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Veronica in China

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Veronica felt distinctly uneasy and it was easy to see why. Here she was, clad in what could only pass as a porn version of a bikini – and about to be paraded in a room full of chinamen.

Not that she was a stranger to her husband’s predilection to engineer compromising situations for her, but this was quite honestly audacious even by Tom’s standards.

Tom had in the past engineered gangbangs for Veronica in karoke bars and dingy spas, but never for more than a few hours; and he was always present to intervene if things got out of hand. No, this was different. Tom wasn’t going to be around and she was going to have to rely on her charms if she was going to get through this.

The English brunette was in Shenzhen, mainland china, on the pretext of modeling swimsuits for 3 days. Tom had recently learnt that there was good money to be made in part time modeling for garment manufacturers on the Chinese mainland – and that young expatriate wives in Hongkong were in particular demand to fuel local Chinese factories wishes to project an international image. Looks weren’t important (you didn’t have to be stunning) you had to be at least young and presentable). Tom zeroed in on the rumours of a sleazy underbelly to this industry – where sexual favours were exchanged for extra money. Tom had centred on Tag Fatt, a small swimwear manufacturer in the city’s industrial zone – whose name he noted has been connected with those rumours. The fact that Tag Fatt required only one foreign model, and that it was not the buying season only served to raise his suspicions that his young wife would not be asked to just model.

She took one last glance at her reflection in the mirror as the Chinese man made final adjustments to the lycra costume before she mounted the catwalk. She stood almost a head and a half taller than him and the other 2 chinese girls who were on the same assignment. Unlike the chinese girls she had wide shoulders which sat loosely on a large, full chest. Her chest was long and ran eloquently down to a narrow, shapely waist. Her shape then curved out around a full, wide set of hips and a large but appetizing rear end. Her legs were very shapely and full and were quite long. More than half her length were her legs. Her whole body was covered in a dark, brown tan with no apparent tan line. Fuk, the factory owner’s son who fancied himself as a “designer” (although it seemed to her that his primary motivation was to spend time groping the models) took his time adjusting the suit around her breasts. Veronica pretended not to notice as Fuk’s fingers slid under the front panels of her costume, knuckles lightly brushing the tips of her nips, teasing them to peak. Like all Asians, he was particularly fond of Caucasian breasts and clothed as she was, Veronica’s were out in the open and they were much bigger than he had previously thought. In her bikini, Veronica’s breasts were full and circular and hung with amazing perkiness on her chest. They seemed to be fairly firm but with enough baby fat to allow them to jiggle slightly when the English girl moved. From behind, even squeezed together by her top, he was pleased to see the curvature of each breast peek out from around the brunette’s chest.

Veronica’s bikini was skimpy to say the least. She wore a white, string bikini – with the twin triangles hardly covering her 34c breasts, covering mostly only her nipples with the lycra material squeezing her breasts together, leaving most of her breasts bare.

She wore a v-cut, French bikini bottom, barely covering the essentials. Her long legs were bare. The cut was very high, showing off most of her ass, and it barely covered her pussy (fully deforested, in case you were wondering ; p) in the front.

Strangely enough (and looking back on reflection) she was nervous but as horny as hell. Why else would her nips be straining through the scanty garment. She glanced down and surveyed herself once more, just to make sure that she had the right effect before going down a makeshift catwalk in the warehouse.

The lights and gaudy Chinese pop assailed her senses as she looked straight ahead walking down catwalk, giving dazzling smile. She couldn’t see the audience in the darkened warehouse but suddenly felt very exposed in her outfit – especially when at the end of the show, she together with the other 2 chinese models was requested to mingle with the guests to allow them to inspect how the garments at closer range. Although all 3 girls were mobbed by about 50 chinamen, Veronica’s foreignness was a huge draw. There were at least 30 men around her, some asking her silly questions (she particularly remember one gent in a brown polyvester suit asking her why she was so tall), while the others grasped the opportunity for a grope.

It was increasingly difficult for Veronica to maintain her smile and reply coherently as the mob grew more adventurous; slipping hands beneath the front panel of her swimsuit to ostensibly inspect the quality of the material – with anonymous fingers brushing her erect nipples, meanwhile other hands patting her rear. Veronica remained calm and tried to take it professionally, having been in similar situations before, but had to ask one bastard to fuck off when he spread her butt cheeks, probing her cunny lips on the pretence of inspecting how her bikini bottom fit. She was relieved when proceedings were called to an end. It was clear that things would have descended into a free for all before long and she noticed one of the Chinese models was already on her knees desperately trying to hold onto whatever coverage her bikini afforded from groping hands. She never saw her again.

