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Viking’s Desire

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Rachel stretched lazily on the lounge chair and shifted so the sun could kiss other areas of her body previously shadowed. It was a perfect day in May and after a whole week of work, she felt she needed a day just to unwind and enjoy herself. She finished reading a trashy romance novel, her dark sunglasses giving relief from the bright glare of the sun. She normally didn’t read these kinds of novels, but she just wanted to let her brain relax and enjoy the sensuality of the hero and damsel in distress.

It was the usual story line of damsel being rescued, and promptly hating Hero because she did not think she needed rescued, then when Hero was tired of being pushed away, fell into another’s arms. Suddenly damsel realizes how much she loves him, and she spends months hunting him down. They ended up together making mad passionate love. It was almost disgusting how Hero took damsel in the end, forcing her to do things that she thought were so barbaric… but yet Rachel felt herself getting hot and wet, and it had nothing to do with the sun. She silently chided herself for her arousal.

Rachel was a big voluptuous girl, her huge breasts gave her plenty of attention, but because she was just as plump in her tummy and bottom, thick heavy thighs… not many men really care to do much more than gawk down her shirt. She accepted this, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to have a boyfriend or anything, but she knew it would take someone special to really appreciate what she had. And she was willing to wait. She was just 32, still young enough to find that special someone, she wasn’t worried. But it did not make the constant desire and sensuality that she exuded become any more diminished. She felt like she was constantly in a state of arousal.

Her only outlet of late was conversations with interesting people on the internet. She bounced around various chat rooms that had names from the very mild to the very wild. When she was very hot, she would hook up her web cam and go into a room for BBW women and only show her breasts with her face out of view, to a few men who had enough class and sense to speak to her in a considerate way. No one in her real world knew about her kinky desires, only the few she talked to online. She generally did not try to develop any close ties with the men she spoke to, she would change her chat name every month or so to deter men from hounding her. There was one particular man that really got to her though. “VkingsDesire” seemed to know what she needed and when she needed it. After talking for several months, he started naming what she was thinking almost as she was thinking it. To the point where she felt like she was falling deep within herself, and thinking about kinkier and stranger things, almost to the point of debase. She couldn’t seem to help herself whenever she spoke to him. But when she was not talking to him, she would think back to the conversations, and feel ashamed. She finally eased away from him and changed her chat name again. That was nearly a year ago, and she rarely thought about him now.

As she shifted again, she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and looked over to the vast expanse of yard to the next door neighbor’s yard. He was doing some work back there, but between the trees and fence and flowers and bushes, she couldn’t quite make it out, but it looked like he was getting ready to build something. He caught her gaze and looked at her, a faint smile reaching his lips, almost to the point where she almost could have imagined it. She chose to ignore him and pretend that she was engrossed in her book, although she had already finished it.

While she stared unseeing at the words on the page, she wondered about her neighbor. He just moved in a few months ago, nobody in the neighborhood had really met him. All anyone knew was what the mailbox stated in bold letters: “Vanderbilt”. She would catch him watching her, just doing day to day things; getting the mail, planting flowers, sitting outside talking on the phone, cutting the grass. But she chose to ignore him, although couldn’t help being curious. Once she purposely wore no bra and a tank top, and shorts to mow the grass. Thinking to herself, maybe he will quit ogling me if he really sees me. But that did not seem to make any difference. It seemed to make him watch her more. She would catch his reflection in a window, or watching her from his yard, or while he was sitting in his Jacuzzi. He was an attractive man, but not in the ‘pretty boy’ way, more of the aura that surrounded him. Strong, lean but not thin, had an air of authority and purpose. Not very tall, maybe 5’10 or 11, but his presence made him seem larger than life. Mostly gray hair with some streaks of jet black made him look more distinguished than older, and the most piercing blue eyes that seemed to look straight to the soul. The closest she came to him was when she was riding by his house to get to her drive, and he was on the far side of the street getting his mail out of the box. Time seemed to stand still as she drove slowly past, and their eyes locked. She could feel an icy chill, and she had to force her eyes away so she could navigate her car into the drive properly.

