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It Had Been a Long Time

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It had been a long time since I had last seen Alicia. What was it, fifteen years?

No. Sixteen. Good Gawd A’mighty!

Actually, she looked better than I remembered. Of course, that last time I saw her she was recovering from breast-reduction surgery and wasn’t in her best sorts. We were also married to other people then, and it wasn’t the best time for me either.

I hate winter, and back then it was a dark, wet, and miserably cold winter, too.

But this time, even though it was winter again, it was also south Texas instead of Kentucky, and the sun was shining warmly. Makes all the difference in the world! I was in town to deliver a load of air conditioning equipment, and was seriously out of driving hours for the week when it was over. I made it to the nearest truck stop and “dropped anchor” for the weekend.

It took a few tries with the local phone book before I found her. She shrieked with delight when I told her who this “strange voice from her past” was.

“Jimmy, you were never strange, just perverted!” she exclaimed, then added: “You know how I like that in a man!”

I always did have rather, um…unusual ideas about how to do the horizontal cha-cha, and not all of them were horizontal. That was then, though.

“Where’s Esther? Is she with you?”

“Well…you know how it is…”

She did, having been around a couple of times herself. No more needed to be said in that department.

Before long she pulled up to the truck stop in a Camaro with the top down. Let me rephrase that: it was the CAMARO’S top that was down. Her’s was up just fine, thank you very much. A convertible coupe was just like her. When I knew her the first time it was a Triumph Spitfire. My ex- reported that she like to ride with her skirt up around her waist and no panties to give truckers a thrill. I wasn’t driving trucks in those days, dammit!

Al’s hair was a lot longer than before, and I could see that the surgeon had been a great artist. Al always was well proportioned and “statuesque,” but top-heavy. Now she was about as perfectly figured as could be imagined, with cleavage no Wonderbra could provide. For that matter, she wasn’t wearing a bra, yet her breasts had that gravity-defying thrust of a teenager’s. She was wearing a form-fitting long sleeved white bodysuit that set off her perpetual tan, and a tailored white leather jacket and miniskirt. A pair of strippy little high-heeled sandals made her legs look two yards long. I knew I was in trouble. All I wanted was to see an old friend, but seeing this “old friend ” was like getting hit by my truck! I was in trouble, but it was too late to turn back.

“Jimmy!!!” she squealed and threw her arms around my neck, pressing that fabulous body of hers against mine and smothering me with kisses.

“Good to see you, Al!” I said with all the warmth I could muster. “Dinner’s on me, where we goin’?”

She took my hand and led me back to the car. We talked of old things, old friends, and times that were no more as we drove to a steakhouse and dined. As the Evening wore on I learned that while I had changed tremendously, she was remarkably the same as when we first met in the Seventies. She still painted and sculpted, usually in the nude, and still hung out with the local nudist colony on the beaches and at a few waterholes she knew in the desert. That accounted for her unmarked tan. She had also been into swinging `way back when, but had almost become a nun since breaking up with her last husband. Being bisexual, she had made do with one of her woman friends from the nudists, but she definitely preferred men.

By the time she dragged me to her place she was a little tipsy from the cocktails and wine we had had with dinner. Fortunately, it only made her more charming, if that was possible, but I still insisted on driving. While I enjoy alcohol, it isn’t my favorite inebriant, my preferred herb is one of those things that mustn’t show up in my urine if I want to keep on driving, so it’s “on hiatus” until I retire. Besides, while I enjoy Al’s hot sexuality, I’m not really trying to make any moves on her, especially if she’s at a disadvantage. I’m not that kind of a guy. I was just there to be with my friend.

But I could tell Al’s fire was hot in her fireplace, even hotter than the one she lit in the fireplace in her living room. She lit candles and turned on the stereo after we walked in, then fixed a shaker of martinis. Clearly, she was trying to make a move on me, and now I knew how a girl must feel when a guy is putting on a “full court press.” At least I knew that Al had been, um…fixed some years back, so there wasn’t any worry of any “unexpected consequences” to worry about.

“Stop that, Jimmy! You’re just here for the friendship, remember?” the voice in my head snapped.

“Yeah, yeah, I hear ya’.” I replied. So why am I not resisting any harder than I am?

She returned from the kitchen with the shaker and two glasses on a tray, bending just so to give me a good view of those bodacious wabbos pressing against the thin fabric of her suit. She had left the jacket over the back of the chair by the front door as we came in. She straightened and knelt beside me on the sofa.

She poured a round and we touched glasses. Her eyes never left mine as we drank together.

“I’ve got to tell you, I was always jealous of Esther because she had you and I didn’t. I could tell how much more you loved her than Bill did me. I always wanted a man to love me like that, but never could find one who would.”

That’s quite a compliment, and I had to pause and smile my appreciation.

“Ultimately useless, alas.” I said, in my usual mock-noble way.

“No it’s not.” She replied. “It wouldn’t be useless with me.”

She was looking at me with “those” eyes when she said it. Dark eyes, and dark hair. I can’t resist dark eyes and dark hair, especially long, dark hair.

“Thanks, babe. It’s nice to hear someone else say it.”

“It’s nice to be called `babe’.” She said. “At least by someone who means it like you do.” She was still looking at me as she said it.

This is getting too close. Even after several years of driving I’ve never had a load to here before, and might never get another one. Besides, she’s spayed and a—what is it—three-time loser already? I thought to myself savagely, trying to break this spell before things went too far. I didn’t want to…to…you know…if I couldn’t keep her and have children by her. That’s what I had set my sights on, right?

“Look, uh, Al…” I began.

“What?” she replied, leaning forward and stroking my cheek with her hand, and looking even deeper into my eyes than before. Maybe it was because she was so much closer than before, if that was possible. I noticed she was still wearing that same sandalwood musk perfume she used to wear when she and Bill were an item.

What, indeed? I knew I should have an answer that would shut this evening down and take me back to the safety of my truck without hurting her feelings, but I couldn’t say a thing. Al was a spectacularly beautiful woman, with one of the sexiest mouths I had ever seen. She was now inches from my face, stroking my hair…then she kissed me.

