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Storm Warning

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The three men had watched the weather radar all day. With each passing hour, the storm front grew in intensity until a fifty mile stretch of Midwestern farmland was covered in various shades of red and purple on their computer screen. This was a big one. And their pulses raced.

The first tornado warning was issued at 2:55 PM. When the local TV weatherman confirmed the sighting, the men knew it was time.

“Let’s go,” Tom said. “Get your stuff.”

Pete and Mike grabbed their backpacks, tossed one to Tom, and scrambled out to Tom’s SUV amid the gusty winds and pouring rain. They drove in the direction of the darkest, most ominous clouds. The flat terrain normally allowed them to see many miles in every direction, but this storm was obstructing the view with rain and hail that threatened to burst through the windshield.

Twenty minutes later they were situated in the center of the fast-moving storm system.

“Over there!” Pete said with excitement. “I thought I saw some debris.”

Tom and Mike turned their eyes in the direction he pointed and squinted.

“Yeah. I see it,” Mike confirmed.

Tom turned onto a narrow two lane road and slowly made his way toward the spot. Each tenth of a mile led to more debris. Finally, small tree limbs smacked against the SUV.

“There! Tornado!”

All three saw it at the same time. A huge, black funnel appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They guessed it was five miles away, perhaps closer, and moved from left to right on a path that would take it directly in front of the SUV. Confident they were far enough away to sit and watch, they scanned its path for houses.

“There’s a farmhouse,” Mike said, pointing to the right. “It looks like it’s going to get hit.”

“And there’s one more beyond that,” Tom added. “We should be able to tell from here.”

The next ten minutes would give them an answer, and if the tornado skipped past the properties without causing major damage, they would try to follow the funnel as long as they could. Certainly a tornado this size would hit a house at some point. And they were ready.

As the tornado moved forward, their view was disrupted by continuous torrents of rain, driven by excessive winds that also carried an assortment of limbs and leaves. Tom’s windshield wipers tried to keep up, but as the funnel passed in front of them, it got worse. The men were barely able to discern that the first house was spared.

“Let’s move up a little,” Tom said, driving the SUV another quarter mile.

Outlined against the horizon, the second house appeared to be in the path of the tornado.

“That’s the one. Hopefully, it’s not totally destroyed,” Mike said.

They watched as the tornado skirted past the property, as if in slow motion. All sorts of objects rose from the ground and circled around the funnel. The men saw siding from the house ripped off, and portions of the roof disintegrated before disappearing into the dark cloud.

“God,” Pete mumbled. “That is awesome.”

“That’s our target,” Tom said.

They waited five more minutes, and then sped down the road leading to the house. The closer they got the more convinced they were that significant damage was done, but if there were people inside and they took cover, they should have survived. Ideally, the residents were alive, and very shaken.

As they pulled up to the house, the tornado could still be seen plodding across the countryside. In the immediate vicinity, Tom had to weave around fallen trees, siding and shingles, to find a place to stop. The farmhouse was dark and looked badly beaten—but standing.

“Remember,” Tom said, “I’ll give a sign if we’re staying. Pete, you’ll be the first to guard the door. Ready?”

Pete and Mike nodded. With backpacks in hand, they got out of the SUV. Three times in the past, the men in their mid-twenties chased tornados and approached storm riddled homes under the guise of offering assistance. On one occasion, the age of the residents caused them to leave. On the other two trips, women paid the price for being in the way of the storm.

The previous home invasions occurred a year apart and in locations widely separated. This was the closest one and, so far, the biggest tornado. The men advanced toward the front door confident of their technique.

Tom was in the lead and leaned around an evergreen to peer inside the front window. Furniture was strewn about the room, but nobody was in sight. They walked up to the front door together.

Tom knocked once, but instantly tried the handle on the door. To his surprise, it opened after a good push.

“People in the country really should lock their doors,” he said softly to the others.

They stepped inside the modern, but very disheveled, living room.

“Is everybody OK?” he shouted.

After a momentary silence, a man’s voice said, “Yeah. I think. Carly? Where are you?”

The men stood still until they could get a handle on who was where. Pete closed the front door the best he could in the distorted frame. Footsteps could be heard in a nearby room.

A frightened looking man in his late thirties or early forties came around a corner. His shirt was wet in spots and at least one cut was visible on his leg, below his shorts. Then a woman came into view right behind him.

Tom’s heart skipped a couple beats when he saw the tall, thin woman with the tousled hair. Her dark eyes were wide with panic, adding to the natural beauty of her appearance. She was stunning in her loose fitting blouse and tight jeans.

Tom looked back at his partners and nodded almost imperceptibly.