She thought of the time when she purposely set out to show off her body to him, and her pussy tingled when she thought about being brazen and giving him another innocent show. Why she would ever even think to do that she didn’t know, but the thought excited her. After all, it wasn’t like he was going to act on anything. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with the urge to put her book down and go pull weeds in her little flower bed. She got up and walked over to it, closer yet to his yard, and leaned over and busied herself pulling weeds. Knowing full well a good deal of her breasts would be hanging and swinging in full view. She got wetter and wetter knowing she was exposing herself to his eyes. She was shocked at herself, and didn’t even understand why she felt like she wanted this. She heard him pounding with his hammer on his project when she started weeding, but noticed at some point the hammering had stopped.

She felt her face flush with embarrassment knowing he was looking at her. She didn’t know he was, but she felt it. Then she worked her way around to where she was now facing away from him, and bent over, she knew that her big soft round bottom was spread before him. She remembered almost too late that she hadn’t bothered to wear any panties, and she was wearing a short skirt. But it seemed like her body was no longer controlled by her, she was bending straight over from the waist and couldn’t seem to stop herself. Suddenly she felt the overwhelming urge to touch herself, and she almost aloud said “Stop it!” to herself. Suddenly the urge stopped and it was almost like she was waking up from a dream. She turned beet red at what she had just done, and quickly walked back to her chair, picked up her book and started into her house. She couldn’t help but take a quick peek at her neighbor, who seemed rather busy on his project. She shook her head at herself and walked into her house.

Over the following week nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she still saw her neighbor watching her at times. The following weekend she did the same thing as last, opened up her lawn chair and settled in it, this time wearing only a deep V neck halter top and a skirt, no panties or bra, and settled in with another novel. Mr. Vanderbilt came out just a few min later and started working in his yard. Rachel tried very hard not to look at him, but she found that she would be drawn to look at him, like she couldn’t control it. After watching him for about an hour doing yard work, he stripped off his clothes and sunk in his Jacuzzi. Almost like she was in a trance, she watched him look at her, and got up and walked toward him. It was almost like she had no feeling in her limbs, they were just moving toward him as if she were a puppet on a string. She walked all the way up to his deck and just stood there looking at him, her head screaming “What are you doing??” But her body was powerless to control. He looked at her, and gave the briefest smile. Without any words being spoken between them, she moved close to him, close enough for him to reach out and push the material of the halter away from her breast and grab a hold of her nipple and pull hard. It was like she no longer had a voice; she just opened her mouth slightly and started moaning. It hurt, but she didn’t want him to stop. She was humiliated in her mind, but she couldn’t react, she couldn’t stop him… and didn’t want to.

“Are these mine?” He asked quietly as he twisted her nipple harder.

Rachel could not speak; all she could do was nod. “What is wrong with me???” she shouted in her head, “Get your hands off me!” But she could not deny the flood of wetness in her panties. He stood up and turned her around and removed the ties that held her halter top, pushed her skirt up and felt her ass, then slid his fingers over her pussy lips from behind.

“Well well, what do we have here?” He mocked, “No panties? My, what a little slut you are.”

Rachel’s face turned beet red, but she still could not speak. He pulled down her skirt so that it pooled around her feet and she stepped out of it. She turned around and just stood there, as Mr. Vanderbilt sat back down in the Jacuzzi and just raped her with his eyes. She felt like she was frozen to the spot, she could not move. Her face burned hot with humiliation.

“Walk over to that bench by the door and sit down and spread your legs apart. Do not let anything block my view of that pussy. Go now.”

Rachel fought against the forces she could not explain, but no matter how hard she fought them, she was powerless to do anything short of what he commanded. She went and sat on the bench, leaned back against the house and spread her legs, and reached down and spread her pussy lips as wide as she could. He sat and watched her for what seemed like an eternity. He finally got up and came out of the Jacuzzi. He took off his shorts on the deck, then naked, pulled Rachel up off the bench and led her into his house.

Once inside, Mr. Vanderbilt picked up a large duffel bag that was sitting on the floor of the family room and rummaged around in it. Rachel could do nothing but stand by helplessly and watch him. He turned to her and put a leather collar around her neck with an O ring in the front and attached a metal chain leash with a leather handle that hung down to her pussy. Then he put leather cuffs on her wrist and hooked them together in front of her. He bent down and placed cuffs on her ankles, and on her thighs. He had some thick soft black rope that he started weaving around her body. When he was finally finished, she looked down, and she was wearing some sort of harness that went from her neck down to her cunt. He had a special part between her pussy lips with a knot strategically placed at her clit and at the opening of her hole. He then took more rope and pushed her down until she was bent like an upside down L and he started wrapping the rope at the base of her swinging full pendulous tits. He wrapped them tight, and only half way, so when she finally stood back up they were enormous and standing straight out, tit flesh taut and nipples rock hard. He stood before her staring into her eyes and teased her nipples, flicking them and pulling them and slapping her tits. All she could do was moan. Her eyes were fixed on his, and she could not look away no matter how hard she tried. He saw the fight in her eyes and he just smiled.

