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Like Daugther, Like Mother

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“Your Mom’s pretty hot,” I whispered with a smile, nudging my girlfriend with my shoulder. I didn’t see her roll her eyes, but I could just feel that look burrowing into my back, aimed right at my heart. My eyes were busy drinking in the aging vixen before me: 45 year old Deb Mason, 5’4″, short gray hair, nice tight little farm-wife body. I could only hope that Meg would stay that good looking for the next 25 years, and my twitching cock was not in disagreement.

“Mom, we brought that box back from the apartment. We gotta run before the weather turns bad,” Meg said, grinding her heal into my right toes.

“All right sweetie. You two kids stay out of trouble. I don’t want to be a grandmother just yet,” Deb said matter-of-factly. She turned from the pot she was dropping raw vegetables into and smiled. My eyes almost glazed over when I took in her tight, short body, from her short hair to her lightly dusted cheeks, subtly painted lips, plunging neckline on her cable-knit sweater, and hip-hugging jeans. I really enjoyed giving Meg shit about how hot her mom is, but it wasn’t all in jest. I always had a silent debate with myself on whether or not to let her see the hard-on she gave me, and caution had always prevailed in the face of courage. Until today.

“Well, let’s go, trouble,” I said, winking at Deb. She rolled her eyes as we turned, but I caught the glimpse of them rolling back quickly to check out my lean profile, her eyes lingering on the growing lump in my jeans and my ass. I gave her a second wink as Meg’s hand hit the door, and Deb’s eyes lit up and her cheeks flushed over having been caught staring at her daughter’s boyfriend.

We hadn’t even hit the front steps and Meg slapped my ass.

“What the fuck was that all about?” she hissed playfully as we headed for the car. She was a little louder than she probably would have been, but I’d never said that a mere 10 feet from her mom before.

“It’s not my fault,” I said innocently. “You’ll be damn lucky to look like her in the next 30 years,” I said, grinning sheepishly. Her hand was on the door handle and she leaned against the top of the car, pressing her taut, braless tits up into view, her nipples standing out like tiny pebbles on the mounds. The white shirt she was wearing didn’t have anything written on it, but with the view I had, it may have just as well said ‘Fuck Me Hard.’

“I’d rather look like me, fuck you very much,” she said and bounced into the car. We pulled out from the drive and my eyes were looking at the sky more than the road. The black storm clouds overhead were brewing something that I didn’t want to drive through. It was just warm enough to still rain, but just cold enough to have that shit freeze and we’d be stuck in a hell of an ice storm.

“I’d rather fuck you,” I said, half-under my breath.

“Are you saying you’d like to fuck my mom!” Meg shouted. She looked mad, but I knew she was just playing. My left hand shot over to tickle her petite frame and she burst into giggles at about the same time the first rain drops hit the windows. I pulled the car over and really started tickling her ribs, my fingers occasionally running across her stiff and extremely sensitive nipples. “Did I say I wanted to fuck your mother?” I said, trying to sound serious. My lips touched hers in a hazy electricity as her body squirmed from my fingers and jumped from a crash of lightning.

“No,” she said breathlessly. “But you said you wanted to not drive through this shit,” she said, kissing me intermittently. Her hands started rubbing up and down my abs, making my muscles twitch under my skin.

“We’d better turn back,” I said, just as another peal of thunder crashed over head. Meg growled her disappointment and threw herself back against her seat.

“Fine, but no pussy for you tonight, you know how I feel about sex at Mom’s place,” Meg said in frustration.

“How about a blow then?” I asked, turning the car around as the rain got heavier. She hit me hard in the ribs, her bony fist rocking into me faster than I could move my arm to block. I laughed despite the shock of pain.

“It’s not funny. Do you know how hot and wet I was getting? We’d been around Mom all afternoon and I was looking forward to looking down and seeing nothing but your eyes between my legs. Shit.” Meg bitched. The rest of the ride passed in silence except a short, horny sigh from both of us.

It only took another few minutes to get back to Deb’s, but the rain had escalated to a downpour and it was starting to freeze to the road. We barely made the drive, sliding into it more than driving up it. Both of us ran back to the house, carefully watching our footing. By the time we made it in the house, we were both soaked to the bone; and looking at how the nearly-frozen rain was affecting Meg, I can’t say I was disappointed. Her white t-shirt had dissolved into transparency, her tits perfectly framed in the cloth, her dusty pink-brown nipples standing proud, the skin wrinkled and puckered with our playing and the cold.

