immediately stop their task as I look up expecting to see a deer or some other animal coming down for a drink. Of course even though you heard the sound, because of you being the little minx you are, your fingers are still plowing away trying to bring me to that sweet abyss.

Instead there is a man and a woman watching us intently while stroking each other to an orgasm. I am so embarrassed that I pull myself from your embrace and stand up quickly with my back to the couple. I reach down for your hand and gently pull you to where you are standing in front of me. With our shorts pulled back on, we quickly put our bras back in place with the girls properly confined, and gather our stuff into our packs. With a sweet gentle kiss, you and I make our way back down the trail to our car leaving the couple standing their with surprised, yet confused looks on their faces..

I should have known that you would rib me the entire way about being embarrassed and for wanting to get the hell out of dodge. If you had your way, chances are we would have finished what we started leaving both us and the couple completely satisfied. I apologize profusely knowing that my own modesty and shyness just cost me getting laid. I look into your gorgeous and piercing emerald eyes and realize that your are repaying me for the many times that I often tease you.

We get back into town in time to have a quiet dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. I order my favorite, the beef fajita’s just because I love to here the sizzle of the vegetables and beef and the wonderful sent that wafts from the plate. You have the arroz con pollo dish that looks delicious. As we eat and talk of work and news throughout the country, your feet are teasing me as they always do when we dine together. I do have to say I have fallen in love with your toes. They do so many incredible things.

After dinner I take you to my favorite place of all. I drive you up to the top of Black Cap Mountain. In the summer, hang gliders and para gliders alike flock to our small town to take off from the top of the mountain. There is even a contest held annually for them. Why is this my favorite place in my small mountain town? From the mountain top you can see the town, Goose Lake, and all the farms in the valley.

When we get to the top and park the car, the sun is beginning to set behind the mountain range on the other side of the valley. I get out from behind the wheel and grab the blanket from the back seat. I spread it across the hood of the car and then walk around to your side of the vehicle. I open the car door and extend my hand. You gently grasp my hand and again the ever present little electric sparks that are produced every time we touch, flow from my finger tips, up my arm, and straight to my heart warming me to my core.

You step out of the car to stand beside me and look down to take in the exquisite view before your eyes. While you are distracted by the site, I wrap an arm around your waist and give you a gentle squeeze. I then scoop you up into my arms, and gently place you on top of the blanket. I walk around to the front of the car and climb up to sit beside you.

We sit side by side, holding hands watching the sun set behind the mountain range on the other side of the valley. As the gentle wind starts to carry a cold chill, you quietly settle your self between my legs and lean your back into my chest. My arms are wrapped around your waist in a loving embrace with your fingers entwined with mine. Your head is nestled just below my chin and I can smell the sweet soft fragrance of apples from your favorite shampoo.

My attention is torn between the beautiful sunset and the warmth of having a beautiful, sexy vixen in my arms. As the sun dips down further behind the mountain, the clouds higher in the sky range from brilliant orange to dark maroon in color, while the clouds lower in the sky start to grow different colors of grey. The contrast between the clouds are breath taking and it is while sitting here with you in my arms that I truly feel close to God and the loved ones that have passed on in my young life. We sit patiently in peace until the sky is dark and the stars start to appear. Now with goose bumps visible on both of our arms and you gently shivering close to me, we decide to head back for my house.

We hold hands for the duration of the drive back to my house. We talk of the hike and the sunset and I can hear the gratitude in your voice for sharing my favorite spots with you. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The day had turned out almost exactly as I had planned, with the exception of the little interruption at the lake.

We arrive back at my house and I give you the tour with the exception of showing you my bedroom. You head to the bathroom so you can have a shower. While you let the water heat up and undress, I quickly climb up the stairs and light the candles that I have spread out across the two night stands and the dresser, bathing the room in candle light. I make sure that your surprise is secured to the four corners of the bed and out of your view. I go back down the stairs and start stripping as I hear you singing softly from the shower. I climb inside to see that you have already washed your hair and are getting ready scrub the rest of your deliciously soft and curvy body. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be lucky enough to have such a gorgeous creature interested in me.

