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Pleasing Gloria

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You’d pass my wife on the street without giving her a second look. There is nothing really distinguishing about her, at least visually. She is medium height, very thin, thick hair, narrow face, big eyes, longish noses, tight mouth and pointed chin. You’d just walk on by.

And if you heard her speak, you’d probably try to tune her out. She has an oddly cackling voice that can grate on the ear.

But if you tried to get to know her you would be faced with the challenge of understanding a woman who is a riddle of complexity, a character of opposites: compliant-determined, domestic-adventurous, feminine-masculine, serious-frivolous, active-passive.

And that’s why I’m so utterly in love with her. She is just so fucking interesting, so magnificently unpredictable, so naturally uninhibited. And she is so aggressive about everything. If she wants something, she works to get it.

“Do you want some help?” I was passing the computer room and just lobbed in the question.

“In about a half hour,” she said, without turning from the screen, so I went to my den to read.

I was lost in Harpers when I heard her call, “OK!” So I ticked my place in the article, put the magazine on the table and went to her.

She was swiveled away from the computer and looking at it sideways. I got down on my knees in front of her and gently kissed at her naked thighs. “What are you reading?” I said, then I pressed my face into my favourite place, the little trail of hair that travels to her navel.

“It’s a lesbian piece.”

That surprised me. I looked up at her, trying to read her face, “I didn’t think you liked that stuff.”

“I don’t usually, but this one’s interesting. It’s not about some college girls tearing their clothes off, its about two older women finding each other. It’s a bit of a psychological piece. It’s interesting.”

When I gently pulled her legs open she slipped down on the chair and I could smell her, “I think the story’s getting to you.”

She laughed, “No kidding.”

When my tongue felt the mild sting of her juices, she turned away from the screen and pulled my head into her.

My wife loves sex, sex of every kind. She doesn’t insist on it, usually doesn’t initiative it but she enjoys it and the more adventurous the better. Particularly roll playing. We both have pretty good imaginations and a couple of times a month we create a play together. Sometimes it ends in laughter, sometimes it ends in gushes and a few times it hasn’t ended at all, or not for a few days while we try to stay in character. And a lot of the time we do what we’re doing now. One of us logs on to and reads for awhile before the other comes in to help with the ending.

“You were beautiful,” I said, as I kissed her.

‘Thank you,” she said, as she rubbed her juices from my face with a tissue. “Are you OK?”

“Later? In bed?”

She reached for her panties, “You got it, Pontiac.”

And I returned to my magazine. But I couldn’t concentrate. What was in the story that made her so hot? She had never been into lesbian lit before, why was this story different? I found her in the kitchen an hour later and asked.

“Read it for yourself,” she smiled.

It was a couple of days later, we were in bed, the lights were out, “Did you read that story?”

“Story?” I asked, shifting on my pillow to see the dark outline of her profile.

“The one in Literotica.”

“About the lesbians?”


“Ya, I read it, I agree it was hot.”

She hadn’t moved and seemed to be staring at the ceiling, “It made me think about lesbianism in a different way.”


“Those two women were friends first, they had connected mentally and emotionally before they connected physically, sexually. They were mature, and made a mature, rational decision. I think that’s what turned me on. It turned me on to think that a lesbian relationship can somehow be a result of a close friendship, almost a natural consequence of it.”

“All close friendship between women should end sexually?” I was teasing her and she knew it so she threw her right arm against my stomach with some force.

“But some can, I can see it, I can imagine it happening.”

“Would you like it to happen to you?”

There was no hesitation, “Yes, I think I would.” Then she turned to face me. “What do you think? How would you feel if you knew I was having sex with a woman?”

I laughed, “I’d react like any man, I’d want to know ever tiny detail.”




“I wouldn’t want it to weaken our relationship, and it could, but if you want to experiment, and it seems you do, why not?”

“I knew you’d say that,” she said, lying on her back again.

“But be careful. We have worked hard for our reputations.”

She leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.

The subject wasn’t mentioned again. I can’t say I forgot about it, I didn’t, but it seemed she had so I was more than a little surprised at a conversation I had at my wife’s annual office BBQ a few weeks later. I was sitting at a picnic table drinking a beer, watching my wife pitch a frizz bee with some kids when Wendy Shanks, a vice-president of the company, sat down beside me. “Stop drooling.”