Deb looked up at us, confused, and then outside, seeing the rain fall heavily.

“I don’t think we’re heading out tonight, Mom,” Meg said, the frustration showing in her voice.

“It’s no problem, sweetie, just change into something or you’ll catch your death of pneumonia,” Deb said, reaching into the fridge for more vegetables to put in the stew she had started. Meg stomped off to her old room where she still had some clothes stashed. Deb turned and looked at me with one eye as she started dicing carrots. “You, too. Clothes. Off,” she said dominatingly. “I have an old robe of John’s in the closet. Just go in my room and change,” she said, a little of her normal softness returning to her voice, but that devilish twinkle intensified.

I nodded and walked through the short hallway to Deb’s bedroom and opened the closet. Her late-husband’s robe was in there and I started stripping down. I could hear Deb and Meg talking about something, shouting around the house at each other to be heard, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. They stopped shouting and there was silence for a moment; just long enough for me to peel my wet pants off I heard Deb shout something to Meg and then I heard the door open, just as I stood up.

“Don’t mind me,” Deb said, waltzing through the room like me being naked as the day I was born was the most normal thing in the world. I was too shocked to even cover myself.

“Need something?” I said, not even really realizing what I had said and how it could be taken. Deb looked at me and blushed, that twinkle still in her eye. Her eyes drifted down to my cock, still half-hard from playing with her daughter not 10 minutes ago. She said nothing, but when her eyes drifted back up my frame, she was breathing quicker and a flush began to paint her skin. She shook her head and walked back out of the room, a few towels in her hands, her gaze returning only to my naked body after peaking around the door as she shut it softly. I was in absolute shock and absolute arousal at the situation. It took me a few seconds to collect myself enough to even step out of my wet jeans pooled around my feet. I stripped off my shoes and socks and put John’s robe on before trying to think about anything else to make the swelling in my crotch go down. Nothing seemed to work; my mind kept drifting to Deb or to Meg, or to both.

I decided to just deal with it the old fashioned way, and shot across the hall from Deb’s bedroom door to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but notice as I bolted that Deb was in the computer room at the end of the short hall, her eyes locked to the hallway, and more importantly to my cock, sticking out the front fold of the robe at nearly full-mast. I heard her almost purr for the brief instant she saw me.

A nice shower helped ease the tension, of course, so did a nice slow stroke. I was just finishing up when there was a pounding on the door.

“Hey, hurry the fuck up in there!” Meg’s voice radiated through the oak door. I shut off the water, toweled off and put the robe back on. I opened the door to see her standing in the hall, her arms crossed over her chest, a towel around her hair and her old red silk robe tied tightly around her waist. “It’s about fucking time,” she said and pushed past me, starting the shower back up. I walked back out to the kitchen and Deb was sitting at the small round table, drinking a cup of coffee and working on the cross-word in the news paper. I sat down across from her, an uncomfortable silence filling the air.

“I put your clothes in the drier,” she said nonchalantly. “I couldn’t help but notice that neither one of you were wearing underwear,” she said equally as plainly. I felt my cock twitch, but my heart skipped a beat with uncertainty. She set the pen down, letting tension fill the air between us as the kitchen clock ticked the seconds away with the hammering in my chest. “Were you fucking my daughter in my house? You know how I feel about that,” she said, mock anger filling her voice as her eyes began to haze over.

“I, uh, no…” I stammered out.

“I don’t believe you,” she said a little too quickly. She stood up and told me to, as well. She was almost a foot shorter than me, but she still had a fire that almost made me back up a step. Another silence echoed between us and we heard the shower curtain pull open and then shut. An impish grin curved Deb’s lips and she untied the sash of my robe, letting it fall open around my still semi-hard cock. She flicked the sensitive head a few times and then stroked her finger nail up and down its length, her blush fading from her cheeks and a fevered passion overtaking the haze as my cock grew under her ministrations. Without a word, she bent down and took the head of my dick in her mouth and started sucking wetly on the flesh mushroom, her hand lazily sliding up and down the shaft.

“Does it taste like your daughter’s pussy?” I moaned quietly. She sucked harder and pushed more of my rigid cock down her throat before letting it pop out of her mouth.

“It tastes like soap,” she giggled, licking along the underside with the tip of her twitching tongue. “Did you jerk off in the shower?” she asked, her lips engulfing my balls and sucking on them rolling them with her tongue. I moaned loudly and braced against the table and the counter top before I lost my balance. She purred in response, sending the vibrations up my spine like the crashing lightening outside the window.

