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Jonathon J. Pierce was neither a morning person, nor a Monday person, and this moment happened to be both. Amy, his primary partner, devoted submissive and beloved pet, had been away since Thursday on a company trip to a marketing conference in Atlanta, GA and would not return until the coming weekend. While he missed her terribly, he got so little personal time that he jealously guarded what he did manage to scrounge up, so he’d had all weekend to himself and he was very “not ready” for this work week to begin.

He needed a little exercise to clear his head of the Monday morning fog. He’d texted his only other play partner the night before, saying “see you in the morning”, and she’d responded only with a winking emoticon that Jon assumed meant she’d taken the hint.

Jon met her at their usual place; the break room by the coffee pot. Violet Vetter was on the phone, talking a hundred miles an hour as usual. It was early, but her energy was high and she ran in top gear pretty much all day long. She was tall and slender, with long legs that Jon thought were just amazing and stick-straight brown hair hanging loose and long down to her lower back. Her huge, brown eyes beamed at him when he came in the room, not unlike a puppy would, and she smiled broadly. She was very married, much to the chagrin of most of the men in the building, but one night at a local bar, at a co-worker’s going-away party, she’d revealed to Jon that her and her husband were exploring their boundaries and something strictly casual would not be out of the question for her. Sleeping with another man was not on the table, but she had a green light for what amounted to foreplay. A few more drinks later she let on that she’d had certain fantasies about being dominated that her husband was either unwilling or incapable of fulfilling for her, and Jon was quick to propose arrangements that would benefit them both. She would be well taken care of through her learning process in the hands of an experienced sexual dominant, and he would gain a gorgeous new play partner. That was five months ago, and little of their original arrangement had changed since, save for Violet’s desire to learn more about D/S relationships.

Violet ended her call quickly and came bouncing over to Jon, stopping in front of him and clasping her hands behind her back. She rocked back and forth on her heels, brimming over with energy that was no doubt, Jon suspected, because she was the reason half a pot of coffee was already gone.

“Good morning, Sir,” she chirped sweetly.

“You don’t have to call me that, pea,” Jon replied using her pet name (short for ‘sweet pea’), and she smiled in response. It always made her smile to hear him use it.

Violet knew she didn’t have to call him ‘Sir’, but it made her feel special. Like they had a secret together. Granted, it wasn’t exactly common knowledge around the office, but it wasn’t strictly between the two of them either. Other people had suspicions. They knew Jon was with Amy, and that he was sometimes with Violet too, but nobody was privy to how far it went or who it went with. So Jon normally had to be particularly careful to avoid situations that might invoke accusations of fraternization (not that there were any hard rules against it in his workplace), but today he just did not care.

Jon looked her up and down as she stood posed in front of him. It was hot out, and this day she’d chosen bright blue flip-flops, which she currently did not have on her feet. They were in the middle of the hall, of course. She’d sighed dramatically and kicked them off the minute she came in the door, citing the heat as the culprit who’d forced her do so (quite against her will, she added). In no way did they match the sun dress she also was wearing. White with red floral print, cut just above her knees, and thin shoulder straps. Either she was adorably oblivious to the mismatch, or it was intentional. Knowing her it could be either. Topping it off was a thin, black leather choker that could easily be worked in to most outfits and overlooked as decoration. It was embossed with flowers along it’s length; violets, to designate it as hers. Jon had given it to her when she had agreed to be his playmate. Normally meant to imply ownership, this collar was simply decorative. Violet understood what collaring a submissive represented, but insisted on having one anyway. She’d had it on ever since. Jon was frankly amazed that her husband hadn’t tried to find him and kill him yet.

Violet knew her lines well; “stand at attention, with perfect posture, and place your hands behind your back until I tell you what to do” had been the instructions Jon had given her for ‘play time’, and not once had she forgotten them. Her eagerness to play and enjoy the games they played was impossible to hide. It is part of the reason Jon chose her to be a formal play partner. He was hesitant at first to accept that this could be a long-term arrangement; Violet was so high energy and prone to random outbursts of just plain silliness. But she took to submitting to Jon’s every whim, no matter how small, as naturally as anything. He could tell her to do almost anything and she do it without hesitation, and grin like a fool all the while. Jon had never regretted his decision to make Violet his pet.

