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Very Special

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Friday night, the end of another strenuous work week. Every night, it’s the same: be there at 10, get off at 3. I liked my hours at the shipping factory. It was late, not a lot a noise and I worked by myself. I wasn’t a hateful person, I just preferred working alone. I certainly wasn’t one to turn heads, either, being of average height and a slight weight of 135. I had long since overcome most of my adolescent insecurities and focused my attention on school and work.

For a young man of 23, I was to busy with my studies and my job to have a social life anyway. My fellow workers were merely people that came and went with a passing nod, and I’d silently acknowledge them with a wave or polite smile. The weekend passed quickly and I made my way back to work Monday night after class. I punched in and went to my loading dock. When I got there, I was surprised to find Beth, my supervisor, and this Black guy standing with her talking.

“Paul,” she began, “this is Terence. You’ll be his training instructor for the next two weeks. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but last month we got more applicants than we expected.” I was taken aback; not by this last-minute announcement, but by Terence’s magnetic physical beauty. He stood about 6”1 and had a firm, athletic build. He had on a black T-shirt that showed full definition of his biceps, and neatly pressed khaki pants. He wore black military boots that accented his rugged masculinity. I had had fantasies about being with a Black man before, but being the introvert that I was, I never mustered the nerve to act upon any of my carnal desires.

“Oh, it’s alright,” I replied, feeling a heavy uneasiness all over me. “Damn,” I thought to myself as my cock began to slowly harden, “why couldn’t I get a fat, sweaty middle-aged beer guzzler instead of this ebony adonis?”

“I’ll see you guys later then. Terence, remember to report back to me at 2:45,” Beth said as she turned to go back to her office.

“I gotcha,” he replied coolly, a nonchalant indifference in his smooth, low voice.

“Like manual labor?” I joked in a feeble attempt to make conversation.

“Yeah, I do actually. Good way to stay in shape and get paid at the same time, you know,” he said in his deep, almost husky baritone. His voice just made me tingle. This was the first time I had held a meaningful conversation with someone in a long time and Terence was as intellectual as me. We shared similar views on books, tv, theater, the arts and celebrities. The only difference was in sports. I was never much for sports (besides swimming), and Terence was skilled at many. I bluntly invited him for a late-night swim at my apartment complex, which has an enclosed 24-hour pool.

“Sounds cool. I haven’t been swimming in months. You seem alright, Paul.” He then smiled, flashing the most gorgeous set of beautiful white teeth framed by a pair of full and succulent lips. I shuddered at everything going through my mind. Was I really falling for this guy? No way! Besides, he’s obviously not gay, doesn’t even seem curious. Sure, I was flattered (and very excited) he took me up on my offer, but I wanted to keep some kind of reserve.

After our shift wrapped, Terence checked in with Beth, then we proceeded out to the parking lot. We got into my car and as I adjusted myself in my seat, my dick began swelling harder, to the point that it was beginning to hurt from pressing against my zipper. As we drove, I contemplated the absurdity of the situation (two men who’ve never met before taking an after hours swim) and what having a sexual relationship with this confident and well-proportioned stud. We arrived at my building, a gated, two-story complex, and went upstairs. I definitely appreciate the quiet calm of the early morning hours, and being a night owl was another of the many things I found Terence and I had in common. We stepped into my darkened apartment, and I went to go fetch some towels and swim trunks.

“Got anything to drink?” he asked, breaking the silence as I got some towels from the bathroom.

“Yeah, some beers in the fridge. Grab one for me, too.” I searched through my bureau until I found a decent sized pair of swim trunks for Terence. I then headed back into the living room, and my eyes bulged in amazement. A stark-naked Terence was sitting on my couch, casually holding his beer bottle in one hand while stroking his rock-hard erection with the other. This was one of those clichéd movie moments where hyperventilation usually sets in, but this was no movie. This beautiful brown skinned man that I had romanticized about all night, was sitting there, eyes closed, thumbing the mushroom tip of his strong bone.

“Hmmm,” I cleared my throat, gaining his attention, his eyes slowly opening. “What are you doing?” I asked in a poor attempt to feign anger.

“C’mon, dude. You wanted me from the jump, isn’t that right?” he asked, never taking his eyes off me or his hand off his mouth-watering fuck stick. “Inviting a perfect stranger for a swim this time of the night? That ain’t innocent, brother. Nope, not innocent at all. Quit playin’ scared and come finish this shit.” My boner was at full attention, I’m sure, because I felt pre-cum oozing right through the fabric of my briefs.

I moved closer to him and turned on a small lamp nearby so I could get a better view. He was the most alluring, physically beautiful and well-muscled man I’ve seen since my days in gym class. He was totally hairless, except for the thin, furry trail that began at his well-formed six-pack led to the base of his dick, which was the hugest I had ever seen. His penis was 11 inches long and 2 inches wide, the head of which was overflowing with massive amounts of pre-cum, which coated the fingers and knuckles of his right hand. My eyes spoke what my mouth couldn’t as I kept surveying this mahogany-colored fantasy. His large scrotum held two heavy looking nuts which rested on the cushion underneath him. His legs were smooth and sleek, just like an Olympic athlete’s. He made me feel so inadequate, myself only being 7” and having a rather bony, undefined frame sprinkled with freckles that everyone else thought were cute, but I was wearily self-conscious of. None of that mattered now.