I can see the need in your eyes and gladly let you start to scrub me clean. By the way you are washing my body from head to toe, I know that you have ulterior motives. Any other night I would have gladly let you have your way with me, but to show my appreciation for you coming to see me, I can only hope that I bring some of your hidden desires to full fruition, or are they my desires? All I know is, I have a long night of passion planned for you. As your hands start paying a little more attention to my breasts with the soapy sponge, I pry the sponge from your hand and spin you around to where you are directly under the spray. I start at your neck and work my way down your body. The lust in your eyes tells me that you want me desperately and your hands try this time to engage my pussy. With one hand, I take both of yours and pin above your head against the wall of the shower, while the other hand continues to meticulously soap up every inch of your body.

After I finish scrubbing your back followed by your breasts, you refuse to keep your hands off my body. Not that I blame you, but I do believe that your body is in way better shape than mine. I pin your body roughly up against the wall and force my knee between your legs. I quickly finish soaping up the lower half of your body and get us rinsed off while still trying to keep your hands in check. I can see the frustration in your eyes, but if you only knew what I had in store for my girl.

We dry each other off with no help from you. You are bound and determine to try and distract me from my plan. Our lips meet in a series of passionate kisses as I guide you towards the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I reluctantly pull away from you and let you traverse the steps first. You look slightly troubled as you realize that by you going up the stairs with me climbing up after you, not only do I have a glorious view or your ass and pussy, that region is also very exposed to my probing hands if I so desire.

You negotiate the stairs rather easily. I was tempted more than once to take advantage of the situation, but the fact that the stairs leading to my room in the loft are narrow and steep, I figured it best if I behaved myself. As you reach the top of the stairs, I quickly turn the light off from down below. You stop in your tracks, first surprised that the overhead light was quickly shut off, but I can hear the soft gasp escape from your lips seeing all of the lit candles. I quickly climb the stairs as you step off to the side to allow me enter the loft. We can smell the light floral scent throughout the room which adds to the romance of it all.

My room is long and somewhat narrow. The ceiling is maybe six feet tall, but then angles down to about four feet tall where it meets the side walls. The side walls are lined with a couple of night stands, a cedar hope chest and an old dresser most of which has been handed down through the generations.

I gently grasp your hand and lead you to the bed. I twirl you into my arms and kiss you with ardor. With our need to feel each other’s skin and to hear our voices yell out into the night with bliss, I walk you backwards until the bed touches the backs of your knees. With sudden strength I toss you gently onto the bed and quickly follow.

With your head near the pillows, I realize you are exactly where I want you. I mount you suddenly, my legs straddling your hips, I grab hold of your right wrist with my right hand and grab the restraint with my left hand and quickly incapacitate your right arm. Before I can repeat the task with your other arm, you start to squirm and buck your hips to try and throw me off. With your body writhing underneath me, I can’t seem to secure your other arm, so what do I do, I undo the arm already in the cuff.

Now the wrestling match is on. I know that the reason you are resisting is to see how far I will go to fulfill this dream and to increase your own arousal. And to be honest, I love it when you resist. We roll back and forth, each one trying to stay on top of the other, with you trying in earnest to place me in the cuffs rather than you. I am just now beginning to grasp just how strong my little minx is and I am more than ready to end this game now. I hadn’t planned on using my secret weapon, but now I have no choice.

I flip you onto your back. With my knees on either side of the small of your back, I quickly get both or your wrists trapped in the restraints. I run my hands smoothly across your back and down over your tight ass reveling at how smooth your skin is especially on your ass. I can feel your muscles rippling under your flesh as my hands explore your backside.

I pull out the last two leather cuffs lined with silk and smoothly attach them to your ankles. I can almost hear the wheels grinding in your head, wondering what I have planned next for you. I pull open the closest drawer in the dresser and pull out a wickedly soft feather.

With an evil grin on my face, and a twinkle in my eye, I kneel on the side of the bed next to your body and I touch the tip of the feather to the sole of your left foot. I methodically trace patterns on your skin working my way up your left leg. As I approach the V in your legs, I decide to completely bypass that area altogether. Instead I draw the feather up the outside of your hip, I hear a groan of frustration as I continue up the side of your rib cage. As I draw nearer to your armpit, your moans and whimpers turn into giggles and laughter. Now the real torture begins my mind tells me. I continue to glide the feather towards your fingertips and then back up towards your left shoulder blade. I can see you writhing against the bonds as you try to escape the feathers maddening light caresses on your skin. I continue to tease your right arm and back down the right side of your rib cage and criss-crossing up and down your back.