“Yeah,” I breathed. She started planting light kisses on the tip of my rod, her tongue flicking out against the crown and the sensitive slit of my throbbing head.

“Were you thinking of me?” she said, my dick sliding between her pink lips. It popped loudly out of her mouth for just long enough for her to add, “Were you thinking of this?” Deb’s mouth slid further down her throat, and I could tell she was struggling with it, but her throat was working my meat far better than her daughter ever had. She started humming and I almost blew my load down her throat. My balls jerked up and my rod throbbed heavily as her mouth worked it better than any woman ever had.

We both heard the shower shut off and the curtain open. Deb let my cock slide out from between her lips, popping free and then slapping wetly against my belly, a trail of saliva forming from just below my belly button to the head for an instant.

“You’d better save it for Meg,” she said, standing up. I pulled my robe shut quickly and sat down at the table. Deb checked the stew, stirring it lightly, just as her daughter came back into the room.

“So anyway, I like I was saying, I’d prefer if you just stayed here tonight,” Deb said, covering nicely as I drank in her daughter’s body. Deb was minding the stew and Meg took the opportunity to flash me, showing me her freshly shaved twat and clean, tight body. It was inviting enough to keep my cock rock hard, not that it had had time to shrink, but at least now I had an excuse. Her robe closed slowly, and she tied it, just as her mother turned to face her.

“That’s really nice of you, Mom. We don’t mean to put you out or anything,” Meg said politely.

“Oh, nonsense. I always like putting out…” she said, a blush flooding her skin as she realized what she just said. Meg giggled and walked up and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. “That’s not what I meant,” she said with embarrassment.

“That’s just fine, Mom,” Meg laughed and went through the dining room to the small den by her room. “We knew what you meant,” she said a little louder as the TV came to life.

“Did you, now,” she said devilishly and turned to me. The spoon left her hand and hit the stove quietly and Deb came back over to the table where I was sitting.

“Fuck yes,” I said, opening the robe back up, exposing my pole to her. Deb’s hand encircled my meat and slowly stroked it as she sat in the chair next to mine.

“So what is it about a 45-year old woman that has you so hot and bothered?” she said, stroking faster. “You want to see me naked, is that it?” she asked. I didn’t need to answer; my jumping dick in her hand told her what she needed to know. “You want to see if this old woman has the same tight pussy as her daughter?” she purred again, my dick throbbing faster in her hand. “You want to cum in your girlfriend’s mom, is that it?” she hissed. I was close now, and she knew it. She stood up and left my dick sitting there, bouncing in the dim shadow of the table. She laughed and walked to her room. I followed.

“Uh uh,” she said playfully. “Meg, I’m gonna shower, too. No sense in you two being the only comfortable ones in the house,” she said loudly. She motioned for me to stop where I was standing, and she took off her top, letting her bra-clad tits bounce a little before letting them free. Her nipples were darker than her daughters, but the same small size with the same upward tilt to them. Her body was in good shape from all the running and swimming she did. Then she slowly popped the fly on her jeans and pulled the zipper down, exposing the same creamy flesh of her taut belly, and no sign of either panties or fur.

“Meghan’s not the only one who likes to shave her snatch, and you two are the only ones who like to go without underwear,” she said slowly. My dick was sticking straight out from the robe now, and I could feel the warmth of pre-cum starting to collect and actually drip off the tip of my raging cock.

“Go to Meg. Fuck her silly. I’ll be out in 15 minutes.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Deb walked toward the bathroom and I left through the other door in the bedroom, cutting the trip through the house in half.

“Oh my God! Mom didn’t see you like that, did…hey!” Meghan started. She was cut off by me jumping over the back of the couch and landing hard next to her, my cock slapping against my belly and my leg. I picked her up and sat her on my lap, her bald quim snuggling wetly against my thick pole. “Oh fuck, baby, we can’t…not with Mom in the next room!” Meg half-purred and half-moaned. She squirmed on my lap, letting my cock work between her rapidly heating and all ready dripping snatch.

“I don’t think your mom cares,” I breathed against her neck, biting her ear harshly. Her body tensed and her skin erupted into goosebumps. She only whimpered in response, her hips automatically bucking against my soon-to-be invading member. “Feels like you don’t care about what your mom cares or doesn’t care about,” I breathed against her neck, tickling the flesh directly behind her ear. The shower kicked on and we faintly heard the sound of the shower curtain opening and closing.

