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Caroline’s Kitchen Feast

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Caroline had been married to Peter for 10 unexciting years. She was bored. A year ago she had embarked on an affair with John that had lasted 10 months. It was a torrid affair; John was able to bring her more pleasure than she had ever known. They would meet 2 or 3 times a week at a hotel and spend hours making wonderful love. It was a fabulous time; they explored their bodies and their fantasies.

John had encouraged Caroline to be bolder in her lovemaking ; to explicitly ask for what she wanted; at first Caroline found it strange asking John to eat her cunt or to fuck her harder; but with a little encouragement she became very vocal and expressive. Caroline’s fantasies revolved around public lovemaking, light bondage, strangers seducing her, making love with a beautiful woman and the like. They both knew that these were “just” fantasies and were not threatened by them. John would encourage her to close her eyes and describe her fantasies in detail as they made love. She loved this game and would always cum hard well before she completed the description. They made love in the shower with her hands pinned above her head, they made love in the bath; they made love outdoors; they made love everywhere.

Their relationship ended without rancour or bitterness. Peter had become suspicious because Caroline and he had not made love for months; John’s business dealings meant that he had much less time and so they parted.

“I had a call from John this morning,” Peter said to Caroline on Saturday night, “he wants to visit us tomorrow afternoon, he said he had a surprise for us? He was very mysterious and wouldn’t say anything else; I told him I was working nights so they are coming for lunch, ok?”

Caroline’s heart leapt; she thought of John all the time; indeed the only time she could achieve orgasm was when she remembered their time together… “Sure, fine,” Caroline said trying to sound nonchalant. “One more for dinner won’t be a problem; it seems ages since we’ve seen him.” Caroline and John’s wife, Lucy had been great friends before she died 5 years previously. Peter and Caroline had helped him through the trauma of the death and had been a source of great support for him since. Caroline and John began their affair wracked with guilt but their passion for each other soon overcame any doubts.

Caroline spent the morning in a state of high excitement; she hadn’t seen John since they split. She prepared lunch, showered and got dressed (she wore a green thigh length dress which John had bought for her) all before Peter had arisen; he had worked the previous night.

The doorbell rang just before one – Caroline’s heart began beating violently in her chest; how would he look ; how would they be together; would there still be that electrical charge between them; would they be able to keep their lust for each other hidden from Peter??? She was so excited and had so many questions.

Peter answered the door.

“Hello mate, this is Shan; Shan – this is Peter,” John introduced his new girlfriend to Peter.

“You old dog, Caroline will kill you!; she’s only prepared lunch for 3!,” Peter laughed.

Caroline froze as she heard the others talking in the hall. “So that was the surprise, the bastard! How could he? Did he think I had no feelings?” she thought.

“Caroline this is Shan, John’s surprise – Shan this is my wife Caroline” Peter laughed as he introduced them. Shan put her hand out and Caroline shook it coldly. “Nice to meet you,” was all Caroline could manage, her face contorted into a false smile. John leaned into Caroline and kissed her on both cheeks “Hello gorgeous,” he said.

“Dinner will be about 10 minutes, Peter take them through to the living room and offer them a drink, whilst I get things ready here,” Caroline said as she turned her back before tears ran down her face. She was distraught, “how could he?” she sobbed silently.

Caroline somehow managed to pull herself together and served up a wonderful meal. As usual she had prepared enough food to feed an army. The conversation around the table was animated , with everyone talking , laughing and joking; everyone, that is, except Caroline. She was very quiet; quietly seething. None of the others seemed to notice her silence and carried on regardless.

Once the meal was finished, Caroline instructed Peter to take the guests through to the living room, whilst she tidied the kitchen.

Within a couple of minutes Shan had returned to the kitchen and said “Need a hand? They’re watching a game.”

“Fine,” Caroline all but snapped.

The two women tidied in silence for a couple of minutes before Shan broke the silence; “You don’t like me, do you?” “I hardly know you,” Caroline snapped back.

