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Used by a Married Couple

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Used by a married couple – a couple I know want to have a threesome. He wants a FMF. She wants a MFM. They use me to resolve the problem.

Jon and Jill have been friends for over 10 years. Jill and I have talked openly about many things. She was the first one I told of my wife’s and my decision to divorce. We have openly talked about fantasies, and some past experiences. I have mentioned many times of my fantasies, specifically MFM, especially if I can watch the woman getting fucked by another man.

I want to see the woman VERY excited, I want to see her cumming and cumming, watching her ride a hard cock. I want to see her use all her talents to make that cock explode cum all over her.

In my fantasies, this woman is my girlfriend, wife or even someone who is a friend.

Well, this one ‘desire’ came true last week when Jon and Jill invited me over. After a few drinks, Jill started flirting. This is not like her at all, especially in front of her husband who was leering at us. Finally, she said “You know how you’re always saying that a three-way is your favorite, and how you like to see it happen?”

I looked at her unsure of what she was going to say or do, “Uh, yeah?”

She grinned at Jon, looked at me and said “Well, let’s make it happen.” Before I could reply, she leaned over and kissed me passionately.

I looked at Jon. He seemed excited but a bit hesitant. So I figured before he could change his mind, I have to make this happen. I can tell by her kiss that SHE wants this to happen. Pretty sure he does too. So I figured I better make sure he stays more excited than jealous.

Jill always said she would enjoy teasing her man. She wants him to see her totally naked in front of another man. She wants someone, anyone, especially her husband, to watch her sucking a cock, fucking, coming so hard with a cock inside her.

We are now standing in front of Jon. He is sitting facing her. I turn her from him to kiss her so his is staring at her ass. I begin to unbutton her top, one by one. I open her blouse, happy to see she’s not wearing a bra, then turn her to face him again. I pull back her top from her shoulders to expose her breasts. He sits up for a better view. He still seems somewhat unsure, but is very interested. So I continue as I run my hands down from her shoulders to her fingers. I lift her arms in the air. I slide her skirt up baring her legs. My hands continue up as I find that she is naked underneath and already very wet. I raise the skirt higher and she lifts her leg to let him see her wetness.

She puts a hand between her legs and pushes. I lift the skirt more. He sees her touching herself. She takes her fingers, wet from her pussy, and passes them lightly across his lips. His cock is hard now indicating his pleasure. I pull her skirt down and it falls to the floor. She parts her legs slightly. Her blouse is open but covers her just a little. She puts both hands between her legs and pushes again, moving closer to his face. He now sees the movement of her fingers inside her. While he is enjoying the show, mesmerized by her pussy and the taste on his lips, she tells me to undo his pants. I look at her bewildered. She says again, more firmly, slowly “I said UNDO JON’S PANTS.”

I move from behind her to comply with her request(?). I bend at the waist to do her bidding. As I finish unbuttoning the button and pulling the zipper down as far as it would go, I’m about to turn to her, but I feel her hand on my back, “I can’t see his cock Mike.”

I feel my face flush because I know what she’s going to say next.

“Remove his pants Mike. Take them off.”

I look up and Jon is smiling. I reach for the top of his jeans. He lifts up so I can get the pants past his hips, his ass. He sits back down as I remove his jeans from his feet.

“I can see his bulge Mike, but I want to see it. I want to SEE that cock.”

As I reach for the waistband of his boxers Jill says, “No Mike. Leave them on. I want you to take his cock out for me. Reach inside his boxers and take that cock out for us to see.”

As if in a trance now, I reached inside and find his stiff cock. As I grasp it an electric charge shoots through me. I’m almost positive Jill and Jon felt it because I heard a soft moan from her and a sigh also from Jon.

I pull out Jon’s cock as directed. It stands hard and erect, as my hand involuntarily remains holding it at the base.

“Mmm yes. It feels good doesn’t it Jon?” He replies that it does.

“Does that cock feel good in your hand Mike?” I only nod my head. She chuckles.

Knowing from my fantasies that I want to watch her suck this cock, she wants me to watch her sucking it. She lets her blouse fall to the floor. She steps next to me as she is now standing in front of her husband totally naked. She again pushes two fingers deep inside herself. She then takes her wet fingers and wraps them around the head of his cock, then stroking it, she tells me to move out of her way.

Then to Jon, “Baby, why don’t you stand up for me so I can enjoy this cock of yours?” He does as she says. As he rises, she gets on her knees in front of him, she looks at me as she slowly swallows his cock.