“Drooling?” I turned to face her, not knowing what she meant.

“The way you look at her, I’ve never see a man so obviously in love with his wife.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Well, ya, but drool?”

When she took a drink from her glass her eyes bore into mine, “You have wonderful sex together, don’t you?” I guess she could see how startled I was by the question because she quickly added, “Gloria’s told me.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled, it felt like a particularly stupid smile.

But Wendy wasn’t smiling, “Do you know why she’s told me about your sex life?”

I didn’t, but it didn’t surprise me that she had. Gloria, as I’ve already implied, was capable of anything. “She’s a natural braggart?”

Wendy laughed, “She wanted me to understand her. She wanted me to understand how much she loves you.” Then she got up and took a few steps before looking back at me, “She’s asked me to dinner next Friday.” She walked away.

It was only then that I made the connection and when I did, I was stunned. It wasn’t that Gloria had actually acted on her whim or that she had acted so fast, it was who she had acted on. It really surprised me that Gloria would want to have a sexual relationship with Wendy Shanks, if that, in fact, is what this is about. Wendy is very good looking with what looks to be a fairly good body but she is at least 10 years older than Gloria. I would have thought Gloria would have gone for someone 10 years younger or even someone around 20 years old — 20 years younger! But then I laughed and thought, no, that’s me talking, not her.

It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought, in fact it wasn’t awkward at all. Wendy arrived at 6:30, we had a lively conversation about some shared acquaintances, had a first rate meal with a really nifty white and were on to coffee when Gloria asked Wendy, “Have you thought about it?”

Wendy took the napkin off her lap, folded it, put it on the table and sat back in her chair. “I have,” she said to Gloria, then she looked at me, “Do you know what we’re talking about?”

“I’m not sure, do I?” I asked my wife.

Gloria looked at me and spoke as if what she had to say was perfectly normal, “I’ve asked Wendy to consider experimenting with a sexual relationship.”

I didn’t know where to look, at my wife, at Wendy, so I looked away, “Yes, I thought that might be it. The only thing I can’t figure out is why I’m here.”

“Because you’re my husband. You should be here.”

I looked up at her. I was confused. “You want me to be a part of the decision?”

“Of course.”

“Fine,” I shrugged and looked at Wendy, “When Gloria told me she wanted to try … well, I guess it’s a kind of lesbian thing, I said it was OK by me, but that she should be careful. If it matters,” I smiled sheepishly, this wasn’t easy, “I’m, ah, impressed with her choice.”

“Liar.” There was a cynical smile on Wendy’s face and a little laughter in her eyes.


“Admit it, you expected someone much younger, not an old bag of bones like me.” I started to protest but Wendy cut me short and directed her words to my wife. “I like you, Gloria, you know that, and I respect you, I respect you a lot, I always have. I don’t know if this will work or where it will go but I’d love to … what? Experiment, with you.”

I don’t know why but I was really touched by the wide smile that grew on my wife’s face. “Well,” I said, pulling away from the table, “I can take a hint.”

But I didn’t get away, Gloria took my arm and pulled me back to my chair. “You’re not going anywhere. When I talked to Wendy about this, I always included you. We’re a team, I’d never break up the team and Wendy knows that.” She cast a glance at Wendy, who nodded.

“So, what are you talking about, a three-way?” Honest, the thought had never crossed my mind.

“We’re talking about an experiment, and you’re part of it.”

The thoughts swirling around in my head were ill-defined, fragmentary. None of this was making any sense to me. My wife’s desire to make love to a woman? I could understand and accept that. But my involvement sounded a lot more kinky and I wasn’t sure I wanted it. And Gloria could tell.

She got to her feet, “Don’t worry, no one is going to do anything she or he doesn’t want to.” Then she reached for Wendy’s hand, “Let go into the living room.”

I took my time clearing the table. Frankly, I didn’t want to know what was going on in the living room, but as slowly as I was cleaning up, I eventually finished and I went in to join them.

They were together on the couch, Wendy’s arm was around my wife whose head was resting on Wendy’s chest. Their hands were together in Wendy’s lap.

