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Welcome Home

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Michael called from the airport earlier than when he was expected in so we sent Simone, Monica and Katrina to retrieve him from curbside.

It’s about a 20 minute drive from where we are to the airport so it would be a quick trip there, but a longer drive coming back as Monica and Katrina had a special gift to give to him for the ride home.

In speaking with Simone, who was the driver of the truck. We had along with the help of Tyson and Bart removed the middle seats of the Suburban so that all there was, was the wide-open middle with the back seats. We laid out a blanket on the floor.

Simone had told me that when they pulled up alongside Michael who was standing at the curb, Simone got out in her short miniskirt and heels and helped Michael load his bags into the back of the truck then told him to get into the back seat were a surprise was waiting.

Michael climbed up inside as Simone closed the door behind him. She came around and got into the drivers seat. Once situated, she put it in gear and told Michael that they were going to take the long way home.

As they pulled onto the highway, both Monica and Katrina welcomed him home with a kiss on him then with each other. As they settled on the blanket. They slowly peeled away each others clothes and climbed on each other.

As Michael sat there, they proceeded to climb into a 69 and pleasure each other. Simone said she heard lots of licking and slurping sounds, moans and hums.

She looked in the rear view mirror and saw Michael sitting there watching the two of them. She couldn’t tell if his cock was hard or not but I’m sure it was.

Simone took her time driving around as the lesbian show took place on the floor behind her. She said that she had to slip her fingers under her skirt and between her thighs to rub herself as the sounds were incredibly erotic.

She said after Monica and Katrina had their respective orgasms, they moved up to Michael and pulled his pants down and went to work on his stiff cock. They took turns sucking him or both tonguing his shaft at the same time.

Simone said she pulled over into a rest stop overlooking the highway. She said she turned around in her seat to watch Monica with his cock in her mouth as Simone was tonguing his balls. Simone was already turned listening to the sounds and fingered her pussy to her own climatic orgasm.

She wanted to be back there sucking on him too but knew she was there to drive and that she would get her turn at him when they came back to my house.

Simone said she started up the truck and took off towards home. She could hear Michael moaning as 2 sexy women took turns sucking his shaft.

As Simone neared the house, she said that Michael moaned out as she heard Monica telling him to cum for them. She said Michael was telling them to suck his cock just as he started to cum.

She heard Katrina saying ‘oh yeah, that’s it, coat her face’ as Michael exploded in Monica’s mouth making her swallow the first stream of sperm before Katrina pulled his cock from her mouth and jerked it onto her face.

She looked back and saw Katrina cover his head with her mouth to take her share and began bobbing on him. Monica was pumping his shaft in her hand milking what she could from his balls as Katrina sucked him down.

Simone pulled up to the driveway and opened the gates. As she pulled up in front of the house. The girls were licking his cum from each others faces and their hands. Sucking his cock clean, they turned to him and told him that a surprise was waiting for him.

But that they were to blindfold him first and cuff his hands behind his back. He agreed knowing that something was up as he had read the postings in the group prior to leaving the mainland.

They helped him out of the truck and to the front door. Once inside the door, I walked up to him and kissed him on the lips and welcomed him home. Each girl after me gave him a kiss and a hug.

Tyson and Bart remained silent as they sat on the sofa. Monica led him to the recliner and set him in it. She then went to work on unbuttoning his jeans and pulling his pants off him. She grabbed the base of his cock and held it up saying he fired off one load already.

With that, Simone knelt between his thighs and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. She never used her hands as she only used her tongue, lips and mouth to engulf his cock. His cock was rock hard in no time.

Simone licked the head like a lollipop before covering half his length with her mouth. She pulled up off his cock slow then when he was out of her mouth she moved away.

Rachel then moved over and took her place and began kissing the head before taking him into her mouth and sucking him. Again, she didn’t use her hands. She moved her tongue over the head, around and licking the underside. Tonguing his ball sac then engulfing him again.

Sucking him hard as air would get between her lips and his shaft and a loud suction sound would echo the room. She sucked him for about 5 minutes before moving off him.

Lourdes turn but she held onto his cock as she lowered her pussy onto him. She was facing me as she pumped up and down on his cock. Never moving completely down on him but taking half his length into her as she worked her legs up and down.

She rode him for about 4-5 minutes before moving off him. I asked him if he wanted to cum yet or should the tease continue. He said whatever happens and that he was enjoying the various sensations.

