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Useful After All

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As long as I can remember, older women fascinated me. At first it was the idea of experience and knowledge that drew me to them, but as I got older I simply realized that it was more than that; it was the idea of forbidden. That’s what made it for me.

The story I’m about to tell happened few months ago, and not only changed my life but also the lives of many people around me. You have heard the same words over and over again in other tales, but unlike all those others, this one is actually a true one.

Before I get into the events that have fundamentally shaken my world, a few short introductions must be made. Hi, my name is Dan and I am the luckiest man on the planet. Why, you might ask? Well, because I got really lucky when it came to getting hitched.

My wife Samantha, who is four years younger than me, is not only a great catch but also she shares the same ideas and fantasies when it comes to our bedroom. Standing at a little bit over 5′ 7″ and with the 34 double D’s Sam is by far one of the sexiest women a man can find. Just one look at her deep, green eyes, like some gemstones taking in everything around her, and a guy can find himself wishing to drown not only in her long brown hair, but also between her perfect thighs.

Sam comes from a very strict, religious family with four more siblings: two brothers, Mike and Brian, who are a year younger (yes, they are identical twins), a two years older sister Kelly, who is now 21 and happily married to a really nice guy named Steve, and finally Megan; at 31 she is the oldest of the siblings and is actually Sam’s half-sister from her father’s first marriage.

As you already guessed, I myself am twenty three, which means my wife is at the tender age of nineteen. Sam and I got actually married after dating for little over a year, and only few months before the events of this story unfolded. To say that our families were very happy would be a lie, but as it was we were both of age and at the end of the day there was simply not much anyone could do.

The most outspoken person against our marriage was actually Sam’s mother — Nicole. The woman simply did not like me from day one. For some reason she always gave me a cold look and it was only because of her husband that she even allowed my foot step through their door. I did one very smart thing from the beginning — Sam’s dad, Chris, was more than cool with me. For some reason we just clicked and our fishing trips to get away from everyone only spoke of our great relationship. And it all that mattered anyway, for as far as my mother-in-law was concerned, what the man of the house said simply was the law.

You see, Nicole was a very conservative woman, to say the least; very traditional, going to church three times a week kind of thing. I guess it was no surprise she looked at me askance; after all, I did corrupt her little angel. Still, as it was, as long as Chris was in the house Nicole showed nothing but respect towards me. Oh, another thing. After Sam and I got married my mother-in-law insisted on me calling her Mom… something to do with the faith and tradition. Anyway, my new mother was nice to me only when her husband was home, which was not so much for he was constantly on the road due to his transportation business.

Which brings me to the events where I fucked my wife’s mother, for it was because of my father’s-in-law absence that the fate dealt an unexpected card.

It was only few months ago in the middle of the summer, that like an erupting volcano hammered everything with incredible heat and lava. In our apartment, where my wife and I were at the last few months of our lease, something went wrong with the central air and in one day we were baking in the temperature of over ninety degrees. It was than that my wife had an idea of staying at her parents’ house until our place could get to a bearable temperature.

To be honest, I was not too crazy about the prospect of seeing my mother-in-law for the next few days, but as it was — either the heat of hell or the bitch’s hell. The decision was easy, for in the worst case scenario I would have an opportunity to take few days off from work and sleep till noon. Plus, if I know anything in this world, it is that my father-in-law would leap at any chance to get away for few days, open few cold ones, and fish for a while.

And so, little over two hours after leaving our place, Sam and I arrived at her parent’s house. Right off the bat, the scene that welcomed us made me cringe. For one, Chris’s car was not in the garage, which only meant he was away on one of his trips. It was obvious that the twins also were not home and if I knew them at all, it meant they would be gone for more than one day.

Great! Now I was up for waking up in the house with no one else but my strict bitch mother-in-law and few cats. Just wonderful!

“Ah, honey,” I turned to Sam before we exited the car to the awaiting woman, “Are you sure you can not take few days from work?”

“Oh baby, you are not really that much afraid of her, are you?” she answered jokingly with a wide grin on her face. Oh, just perfect.

“Ok, but don’t be surprised if one night you come home and find me missing! Just look in the lake behind the house and make sure your mother does not leave the country before the FBI talks to her!”