He grabbed her leash and led her through the house, down the hall, and down the steps into a basement. She looked around in horror and saw all kinds of devices, furniture and instruments; to her it looked like something one would find in the torture chambers at the Spanish Inquisition. He led her to the least scary looking piece of furniture which looked more like a high setting lounge chair. He put a step stool beside it and coaxed her up in the chair. She laid back into it, relaxing in spite of her internal terror and humiliation. He moved to the foot of the chair and pushed some control buttons at the bottom, and her pelvis started moving up and her back came down nearly flat, and then she felt her feet being lifted into some sort of stirrups. Then another button made the whole bottom part of the ‘chair’ retract to where her bottom was almost hanging off, and would have fallen off had she not had her feet bracing her in the high stirrups. He came around to the side and lifted her cuffed wrists high above her head and hooked them to something so she was stretched completely out. He moved around to the bottom of the chair and fastened chains to the outside of her thigh cuffs and tightened them until her legs were spread far apart and she could not move. Then she felt a comforting heat emanating from a lamp that was drawn close to her pussy, and she felt him slide the rope to the side, then touching, probing, pressing all over her cunt. She could do nothing but moan in humiliation. His fingers (and she assumed his eyes) missed nothing. He pulled back her mound and spread her lips open and saw her tiny clit protruding.

He rubbed all around her clit without actually touching it and smiled when he noticed her hips rotating with his touch. He moved downward, noting her small inner lips and spreading them to see the most intimate details of her cunt. He moved farther down and rubbed just above her urethra, and then sliding down to the entrance of her hole. He chuckled when he noted that she was soaking wet, and 2 of his fingers entered her fairly easily, and he took note of where that special spongy spot was and rubbed it in circles. Suddenly Rachel started shuddering, she could not help it. He did not allow her to have any more of a reaction other than building to a fast orgasm, and promptly removed his fingers before she went over the edge. He traveled farther down and spread her fat ass cheeks apart and rubbed against her asshole. He laughed out loud when he noted how she squeezed herself together as tightly as she could, and then without saying a word, He thought, “Relax.”

And just as suddenly, she dropped all the fight and relaxed completely. He took some KY out of the handy drawer in front of him and lubed up a finger, gently inserting it, but not stopping until he could get no more of his finger in, then took it out and inserted 2 fingers. He pressed against the wall that separated her bottom hole to her cunt hole and smiled to hear her moan. He removed his fingers and got up and washed his hands thoroughly at a nearby sink, then came back and repositioned the harness he made from rope so that the knots were again against her clit and hole. He started toying with her breasts again; pinching the nipples and pulling them until she was sure he was going to rip one of them off. But after the silent command to relax, all she could do is lie there and watch helplessly.

After some time, he raised her up and took her down off the chair, and holding the hair tightly at the nape of her neck, directed her to some sort of contraption. She recognized it as the thing he was building last week. He stood in front of her and unwrapped the binding rope that held her big tits, which had turned purple. The blood rushed to the areas that were so restricted, and it almost hurt worse than the bindings. He pressed her down until she was kneeling on two separate legs far apart, padded and covered with leather. He pushed her down until she was bent over the middle padded bar and he unhooked the wrist cuffs and stretched her arms out in front of her to poles she could grab in front of her. she realized she was bent so that her breasts hung free under her. He came up in front of her and after pulling on her nipples, she heard him click a switch, and immediately there was a humming sound. He felt her take a nipple and press it against something flexible, and suddenly found her nipple being sucked hard into a tube by this machine. He did the same with the other one, and soon both of her nipples were being stretched impossibly long with a constant suction. He moved behind her and rubbed her spread ass, grabbing more KY he prodded and pried her ass hole until it was spread and stretched. He pulled a moveable cart to him, and opened a drawer. After rummaging around a moment he pulls out a large anal plug and eases it into her ass. She moans louder and louder until he has the largest part at the entrance, and then pushes it all the way in, lodging it deep in her. She is breathing fast and hard, and finally is able to say “please stop!”