His cock was so hard that the head was a deep purplish red. I knew he wanted to cum but I also knew he was enjoying himself.

Next up were the twins, Shayla and Sharla. 2 sexy as hell blondes who look alike but aren’t related. Shayla began sucking his cock as Sharla positioned herself off to the side. She took his head in her hands and turned his head towards her.

She moved in close to him and she told him to stick his tongue out. As he did so, she pressed her shaven pussy against his mouth. She moved her body so that her pussy lips rubbed across his tongue as he held it out. Sharla kept moving her hips over and over his tongue giving her some pleasure.

Shayla and Sharla then changed positions with the other taking over for the other. They both worked him over pretty good before moving off of him.

Simone then moved to him and slid her pussy down onto his cock, Michael asked who is riding him now but nobody said anything. I told him there would be a quiz after and he had to say who did what to him and that he had to get at least 3 right in order for the handcuffs to come off.

Tyson got Katrina’s attention and had her crawl over to him. Seeing her crawl across the floor with her heels pointing back looked very erotic. She crawled up between his thighs and took his long thick cock between her lips and began sucking him slowly.

Watching Katrina doing this, Bart motioned for Rachel who was busy fingering herself while watching the twins devouring Michael. She strolled over to Bart and knelt between his thighs and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking while she continued rubbing her pussy.

She brought herself to orgasm then really began bobbing up and down on Bart’s cock. He was watching her mouth clasp around his shaft as she pumped him in her hand while sucking the head. Bart looking around seeing everything going groaned out and filled her mouth with his seed.

Rachel swallowed it all never pulling off his cock once until he had given her everything she could draw from him. She pulled his cock out of her mouth as clean as when she put him in.

Katrina was taking her time on Tyson though, he was watching her sucking him then would turn his attention to Michael whom being eaten by both Sharla and Shayla.

I was sitting in the recliner rubbing my pussy when Lourdes came over and knelt between my opened thighs and began licking my wet pussy. She tongued my entrance then sucked hard on my clit. Biting at the hard nub as she brought me to orgasm.

Michael who at this time was thrusting his hips wanted to cum himself as his body movements indicated. I told the twins to take him as they would alternate between themselves. Sharla had his cock in her mouth just as Michael began to cum.

Sharla took the first couple of bursts before Shayla pulling his cock into her mouth to catch the remaining bursts. Both shared his hot seed and sucked down what they could. After pulling off his glistening cock, they locked into a kiss and you could see them pushing his cum from one to the other.

When they broke the kiss, a string of cum connected them. Sharla sucked in and took it back into her mouth then swallowed. It was quite a sight to see. I looked over at Michael and he was sitting there happy.

I then asked him if he remembered who did what to him. He said he’d give it his best guess but had an idea. He proceeded to say that it was Monica and Katrina in the truck. That is was Simone who started on him once in the house. Then it was either Lourdes or Rachel after Simone.

I said choose one or the other, he said Rachel and went to explain that Lourdes usually will clamp her teeth around the middle of his shaft and that this one didn’t do that. I told him he was right that it was Simone then Rachel.

Lastly he said that it was Sharla and Shayla who finished him off. I asked him how he knew that and he said that he had inhaled one of them while they were rubbing his tongue and that he smelled the perfume they usually wear of ‘Beautiful’.

He was right so we uncuffed him. He asked about the blindfold but I told him that it needed to remain on him until the next quiz. He said ok.

I told him the next quiz would be to guess who was getting the hard one just by the sounds. Who was participating and who came first. He said it wouldn’t be a problem as he’s heard everyone at some point or another. So ahead we went with the schedule.

I walked over to him and planted a huge wet kiss onto his lips. I’ve been wanting to kiss him since he first walked in but I was too busy looking around the room to see if everything was set up right.

Michael told me he loved me and I told him as well. I then asked him if my story turned him on about taking on Tyson. He said it did and hoped that I would give him a repeat performance of the first night I returned back here. I told him only after he fucked me when it was our turn. He told me it wouldn’t be a problem and that he couldn’t wait to get a hold of me.

I sat next to him on a small stand. I told everyone to take his or her places and to start the next session. With that said, Katrina laid down on the floor while spreading her legs wide. Rachel and Simone began to suck each of her nipples before Rachel moved between her thighs.