I stood still for a moment not knowing what to do, then I sat on a chair opposite. “You look lovely together.” When I said the words I blushed, I felt foolish, but I had to admit they did look lovely together, lovely and really erotic.

As I’ve said, Gloria isn’t particularly attractive. In fact, she’s rather plain and her body is somewhat stick-like: very thin, with small breasts and long legs. Wendy, on the other hand, is curvaceous, almost Rubenesque, with wide shoulders and big breasts. And she is far prettier then Gloria, with intelligent green eyes, a reddish tinge to her long, curly hair and even white teeth behind strikingly sensuous lips. Really, she is more handsome then pretty, almost regal. If the two share a single trait, it’s their smarts. They both radiate intelligence.

I wasn’t sure if she waited for my arrival, but as soon as I settled back in the chair, wondering why in the hell I was there, Gloria lifted her head from Wendy’s breast and kissed her on the lips, a light kiss, a lingering kiss and a kiss that I instantly felt between my legs.

“Are you OK with this?” Gloria had pulled back and was searching Wendy’s face for an answer.

Wendy smiled and when she leaned forward to kiss Gloria she wrapped her arms around her and squeezed her.

They were oblivious of me, clearly, so I slowly got up to leave, but Gloria broke off the kiss and turned to me, “You aren’t going anywhere,” so I sat back down, feeling a little guilt, like a kid caught out by his mother.

“What am I supposed to do? I feel like some kind of demented peeping Tom.”

“Get over it. We’re all in this together,” and when she rested her head back on Wendy’s right breast she brought her hand up and squeezed her left breast into her face and let out a gentle moan. “This is delicious.”

Wendy didn’t seem to care that I was there. She shifted on the couch to get more comfortable, half lying, half leaning against the arm and when she did Gloria lay full out and put her face back on Wendy’s breast and began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

I didn’t know what my role in this was supposed to be. I didn’t know if I was supposed to get up and help with the buttons, start kissing somebody or do what I felt most like doing, take my stiff Mikey (Gloria’s term) in my hand and enjoy the moment. I did nothing but I didn’t know if that was from admirable restraint or from paralysis. The sight of my wife undoing the buttons of another woman’s blouse was the most erotic sight of my life.

Gloria had half the buttons undone, and I could see Wendy’s black lace bra when Gloria began fumbling with the buttons. She was now clearly in a hurry and when one of the buttons proved difficult she quickly got to her knees and leaned into the task and in seconds had them all undone, the blouse wide open and she was staring at Wendy’s chest. “I’m getting a lot better deal then you are.”

Wendy had a strange look on her face, it may well have been desire. “Show me.”

Gloria is not the type to hesitate. In a single motion she pulled her sweater over her head, reached behind her back, undid her bra and tossed it aside. She looked down at Wendy and smiled, “They may not look like much but they know how to have fun.”

Wendy reached up and covered the small breasts with her hands, then she gently kneaded them, flicking the long, erect nipples with her thumbs. “They’re beautiful, Gloria, they suit you perfectly. Please, may I taste them.”

When Gloria moved forward Wendy slipped down on the couch and in doing so her skirt rode up exposing yellow panties and gartered pantyhose. She had her eyes closed when she took my wife’s small tit in her mouth and she was moaning, both of them were moaning so I thought the time was right. I got up and moved over to undo the button on the back of my wife’s skirt. I felt safe in this. I know my wife’s looks, I know when she wants to get naked and, as if to confirm my action, she rose up on her toes so I could easily remove her skirt. Her pantyhose were next and she again cooperated while I peeled them from her legs. I was about to remove her panties when the mouth that had been noisily sucking at my wife’s tit said, “Leave them on.” I retreated to my chair as if scolded, adjusting my hard-on as I sat down.

I don’t care what you’re doing, if you’re doing it with absolute commitment, if you’re giving everything you’ve got, whether it’s in your job, on a football field, even cheering in the bleachers, passion is a beautiful thing to watch. And this was beautiful. Gloria’s long, white body, naked but for red nylon panties, was rigid with excitement over Wendy’s wet moaning lips.

