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Used While Drunk

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My gf (Brenda) was dating this guy Jeff who was a man whore but was jealous of Brenda ever checking out a guy or dreaming of even cheating on him. I often told Brenda to ditch his ass, but given how good looking he was, Brenda was putty in his hand. Jeff was 6’4″, 200 pound chiseled body and what I was told a good 7 inch cock that he knew how to use real well. Often Brenda would talk about being fucked so hard it felt she was raped.

Brenda was no prude but she wanted to keep Jeff while still have fun without drawing the wrath of Jeff. At the same time, Brenda could no prove that Jeff was cheating on her as he managed to keep it all secretive. So we drew up a plan.

For two weeks the 3 of us went out drinking and Brenda would talk about what a light weight drinker I was given my petite size. I would have a few drinks, few shots and pretend to be drunk and out of it and Brenda would ‘drop me off’ at home. We did this about 4 or 5 times with Jeff watching me getting drunk. I would dress naughty enough to act slutty and show ‘things’ to Jeff during those night outs. Jeff behaved as Brenda was there but he would continuously try catching glimpses of my ‘drunk’ body. Helping me to Brenda’s car would allow him to touch me inappropriately on the excuse of holding me up. I knew that turned him on as one of the evenings he was in his shorts and I could see the bulge.

Then one Wednesday night I dressed in my plaid short skirt, pink lace thongs, net stockings, fuck me heels and white top, no bra. This time Brenda, Jeff and another gf of ours met. The four of us were drinking and taking shots and I was starting to get ‘drunk.’ Brenda this time was pissed that every evening we went out I got drunk and wasted. She asked Jeff to drive my ass to my apartment while she wanted to hang around with our gf and drink more. She also told him that she will see Jeff at home as she and the gf had to talk some girl talk too. Jeff was more than keen to drive me home.

He held me around my waist, hands high enough to feel my small tits from beneath. He realized quickly there was no bra stopping his feel. He got me to his truck and given it was high, he picked me up easily like a doll and parked my ass on the seat, my legs still hanging over the edge of the seat out towards the door. With this position he could easily see between my slightly open legs and spot my pink thongs clearly. I continued to act drunk and I knew he stood there staring at my thongs. I almost thought he was about to reach out and touch my pussy, but for some reason he stopped. He turned my legs in, came on the other side and started to drive. I soon passed out. Jeff called my name often and even nudged me 2-3 times to see if I could regain consciousness. I did not.

The drive got interesting. Jeff pushed my short skirt up to check my panties. He must be staring at them as for a few minutes I felt nothing (eyes closed so i could not see what he was doing). Then it happened. I felt Jeff touch my thighs over my net stocking. He rubbed just above my knees and played with the end of the stocking elastic, slowly working his way to the naked skin between the stocking and panties. His hands also started to reach between my legs and I could feel him push my legs open wider. I let him and I knew I sat in the car with legs now wide open, skirt bunched and panties accessible to him. His fingers were soon tracing the edge of my panties. All of this was making me wet and I was trying not to breathe heavy. Jeff started to get bolder and started to touch my pussy through my panties, rubbing my clit, running his hands over my slit. I was really trying to hold it all back. After playing with my pussy for a few minutes like this while he drove, I felt the car stop. I had no idea if we had made it to my place or not.

But what happened next surprised me. I felt my panties being pushed to the side while we sat and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. Jeff was obviously trying to use me while we probably sat in the parking lot of my apartment. But I did not open my eyes or move any part of me. My panties were being pushed more and I felt his finger spread my pussy lips a little. It was getting tougher to hold back and not moan. But I kept quiet. Jeff was getting bolder and he flicked my clit with his tongue. My body immediately reacted and I moved. Jeff got scared and pulled up immediately. But my eyes were still shut and I was still ‘passed out’. Jeff called my name a few times and went back to my panties. Pushing them apart, this time he slowly pushed a finger to his first knuckle. He immediately realized that my pussy was wet. He waited with his finger in me waiting to see what I did. I stayed still so he got bolder and pushed his finger slowly all the way in.

