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Video Night with David

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This story is absolutely true and is dedicated to a very special girl. Love ya, Sweetpea!


After my ex-wife left me I did whatever I could to make myself feel better about the situation. This included getting a tattoo and fucking a couple of her friends, but those memories are for another time. This is the story of the wildest thing I did, and it involved someone I never expected to have anything to do with sexually.

When I was married the first time I was just 18 and my ex and I spent nearly every night at the home of a couple we knew. You know how it is, when you’re young there’s always one place where everyone gathers and that’s the place to be. David and his wife were in their early 20’s too, and every night was a different party at their house. I confess I had a crush on his wife at the time, mostly because she was older than me and had a penchant for never wearing a bra and always wearing loose-fitting tops that resulted in many a great view of her nipples. As for David, he was just a great friend that was fun to be around. As a couple they got along really well but the running joke was about how she would never suck his cock. He always complained about it and the more he complained to anyone that would listen, the more she refused to blow him. It was a vicious cycle for sure and even though I tried to explain it to him, he just kept complaining. The end result was her being pissed about him talking about it and him remaining unsucked. I’m sure that was at least in part the reason things went the way they did. I mean, show me a wife who won’t and I’ll show you a friend who will.

After my divorce I moved to another town about 30 miles away and started a new life. I didn’t see much of my old friends but David and I kept in touch. He’d visit sometimes at night to just hang out and smoke some weed, and we usually ended up watching whatever porn film I’d been jacking off to lately because his wife didn’t like porn and wouldn’t let him bring any into their house. Hey, the single parent thing can get lonely at times, so porn was my outlet as I didn’t have much use for women at that time and wasn’t ready to trust another one yet. We’d usually sit around and bullshit about our lives, smoking a couple of joints and just kicking back. I never thought much about watching porn with him because that’s what guys do, right? We watch fuck films and talk about what we’d do if we were the guys in the flick. At least that’s the way it went until the night I had a different kind of movie for us to watch.

The name of the movie was She-Male Encounter. I’d picked it up from the local rental store because I’d always had a secret fantasy of sucking another guy’s cock. I guess it started when I was in my teens and was a particular favorite fantasy of mine, mostly because I never thought it would ever come true. I’d tried to suck my own cock but not having been gifted with a porn star dick I was never able to reach. Almost, but not quite. I’d had to settle for jerking off with my legs in the air against the wall and letting my cum squirt on my face and chest. Sometimes I’d get the angle right and end up with a shot or two in my mouth. Satisfying, but I’d always wondered what it would be like to drink from the source, so to speak. Anyway, if you’ve never seen the movie it consists of several segments, my favorite of which was one about the pool guy showing up to do his thing and finding the sexy big-titted redhead sunning herself by the pool. She proceeds to suck his cock and when he makes his move to fuck her, surprise surprise, he ends up with a mouth full of hard dick. That scene just did it for me and I’d jerked off to it many times, imagining myself in both positions.

When David arrived that night he sat on one couch and I on the other. We smoked the usual joints and had the usual bs session, but I could tell he was eager to get to the porn. In retrospect I must have been subconsciously hoping things might get crazy but I honestly never expected what happened next. I’d fast forwarded the tape past the titles so he wouldn’t see the name and get a hint as to what was to come, telling myself I just wanted to see his reaction when the redhead pulled out her/his cock. When she did he became completely focused on the screen, a reaction I hadn’t expected. I thought we’d both get a laugh out of it and then switch to a regular fuck movie. As the scene progressed to the point where the guy was blowing the he/she, he asked me what I thought of it. I replied that I thought it was pretty hot, while wondering where this conversation was headed. He was silent for a couple of minutes and then asked me if I thought I could ever do something like that. Since my cock was already hard from the action on the screen I replied flippantly, “Sure, I guess I could.” I think if I had measured my pulse at the time it would have been off the chart.

We continued watching in silence for a few minutes until I decided to throw caution to the wind. I turned sort of sideways and asked him, “Do you want to try it?” In reply he stood up and kicked off his shoes, then began unbuckling his pants. I followed his lead and stood to remove mine as well. It was awkward as hell and ended up with me sitting on the floor naked from the waist down, and him sitting on the couch the same way. I don’t think either of us knew exactly what to do next so we just sat there for a minute or two. Finally I said, “Fuck it, I’ll start.” and moved across the floor to where he was sitting. It’s funny the things you remember but I’ll never forget how warm his left leg was when I put my hand on it to part them. When I did I found myself about a foot away from the first cock other than my own that I’d ever seen up close. He was semi-hard and I saw that the head was quite large in comparison with the shaft. I looked up at him and saw the eagerness on his face and instinct just took over. I leaned forward and took him into my mouth as deeply as I could.