Meg stood up and turned around, flaring her robe around her. She put one knee on each side of my lap and reached between us, stroking her own pussy slowly with the engorged head of my cock. He both drew sharp breaths and my eyes rolled back in my head just before they closed. All I could feel was her marvelous pussy lips giving my head a wet message. She started stroking herself off with my meat faster and faster, and I could feel her marvelous little clit growing slightly larger and harder, her little love pebble soon poked from its hood and she made sure to grind my sensitive head against it firmly on each rapid-fire stroke. It didn’t take me long to have all of this I could stand.

Between my girlfriend’s hand job against her cunt and her mother giving me a blow job not 15 minutes ago, I was ready to cum.

“Ready, baby?” she hissed. I grunted loudly and she plunged herself down with a slurch around my steel cock and we both moaned loudly as I bottomed out and her bald little pussy slammed down against my groin. She squeezed tightly and rode me fast, rocking her hips back and forth as she bounced up and down, letting almost the full length of my dick slide out of her dripping box before slamming herself back against me, her clit mashing between us with every pounding connection.

“Oh fuck yes!” I heard my voice hiss. I felt my hips arch up, but I sure wasn’t making them do it. The room was filled with the wet slapping of our sexes, and the faint echo of Deb in the shower. I felt my meat throb in Meg’s velvet vice, enjoying the sensations to the fullest, but memorizing every ridge, every bump, every muscle clamping down around me to compare it to her mother later tonight. Just the thought of that sent a tingle up my spine like a rocket, joining the fog in my brain and the electric fuzz in my fingers and toes.

“Cum! Cum inside me, oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!” Meg screamed. I knew her mother heard that in the shower, but I didn’t care. After all, she gave me an open invitation to fuck her daughter in the house, but I had the sneaking suspicion that she wanted to watch. That thought sent me over the edge. My meat was being squeezed for all that Deb’s nearly-vibrating box could muster, the muscles trying to milk the cum out of me. The volcano of jizz blasted her pink walls as my incoherent mind sent me pictures of banging the hell out of Meg while her mother sat and watched, punishing her pussy ruthlessly with a dildo, begging to be next, both girls erupting in gushing orgasmic bliss.

I don’t know how many times I shot into Meg’s cunt, but I do know that she was dripping our cum when she finally stood up. I looked at her bald little beaver, and she giggled a little and separated her lips, showing the combination of our love, looking like frosting on her abused pink slit between those red puffy pussy lips.

“Damn, babe, what’s got you so worked up?” she said, wiping a hand across her snatch and bringing it up to her face. Her gaze burned into my eyes as she licked the cream pie off her fingers. My eyes were locked onto her fingers as she scooped a load out of her drooling pussy, drinking our spunk. They returned again, probing deep inside, her fingers curling and pulling a load out of her well-fucked hole, the wet, sloppy sound was a symphony to my ears. She teased me, sucking the juice from her fingers before sucking them both deep in her mouth. I could see her mouth and throat moving as her tongue feverishly worked to clean the cum off her fingers.

“Kids!” we both heard from the kitchen. Meg flushed and quickly closed her robe while I lazily folded both sides back against my body, the crotch of the cotton robe stained with Meg’s fuck juice; I wasn’t the only one who was worked up, she splashed all over my lap.

“Yeah, Mom?” Meg shouted back.

“Supper’s ready! Come and get it while it’s hot!” Deb hollered from the kitchen. I chuckled a little and got up, my half-hard cock sticking out obscenely under the fabric of the robe, the edge stained with cum splatter. Meg looked down and was horrified.

“What?” I asked, grinning sheepishly. I looked down and saw the results of our fucking dribbling down Meg’s thighs in a milky sheen.

“Fuck!” she yelled in a whisper. “Mom’s gonna kill us! You know how she feels about this!” Meg continued. I simply shrugged and walked into the kitchen, my pole a noticeable bump bobbing along the hem of my borrowed robe. I sat down quickly at the table and managed to not let Deb see me sit. Meg, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Deb turned around and caught the glint of cum on her daughter’s thighs and her head snapped up, seeing the tell-tale crimson blush of her daughter.

“Meghan ReAnne, what have I told you about boys and my house?” Deb demanded, setting dinner on the table. I couldn’t help but stare at the nicely shaped ass under her towel, a perfect match for Meg’s red silk, except in black. I also couldn’t keep my eyes from straying to the opening in her robe, exposing her creamy right breast and the hint of her dark pink nipple concealed only by the curve of her breast and shadow. My dick jumped in the robe and I felt the material slide a little bit, separating.