He comes around in front of her, and she pries open her eyes to look up with him with pleading eyes.

“Please let me go!” she cries.

“Rachel, you do not want to go. You know you belong to me. You have known it since the first day you spoke to me, and more intently the first time you looked into my eyes. Don’t deny it.”

Rachel was so overwhelmed she could not speak again, but looked at him pleadingly and shook her head no.

Mr. Vanderbilt chuckled. “Well my little slut, you may not realize it now, but before too long, you will be begging me to own you.”

He went back around to his cart and carefully chose a number of things and set them on top. Rachel’s nipples were being stretched and sucked deeper and deeper into the tubing until when she was able to move enough to look down, she was shocked to see her nipples were about an inch and a half long. Something about seeing that made her pussy lurch in response.

“What is wrong with me?” She cried silently to herself.

Mr. Vanderbilt wrapped something around her legs and fastened it, and it made something press up against both of the knots in her harness against her cunt. After adjusting it to his satisfaction, he pressed a button and it immediately made a very pleasant buzzing against Rachel’s clit and lips.

Without any warning, Rachel suddenly felt the bite of a leather strap coming down on her ass. She lurched against her bonds and screamed. Without stopping, He took the leather strap and was doing figure 8’s in the air making the strap come down on one side and then the other. Even though he was not using much force behind his whippings, in less than a minute, Rachel’s face was awash with tears. He slowed it down even more, and eased up to the point of almost caressing her ass with the strap, watching her face carefully. Rachel started feeling the buzzing on her pussy become more and more persistent, the hard pulling of her nipples became more desirable, and the whipping less harsh. Soon her squeals and tears became moans and shudders. He stopped his whipping, but Rachel’s ass was still moving in the rhythm to the whipping. He took a soft feather next, and started lightly tickling her ass, all over the reddened flesh, up her back, down her thighs, around her asshole. Rachel suddenly found herself shuddering in yet another height of desire, on the verge of climax. Just before she reached that crescendo, he stopped tickling her with the feather, and turned off the vibrator. She almost cried again, but this time with frustration and need rather than fear and pain.

While observed this, he selected yet another strap, this one smaller and softer, and walked back around in front of her. He looked into her eyes and said, “Rachel, look at my nipples. See how beautifully long they are?”

Rachel obediently looked down again and saw that they were now almost 2 inches in length. Her eyes widened in surprise, and Mr. Vanderbilt did not miss the flicker of desire in her eyes. He stopped the pump and pulled the tubing off her thick long nipples. They immediately snapped back, but not to their formerly quarter inch length, they still were about an inch long. He lightly flicked his finger over them, looking in her eyes as he did.

“Soon, my little cow slut, they will not snap back at all, and they will be at least 2 inches long. And furthermore, within a couple weeks, I will be draining milk out of these.”

Rachel’s face burned with humiliation, but the flickers of desire she so desperately tried to hide were there.

“And within a month or two, your breasts will swell several cup sizes bigger, and you will need to be milked every couple hours, or else you will leak all over the place.”

Rachel hung her head in shame, tears dripping from her eyes. She no longer had the fight in her; he was taking over her mind.

Silently she cried, “How could I have met the one person in the world that would forcefully take from me what I have secretly wanted to give for years?”

He chuckled quietly again. “Rachel, I want you to set back on your knees so you are no longer bent over the bar. But I want you to hold the bar with your hands, and lean over a little bit. Then, I do not want you to move a muscle.” What she wanted to do was get off the contraption and slap him into oblivion and run home and call the police. But all she could manage to do is exactly what he asked her to do. Her eyes widened in sudden fear when she saw him draw back with the leather strap, and he brought it down and over her breasts. Back and forth he went, punishing her udders, her highly sensitive stretched nipples burned with the pain, her tits swinging wildly against the impact of the slapper. Rachel could do no more than to look down and watch their abuse. With his other hand, Mr. Vanderbilt picked up a little box and pushed a button, and suddenly her vibrator sprang to life with a vengeance. She closed her eyes, feeling the insistent buzzing of her vibrator, and slowly the pain of the leather slapper turned into a softer almost hypnotic massage, and she felt herself strain her breasts farther out, almost in offering to this barbarian. He watched her intently, never slowing up with the whipping of her breasts, a smile playing on his lips as he watched her transformation. Soon she started her shuddering, and just as soon, Mr. Vanderbilt clicked the button to turn the vibrator off and stopped whipping her breasts. Rachel slumped against the padded bar and moaned in frustration.