That was enough for any girl to resist and my breathing got heavy. My legs twitched and my pussy lips clenched. Jeff immediately pulled out and started to drive. Here I lay, panties bunched to the side, legs open and the guy who has great sexual prowess driving me and not fucking me. So obviously we had pulled somewhere in between as we drove for about another 5 minutes. Soon the truck had stopped. My door was being opened and Jeff grabbed me by my waist and pulled me off the truck with no effort. I collapsed into his body as he held me up while closing the truck door. Then he held me up and took me to my apartment with ease. he almost carried me. I could smell Jeff and I hung my hands around his shoulder as he took me in. Once in the apartment, he made our way to my bedroom and dumped me on my bed.

As i fell, I knew my skirt was not covering my panties anymore which seemed to have un-bunched by now. I started to speak incoherently as I lay in bed. Jeff asked me if I needed anything before he left. I continued to speak incoherently slipping in words like ‘water’, and ‘bathroom’ and ‘food’. I think Jeff connected the dots enough to bring me a glass of water which he tried giving me by raising me off the bed. I drank a sip or two but let most of it drop down my front on my white blouse. Obviously wet white blouse only means one thing for guys. Jeff must have stared at my tits long enough. I mumbled ‘bathroom’ so he helped me up on my feet. I started to pretend I was more aware. ‘Jeff am I home?’ He replied ‘Yes’. ‘How did I get here?’ ‘I drove you home?’ ‘Good. Can you take me to my bathroom?’ He helped me walk my drunk ass to the bathroom. I walked holding the door, left the door open as I sat on the pot, pulling my panties down as I peed. Jeff was in my bedroom looking at me do my business in the mirror that faced the inside of my bathroom. I am sure he was enjoying watching my panties around my ankles, legs open enough to see some of my shaved pussy, but not really. I finished my job, stood up and pulled my skirt up around my waist as I stood knowing he will get a perfect view of my pussy now. Then slowly I bent forward, pulling my panties up.

I staggered back to my room and sat on my bed. ‘Jeff you are such a nice man. Thank you for bringing me home’ I said drunk. I sat in my wet shirt still. ‘Jeff why is my shirt wet?’ Before he could answer, I was pulling it off me. ‘I am cold. I want tis shirt off me.’ And within seconds I sat on the edge of my bed topless. My eyes were half open but I could see Jeff staring at my small perky tits. I fell back in my bed, legs still over the edge and went to ‘sleep.’ Wish I could see what Jeff was doing, but I am sure he stood over watching my topless body wondering what to do next. I moved a little and asked Jeff, ‘Can you remove my shoes and stockings please?’ Lying there I felt Jeff go to business. Both shoes off, he took his time getting the stockings off me. His hands feeling the inside of my thighs as he peeled the stockings off me. I knew he was bent over and must be getting another good view of my pussy.

Once done, he pulled my legs up, turned me to settle me in my bed the right way. As he touched me, I reached out and held his hands and pulled him close and said, ‘Jeff you are so good. I feel so safe now. Thank you.’ Saying that I pretended to hug him while lying and tried to kiss him on his lips like a peck. Jeff’s entire body was hunched over me as I held him long enough in my embrace. I could feel Jeff breathing a little heavy in my ears. I stayed that way and I was ‘passed’ out again. Jeff realizing I was not moving, pulled away a little to stare at my face. Finding my eyes wide shut, he reached down and kissed me. This time I felt him trying to part my lips with his tongue. I let him and he managed to push his tongue down my mouth a little. I did not respond back.