I love the sight of woman with a hard cock in her mouth, so damn sexy. It is so exciting to watch a woman, totally naked, on her knees in front of a man with a throbbing hard cock as she rubs it against her face, licks it up and down, swallows it in her mouth.

She now allows his cock out of her mouth and pulls him onto the floor. She moves over to straddle him. I watch as she reaches down with one hand and spreads her lips to show him what he is about to taste. She then places her knees over his arms, ensuring he cannot move. She now grabs his hair with both hands as she lowers her pussy until she has covered his mouth. She begins moving her hips, totally smothering him. I watch as she is getting more and more excited riding his tongue. I am fascinated by the scene before me, but I find myself also fascinated, that I am stealing glimpses at his stiff cock as it is bouncing up and down with her movements.

Her movements quicken as she gets closer and closer to her climax. She is about to come. She looks at me, almost pleading she says “Help me cum Mike.”

I move to her and ask “What do you want me to do?”

She tells me, her eyes pleading, “Grab and squeeze my tit.” I gladly do as requested.

Then she says “Now stroke Jon’s cock with your other hand.”

I hesitate and she says sternly, “Do it Mike. Stroke his cock.”

I do as I’m told. This wasn’t a request. She commanded me and I obeyed.

I’m not sure if it was the act of knowing I began stroking her husband’s cock, or the fact that I obeyed her command, but she immediately started cumming on his face.

As her orgasm subsides she slid off Jon’s face, onto his chest, as he gasped for air. Staring at her ass, I grab her by the hips and slid her down his body, onto his cock. With one hand, I spread her lips and with the other, I grab hold of his cock and I begin to rub it up and down her pussy, getting it wet with her juices, then I feed it to her. She sits down on it and I see the pleasure in her face, and his. She now begins riding his cock, bouncing up and down, then grinding hard on his pelvis.

I look at her and see she is really enjoying putting on this show for me. I move in front of her so I can look at her face. She looks in my eyes with a devious smile on her face. I cannot resist. I bend down and we kiss a long luscious kiss. As we break the kiss, I stand and my hard cock is right in front of her, almost touching her face. I am surprised when I see her take it in her hand and then begin to stroke me just perfectly. Seeing his wife stroking another cock while fucking him, Jon says he is close to cumming. Not wanting this to end too soon, I pull away. I then take this moment to move behind them so I can see his cock going in her. He raises her hips so I can see as he begins fucking her hard and fast. I know one of them is about to come. But it is too soon.

To prolong this scene, I grab hold of her ass to hold her still. Once stopped, I reach down to cup his balls. I squeeze just enough so he doesn’t cum and stop him. Jon gets the message as he lifts her off his cock. He then stands and says he thinks we should double team her. I ask “Can I be on the bottom?” Then looking at Jill I continue, “I want to watch her face as you enter her and she takes both our cocks!”

His cock is so hard and wet from her juices, I don’t realize I am staring at it. Jill sees me staring at her husband’s cock and that wicked smile returns. She takes the base of his cock in one hand and places her other hand on the back of my head and firmly pushed me down towards it.

When I finally realized what was happening, his cock is just an inch away from my lips. Jill pushes me a bit harder, until the tip of his cock is touching my lips. I can smell and taste her. Jill is now rubbing his cock back and forth across my lips. “Open your mouth, baby. I want to see you suck a cock. I want to see you suck my husband’s cock. Suck my husband’s cock for me Mikey. Please? Can you make him come for me, baby? I want him to come in your mouth.”

My face is flush from excitement and fear. I feel this burning deep in my groin. My mind is screaming no, but I feel my body is going to betray me, especially if Jill keeps pleading with me. I look up at Jon and he’s smiling down at us. He pushes his cock slightly against my lips.

Jill starts again, “Go ahead Mike. See? Jon wants you to. I want you to. You know you want to. Listen to your lust. Feel how hot you are? Suck it Mike. Suck that cock!”

That last statement was a command. I ignored the screaming in my mind and relented to her command, and my lust. I opened my mouth, wrapping my lips just around the head.

“That’s it Mike. Take that cock. Do you taste my pussy on it? Want more pussy? Then take more cock! Show me how you want more pussy by sucking that cock.”

With that she pulled me off it and pushed Jon onto the floor. Then she pushed my head to his cock again but stopped me so my lips were just touching his cock. I then stuck out my tongue. I lick the underside. It is salty and hot, hard yet soft.