“You OK?” he asked the man and woman.

“Yes. Who are you?” the man said.

“We were driving when the tornado cut us off. We saw that it ripped up this house pretty bad and wanted to make sure everybody was OK,” Tom replied.

The woman looked at the steps leading upstairs. “Carly? Where are you?” she shouted.

Almost before the words were out of her mouth, another female voice from upstairs answered, “Up here. God damn, I thought we were dead. I didn’t come down because stuff was blowing all around and…”

She appeared at the top of the steps and stopped when she saw the three strangers in the living room. Despite the remnants of the tempest outside, you could hear a pin drop in the house when the girl came into sight. The mother looked stunning, but the daughter was nearly angelic.

“…and I was scared,” she finished in a faulting voice. “Who’s here?”

“They just stopped to help,” the father replied. “It’s OK, hon.”

The men couldn’t take their eyes off the nineteen or twenty year old girl in the t-shirt and shorts. She had dark features, like her parents, and a body will full curves. What they didn’t like was the fact she was on a different floor. The next move would be crucial.

Mike tried to casually take a couple small steps toward the stairs without raising suspicion. He knew it would be his job to get her. He waited for Tom, who had secretly reached into an open pocket of his backpack while the girl spoke.

“No, it’s not OK,” Tom said, pointing a small handgun at the mother and father.

Instantly, Mike was running up the stairs, skipping every other step. The girl screamed, turned, and ran. Mike was able to see what room she ducked into and saw the door slam shut. He jumped over debris and pushed aside a hanging wood beam on his way to the door.

On the floor below, the mother was screaming, “Carly! Carly!”

“Shut up!” Tom yelled. “Nobody’s going to get hurt, unless you keep screaming.”

They heard a thunderous crash as Mike kicked in the already damaged door. He deflected a book thrown at him by the girl and moved inside the bedroom. She was holding her cell phone with a look of sheer panic in her dark eyes. When Mike was within about five feet of her, she hurled the phone at him, hitting him in the shoulder. Mike never slowed down, diving for her with athletic speed and agility.

Carly screamed as Mike grabbed her by the t-shirt. She turned one way, but he pulled in the opposite direction and Carly was thrown off balance. With one, last violent tug, Mike tossed her onto the bed.

In the living room, Tom and Pete were making sure Carly’s parents made no attempt to help their daughter. Tom’s gun acted as the main deterrent.

“OK,” Tom ordered. “Let’s get out of this front room. Do you have a den or family room?”

“Now just wait a minute,” the man said defiantly. “You can’t just walk in here and…”

Tom pointed the gun at him. “Do you want to live through this?”

The man stood as if frozen.

“Where’s the family room?” Tom asked again.

The man and woman turned in unison and walked around a hall corner before entering a fairly undamaged room, except for the ceiling. It contained a couple chairs, a couch, a TV, and assorted tables. Tom followed them. Pete guarded the front door, with the task of keeping anyone away by assuring them everything was alright.

Tom opened his backpack, put his gun inside, and pulled out a piece of rope.

In Carly’s bedroom, Mike had landed on top of the girl. He let his backpack fall to the floor while he fought off her weak punches. Once both of his hands were free, he clenched her wrists in one hand above her head and slapped her across the face.

“Owwwww!” Carly shrieked.

Mike was in no mood to reassure her that she wouldn’t get hurt. She was by far the best looking thing the men had ever had and he was going to take immediate advantage of it. Her unkempt hair gave her a wildly sexy appearance, and one shoulder strap of her t-shirt was halfway down her arm. Mike felt himself getting harder by the second.

He yanked up on the bottom of her shirt and quickly had it just above her tits. Carly managed to free one hand and was starting to pound on Mike’s body. He looked up at her in anger and said, “If you don’t stop it, I’ll kill you. Got it?”

“Get off me, you fucking pervert,” she retorted.

Mike smiled. “Hit me again and you’ll be thrown out that window, just another casualty of the tornado. NOW do you understand?”

He could hear her heavy breathing, but she didn’t say anything. After a few seconds, he pushed the shirt higher and lowered his mouth onto one of her large, round tits. Mike sucked on it and ran his tongue roughly over the nipple. He pushed the tit up with his hand and put as much of it in his mouth as he could fit. Before moving to the other breast, he bit on the girl’s nipple and she yelped in pain.

After savoring Carly’s other tit, Mike took her shirt and lifted it over her head. Carly’s hair spread across her shoulders and onto the bed, with her erect, pink nipples fully exposed for his viewing pleasure. He cupped her breasts in his palms and kneaded them roughly.

“Now let’s see the rest of you, babe,” he said to her calmly.

