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Violated Valerie

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Valerie was already there when I arrived. I was early and was surprised to see her sat at the corner table. I had hoped that I would have a little time to calm my nerves before Valerie showed up, but it wasn’t to be obviously. I took a deep breath, fixed a confident smile on my face and walked in.

Val noticed me as soon as I pushed the door open. She smiled a nervous smile and even lifted her hand six inches off the table top to wave her fingers at me in a sign of recognition. I walked to the table and Valerie stood up as I approached.

She looked every bit as sexy in real life as she did on the webcam and photos I’d seen of her. Of course I’d seen just about every inch of her lovely, statuesque body at those times, but even seeing her using a big vibrator against her hot, pink sex couldn’t compare to a physical, face to face meeting.

I’d discovered Valerie more than a couple of years previously when she had her own member page on the internet. Her husband, Mike, set it all up and Val posed for, and teased mercilessly, a number of ‘regulars’ by stripping on webcam and even posing occasionally for increasingly more graphic pictures.

I had always lusted after Valerie. I sometimes physically ached with the desire to hold her lovely, large breasts in my hands. I wanted to test the weight of her big tits and to kiss every beautiful inch of those creamy, smooth globes.

It wasn’t just her breasts that I wanted to kiss. Valerie’s pretty face was oh-so-kissable as well, with her big beguiling eyes and painted red lips. I would love nothing more than to strip her down to her customary basque and stockings, and then ease her slim thighs wide before tonguing her hot, gooey opening for hours.

It had taken a lot of time and perseverance to build up a level of communication between Val, Mike and myself. Eventually, after what must have been the millionth time of asking, Mike persuaded Val to agree to a meeting between us. Several phone calls later, here we were, on the verge of what I hoped would be one of the most memorable nights of my, and I hoped Val’s, life.

‘Hi, Val,’ I said shyly, my confidence evaporating now that the moment of truth was here.

‘Ricky, hello,’ Val replied and offered her cheek for my kiss.

‘Where’s Mike?’ I asked, looking for signs of Val’s husband.

‘He’s …around.’ She smiled at me, ‘Oh, don’t fret; he wouldn’t leave me on my own, but he wanted you and I to… to get to know each other a little better.’

I nodded, slightly relieved. I knew Mike was okay with what was on the cards that night. Hell, he’d been almost as keen as me, but it would have been a little awkward to have him around right at this time – a little intimidating.

A couple of drinks later and I began to loosen up. Val was great company, mildly flirtatious as I’d hoped she’d be and she soon put me at my ease. Her earlier apparent nervousness had vanished and she constantly leaned forwards to treat me to a fantastic view of her superb cleavage.

I knew Val would be wearing a basque under that dress and the mental image I formed sent me near wild with desire. I could hardly restrain myself from reaching inside the plunging neckline of the dress and scooping her delicious breasts out right there in public.

‘Put your tongue back in you horny bastard,’ Val whispered to me with a teasing smile. ‘My tits really do give you the horn don’t they?’

I nodded and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Val’s long, red-nailed fingers run along the length of my thigh under the table. She kept up the pressure from her palms right up to my bulging cock and squeezed it gently but firmly.

‘Mmm,’ she murmured, ‘you’re a little excited down there aren’t you?’

‘Fuck, Val,’ I groaned, ‘this is killing me.’

Val smiled and leaned forward again, closer this time and with her elbows pressed against the flanks of her full breasts. I had a view down that décolletage that sent an electric jolt of lust through my body. My balls tightened and I felt my precum slide out of the eye of my cock and into my underwear.

‘Oh God, Val,’ I whispered as I stared down into the valley of Nirvana. ‘I want you so badly… Honestly… I’m so fucking stiff and so turned on… I can’t take it.’

Val’s laughter pealed like a bell as she sat back in her seat. She breathed in deeply, which only emphasised the fact that she had such outstanding breasts.

‘Well,’ she purred as she pushed close to me again. ‘Just to turn up the heat a little more… I’m not wearing underwear… I’m all bare between my legs… bare and sticky.’

I groaned and closed my eyes in a vain attempt to banish the image of Val’s pubic bush all matted with her syrup as it oozed out of her opening.