“Umm…” was all Meg could manage. Her blush deepened and she couldn’t bring herself to look up at her mother, she simply stared at the empty bowl in front of her.

“I told you no fucking them, didn’t I,” Deb said matter-of-factly, her voice even without being stern.

“Yeah,” Meg said meekly. Deb moved behind her daughter to turn the stove off, and with Meg still staring down, she lifted the front hem of her robe, showing me her freshly shaved pussy. If that wasn’t enough, she ran her finger along the ridge of pink flesh poking out between the twin mounds of her peach and licked it quickly before dropping the bottom of her robe back down again.

“So, here’s what’s going to happen,” Deb said, sitting down at the chair between Meg and I. “We’re going to have supper, and since you two are probably tired from your little escapades, we’re going to watch a movie and then go to bed. But, since you violated my rules,” she said, maintaining her tone as her face turned to me, “and my daughter,” she added with mock venom, “Meg, you’re sleeping in your room, and you are sleeping in the guest bedroom.” With that, she started ladling stew into our bowls.

There was one inescapable truth. The guest bedroom had been converted into the computer room long ago. That meant I was sleeping on the futon in there, but if Deb had her way, I was guessing there wouldn’t be a whole lot of sleeping going on.

Dinner went on without much being said. Meg mostly played with her food instead of eating it, and Deb was busy trying to sneak peeks at my hardening dick. Through out the meal I’d managed to bob it just enough to make it part the robe and nudge against the underside of the table. Deb seemed to drop her napkin most coincidentally and caught a nice glimpse of it that made her gasp. She tried to cover it with a cough, but I don’t think that Meg really bought it. After she dropped it once, I figured she’d want a second look, and I decided to up the ante.

I snaked my leg around the center post of the table and started stroking Meg’s calf with it. She smiled at the touch and I felt her legs part a little. I took my cue and ran it up her sticky thigh to her still-warm mound. Her eyes lit up and she breathed in sharply. Deb’s eyes shot over to her daughter and Meg tried to cover with a coughing fit. I took the opportunity to wiggle my toes under her crotch and I began stirring them rythmically, the knuckle of my big toe softly working her clit while the toe itself nestled back into her rapidly wetting pussy. Her eyes glazed almost immediately.

“So, what movie should we watch?” I asked, breaking almost 5 minutes of silence.

“I dunno,” Meg said, sighing dreamily.

“I’ve added a few to the collection, maybe you should have a look,” Deb said, some of the emotion returning to her voice. I noticed her robe had slipped open a little and I was having a good long look as it was.

“I think I’ll have to,” Meg said. I could feel her juices running between my toes, her slick honey lubing them up and letting them massage and maul her delicate flower even more. It was all she could do to not moan or cry out right there at the table, and the torture was delicious for both of us. I wanted to see if I could make her cum right there in front of her mother without giving a sign, but I also couldn’t wait to impale Deb with my twitching prick. My hand hit my knife and it clattered to the floor. To this day I don’t know if it was intentional or sub-conscious, but I know it got the result I wanted.

Deb bent to pick up the spoon. Meghan jumped a little and her eyes closed, her pussy fluttering against my toes like a rabid butterfly as she came. Her clenching pussy flowed freely with her clear honey and I could feel it welling out of her against my foot. My dick throbbed thickly as Deb’s eyes hit it. I kept working my foot, twisting my leg slightly, the movement catching Deb’s eye and she followed it, right to her daughter’s cuming twat.

“That’s it!” she yelled, slapping the knife back down on the table. “If you’re not going to respect my rules, you’re not going to enjoy the priviledges of my house! I’m not going to send you back out into the storm, but I don’t have to have you at my dinner table, either!”

“But, Mom…” Meg said, a stupid grin plastered on her face as her body started twitching.

“No ‘But, Mom’ is going to save you! Get to your room this instant!” Deb shouted, standing up to yell at her girl. Meghan stood and shuffled slowly off to her room, saying nothing.

“And you!” she shouted at me, winking. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, fucking my daughter in my house and then sticking your toes up her twat and making her cum at the dinner table!” she yelled, untieing the sash on her robe as she did. The flimsy garment slid open and I basked in her body as we heard Meg’s door open and close, the lock clicking loudly through the house. “Especially without fucking me,” Deb added quietly.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said, my eyes drifting from breast to breast, noticing their similarities to her daughter’s tits. Meg’s were bigger, but Deb’s were fuller. They had some sag to them, but those tiny little brown-pink nipples just begged for a good hard suck and nibble. I traveled lower, my eyes licking their way from her chest down her belly to her freshly shorn clam.

