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Valentine’s Day at the Gym

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(Author’s note: This fantasy happened some time ago. Long before STDs were a known threat. If the time of these events were more recent, certainly safe sex precautions would have been followed – and recommended.)


After a long, hard, aggravating day at my job, I packed my bag and went to the Gym for a stress reducing workout.

After warming up on the stairclimber, I worked my way over to the weights. There were two nice looking young women wearing close fitting shorts and jog bras working out on the abs slant boards next to me. Occasional glimpses of perfect butts, six packs and cleavage made my cock aroused. Embarrassed, but not caught looking (so I thought), I got back to my workout.

There was an older, beer bellied, coach/trainer type barking orders at a chiseled, muscular, clean cut, blue eyed young man with close cropped blonde hair. I felt sorry for the younger man as he struggled under the barbell weights doing a chest press as the older guy barked urging him on.

I could see everyone and everything in the continuous mirrors lining the gym walls. The perfect butts, cleavage shots, sinewy long legs all got me going. Athletic young women bouncing up and down as they ran on the lines of treadmills. Their tight perfect asses moving in rhythm as their hardened nipples peeked behind jog bras. It was Valentine’s Day and obviously most of the people had nowhere else to be tonight. And, oh yes, since my divorce, it’s been a long time since I had sex.

My former wife had preferred me shaved from the waist down. Sometimes helping me shave and gracing me with a handjob or a blowjob afterwards. Having developing such a habit for her for so many years, shaving my body was now part of my daily routine. It made me feel clean and neat. I didn’t care what the guys in the locker room thought. I had done it for a woman after all.

After a good hot shower, I got into the sauna for a nice calming sit. The club required full nudity in the men’s spa area. Bathing suits, or any other clothing wasn’t allowed. Once my aching balls were hanging down and wet, I knew it was time for a cold shower. That cold splash woke me up. Next I went to the inhalation room. There were at least half a dozen nude men standing naked talking about the latest basketball game. I couldn’t help but notice all the flab and wrinkles. Round bellies turn me off, so I headed for the next room.

I escaped into the steam room. Sweaty bodies lined the seats, sitting on towels. I stood, closed my eyes. Thoughts about how nice it would be if I had a woman at home waiting for me tonight. Although it was about 9 months since the divorce, I hadn’t been laid in over a year. I just couldn’t get the courage to ask anyone out. I was still hurting and did not want to start yet another relationship. I just wanted to get laid and only seemed to meet the type of women that wanted a relationship with commitment over the past few months.

” Enough of that,” I said to myself. Opening my eyes, I scanned the room. Almost everyone had their eyes closed. Heads bowed, knees spread, cocks lazed against wet sweaty thighs, these guys looked tired. I went back to the inhalation room’s coolness and menthol before the place closed in ten minutes.

This time the room was empty except for one young man. There, lying down on the tile bench in the inhalation room was that young blonde muscular man that I saw doing chest presses in the gym. Completely naked, he did look stunning. His muscles were well defined by a thin layer of glistening hairless skin. Just a thick, wispy curl of golden blonde, pubic hair graced his otherwise shaved pubis. His cock and balls were completely shaved. I couldn’t help admiring his perfect body as he lay there with his eyes closed. He had also rubbed himself down with mineral oil. I could see the bottle of it on the floor.

Whatever it was that he was thinking made his flaccid penis grow into a ‘plump’ complimenting his chiseled physique. I sat on the adjacent tile bench, eyes glued to his muscles and genitals. I closed my eyes imagining what it may be like to touch his cock, it looked inviting, just lazing there against his abdomen. I have never been attracted to men and I am not gay, but I found it amusing that I could perceive this nude young hunk in an erotic way.

Enjoying the quiet and stillness, I suddenly felt someone sit next to me, and rub a hand on my thigh. Startled, I opened my eyes. His bright blue eyes were staring into mine. “Want a massage? “, he asked. Gagging for breath and unable to utter a sound, I stared into his bright blue eyes and nodded yes. Spreading out my towel on the bench, I lay on my chest. His swift hands kneaded my aching back into jelly. His hands worked their way down my sweating back to my small, firm ass. He continued to knead it and I felt his fingers rub my ass cheeks in circles, occasionally passing right over my anus. It felt good but I did not want to tell him in fear that he would feel embarrassed and stop. My cock began to harden under me. I’d be embarrassed if he asked me to turn over.

After working on my thighs and legs. (His hands also lightly touched my balls), he commanded, ” Okay, now turn over”. I did not know how hard and erect my penis was but his anal stimulation worked wonders.

His eyes rested on my erection and widened. One thing I was always proud of is my cock. It was long, hard, wide, cut and well defined. I tried to stammer to explain, “Shhhh,” he whispered. The lights were dimmed. One look at the frosted glass wall told me that the club had closed. I realized that we were the only two people in the building. Obviously the spa was left in the ‘on’ state at closing. I guess because the gym opened so early in the morning.

