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True First Time with a Man

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One night I was hanging out with my good friend Rich. Rich was a big guy, 6’4″ about 240, big Nordic looking guy. We were hanging out listening to music, just bullshitting, drinking beers and smoking weed. About 1:30 in the morning we started to get drowsy. I didn’t really want to see him drive home, we were loopy enough to be an issue if a cop pulled him over.

I suggested he crash on the floor. My bed was a pull out couch in the living room, so we were in the same room. I went and got some extra bedding gave it to him and then pulled my bed out and thought I was going to sleep.

Both of us were kind of tossing and turning, not falling asleep. Plus it was cold. My place was a basement apartment so it got very cold in winter and this was one of those nights where it got really cold and drafty. I felt bad for my friend who was on the floor so I suggested he get in the bed with me. I wasn’t a big bed, I figured we would both fit, no problem. Not a single thought about sex had crossed my mind to this point. I was just trying to be nice to my buddy who was on the cold floor.

He got into bed and I rolled over and drifted in and out of sleep. At some point he had shifted closer to me, close enough for me to FEEL HIS VERY LARGE HARD COCK ON MY BACK! Oh my! Was he asleep? Was he turned on? His cock sure was rigid. That’s about the point when I did get aroused. I shifted forward a bit away from his rock hard dick, just to see what he would do. About 30 seconds went by, I could hear his breathing, it did not sound like sleep breathing. Then he shifted and his cock was right back on the small of my back, but this time I thought I could feel the head and it felt wet! I had a decision to make at this point, I guess. I tried to put it off. I didn’t move, just listened to his breathing and tried to ignore the fact my cock was rock hard too.

I made my first decision, I backed into his cock a bit and made a weak attempt at feigning a yawn. Then I guess he made a decision, he decided to grind his hard, now obviously wet cock against me. As he did that he let out a big breath let made it very clear he was wide awake and horny. He was wearing boxers, I knew this because this time his very wet cockhead was sitting on my back very naked. I could feel it throbbing. Oh my God! I had never felt anything like the lust I was feeling building in my belly.

I made my second decision, I reached back and lightly grabbed his cock, his very thick cock. When I did this he immediately did the same and reached over me and started playing with my cock. I do was wearing boxers so it was fairly easy for him to pull me out of the fly and start jacking me. As he did this he made the first big move and began kissing my neck, sucking my earlobe, which I love. I rolled over and it was on. We started kissing very lightly then more and more aggressively. Open mouth, tongues everywhere, we were committed to pleasing each other at this point and it was awesome.

Then he whispered in my ear, “Can I?”

I knew what we meant and pulled off my boxers and he did the same as he move down my body. Then I he engulfed my cock with his hot mouth. His tongue was everywhere on my cock. I could not help but let out a very throaty moan and grabbed his head with both hands as he picked up the intensity of his sucking. His hair felt soft in my hands as I held his head and watched him, watch HIM, suck my cock.

As great as this was I wanted him in my mouth. I had never even touched another guys cock before now I NEEDED his cock in my mouth. I leaned up and said, “Here, let me…” and we shifted around into a side by side 69 and because we were about the same height it worked out great. Boom, there it was his cock was in my face. I had read plenty of Penthouse Forums in which the writer described a cock as “beautiful” and just kind of blown it off but honestly, that was the first thing I thought. Wow, his cock was beautiful. The head was this big mushroom shape that sat on top of a thick veiny shaft. When I grabbed his cock it felt hot and I could feel his pulse, that somehow made it “more real,” if that makes sense.

I couldn’t wait, I licked around his soft spongy, purple head and finally slide my mouth on and down his dick. As I did this he stopped sucking my and urged me on. “Yes, suck it, oh yes.” Then he went right back to sucking me. As I started getting into it I became aware of the sounds of cocksucking, except they were coming from me. This also turned me on. I couldn’t stop thinking how natural it felt to have a man’s cock in my mouth. I was starting to figure out how to get more of him in my mouth. It was kind of hard, so to speak, because of his considerable girth. As I felt more and more confident I started licking and kissing all over his dick. Then he ask me to suck his balls, OK! Suck his balls, cool. I was very careful with them licking them and finally sucking each one into my mouth. He clearly was loving this, again he stopped sucking me and moaned. Then he did something that really threw me, as I was sucking and tonguing his manly balls he started to play with my asshole.

I couldn’t believe my body’s reaction, I instinctively move to give him better access to my ass and started to gyrate around like I was in heat. I guess in a my I was. He started fingering me and I moan my approval and let him know I was loving what he was doing.

One finger…deeper…faster, two fingers…deeper, and faster. It was the first time I ever felt “slutty” and loved it. I was wiggling and moaning like a woman, and again was shocked at the level of pleasure and how natural it felt. Finally, I was ready for total slut surrender.

“Oh Rich, I want your cock inside me. Fuck me. Give your cock, Rich.”

I heard myself say it. I felt myself need it.

He repositioned himself, or more accurately he mounted me whilst I was on my back. He put my legs on his shoulders and looked at me and asked, “Are you sure? You OK?”

“Yes, I am more than fine. I want you, I want you to fuck me, Rich.”

HIs cock was so wet and I was so wet from all the precome and saliva we didn’t really need lube. He was awesome and gentle. I was shocked at how hot his cock felt on my ass and as he began to enter me. I was trying to work with him to get that cock inside me. I could not wait to have him inside me. I felt his thick cockhead push past my ass ring and could start to feel him fill me. That’s a feeling you never forget. I hurt a bit, not bad though and finally he was all the way in.

He said, “Wow most girls can’t take me all the may in there ass.” Then we both kind of realized what a strange thing for him to say to me. “Most girls”…he was indeed fucking me like a woman! I could tell he felt uneasy about what he just said, so I urged him on.

“Your cock feels so good, c’mon, fuck me, give me your cock.”

Away we went. We were indeed fucking. After awhile, I have no idea how long, he got me on all fours and started fucking me from behind. As good as it felt before, this was amazing. I felt like I had more control over my “pussy” and really tried to milk his cock and tighten my ass everytime he withdrew. This repeated action plus his big thick dick hitting my prostate was bringing me to a climax. I started grunting, “I am going to come, I am getting close.”

He finally grabbed my cock which was comically drooling pre-come and noisily started jacking me off as he started fucking me harder than ever. The last thought I had before I couldn’t think anymore was how amazing this felt and how little control I had over what was happening to me and I loved it.

Finally I moaned, I felt my ass just open and he was again fucking me at a new intense tempo, I moaned, “I am coming! Fuck me Rich!!” As I start to come I could feel my pussy spasm around his cock, I could actually feel his cock swell and then his orgasm. We were both grunting and moaning and cursing and rocking with each other for what felt like an hour.

As our orgasms subsided, he dismounted me rolled over and asked if I was still OK. I thought about it, and said yes, yes I was fine. Then it was over…we both fell asleep. The next morning, nothing was really different, fortunately. We briefly talked about how great it felt and how we had done so much together it was just another shared experience. I think both of us knew it would happen again and it did.

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Bob wrote

Love first time virgin fuck stories it has been years since I lost my cherry and have relived it over and over.