All that is left is your rump, and I know that is what you are impatiently waiting for. I can see the sweat starting to gather in little drops like dew drops on blades of grass in the early morning. I decide that I have something better in mind and forgo the torture of your pussy and ass with the feather. I crawl up your body and whisper in your ear seductively.

“Are you going to behave yourself if I remove the cuffs and you roll over?”

You whisper yes in a very sexy hiss. I undo the cuffs at your feet first then the ones on the wrists. You about throw me off the bed when you quickly roll over and pull my face to yours. I let you indulge for a couple of minutes and then suddenly clasp the cuffs around your wrists yet again. I can see a little bit of hurt in those beautiful green eyes followed by lust as your mind tries to figure out what else I have planned for you. I put the cuffs back on your ankles as well. I put the feather back in the drawer that I got it from and pull out a blind fold.

You start to protest, that I don’t have to blind fold you, but the impish smile on my face tells you that it is no use in arguing with me and that you will enjoy what is coming next. After the blind fold is in place I go back to the drawer and pull out a small but very powerful bullet. I seat myself between your legs and rub the tip of the bullet up and down your slit that is already very wet from the teasing with the feather. Your hips lift off the bed in hopes that I will grant you your release and I pull my hand away. You groan in disapproval and I return to my teasing of your outer lips, slowly tracing circles around your very tight rosebud, followed by slowly tracing a path around your clit making sure not to touch the little bud directly. By now your juices are flowing freely, your groans of desire are growing in intensity and deciding that you have been waiting long enough, I grant you part of your wish and insert the bullet deep in your channel. I turn the vibe on at about half power. You know, just enough to let you know that my little friend is there, but not enough to bring you to orgasm.

I turn my stereo on and my favorite mixed cd starts playing softly. I head downstairs before your protests can reach me. I sit in the recliner downstairs for a for a while listening to your pleas to not leave you like that and at my complete mercy. You quite down after about ten minutes and I think that two thoughts have popped into your head. The music being played are all songs that remind me of you or my little friend has your mind very occupied.

I head for the kitchen and quietly take out a medium sized plastic bowl and pull out a bag of ice out of the freezer. I put some ice in a couple of glasses, one for your ice water and one for my screwdriver. As quiet and quickly as I can, I fill the bowl almost all the way full with ice. I then put the remainder of the ice away and make my way back up the stairs trying not to spill the drinks or the ice.

I manage to make it up the stairs with out making a mess, and as I reach the top, I almost drop everything at the sight of you. The first thing that enters my brain is that I can smell your arousal. I relish in the thought of you being so turned on. I look to your lovely body and see that your head is tossing back and forth impatiently, your mouth goes from open to close to open rapidly like a fish trying to breathe out of water. I can’t help but feel a smirk cross my face as your hips are bucking wildly. Your thighs are trying in vein to open and close as to create any friction if possible to bring you release.

I set the drinks down and put the bowl of ice by the bed on the dresser where I won’t spill it. You feel my presence near you and try to speak my name. I turn off the music so I can hear your soft babbling. Even though you get really loud at times, this is my favorite stage of your arousal. With one hand I grasp the cord for the bullet and at the same time I pull the bullet out, I pinch your clit with my thumb and finger. Your response is what I’d hoped it would be. Your whole body comes unglued and thrashes wildly as your orgasm over takes you suddenly. As you come down from that orgasmic high, I feather your face and neck with soft kisses and whisper sexily that this is only the beginning. Your only response is an intake of breathe at the possibilities now floating around in your very beautiful and intelligent mind.

I wipe the bullet off and put it back in it’s drawer. I can’t help but marvel at how wet the sheets are now from the events leading up to your first orgasm. I hear you asking politely if I am going to take the blind fold off and I respond with a very emphatic NO. I’m no longer surprised by your strength as the bed actually moves due to all of your thrashing. I wait until you quiet down and grab the bowl of ice with my left hand and get an ice cube with my right and silently go in for the kill. Well, at least I’m sure that is what my neighbors thought as you let out a feral scream when the ice cube touches the back of your knee. I move it in circles as you start thrashing in your bonds again.

I grab another cube and attack the bottom of your left foot followed by your right foot. After I make a pass at both of your knees again, I quickly have to change my plan of attack.