“So how can you dislike me so quickly?” Shan began…. “Is it because you’re jealous?…. You and John were lovers?”

Caroline flushed with anger and embarrassment. “What, no! what are you talking about…” Caroline almost shouted. “My god he told HER about them,” she thought.

“It’s alright, I don’t have a problem…. “ Shan said.

Caroline despised her at that moment; and she despised John; “how could he tell his new lover about her and how could he bring her here, to flaunt his new lover in her face” she mused.

“It’s alright,” Shan said, “I’ll bet I can say something that will bring a smile to your face.”

“I doubt it,” Caroline thought silently.

Shan walked across the kitchen towards Caroline. When she reached her she leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “I’m not her for John; I’m here for you! To fuck you!”

The hot breath in her ear and the words from Shan’s mouth left Caroline feeling dizzy. She said nothing for a second and then the anger began to rise…. “What? How dare you, I’m not intere…” Caroline’s words were interrupted by Shan leaning into her and kissing her full on the lips. Caroline was appalled, her mind was a mess; she tried to push Shan away but she couldn’t , so she backed away. Shan followed her , all the time trying to keep their lips in contact. Caroline’s retreat was halted by the kitchen wall; she could go no further. She pushed hard at Shan and said “Stop it, I’m not interested, I’m straight, I’ll scream.”

“What are you going to say to Peter, my lover’s woman is trying to fuck me? I don’t think so! Not interested, eh, look.” Shan sneered as she nodded towards Caroline’s breasts. Caroline’s nipples were obviously erect… She blushed furiously, devastated by her body’s betrayal. “No please,” was all she could muster before Shan again kissed her, this time she slipped her tongue into Caroline’s mouth. Caroline became light headed as the kiss continued, not returning the kiss but no longer struggling. “John told me all about you, and you fantasies,” Shan breathed in her ear. Shan took Caroline’s arms and pinned them above her head, as John had done so often; “I’ll bet you cunt is soaking already,” Shan licked her ear as she said this.

“No, no, no,” Caroline said without conviction.

Shan pinned both Caroline’s hands above her head with one hand; with the free hand she began stroking Caroline’s breasts through her dress. Caroline’s nipples were rock hard and aching from the attention they were receiving. Slowly Shan let her hand slide down Caroline’s torso, briefly touching her pubic area before continuing down to the end of the dress. When Shan’s hand touched Caroline’s bare thigh, they both felt as if a bolt of electricity had run through their bodies.

“No,” Caroline moaned, “they’re in the next room”

“We had better be quick then; and quiet,” Shan whispered as she kissed Caroline hard on the lips. Again her tongue found it’s way into Caroline’s mouth, this time, however, Caroline responded tentatively. When their tongues touched, Caroline sighed heavily into Shan’s eager mouth.

Caroline was well and truly excited by now. Her hands were pinned above her and Shan was caressing her thighs. Her thighs parted automatically, allowing Shan greater access. Immediately Shan moved towards her centre; she slid her fingers inside Caroline’s panties and into the awaiting wetness… 3 fingers slid easily into the soaking cunt. Caroline almost fainted as Shan began sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her breath was raged now and the tongue in her mouth was the only thing preventing her from screaming aloud. As her orgasm approached Caroline’s legs began to tremble, her whole body began to sweat and her mind was a fog of lust. All she could think of was cumming, her hips were pounding back at the invading digits and she was certain that she was about to have the mother and father of all orgasms. Closer and closer she came as Shan’s expert hands were plunging in and out of her.

However before she could cum, Shan stopped. Caroline’s was an emotional wreck , she desperately needed to cum. “Don’t stop please,” she pleaded as her body shook on the verge of orgasm. “Why?” was all Shan said. “I need to ….,” Caroline flushed as she thought about what she was asking. “You need to what, beautiful?” Shan whispered in her ear and then began sucking on the lobe.

“I need to …… cum, please let me cum”

Shan sucked harder on the lobe and again pushed her fingers into the gaping cunt. Caroline grunted aloud as she was again invaded….