Jon held out his hand and Violet did not hesitate to take it. Still smiling happily, she allowed Jon to lead her into the conference room, shutting and locking the door behind them. Her eyes brightened visibly as he turned to face her again.

“You look sweet like a pea,” Jon flattered. Violet beamed in response. “The flowers on your dress are very becoming on you.”

“Thank you,” she replied, blushing slightly and smiling even wider. She responded very favorably to positive reinforcement.

“Show me what you have on under it,” he said.

She’d hiked the dress up and pulled it off over her head before he’d even finished the sentence. Her discarded dress fell to the floor beside her and she stood before him shamelessly nude, but for a pair of light blue, lace tanga panties. Jon at once understood why she’d picked the blue flip flops, and he grinned bemusedly at her, at which she grinned back knowing that her secret had been discovered. Her breasts were not large; B-cups perhaps, but her dark nipples were perfectly placed upon them and pertly pointed forward. Jon let his hand wander to one and rubbed her nipple with this thumb until it stiffened. Violet inhaled slowly and deeply at the sensation, and Jon took her hand and spun her around a few times to fully take in the view. He’d seen her naked many, many times in settings not unlike this one, but he never tired of her long legs and firm ass. He ran his hand gently over the curvature of her rear and gave her a playful slap on the left cheek before spinning her around to face him again.

“You are adorable, did you know that?”

Violet nodded enthusiastically and grinned even wider. “Uh-huh!”

Jon made allowances for her pride, but only because denying it deflated her so dramatically. He suspected she may have some serious, deeply rooted issues with her own sense of self-worth, but psychology was not his area of expertise and she was only a casual play partner; if she needed or wanted more she had to ask for it.

“Can we fuck today?” Violet’s abrupt forwardness snapped Jon back to reality. She smiled hopefully at him. She was serious.

“No, I told you we can’t do that. Your… er… husband has not granted you that liberty.”

Jon stroked her hair to soften the blow of denial. He’d let her down like this before, and she responded more amicably to rejection if she felt cared for at the same time. She’d never seriously been asking before, though. Only half-joking at most. Suspicion that something at home might be wrong flashed through his mind. That, or she was testing a boundary. He needed to proceed carefully in either case. Violet pouted, dramatically sticking her bottom lip out and rolling rapid-fire through several excuses at once.

“I don’t care. He doesn’t have to know. You could just touch me a little, down there,” she pointed demurely to her crotch with one finger, let out one adorable little whimper, then completely gave up on making excuses and threw herself on the alter of Jon’s mercy.

“I’m so wet!” she pleaded, grabbing his cock through his jeans with one hand, tugging at his belt with the other and stating her case at a thousand words per minute. “I didn’t get laid last night, or this morning, even though he said we could! It’s been a week! He’s so occupied by his new girl he met, and they’ve gone out three times! I have needs too goddamnit! Please, I need this…!”

“Aha…” Jon thought to himself. He smiled at her outburst of honesty and gently shoved her hands away from undoing his pants.

“I’m sorry, dear, we can’t do that to your husband. It wouldn’t be right. You need to-”

Violet interrupted him mid-sentence. “I can just put it in my mouth then!”

She dropped quickly to her knees in front of Jon and pawed at his zipper. She’d somehow managed to get his belt undone in only a few moments. He nimbly wrapped a fistful of long, brown hair around his wrist like a tug-of-war rope and pulled hard. She inhaled sharply, immediately stiffened and fell silent. It was one of a few tricks Jon had learned to control her; Violet loved having her hair pulled. He applied pressure to her scalp until she was fully upright and her head was bent back as far as she could bend her neck. Her eyes were closed and her breath was drawn in short, shallow gasps. He turned her around and pressed her against himself, holding her by the hair in one arm and high around her bare waist in the other. She reach behind her and grabbed him by the hips in a death-grip and responded by pressing her ass forcibly against his stiffening prick. Jon pulled even harder, but Violet missed the hint and started aggressively gyrating her hips against his crotch and somehow managed to get the button of his pants undone using only the motion of her ass. Jon balked, and had to take a moment and admit to himself he was impressed by that.