“Stop staring and do it!” he commanded as he grabbed the back of my neck and impaled my mouth over his thick tube. I envisioned us going really slow, building up to it, but he just yanked my head and threw me on it. I forced my mouth open as wide as I could and took in about five to six inches before gagging. He yanked my head up and growled, “I thought this was what you wanted. Go ahead and suck it. Swallow that meat, boy. I know you hungry.” With that, he forced my mouth back on his enormous tool, guiding my motions by pulling my head up, and then jamming his manhood to the base of my throat. It hurt like hell and I felt my eyes tearing up a bit, but somehow this brutal, unflinching bad-boy domination was just what I wanted. I knew Terence could sense my awkwardness, and he was taking complete advantage of it.

After five more minutes and three more inches, he raised my head up and grinned at me, this time more patronizing than cordial. “Lick my balls, boy. I’m gonna make you like sucking Black nuts. Go ahead, do it!” He moved up so that his back was firm against the couch and his dangling nutsac was raised off the couch. I hungrily tongued one delicious plum while fondling the other. “Oooh yeah boy. Suck them. Play with them. Goddamn, I knew you wanted me. Keep sucking, bitch! Keep sucking those fat nuts!” I didn’t know what turned me on more, gluttonously feasting on his tightening testicles or his erotic, degrading badgering. I decided to get bold myself and took my other free hand and started playing with his tight asshole.

“Get the fuck away from there. Did I tell you to touch my ass?”

“But I want to,” I said as I let his massive plum pop from my mouth. “I want to taste it and kiss it and stick my tongue as far in it as I can! I want to Terence! Please let me! I’ll make you sooo happy! I want your musk all over my face!” My groveling was apparently pleasing to hi, as he gave me another frighteningly sexy smile and turned around, spreading his sweet, dark-chocolate mounds for me. I enjoyed seeing his tight sex knot pulsating, and I quickly dug in., licking and pinching and biting his tiny rosebud with my teeth.

“Aaargh, oh Paul, oooh yeah bitch, eat it up. Eat my ass good.” I kept puncturing his now glistening man-pussy with my tongue until he stopped me and turned over on his back. “You did good, bitch. Now stand up,” Terence ordered as I stood in front of him. He sat on the edge of the couch, clutching his dick in one hand and grabbing my ass with the other. He then wrapped his thick lips around my hard cock, and watching this virile man sucking my rod was heaven. His mouth had complete suction around my dick, and the slickness of his tongue circling my piss slit was glorious! Never before had I been so sexually fulfilled, though I knew if he didn’t stop, I was going to cum. Gratefully, he let my dick slip out of his mouth then made me get on the floor. I now had second thoughts about him fucking me, after laying eyes on his donkey dick. I wasn’t about to let him tear me open, no matter how forceful he was.

“Oh no, Terence! You’re way too big and thick. You’ll fucking split me in two.” He stepped to me with a hard glare and reminded me of how I brought him to my house with sex on my mind, and now I was going to get it.

“By the time I’m through with you, you’re gonna have 11 inches of the thickest, juiciest dick ramming you in the ass, and you’ll fucking love me for it! Now get down!” I began to lose my grip and started crying softly by now. I laid down and prayed he’d at least be gentle and not hurt me. He rubbed some scented lotion on my crack and on the end of his pole and he was surprisingly slow about it.

“Look man,” he whispered as he wiped the tears from my face, “it ain’t gonna hurt if you don’t focus on the pain. You’ll be alright. I’ll be careful with you. All that hardcore shit I was just saying was role-playing. I see I’ma have to get you used to that, too,” and then he gave me a warm smile. He really meant it, and I knew he wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. I gave myself to him at that moment. Terence leaned across me and kissed me for the first time. His tongue was like a smooth, velvety finger snaking in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t just tongue-wrestling; he knew how to kiss. Along with the rest of my body, my tongue surrendered to him as well.

He broke our kiss and began to slide inside of me. His lube-covered mushroom tip probed at my tight hole, resisting at first but slowly opening. I grimaced in pain as Terence sought my hand as grasped it. I knew it would hurt, but I wanted him up to his balls inside of me. With every inch, he was extremely patient, resting for 1 to 2 minutes at a time letting me adjust to the penetration. Finally, about 10 minutes later, I felt his pubes tickling my ass and I knew he was completely inside me.

I still winced in discomfort, but Terence whispered, “You took it all, Paul. This will be a night you won’t forget.” He then proceeded to draw back a few inches and ram me a little. I flinched slightly, but soon accustomed myself to this new feeling as Terence began rhythmically pounding my ass. It was the most blissful experience for me as I kept feeling him widen my virgin ass. The sensation of being ripped open by his gigantic spear sent shivers through me. Terence just kept pumping and grabbing my shoulders as he drove his prick deep into the crevices of my ass, invading my lower abdomen. His once loose nutsac rapidly hardened as he started groaning loudly, and I felt wave after wave of warm spunk erupt from his fluid-filled phallus. The explosion was euphoric. Gradually, his 11-inch baton softened and slid out of my sore but happy ass, and he gave me a deep, wet kiss.

The next night at work, Beth noticed a bright red passion mark on my neck and mused, “Paul, I didn’t know you were seeing anyone. Must be someone special to let them that close to a quiet guy like you.”

Terence and I gave each other mischievous smirks from across the room as I told Beth, “Yes. Someone very special.”

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