Realizing foolishly that you are not about to hold still like I want you to, I straddle your hips with me facing the head of the bed. I settle down right on top of your pubic mound with my ass. Just as another cube of ice is descending towards your belly button, you attempt to grind your pussy on my ass to try and distract me and to stop my fun with ice cubes. After I assault your stomach and revel in the mixture of sounds and words flying out of your mouth. One second I hear groans followed by, “You bitch!”, which is then quickly replaced by hisses.

Your hips are bucking more frantically, so I move up to sit on your stomach so you can’t grind yourself to an orgasm using my ass. You don’t like that response, so I reach behind with me with my right hand and slip an ice cube into your tight channel. I am sure by the way your thrashing now, I would have ended up on the floor had I still been sitting on your hips. To take your mind off of your now freezing pussy by circling your left breast with yet another cube of ice.

As each circular pass I make, your nipples get harder and harder. I think back to how long I’ve known you, and I can’t remember them ever being any harder than they are at this particular moment in time. I repeat on the other breast. I can tell by just looking at your breasts, that the ice is having the effect on you that I want. I decide to turn the torture up a notch and as the ice cube passes over your nipple, I exhale sending my warm breath directly over that turgid bud. Your reaction is instantaneous, your skin is now covered in goose bumps as I hear a sharp intake of breath. I alternate nipples and occasionally capture one into my mouth to warm the nipple back up just so I can freeze it with the ice cubes all over again.

I slide back down your body and kneel in front of your very juicy center and place the bowl of ice between my knees. I look at your face and once again I can see the gears turning in your head. With my left hand I gently spread your lips open, due to your arousal, I didn’t have to spread your pussy very much. I watch fascinated by the copious amounts of your arousal that is being excreted and leaking down your ass. Then I remind myself that part of the fluid is from the ice cube I shoved into your core moments ago.

I want to stoke that fire raging inside you even more by slowly licking your outer lips, followed by engulfing your inner lips in my mouth. While gently sucking on one and then the other, I reach up your body to gently squeeze your breasts and twist the already very sensitive nipples. After nibbling your inner lips, I give your clit a dusting and pull my face away from that heavenly sight before I bring you that sweet release that you are desperately craving and continue the sweet torture with the ice. I grasp another ice cube with my right hand and start at your outer lip close to your ass and work my way up to the top of your slit and then back down the other side and coming to rest at your puckered rosebud. I contemplate on getting another ice cube that is bigger than the one held between my fingers and then I decide I might do that on the next pass. Just as you say, “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE!!!” I insert the ice into your ass. You issue a couple of verbal threats and I laugh evilly while replying, “I guess you’ll have to wait for me to release you from your bonds and even then your threats don’t scare me.”

I take another ice cube and slip it into your vagina to help cool your attitude, knowing full well that this action does the opposite. I do have to say I heard some very interesting words that I didn’t know existed. Must have something to do with your past I tell myself. I take another piece of ice and circle your clit with it. I can see the goose bumps appear and start to radiate in every direction. The sharp intake of your breathing lets me know that you didn’t expect me to suck your clit into my mouth at that very second. I slowly swirl my tongue around the priceless pear and then gently pinch your clit with my teeth. It doesn’t take long for me notice that your need to orgasm radiate through your body in small shudders every time my teeth scrape your little button. As you approach the edge of the cliff before you tumble into a vast sea of pleasure that is your orgasm, I take the last two ice cubes and slide one into your ass and the other into your sweet cavern.

I quickly vacate the bed as you start thrashing again due to the sudden cold in your two cores while you are begging and pleading for me to stop. Looking at your body, there are goose bumps from your head to your toes. I drink half my orange juice mixed with vodka while waiting for you to calm down. Once you are still, I remove the cuff on your left wrist and help you to sit up just a little. I then reach over for your ice water and bring it gently to your lips. You try to take the glass from my fingers and I decide to let you hold the glass. I have been denying you most of your requests up until now and decide to let you have your way before I start the next phase of my plan to bring you as much pleasure as humanly possible.

When you hand me your glass, I set it on the night stand next to the bed and re-apply the cuff with small protests from you. I promise just a little longer with the cuffs. I glance at the clock on the dresser and notice that I have tortured your gorgeous body for almost two hours now. With the blindfold still on I grab the massage oil off the shelf that is next to your wine glass, and a mischievous grin breaks out on my face.

I pour some oil in my hands and feel the instant warming sensation on my palms. I start with your right hand and arm. Gently rubbing in the oil, applying a little pressure with my fingertips one second and my palm the next. I work my way up your arm, making sure that I touch every sensitive spot. After I have thoroughly touched every part of that arm, I straddle your abdomen and continue with the left arm.