Below them, Tom had secured the father to a chair in the family room with the man’s arms pulled back and rope tied tightly to both wrists. When Tom was convinced the man wasn’t going anywhere, he walked over to the wife.

“What’s your name?” Tom asked casually.


Tom scanned her body for the first time from up close.

“Do you realize how close you came to dying in that tornado, Kelly?” he asked.

She nodded nervously.

“So it would come as no surprise to anybody who showed up here later to find you and the family dead, would it?”

“I guess not,” she said nervously.

“But you’re alive. And you have one chance to stay that way,” Tom said.

She looked at him without speaking.

“Do what I say. If not, you’ll never see Carly again,” Tom nearly whispered to her, leaning into her face.

The look of terror in her eyes excited him. This was the way he liked his victims.

Tom looked down at the top of her blouse. The rise of her tits was visible inside the opening when he put his hands on the top button. Kelly twisted away from him.

With one hand still holding the blouse, Tom pulled her back toward him. The blouse separated, with one button flying to the floor. Kelly uttered a frightened sound as they faced each other once more. This time, Tom used both hands and ripped the blouse completely open.

“Do it for Carly,” Tom said. “Just like she’s doing it for you.”

Kelly’s suspicion of what was happening upstairs were confirmed and her entire body shook. The terror of the storm was nothing compared to what she felt now.

In Carly’s bedroom, Mike had removed her shorts, leaving the girl in a pair of bikini panties. He prevented her from rolling away by holding her legs. As his hands slid up her thighs, Carly struggled even more. But it didn’t prevent Mike from wrapping his fingers around the top of the panties and sliding them off her legs.

He stood and stared at the gorgeous, naked girl. From the smooth, tan legs to her flat stomach and ample breasts, she was perfect. Mike began to take off his pants and Carly turned partially on her side.

“No. Please, don’t!” she begged.

Mike didn’t answer and Carly saw his thick erection appear from under his boxers. She pulled her knees up to her stomach.

“No! Please!”

Mike forced her onto her back again and pushed her thighs apart with strength that surprised the girl. Still standing at the side of the bed, he dragged her so that her ass was at the edge. Then he moved between her legs and let his cock rest on the thin patch of hair that rose above her clit.

“Yes, Carly,” he told her. “Yes.”

Mike’s cock throbbed as he allowed the tip to slid over her pussy. He seemed to tease her with it as he let it skim across her skin. It landed between the flaps protecting Carly’s cunt and Mike slid his cock up and down. She wasn’t wet and he didn’t expect her to be, but he was plenty hard enough to enter her whenever he wanted. Finally, he was ready.

Mike moved the head of his cock to the entrance to Carly’s cunt. He repositioned his hands on her hips and felt his cock spread her apart. He looked into her eyes.

Kelly trembled when she heard her daughter scream. Tom grinned and said, “She’s in good hands now. The next scream we hear is when she cums.”

Tom had pulled off Kelly’s blouse and was running his fingers along the inside edge of her bra. He pushed one strap aside until it fell off her shoulder and then did the same on the other side. Kelly’s tits were now half exposed and Tom knew he would be more than pleased when he got to see them.

“I’ll give you the pleasure,” he said. “Take it off.”

Kelly slowly reached back and unhooked the bra. Even more hesitantly, she let it slide down. She crossed her arms in front of her body, with the bra in her hand.

“Drop it. And your arms,” Tom said.

By the time he got his first view of her full, firm tits, Tom was hard. He unashamedly moved his cock inside his pants while gazing at the flawless tits and nipples.

“Shit. If your daughter inherited these, no wonder Mike is already fucking her.”

Tom’s hands slid across the tits and cupped them. After a good squeeze, he pulled on the nipples and heard Kelly gasp. She turned away with surprising speed and angered Tom to the point where he pushed her from the side and caused her to fall against the couch. Kelly’s knees were on the floor and her body was on the cushions. Tom quickly moved behind her.

“What did I tell you about being good?” he said loudly. “Your little girl is going to get more than a good fucking if you don’t behave.”

Kelly looked back at him, tears starting to flow down her cheeks.

“Don’t move,” Tom told her.

He opened his backpack and pulled out a long rope. He looked up at the partially demolished ceiling and found what he was looking for. An exposed beam allowed him, on the second attempt, to toss one end of the rope over it and back down to where he stood. Letting it hang, he walked over to Kelly and pulled her up by one arm. Tom dragged her under the rope and quickly tied one end around her wrist. Her arms were extended over her head by the time the second wrist was secured. He stepped back to survey his work.