“But what about me? What will you do for me?” Shan breathed and began stroking her lovers cunt. A steady rhythm began….. “Well? What about me?”

“A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g I’ll do anything you want just let me cum, now, please,” Caroline sobbed.

“Good girl, now you can cum….” Shan said and kissed Caroline again. A deep sensual kiss began…. Shan continued to finger her and again Caroline was close, so close. But again Shan stopped. Caroline was by now frantic with lust… but she needn’t have worried; this time Shan released her arms, slid down her body and knelt before her. Caroline’s arms immediately tried to grab Shan’s head and force her to eat her. Shan calmly pushed her arms away and told her to again place them above her head. Caroline did as she was told pushing her arms above her head , holding them as if they were still pinned, Shan pushed the green dress up her thighs, up past her hips to her stomach. Shan then hooked her fingers into the panties and pulled them down and off. Shan now admired Caroline’s naked form… she was beautiful, truly beautiful. Shan began kissing her thighs, slowly moving up till she was hovering over her pussy. Caroline was a quivering nervous wreck; the prospect of Peter walking in only seemed to heighten her arousal, her mind was befuddled; just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Shan leaned in and her lips touched Caroline’s trembling nether lips, Caroline gasped audibly as Shan’s tongue began to glide the length of her lips parting them softly as she went. Caroline was aflame, Shan’s tongue was wonderful, she knew exactly what to do to bring Caroline to the point of no return… Shan lifted Caroline’s left leg and placed it over her shoulder; this gave her better access to Caroline’s cunt and gave Caroline a little support for her trembling body…

“You’d better have this,” Shan said softly as she handed Caroline a scarf she had round her neck, “I think you’re ready and you might need it.”

Caroline absent mindedly took it , “What’s this for….,” before she could finish Shan began lapping at her pussy once more, sliding gracefully the full length, from her tight ass to her now throbbing clit. As Shan took the clit in her mouth and began to suck gently, Caroline knew what the scarf was for and crammed as much of it into her mouth as she could… a few more long sucking motions and Caroline thought she would die…. As she began to cum , Shan forced 3 fingers deep into Caroline’s quim… Wave after wave of white hot liquid oozed from Caroline as she was overwhelmed by the most intense feelings of her entire life. It felt like she was melting , her cunt was gushing. Shan did her best to hold Caroline upright and continued the double assault, fingers and mouth. Before Caroline could recover from the first waves of orgasm she felt the next waves rising from deep within her. The garment in her mouth was the only thing preventing her from grunting aloud as she came again… her whole being seemed to be melting out of her pussy. She slid down the wall onto the floor suffering from total sensory overload… Shan kissed her gently on the mouth and whispered “Wow, you needed that, eh? I had better go and see if the boys are ok.”

Shan got up, leaving Caroline lying exhausted in a heap, with her legs splayed and her clothes dishevelled. “Wait, give me a moment,” was all she could muster. Shan smiled, blew a kiss and walked through to the living room. Caroline was suddenly alone and absolutely panic stricken; she struggled to her feet, did her best to tidy herself up and staggered uncertainly to the bath room.

“Fancy another beer guys?” Shan said breezily as she walked into the match room. “Sure,” they both grunted continuing to stare at the screen. “I guess the match must be great,” Shan said as she walked in front of John and kissed him full on the lips. “Not bad,” Peter muttered. The unmistakeable taste of cum filled John’s mouth, “so have you too kept yourselves busy,” he said with a grin, his cock hardening at the thought of what had taken place. “Yes, Shan said, “we’ve managed to keep ourselves occupied somehow.”

Shan returned to the empty kitchen, got 2 beers and brought them to the men and said “How long left in the match?”

“It’s just about half time,” Peter grunted.

Shan sat down beside John just as the half ended. John got up and said “I need the toilet.”

“So Shan, how long have you known John?” Peter said as he appeared to snap out of the match induced coma.

“Oh, a couple of months now.” Shan replied smiling.