“Remember honey, she is OUR mom, so be nice now and act like a good little boy!”

“Whatever,” was my answer as I stepped out of the car.

Just as always, Nicole, that is Mom, was wearing one of her long dresses that covered her from neck to ankles. Her hair was in a tight bun over her head and just as usual there was not a hint of any makeup. I’m not a big fan of face paints, but sometimes I wondered how Chris can even be around that woman. Don’t get me wrong, I sure see where Sam got her looks, but where my wife was sexy and intriguing, her mother was simply a grey reflection of the image. For god’s sake, the whole look and aura of the woman screamed of nineteenth century.

“Hi mom!” I greeted my mother-in-law as my best possible smile appeared on my face. She took my extended hand and firmly shook it. Oh yeah, another weird thing, I don’t ever remember even hugging the woman; it was as if she was afraid I might bite her.

“Hello Dan. I see you still make Sammy do all the driving,” came a replay with a cold blue eyes staring at me in an open and complete judgment. Who the fuck was she kidding with that fake grin; that smile can melt stones? Bitch.

“I wanted to drive, mom.” I heard Sam say as she approached us. “Honey, can you be so kind and take our things from the car? Just take it to my old room, I talked to mom already earlier on the phone and we will be staying there.”

“Sure, baby.” I quickly replayed and was only too happy for any excuse to be as far away from my other mother as possible.

In short order, Sam and I unpacked all our things by the time we heard that dinner was ready. The whole supper business was very uneventful, as I tried my best to keep my eyes on my food and keep conversation to a minimum. At one point, Nicole even asked if I was ok, to what I simply replayed that I had a headache and just needed some rest. My wife understood my unease, and extended me a helping hand.

“Why don’t you go upstairs sweetie? I will be in soon too. Just wanna talk to mom about some girl stuff. You know…”

“Ok,” I said hoping that I did not sound too eager to be gone. “I’ll be in bed.” I got up and took my plate to the kitchen sink. As I was about to leave, I remembered something, “Oh, and thanks for dinner mom, it was very good.” Oh yeah, around this woman I was nothing less but a chorus boy.

As I made my way up the stairs to Sam’s old bedroom, which unfortunately was right across from her parent’s room (great, not only to deal with a stone cold woman but also not getting any while I’m here) I heard Sam say “Mom, come on. Stop being so…” whatever she was going to say I did not hear and to be honest did not have any desire to know.

As I finally made my way to a queen size bed, a thought occurred to me that I had to figure out how to keep my balls empty for few days. Well, I guess it was time to go back to good old high school days of jerking off in the bathroom.


Whatever it was that I was dreaming of, it was lost to me as my peaceful slumber was interrupted by something warm and wet around my cock. Right of the bet I knew it was Sam because she liked to wake me up in special a way. Be it a good old BJ, which she was a pro in giving, or something more kinky, like being tied up to the bed post and being used as a plate for a whole can of whip cream.

Anyway, as my wife was sliding my 7 ¾ inch (and yes I did measure it. What guy didn’t?) cock in and out of her sweet little mouth, which produced a considerable amount of slurping noise, it did not registered with me that we were not in our bedroom. It took my eyes few moments to adjust to the darkness, which was slightly illuminated by a moonlight from outside that penetrated whole house through large windows, that I realized where I was.

“Wait.” I whispered to Sam. “What about your mother?”

She took my cock out of her mouth for only an instance to say, “You mean, our mother? Well, she is sleeping. Plus, I think that if we will be very quiet mommy won’t catch us.”

The way she said it was more than implying that she was OUR mother, which made the whole situation sound more like Sam and I were brother and sister than husband and wife. Which brings me back to the point I made in the beginning of the story — my wife and I truly are very open when it comes to sex, and incest is definitely part of our role plays. Both of us had fantasies of fucking family members, but as it was we only pretended up to that point, and the possibility of having a group sex, let along with a relative, was something we wanted to do in the future.

Another thing that Sam and I enjoyed was exhibition and voyeur. The idea of being watched as we were fucking each others’ brains out was something that drove both of us crazy. The idea of being watched by a family member, be it my father or one of Sam’s sisters, always sent us into some royal fuck sessions.