His expert hands glided up and down my solid erect shaft. A man had never touched me there before. I felt nervous, but enjoyed his touch too well. The next thing I knew, his mouth was softly sucking on my turgid pole. He let his tongue flick quickly over my sensitive area as his tight lips jerked my cock. One hand held the skin of my cock tight drawn all the way down to its base. His other hand tickled and stroked my balls and anus. Then, he quickly lay back on his bench spreading his legs. Grabbing a bottle of mineral oil, he applied it generously to his anus with his fingers. He let a finger enter and lube himself. He took my arms pulling me to him and said, “You have such a nice cock.” He continued; ” I want you to fuck me in my ass any way you like. It’s so good after a hard workout.”

He lay back facing me and guided my throbbing stiffness to his pucker hole. I never thought that man fucking could be done in the missionary position like this. Somehow my body was on automatic. Maybe I was in shock. Maybe I was just plain horny. My cock was doing all the thinking. I slowly entered his nice tight anal hole. Slowly, all the way in, not stopping until my raging cock was buried deep to the hilt. I felt his balls rub my own shaved mound as my cock enjoyed his tight, warm, slippery squeeze. His hips met my increasing thrusts as I lowered myself down onto my elbows.

It was just like fucking a woman, except I could feel his erect cock being rubbed by my oiled body, which I liked too. I completely let go and hammered his hot fuckhole repeatedly. My balls slapped his slippery butt cheeks. Thrusting into his tight squeezing rectum felt so good around my throbbing erection. I was close to a welling orgasm. An urgent feeling up inside my swollen nuts increased as my huge cock went completely stiff. Even no movement could make me cum now. I let go. He continued to buck his hairless hips against my purple magnificence as jets of creamy jizz juice shot into his asshole. Filling his rectum with man juice until my thrusting pumped it back out in rivulets of gooey jism. Gloating in the warmth and release of my post orgasm stupor, I realized that I had fucked his ass really hard, and may have hurt him.

“Are you okay down there?” I hesitatingly queried.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied smiling as I removed my slowly softening salami. His body glowed. I then realized that was a great fuck for him as well. I was so grateful. I wanted now to please him, as he had done to me, to show my appreciation.

I had never done this before, but I know what a man likes. Carefully, I put his throbbing cock into my mouth. A clear drop of pre-cum was peeking out of his slit. My tongue flicked his sensitive area under his purple throbbing glans. I could taste his clear, slippery precum. I could smell his musky manly aroma and I did not think it unpleasant at all. Then I started licking around at the tip of his penis and gently nibbled around his cockhead. Then I let my tongue on down the underside of his shaft. I circled the head of his well defined smooth cock with a moist finger as I carefully sucked one of his balls, then the other, then both rolling my tongue around them. His breathing increased as his cock perked up higher with each throb. Using saliva on one hand, I stroked his shaft. Letting my fingers close as his hard mushroom cap passed through my hand.

Then, nibbling back up the underside of his long full pole, I took the head of his cock into my willing mouth. Flicking the tip with my tongue, I let my mouth slide down onto it licking the underside of his penis with a back and forth motion of my tongue. My lips fucked his thick, hard cock. I felt this wonderful, responsive manhood prod my mouth as I created suction by applying pressure with my lips. Then, letting go of my gag reflex, I took him in feeling his wispy blonde pubic hair tickle my lip as his long cock prodded its way down my tight, deep throat. Returning to my mouth fucking, I stroked the part of his cock that was not in my mouth with one hand, and fondled his aching balls with the other. He let out a groan as I quickened the pace, never letting my flicking and stroking tongue stop exciting his sensitive underside. He groaned louder this time as his balls tightened. His cock went even stiffer. I jacked his cock with my tight lips and flicked my tongue faster as he suddenly released a spurt of hot, syrupy, saltiness. He had given me so much pleasure that I could not stop sucking, flicking my tongue, bobbing my head fast up and down his throbbing, cumming fucktool.

Swallowing his first load, another even bigger wad of cum squirted with force into my mouth. Gulping, I deep throated again, feeling a hotness of his juice creep it way up my nose. Now, with cum dripping from my nose, his hot raging orgasm began to rapid fire shooting jets of white hot slather down my throat while my fondling hand felt his anus. As my finger slid in, I felt his muscle throb around it, grabbing it in rhythm with the spurts of hot man spunk that filled my mouth. My jerking hand held the skin of his shaft down towards his balls, allowing a smooth surface for my tongue to really drive him crazy. I swallowed even more of his jism. While more hot salty sperm shot forth, escaping my softly sucking mouth.

I could not stop. I was totally caught up in this blowjob. I actually liked it. I liked sucking his cock. My own cock was at full attention and leaking precum again. As his continued throbbing orgasm slowly subsided, I continued to suck him dry. His slightly softened penis responded to my oral ministrations by plumping again in my mouth.

He sat down next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge cock. It was about ten inches long, about an inch longer than mine but a tad slimmer. I allowed his hands to roam all over my body. His hand cupped my nuts as his finger probed further.” Now let me fuck you,” he said in a deep husky quiet voice.

” I’m a virgin,” I replied, still in a sexual trance, trusting that he knew not to hurt me. His finger found my anal opening. I moaned.