Jon sighs as Jill says “Oh yeah Mikey. You’re doing good. Jon is liking it. I knew you’d be a good cocksucker. Go ahead and show us what a good cocksucker you can be.”

Instead of being insulted or humiliated, I started to think of the things I like most. I placed my lips back on Jon’s cockhead and slowly sucked it into my mouth, taking it in, slowly to the base, as Jill’s hand continues to push me down all the way. It fills my mouth as her steady, slow, forcefulness forces his cock down the back of my throat. I gag a little, but recover as she makes sure I hold the full length of it in my mouth.

I can taste Jill’s pussy, what she tastes like deep inside. I try to hold all of Jon’s cock in my throat because I know how good it feels when it’s done to me. But since I never done this, I can’t do it more than a moment or two. To ensure I please him, I began to pump my fist up and down on him as fast as I can. Jill lays her head on his stomach as she is now staring straight into my eyes.

“Do you like it, baby? Yeah you do. You like cock don’t you? You like that cock in your mouth.” She chuckled a little. “Suck him good, Mike. Make him come.”

Jill is rubbing her pussy now. I can see that she will cum again soon. I speed up, the head of his cock in my mouth, tongue swirling all over it, my hand jacking him faster and faster to catch up with her. She is very close, as I stroke his cock as fast as I can while trying to keep the head in my mouth, using my tongue on it as if it were a clit. She is staring at me, her eyes full of lust. Her back arches and she lets go a pulsing climax. She screams and shudders and I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth, pumping. Jon grabbed my head and forces me down as far as he can on every inch of him. His cock beats against my throat and unleashes a flood of hot, salty cum. I have never had a cock in my mouth and now this invader is pumping cum into it, choking me with cum, as Jill is witnessing it all.

I try to swallow, but there seems to be so much. I release his cock and Jill swallows it to take the rest of his cum. When he’s done, his wife moves to kiss me, a deep long passionate french kiss, letting the cum mingle in our mouths together then spreading it on her face, sliding our cheeks together, our faces both covered in cum. We rest for a moment, as she is so happy to have had this experience.

“Oooo, I really liked that, baby,” she says to me.

“Now it is your turn. Lie down and close your eyes.”

My cock is rock hard. She puts her mouth around it and takes it in. I am a little surprised as I feel Jon’s cock at mouth again. They both straddle me. She spreads her pussy and sits down on my cock. He straddles my chest as his cock buries itself down my throat. Her pussy is so hot inside from the fucking she just had, I think I will come in her right away, but I control myself. His soft cock is in my mouth, and I suck him to erection. It is so hot. My cock is deep in her pussy while I am feeling his soft cock harden while it is deep in my mouth. I am amazed that my first time sucking a cock, I can take a limp cock that just came, and bring it to full size in just a few minutes. Jill then moves him away, leans down to my face to kiss me. She then turns us over so we are now in the missionary position. I rise up to begin to fuck her wildly, unaware of what they were about to do next.

I see Jon behind me. Soon I feel him rubbing my ass, moving his fingers up and down my crack. Then Jon pushed me forward so I was almost lying on Jill. Her moans of pleasure were a real turn on especially with Jon standing behind me.

Jill reached down and began to caress my balls as Jon traced a path up to my opening. I never was touched there before by a man, and the way it felt, I was surprised at my desire to have him keep playing with me. Jon then spread my ass cheeks and began using a well-greased index finger in and around my ass.

“Oh shit! He’s fingering my ass and I’m fucking enjoying it” I said to Jill as I began moaning as Jon finger-fucked me slow, long and hard. “I bet that finger feels like a nice little cock up your ass doesn’t it Mike? Doesn’t that finger feel so good fucking your ass like that?”

I just kept moaning as his finger penetrated me slow, deep and hard. Before I knew what was happening, Jon slipped a second finger into my ass. It felt so good that I was surprised I didn’t shoot my load at that point. Jon must’ve signaled Jill what he did because just as I felt it she said “How does this new cock feel Mike? Doesn’t that fatter cock feel so good sliding in your ass? Tell him Mike. Tell that guy his cock feels good up your ass.”

“Mmm yes your cock feels good up my ass. Just keep going like that” and to emphasize it, I said after each pump, “Nice, slow, long, and hard.”

Then Jon moved a little closer. I then realized that Jon wasn’t just pushing his fingers inside me. I was feeling the head of Jon’s cock pushing against my sphincter.