Above them, Mike had his hands under Carly’s ass while his cock plunged repeatedly into her tight cunt. He watched her tits sway in rhythm with his vigorous thrusts. Her eyes were closed and she grimaced at the force of his fucking. Still, her body reacted by lubricating the area and Mike increased the speed.

He leaned forward and took a tit in his mouth. When he tightened his lips around it, Carly groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her nipples were always sensitive and, even during this frightening act, they responded. Mike sucked on the tit before standing back up, ready to conclude the brief, but satisfying, session.

He held her legs at just the right angle to maximize the friction of her cunt against his cock. The sound of her juices being sucked out by the piston-like action could be heard above the retreating storm outside. Mike felt his balls contracting, a sure warning that he would cum soon.

“Hang on, babe,” Mike said. “Almost there.”

Carly was only happy that it was almost over. She didn’t expect him to pull out, and he didn’t. Mike groaned loudly.

“Yesssss. Yes!” he growled.

He thrust his cock into her violently until his balls slapped against her ass. He stayed in that position for a couple seconds, then pulled back and drove into her again. Mike’s moans grew louder as semen rose from his balls and flew towards the swollen head. Then he came.

“Oh fuck, yes!”

Each new plunge of his cock was accompanied by a long stream of cum. Faster and faster he drove into her, a constant flow of semen entering her cunt. The bed slammed against the wall and Carly hung onto the covers the best she could.

Tom had taken off Kelly’s jeans and was pulling down her panties when they heard the racket from Carly’s bedroom.

“Ah, yes,” Tom sighed. “He does tend to get a little rough. Wait until you see Pete in action.”

Kelly hung naked, with her arms stretched out above her head. She gave no indication that she heard or cared about what Tom was saying. Her thoughts were with Carly, and whether she herself would suffer the same fate. In fact, she knew she would. The only question was the severity of it all.

Tom’s hands slid up and down Kelly’s body, caressing the soft skin, feeling the fine hairs covering her pussy and clit, and pressing down on the generous tits. He moved a hand back down to her pussy and sought out the clit.

“How’s that feel?” he asked Kelly. “Good? Do you want a tongue down there? Or maybe a big hard cock. How about both?”

The harder he rubbed the harder Kelly tried to move away. But she could only squirm, and not nearly enough to avoid Tom’s probing fingers. He moved down to her cunt and pushed a single finger inside her. Tom felt her moisture and he used it to rub her clit a little more.

He moved closer to her and put his lips on hers. Kelly endeavored to escape, but Tom’s free hand was used to hold her face in place while he forcefully kissed her. Her lips parted and Tom’s tongue slid inside her mouth. At the same time, two fingers entered her cunt.

Just as Tom ended the kiss, Mike and Carly entered the room. Mike was dressed, but Carly was still naked.

“Well, well, well,” Tom said. “She’s back. None the worse for wear. And looking mighty hot, I should add.”

Carly and Kelly looked at each other with mutually concerned expressions, and then glanced at Carly’s father.

“By the way, what is Dad’s name?” Tom asked nobody in particular.

After a moment of silence, the man said, “Eric.”

“What do you think, Eric? Don’t they make a lovely pair?” Tom said. “Gets me hard, that’s for sure. How about you?”

Eric glared back at Tom without answering.

“Let’s find out,” Tom said. “Carly, how about slipping off your Dad’s shorts and we’ll see what he’s got.”

“Don’t do it, hon,” Kelly said loudly. “Do whatever you want with me, but don’t make her do that.”

Tom turned to look at her. “But Kelly, we ARE going to do whatever we want with you. We also want to see your little girl put her Dad’s cock in her mouth. It’s all part of the deal.”

He spun back around. “Let’s go, Carly.”

She reluctantly moved over to Eric and leaned down to begin the process of taking off his pants. The men closely watched Carly, especially her big tits as they hung down and the gentle curve of her ass. Once Eric’s pants were off, Carly moved back up and took hold of his shorts. A sizeable, but still limp, cock was exposed. When she was done, Carly stood and awaited the instructions she knew were inevitable.

“OK. Now get down there and give him your best blowjob,” Tom said. “Mike, I hate to do this, but it’s your turn at the door. Send Pete in here.”

Mike grudgingly reported for guard duty. At the same time, Carly made her way between Eric’s legs. Just as she was taking hold of his cock, Pete walked into the room.

“Holy shit, Just in time,” he said with a smile.

All eyes were on the girl as she lowered her head and put her lips around the head of her father’s cock. Then, she took the entire thing in her mouth. Carly and Eric had everyone’s complete attention as she bobbed up and down on the cock that instantly grew longer and thicker until, a minute or two later, he was fully erect.