And then an odd thing happened. Wendy’s fingers began to lightly and sensuously glide all over Gloria’s red panties. They did this for a few minutes, before they pulled at the waist band, then at the elastic on the legs, sneaking under, fingering the material, then while one hand glided down to first pinch at the material at the crack of Gloria’s ass, then to push into her anus, the other hand reached under her waistband to squeeze Gloria’s cheeks. She seemed to have a thing for panties, which, frankly, really excited me because I do too. Then it was over. She quickly sat up, pushing Gloria back.

“My goodness.” She was panting a little.

“Are you alright?” Gloria was alarmed.

Wendy turned on the couch and got up, looking down at Gloria who was now kneeling on the couch with real fear in her eyes. “I’m over-dressed, can we go upstairs?”

Gloria leapt from the couch and into Wendy’s arms. “Oh, God, I was really scared there for a moment. Sure, come on,” and as she lead Wendy towards the stairs I studied the way my wife’s panties disappeared deep into the crack of her ass. She could have been a teenager with her mother.


I thought I’d been forgotten but with her beckon I was on my feet. We walked into our bedroom together.

Wendy started to take her shirt off, but Gloria stopped her. “Let us do that.”

I was behind Wendy so I gently removed her unbuttoned blouse and when I did, Gloria, standing in front of Wendy took her by the waist and moved into her, kissing her passionately on the mouth. I didn’t know what to do. I thought of leaving them and sitting on the chair in the corner, but all this was having an effect on me so I moved into Wendy’s back and as my wife continued kissing her I took them both in a hug and began kissing Wendy’s neck. But I only did that for a few seconds before my fingers found the button on Wendy’s skirt and I had it open and pushed the zipper down when Gloria broke away and kneeled in front of Wendy and pulled down, first Wendy’s skirt, then her pantyhose and panties. I took off her bra.

An entirely naked woman stood between me and my wife so I did what any man would do, I started tearing at my clothes and I had them off by the time the two women crawled onto the bed but when I moved to join them a voice, dry with anticipation, said, “Later,” and I had no choice but to retreat to the lonely chair in the corner.

They were kneeling on the bed, kissing and while Gloria’s arms were draped around Wendy’s neck, one of Wendy’s hand was feeling my wife’s pantied ass, while the other was feeling between her legs. “Oh, God, I want this.” The words were Wendy’s and she pushed my wife on to her back, rather roughly I thought, and she kneeled over her while Gloria pushed down her panties.

“No,” Wendy was pulling them up, “leave them on a little longer.” Then she moved between Gloria’s legs and whispered, “Oh, God, Gloria, this is so fucking exciting?”

Gloria’s eyes were locked on Wendys huge, hanging tits. “Let me suck them.”

Wendy moved in and dangled a tit over my wife’s panting lips and when she did, she gently caressed my wife’s pussy through her moist red panties.

Gloria was squirming now and moaning and Wendy couldn’t take it any longer. She collapsed, burying her face into Gloria’s panties, pulling on my wife’s ass as she pushed her face all over the red nylon leaving a trail of slobber and all the time Gloria pushed at them, wanting them off, wanting Wendy’s slobbering lips on her pussy. It was a struggle that lasted minutes, Wendy pushing her face into every inch of the hot red nylon and Gloria pushing down at the waistband, struggling to get them off. Finally, Wendy had enough and she pulled while Gloria pushed and the panties were gone.

I almost laughed. Wendy stared down at my wife’s thick, black bush as if she had never seen one before and then she gently pushed at it, as if to feel its density, then she moved a finger deeper and Gloria scooted down, as if to impail herself on Wendy’s fingers and then Wendy’s face was between my wife’s legs.

I’d had enough, too. The only decision was where to go. My wife was literally thrashing around on the bed so I kneeled on the floor behind Wendy and as I reached for the two magnificent breasts I couldn’t wait to fondle, I felt her move her legs apart and she helped me enter her soaking cunt.

Have you ever looked at your wife while your prick was in another woman? Yes? Then you’ll understand why I came almost immediately but when I collapsed on Wendy’s back I felt her pushing at me with her bum so I took a hand from her tit and caressed the lips of her wet pussy and that helped me to recover and in seconds I was deep within her again and she was pumping and moaning as loud as Gloria.