The first contact was small, almost like a child’s kiss; close-lipped and just a peck in the center. But then she pressed a little harder, and pulled me to her with her hand behind my head. The third was the killer, as her lips opened, she pressed hard, her eyes closed, and her tongue probed for mine. Her other hand found mine and guided it to her breast, a signal so unmistakable that I could feel my spine turn to macaroni. I squeezed gently, and heard her suck in her breath in response. I was a goner.

Alicia pulled back, unzipped her skirt, and reached between her legs to unsnap her bodysuit. In one motion she pulled it off over her head, like a cat stretching, her fine melons swaying with the motion as she arched her back to thrust them even higher for me. Long ago, I learned that if a woman takes it into her head to make love to you (got a better term?) to let her make all the moves. I waited for her instead of reaching out, even though she obviously expected me to do so. She didn’t miss a beat, though, and rose up and put her arms around my shoulders, guiding my face into her breasts.

She could feel me collapse into her as she pressed those warm, soft, life-giving mams to my head.

I relaxed even further, embracing her to me. It was no use hiding from her, she always did have a sixth sense when it came to feelings. I guess it was because I didn’t jump right away on her bones and grope her that gave me away.

“Jimmy, how long has it been since you’ve been with a woman?” she asked, gently.

“We divorced four and a half years ago.”

“You-haven’t-had-a-woman-in-four-and-a-half-years???” she asked, incredulously, each word staccato from disbelief.

What could I say? I lay my head on her shoulder and held her even closer. I didn’t want to cry, but my emotional dam was about to burst. I held on for dear life, hoping I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

Alicia drew back and was naked beside me, her cunt shaved and smooth. She rose and straddled my lap, took my head in both hands and looked deep into my eyes once more.

Then she laid a kiss on me that melted my molars.

She began to unbutton my shirt, which never works right with my gut. Trucking, while a physically demanding job, doesn’t provide for a lot of exercise, and I had never been of the “greek god” persuasion in the first place. From this point on I would have to actively participate if I didn’t want my clothes ripped to shreds, which would be romantic, but clothes can be hard to replace when you’re on the road. At least I had had sense enough to shower and shave at the truck stop before picking up the phone!

I took her face in my hands and kissed her back. The best defense is a good offense. Ever knowing, she stood up before me and took my hands, pulling me to my feet.

Alicia is a tall woman, only slightly shorter than I am. Esther comparatively was child-sized. It was…different kissing someone without having to bend over. The skin of her back was so smooth, and feeling girl-skin once again after so long sent sparks up my spine. I finished pulling my shirt off, but she had advanced to my belt buckle and zipper.

I didn’t want to undress before removing my socks. I knew how ridiculous I would look in my baggy old underwear and socks. I don’t dress for style on the road so much as for utility. When I’m at home I’m a clotheshorse, all suits and expensive ties, but I’m a thousand miles away from my closet. I had to get my shoes off first! There’s no way to do that and make love to a woman at the same time. The best I could do was to wrap one arm around her waist and hope she didn’t notice that I was using her to keep my balance as untied my clod-hopper work shoes and took them off. Then again, even if she did notice I don’t think she cared. She understood.

There! Now that I was barefoot I hoped she didn’t notice that I tend to scratch my feet (and elsewheres) to pieces. Truckers live in their clothes, often going the better part of a week between showers, and even then you’re right back into costume and back on the road, so our skins aren’t quite the same quality as beautiful women who actually live in houses and take the time and effort to put on the creams and lotions that keep them soft and smooth. I felt like a troll next to her.

Thank God for candlelight. Anybody can look good naked by candlelight.

She went to work once again on my trousers, and slipped them down, then pulled up on my undershirt. As I took it over my head I felt her hands pull off my briefs, sliding them down with her palms inside, gliding along my thighs. I smiled at the thought that she was copping a feel on me. I let her.

She straightened and drew me out onto the rug before the fire, getting into the beat from the stereo. Alicia still wore her shoes, which was driving me wild since it make her legs look so good. She stepped back and began to dance for me like a stripper in a tittie bar, jiggling her breasts and swaying her hips in time to the music, all the time looking me in the eye with heavy lids and a wisp of hair falling across her face, which she shook back and gritted her front teeth at me like an animal.

She opened her arms and motioned to me to dance with her. I don’t know squat about dancing, except to hug, turn in circles and try not to step on her feet. I had forgotten how warm a naked woman was. How soft and smooth…

She paused and laid a hand on my shoulder, balancing while she shucked off her sandals. Now she was looking up at me, and brushed back her hair with a finger and a toss of her head. This time when she kissed me I felt a hand snake down and squeeze my balls, a signal that couldn’t be misunderstood: this female meant to mate with me. Now!

She backed away and knelt on the rug. The heat of the fire was beginning to make me sweat, but you can’t beat a wood fire as a mood-setting background when you make love. And it was love that we were making, not just sex. I could sense her need for physical love from a man. The trembling flutter of her hands as she touched me, the quickness of her breath when I touched her, we were two people desperately in search of each other. She took my cockhead in her lips and began to suck it in ever-deepening strokes. It was like I had stuck my penis in a wall outlet. I was ragingly hard in seconds. At least THAT still worked!

I knelt with her. She began stroking my cock as I reached for her slit. She gasped as I fingered her hardening clit in its hood. I added two more fingers and rubbed her labia between them. She made an animal sound and threw her head back and closed her eyes in ecstasy. I stroked her breast with my other hand and cupped it, squeezing gently. We rose on our knees together and I quickened my rhythm, in a moment she began to stiffen and clutch tightly to my shoulder as her passion built. Suddenly, she arched her back and threw her head up with a grunt like she had been punched in the stomach as she climaxed, which was good, because when she did she squeezed my cock so hard I thought it would burst.

The things we do for love. I managed to stifle any cry. I didn’t want her to quit squeezing my cock, just not so hard.

Sending her over the top ignited her engine. When she recovered she threw me on my back and attacked me like a lioness devouring a downed wildebeest. She straddled with those perfect thighs of hers and rocked back and forth, stroking my chest and grinding her cunt into my machinery. Alicia dismounted and turned to my cock again, throwing her hairless snatch onto my face, just like that.