Tom moved behind Kelly and wrapped his arms around her so her tits were in his hands.

“Isn’t this great,” he whispered, manipulating both of her nipples. “He sure got hard fast. I bet she makes him cum.”

One of Tom’s hands sank between her legs and started rubbing her clit again. At first she held her legs together, but he forced them apart and worked on her entire pussy. She could feel his cock through his pants, and Tom wasn’t going to wait much longer. He undid his belt, pulled down the zipper, and let his pants fall to the floor. They were quickly joined by his underwear and he returned his hands to her body, this time allowing his hard cock to press against her ass.

“Much better,” he said. “Now just relax and enjoy watching your family get to know each other better.”

Eric was starting to show signs of distress, in the form of facial expressions and squirming as Carly brought him closer and closer to an orgasm. Tom fingered Kelly until sufficient moisture collected at the entrance to her cunt. Then he pulled on her waist and brought her ass closer to him.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered quietly.

With her cunt in plain sight, Tom put his cock in place and pushed forward. Kelly took in a deep breath and held it as Tom slowly drove his large cock into her. He held her by the waist and began to fuck her from behind.

Across the room, Eric was involuntarily fucking Carly’s mouth with tiny thrusts of his cock each time she took him deeper. His facial contortions showed how close he was to cumming and an occasional moan confirmed it. Carly got the first taste of his precum and she nearly panicked. But she knew the consequences of disobeying the men watching her.

Finally, Eric couldn’t hold back any longer.

“No. Carly. No! I’m…I’m…”

He never finished. A loud groan was followed by a series of movements that corresponded with shots of cum pouring into Carly’s mouth. Eric muttered something nobody understood, and his orgasm continued. Carly did a commendable job of swallowing the cum, but a small stream flowed out of the side of her mouth near the end of her Dad’s orgasm.

Tom fucked Kelly harder and faster as they watched. She clung to the rope with both hands as his cock drilled into her, hoping the rope and wood beam would hold her up long enough for Tom to finish.

She didn’t have to wait long.

As Carly wiped the excess cum from her chin, Tom grunted and began depositing his own semen inside her mother. Now everyone was watching them as Tom slammed his cock deeper. After several loads were ejected, he was done. He pulled out, still semi-erect and totally soaked from the tip of his cock to his balls.

“God, that was good,” Tom said. “And good job, Carly. Pete, it’s your choice. Who do you want?”

Pete smiled and looked at both Carly and Kelly.

“Oh, I think the girl needs another one,” he replied.

The look on Carly’s face told it all. She was resigned to the fact she’d be fucked again after the humiliation of giving her father a blowjob in front of everyone.

Pete acted quickly. He was already taking his cock out when he said, “Get on your hands and knees.”

Carly obeyed. But she wasn’t prepared for what came next. Pete’s hard cock slid over her ass cheeks once before sliding between her legs. Expecting him to put it at her cunt, she was shocked to feel her ass being pried apart and the cock making contact with her hole.

When the reality hit her, she screamed, “No! No! Not there. Oh God, please no!”

Pete shoved his cock inside her with frightening speed and Carly howled. She slumped forward and sobbed as Pete fucked her mercilessly. Tom watched the girl’s tits roll with the force of Pete’s thrusts and the sound of him smacking into her ass was reminiscent of an old-fashioned spanking. Two minutes later, Pete was ready to end her misery.

Amid a succession of grunts, he emptied his cock inside her. Carly thought it would never end as the huge cock continued to pound forward and deposit its load. When Pete pulled out, she fell to the floor.

“Very impressive, as always,” Tom said with glee. “She’ll want that from Dad every night now.”

Tom picked up his backpack and moved to the center of the room.

“OK, folks. We have to get going,” he said. “Pete, how about tying up the girl while I explain things to the family.”

Once Pete had a rope out and was tying Carly’s hands, Tom continued.

“Here’s the deal. You guys should be dead. That tornado missed you by a hair. We could have come in here and finished you off, also. But you’re alive and you should consider it your lucky day. Don’t ruin it by running to the police. If you do, they can’t get all three of us at the same time. When one of us hears the police have come calling, we will come back and finish you off. And I don’t mean more sex. It might be the same day, it might be later. Eventually, we will hunt you down. Does everybody understand that?”

He watched for the nods.

“Good,” Tom said. “One of you will work your way out of those ropes in due course. When you’re free, spend your time getting this house back in order and think about what might have happened. Leave the cops out of it.”

The method had worked before and Tom was confident this family would take heed of his suggestions. He and Pete walked out, joining Mike at the front door and heading for their SUV. It would be a year before the next tornado season came, and they would be ready for it.

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