His free hand swept over her abdomen and down her trim stomach, stopping momentarily to probe her belly button before reaching down to the waistband of her panties. He slipped three fingers past it and over the thin landing strip of hair she kept trimmed. He found her bare, shaven slit and probed it gently with his middle finger. It was soaked, and hot to the touch. Violet was definitely serious about this, he thought. He found her clit through the folds of her cunt and pressed it gently a few times to coax it out of its hiding place, then slowly began to rub it in a small circular motion. As he picked up speed, Violet allowed a pleading moan to escape her lips and Jon knew he was back in control. He stopped, withdrew his hand from her panties and let go of her hair. Violet came down from her reverie quickly.

“Ooooh! Damnit!” she flustered, stomping one foot.

“As I was saying,” Jon smarted as he buckled his belt back on, “you need to communicate how you feel to him.”

He sat her down on the floor and took a seat in a chair behind her. Violet stuck her lip out and looked down at the floor which Jon knew indicated she was defeated, playful a gesture as it was. Her cheeks were turning slightly red as a slight sense of embarrassment flashed on her face. He gently stroked out the tangles in her hair until it passed.

“If he’s any kind of husband to you, he will respect your needs,” he added.

Violet laid her head back on Jon’s knee. “Richard would never fuck me like I am imagining you were about to,” she said mousily, then sighed deeply. “Oh well, I can always dream! You can’t stop me from doing that.”

Jon laughed. “Nor would I dream of trying,” he said warmly.

Violet sprung to her feet and resumed her perfect-postured pose in front of her playmate, hands clasped behind her back and her head cocked slightly to the left. Jon was pleased to see the smile had returned to her face, and the gleam was back in her eyes.

“What are we playing today, Sir?” she asked sweetly.

Jon stood and approached her, straightening the waistband of her panties and just taking her in for a moment while he thought about how to proceed.

“Stand there, and be quiet for a bit” Jon said with a little more authority.

They were her instructions, and she knew it. Violet responded well to subtle dominance, but she had a strong will and would push back if he overdid it. As a dominant, Jon always said ‘I can force a woman to do anything she wants to do’, and this was especially true for Violet. He said nothing more and held her gaze for a full ten seconds just to see if she would get anxious. Amy would usually drop her eyes to the floor after a few moments (Jon enjoyed the mental bondage as much as the physical), but Violet smiled sweetly and patiently and did not look away. Her gaze was soft, but something in it dared him to push her harder. It was a subtle challenge that Jon knew better than to answer. Violet enjoyed being a submissive, but she was by no means a bottom. This game would decide who was going to switch for the day, and Jon did not like switching. There was a fine line between the two sides that, if walked carefully, would let them both leave the room feeling like they’d won. It was ever Jon’s goal to walk that line. That, too, was part of the game. In a way, neither could win their contest of wills if one of them broke. They had too much empathy for one another’s moods; Violet knew Jon was strictly a dominant, and always felt guilty when she pushed back too hard, and Jon hated seeing any of his playmates, Violet in particular, walk around all day hanging her head. It was always just a better day for both of them when Jon took measures to make sure everyone had a good time. Which, as always, was the point of it all in the first place.

Satisfied, Jon walked over to a cabinet drawer and produced a long coil of thin white rope. Violet straightened her posture and bounced twice in anticipation, but maintained her pose for him. He eyed her as he uncoiled the rope, making a show of acting suspicious, trying to get her to react in some way; a snigger or giggle, or even a slight slouching of her shoulders would indicate that he was winning their game. Violet was frozen in place, her eyes brightening as Jon measured out the center point of the rope but otherwise remaining still and silent.