Your moans become louder as the oil, mixed with my relaxing hands brings you soft sensual peace from within. I crawl my way down the bed to the foot and start with your left foot and repeat the massage. This time, as my hands finish caressing your calf and work their way to your knee and thigh, I gently suck your big toe into my warm mouth. As I make a circular pattern with my fingers, I swirl my tongue in the same direction eliciting a hiss of sexual desire from your throat.

After I suck and lick all the toes on your left foot and my hands can’t reach past your knees, I switch feet. I repeat the ministrations on your right leg. Your moaning is becoming louder as I gradually move my hands closer to your pussy. I apply more oil to my hands and thoroughly massage every inch of your thighs.

My hands pass over nether region and head straight for your stomach. By now you’re begging me to touch you in one of two places. You don’t care if it’s your breasts or your pussy, you just need a hand somewhere. I take the oil and poor some directly on your breasts and dive in like you are begging for. I gently need the right globe while staying away from your nipples. No matter how hard you try, there isn’t enough slack left in your bonds to arch your back in hopes to bring your nipples in touch with my magical hands.

I finally can’t stand the torture that I have made you endure, so I take the nipple in my mouth. While my hands are still gently rubbing the outer edges of the globe, my tongue is swirling around the areola and my teeth occasionally nip the bud that is rock hard. I decide that I better stop with this breast and start with it’s companion because I know that you won’t last much longer in your highly aroused state.

After I finish with your right breast, I move back down to sit between your legs. I lovingly massage your pubic mound followed by your outer lips. I slowly explore every region I can, knowing full well that the massage oil is driving you to the point of sweet insanity. My fingers bring you to the brink of orgasm several times. You begin to babble incoherently begging and pleading with me to bring you relief. Or at least that is what I believe you want because the words coming from your mouth are a foreign language to me.

I am suddenly hit with an epiphany of why I love it when you babble. In every conversation we have every had, somehow you manage to get me to ramble on about anything without me realizing that you haven’t said two words in the last five minutes. Getting you to babble is almost like a sweet revenge in a way. Seeing you like this makes my heart swell with love and peace and knowing I can bring this type of insanity to you with just my hands and mouth.

I crawl off the bed and wipe as much of the oil off my hands as I can on the towel that I had brought up with me from after our shower. I pull out the harness with a sizeable dildo attached to it. It is a deep purple, which is my favorite color, the shaft is slightly curved and about 1.5″ in girth that is very detailed with ridges. The seat of the strap on settles comfortably on top of my clit. I don’t pay much attention to that part, all I want to do is bring as much pleasure as possible.

As I crawl onto the foot of the bed, I release the bonds that have held your legs in place. I decide that you might want to wrap those wonderful legs around my ass at some point. I grab one of the pillows by your head and tell you to lift your butt for me. I slide the pillow in place and ask if you are comfortable. “Free my arms and I’ll be a whole lot more comfortable.”

I whisper gently in your ear, “Not yet baby, in due time will I give you your release.”

My lips search out yours and engage you in a romantic kiss. My tongue exploring every part of your mouth it can reach, enjoying the different textures and tastes from your teeth, to your tongue, to the roof of your mouth. I can’t help but smile as you desperately try to break free of your remaining bonds just so you can wrap your arms around me.

Lost in the searing kiss, I forget to keep my hips up and away from your body so you can’t feel the dildo hanging down between my legs. The tip of the toy touches your belly button and you gasp into my mouth. I break the kiss and gently nip and lick down your jaw line moving to your earlobe. Now that my surprise has been found out a little earlier than I had intended, my hips rest against yours, and I start rolling my hips just to give you a little taste of what’s to come. I take your ear into my mouth and bite down on the sensitive outside edge and gently tug on it. As it stretches as far as comfortably possible, I run my tongue over the piece trapped between my teeth. I suddenly release the lobe, and exhale softly on your ear. I revel in being able to feel the shiver starting at that ear as it travels all the way down your body to your pussy.

I decide to remove the blindfold. I want to look into those gorgeous hazel eyes as I fuck you senseless, literally. I sit back and look down at your pussy. I thought that I might need lube for the strap on, but I don’t think there is much need for it now. Using what natural lubrication that is leaking out of you, I stroke the toy up and down your very slick slit, making sure it is thoroughly coated. I scoot closer to your pussy and place the tip at the opening of your vagina.