Simone, lowered her pussy onto Katrina’s tongue while facing Rachel. Rachel reached up and tweaked Simone’s nipples while Katrina licked and sucked away on her pussy. Tyson came up alongside of Katrina and fed her his cock. She licked his head then took him into her mouth.

Ty’s hips were moving back and forth as if fucking her mouth. Simone clamped tightly around his shaft. Katrina was close to her orgasm from Rachel’s expert tonguing. She had slipped a finger up inside her ass and was pumping while flicking the tip of her tongue over her clit.

Simone was also close to her orgasm as she was moving up and down on Katrina’s tongue. Her eyes closed as she sucked Tyson’s cockhead.

Bart moved behind Rachel and slid his cock that he had been stroking in his hand into Rachel’s pussy. He held onto her hips and pumped like there was no tomorrow. It didn’t take long for Bart to shoot his cum into her pussy. He pulled his cock from her and jerked the remaining streams of cum onto her back.

He pulled away and took his seat once more, his cock dripping with cum as he continued stroking himself. Simone was the next to orgasm as she ground herself on Katrina’s tongue. Her orgasm was quick but intense as she moaned out and lowered herself completely onto Katrina’s face.

Tyson followed next pulling his cock from Simone’s mouth and jerking himself onto her face and down onto Katrina. He came a lot as Simone tried to capture some on her tongue but missed every time she tried. She finally clamped her mouth over his head and swallowed what she could but the majority of seed landed on her chin, breasts and down onto Katrina.

Katrina finally came from Rachel’s tongue. Rachel pumping her ass and sucking her clit while Katrina moaned out and thrust her hips into Rachel’s face.

Everybody pulled back from each other. I knelt down on the floor as Lourdes moved behind me with her strap-on, she entered my pussy as I moved forward. I was close enough to Michael to take his cock into my mouth as she pumped the thick dildo into me. She held tightly to my hips as I tried not to move from her thrusts and kept my on focus on Michael’s cock.

Lourdes, then pulled the dildo from my pussy and pushed it into my ass. I gulped Michael’s cock down and had him hard and deep in my throat. Lourdes pumped away as I felt my orgasm building. Watching everyone else had me on the edge several times as I rubbed my clit.

I moved my lips over Michael’s cock as he reached down and held onto my head. Again he told me he loved me as he knew it was I sucking him. I murmured I loved him too just as he began to fill my mouth with his sperm. I sucked it down as fast as I could as he kept coming inside my mouth.

He tasted so sweet that I couldn’t get enough of him. I sucked him till his balls could give no more. I then focused on Lourdes pumping my backside and as soon as I reached between my thighs to touch my clit I began to orgasm. It was such a great feeling to have that release. It came in multiples to which I was exhausted by the time I had stopped. Lourdes pulled the dildo from my ass in one quick movement leaving me empty suddenly.

Sharla then asked Michael the big question, who was involved.

Michael calmly began with Katrina, Bart, Tyson and Simone from the way they moaned. He wasn’t sure about anyone else as no other familiar moans were heard other than mine. Off came his blindfold.

Once the blindfold was removed and his eyes adjusted. He thanked everyone for the welcome home party. I grabbed him by the hand and lead him to the sofa chasing Tyson and Bart off it. I had him sit down with his legs out and mounted him facing everyone.

I lowered my wet pussy onto his semi hard cock, maneuvering him into me so I can feel his girth grow inside me. I sat atop of him feeling his shaft filling with blood. I began a slow pumping, moving my body up and down on him. He felt great inside my walls.

Michael reached under my arms and cupped and pinched my nipples. He lifted my boobs up tight as I worked my muscles on his shaft. He whispered to me that he really wanted to cum but wanted something really tight. I then lifted up off his manhood and positioned his cockhead just slightly back then lowered myself back down on him.

I relaxed myself and felt the thick head slip into my backside. The initial insertion of his cock in me always lights me and today was no different. I relaxed my knees and slid right down his shaft till my ass was fully engulfed by him. I remained on top of him as I felt his cock throbbing inside me.

Oh he was so hard, I began lifting up and down his shaft tightening my sphincter with each pull. He moaned out and placed his hands on my hips. I let him control me as I rode him with long deep strokes. At times, pulling almost completely off his cock before slamming myself back down on him making him moan.