It was a little surprising how full my mouth felt but when his eyes rolled back and he moaned out loud I was hooked. I loved the feel and taste of his cock and I started sucking in earnest, using my tongue to bathe his cock as he quickly grew harder. In a flash he was stiff as iron and I found a natural rhythm, sucking him in as far as I could, then out again, licking at the head and the sweet drops of precum that were oozing out. His fingers twined in my hair and he held my head as his hips moved forward, trying to bury all of it in my mouth. It was pretty obvious that he hadn’t been sucked off for a long time and it gave me a wonderful feeling to know I was giving my friend a pleasure he’d been long denied. There’s nothing quite like having your dick sucked by someone who enjoys it, is there?

After about five minutes of my enthusiastic sucking he groaned out, “69!” I reluctantly let go of my new play toy and he slid to the floor, lying on his back. I crawled over him into position and was rewarded with the amazing feeling of having my cock in a hot wet mouth while looking down on the stiff prick that was staring me in the face. I swallowed him once again and did my best to suck every inch of it deep in my throat while he was doing the same to me, my thoughts of right and wrong having flown away on the winds of lust. We gobbled each other like starving men for a while until I suddenly knew I was going to cum. I moaned out loud and started cumming, the waves of pleasure wracking my body as I filled his mouth with my hot seed. He was surprised at first but took it in stride and swallowed every drop as my balls felt like they were going come right through the end of my cock. Gasping, I released his rod from my mouth and crawled off, trying to catch my breath.

David sat up and put his hand on my back and asked if I was ok. I laughed shakily and assured him that I was fine, just enjoying the feeling of a great blowjob. Then he said, “I want to fuck you.” It surprised me a little but I was so into what we were doing that I agreed and told him to grab the vaseline from the bathroom. He did, then positioned himself behind me as I lay forward over the couch and offered myself and my virgin ass to him. I remember thinking, “Holy shit, I’m going to get fucked!” as he greased up his cock and then used his finger to lube my asshole, sliding the tip inside where nobody had ever been before. When we were both lubed and ready he moved closer and put the large head of his cock against my asshole and started gently pushing forward.

Either I was too tight or the excitement had gotten to him too much, but the result was that he started to lose his hardon, and the more he tried to fuck me the more frustrated he got. It soon became clear that it wasn’t going to happen, and he sat back on the floor with a look of disappointment on his face. My heart just went out to him and I said, “Go wash that stuff off and I’ll suck you off.” With a huge smile he jumped to his feet and disappeared into the bathroom. When he emerged again he was soft but clean and I told him to sit back on the couch and relax. He sat down and leaned back, parting his legs so I could get to my prize easily, and I eagerly went back to what I now knew I loved doing. I watched the look of pleasure on his face as I took his soft cock completely into my mouth and began sucking, doing my all to give him the best blowjob he’d ever had. In a minute he was stiff again, eagerly thrusting forward into my hungry mouth, and I held his hips in my hands as I sucked like a whore on my friend’s dick. It didn’t take long before he was gasping for breath, his cock twitching and jumping in my mouth and I knew he was almost there. He moaned out “I’m gonna cum!” and I just kind of hummed a reply, never missing a stroke. He grabbed my hair again and groaned loudly, his cock jerking in my mouth as he unloaded a huge amount of hot cum onto my tongue. I swallowed greedily as each spurt hit the back of my tongue, sucking hard for every drop. I wanted to drain him completely and kept sucking, even after he was done cumming. His whole body shook with the intensity of his orgasm, his breath hitching as he came back from the height of pleasure. He quickly got too sensitive for me to keep going and I reluctantly freed his softening member from my mouth and sat back, enjoying the look of ultimate satisfaction that lay on his face.

Afterward to my surprise there was no awkwardness or embarrassment with either of us. We both knew how much we’d enjoyed what we’d done and we made plans to get together again as soon as we could. But that’s a tale for another day…

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