In moments they cried out together. Then there was silence.

Gloria was motionless, spread-eagled on the bed while Wendy remained kneeling with her head resting on my wife’s thick wet pubic hair. I could see her panting, I could see Gloria’s glistening cum on Wendy’s face and I could feel her shaking against me as I kneeled behind her. But the greatest sensation was to my nose. The pungent stink of sex in the air was like a prolonged session under the covers on a cold winter night. The sweet stench just hung there and I think that’s what revived them both because Gloria was now pulling Wendy to her and Wendy was going.

They were in each others arms now, holding, squeezing, while I, still on my knees at the end of the bed, felt like I was frozen in supplication to the two erotic bodies.

My wife lay with her thin white legs spread obscenely, showing her thick black bush now matted and slick with cum and saliva. Wendy was half lying on Gloria with her legs parted, a trace of fine brown hair disappearing between her shapely white cheeks.

Instinctively, my hand found my still stiff prick and I slowly started to stroke it, conscious of Wendy’s sticky cum.

“That was absolutely wonderful.” My wife’s words caused Wendy to climb on top of her, and with her knees, she pushed Gloria’s legs open wider.

It was too much for me and for the second time in just a few minutes my cock was pumping semen, this time onto the bed spread.

With the semen, went desire. I was exhausted. I reached for the nearest bit of clothing, wiped the cum from the covers and went downstairs, grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed for the hot tub. I got halfway there when I turned back, pulled out a six pack and within a minute was lowering myself into the 103º.

There can be a tendency after sex to feel cheap. Sex can strengthen love but if love isn’t involved, it can make you feel a little unclean, too. That’s the way I was feeling, like I had passed some barrier, given in to primeval emotions, tried to feed an animal hunger. I sometimes felt like this after roll-playing, as if it had all been just for lust. I can be a pain in the ass.

But in a moment I was over it. They were beautiful together and as I replayed the scene I felt my hard-on begin to return and I may well have jumped from the tub and run upstairs again, had they not walked through the door together.

Wendy had two glasses, Gloria had a bottle and a corkscrew. I took them from her and as they got in the tub, I decorked the wine. “Are these OK? I can get wine glasses.”

Without a word, Gloria took the bottle from me and filled the two tumblers and passed one to Wendy. She then gave a silent salute with her glass and after she took a sip, she sank beneath the surface, leaving only her hand and glass above.

When she came up she was in front of me and she leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Are you OK?”

I kissed her and held her. I wasn’t sure, and I told her so.

“You?” She had turned to Wendy.

Wendy took a drink and smiled. “You?”

Gloria kissed me again then pushed off and floated to a neutral corner and a long silence hung over the water like a thick fog. Gloria eventually broke it. “Was that just sex?”

It was the very question I was trying to ponder but I didn’t have an answer and nor did Wendy.

Gloria looked at both of us, “Does anyone feel any guilt?”

“You must, or you wouldn’t ask.” I answered too fast and felt childish.

“Do you?”

I hesitated for just a moment, “Yes, I think I do. I just had sex with another woman. Shouldn’t I feel some guilt?”

“You had your wife’s permission. Doesn’t that …”

“Let me off the hook? Probably. Maybe my guilt has more to do with giving in to lust, giving in to a baser animalism. I felt like I was rutting.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes,” I said, as I nervously poured a stream of beer down my throat.

“Look at me. Do you think less of me for what we did?”

If anything, she looked more desirable. As I’ve said, she’s plain but she’s the most exciting woman I know. “No.”

“Was that just sex we had or was it something more?”

“I was just a bit player. What’s your answer to that?”

She didn’t get a chance. Wendy put her glass down and dove my way and when she was in front of me she stood up, put her arms around me, hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. Then she quickly moved to Gloria, did the very same to her, then returned and picked up her glass. “You two will have a lot of time to rehash this evening together. I just want you to know what I think.” She took a sip of wine, “I understand the question. When I’m home, alone, I might feel a little guilt, I don’t know. But I don’t feel even the tiniest twinge right now. What I’m feeling at this minute is love. Honest. Was that just sex? Maybe, it was intense and I’m exhausted, but if that’s all it was why do I want to be here with you. Why didn’t I just put my clothes on and go home?”