Caroline was in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror; she looked a complete wreck; her make-up and hair were all over the place, her eyes were red from crying and she looked like she had gone 15 rounds with Tyson. “What the hell just happened?” she thought, tears welling up, again in her eyes, as the tears ran down her face she heard a light tapping at the door.

“I’ll be a minute,” Caroline replied as she quickly washed herself, applied new make-up and generally tidied herself up. She opened the door and John stepped inside, preventing her from leaving. John pinned her arms to her side and whispered “Did you like it?” John kissed her deeply and said, “you’d better go back inside before Peter notices,” He then ran his hand down her side and touched her thigh. Slowly he ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh till he reached her naked soaking pussy. She gasped as he slid a finger inside and said “Dirty girl , lost some of your clothes?”

John released her and she ran out of the room, humiliated.

Caroline went into the kitchen once more to try to gather her thoughts. As she entered the kitchen she was hit with the unmistakeable smell of passion; she could smell herself everywhere. Again panic stricken, she began to spray air freshener to kill the smell.

“Hmmm I love the smell of you,” Shan moaned as she came back into the kitchen; she continued “The second half has started, they’ll be like zombies for quite a while.”

Caroline, who had her back to Shan, chilled on hearing these words, she suspected her torment wasn’t over and was dreading what was to come. It was all happening too fast and was completely out of control; Shan had fucked her in her own kitchen while John and her husband Peter were in another room; she had made her cum despite herself; but it was wrong , so wrong… she just wanted it to stop; give her time to properly think things through. As these thoughts and a million others rushed through her scrambled brain Caroline felt Shan’s hands reach round her and began stroking her breasts through her dress, instantly her nipples arose and were standing to attention. Caroline groaned as Shan’s expert hands began rolling the erect nipples between her fingers. Shan slid her fingers inside the dress, under the bra and touched her bare breasts for the first time. Within seconds Caroline was again on fire…

“John put his finger in my mouth as I passed him in the hall, you’re a dirty little girl aren’t you, one person isn’t enough for you.” Shan pinched Caroline’s nipples hard as she said this. “Oh god,” was all Caroline could moan.

Shan pushed her firmly, her face and breasts crushed against the wall. “Bad, dirty girl.” Shan slid her hands down the front of Caroline’s body till she reached her stomach; both hands began stroking her stomach and she began softly biting on her victim’s neck. Shan now removed her right hand from the dress and grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it firmly up exposing Caroline’s lower half to her leer. Shan knelt behind Caroline and used her hands to part her bottom cheeks. She then began tonguing Caroline’s rose button. Caroline’s whole body was breaking out in sweat, she was burning up from lust and shame; Shan then forced her tongue into the reluctant channel… Caroline gasped aloud; Shan began moving her expert tongue in and out of her lover’s anal hole… faster and faster. Meanwhile her fingers slid easily into the soaking cunt… her thumb pushing firmly at her clit. Caroline was in heaven , or was it hell, she was panting like a bitch in heat and she was ready to explode. The certainty that she was going to cum was about the only comforting thought that ran through Caroline’s sex crazed mind as she was fucked mercilessly from behind by her tormentor. She could feel the snake like tongue reaching deep into her ass, the fingers pounding into her, but most of all she could feel her clit being pressed with a force that was new to her, it was almost painful, the whole thing felt dirty, humiliating but her body was responding like never before…

“Y-E-S,” came a loud scream from the living room…and then she came, oh how she came, her whole body spasmed, her cunt clamped hard on the intruding fingers, her ass tried to clasp the offending tongue and her clit seemed to explode into a billion pieces… Her whole body was covered in a film of sweat and still she continued to come… Shan’s face was covered in her essence… Caroline’s body was bucking and contorting like she was attached to the mains… it was the most amazing thing Shan had ever seen… Caroline’s whole being seemed to be flowing out of her pussy… Quietly Shan stood up and reached for a clean towel, wet it with warm water and began cleaning her lover’s most tender parts… as she lay prostrate on the kitchen floor, totally overwhelmed by the intensity of her release. Shan completed the cleaning as best she could and helped Caroline to a seat by the table.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” Shan whispered… Caroline couldn’t say a word, her senses were failing her, she needed to sleep. Shan leaned into her, kissed her gently on the mouth and said “I’ll tidy up a bit, you have a shower or run a bath, you look like you need to sleep for a month… but this day is only just beginning.” “Ohhgrrnn,” was all Caroline could muster. Shan washed her face and hands, sprayed some more freshener, helped Caroline into the bathroom and brought the guys 2 more beers just as the match ended.