“Mmuff! MMUFFF!!!” I tried to say through her superheated body.

She rolled off and looked back. “What? Did I hurt you?”

“No, I need a pillow for my head.”

“Ohhhhh…” she replied understandingly and giggled. She got up and strutted over to the couch to get one of the throws, slinging that extra-fine ass of hers for all it was worth.

She strutted her way back and made a show of kneeling by my head with her knees on either side of my ears as she slipped the pillow under my head, giving me a great worm’s-eye view of those stupendous…magnificent…spectacular…

Then she jumped on my bones as if she was diving into a swimming pool.

“OOF!!!” I grunted as she belly-flopped on my stomach. I heard her laugh like water falling down stones, and she sucked up my cock again like a vacuum cleaner and tried her best to tear it out by the roots. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. I’ll fix ya for that!

I grabbed her butt cheeks in my hands, pulled down and squeezed as hard as I could as I savagely attacked her cunt. she ground her hips down harder on my face, then returned to abusing my genitals like I was some sort of plush toy. Getting rough with her only made her hotter. God, I love that in a woman!

It was WWF versus the WCW as we wrestled in passion on that rug. Alicia pumped my dong like she was pumping water for a house fire. I sucked her nub into my lips, I licked, I bit, I tried to stick my tongue as far into her as it would go. I stretched her creamy buttocks like a baker kneading dough. She responded by jacking my stick with her fist. I guess I’m lucky in that I usually can’t come when someone else is sucking or jacking me off. Actually, I can go for hours that way, but believe it or not, there are better ways to pass the time. I had to get this amazon off me. Maybe in a minute…

As it turns out, she reared up on her own and crammed her crotch into my face with all her might. I thought I would suffocate, but what a way to go! I could hear her going “oh yeah!” over and over again as I tongued her slit. I reached up and grabbed those tits with my hands. It was past time for gentleness, and I squeezed and stretched to my heart’s desire. Apparently I was getting no argument, because she grabbed my hands in hers and guided my squeezing even harder.

Alicia let go with a grunt that I thought would bring the neighbors as she came again. She wound down a little and moved off my face. I never knew just how sexy BREATHING could be until now! She was still only getting started. She began to bob her shoulders to the music, and her breasts swayed back and forth for me. In one motion she stood up and turned to the fireplace, putting her hands on the mantle and spreading her feet, all the time swaying to the beat.

All for me. She looked over her shoulder at me as I was getting up, which I did slowly so that I could admire this tawny animal properly. I could see the mound of her pussy between her thighs, and the flex of her ass as her hips churned. Even though they had been reduced her tits were still big enough to bulge out on either side when viewed from behind. I slid my hands around them and positioned the cups of my palms over her nipples to pull her back to me. She raised up on tiptoe and put her hands back behind my head to increase the contact pressure between our two naked bodies. I felt my cock rise and jam against her butt, so I reached down and positioned it in the crack between her ass cheeks, like a hot dog in a bun.

She gave her ass another little shake to tickle my twang, and dropped one hand to her slit. Holding on with the other hand, she wiggled her nubbin, and after a moment made a little gasp, stiffened, grunted through her teeth, and finally made those little “ah!” sounds as she climaxed. Alicia wilted a little, then turned to me and kissed me for a long, long time.

“Take me.” She whispered, when we broke apart, slowly. She turned and reached for a little plastic bottle on the mantle, opened it, and squirted some on my cock, jacking it slowly to spread the lubricant evenly. My vixen then knelt on the rug and turned, thrusting her ass high up in the air. She wanted me to take her from behind.

I gazed upon her bung and pussy, so open and vulnerable to me. She had put quite a bit of juice on my rod, and my hand was slippery, so I put a finger into her cunt, and slowly, gently, pushed my thumb into her bung. Her ass cheeks tightened with pleasure against my hand as I finger-fucked her. I wanted her to be as hot as the fire that was roasting us from the fireplace. Hotter.

She cried out in passion as she built to her climax. She twisted and stretched as the steam built within her. It finally burst out in a scream loud and long. I love the feeling of…victory? when I bring a woman to climax. The feeling of power over another is a sweet intoxicant. I wanted more.

She rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide, gesturing to me with her arms with a look of total desperation on her face: “Now! Now! Please baby, take me now! Fuck me! I need you to fuck me! Shove that horse cock in me! Take me! TAKE MEEEEEE!!!”


I jacked myself the last few strokes up as I positioned my cockhead in her slit, then pushed in. Alicia had one of those perfect cunts that fit like a glove as I slid home in a single thrust, our bodies meshing fully until we were one animal together. She groaned with pleasure and arched her back, pressing herself against me as I paused, letting her clamp down on my shaft.

Carefully, I ran my arms under her legs and lifted them over my shoulders. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she dropped back flat on the rug. Slowly, ever so slowly, I drew my cock back until just the head was still inside her, and then plunged again. She opened her mouth and gushed a wordless gush or air as I hit bottom again, then she looked at me with gritted teeth and slitted eyes, a look of total animal lust and desire as I began to pick up the pace.

Al began to move her hips to meet my thrusts, and our bodies began to slam together. The impact was hitting that nerve that runs behind my pubic patch, and my balls, hanging long from the heat, slapped against her smooth ass below, driving me higher and higher with each impact.

“Yeah, do me baby! Squirt that hot cream inside me! I wanna feel you shoot your load in me! I wanna feel you cum! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!! She was going crazy under me, pulling my head down into her tits, clawing at my back, squirming and bucking with every stroke I gave her.

…But not yet. Not yet. I knew that if I wanted to completely possess this amazon I had to outlast her. I slowed my pace and plunged back in to keep my erection, pausing at the bottom, and then withdrawing slowly…slowly…

Alicia was frantic. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” she cried, her face a mask of fear and horror. “Please, please don’t stop! Please! Finish me off! Please, please baby, PLEASE! MAKE ME CUM!!!” She was gasping with anxiety that I might pull out. “You GOTTA make me cum!”

Gotta? Who sez? I know I must have had a look of cruel triumph on my face, and why now? I was being a little cruel perhaps, and I had won her, body and soul. Boy, would SHE gonna be grateful!