Monica came over and began licking my pussy and the underside of his cock as I would lift myself up. The combination of the deep sensations and the tongue flicks of Monica had me coming in no time. Michael at one point held me up so that only the head of his cock was in my ass as Monica licked and sucked on his balls.

I rode him slow at times then speeding up, my legs began to tire out though and Michael sensing a change in the tempo, wrapped his hands around my waist, lifted me up and set me down on the sofa, he was still buried inside me and began his own brand of pumping.

He had my back arched in such a way that his cock felt huge as it moved in and out of me. I felt his thickness as he pulled out one time and I used all the strength I had left to tighten up my sphincter as he pushed inside me. I felt his cock twitch up inside me then a wave of hot seed filling my bowels.

I tried meeting his thrusts but he was moving too fast in me. All I could do was hold on to the cushions and the back of the sofa. He rode me deep and fast as his seed spilled inside. I could feel the warmth filling me, milking him the best I could he kept on pumping. I had felt another orgasm coming and groaned out loud, he sensed it and kept right on plugging away on me.

My orgasm was strong as always and I felt my legs grow weaker and my entire body just relax. My nipples were hard as my inner body spasmed. As I was coming down from my orgasm, Michael began to cum again. He thrusted even deeper this time as all I was at this point was a receptor for his hot sperm.

He pumped me till he was satisfied. He pushed himself so deep into my anus then wrapped his arms around me. He whispered how much he loved me as I replied back. He hugged me from behind with his still hard cock buried in my ass up to his balls.

He finally broke he embrace, kissed me on the shoulders and slipped back out of my open dazed ass. I fell forward across the arm of the sofa. He sat down behind me saying that on the way here he wasn’t in the mood for all this when he arrived but after seeing Simone then Monica and Katrina that he felt a little better.

But after their show in the truck, he said he was looking forward to it all. He commented on how everyone looked and thanked everyone. Just then Katrina spoke up and said that he still needed to take Monica and her anyway he wanted.

Michael said it wouldn’t be necessary, but Katrina pushed the subject until Michael broke down and said fine and pointed to the floor while looking at Katrina.

As Katrina settled herself on the floor, she asked Michael in what position did he want her in. Michael told her on all fours. He called Monica over and without saying a word, Monica got down on the floor next to Katrina and they started kissing.

I had gotten up and grab a warmed towel for Michael and cleaned off his cock and wiped him down abit. I gave him a kiss then told him to go have fun. As he stood over the girls, Monica reeled up on her heels and reached for his cock and began sucking him. Katrina joined her in that task sharing him between them.

After awhile of suction, Michael pulled away from them and told Monica to go get the strap on and put it on. He then slid himself into Katrina’s pussy and began pumping her hard. Katrina was already moaning and coming by the time Michael was even warmed up.

Michael then pulled his rigid cock from Katrina’s pussy and aimed straight up her ass. Katrina was begging just as Michael pulled himself out of her pussy to take her up the ass. So Michael not needing to be told twice did just that.

Katrina wailed out as Michael slid his length right up inside her rectum. She moved back on him before he was in a comfortable position. Monica walked over and asked Michael were he wanted her.

Michael wrapped his arms around Katrina’s waist and lifted her up so she was on her knees. Michael then pulled her all the way back so that Michael was on the floor on his back. With some assistance from Tyson, Michael accomplished that task.

So now the position was reversed. Michael on his back with Katrina on top of him, his cock buried in her ass with her legs spread wide. Monica took the position between Katrina’s thighs and eased the head of the strap on into her upturned pussy and pushed in deep.

Katrina positioned herself so that she was on her feet and hands suspended in a position that allowed both Michael and Monica to alternately thrust into her. A cock so to speak in each of her entrances, the kind of double penetration that only some fantasize about.

It was a hot scene, when Michael stopped pumping Monica would do it, either way, Katrina’s pussy or ass was fully impaled by one or the other and she was stretched to the hilt. She, I don’t think ever stopped coming once she was rolled over. Her voice began to fade from her constant moans and whimpers as Michael and Monica took their turns on her.

Michael moaned out and pushing himself deep into her ass, began to come by the sounds and movements. He pumped her deep and hard as his balls emptied themselves into her backside. Katrina kept repeating over and over for Michael to fuck her.

He remained inside her not pulling from her slick ass but instead told Monica to keep fucking her, he was enjoying the sensation of the dildo rubbing along his cock as she kept pumping Katrina. Katrina was now telling Monica to fuck her faster. Monica kept a steady pace not wanting to burn herself out for as long as Michael enjoyed the sensations that was all that mattered to her.