‘No, please, Val… please stop…’

Val’s hand and arm moved below the level of the table top for a moment. She wriggled in her seat and then her hand came back into view.

‘Here,’ she said in a throaty voice. ‘Here, look at my fingers.’

I knew what I’d see and I tried hard not to look. I was trembling with the pent up desire for Val and could almost feel my balls generating cum in anticipation of what I fervently hoped lay ahead. I had never been in such a state of high arousal before. The damn woman was turning me on more and more with every tick of the clock. It was the memory of her wantonness on cam, the heat of her physical proximity and the scent of her subtle fragrance, the sound of her melodic voice and her refined elocution… and now… now she was offering her smeared fingers as evidence of her own arousal.

Inevitably I looked. I saw the viscous gloop daubed on Val’s fingers. She discretely offered her hand to me and I sniffed the bouquet of her sex before Val pushed the fingers into my mouth.

‘Time to go?’ She suggested and stood up.

Caught unawares I struggled awkwardly to my feet. My cock was huge and badly placed in my trousers and I knew that it was sticking out a mile. Not only that, but there would very likely be a stain on the front of my trousers where my precum was slowly leaking through.

Regardless of my predicament, Val and I walked into the car park adjacent to the restaurant. No sooner had we gotten outdoors than I grabbed Val’s arm and pulled her towards me. I pushed my mouth to her bright coloured lips and kissed her urgently. As I pressed my tongue into Val’s mouth I ground the hard length of my penis against her thigh to indicate just how aroused I was, and I couldn’t help but squeeze at her lovely, big jugs beneath her dress.

‘Val,’ I moaned like a teenager. ‘You’re so fucking sexy… Damn, you’re such a slut on the cam… Now, you’re here, right here… God, I want to lick your cunt…’

‘I want you to. I want you to lick me’ Val replied and unzipped my flies. ‘I want to be a slut for you.’ Val pulled my leaking cock out into the warm air. ‘In fact… I’ll be a slut for you now and I’ll suck your cock.’

Val lifted her dress up around her thighs and I saw the dark smudge of her stockings in the darkness. Then, she was squatting in front of me and I felt her hand around my shaft. Her wet mouth had just closed over the bulb of my cock head when the door of the restaurant banged open and a couple walked out into the car park.

‘Oh my!’ the woman cried startled when she saw me stood, immobile, directly in their path.

‘Evening,’ the man said. I could hear the amusement in his tone as he pulled his companion past the two of us.

Val stood up again after the couple had passed by, which left me even more aroused than previously if that was physically possible.

‘Shit!’ I hissed in frustration. Val had only just begun to suck my cock when we’d been interrupted; I couldn’t take much more of this.

I awkwardly tucked my unfortunate, unbending penis back into its covering and led Val by the hand to the hotel complex. I’d booked the room specifically for the hotel’s proximity to the restaurant and I thanked God for my foresight. I had to get Val inside soon or I’d cum in my pants, no question.

Finally, I pushed the door closed behind us and I had Val alone.

‘What’s the room number?’ she asked as she pulled a mobile phone from her small hand bag. I told her and Val dialled. She muttered into the device very briefly and then hung up. ‘Mike,’ she indicated the phone. ‘He’ll be here soon.’

I moved towards Valerie and unzipped my flies as I went. I kissed her again and she returned the kiss with ardour. Val closed her fingers around my cock and squeezed it gently as we kissed. I groaned at the sensation and pushed my tongue deeper into Valerie’s mouth.

Val abruptly pushed me away from her body and turned around to show me her back. ‘Unzip me,’ she instructed and I immediately reached for the zip on the back of the dress.

Val turned to face me and, with a glint of mischief in her eyes she slowly, tantalisingly, allowed the top half of the dress to fall. I goggled as the slopes of her creamy breasts were exposed. I sighed at the sight of Val’s semi covered breasts and marvelled at how the lovely soft flesh bulged provocatively over the bra cups of her basque.

I moved close to Val again, my cock jutting hugely and leaking its precum copiously. We kissed again and I cupped each breast in my palms through the bra.