It was at this point that it occurred to me that the door to our bedroom was not closed but on contrary wide open. So not only my wife was sucking my cock no more than few dozen feet from her sleeping mother, but if that mother would to wake up for some reason and go outside her room, she would see just how good of a cock sucker her daughter really was.

As these thoughts flashed through my mind Sam was really getting into her dick sucking adventure. I could have sworn that the slurping noises have gotten louder, as she took three quarters of my shaft into her fantastic mouth. Oh how I love my wife’s oral abilities. There is simply something heavenly about feeling her tong running up and down my cock, and just so often dip deeper to give my balls a good sucking.

“Oh, I see you being a bad little girl tonight.” I went along with Sam’s game. “You are being a dirty little whore. Sucking your big brother’s cock while mommy is sleeping in the next room. I’m afraid I will have to punish your little pussy again for being such a dirty little slut.”

My words produced a desired result, as my wife increased the speed of her sucking and produced even few mumbled moans. I guess they were not actually that mumbled, but in the heat of being sucked off nothings seemed to matter anymore.

“Oh yeah, I am being a bad girl,” hoarsely said Sam as she took her lips away from my cock. “You do have a good reason to punish your little baby sister, but can you please cum for me first? I’m so hungry and your cum taste so good.” With that she seductively took my cock and slapped it against her tong, at the same time giving me a look of true innocence. “And don’t worry about mommy, it she knew just how good your cock tastes, she would lock me in the basement so she can have this big fat fuck meet all to herself.” Once again Sam slammed my cock against her tong and lips, but this time the sound of smacking flash against flash was a lot louder. It occurred to me that she was no longer whispering either, but instead talking in a love seductive voice. At this rate my bitchy mother-in-law was destined to hear us.

Just than I heard a very faint sound coming from the direction of our bedroom door. As Sam returned to sucking my cock with new vigor, now accompanied by grinding her wet pussy into my leg, I turned all my attention to the open door. Was the sound real or was it just my imagination?

Suddenly I realized that someone was standing at the door and without the need to be a genius I knew right away it was Nicole, my mother-in-law, my other mother. There she was, standing only few feet away from where her daughter was not only sucking cock like a real pro, but also playing out one of the dirtiest fantasies imaginable. To say I was shocked would be to say that I was surprised. Oh no, I was not simply shocked, I was fucking speechless.

However, quicker than a thought, my shock was replaced by curiosity. Why would my bitchy mother-in-law just stand there and say nothing. If anything, and knowing her, she would slam the door shut to let us know we were laud. But no, instead of making any sound she was just standing there, and actually doing her best to be as quite as possible.

Another fact hit me like a rock in the face was that she was wearing only her night gown. Despite the poor light from the moon, I could tell that it was one of those sleeping shirts with the buttons in the front. To my even further astonishment I realized that the front of the dress was undone and if I did not know any better it seemed that my mother-in-law had one of her hand between her legs while other was playing with her breast.

Sam was completely clueless to all of this, as she continued to suck my cock, which I should say was as hard at that point as it ever had been in my life. I tried not to stare at the figure of my wife’s mother standing at the door, but it was useless. I was like a little bug unable to break my gaze from the fire. Just as I got some courage to say something to Sam about stopping, to my astonishment I clearly saw a distinct gesture from the woman at the doorway for me to be quite. So she knew I saw her and yet she still stood there watching her daughter sucking my cock, while pretending to be my little sister. And not only watching, but she was obviously playing with her old cunt at that.

The thought of my mother’s-in-law old hairy pussy sent me over the age. As some volcano deep in the rain forests of Africa, I too began to explode into my wife’s mouth. And all in mean time looking directly at her mother standing only few feet away and watching her daughter trying to swallow blast after blast of my hot cum. And not only watching, but working on her own pussy, now with both hands.

“Oh yeah, give me that white cum, baby.” encouraged Sam. “Oh yeah, like that! Yes, more.” She now held my cock at her large tits as I still sprayed my fuck juice. “Just like that….uuummmm if mommy saw us right not she would be so angry. Or maybe she would actually be jealous of me sucking this big, fat, hard cock.” With that Sam returned my cock into her mouth for a proper cleaning as I lay on the bed watching her mother vigorously rubbing her own pussy.