Katrina screamed out another rush of orgasms as Monica pumped her pussy. Finally, Katrina’s body collapsed on top of Michael. Monica eased up her thrusting until she finally stopped. Monica pulled the dildo out of Katrina and she fell off to the side.

As Katrina remained atop Michael, his cock still buried inside her backdoor. Tyson strolled over and pushed his cock into Katrina’s mouth. She sucked him for whatever strength she had left in her body until his cock was harder than steel.

He pulled out of her mouth with a pop and positioned himself between her thighs and entered her very sopping wet pussy and began fucking her wildly. Michael who was still under Katrina stayed right there and could feel Ty’s cock pushing in and out her.

Tyson was so on the edge that he didn’t last long and pulled his long cock from her pussy and jerked it in his hand as his seed shot up onto her tummy and boobs. Katrina opened her mouth to give him a target but none caught her on the mouth. He slid himself back into her pussy then pulled out.

Katrina looked over at Bart to see if he was going to take a turn but he was seated with Shayla riding his cock. Katrina asked Michael if he was done and he said yes, at least with you anyway. Katrina laughed and rolled off to the side extracting Michael’s cock from her ass. Michael’s cock was a deep red as she pulled off him.

I looked around the room and watched Shayla riding Bart’s cock deeply. When Bart screamed out that he was about to cum, Shayla slid off his cock and took it into her mouth and sucked his seed down her throat. Sharla, was busy rubbing herself watching her girlfriend suck some hot sperm down her throat.

Lourdes and Simone were in a 69 off to the side of the front room. Rachel was sitting in the lounger chair brought in from the pool with her legs spread and her own dildo plunging in and out of herself.

Katrina was a lump in the center of the floor with Michael laying flat on his back beside her. Monica was sitting with her back against the sofa between Tyson’s legs. I was in the recliner taking it all in.

We had one final scheduled event left to unfold, this part was planned when the girls went to the bar last week to discuss it. None of the guys was informed of this last part but we knew they would be more than happy to appease us.

It was to be a contest, to see who could jerk themselves off the fastest while their counterparts acted on or out, different scenarios in which they normally found to be erotic and a full blown come instantly kind of thing.

The winners would get a 1-night hotel stay plus a complimentary couple’s massage at the Maui Health Spa at the time of their choosing.

Monica knew what Tyson liked, I know what turns Michael inside out and Simone knows what Bart likes as they’re usually fuck buddies whenever we all get together.

All through the afternoon and evening, all the guys had come about the same amount but in various situations. It was now up to the women to turn their man on so much that they blew their balls first.

The girls had also taken side bets on who would win. Bart being the first one voted to cum first was the majority but I had a secret that nobody knew about, my secret weapon started when we were on the mainland and a certain relationship developed between Michael and a close friend of ours.

Since about the middle of September did a close friendship developed between them. She is a beautiful dark haired woman, our age and wonderfully talented as well as being there for him when his dad passed. She has been a huge inspiration to the both of us, but more so for him as he goes through each day and holiday in personal distress. She is there for him, every day.

Anyways, after abit of rest since Bart was the last one to explode I brought up the subject of the contest. I got the guy’s attention and explained to them what it was about. I told them all 3 of them had to agree to play or it couldn’t be done.

After explaining to them the scenarios, Tyson and Bart agreed, Michael was abit hesitant as he pointed to Bart and said he’d win cause he has no stamina then laughed his fool head off as Bart replied with a simple ‘fuck you’.

Michael said he’d do it so that he could go get some rest. I laughed at him after he said that cause I know he wasn’t going to get any rest after our friends left. His lil tight ass was mine for the night!

So we set up 3 chairs in various areas of the house. Since Monica, Simone and myself were the actors, Sharla, Shayla and Lourdes were the timekeepers. Rachel and Katrina were the extra’s in case one of the girls needed an assistant in their task of getting her man to blast off. I know I didn’t need any help so I told them to stay with the others.

Lourdes was my timekeeper which I wanted. She knows me quite well and has been my submissive during my past birthday’s of last year as a gift from Monica.