I slammed down like a pile driver into her silk-lined cunt. I withdrew and slammed down again, as hard as I could. I grabbed her shoulders so she couldn’t slide away and began fucking her with all my might, copulating like I was trying to drive a spike into a rock wall.

Faster and faster, harder and harder. I could feel my dick swell to immense proportions. I became microscopically small behind genitals the size of my truck, ramming headlong into her again and again. I felt the volcano pressure between my legs grow ever higher, goaded by her screams and moans, until at last the dam finally burst. I shot gallons of cum, oceans of white hot hot white cream into her, emptying myself like a high-pressure fire hose when the nozzle valve is opened suddenly, as thousands of volts of sexual energy cracked up our spines and exploded our brains into the blissful space of completion, the “little death” of climax.

Gently, I disengaged, as my cock went limp inside her. This is the part I always hate, the parting. Like all horndogs, I wish I could stay in penetration forever, but Nature doesn’t work that way. We both began to giggle like children secretly playing naked as we felt it go flaccid and at last fall out, like a deflated balloon. Alicia was an experienced lover, and had a wet cloth close at hand. She caught the dribble of juice before it could make a mess on the rug, and then lovingly washed my penis after I had flopped down exhausted beside her. I was so sensitive from the stroking that I jerked spasmodically, then I saw she was having her “revenge” for my having tortured her so.

I drew her soft body to me and we kissed, long and hard, as lovers do.

After a time, we went to the bath and tenderly bathed each other. She had a tub big enough for two, and the slick soap made us slip and slide against each other in the water. We didn’t say much. We didn’t have to.

Then we slept.


When I awoke the next morning, It was bright daylight outside. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen, and smelled coffee. It had been a long time since I had heard a woman in the kitchen making breakfast, and the old feelings came back strong.

I rose and found that she had put out a man’s white terrycloth robe for me. I put it on and went out of the bedroom.

As I approached the kitchen I could hear that Al was talking to another woman. I deliberately made a little more noise as I walked down the hall to signal that I was awake and inbound, just in case my side trip to the bathroom hadn’t. A true gentleman always thinks ahead and doesn’t startle the ladies.

Alicia and the other woman were sitting on opposite sides of her breakfast table, silhouetted against the bright sunshine coming through the kitchen window. Alicia was still naked, drinking a cup of coffee.

Her friend was a nice-looking woman, with crew-cut hair colored almost magenta, and ivory pale, whereas Al is deeply tanned all over. Her friend wasn’t exactly mannish, more punked than butch, but still very feminine looking, with long nails, huge gold hoop earrings, and plenty of color in her makeup. She was wearing a tank-top, running shorts, and white socks and sneakers. Her pert breasts made enticing little bumps in the thin fabric of her shirt that held my attention whenever I wasn’t trying to be obvious.

“This is Elaina.” Alicia said. “She’s the one I was telling you about.”

Aha! Alicia’s “friend.” I can see why she switches sides!

“Lissy has been telling me all about you.” Elaine said, giving me the once-over slowly and deliberately. “She says you’re such…good…COCK!”


With that, Elaina reached into my robe and grabbed my cock and balls in her hand, squeezing them like she was trying them on for size, plainly and brazenly groping me. I started and did a double take, but she didn’t let go. I looked at Alicia, who gave me a wink over her coffee cup and smiled back. Okayyyyyy….

“So!” Elaina said peremptorily. “When do I get to try him out, Lissy?”

In answer, Alicia, still sipping, gave a wave of her hand, as if to say: “Help yourself!” Without another word, Elaina got up from the table, still squeezing my mechanism in her slender hand and looking me straight in the eye. She had almost colorless gray eyes.

“Come, stud!” she commanded, and dragged me from the kitchen. I looked back over my shoulder to see Al squeezing her breasts together and making exaggerated kissing motions at me in sort of a “Jimmy’s got a girl friend” razzing. Jeepers!

We got back to the bedroom and Elaina snapped me around to face her with my back to the bed. She still hadn’t let go of my jewels, indeed she had changed her grip so that now she had me in her fist, thumb and fingers wrapped completely around the base, holding me like a pistol. She had a strong grip, too.

“All right, stud boy, show me what you can do!” she purred through clenched teeth, like a jungle cat closing in on a cornered animal. “I haven’t had a man between my legs since…last night, so GET IT UP! NOW!!!”

Migawd, I was about to be raped! I was going to be treated like I was a piece of meat, a sex toy for her twisted, perverted desire! Cool!

I shrugged my shoulders and dropped my robe, standing naked before her, trying to puff myself up as straight as possible. She gave me another once-over and nodded appreciatively, then pushed me backward onto the bed.

Before I could recover, she had climbed on top of me and started biting me all over. Evidently she likes it rough too. My kind of woman!

She moved down on me and began jacking my cock. She pulled hard on my balls with her other hand, then she attacked with her mouth, gulping me all the way in in one, uh…gulp.


Elaina was an expert coxwoman, she knew every nerve ending in my schlong as if she had been an instructor in a brothel training academy. Normally, I can’t cum very easily that way, which means I can go literally for hours being blown, not an unequitable bargain, but I could feel the lightning building this time, even though I had only recently awaken. Now THAT’S fellatio for ya’, Chucko!

But who’s in charge here? Was I going to let her use me up in five seconds like this, just to prove her superiority over me? Not a chance! NO one challenges me in bed and lives to tell the tale! This bitch is going down NOW! I grabbed her by her arms and dragged her up to face me. She was surprised, but not as much as she was about to be, as I grabbed her head in both hands and kissed her as hard as I could, smack on the mouth, forcing her lips open with my tongue. She resisted at first, then melted like ice cream on a stove.

At the same time, I reached for a breast and gave it a hard squeeze, holding her mouth to mine with my other hand behind her head. She wants it hard, she’s gonna GET it hard! I rolled over on my side, dropping her onto the bed beside me, and thrust my hand into her pants, grabbing her bare cunt and slicing into her slit with my middle finger. She was wet, and her juice coated my finger. I rammed it into her, and she arched in response, throwing her head back and gasping with the impact.