‘Fucking hell,’ I whispered as I hefted each of Val’s superb jugs.

Then, there was a knock at the door and a voice called from outside: ‘It’s Mike, open up.’

Suddenly, and for no reason that I could decipher, Val pulled the dress up and covered herself.

I went to the door and let Mike in.

‘So,’ he said as he strode in. ‘How are things going?’

‘Yeah,’ I replied. ‘Mike, I’m so pleased you got this together… Jesus, man, I mean… Val’s so …so damn sexy.’

Mike chuckled, ‘I know.’ He turned to his wife, ‘How about you Valerie? Are you enjoying it?’

Val looked suddenly furtive; there was an expression on her face I couldn’t quite figure out.

‘Well…’ She began. ‘I was getting turned on, but…’

‘But what?’ Mike interrupted.

‘But… now, now I’m really not sure…’ Val sighed and shrugged her shoulders. ‘I don’t know. Somehow one on one seemed fine, but… a threesome? It just seems so sluttish now that we’re all here.’

‘So what are you saying?’ Mike asked. ‘You want to back out? Is that it?’

I couldn’t believe where this was going. It just couldn’t be happening. I was so close, so close to realising all those months of expectation and hope. I’d had Val’s mouth around my cock – briefly, oh so briefly. I’d hefted her succulent breasts in my hands only seconds before as we’d kissed like lovers… and now!

It was too much to contemplate that Val would walk out. I hung on her reply to Mike’s question.

‘Yes,’ she said simply. ‘I’m sorry, it’s not right… I can do it on cam, but I can’t be such a slut as to have two men together… at the same time.’

Val picked up her small bag and turned to leave. She looked at me with an apologetic smile on her face and looked more than a little sheepish.

‘Sorry,’ she whispered again and then walked to the door.

I stood flabbergasted, she was going… Fuck, fuck fuck! I actually felt the tears of frustration at the untimely thwarting of all my plans. All that effort, to be thrown away at the last moment – and after being so damned close…

I expected Mike to follow his wife out of the door and to close it firmly behind him as they walked away, but what actually happened stunned me.

‘Stay right there, you fucking bitch,’ Mike said in a tone filled with menace. ‘If you think you’re leaving, then you’re just taking the fucking piss.’ He grabbed his wife and spun her around to face him. I saw the shock on Val’s face but was too surprised by Mike’s vehement reaction to do anything about it. ‘Take the dress off,’ he commanded.

‘What?’ Valerie responded. ‘What are you doing? I don’t want to take the dress off… Mike, please.’

Val’s tone was pleading and I heard the tremor in her voice. She was frightened by Mike’s forceful words and actions.

‘You don’t want to take the dress off? Really, you don’t want to?’ I heard the sarcasm in Mike’s voice and winced, not really sure what was actually going on, but I knew it wasn’t too good.

Mike took hold of Val’s face under her chin with one hand and his fingers squeezed her cheeks. Val’s mouth puckered involuntarily with the pressure from Mike’s fingers and I saw her eyes widen with real fright now.

‘I said,’ Mike spat the words into his wife’s face harshly, ‘take the fucking dress off.’ There was a palpable air of menace in the pitch of Mike’s voice, an icy cold, steel hardness that would tolerate no argument.

Trembling Val did as her husband ordered. I just stood unmoving, an observer, not knowing whether to intervene or not. If I hadn’t been so aroused sexually and maybe thinking straight, then I would certainly have put a stop to the scene that was unfolding in front of me. Half of me wanted to stop it before it got ugly, but the other half wanted to see where it would go. I wanted to see Val in all her glory and the other way hadn’t borne fruit… I can only blame the madness of my lust for my complicity.

‘There,’ Mike whispered when Val’s dress lay on the floor. ‘How do you like that sexy bitch, Ricky? Isn’t she just too fucking sexy?’

I swallowed and nodded. He was right, even though Val was trembling with fright and apprehension, I could plainly appreciate her sexual allure. The basque was barely able to contain her breasts, the high, spike heeled shoes she was wearing perfectly accentuated her slim, well turned ankles and elegant shapely legs. I looked at the sharp contrast in hue and tone between her dark stockings and the creamy expanse of her smooth thighs before I took a long appreciative stare at the dark smudge of her pubic bush between her thighs.