There was a general murmur of disappointment when Fuk suddenly stood up on a chair – asking everyone to the banquet at the factory canteen. He then went over to her looking displeased, Fuk then came up to her hissing, “why you rude to Dr Poo, him very important man. Him Commissioner!”. Sorry, she shrugged it off.

Apart from the requirement to mingle, modeling assignments (as for all business transactions in China, Tom later told her) on the mainland also required attendance at a client banquet after the fashion show – again in the bikini apparently so that the buyers could continue to see the merchandise.

From what she could recall, the banquet was awful with the “clients” (she was beginning to suspect this merely a ruse for a knees up with totty since they were all Chinese men – where were the foreign buyers?) getting seriously drunk as they toasted each other with rice wine. Veronica was soon in the midst of it all and as she was coaxed to down yet another glass of the potent brew. The food looked awful but were clearly well received by the men who dug into the spicy dishes with relish. Veronica was perplexed at the reception from the gents as each dish was presented. The chinamen would lean forward inspect the dish jabber among themselves in obviously impressed tones and then snigger and laugh while gesturing at her. Then Fuk leaned over taking in an eyeful of tit flesh, saying ” man’s food. Horse penis. Good for lovemaking” – aphrodisiacs!

Things went downhill with that revelation. At first she felt nervous, but in her drunken stupor, found perverted pleasure in being barely dressed, drunk and among a group of men quaffing aphrodisiacs, secretly hoping that they would be so excited that they would lay their hands on her body and start molesting her immediately. Her breath quickened as she saw a plate of ubiquitous blue pills laid out at the next table – from which a little fat man the same one she had told to fuck off earlier. The commissioner, Dr Poo was taking handfuls, crunching them like candy as he stared intently at her.

As Veronica leaned over to inspect to what looked suspiciously like a nine inch willy on one of the platters, Fuk deftly slid a bowl of sauce under her chest, causing her to unwittingly dip a tit into the dish – which made everyone laugh even more.

“O, fuck, sorry.” She said thinking that in her drunken state, she was just being careless – joining in the laughter. She wasn’t as drunk as she made out to be but played along, pretending not to notice as Fuk leaned behind her to undo her bikini straps until it was too late. “Hey” she said protesting playfully, slightly drunk crossing her arms before the garment fell off. “No, no, just want to clean. You all dirty” he said in broken english. She looked down and saw that her bikini was indeed covered in a thick fiery looking sauce.

“C’mon Veronica, don’t be shy!” purred Fuk laughing as he prised her arms apart to bare her sauce smeared tits to all present who collectively sighed. Fuk barked an order and two of his buddies grabbed Veronica, each one roughly grasping one of the brunette’s arms.

Fuk strode forward and looked down at her then let his hands wander down to lightly brush her full breasts. Veronica gasped and suddenly, his hands went to her undone bikini and with one violent jerk ripped the garment off. His strong hands ran over the exposed tit flesh rolling his sauce smeared thumbs over her nipples and as Veronica struggled they became taut and erect, the aureoles contracting in contact with the stinging chilli sauce. Fuk stood aside to admire his handiwork and let the others in the large room feast on the sight of the white captive’s firm round breasts.

“Let me go!” Veronica said, clearly distressed at the sudden turn of events. As she protested, her breasts jiggled as she struggled in the arms of the two chinamen and Fuk felt his cock throb at the sight. He closed in on her and undid the ties on her bikini briefs, pushing them off her hips they slid down to her ankles and revealed her fully shaved mound. The room roared with laughter as Veronica’s face blushed crimson. The slitty eyed fucker on her right began grinding himself against her hip and she could feel his long cock hardening under his cheap suit.

She stood completely naked, every eye in the room on her tanned, toned body. “There you go you yellow bastards.” she said defiantly, “hope you like what you see”. Might as well give them an eyeful, she thought. Shrugging off the two men holding her still, she raised her arms and a slow 360-degree turn displaying her charms; looking each in the eye as she did so. “Bastards!” She muttered, “I hope you all rot in Hell!” Fuk glowered at her and translated it out loud.

That was clearly a bad move. The room seemed to growl angrily and stiffen. Speaking very quickly and gesturing at her. Very bad move. Fuk smile evilly as he very deliberately tied her wrists together behind her back with the remnants of her bikini. Things really went downhill from there. “C’mon!” he said as he smeared more sauce on her titties, the entire table was hushed transfixed on his fingers as he flicked and twirled her slick rubbery nipples, teasing them. A strange mixture of pain and erotic pleasure gradually took Veronica. After 5 minutes of titty teasing, Veronica felt like her breasts were on fire; they were so hot that she wanted to beg the men, any of them or all of them, to come over, grab them and pinch, twist, lick or chew on her nipples just for a few seconds respite from the burning chilli sauce in return for the fuck of their life.