I felt for the little volcano of her cervix and began to trace circles around it with my fingertip. Elaina began to swoon with the pleasure from this most intimate of contacts. I stopped at the bottom and began to flip it up rythmically, like I was tapping on a telegraph key. She cried out and clutched at me, then bought her face close to mine, her eyes wild.

“Fuck me, stud!” She growled almost snarlingly. And then she kissed me as hard as I had kissed her, shoving her tongue down my throat, her grunts and gasps blowing out my nostrils as she came like a roaring freight train.

I pulled my hand out of her cunt abruptly, and she spasmed at the sudden parting. I put my hand on her chest and pushed her back roughly.

“You want it bitch? You want my cock in your cunt, your pussy? You’re wet for me, aren’t you bitch?” She was in a daze, leaning back on her elbows, her head dropped back, her eyes glazed and mouth open, breathing heavily. I could tell she liked being talked dirty to as much as I do. I reached between her soft thighs and grabbed her pants by the crotch in my fist and dragged them off, almost tearing them. I didn’t care, and neither did she. She was so hot I believe she would have walked home naked if I had ordered her to. She wanted a man who would shove her around a little in the bedroom, to break through to her by force. I wondered who was the aggressor here, and when she was getting it on with Alicia.

I moved up and tore off her tank top, literally shredding the soft material that covered her breasts. Now it was my turn to attack.

Her skin was like snow white velvet, smooth and soft, but her body was firm. Her breasts weren’t the large grapefruits that swung like Alicia’s, rather like dollops of pudding, with smooth pink nipples that were themselves smaller cones on top, pert and sassy. Her hips were as round as if they had been laid out with a drawing compass, whereas Alicia’s were rather squareish. Which was the more beautiful? Which would you rather have, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?

No, that’s not quite accurate…Alicia was a Mercedes, Elaina was a Jaguar, a man-eating cat, with claws to match. Before I could return to ravishing her alabaster body she was on me, fighting, biting, growling, clawing, and snarling, trying to get back on top. I was equally determined to pin her down before she clawed me to ribbons.

I easily had twice her mass, and eventually forced her down on her stomach, holding her shoulders flat on the bed while I admired her round ass. I moved one hand to the center of her back and used the other to fish for her pussy between her thighs.

“Open to me, bitch!” I snapped. She growled a response, but complied, raising her ass off the bed a little.

I did her like I did Alicia last night, except I didn’t have any lubricant for my thumb. Didn’t matter, I just forced it into her tight asshole and grabbed her from the inside the way she had done my dick earlier. I could tell from the way she was groaning and squirming that she loved it anyway. She turned her head away so that I couldn’t see the look of pleasure on her face, but I knew it was there.

“Get up on your hands and knees, bitch! I want to feel your tits!”

Her breasts hung down from her chest, swinging free. I love it when women’s tits hang down like this. I milked her like she was a cow, throwing in a gentle slap on her ass every now and then to give her the spice of pain that she liked so well. Elaina threw her head back and closed her eyes, her pussy was sopping wet. It was then that we heard the gasp from the doorway.

We both turned our heads to look. Alicia had been hiding just out of sight in the hallway, spying on us and frigging herself. She stopped and peeked around the corner, knowing she had been discovered by her accidental outburst. I nodded my head and a smile bloomed across her face as she ran to join us.

I released Elaina and we three knelt together on the bed, a triangle of love. We entwined arms around each other and began to kiss and make out, all three of us together, our tongues dancing together in a triad kiss as if in one mouth. We began to stroke each other’s backs and asses, and I felt an occasional hand stroke my cock and fondle my balls. I turned both girls around reached for their clits, fingering them together. One grabbed my cock and tried to jack it, but was so lost in her own pleasure that she couldn’t get a rhythm going. I heard one gasp and begin to breathe faster, which prompted the other to do the same. In a moment both were collapsing against me, crying out in pleasure as they both started cumming together.

Gently, I let them down to the bed and stood up to look upon their nakednesses. Elaina may be sexually aggressive, but after a good cum she turns kittenish, and cuddled up to Mother Alicia, who stroked her face and kissed her gently as they both glided back down to earth.

Besides already making up two-thirds of a manage a trois, I think men find the sight of two women together making love so beautiful because women themselves are beautiful, their bodies so smooth and round, and Alicia’s was even devoid of pubic hair, her female slit unhidden from view. The two before me were a study in contrasts: large and small, angular and round, chocolate and vanilla. I watched as they began to kiss a little more passionately, their delicate hands exploring each other’s breasts and thighs, gently stroking each other’s bodies as they rose as one and embraced, their breasts flattening together between them. I moved closer and began to stroke their velvet satin backs, squeezing their smooth butts, probing between their cheeks for their cunts with my fingers.

Alicia repositioned her knees to give me wider access, and used her hands to open Elaina’s thighs as well. Al gave me a warm smile and I leaned in to kiss her open mouth. My fingers found the back ends of their slits and I began to manipulate them, gently at first, then with increasing speed and intensity until both began snorting and moaning through their kisses as they built up to another cum.

The fire ignited and exploded into yelps as they clung to each other, trying to keep from falling over. Their beautiful naked bodies shuddered against each other, trembling with excitement.

The moment passed, Elaina and Alicia slowly turned their faces to me, cheek to cheek, their treasure chests rising and falling against each other.

“Let’s get him!” Alicia said.

“Yeah!” Elaina agreed.

Uh-oh…I’m in trouble now!

Slowly, like two cats, they uncoiled and stepped off the bed together, both of them with that look in their eyes that said “bitches in heat” that have spied a male. I once heard that a pride of lions consists of a harem of females that all come into heat at once and fuck the males practically to death for days before their urges are satisfied. What a way to go!

“I’m gonna die!” I thought to myself as a big shit-eating grin crossed my face. The two girls moved almost like choreographed dancers, each one moving in mirror image to the other. Without a word, they straddled my legs and began to ride my thighs like horses, grinding their hot cunts against my legs. When one climbed up to suck my face the other would follow. When one would jack my cock the other would squeeze my balls. Both knelt to fellate me together, although I suspect they were kissing each other around my shaft. No matter. Both were broiling my hot dog with their combined hot breath. Yowsa!