“Arms out, pea,” Jon instructed, walking around behind her.

She obediently lifted her arms and held them straight out at her sides, and gave him a playful, inquiring look.

“I’m going to practice some knot-work on you. Will you mind?”

The question was rhetorical, but Violet shook her head sweetly to give her consent anyway. Jon had learned only a few weeks earlier that, in addition to hair pulling, breath play and biting, Violet really loved the feeling of being restrained. So he reserved rope work for special occasions. Since the previous week had been stressful, Jon wanted to make sure this one got off to a good start for her, at least at work.

Violet was trim and slender, and he didn’t need much rope for this. Jon passed the middle of the rope around her waist just below her belly button (so as not to apply pressure to her bladder) and looped it around her body to the small of her back, where he tied a cat’s paw knot to secure it in place. He tested the snugness of the rope with one finger to make sure he was not applying too much pressure to Violet’s abdomen, checking her face for signs of discomfort. Satisfied that she was giving him none, he passed the ends of the rope around her waist about a dozen more times, tying them off up the middle of her spine with lark’s foot knots until he reached the base of her breasts. He finished tying the rope corset off with a square knot and let the long ends hang freely, then turned her around to admire his handiwork. It fit her beautifully. He ran his hands gently down her sides, taking in the feel of every coil wrapped around her gorgeous torso along the way. Violet lowered her arms and rested her hands on Jon’s forearms as he moved his hands around her waist, up her back and across the bare skin of her chest. White was a good color on her; it contrasted the light, olive tan of her flesh very well in Jon’s humble opinion. Violet closed her eyes and breathed deeply as Jon touched her. Her head lolled gently to one side and her grip on his arms tightened just enough for Jon to notice. The draining of the tension from her body was palpable. She responded so well to physical stimulation. He quietly wished her husband was more flexible with where other men put their hands, and how long they spent dwelling there. Jon quite wanted to lay her on the table and spend all day just running his hands over her naked body, and he was certain he’d get little protest from Violet if he tried.

He took her nipples between his fingers and pinched firmly. She inhaled sharply, but exhaled slowly through her mouth, then bit down on her lip as goose pimples prickled across her arms. Jon rolled his thumbs across them and circled the mounds of her breasts with his open hands, paying special attention to the sensitive nubs in the center. He alternated touching her breasts, pinching her nipples and flicking his thumbs over them, testing her reactions by varying the aggression with which he fondled her. Violet’s breathing became shallower, and her fingernails dug into Jon’s arms as she gripped them tighter. Her face contorted with something that was… not quite pain. This was an interesting reaction he’d never gotten from her before. He noted it for the future and let his hands fall away from her body, holding her by the hands and waiting patiently for her to come down from her reverie. She opened her eyes and nodded slightly when she was ready to continue.

“Can you move?” he inquired.

Violet bent at the waist and snaked from side to side to show that she could. Her body was loose and her breathing was deep and slow. She still smiled sweetly, but her eyes seemed sleepier and a light blush across her cheeks and chest told Jon that maybe she’d almost enjoyed that a little more than they’d both anticipated. He put two fingers under her chin and lifted gently until she resumed her perfect-posture pose. The light in her eyes came back, but she was a bit wobblier than before. Jon though her weakening knees were cute. Violet started to say something, but Jon pressed one finger against her lips to silence her; her instructions were to ‘stand there and be quiet’. Violet grinned and kissed his finger in compliance.

“Just one more thing, love, and then we have places to be,” Jon said as he turned her around again. “Hold your hair up, please.”

Violet reached behind her head and lifted the long, soft locks of brown hair up and away from her back and shoulders. She clasped her hands behind her neck and held it out of Jon’s way. Taking the two loose ends of the rope he’d bound her with, he passed them tightly around the base of her breasts, twice, crossed them over her shoulder blades in the center of her back, then passed them back around to wrap twice across her chest above her breasts in the front. He wrapped them twice more to cross them between the knolls of her flesh and finished the harness in the back by tying the loose ends off with a square knot. Her breasts were too small to put into full bondage, but this would put enough pressure around them that she would feel they were secured. He spun her around, and her face plainly displayed her elation with his handiwork. He moved his hands to hers and allowed her hair to fall down her back, and she tittered anxiously with something obviously on her mind.