Jeff convinced I was done now for good, reached down and had his hands on my pussy again as he kept kissing me. I was really enjoying him use me while I was drunk. I was trying at the same time to not moan. Jeff played with my body for a while. Then he pulled away. I could hear clothes rustling and I was sure Jeff was getting naked. I wanted to open my eyes and see the famous cock that Brenda always talked about, but could not. The hands were back on my pussy, but this time pulling my panties down as I slept. I felt my panties being peeled off me. Then I felt my pussy lips being separated. A finger was pushing its way in. Clearly the wetness of my pussy was not lying how turned on I was. But Jeff seemed to have been past caring and pushed his entire finger followed by a second in me. I was being finger fucked while I was asleep. But this got me so turned on that my body started to move slowly. My breathing become heavy. This must have turned Jeff on as he started to finger fuck me with a purpose.

I was now sloppy wet, moaning and twisting in bed. Jeff continued till he made me cum on his fingers, pulled out and tried to spread my leg so that he could enter. I opened my eyes and looked at him as he was getting on me and asked in my drunk state, ‘What are you doing to me Jeff?’ He replied, ‘Just using you like the slut you are.’ I asked him to stop but he was past it. His cock was half way deep in my pussy and he forced all of his 7 inch in me. I was not going to miss out on the fuck so I opened my legs wider and wrapped them around Jeff. That was Jeff’s queue that I wanted to be fucked. And he fucked me well. I soon learnt why Brenda bragged about it. He fucked me hard, biting my tits, kissing me forcefully, talking dirty and telling me he always wanted to fuck my slutty body. He fucked till I came again.

He pulled out, turned me over and rather than take me doggy style, fucked me while I lay on my stomach. I tried arching my hips to get more of him and he grabbed my tits under me while he fucked me in that position. He fucked me for a while, pulled out, turned me and shoved his wet sloppy cock in my mouth. I started to suck him while lying in bed as he sat over my face. I played with his balls and stroked his shaft as I sucked him. And then he exploded in my mouth. Globs of cum filling my mouth. Jeff moaning loud. Shoving his cock deeper in my mouth as he came. Gagging me with his cock. He emptied his balls in my mouth and I swallowed all of it.

He fell on the bed next to me and no sooner had he done it, he heard clapping. He looked up to see Brenda standing at the door clapping. Jeff was shocked. He tried muttering. Brenda walked over and said, ‘So that is what you do when I am not around. Impressive.’ Now I rose, sat on bed and started to laugh. Jeff was confused. And we then brought him up to speed. I told him I was never drunk and we wanted to have him fuck me so Brenda does not get all the crap about looking at other guys because you obviously loved to cheat. Jeff knew his game was busted. I looked at Brenda and said out loud, ‘You were right girl. He does know how to fuck well.’ With that I kissed him.

Jeff still lying naked soon had Brenda’s hand on his limp cock. I was kissing him while Brenda started to stroke him. I then straddled his face and made him eat me while Brenda who had stripped completely was sucking his cock back to life. Within seconds his cock was hard again while his tongue was deep in my pussy. All my wetness was being licked. Me and Brenda exchanged position taking turns sucking his cock or getting our pussy eaten. Jeff made sure both girls came on his face before we were ready to be fucked.

We both got one bed doggy style, our asses next to each other. Jeff first buried his cock in Brenda’s pussy while he used his finger to slowly open my ass. He fucked Brenda holding her ass with one hand and the other hand slowly finger fucking my ass. After a few minutes, he pulled out his sloppy cock and slowly pushed it in my ass. All of Brenda’s juices was great lubricant as his cock slowly pushed in me. Now he was fucking me in my ass while using his other hand to open Brenda’s ass. He took turns fucking both of us in our ass, pussy and back to ass. When it was time to cum, Brenda asked him to spray over our faces like he loved to. Jeff really enjoyed doing that. When he was ready to cum, we both turned around, sat on the bed as Jeff got on top of us ready to spray us girls with his cum. And he did cum hard again. Moaning and calling us names, he emptied his balls again on our face. Once done, he dropped down and sat on the chair watching us girls clean the cum off our face by licking it. He loved the show.

But all this did find him 2 willing girls in us to fuck as a 3some often. Brenda on the other hand was also having fun with more than one cock. They dated for another 6 months and during those 6 months, the 3 of us fucked every month. Good days, good days!!!

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