I put my hands on the backs of their heads and gently pushed them harder together as I began to pump my hips through their mouths. I grabbed handfuls of hair and alternately turned them to me, driving my dick into one mouth, then the other. I was a sultan in his harem. They were my sex slaves, for my pleasure! Anything I wanted I would have!

I dragged them to their feet and kissed them hard. I could taste my precum in their mouths. I was savaging them, ravishing them, forcing them to fuck me. They loved it, they loved being used. Both were competing with each other for my attention, grabbing me, twining their long, soft legs around me, putting on a girl-girl show for my pleasure, each more frantic than the other in their sexual heat. I want to eat pussy!

It was my turn to push them down on the bed. Elaina was dragging herself higher up on the bed on her back as I violently forced her legs apart, exposing her cunt slit fully. I dropped on my stomach and began to lick and suck on her crack, her thighs, her vulva, her clit. I stuck my tongue and fingers in her hole and reamed her hard, almost violently. She was crying out in passion and squirming so that I had to grab her firmly and hold her tight. This cunt was going to the Moon. Now!

So was Alicia. She had moved up to the head of the bed and straddled Elaina’s face. Elaina’s tongue was darting like a snakes into Alicia’s slit, and Al was bucking her hips, squeezing her breasts, and biting her lower lip with her perfect white teeth.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed Elaina’s pudding tits, copping as much feel as I could. She responded by grabbing my hands and pressing them harder into her chest. She was beginning to make “mmrfff”-ing sounds from under Alicia’s ass. Soon, both began to cum again, and I was rewarded with a mouthful of Elaina’s juices gushing out of her cunt as she again went rigid, then limp.

Alicia collapsed on the bed beside Elaina, exhausted from her own trip to the Moon, but it didn’t take these vixens long before they went into a 69, each slurping the other as if there would be no tomorrow. Since each girl shot me a glance now and then I kind of figured that they were showing off for me, just playing me enough line so that I would be jacking off to maximum hardness before they broke and jumped me again.

And they did. Brother, did they ever! As if by some unsaid cue they separated and grabbed me in a flying tackle, body slamming me to the bed and giving me a workover that might prove fatal: they started biting and scratching, squeezing, pumping, twisting, pinching, and a few other things that the English language hasn’t had time to come up with words for yet. They were using me like I was a sex toy, a punching bag, a blow up doll. I was being molested within an inch of my life, and I LIKE IT!!!

Just as I think my life really ought to end if I’m lucky, Alicia, who was above me on the bed, reached down and stroked my cock, then held it straight up by the base, as Elaina straddled me. Al held her slit open for her and fitted us together, mating us. Elaina began to impale herself on my rod, slowly at first, then ever deeper until she hit bottom and I felt that little “flip” of my dick that goes with being all the way in and fully greased by her sopping wet cunt.

Elaina paused for a moment, teetering on the brink of yet another explosive cum, and we locked eyes, our passion and heat as one. Then the lights went out as Alicia straddled my face and smashed her hot crotch into my mouth as hard as she could. I began to lap her up as I felt Elaina begin to ride up and down on my pole. She was good at it, too. I’ve been with too many girls who just grind their hips back and forth instead of up and down. Guys need that sliding action to get the full effect, and Elaina was working me like a hydraulic piston. She paused for a moment and told me to bring my knees up behind her, then used them for support as she resumed her sexual sliding.

I could tell that she and Alicia were feeling each other up and making out as they rode me. I was trying to lick Al’s cunt while concentrating on keeping my cock hard for Elaina. All three of us were making grunting, squealing, and moaning noises as the pressure began to build once again. I could feel the power welling up in my groin, and once again my cock was the size of Godzilla. I WAS that “sexual tyrannosaur” Jesse Ventura bragged about in “Predator.” If I didn’t know better I would have been afraid that Elaina would have been torn apart as it grew to the size of a sequoia inside her, bursting her as it shot through the roof and grew hundreds of feet into the air.

When I came, the world exploded for all three of us. I let go with a “MMMMMFFFFFF!!!” smothered under Alicia’s pussy as I gushed bucketsful of cum into Elaina, which set her off shrieking, which triggered Alicia’s climax. Both girls bucked and squirmed, slamming their hips into my gut and teeth for that one grand moment as we three went over the top together, then began that long weightless fall until we all slammed down again, spent and exhausted.

The girls collapsed on both sides of me, and immediately cuddled up under my arms, their heads on my shoulders, their perfect legs straddling mine. Alicia jumped up and took me in her mouth again, sucking down the love juices that coated my cock, an act of total love so profound my heart almost burst as I watched her. They kissed, they spoke softly and warmly, they hugged, they embraced, they clung ever tighter to me, and it was all right. We fell asleep together there on that bed, in the light of morning.


This time when I woke up it was mid-afternoon. The sun had shifted around and the bedroom was no longer awash in sunlight. I was alone and could hear the television in the living room. I picked myself up and went looking for something to eat. I was famished!

Elaina was gone, and Alicia was talking on the phone as I staggered into the living room. She confirmed some kind of appointment and hung up, then danced over to me and laid a big, long one on me. I must have done something right or something.

“Hellllllll-oooooooo-hhhhh!” she chirped. One of life’s sweetest sounds: a happy woman.

I kissed her back, another long one, and rocked her around a little for extra effect.

“Is there anything to eat?” I asked. “I mean, besides you?”

She giggled and nodded, then said: “Don’t fill up too much. I’ve invited some friends over tonight. I want to show you off!”

I was dying to ask where Elaina was, but I knew better than to ask one woman about another. Alicia beat me to the punch anyway: “`Laina went to the store. She should be back any time.”

Sure enough, I heard a car pull up in the driveway as I was rummaging in the refrigerator. I went to the back door to help her bring in whatever it was she had bought.

She was bending over, picking up packages from the trunk, her perfect legs and fine ass held high in the air. The little running shorts she wore had ridden up her crack, and I could tell she still wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. “Hey, BOY!” looked over her shoulder and purred, as I approached. Elaina turned and laid a good one on me, languidly, like a cat stretching against a scratching post, making sure to rub herself firmly against me. She wasn’t wearing a bra, either. Just soft woman under the soft cloth.

