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Filling the Position

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Several of the candidates for the secretary’s job were more beautiful than she was. A more than a few had tried hard to make clear, with their hungry eyes and seductive smiles, that pleasing the boss would be something they’d do willingly, and well. But it was a secretary’s “position” that he was most concerned with, and when this one, Audra, a twenty-four year old minx of vaguely Asian or Native American features, turned and walked away — with firm, upraised buttocks and a curve to her back that pulled her asscheeks higher — he knew that he had found a woman he would be able to fuck as nature intended, from behind her upthrust ass while she stood straight up.

And that was what he wanted. Any of the candidates would be able to handle the clerical demands of the work, and many would be vigorous sexual partners. But this interview process was really about finding a new toy to satisfy one of his particularly favorite desires.

And so today, when he saw how her pussy and asshole pointed prominently towards him as she stood with her skirt and underclothes pulled down around her knees, he knew he had chosen well. With only a slight bend to his knees, his cock had found her anal sleeve easily, and fully penetrated, she stood tippy-toed as he thrust forward and pulled back. As he settled into a gentle rocking motion, he continued to muse on how thoroughly Audra pleased him.

He was not an overly-confident man. In his forty years of life, he had never met an attractive woman, or any woman for that matter, that he had not been able to bed. True, his six foot three inch athlete’s frame, dark brown skin and handsome, piercing eyes made him an object of lust to women of almost all types. But his patience and uncanny ability to read a woman’s inner mind and to guide her toward sexual imaginings according to her pace was what ensured his success in all of his pursuits. If a woman was preoccupied with worries or out of sorts physically, he knew not to force the issue. But if she was at peace, he would find a way to awaken her. Most times his women would think that the seduction had been theirs, some shyly getting their boss to see them as passionate, sexy beings others boldly throwing themselves at him, happy to have him respond. Audra had been one of the relatively timid ones.

After two weeks of increasingly later nights, he had determined that she was alone, with no man calling to check on her arrival. It wouldn’t have mattered greatly if there had been, but it did make things that much easier. She, in turn, likewise became convinced that he was unattached, and so it was not difficult for him to create small moments for personal conversation. When she first asked if he was married, he knew he was within a few nights of claiming her, body and soul. He had affected a sad smile at her question, and when pressed had intimated that some relationship had caused him recent pain. He waited until the conversation let him say, “I like sex as much as any man but don’t like the way I have been used, as if sex is all I can offer a woman.”

When that did not seem to disturb her, and when she actually asked him what he meant, he continued, “I feel awkward saying this to someone I barely know, but I have seen too many women change once our relationship becomes sexual. It sounds like some obvious locker room boast, but when women see my naked, it is like I am no longer a person to them. We men get accused all the time of treating women like objects, but when I see women react to my…body… well, let’s just say that I don’t think women are any better than men.”

At that point, he made sure to move things back to work and the night ended an hour later after completion of a presentation he would give the next afternoon. He knew the seeds had been sown, and that they would grow in her mind in the days to come.

Indeed, two nights later, again alone together in the office he noticed her eyes stealing glances at him as he moved from the hallway into the adjoining conference room. Though he had never said anything specific to suggest that the size and beauty of his cock was extraordinary, he had done enough to make her dwell on that idea for the last two days. While all half-way intelligent people know that stories of one race or another’s special sexual features are myths — that a black man’s cock is no larger than any other mans’, an Asian woman’s vagina no tighter, or more responsive than any other woman’s, and so forth, intelligent people also knew that a given black man could have an enormous cock — and surely that was true of this man, her new boss!

He had seemed so genuinely sad when he had confided in her earlier in the week, that at first all she thought to do was be nice to him, to show him that a woman could like him for who he was. But the desire she felt at the mere thought of him surprised her, and as she looked across the room, she felt her body surge. Her nipples stiffened and began to ache. She felt the pulse of blood as it thickened her pussy lips and she sensed the slickness that was gathering in her folds. And strangely, she was conscious of her asshole as it blinked, as if it were swallowing nervously. She became so lost in these sensations that she was startled when her eyes refocused on him, and she saw him staring straight into her. She was caught! She almost made as if to speak some apology — how absurd! He couldn’t really know what was in her mind!

And then he smiled.

He moved his right hand in a gesture, as if to invite her towards his cock. She moved without thinking, and then it was too late to stop. He gestured more directly as she came in front of him, still staring, half into his smiling eyes and half at the visible line of his erection, jutting to the side, through the fabric of his pants. The initial actions were all hers: she brushed her hand against his body, she felt him stiffen quickly and she reached up to find the catch on his zipper. His pants opened easily, and completely possessed now, she grabbed his belt with both hands and undid the buckle. She knelt down and pulled his loose slacks and boxer shorts down his legs, and his cock sprang forward, striking softly against her chin.

Her eyes opened wide in amazement: his cock was huge and stretched almost a foot in length! It was thick, but not frighteningly so. In fact, its length created an illusion of slenderness, and the slight upward hook of his shaft made it look comfortable, like something that would fit easily into her pussy, or — her idea before he made any mention of it — into her ass. She moved her lips toward the end of his cock and swallowed the soft mushroom shaped head into the front of her mouth. She sucked gently, tasting the first strands of salty liquid that issued from the tip. She gripped the base of his cock in one hand, steadying herself by pressing her other hand against his left thigh. She grabbed at the skin of his cock and moved it gently up toward her lips. The loose skin folded easily back over his cockhead. His shaft was long enough for her to suck more of him into her mouth without having to let go of her grip.