Gloria climbed out of the tub and reached for a towel. I’m going to change the sheets. “Half time will be over in ten minutes.”

I felt a flush of passion as I watched her leave. I knew what she was up to. She wanted to leave Wendy and me alone so we could sort out any tensions we had. I pried open another can of beer.

“Nervous?” She asked me.


“What do you really think?”

“You have spectacular tits.”

“You know, I meant what I said. I want to be here with you.”

“You mean with Gloria.”

“I mean with both of you, I mean with ‘the package,’ as Gloria calls it and I’ll tell you why. I’m a career girl, I don’t want a husband, don’t want that kind of baggage, never did. But I sure want more of this. But I’m not going to get it if you don’t want it. I know that, so let’s deal with your guilt.”

I drank nervously, “I haven’t thought it through, I’m not entirely sure I even have any guilt. I may just think I should, I mean this isn’t exactly normal, at least, it isn’t normal for me, for us, for Gloria and me.”

“Do you think it is for me? Hell, no kind of sex is normal for me.”

“I didn’t mean to suggest …”

“When will you know?”


“If you feel any guilt.”

“Probably in a day or two.”

“We’ll do lunch. On Tuesday?”

I laughed.

“Seriously, Pete, this is important to me; it’s important at a whole bunch of levels, from Gloria’s friendship, and your friendship to – well, more of this. If you feel guilt and I play any role in that, I want a chance to vent. I don’t! I don’t feel a scintilla of guilt.”

I saluted her with my beer can. “Tuesday it is.”

“Great.” She half floated over to me and when she gave me a hug I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I admit it, I was confused and scared — for what we had done and for the way I was beginning to feel about this sexy, voluptuous woman

“Where are we going with this. Do you have any idea?” I can assure you, I didn’t.

She answered quickly, “There’s only one pot of gold in life: happiness. That’s where I want this lead, happiness for us all, for Gloria, for you and for me.”

“Three’s a crowd.”

“Yes,” she said, releasing me, “isn’t it exciting.” She got out of the tub and as she leaned down to help me out I took her tits in my hands, “They really are spectacular, Wendy”

She smiled, took me by the wrists and helped me from the tub, “Thank you, Peter, I’m really glad you like them.” When she threw me a towel she coyly turned around in a slow circle, “And the rest?”

“You have a really sexy body …”

“For my age.”

“I guess I like older women.”

“I sure hope so,” she laughed and reached for a towel.

When we entered the room Gloria was just tucking in the sheet. She looked up and, I guessed, seeing there was no tension between Wendy and me, smiled brightly. “You’ll stay the night?”

Wendy looked inquiringly at me. “Not if I have to sleep there,” I motioned to the lonely chair in the corner.

Gloria came around and gave me a quick kiss, “You don’t,” and when she swept her hand towards the bed in a welcoming gesture, I crawled on and lay in the middle.

They waited for me to get comfortable and were about to join me when I waved them back. I wanted to look at them. Gloria was nearest to me. As I’ve said she is really thin, and really white with a flat stomach, small tits and a really thick bush with a slight trail of fur almost to her navel. Wendy is a few inches taller and bigger in every way, and far more curvaceous, not only in her pendulous breasts, but in her hips and shoulders and she has a rounded stomach and her pussy is barely hidden by wispy brown hair that forms a very wide triangle from her pelvic bones. Why are nude bodies considered to be so shameful and why has sex got such a bad name? They were beautiful together and I wanted them.

And they knew it, they could see it. Wendy moved to the base of the bed and looked at Gloria, “May I?”

Gloria smiled and as she got on the bed beside me Wendy took my half hard prick in her hand and gently stroked it to a rock hard erection.

“Sorry, honey,” she said to me, “I can’t wait.” Gloria gave me a tender kiss on the lips and a squeeze on the arm then she reached down and took Wendy’s hand from my cock and guided her up on the bed to lay down beside me. I brought my arm under Wendy’s head and pulled her to me as Gloria scooted down to kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed.