She noticed my reaction and squeezed my stiffening rod. “Is that a cucumber in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

Two can play at this game. I gave my rising cock a pump, and she felt it jump in her hand.

“Oooh!” She squealed. “Big Boy just got bigger!”

I gave her my best “canary-eating cat” smile and began loading up bags. She had bought for quite a party it seemed, plenty of drinkables and eatables, candles and incense too, all sandalwood. I sensed the unseen hand of Alicia in that.

I tried to help in the kitchen, but the girls wouldn’t hear of it, and I was shooed out to take a bath and shave. My pleas for assistance in the bathroom went unheeded dammit, and I had to wash up alone. I didn’t get anything to eat, either, food OR muff!

The doorbell had already rung twice when I finished and came out of the bedroom. The bell rang again as I entered the living room to find several couples, and a couple more coming in. Alicia was answering the door and introducing me around. The guys were named “Frank,” and “Dave,” “Jeff,” and so on. The girls were named “Susan,” “Sally,” and there even was a “Charlotte,” in the crowd. I went to the kitchen to see if I could finally get something chewable, and met up with a “Valerie,” a “Linda,” and a couple of others around the table, where Elaina was holding court.

Elaina and Alicia had completely lit the house with candles, even outside beside the pool and Jacuzzi. The effect was warm and romantic. More people came and went, and someone in the living room put something on the stereo.

By now there were about a dozen or more couples in the house, and the joint was definitely beginning to jump. Evidently everybody already knew one another, and were going out of their way to make me feel welcome in the group. The wine was beginning to have it’s effect, and I was reminded of my high school days when someone would have a party and everybody started making out with their girlfriends. I noticed one guy, Jeff, I think, was holding two girls, and a couple of girls were holding two guys. Interesting…

The pace DEFINITELY picked up when one of the girls got up in front of the fireplace with her guy and started dancing together, close and hot. She twined her legs around his, and both were clutching each other’s butts as they were kissing passionately. Others joined them, and soon partners were switching around, cutting in and out on each other.

I was enjoying the show when I felt hands begin to squeeze my butt, and someone warm snuggled up to my back. I turned to see it was Alicia, who reached around and groped my groin, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Is this the kind of party I think it is?” I asked her. She didn’t reply, just pointed to the dancers.

One of the girls was beginning to strip, and the crowd had parted a little to give her room. She pulled off her snug-fitting T-shirt, and her breasts bounced enticingly as they were freed. Pulling the shirt over her head had tousled her hair a little, giving her a “wild child” look. She had such a smug look on her face, as if to say: “Look at what I’ve got!” She had reason to be proud. Her mambas were round on the bottom, but sloped out on top, giving them a perky appearance, ending in smooth pink areolas and “pencil eraser” nipples. Very pretty!

She started jiggling them in everyone’s face, and hands began to appear from the crowd to stroke and squeeze. In a moment her pants were off, and other dancers were beginning to undress themselves and each other. I felt Alicia take my hand and lead me into the crowd, bumping and grinding her most excellent body for me.

I also felt another pair of hands on my behind, from one of the guest girls. I turned to see who it was when Alicia pushed against me, which pushed me into…Charlotte? She was a big chick, voluptuously shaped, with the face of an angel, surrounded by clouds and clouds of the most beautiful blonde oaken colored hair that sparkled in the candlelight. I felt someone pressing against my front and turned back, expecting Alicia, but instead finding an even bigger chick, a black-haired wench which I think was named “Valerie.”

“Lici” told us you needed SPECIAL attention!” Valerie said.

“And Laina told us that you’re such…good…cock!” Charlotte added.

Uh oh, here we go again! I was the meat in a girl-girl sandwich. Within moments we too were naked and they too used me like I was some kind of dildo, forcing me to repeatedly fulfill their innermost carnal cravings. Getting sexually molested can be wonderful if it’s done right! Valerie would wiggle her butt in my crotch while Charlotte would tickle the back of my scrotum through my thighs.

By now, everybody was stark raving nude in a pile on the living room floor, or in the bedrooms, or in the Jacuzzi and pool outside. I took my girls to the water and we stood up to our necks for what seemed like hours feeling each other up, all slippery and wet, their breasts and my cock floating up. Someone brought out big bottles of baby oil and started squirting it all over each other on the patio, naked bodies all glistening and slick, with everyone rubbing against everyone in time to the music. We got into that, too.

I eventually wound up in one of the bedrooms, sucking on one girl’s tits, while I was fingering another’s slit, all the while getting blown better than I ever had before. I finally managed to move my head and see who this gifted fellatrix was, and discovered…Frank!

OOOHHHH YEAH! FRANK!!! Goodgawdamighty, could that man suck cock! He also had the stamina of a long-distance runner, because he sucked and pounded my meat for hours on end, while I licked and fingered girls, sucked tits, and generally got gang-raped within an inch of my life. I know I made a couple of dozen women cum, or was it a couple of women cum a dozen times? No matter. “Find something that’s attached to someone else and make it feel good, then let them do the same thing to you.” seemed to be a pretty good rule of thumb in an orgy. I found cocks in my hand and in my mouth, alternating with cunts and tits all over the place. One girl said she was my “secretary,” and demanded I give her “HARD DICTATION!!!” as she impaled herself on my shaft, her fine ass cheeks filling my hands as she rode up and down, sliding her sopping cunt on me. It was actually funny the way she said it, and we both broke up and fell apart.

So much stimulation actually is desensitizing, and I had been ragingly hard for hours. As if they knew that I needed release, some of the other women suddenly surrounded me on the bed and began pulling me to my feet, saying that it was “time” for the Guest of Honor. The all began groping me and putting my hands on their bodies, pulling on my cock and balls, squeezing my ass and rubbing my chest, pressing my hands to their fine tits, asses, and dripping cunts, so many it was a whirl.