” I know,” he replied as his finger penetrated my virgin asshole.

I lay back, cum still dripping from the corners of my mouth. I felt his knowing oiled hands on my cock. His lips lightly kissed and licked my naval as his hands performed magic on my cock and balls, stimulating and arousing me to new proportions. He assumed a kneeling position between my legs taking my ankles in his hands and spreading my legs apart. I did not know what he had in mind, but he couldn’t penetrate my willing anus from there. I soon felt his mouth lightly sucking on my balls. His deft fingertips lightly flickered on my turgid cock making it throb. Then his busy tongue flickered on down my perineum to lightly flick my sensitive anal sphincter. His hands spread my asscheeks out exposing my bottom chute even more. Then I felt his tongue begin to probe my interior propelling me into an ecstatic fit. It felt wonderful. He was eating me out like I was a woman except, this felt wonderful, and I certainly had no clitoris. But I did seem to have lots of nerve endings down there, sending pleasure messages to my brain – that was slowly turning to slush. My entire concentration was now on my rear puckerhole and how good it felt. He kept fucking me with his tongue as his mouth carefully started to suck on my sphincter rim. He sucked harder exposing my pink insides to his busy mouth allowing his rapidly flicking and probing tongue to explore deeper into me. I wanted to squirm in absolute pleasure but I was afraid to move away from his mouth for fear that this intense pleasure would end. My rock hard erection leaked precum profusely now forming a puddle of clear fluid on my tummy. He scooped it with his fingers and applied it to my anus, slipping one, then after a time, two fingers into me.

His digital probing helped open my willing and intensely pleasured back door. He applied some lubricant to his stiff cock. ” Okay, now just relax, I ‘m going to go easy on you,” he assured. Positioning himself on the bench now, I lifted and spread my legs. ” “This should feel every bit as good as my tongue, except even more as my cock goes deeper into you,” he instructed. His own precum was obviously filling his piss slit, a droplet that I was tempted to lick, but he guided it to my anus spreading it against my hole. I felt his throbbing, warm cockhead at my opening. He said: ” Okay now relax it and push like you do when you sit on the pot because then it will open.”

I did as he said and he was right. My natural instinct was to close my sphincter and hold it tight to resist his thrust, but by bearing down, I felt his cockhead slip in. He was able to penetrate his smooth hard mushroom cap into me. Then, he stopped. I opened my eyes. The sight of being fucked by his magnificent, muscular body over me turned me on. His cock felt so good as it slid past my prostate. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him cum in me. I wanted to feel his cock fill my insides with his slippery, warm, creamy, tasty jism. Looking down, I grabbed my nuts up and got a good look at his staff sticking into my ass. Slowly he worked it in. His slim muscular hips looked sexy with his beautiful erection penetrating my tight virgin asshole. The pleasure I can only describe as ecstasy. Once his rod was buried in me, I felt his light patch of pubic hair rub my balls and perineum. His huge hairless ballsack rested against my asscheeks. He stayed still.

” More, give me more, ” I pleaded. ” Fuck me, oh fuck me with your nice thick hard fucktool,” I demanded in a frenzy of pleasure lifting my ass and pumping my hips on his cock. He smiled and began a slow thrusting into my tight virgin fuckhole. With every penetration, my own cock leaked more clear precum that was now being spread between my cock and his abdomen as he lowered himself to his elbows continuing to increase the speed of his thrusts.

Then he stopped and enjoyed it as I began to fuck his cock back. I naturally squeezed his cock with my sphincter then pushed and relaxed my backdoor. My asshole began to fuck his cock without movement. We resumed as I humped my hips to meet his rhythm; he groaned, “mmmmmmm, that’s it, fuck me back.” Soon we were moving in sync as his thrusts became harder and more urgent. The slipping of his fucktool in and out of my asshole, the meeting of our hips, the slap of his balls, the rubbing of my cock, the pleasure his cock was giving to my insides was too intense. I reached down behind him lifting my legs into the air. I grabbed his ass. My finger found his still wet, slippery anus and entered just in time. I felt his asshole grab my finger with every pulse my asshole felt from his wonderful, hard thick fuckstick cock. His legs stiffened as he thrust one last time filling my backside with wave after wave of hot spunk. I found the constant rubbing against his muscular abs against my erection too much to take. A welling in my balls erupted in ropes of cum that jetted white-hot sperm all over my abs and between us.

We lay together, him on top of me, enjoying the slippery warm wetness of cum. Slowly we separated. I stood up and felt rivulets of cum slipping out of my ass and down my thighs. Cum dripped down my waist onto my plump cock. My cock was still dripping. So much cum. Just the thought of that much cum juice in me made me hot again. I could see his beautiful cock growing plump as well.

“Let’s take a nice long soak in the hot tub,” he suggested. We did that as we took turns sitting on each other’s cock in the tub. We enjoyed each other all night long fucking and sucking until we were both too spent to cum anymore. We slipped out of the Gym together as soon as it opened. Somehow nobody saw us leave the locker room. If anyone did, they would have seen both of us sporting that well fucked, post Valentine’s Day, look.

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