“I can’t have that, I’m working in a couple of hours,” Peter moaned, “you should have seen the match, fantastic. Fancy coffee anyone?”

“No, thanks,” Shan and John piped up.

“Where’s Caroline?” Peter asked as he returned to the living room with his coffee.

“We spilled some gravy down herself as we tidied up and has gone for to clean up,” Shan lied.

“Oh,” Peter muttered and slumped back in his chair.

“She’s lovely, I think we got on famously,” Shan said cheerily.

“Great, I wasn’t sure how she would be, you know she was Lucy’s best friend?” Peter said.

“Oh I think we were ok,” Shan offered.

Fifteen minutes later Caroline emerged from the bathroom, fully restored and said “Sorry about that, I was….”

“It’s alright darling Shan told us what a clumsy article you were spilling gravy,” Peter guffawed.

“Sorry Caroline, I didn’t realise it was a hanging offence,” Shan said pointedly.

“He thinks I’m useless….” Caroline started but stopped.

The four of them sat around talking for another couple of hours or so… small talk. It was a pleasant enough time. Caroline was quieter than usual but the rest got on famously. Caroline had been sitting in a stunned state, unsure of herself and unsure about what had happened and why, and most of all filled with trepidations about what was going on. She watched the others distractedly; she noticed that John and Shan seemed very close; they touched each other at every opportunity. She knew she felt jealous, but in her haze she couldn’t articulate those feelings, not even to herself.

Peter also noticed how close John and Shan had been. “Lucky bastard,” he thought, “she’s a beautiful woman.” He didn’t notice Caroline’s silence.

As Shan rubbed the inside of John’s leg for the umpteenth time Caroline asked if anyone was hungry.

“Sure,” they all replied.

Caroline got up and went to the kitchen; closely followed by Shan.

“No, they’re not watching anything …” Caroline said as Shan tried to kiss her.

“Ssshh,” Shan said and kissed her tenderly.

They had just broken off the kiss when they heard the guys wander in from the other room. “Need a hand?” John said cheerfully.

“No we’re fine,” Shan replied.

“Great,” said Peter, and he slumped down in the chair by the door.

John set the table, Shan and Caroline prepared the food. The tea was prepared in minutes amid constant chatter by three of them anyway.

“He’s a last bastard,” Shan whispered to Caroline, “he doesn’t deserve you; oh I forget he hasn’t got you, I do.” Caroline felt a chill run through her body and laughed for the first time that day.

They sat at the small table to eat, Peter in his usual place at the end of the table, “away from the work” John laughed. On his left Shan and his right John. Caroline eventually sat opposite Peter, but only after she had placed all the food on the table.

They all tucked in, talking merrily, even Caroline began to join in. As she was chewing on some salmon, she felt a hand on her left thigh… John continued to talk to and look at Peter as he stroked his friend’s wife’s thigh… Higher and higher his hand went. Next Caroline felt a hand on her right thigh; Shan continued to talk to Caroline, looking in her eyes intently as she began to gently rub the inside of her leg. Caroline flushed, alarmed by the danger but excited by the feelings. Peter noticed nothing, he continued inanely talking to John as his wife was being groped by his table mates. Both hands met at Caroline’s cunt; they both slid inside her panties and touched her inner core… Caroline gasped aloud as one of the fingers she wasn’t sure which, slid inside her.

“Something go down the wrong way,” Shan whispered as she continued to stare at her lover.

“No, I’m f – ine,” she managed as a second finger found its way inside her. Caroline was convinced that Peter would notice but he didn’t; indeed he noticed nothing even as her breath became shorter.