“Rachel, who owns you?” He asked quietly.

Rachel felt the thick control suddenly leave so that she could actually speak, but still, her voice caught and she could barely choke out, “No one owns me.”

Rachel heard him sigh. He came around behind her and lifted her off the legs, and helped her stand, although her legs were as unstable as a newborn colt. He half carried, half led her back to the original “chair” and helped her onto it. She felt the control come back over her and she again could do nothing but wait in silence for what he was going to do to her. Back went her feet in the stirrups, and up went her hands above her head held tightly, and her thighs again were forced apart and fastened. The warm comfort of the lamp was again against her exposed cunt, and Mr. Vanderbilt sat down in between her legs and let his fingers explore her intimately again. He inserted 2 fingers on one hand, then slid in 2 more fingers from his other hand, and with them he massaged and stretched her cunt hole until he could pry it apart and peer inside. She nearly passed out from the humiliation of it all. But He could see the effects of her humiliation in the form of the walls of her cunt hole dripping with her juices. He removed two of his fingers, and let the other two remaining find that special spongy spot again, and started in slow circular motions over it. Rachel’s body shuddered at various intervals. Then he used his other fingers to rub up and down between her cunt lips, circling, but never quite touching her clit. She started shaking and straining against her bonds, and raising her hips to get closer to the manipulations. He rewarded her by rubbing that tiny valley beside her clit, the edge of his finger barely grazing it, moving faster and faster, while he rubbed her G spot a little quicker, but not harder. She started moaning, and breathing hard and moaning louder.

“Rachel, if you cum, it is going to prove to me once and for all that you are a complete slut. You will no longer be able to deny that you want to be a milk cow slut, milked solely for my pleasure. That you are a beautifully fat slut who will do anything her Sir desires… and that you are completely owned by me. Tell me, Rachel, show me. Are you a slut? Will you stop your orgasm? Or will you prove what a nasty little piggy cunt you are?”

With all her might Rachel tried to stop the impending tidal wave, but hearing his voice telling her what a slut she would be if she came just fueled the flames of humiliation, and shockingly, fueled the fire that was building in her belly.

He watched her fight it, amused, and then pressed firmly on her Gspot and leaned over and took her clit in his mouth and flicked his tongue over and over, when suddenly a scream erupted from Rachel, and she arched, straining against all the bonds, and not only did she cum violently, she squirted several cups of ejaculate all over Mr. Vanderbilt. She thought she would never stop cumming, the waves just rolled over and over her ascending and breaking and ascending again, her whole body was shuddering and spasming and she was no longer screaming because she was barely able to breathe. After shuddering for what seemed like minutes, she fell still in semi consciousness, no longer caring what happened. She had never in her life felt those sensations, and she quit fighting within herself that she didn’t want this. She wanted it. And she wanted to be owned. Yes, she was a slut, she was a cow, waiting to bring in her milk, she was a cunt. And she was His.

He unhooked all her chains, removed the cuffs and restraints, untied her body harness, and left her completely bare except for the collar around her neck. He grabbed a big soft chenille blanket off a nearby shelf and wrapped Rachel gently in it. He helped her down, and mostly carried her into another room off to the side, and laid her gently on the large soft bed there. He sat on the bed and pulled Rachel close to him, and stroked her soft face and hair, and watched her drift into a deep peaceful slumber.

Hours later she slowly awoke, fluttering her eyes trying to remember where she was, then moved and saw her Sir, slumped over at the head of the bed, his arms still holding her. She moved to allow him room to lie down comfortably, but he awoke with a start, and looked quickly into Rachel’s eyes.

“Who owns you, Rachel?” He asked quietly.

“You do, Sir,” Rachel whispered.

He looked deep into the eyes of her heart and smiled softly, raising her chin up to his mouth and kissing her gently.

“From the first conversation we had, I knew you would someday be mine. I have been looking for you for my whole life, and most especially over the past year.”

Rachel’s eyes showed confusion, and then shocking realization as he said simply, “You are the object of VkingsDesire. But you may call me Sir.”

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