Jon placed his hands on her shoulders to stabilize her and help her focus on him. “Do you like it?”

Violet nodded enthusiastically.

“I’d very much like to hear what you have to say,” Jon said, releasing her from her instructions and thus concluding their game. He was very pleased with the end results.

“I have such a huge crush on you right now!” Violet exploded.

Jon laughed out loud. “I’m glad, pea. I like you too. Do you feel better now?”

Violet took one step forward, buried her face in his shoulder and hugged him in response.

“Do you think you can wear it all day?” Jon asked as she pulled away.

“Of course I can,” she responded. “And I will. I love it.” Violet was smiling broadly, but this time not at Jon, just in general. Jon took her hand in his and kissed it.

“Good,” he said. “You may put your dress back on.”

Violet picked her clothes up off the floor and slid back into them. The rope harness was hidden perfectly under her dress. She touched it absently through the fabric of her dress, lost in her own thoughts, then furrowed her brow with some apparent internal conflict.

“Jon,” she started, using his name for the first time that morning, “I… we just…”

She struggled for words, which out of character for her. Jon took her chin in his hand and made her look at him. He was concerned and she was avoiding his eye, which was even more out of character than being at a loss for words. She looked genuinely stricken, then swallowed hard and continued.

“Thank-you, I mean. For being the kind of friend you are. I don’t know what came over me today, I just…” She struggled with the words. “Richard and I… these things we’re trying are changing so much about our marriage, and I don’t know how I feel about that yet… you’ve been so patient with me, and you’ve taught me so much… I’d just hate to think that I’m not good enough for you either, or that I’ve made you unhappy and pushed you away too… or…”


Jon cut her off with a finger to her lips because he knew where she was going with her revelation, and as much as he cared about her it wasn’t his fight to have. He held his finger to her mouth while he spoke, trying to maintain the subtle edge of authority that he knew she responded to best.

“How I feel, or how your husband feels, is not the only thing that matters. If your feelings aren’t being considered, why are you playing along?”

Her eyes said she had no answer.

“You are not property, and you are not a slave… some people like being crushed and humiliated, but I don’t think you’re one of them. And some people who try to be on top don’t really know what it’s about either. They don’t know the difference between dominance and abuse and they need it pointed out. I know how you like to play, you wear it right on your face Violet. You are more in control than I am even when you are submissive. What I do, or what Richard does to you at home, we do those things because you allow them to happen. And you can put a stop to it just as fast.”

Jon nodded at her to confirm that she understood, and Violet nodded back at him. Jon removed his finger from her lips.

“Nobody gets to make you feel like you don’t have that choice anymore. If they do, you walk right out of that room and drive straight over to my house, and I’ll be more than happy to be the one who gets to see you naked instead.”

Her smile immediately came back and she laughed out loud, mostly to choke back a totally different emotional outburst.

“We can have a pajama party?” she squealed.

“Yeah,” Jon laughed. “Something like that.”

Violet leaned in to hug him and whispered in his ear. “I sleep naked.”

Jon hugged her back and stifled a cough. “Is it hot in here to you?”

That one caught him off guard. He was pleased with her. She let go, smiled sweetly at him one more time, then turned to open the door and leave. She stopped with her hand on the door knob and turned back.

“Meet me here at 6:00 and I’ll give you your rope back,” she said, gleaming mischievously and winking at him.

Jon grinned back at her. “Sweet pea, you just gave me a reason to not go home at noon.”

Violet left the room, and he followed her out. They walked side by side to the hall, saying nothing, and exchanged knowing glances as they went their separate ways to their respective workstations. Jon felt like today was going to be a good day for both of them.

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