Mike unzipped his trousers and took out his erect penis. ‘Come over here, slut,’ he called to Val and stood next to me. ‘Come here and suck these two cocks.’

‘Mike… No, please… I… I can’t.’ Fat tears rolled down Val’s cheeks, she really didn’t want to do this.

Mike sighed and moved quickly. Val squealed as her husband took a handful of her hair and virtually lifted her across the room.

‘Shut your whining, get down on your knees and suck my cock – NOW!’ He pushed Val to the floor roughly and virtually stuffed his cock into his wife’s face. ‘Suck it you slut, open your mouth and suck it.’

Val had no alternative and I just stood with my own cock at the ready, unable and unwilling to help her. She took her husband’s stiff penis in her hand and, sniffing back the tears, she sank her mouth over the end.

Mike grinned and looked at me as Val’s head bobbed up and down his shaft. ‘You want her too?’ He pulled Val’s head up roughly by the hair and forced her to look up at him. ‘Suck Ricky’s cock too, you dirty slut. Go on.’ He pushed Val at me and she moved her knees to avoid falling to the floor.

Val looked at me, her eyes wide and imploring. I felt a burst of sympathy for her and was just about to pull away from the scene when she just took hold of my cock and slurped at it. In spite of the fact she had been coerced into sucking my cock this time, Val slobbered and slurped at my penis almost hungrily. She squeezed at the base of my cock and fondled my tight balls as she sucked at me. Perhaps she was making the effort in order to have me cum and thereby end the ordeal? I don’t know; all I knew is that her quick tongue was all over my cock and I was in danger of squirting my semen right down her throat anytime.

‘Oh yeah,’ Mike whispered when he saw my cock stretching Val’s lips. Her cheeks bulged as my cock head pushed against the inside of her mouth and then Val licked slowly down the underside of my cock, right down from the tip to my balls. On the way back she tickled the banjo string at the base of my glans and I felt the real danger of my cum beginning to surge along my shaft.

‘Shit…’ I began, but I was too late and a thick arc of semen spurted from my cock and sailed almost gracefully through the air. Such was the force of my ejaculation that the first jet gushed high and landed in Val’s hair. The next few spurts hit her squarely on the face and I watched as she squeezed her eyes shut against my ejaculate.

My climax burst up through my body and seemed to electrify my nerve ends. I had been so turned on; aroused to a fever pitch and here I was finally finding some release. My cock spat several jets of the hot stuff onto Val’s cheeks and thick drops of it spattered against the slopes of her still covered breasts.

‘Oh my God!’ Val cried as my seed dripped from her chin and slithered obscenely down her breasts to stain the bra of the basque.

‘You fucking whore,’ Mike gurgled as he surveyed the ruin of his wife’s make up. ‘Look at you, covered with another man’s cum…’ He tugged frantically at his cock and then aimed it right into Val’s already goo dripping face. ‘Take another load,’ he grunted and then jerked in spasm as he added his mix to mine.

Spunk clung to Val’s face like an obscene face pack. Ropes of it hung in her hair and her breasts were spattered with tiny rivulets of running cum.

Val looked up at us from her kneeling position on the floor. She looked so abused and depraved that my cock stayed rigid with desire. I may have just sent the contents of my balls over her, but the little guys had been producing spunk all day in anticipation… there would be more for Valerie, that was for sure.

Mike pulled his drenched wife to her feet. Cum dripped thick and creamy from her and spattered onto the carpet. He pushed his wife back onto the bed and held her legs wide.

‘Look at her,’ he said and indicated Val’s inflamed sex as it pouted pink, swollen and hot between her thighs. ‘Why don’t you taste her?’ he offered. ‘Go on; lick her, if you use your fingers she’ll squirt… I guarantee it.’

‘Mike… No, please… Wasn’t that enough? I’m covered in spunk; I did as you said…I sucked both your cocks. Enough please.’