We all started to head off to our distinct areas which mine was the pool area. Just as everyone was moving things, Tyson suggested that the guys have to come twice, this will eliminate any premature incidents and looked at Bart after he said that. Tyson laughed as did Michael which prompted Bart to reply with another, ‘fuck you both’!

All of the guys agreed to that stipulation as well. This was going to be really interesting to see the talents of the girls as well as the stamina of the guys. I knew Michael could win this with no problem because I had my secret weapon.

As we moved to the pool area, Lourdes asked me what I had planned to get Michael to come and come twice at that. I told her, who else can get into someone’s head better than me… she smiled and knew I had something.

As Michael took his seat in the chair, he asked me what in the hell possessed us to dream up something like this. I told him that Monica had thought it up and that we all agreed on it. I told him don’t worry, it’s all under control.

I sat down in his lap and talked with him for a few minutes. I asked him if he had spoken to our friend. He said he did. I asked him if she had mentioned if she received the gift he sent her and he said she did. I asked him if she showed him yet and he said no.

I asked him what of the last show did he remember, he said being on her back, legs spread and her magic fingers working herself to an intense orgasm.

I asked him if she used a toy and he said yes. I then told him to close his eyes and listen to the sounds, when I say open them for him to open his eyes and imagine her being there. That it was her performing for him and not me. That she was the one wanting him to explode all over her.

He said he would so I told him to close his eyes, and not stop doing what he’s doing until I tell him to stop. I kissed him on the lips and grabbed some toys from my bag. As he closed his eyes, I went into mode and described to him what I was doing, hoping it was our friend he was thinking about.

Once I had everything setup in the order in which I was going to do, I told Lourdes to start the stopwatch.

I described to Michael that I was now putting on my red high-heeled fuck me pumps and my thong. That I was feeling a little hot and wanted to make myself cum before getting dressed in a high slit silver dress. This dress would make my boobs stand up and show off my legs up to mid thigh.

I watched as Michael stroked his cock, he was already so hard. I could tell he was thinking about our girlfriend already. I described to him how I was opening a bottle of wine for us to share, to maybe use the bottle on myself as she once did.

I could see his eyes fluttering under his eyelids, I could see his legs beginning to flex, his calf muscles flexing as he moved his legs apart. I could see his chest, breaths coming in short heaves. I knew it was only a matter of time now.

Still telling him about standing in the room, showing myself off in a room of other men. All of their eyes on me, like the way he likes to show me off. The sexy tight silver dress, in my heels showing off my form so good, so sexy. Waiting for someone to pull it off of me, or better yet bending me forward and lifting the slit part of the dress and pushing themselves inside my walls, fucking me blindly.

My dark hair flowing down over my shoulders, my boobs bouncing with each thrust. I began to moan for him, whimpering as I repeated ‘fuck me Michael’, and ‘oh please yes fuck me’. I said think hard on it Michael, it is me here!

That was it, the first shot blew past me followed by another burst. He kept on stroking, not changing the pace of his tempo at all but a methodical motion. He kept pumping himself with his eyes still closed.

I looked over at Lourdes and she held up her fingers showing 56 seconds. I continued on as I described for him how I was slowly pushing my butt plug up inside my tight ass for the morning drive to work. That I was taking a dare from him. I was bending over the bed and about to slide it in when I saw his face watching me in my mind.

Here I was, stopped for a moment in time as the tip of the plug was at my tight backdoor. I then told him to open his eyes and as they adjusted to the patio lights, he saw me sliding my 4-inch black butt plug into my tight ass. He gasped and kept pulling on himself.

I told him to think of our friend and wouldn’t it be so exciting to see her on her back as I moved onto my back, to watch her with the plug inside her masturbating for you. I laid out on my back, legs spread for him as the plug was visible to him. I ran a finger inside myself as he watched.

I rubbed my clit and asked him if he knew who I was, I told him to tell me my name. He said the name of our friend instead of mine, I then began pumping my pussy with 2 fingers while telling him to cum for me. I pushed my boobs together and pulled my nipples and told him to suck the piercings just like she has wanted you to do for so long now.

As I moaned out, ‘Michael cum for me’ he did exactly that. He shot another burst of hot white some cross to me. Being on the ground, most landed on me anyways as I stuck my tongue out, telling him to coat me so I could swallow him. Like I’ve always wanted too. He kept pumping his cock with the same motion and pace as before.