I tried to yell out “No!” but before I could Jill wraps her legs behind my thighs as her kiss becomes more intense. I’m lost in her passion. I felt Jon move again. She sensed it and broke the kiss, “Oh Mikey this is going to be so hot. We have always fantasized about Jon fucking some guy up the ass while I fucked that guy. Give him your ass baby. Give it to him.”

I looked down at her and she kissed me again as Jon got closer and then he grabbed my hips, and he slowly leaned into me, allowing the head of his cock to pop inside my sphincter.

I grabbed onto Jill and held tight, Jon didn’t move as my ass got accustomed to his cockhead. I stood still as Jon just looked at me smiling.

He then said, “Relax Mike. I’ll take it easy on this virgin ass. After all, this is your special moment” as he chuckled.

I took a sharp breathe as Jon began to slide his cock up my ass, then slowly back out. With my cock still buried in his wife’s pussy, the pain quickly began to fade and I soon was feeling pleasure. Soon I felt his cock pushing deeper as I began to slowly move in time to his thrusts. These strokes soon began to give me the most incredible feeling ever. Now we both started to stroke slowly. As he slid into me it caused me to slide into her. Her face is just so amazing to see as she and I are both getting so fucked.

She moaned “Oh God Mike, you look so hot getting fucked in the ass by that cock.” That did it. I don’t know how or why but now I began to slowly move back and forth. It was as if now I was fucking Jon’s cock rather than his cock fucking my ass.

When Jon realized this, he began to move faster and faster until the entire length of his cock was buried deep inside my ass. “Oh yeah. Jill he’s fucking me so good. He’s taking my whole cock and pounding his ass back into me like he wants more.” Jill came as Jon said that. Hearing Jon talk to his wife about me as if I wasn’t there was just so hot.

Jill then slid out from under me as Jon pulled out of me at the same time. I felt so empty and confused as to why it stopped. But instantly Jill rolled me onto my back. She then mounted my face as she had her husband earlier. Jon grabbed my legs and pushed them against his wife’s back, she then placed them under her arms. I was pinned, ass exposed to Jon as he once again put his cock up my ass and then really start fucking me.

“You like this huh? Was I right, baby? Does Mike solve our problem?”

“Oh yes baby. He does. You can fuck him anytime as long as he sucks my cock and I can fuck his tight ass.”

Within moments Jon exploded in my ass. The feeling of his hot cum spraying deep up my ass caused me to have an explosive, shattering orgasm myself. As mine ended Jill pushed my down so I could finish her off with my mouth. Never having a cream pie before, I wasn’t grossed out since I already ate Jon’s cum. As we caught our breathes, I asked Jill what just what I missed when she said I solved their problem.

She said, “Well I have to start with saying I’m sorry. But from our talks about fantasies and stuff I wanted to try this. You know I tell Jon everything, especially your fantasies. Some are so hot. Well anyway, we’re always talking about having a threesome but I could never see myself with a woman. So we decided if we could come up with a bi-guy, that could solve our problem.”

“Yeah but I’m not bi?”

She and Jon giggled a bit as she said, “Well you can’t really say that now can you?”

My embarrassment showed as she continued, “I know you ‘weren’t’ bi, but figured after some drinks, knowing how you sometimes fantasize about being submissive, we might get you to go down on Jon. Then maybe even let Jon fuck your ass. That is if we made sure I was the one trying to persuade you and Jon not saying or doing anything.”

“We figured since you’re always flirting with me, getting you for a threesome and persuading you to suck Jon off and letting him fuck your ass wouldn’t be hard.”

Jon then said “Besides, we know you. We’re comfortable with you. We both believed that if things didn’t work out we could still be friends.”

“Well, I guess that’s good that you feel that way. That comfortable that if things didn’t go well we could still be friends, because although that was hot, I don’t think I could do so again.”

Jill looked disappointed “Really? Are you sure? It was really hot and you DID have fun.”

“I know but, I just don’t feel, I don’t know. I kind of feel guilty I guess. But I’m glad you both said we could still be friends if we didn’t care for this.”

They both laughed at me. Then as Jon got up walking to the mantle he said “You misunderstood. I said if it didn’t go well for us meaning Jill & I.”

I was about to speak when he showed me the camera that was still recording. “We are friends still, with one difference – You’re our bitch now. When Jill wants to watch you suck a cock or take a cock up your ass, you will and you will love it.” With that he laughed as Jill walked to me smiling and gently kissed and caressed my face and said “I’ll be right back with my strap-on. It’s my turn to fuck that ass of yours.”

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