The head of the phallus enters your tight passage and lodges itself with in your core. I look into your eyes and see the love waiting there for me to claim it. After a couple of minutes I start to slowly work the dildo in and out, with every in stroke, the toy burying itself a little deeper into your tight canal. Quicker than I had thought possible, my hips meet your mound and you let out a satisfied groan.

Before I pull the dildo out to start giving you the ride of your life, I grind my hips against yours in a circular motion that elicits an “oh fuck” from those sweet lips. I develop a slow rhythm with a roll of my hips every now and then. I look into those beautiful eyes and see that they are glazed over. Your hips are now meeting me on every stroke desperately trying to get more contact out of me.

“DAMN IT love, I need more of you. Please fuck me harder, faster, yes, oh yes, just like that don’t stop, GOD please don’t stop.” I had been waiting for you to yell that before I started picking up speed. With my hands on your hips, I start thrusting harder and faster. It doesn’t take me long to reach the rhythm and speed you desire.

Within minutes you reach your third orgasm. I watch as your eyes roll back into your head as I my hips continue on their mission. As you come back around, I start pumping into you a little slower building up to speed withing minutes. You look into my eyes as if to wonder, ‘Oh God, where did this come from?’

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” I can’t help but smile as your chant is in time to my thrusting. You reach another orgasm and your whole body comes unglued. I hold onto you for dear life as I watch fascinated by how your body just spasms. My hands let go of your hips as I lean over your body to kiss you gently on your lips. My hips are still thrusting in and out of you at a slower pace. You return the kiss with longing in your eyes for me to release your arms from their bonds.

I stop my thrusting long enough to release your arms. Within seconds I’m wrapped in a bone crushing hug. I whisper, “Darlin, roll over and get on your hands and knees.” You start to protest, and a deep growl erupts from within my chest. I quickly pull the dildo out of you, and flip you onto your stomach. You look over your shoulder and into my eyes right after I turned you over onto your stomach and realize that I’m in a type of lust craze. You know that when I reach that point, I am not to be argued with. Even though I get a little distant, I would never hurt you and you enjoy the pleasure I can bring when I’m in this animalistic state.

You lower your face down on the bed, your knees are instantly under you with that beautiful ass in the air. Just as quickly as I had removed the dildo from you moments before, I thrust it back into it’s home again. I start with the long smooth strokes that I was using before I released you from your bonds. You reach another orgasm and start begging and pleading for me to stop. I know your body well, and what your body wants is the opposite of what you are saying. I keep thrusting faster and harder. I quickly adapt a rhythm that surpasses anything you have ever felt come from and I hear the sharp barks issuing from your mouth each time I drive that dildo into your sweet hole. I know that you have one more orgasm in you before it starts to get painful for you. The sounds of my hips slapping against your ass, the squishing sounds from the dildo sliding in and out, leaving you full, empty, and full again, mixed with your screams of passion, are all music to my ears.

It is at this moment in time that I feel close to God. I have the girl of my dreams in absolute chaos, thriving from the pleasure that I am giving you. Your hips are thrusting back as hard as you can while trying to swallow the toy whole with your pussy. The sight alone leaves me absolutely breathless.

In my desire to bring you multiple orgasms, I don’t realize that, with our current position, every time I drive the toy into your depths, the base comes into contact with my clit. I have always had problems achieving orgasms at times, and I had never experienced one while fucking my lovers with a strap on.

Just as you reach the pinnacle of your desire, right on the sweet raiser blade edge of pleasure, my thrusting becomes sporadic. We both reach the goal at the same time screaming feral screams into the night. I collapse on the bed next to your limp form laying prone on the bed, trying to catch my breath. While I am trying to figure out what in the hell just happened to me, because I have never experienced anything like this before, I look over at you and realize that you’re not moving. I get a little scared, but I notice that you are breathing deeply.

I had planned to bring you great pleasure and to fuck you till you passed out, I just never thought that I would actually be able to carry through with my dreams. I gently roll you over and place your head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around you and gently kiss your forehead.

With you in my arms, I feel at peace, like I have finally found the missing piece that completes my heart. As I listen to your steady breathing, I give into my exhaustion and pull you closer to my body as I fall asleep knowing that you are there waiting for me in my dreams with open arms and an open heart.

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