Had he wanted her to, she would have provoked him to orgasm with her half-handjob, half sucking actions. Instead, he reached down and lifted her back to her feet, gesturing again with his hand at the buttons of her blouse and the side buttons of her skirt. She fumbled at them, opening her top, pushing her bra up over her breasts. As she began sliding the skirt of her hips, he stopped her hands, and turned her around to face away from him. He helped her press her skirt and hosiery down revealing the tight panties she wore. He curled them downward, placing his foot between her legs to spread her thighs open so that skirt and undergarments stopped at her knees. She understood that he wanted her to keep them there, making her feel as if her legs were bound. She stood upright, her hands resting on the conference table before her.

It was now that he was able to appreciate his wisdom in choosing her for the job. The shape of her ass, imaginable through her clothing, was just as he had hoped. With no special contortion on her part, all of her charms were open and visible to him from behind. Her pouting lips were six inches lower than his cock, resting now on the small of her back. He bent himself downward, and the hook of his member settled snugly between her thighs, pressing up into the hot dampness of her body. He bent his knees slightly so that anyone watching her from the front would think a short cock protruded from her loins. His strong erection throbbed, and he played as if to lift her off her feet by his dick alone. He rocked backwards, and the head of his dick found the folds of her pussy, coating itself in her clear, slick fluids. He dipped downward and stood up fully, his cock easily finding the swollen opening to her womb, and he pressed in for half his length. He no longer played at lifting her — his powerful and fully engorged cock filled her so completely, and pointed so much upward, that he raised her onto her tiptoes.

With both hands, he reached around to her chest and rubbed his palms against her nipples. They were fully erect, and he kneaded them between thumb and forefinger, pulling them back toward him, as if to lift her by her breasts. His cock he felt the flow of her juice as it poured out from the walls of her pussy. He was fully slick with liquid, and he pumped in and out of her easily, pressing deeper and deeper into her. He felt her secretions gathering at the base of his cock, cool as it dripped down onto his balls. He looked down and saw her asshole pulsing.

It didn’t matter if she had never taken a cock in the ass, or even if she had never imagined such things. He knew how much all women respond to teasing pressure at their tender anuses.

He reached down with his wide, flat thumb, and pressed gently at her asshole. It clenched a moment, and then relaxed and opened slightly as if to swallow the object tickling the smoothly wrinkled bud. His cock was plenty slick, so he spent no time in lubricating her asshole as he slowly pulled out of her clutching pussy. His cock bobbed upward, smearing its moisture from the bottom of her pussy right past the cleft of her buttocks. He rocked back slightly, and pressed his cock down to aim at her ass, and stopped with the soft helmet of his cock pressed against her anus. He reached back around her shoulder with his right hand and found her right nipple again. He pinched slightly and she stood straighter. With his left hand, he steadied his cock’s aim, and pinched her nipple harder, and harder still. Her asshole, in response to the aching sensations at her tit, strained open and swallowed his cockhead in one gulp. He waited, twisting her right nipple and now able to bring his left hand around to her other breast. He pinched and pulled steadily and her asshole convulsed again, pushing back against his length. He had as yet done nothing to force himself into her body: her body was practically turning itself almost inside out to engulf him. With one more strong twisting squeeze of her teats, he finally pressed in tune to her straining ass. In one motion, he slid deeply into her, pressing up against her rectum.

He stopped and surveyed his position. The sensation on his cock was exquisitely complex. Her narrow passage and her pulsing muscles distributed pressure along the entire length of his dick, while her rectal passage’s squeezing of his cockhead kept pace. With so much sensation at every nerve ending of his member, the triggering of his orgasm was delayed. He began to roll his hips slightly as if to measure the circumference of her ass. He lifted her and moved her in a circular motion, as if slowly turning a crank handle. She danced easily in the motion he commanded, rocking her own hips from side to side slightly to twist his cock gently with her ass. He pulled and twisted at her tits throughout, and leaned over her shoulder with his head. She turned her own head upward toward him, and they kissed, gently at first, then by taking turns imitating the assfucking by swallowing each other’s tongues.

There was no rush, and he fucked her quietly and steadily. Her small frame was light on his cock, and with the lifting power of his dick, she felt no more weight on her feet than if she was standing chest deep in a warm sea.

That first time, he would come twice in her ass before uncoupling, barely breaking the pumping rhythm of his legs as the first strong pulses of sperm splashed against her rectum. His warm cum coated the buried length of his shaft as he pumped on. With his first cum, she had begun a low, steady shudder of a climax, trembling as she slumped, attached to his dick and enfolded in his arms. He never paused his steady, gentle reaming of her ass as she slowly regained her legs. Her next orgasm would take some twenty minutes to fully arrive, and when it did, her ass clenched his dick in spasms as she ejaculated fluid down both their thighs. Her senses fully aroused, she calmly clenched his dick and twisted her hips in half screw-turns, as if to uncork his dick from his body. Again and again she jerked him off into her bowels, finally delivering his second climax, a full volume of thick rich sperm. They stopped their gyrations and he softened slowly, withdrawing his cock from her asshole.

He settled back into one of the soft-leather chairs surrounding the conference table. She leaned back toward him, preparing to sit back onto his lap, but he extended his arms and caught her ass in both hands, propping her up. She balanced on her feet and let him look — she was slowly realizing how much the sight of her ass meant to him. He stared at her perfect ass, her pussy lips still flush and swollen, her asshole still pulsing. A glaze of drying cum and juices shone on her skin.

“Sit now,” he said. “Feel my sperm inside you. You will carry it home and sleep with it seeping from your bottom.”

She nodded, and leaned back, nestling onto his lap. After a few quiet minutes, she smiled quizzically, beginning to work out how much of the evening he had planned.

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