“Ah, ah, ah! Aaaaaaah!” She tossed her head and moaned with desire as Fuk piled on even more chilli sauce, and now the white globes of her breasts wholly smeared with the tingling sauce. Unable to relieve herself she couldn’t take it anymore. “Please! Stop!” She pleaded, “please! You win! I can’t take this anymore! Ah! Ah!”

“Excuse me? What did you say?” Fuk asked teasingly as he continued.

“Please, stop!” Veronica pleaded, her eyes now wet with tears.

“And what do you mean by that?” Fuk asked as he reached out to twisted a sore erect nipple.

“Ouch! I, I’ll do what you say! Just stop!”

“Oh, really? Are you sure?”

“Yes, p-please! I beg you! Just stop!” Veronica pleaded, gasping, a drop of tear finally ran down her cheek.

He was impressed. He had met his share of white women, but he had never met anyone who could turn him on like that. Her snooty looks and behaviour contrasted with the lewd ways in which she reacted to his abuses made her seem both demure and wanton at the same time, and he just wanted to hear her moan and watch her squirm.

“And if I tell you to fuck every man in this room, will you do it?” he asked.

“I…I…Oh!” Veronica cried out in alarm as Fuk continued to absently tease her tender nubs.”Well, boys, you heard what the lady just said!”

Veronica was still shaking when the men positioned her on her hands and knees, keeping her legs spread. “Well, Dr Poo,” said Fuk cheerfully, “I think you should do the honor since she insulted you.”

Veronica resigned herself to fate as Dr Poo unzipped himself to reveal a seriously engorged member. Laughing, Fuk knelt down next to the naked brunette and tentatively placed his hand on Veronica’s thigh. Immediately a shudder ran through her, and when the chink slowly ran his hand up to her pussy, Veronica couldn’t help but let out a whimper.

Veronica was already highly aroused and when Dr Poo began to tickle her clit, the sensation was incredible. “Oh…oh….” Veronica moaned and wriggled her hips, her juices flowing in torrents. “Well, doctor,” said Fuk giggling, “It looks like The young lady here just can’t wait to be fucked! You’d better hurry up!”

“Sure!” said Dr Poo chuckling as he knelt down behind Veronica and positioned his cock at the entrance of her steaming pussy. He grunted as he thrust into her with one deep thrust. “God she’s tight!” he gasped, “Oh I just can’t wait to fuck her ass!” Excited, he began thrusting. “OH! Huh–huh!”

Veronica grunted as Dr Poo fucked her with long, hard thrusts. She was at first alarmed but now she was so absorbed in the powerful sensation of his fucking that she didn’t care anymore. She moaned and squirmed madly, and she felt herself coming.

“This slut is wild!” said the chinaman. Sensing that he was close to coming, he increased his tempo, and as Veronica signaled her orgasm with loud cries, he thrust deep into her and shut his load deep inside her.

“Oh, oh,” Veronica was still moaning after Dr Poo had pulled out. “So how do you like the white bitch?” Fuk asked giggling. “Not bad, not bad at all!” Dr Poo chuckled, running his hand along Veronica’s back.

“Why don’t you try her ass too, I bet she hasn’t been fucked there before. Unless I’m terribly wrong about this little slut. Am I, Miss Hamilton?” Fuk asked as he grabbed Veronica by her hair.

“Uh, no–no,” Veronica answered meekly; deciding to lie about this wee fact.

“C’mon, doctor, let’s get you ready,” said Fuk eagerly.

“No! Pl–” Veronica’s plea was cut short by Fuk , who grabbed her cheeks and squeezed her mouth open. Immediately, Dr Poo forced his softened cock in.

“Mmmm!” Veronica struggled at the invasion of her mouth, frowning at the taste of chinky cock, a mixture of his cum and her own juices. However, with Fuk’s firm grip on her jaw, all she could do was to moan in dismay as Dr Poo thrust back and forth, and soon he was rock-hard again.

“Look at it!” Fuk gloated pointing at the engorged organ before her, now coated with Veronica’s saliva, “Soon you’ll have it buried up that cute little ass of yours!”

“No!” Veronica cried out in alarm as she felt the head of Dr Poo’s cock at the entrance of her ass. Savoring her fear, Dr Poo held still for a while before he grabbed her hips and slowly pushed his way into her tight anal passage.