They took me out to the living room, where it seemed like dozens of naked bodies were writhing in all combinations of copulation, some in pairs, some in trios or quartets or more. Some were same-sex, and I gazed in wonder as one guy sucked down the most monster cock I had ever seen, with more skill than any woman I had ever encountered, but then, who knows better how to blow you than another guy?

One woman was sucking two cocks at once, and Alicia, always the showoff, actually had one in the front, one in the rear, one in her mouth, and one in each hand, five in all. She had that heavy-lidded look that said she was in the most total ecstasy of sensuousness. God, it must be great to be a woman, and remember, this is coming from a guy! Okay, so I just found out I’m a bi-guy, but I’m still at least mostly hetero. Elaina was the center of a girl trio, cradled in the arms of a woman with enormous breasts, sucking a tit like a baby nursing, her legs wide apart for a raven-haired femme who was eating her box and coupling with a stud doggie-style. Is it possible for a woman to have an oedipal urge? I guess so, seeing as how I’m really a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

My escorting girls lined up before me and told me I was to choose one. Before I could protest that I couldn’t choose among so many beautiful women (I AM a gentleman!) they told me I had to do it BLINDFOLDED!

Okay. I kinda’ like that concept!

They had a black sleep mask that was placed over my eyes, which blocked out all vision. I was twirled around three times like this was “Pin the tail on the donkey,” and pointed in the direction of the first in the lineup.

Whoever she was, she had VERY soft breasts, almost like Nerfball foam rubber. The same with her ass cheeks. Her nipples were little nubs in the palms of my hands, and she had a little potbelly that bulged seductively.

The second had small breasts, was as tall as I am, and a really big bush. The third was small, with big tits and a really firm little dimpled butt. All this I felt in the total darkness behind my mask, and I could feel my cock begin to hurt with the pressure building. My girls’ groping and stroking it while I went down the line didn’t help things any.

Curious phrase, “didn’t help things any.” Actually, it was helping things a LOT! I know it was twitching with my heartbeat, because I could feel it bouncing up and down.

I was musing over that when I felt one that had no tits, felt rock-hard all over, had a big bush, and…a cock! Everybody laughed at the reaction on my face when I felt the other hard on, but then he grabbed mine and gave it a few expert strokes, and everybody began to cheer when I returned the favor.

But I do want a woman. And it was time to choose. I gave him a peck on the cheek, just to one-up everybody, and shoved him off. Later, dude!

The last in line was a tiny little bird. She didn’t have big jugs, she had a smooth and firm little body, but not hard, and I could tell she had long hair past her shoulders. I touched her face and learned she had high cheekbones. She also had something in her scent that said: “FEMALE!” I knew this was the one I wanted. I put my arms around her and we embraced and kissed.

I went to remove the blindfold, but hands in the darkness prevented me. My little girl was taken from me, and hands began to stroke my cock up to full hardness. I was guided along, hands holding my dick in position, until I felt the tip being fitted into a cunt.

The hands shifted to my ass and began to gently push me into my girl. I reached out and felt her thighs and hips, her breasts, and the hands that were holding her off the floor at just the right height and angle for me to penetrate. Five of the men and women were carrying her, and a more were behind me, stroking my body. One reached between my legs and began to squeeze my balls as I began my rhythm.

My little girl was making little-girl sounds as her passion began to ignite. I could feel her cunt get slicker as she got wetter, and my cock was getting harder and longer with each stroke, as I hit a deeper bottom each time. I was holding her around her waist as I pile-drivered her with ever-increasing force. The crowd around us, sensing our building passion, began to chant: “GO! GO! GO! GO!” with each downstroke. The hand between my legs had shifted grip, cupping my balls in (Her? His?) palm, with fingers on either side of my shaft and thumb on my bung, injecting me with each thrust into my hot little vixen like a giant hypodermic.

It was then that one of those behind me found my sexual Achilles’ heel, a sensitive spot on my back that causes all my back muscles to spasm when stroked. I slammed my cock into my girl’s cunt like that runaway train in the movie “Silver Streak” when it crashed through the train station wall at the end of the line. I heard my girl cry out from the exquisite pain and start to grunt: “Oh YES! YESS! YESSSS!!!!” with each thrust.

“C’mon, baby! Give it to me! Yes, my STALLION! I wanna feel you cum! Fuck your bitch! Fuck your bitch HARD! HARDER! Yeah…yeah…YEAH…YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

That last ended in a scream that sent me over the edge. I reared back and shouted “YEAHHHHHH!!!!!” with her, as I unloaded into her and the crowd cheered the winning touchdown of the Superbowl. It actually came out more “AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!” but who’s counting? And just as one baby crying will cause another in the room to cry, our climax set off a chorus of moans grunts and screams from the other couples and groups in the room as they began to cum too. If we had been explosives we would have leveled the entire neighborhood.

My passion spent, my legs suddenly went wobbly below me. Helping hands guided me to a soft landing on the bearskin rug on the floor, but where was my girl? I needed her more now in the afterglow. My mouth wouldn’t work to ask for her, all I could do was weakly grope with my arms in the air, unable to rise.

Someone understood, and I felt her warm little female body gently laid on top of mine. I clasped her to me with all the gentle strength I could muster and we kissed away the exhaustion until we at last drifted back to earth together. She left me before I could pull off the mask, and I never did find out for certain which one she was. At best all I could do was figure out who she wasn’t. I still don’t know, and now Alicia and Elaina are tormenting me for the fun of it by keeping it a secret.

The party went on a few more hours after that. I went out to the Jacuzzi and made out with some of those there, fingered some of the girls and blew some of the guys, once copying the two-at-once girl. It doesn’t work as well as one at a time, but it is exciting and dramatic. The audience loved it.

Eventually the last guests left, and the house was quiet, just Al, Laina, and me. Screw the cleaning up, we’ll do it in the morning. And we slept.

Sunday was a quiet day of resting, since all three of us were so totally exhausted. We tried to make love again in the afternoon, but we were so whacked out and sore that we just ended up cuddling together and making pillow talk. My heart was bursting for them, and apparently the feeling was mutual.

I quit my job as a trucker and went to work for a local McDonalds. I’m not stupid. We decided the best thing for us to do was for Elaina to marry me, since she was still fertile, and all three live together.

That works!

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