‘Not a fucking chance,’ Mike hissed at his wife. ‘Not a fucking chance. We haven’t finished with you yet,’ he laughed and continued. ‘In fact, we’ve only just fucking started.’

Val wriggled in an attempt to free her legs from Mike’s grip, but he was too strong for her. ‘Go on, Ricky, taste the slut.’

I lay down on my belly as Mike held Val’s legs wide. I looked at her sex and then licked at the core of her where, even now, syrupy goo dribbled thickly.

Val hissed and writhed when she felt my tongue on her body. ‘No!’ she shouted loudly. ‘No, stop it. Get off me.’

Mike must have put his hand or a pillow over Val’s mouth because her cries for help were instantly muffled.

I turned back to Val’s slit and tongued her clit. As I licked and lapped at Val’s sex I pushed a finger inside her opening and massaged the spongy walls. I carried on licking and probing at Val for several minutes and then suddenly realised that she was running her fingers through my hair and positively pushing my face against her slippery sex.

‘Yes,’ I heard her sigh. ‘Yes, lick my cunt… Suck my clit and finger me. Do it to me, Ricky, I’m such a dirty slut…’

Val had succumbed. She’d capitulated and finally submitted to the depraved sex that she’d agreed to. At the sound of her sweet voice I redoubled my efforts between her legs and was rewarded by a long, low, satisfied sigh of pleasure.

‘That’s it, baby,’ she murmured. ‘Finger me… Yes!’

Then, suddenly, Val lifted her leg over my head and rolled onto her front. ‘Please,’ she begged and pushed her buttocks into the air. ‘Please, finger my cunt and lick my arse, I’m fucking begging you…’

I was a little surprised, but in no way disgusted and I parted the cheeks of Val’s round bottom with the thumb and finger of one hand. I fingered her deep and hard as she indicated as I examined the dirty stain of her anus. As Val squirmed under my probing fingers, I dabbed my tongue at the rosebud of her arse and wriggled my tongue into her.

‘Fuck!’ she cried. ‘That’s so dirty, it’s so bad… Mike, Mike, he’s tonguing my arse… I love it, I love it.’

‘I know, baby,’ Mike grunted. ‘I can see it all… I can see his fingers in your cunt… And you fucking love it… What a slut!’

Suddenly, Val shouted and grunted several times. She pushed herself hard onto my fingers and I felt her syrup literally squirt onto my wrist.

Val writhed and moaned uncontrollably for what seemed an age. Her face was distorted as she grimaced in what appeared to be pain, but was in fact high ecstasy. Her face was a rosy colour; further evidence that she was coming hugely.

As she rolled onto her back with her knees bent I saw that Val’s basque had slipped and that her breasts were fully free. Her nipples were long and thick and the saucer shaped areola that surrounded the teats were both puckered with her arousal.

Unable to contain myself I pulled Val’s knees apart and just pushed my cock into her sodden opening. I held Val’s knees back to her shoulders so that her sex was angled upwards to me. I braced myself on my outstretched arms and rested on my palms. At this angle I could thrust hard and fast into Val’s searing sex and I began to fuck her immediately.

Val’s eyes opened when she felt me slide into her body. I powered into her and looked down at her debauched face. Her hair was a tangle and laced with drying spunk. There was a crusty residue staining her cheeks from where both mine and Mike’s semen had spattered earlier. Her big tits swung wildly as I thrust into her body and I saw that they too were smeared and stained with cum.

In spite of Val’s ruined appearance I still found her incredibly desirable. The very corruption of her former perfection sent a burst of lust through my body and I dipped my face to her breasts to suckle, finally, at her enlarged nipples.

‘Do it to me, Ricky,’ Val grunted. ‘Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt… It’s on fire, please, put the fire out down there, and come inside me.’

The sight of Val writhing under me, the smell of her sex and the lewdness of her urging sent me over the edge and I groaned loudly and then kissed Val hungrily as my seed flooded her womb.


Of course, the night didn’t end there. That was just a foretaste of how sluttish Val could be. There’s more depravity, much filthier and much more obscene.

One day I hope to tell you all about it… in great detail, but I’ll have to ask Val and Mike if I can share it with you.

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