With my left hand I pulled another pillow under my head so I could more easily watch my wife. She was pushing at Wendy’s thighs and staring at her cunt. “I’ve never seen one before, it’s beautiful.” I could see her move her hand between Wendy’s legs and I knew she had touched her when Wendy moaned, shifting on the bed and opening her legs wider.

“This has never happened to me before.” Wendy had turned and moved in to me taking my stiff cock in her hand and sucking on my bottom lip. “Oh, God, Pete, this is so fucking erotic.”

I pulled away from her and saw Gloria bend down to suck on Wendy’s soft white thigh. She sucked on it gently at first but then she appeared to nibble at it with tiny slobbering bites that didn’t move up, but moved deeper between her thighs so her entire face slowly began to disappear.

I grabbed Wendy’s hand from my prick, sat up, swiveled around and lay down with my head beside Wendy’s soft stomach. I was just inches from my wife’s head. “Is this as good as the story?”

Gloria looked up at me, her eye’s glazed with lust and she bent forward and kissed me lightly, “You’re the best,” she said, then she pulled back, took a long fascinated look at Wendy’s pussy and slowly moved in. She licked at it, tentatively, as if tasting something for the first time.

Wendy moaned in encouragement and pushed me downwards so she could take the tip of my prick in her mouth but when Gloria nestled her face in her cunt she quickly turned away and pulled two pillows under her head, “I need to see her Pete.”

Without taking my eyes from my wife I shifted off Wendy’s stomach. Gloria was pushing her face as far into Wendy’s pussy as it would go, sometimes with her nose first, other times with just her mouth. Her moans were getting louder, I knew she wasn’t going to last so I got off the bed, went behind her, kneeled beside her and squeezed her pussy knowing that the slight pain would make her last longer. She turned to me, her eyes barely open, and I kissed her, tasting Wendy’s rich cum, “Oh, God, Pete,” and the moment she pushed her face between Wendy’s legs again, they both began to cry out so I swabbed some cum from my wife’s pussy and buried my middle finger in her ass.

The sight, the sounds, the smell made me so weak I couldn’t even stroke my cock. I just looked at them; they were opened-mouthed and panting, then Gloria crawled up Wendy’s body like a snake and they locked each other in their arms and held each other until Gloria rolled away and lay on her back, entirely still for just a second and then she began to laugh, a deep almost guttural laugh that made her muscular stomach quiver.

I knew the laugh, but Wendy didn’t and she sat up in concern and put a hand on Gloria’s shoulder, as if in reassurance and when she did Gloria pulled herself into Wendy and buried her face in Wendy’s stomach. She lay like that for a minutes or so while Wendy caressed her hair and then she pulled away and sat up and turned to me. “You lucky bastard, why didn’t you tell me that pussy is so fantastic,” and she scrambled over to me and jumped off the bed into my arms and we fell on the floor laughing.

When we got up in a few minutes Wendy seemed almost to be meditating; she was sitting in the centre of the bed in a kind of lotus position. Gloria sat down beside her, smiled and gave Wendy a light kiss on the cheek, “Thank you, thank you for all of this.”

Wendy smiled back at her. “This has been absolutely wonderful,” and as she added, “You two are he most exciting people in the world,” Gloria pushed her onto he back and lay down beside her. She brushed away the hair from Wendy’s face, then she pulled at her leg to open her up and motioned me to join them.

Uncertain if this is what Gloria meant, I deliberately didn’t climbed between Wendy’s legs but Gloria nudged me there, then pulled herself up on her arms, began kissing Wendy’s open lips as I slide my stiff cock between her soaking thighs. I was surprised: the moment I entered Wendy, Gloria pulled away and looked down at her, “Pete doesn’t know this but I’ve wanted him to have sex with you for a long time. Even if I couldn’t have you, I wanted to share him with you, I didn’t know how to tell you.” Then she laughed, “I didn’t know how to tell him, either.”

I was in her but I wasn’t moving when Gloria got up from the bed and pulled the chair forward and sat down. “Do you mind?” She put her feet on the bed, spread her knees open and put her fingers in her pussy. “I don’t want you to fuck her Pete, I want you to make love to her.’ Then she smiled at me, “slowly.”

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