Lourdes clicked off the second timer as I crawled over to him. I placed my mouth over his cock as he stopped pumping himself. I took and licked away the drips of hot come from his hand and cock and tasted him. He is such a sweet man.

I told him to stay there and enjoy the air. To think of our friend and talk to her. I told him I’ll be right back and walked into the house with Lourdes.

Looking at the times, the first one was at 56 seconds, while the other was 2 minutes 42 seconds.

We found Monica and Tyson with Sharla keeping time for them. Tyson came the first time in a minute and 32 seconds, Monica was still working on the second one. Tyson was pumping fast and wild as he wanted to come but it just wasn’t happening for him. Monica was on the floor with Rachel giving it to her in the ass with a strap on.

We left them to finish up and went upstairs to check on Bart and Simone. Simone was standing up with Katrina kneeling sucking her pussy as Simone’s hands were cuffed to the top of the closet door. Her legs draping over Katrina’s shoulders.

Bart was furiously pumping himself watching this, Shayla said he came in about 61 seconds but is having a very difficult time with the second one. We compared notes with her showing her Michael’s times. Contest over.

We all met in the rec room this time. Comparing notes, Michael and I were the winners. When Monica asked me how I managed to make him come so fast I told them that I had a secret weapon. When they asked me about it, I showed them a photo that I had printed out prior to Michael coming home. Monica knew about this woman but forgot.

It showed our friend, in a sexy silver dress standing next to a fireplace. Her long legs visible and her beautiful breasts right there waiting to be loved on. I showed Michael this photo when I was sitting on his lap. That’s why I had him close his eyes during the first one. I had to have him open his eyes for the second one because he would have continued to think of her in the silver dress and my description wouldn’t have made any sense.

After some trash talking from Tyson and Bart towards Michael, Monica told them it was whatever or whoever could make their man orgasm the fastest. I knew Michael would have liked to have seen me with someone but it would also add time to his impending orgasms as he focused on either me or whoever I was with. With just me, all he had to do was close his eyes, imagine and hear my descriptions. So much easier.

As the evening began to unwind, I had thought everyone would have left to go back to heir house on the hill but instead, Monica asked if they could spend the night rather than driving home. She said she’d buy breakfast in the morning for us if I let them stay. I said no problem.

Michael and I retired upstairs were we could have some private time. I ran a hot steamy shower for us and took his hand. Leading into the shower, I proceeded to rinse him off and wash him down. I had him kneel down so I could wash his hair, as I ran my fingers through his hair, he was flicking his tongue over my nipples and caressing my pussy lips.

I moved him under the water to rinse his hair, then rinsed him off thoroughly. I told him to stand up but instead he, grabbed my ankle and lifted it over his shoulder and began tonguing my folds. He drove his tongue up inside me as I balanced against the wall.

He licked me slowly, moving over my clit and sucking it in. I could feel his teeth grazing over the nub which always sends chills up my spine. I could feel myself moving into him, grinding myself against him wanting more.

The water cascading over us felt good on our weary bodies. I know I was tired but was amazed at were this burst of energy he was working under came from. He flicked my clit and sucked me to a slow rolling orgasm. I pumped his tongue as my body gave in to him.

I felt the weakness in my legs, so after he was washed and rinsed he proceeded to treat me to a washing. He asked me to kneel as well so he could wash my hair which gave me the best opportunity to relax my legs yet suck his stiffening cock.

I knelt down in front of him, and taking his shaft in my hand pushed him inside my mouth. I sucked the head slow before taking his length into my mouth and throat. I worked him in slowly as I moved over his head. I know I wanted to taste him again, but wasn’t sure if he had anything left in him.

He was definitely still very hard. I moved over his shaft slowly as I didn’t want to rush him. His hands through my hair felt great and so as long as I moaned, he got a longer blowjob.

But I could tell he was wanting to either cum or finish up. So I stood up to rinse off and we finished our shower. As I stepped out, he took me around the waist and took me to the bed. Once there, he had me lift my right knee up onto the bed and positioned himself behind me.

As he moved my left leg to the side he slid his cock up inside my pussy. He rammed me for another 20 minutes before he pumped me full of what little he had left. I felt his cock pulsing, and the warmth of his liquid inside me. He pulled out and I collapsed on the bed. I was so ready to go to sleep.

As Michael slid in next to me, he kissed me then thanked me over and over for such a wonderful night with our friends. He was very tired as well as I could see it in his eyes. I love this man!

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