“Oooooh! Ugh! Ugh!” Veronica cried out. She felt like her whole body was completely filled up by this cock and it was going to split her in half. Dr Poo pushed until he was totally buried inside Veronica, then he held still and let his cock throb inside the now trembling girl.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Veronica began moaning when, after a few minutes, Dr Poo began pumping her. Her moans were soon stifled when Fuk immediately pushed his cock into her mouth. “Hmmmmm!” Veronica protested, but there was no time for words to come out. Instead, the movements of her tongue seemed to have excited him, and his cock became harder and harder. Several pairs of hand were on her body now, squeezing her tits and fingering her hot, wet pussy. In her own excitement, Veronica began to work her tongue on the cock in her mouth.

After a while, the Fuk responded to her sucking and began to thrust back and forth himself. Within seconds he was coming, shooting his hot cum deep into her throat – which she promptly let spill out of her mouth.

The next chinaman in line inserted his cock into her mouth. She was unsettled at first, as if she was trying to eject him with her tongue, but soon she began sucking on his cock eagerly and skillfully, giving him a sensation that he had never experienced before, and she’d never done this before (maybe it was the drink), hungrily swallowed his cum.

Taken by the sensation of her ass-fuck, Veronica didn’t try to resist this time, and was soon sucking on the guy eagerly, moaning all the time. Laughing, Fuk turned to leave the room. “Okay guys! Get ready for your turn!” he said laughing.

The sixth man had just finished with Veronica and by this time she had already lost count of her orgasms. She was now exhausted, gasping, with her cheeks covered with cum. Cum was also running from her chin down her neck to her breasts, and dripping down her thighs from her pussy and her ass. She gave Fuki a dazed look.

“Ah!” Veronica cried out as she was lifted again onto a largely swarthy chink whose grin revealed traces of the blue pills between his teeth. He was gesturing for her to straddle him as he sat, and all was lost. The sensation of her pussy moving up and down on the shaft and the renewed tingling of the chilli sauce stinging her tits was too much for her, she locked her legs tightly around him and began humping up and down.

“Ah! Ah! Aaaaaah!” Veronica moaned loudly as she fucked herself on her lover’s cock who met her by thrusting his own hips upwards. Soon, as everyone cheered, the two combatants were engaged in a passionate French-kiss, Veronica pressing her breasts against her lover’s man tits (yes he was a fat shit). Within seconds Veronica was coming, and her wild squirming brought him to orgasm too. “Aaaaaah!” he cried out as he flooded Veronica’s cunt with his juices.

After her second orgasm, Veronica carried on riding the man’s cock with abandon, moaning loudly. As she opened her mouth to gasp for air, the chinaman hungrily covered it with hers and thrust his tongue in.

“Take it easy” Said Fuk giggling, “you’re gonna kill him! Boys, break them up before she fucks him to death” Veronica cried out in dismay when she felt hands on her lifting her off the steel hard cock.

Veronica’s face was all flushed, her hair was matted to her forehead, and her thighs were covered with chinky sperm and her own juices. As the men removed the bikini used to bind her wrists she half-opened her eyes and saw that a yet another man was already waiting for her on his back on the floor, and she couldn’t help staring hungrily at his upward-pointing cock. She obediently spread her legs when two men grabbed her thighs and began to lower her onto this man’s cock. “Aaaaaaah!” Veronica tossed her head and moaned loudly in pleasure. Immediately, she began riding him.

“See? I told you she’s a slut!” Fuk said loudly, and everyone in the room laughed. Although deep in her mind Veronica was ashamed by the remark, she was far too horny to stop. Closing her eyes again, she rode the guy in total abandonment. She began moaning even louder when another guy knelt down behind her and began pushing his cock into her asshole, and when a third guy stood in front of her.

She immediately opened her mouth and eagerly engulfed his cock. The three men ran their hands all over her body, kneading her flesh and squeezing her breasts, but the rough way they were handling her only seemed to increase Veronica’s arousal. Within seconds she came, again and again, bucking madly like a wild pony.

Fuk was also getting hornier and hornier as he watched. Turning around, he saw that all the other chinamen too had their eyes glued on Veronica’s triple penetration and were opening stroking some pretty large erections.

One of them stepped forward, giggling as he bent over to Veronica and tugged at her bouncing nipples. As Veronica cried out loudly in pleasure, a man took his place between her breasts, while a second man entered her mouth and a third man entered her ass.