Shan leaned towards Caroline and said “Remember, you owe me!” She withdrew her finger and slowly grabbed Caroline’s arm dragging it under the table and between her own thighs. John’s finger was still lurking within her and she was soaking wet… but she was still startled by Shan’s actions. Could she really want her to touch her THERE, with her husband (and lover) sitting at the same table… “NEVER,” she thought. But the pressure from Shan’s hand and the John’s gently stroking clouded her mind and her judgement.

Caroline felt Shan’s hand slide up to her own hand; she felt Shan separate her fingers and grab her centre finger. Slowly Shan slide her hand up and down Shan’s middle finger in a deeply erotic way. “My god, that feels wonderful, how can Peter not notice this,” Caroline thought. As she thought, this Shan pushed Caroline’s finger under her panties and onto her blazing cunt. The feeling of softness and wetness overwhelmed Caroline; she had often felt her own puss but never another woman’s. The soft wet hair and the soaking lips felt fabulous, gently she pushed her finger inside… It was Shan’s turn to gasp aloud. John withdrew his finger from Caroline’s pussy and used that hand to rub Shan’s mouth as he asked “Ok, babe?”

“Are you alright?” Peter asked. “Trust him to notice her!!!” Caroline fumed silently.

“Fine, just enjoying the meal and the company,” Shan oozed,

Caroline was, by now, slowly sliding her finger in and out of Shan’s gaping cunt. She thrilled to notice the effect she was having on her. Shan was bright red, perspiring heavily and breathing like she was running a marathon. Caroline loved the control; if she pushed hard Shan gasped, if she touched her clit, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. It was wonderful. Caroline could feel Shan’s essence on her hand. She could feel her pussy trembling and she knew that Shan was close, very close, to cumming.

Peter and John were laughing loudly as Caroline continued to finger fuck Shan. Shan slid forward to the very edge of her chair to allow her lover better access to her saturated parts. Shan was close to losing complete control, she was close to grabbing Caroline by the head and forcing her to eat her till she exploded… She was so close to cumming that she thought she would lose her mind.

“What’s going on?” Peter said suddenly staring at Shan. Caroline’s heart nearly stopped, her fingers stopped their work and slid out with a gentle pop.

“I, I , I – ,” was all Shan could utter, her mind a fog of lust and fear. “Had he seen them?” she thought.

Caroline was utterly convinced that her no good husband had finally noticed was ashen.

“You both look like you’re gonna faint or be sick?” Peter continued.

Caroline was so relieved that she jumped up from the table and said, “Come on Shan, maybe it’s something we ate?”

Shan was too stunned to do anything other than follow her lover into the bathroom.

“Jesus Christ that was close, I thought he was going to explode,” Caroline gushed. “We have to stop this madness before we get caught,” Caroline said firmly.

Shan looked misty eyed at Caroline, put her arms around her neck and pulled her into a hug. Their bodies pressed together. The hug lasted a minute or two and was interrupted by Peter knocking loudly on the door…”Are you two ok? Caroline I need to get changed for work, ok?”

“We’re both fine…” Caroline started.

“We were just hot….” Shan interrupted with a grin.

“Ok Peter we will be a few minutes, I’ll ….,” Caroline’s words were stopped by Shan who had begun to remove her own clothes…. Shan stepped out of her floral top and short red skirt.

“What?” Peter said, “ I didn’t catch the end of that.”

Shan took off her bra and soaking panties and stood completely naked in front of Caroline, whose mouth fell open.

“Honey?” Peter continued.

“I need to cum, NOW!” Shan mouthed at Caroline…. “NOW!”

“Err, sorry we won’t be long, Shan just feels a little strange and I need to sort her out.” Caroline said. Shan grinned form ear to ear and began kissing Caroline passionately.

“Fine, see you before I go,” Peter said and walked away.