After only few moments Sam realized that I was still hard, which meant that even though I did cum, I needed another discharge before my dick can get any rest. Without any deliberation she got on her all four and turned her perfect juicy ass to me, thus facing her mother who was still standing at the door. But to my amazement Sam did not notice the figure now standing motionless at the door and instead turned her head to me.

“Come one, big brother. Punish my little dirty pussy for being such a bad little girl.” I did not need any further encouragement. Without any hesitation I got on my knees and positioned myself behind my wife. She produced a clear sound of air being inhaled as my cock slammed into her pussy right up to my balls.

Though Sam and I both like rough sex, that night something came over me. The thought of my bitchy whore mother-in-law watching me fuck her daughter awakened in me a true beast. I wanted that old slut to see just how hard I fucked her daughter’s pussy. I wanted her to see just what her little Sammy did find in me.

“Ooohhhhh ffffuuuccckkk…” was the only audible sound that came from my horny wife as she dropped her head on the bad and raised her ass to give me a better access to her wet dripping cunt.

Almost instantly after first few thrust I felt Sam’s pussy tighten. That was her first orgasm. In the manner of few minutes she had few more and it became very obvious to me only few minutes after her last climax that my wife was out cold. It did happen before when I hit the right place, but this time she was really out.

So, full of disappointment, I stopped thrusting in and out of her pussy and instead gently picked her up from the doggy position and put her back in bad. My balls were eking to be milked but I simply did not want to fuck a motionless body. You see, my wife is a very heavy sleeper as it is, and if she gets a good fucking, you can fire a god damn cannon right next to her ear without having any effect on her.

And just like that, I found my self still incredibly horny, despite a blow job I received not so long ago, and without any way for relief but my own good old Ms. Right. Before I settled next to my wife I looked closely at the door again, and did not see anyone. Was it all just an illusion? Was my mind so into screwing my wife so close to her mother that my eyes saw that which was not there?

With those thoughts I closed my eyes and settled in a familiar slow rhythm of pumping my cock when the sounds of soft foot steps reached my ears. I did not open my eyes for fear of getting my mother-in-law, for now I was sure it was her and she was real, scared away.

As if not hearing anything I let one of my arms dangle from the side of the bad, as I was laying on my back enjoying the feeling of my other arm jerking my cock. And than I felt it, something brushed against my hand hanging off the bad. In the next instance I felt a breath on my neck as lips, that almost touched my ear, softly spoke.

“I see you are a very good fuck stud, Dan.” There was no mistake that it was my mother-in-law. But her voice was still different…more dirty, more horny, more sluty. “And I have to say that my little girl definitely took after her mother; all she wants is a nice, firm, hard, and big cock to fill her wet cunt.” And with those words I felt something warm and very wet touch my outstretched hand. The realization hit me that it was my wife’s mother’s soaking pussy.

“Nicole…” I whispered, but was interrupted abruptly when her hand grabbed my cock and squeezed it almost to pain.

“You know the rules, little boy.” A soft voice once again spoke right next to my ear. “You have to call me mom.”

“Ok, mom.” I answered, which even to me sounded extremely week.

“Good boy, Danny.” She said as her hand started to slide up and down my still hard as rock dick. “Be a good boy and mommy will take care of you, I promise. Just keep your eyes closed no matter what and let mommy do all the work.”

The motion of her hand on my cock became more purposeful, more directive. There was no need for any lubricant as my own pre cum was more than enough to help the knowing hand make elaborate circular moves. The feeling of my mother-in-law jerking my cock right next to her sleeping daughter simply clouded my mind and judgment. The fear and hesitation was gone now and like a soldier ready for battle I became completely focused on a body next to me.

“Touch mommy’s pussy, baby.” The voice encouraged me. “Go ahead; feel your mommy’s shaved pussy. Do you like it? Yeah? That’s right, just like that. Mommy is such a bad dirty old whore for playing with her little boy’s cock right next to his sleeping wife.”

And that was it. I don’t think I ever came as hard as I did at that point. What happened next is very hazy, for I, just as my wife few minutes before me, completely lost all ability of coordination and fell into a complete state of exhaustion. All I know is that when I woke up the next morning, Sam already has gone to work and my mother-in-law acted like nothing happened. For a while I thought that I dreamt all of that, but than once again fait took things into its own hands.

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