As one man had come, he lifted himself off Veronica and another immediately took his place and entered Veronica’s steaming pussy drawing muffled cries of pleasure from her. The men fucking her cunt and her ass had already come inside her, and she was now
greedily swallowing the cum of the guy using her mouth. After he had pulled out she collapsed onto the floor, eyes closed, licking her lips.

At Fuk’s signal another group of men approached Veronica, picked her up and laid her down on the buffet table among the dishes pushing aside the plates. Still hungry for more cocks, Veronica automatically spread her legs wide. They laughed at the lewd display by the young brunette.

“Hungry for more cock, slut?” Fuk teased as he straddled Veronica’s face. Hesitating at first, Veronica soon began licking the slitty eyed bastard’s cock when two new cocks filled her pussy and her ass. Her exhaustion was more than compensated by her enthusiasm, and Fuk was soon moaning with pleasure and grinding his hips against Veronica’s face as he tried to inch his member further down her throat.

A third man came over and took his place between Veronica’s full, firm breasts, which she immediately pressed together. When the man came, he stood up and hosed his cum all over her breasts.

“Y-yes, I like it…oh, oh,” she hissed as she approached her own orgasm.

The two guys fucking her cunt and her ass immediately pulled out and began jerking off. Veronica had already come twice from their fucking and was approaching her third orgasm, and when they pulled out she moaned in frustration.

“ahhh, fuck me harder”

Veronica was still trembling “C’mon guys,” Fuk said, “you heard what the lady said!”

Again, to her shame, Veronica found herself spreading her legs automatically when the first man knelt down behind her with his cock pointing at her pussy. The man jabbered something unintelligible (at least to her) in Chinese but his tone was sufficiently lewd – as he grabbed her hips and entered her with one deep thrust. “Uuuuuuurgh!” Veronica let out a grunt of both satisfaction and frustration. While the fucking was pleasurable, it still wasn’t enough, and soon Veronica began to moan impatiently and grind her hips to meet the man’s thrusts. Finally she couldn’t hold back any longer. “Pl-please!” she pleaded, moaning louder and louder, “fuck me harder! Harder! Squeeze, squeeze my t-tits! Please! Ah! Ah!” she cried out in abandonment.

And then she would beg to be used, reluctantly at first, but soon she realized that the humiliating things she was made to say and the debasing ways she referred to herself also gave her a kind of perverted pleasure as the yellow bodies swarmed over her. One man grabbed her by her auburn hair and pulled her head over his erect cock. As he filled her mouth, Veronica felt hands all over her body. They grabbed her breasts; squeezing, pinching and mauling her cum soaked tits. Meanwhile those who could not reach her breasts were busy below.

Veronica was in shock. She did not even feel the each man to enter her exposed vagina. Suddenly he was just there, his hips banging against her’s as he propelled her forward onto the cock in her mouth. The man’s cockhead was forcing its way into her throat, choking her, and making Veronica light headed as it cut off her oxygen. Then the man began brutally fucking her face, using his grip on her hair to force her mouth back and forth over his cock as he remained motionless. Now and then Veronica could get quick gasps of air between strokes. As the two men pounded her nude body from opposite ends, anonymous hands continued to maul her now totally nude body. Exhausted and limp, she could do little to stop the horde. Veronica sobbed in resignation as yet another thick rope of hot fresh sperm volleyed onto her face. She had lost her strength some hours ago. From sheer exhaustion her head would hang back limply as each man would fuck her face. She concentrated on breathing and tried to push her rising panic to the back of her mind.

It was almost 5 hours before every thick Asian cock in the room fucked Veronica’s young white body, each trying to exhaust its load far into the girl. When they finally finished, Veronica’s body was encrusted in a thin layer of perspiration and cum, and her breasts were heaving as she gasped for air. The multiple abuse she received had left faint red marks all over her breasts, and her sensitive nipples ached to high heaven.

As the chinkies dribbled out and night watchmen and her hotel driver homed in on the helpless English girl – too weak and exhausted to protest much less resist their advances. Veronica then spent a further next hour attending to 7 erect unwashed grimy cocks, sucking each one in turn. After each person ejaculated, he would continue to fondle her now very sensitive nipples and vagina: whipping her into a frenzy while her head bobbed up and down the length of his colleagues’ cock, her tongue continued flicking over the sensitive tip of their cocks as they each ejaculated in turn, ignoring each salty stream as it blasted onto her face and into her mouth.

When they finished, the chinamen stood the docile and exhausted English girl up, and walked her to a waiting car to transport her back to her hotel.

Veronica was still trembling when she left the warehouse, still basking in her afterglow of her numerous orgasms; she was safe for now, but there was still so much she was to experience in the next 2 days before her contract in China was over.

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