Neither girl heard him. Shan had pushed Caroline down towards her breasts; she needed no further encouragement. Caroline was enthralled by Shan’s naked form; it was fantastic, truly wondrous. She was perfectly proportioned, her breasts were much larger than Caroline’s; they stood out without the slightest drooping. Her nipples, which were standing to attention, were also larger and longer than her own. Caroline bent forward and tasted another woman’s breast for the first time. Her mouth war filled with a wonderful softness; the contrast when she took the nipple in her mouth was incredible; she sucked on the nipple, gently at first and the harder. Her hands began roaming all over Shan’s upper torso. She cupped her other breast and began kneading it. Shan was beside herself; she quickly realised that she was going to cum; cum with her pussy untouched; she was more excited than she had ever been in her life. Her orgasm came quickly, she gasped, shook and trembled as the first waves washed over her. “Wow,” Caroline whispered, “that was fast.”

Shan sat on the edge of the bath, surprised by the speed and method of her orgasm but not yet completely satisfied. Shan gently pushed Caroline’s head down her torso, between her thighs; she needed more, she needed to cum again.

Caroline hesitated slightly as she was pushed between Shan’s thighs. She knew what Shan wanted but she wasn’t sure she could do it, before she could think too much, she felt Shan’s hands push her head into her cunt, at the same time Shan thrust her hips and mashed her cunt against Caroline’s hesitant face. Instinctively Caroline began to kiss and lick the pussy in front of her. She found the taste of another woman slightly cloying, but nonetheless exhilarating. As she continued to minister to Shan, Shan began to display all the signs of the onrush of release. Caroline was licking and sucking, tentatively she pushed first one finger, then two and finally three deep into Shan. Shan was aflame, her body was on the verge of exploding; despite her inexperience with women Caroline seemed capable of bring her to total absolute release. Just as Shan thought she could take no more, Caroline forced two fingers of her other hand into Shan’s ass. It was instantaneous, Shan’s whole body imploded; the intensity of this orgasm stunned her, she was gasping and screaming noiselessly… her whole being was quivering, her legs were jelly and her mind was gone. Caroline was stunned, too; Shan had cum so hard that she couldn’t believe it… Caroline continued to lick and suck, though the fingers on each hand remained still; deep inside Shan.

Caroline took Shan’s bud in her mouth and gently sucked on it. The electric shock that ran through Shan surprised them both, Caroline continued to suck, and now her fingers began their slow movements inside both her lover’s channels. Soon Shan was writhing again, surely she couldn’t cum again, so quickly; but sure enough all the familiar signs began again, she WAS going to cum again. Before she could Caroline stopped… “Noooooo, pleasssssseeee,” Shan groaned…. Caroline turned her over so she knelt in front of the bath with her upper torso bent over the it. Caroline then picked up a large candle that was by the bath; the candle was about nine inches long and a couple of inches wide. Caroline smiled at Shan and placed the wax object between her lover’s legs from behind. The first few inches of the candle slid easily into Shan’s sopping cunt. Caroline spread her lover’s thighs to allow the rest of the candle to move inside her, holding only the end to prevent it completely disappearing. Shan was groaning incoherently now; Caroline slowly pistoning her with the mighty candle. Caroline reached round Shan and began stroking her clit with her free hand. Shan was panting, and biting on her own arm to prevent her venting her feelings too loudly. She was close again; Caroline could feel it too; she placed her mouth on her partner’s ass and began tonguing her rose bud. That was the final straw, Shan screamed into her arm as she came again, her body was fucking the candle like a mad thing and cum oozed out of her pussy. Still the waves came, crashing over her, again and again; she felt like she was going to faint, but still her body fucked the wax invader… “OOOOOOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD,” she moaned as another mini orgasm shook her.

“Caroline, are you ok?” Peter shouted at the door.

“I’m fine, Shan is being sick,” Caroline said as she pushed the candle deeper into her lover’s cunt.

“O h – G – o- d, I can’t , Oh God……,” Shan stuttered.

“Ok, I’m off to work, see you in the morning” Peter said.

“MMMMMMMMM,” was all Caroline could say as she again tongued Shan’s ass.

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