“I don’t want to hear it, even if you did!” Deb said, propping a leg up on the chair she was sitting on. She ran a hand up her thigh and rubbed her pussy, the flower opening wide and showing her glistening pink core. She was already slick with her own juices and she bit her lip as her finger hit her clit. “Get to your room, young man!” she said, pushing two fingers up her wanton box, her head reeling back. “Get in there and stay in there until I tell you to come out in the morning!” Deb said, a little less loud, her voice turning to husky velvet.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said meekly. “I was wondering, though, might I have some desert? I thought the stew was nice, but I’d really like some…” I said, interrupting myself to lean forward and dart my tongue between her fingers as she held her lips open for me. She was my first taste of older pussy, and I must say, she tasted astonishingly like her daughter, but with a little more tang to the taste.

“Pie?” she sighed as my tongue snaked around her clit, flicking against it lightly. “Ooh, honey, you keep doing that and I’ll send you to bed early,” she said, her fingers running through my hair, pulling me tighter against her box. I ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit and pulled away.

“Oh fuck, and here I was planning on staying up all night,” I said before slowly licking down her sex from her hard little clit.

“Oh you’d fucking better. It’s been years since I’ve had anything not made of plastic in…there!” she started to say, her voice cracking at the end as I snaked my tongue up her box just deep enough to hit her g-spot. Her fingers tightened to fists in my hair and she came, her pussy getting wet; not as wet as Meghan’s, but she still managed to coat my cheeks with her juice. Her knees started to quake and she put her weight on me, her hands sliding to my shoulders. I stood up quickly, letting my cock drag up against her body, loving the feeling of her soft skin against it.

“That was just the beginning,” I whispered against the skin behind her ear. Her whole body shivered and her knees almost did go out. I picked her up and pressed her against me, sliding her body back against mine as our faces met. Her nipples were fleshy pebbles against my chest, and I felt my cock slide against her slit, her slippery entrance almost begging to have me inside her.

“Bedroom,” she breathed out, her teeth grazing against my shoulder as she spoke.

“Here, now,” I said and lowered her, my dick sliding from her clit to her eager opening. She swallowed me faster than any other girl ever had, her pussy loose against my cock until I was in her to the hilt. Then, she clamped down, and I was in heaven. I lifted her slowly up, she locked her legs around my back. I felt my cock pull out of her pussy, I felt her juices running down my shaft to my matted pubic hair, mingling with Meghan’s cum from not quite a half hour before. She squeezed tighter and harder, milking the pre-cum from my dick until just the very tip of my head remained inside her, then I dropped her, hard and fast, her clit slamming into the root of my cock and she let loose a little screaming-yelp. Her pussy squeezed tight, then loosened, then clamped down again.

“Oh fuck, leave it! Don’t move it!” she panted and she kept twitching her twat against me. She pushed off me and I held her out, her lithe little frame felt like air in my hands. She leaned back until she was almost parallel with the counter, pulling my dick straight out and stretching her cunt around me like a glove. I could feel every ridge and bump in her, noting that she was surprisingly similar to Meg, but there was a vast difference in technique.

Deb came again, moaning loud and low as she fucked herself against my rod. I started rocking against her, pistoning my hips against hers and using my arms to move her against me, picking her up and moving her side to side as she bucked her hips in my hands.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, oh fuck yes!” she said louder, rocking her body against mine. I watched her tits gyrate in unison, the nipples running in opposite circles, one clock-wise, the other counter-clock-wise. No sooner was I enthralled by those dancing nubs did she reach up and pull and twist them, her mouth wrenching open in a silent scream. Her cunt contracted against my cock and she actually squirted against me. I’d made girls gush before, but this was full-on squirting. Every time I almost withdrew from her exquisite pussy, a splash of her hot cum shot out of her, splashing against me. After that, she didn’t let her muscles relax; they stayed clamped down, and just as she shot her 8th and final burst of cum, I started to shoot deep into her.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck yes!” she screamed. I felt 5 solid bursts of cum travel up from my balls and rush into her well-laid pussy, each time brought a small burst of cum from her and a rippling of her pussy that pulled my seed and made me only want to keep cuming until I passed out. My whole body was quaking and my mind was exploding as I unloaded into her. Every burst was an orgasm better than I had ever had with Meg, and it was clear that she had a lot to learn about fucking.

After I started coming back to Earth, I looked up from Deb’s abused pussy and saw Meg, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Deb saw her at the same time and she pulled herself up and let her legs down, her feet splatting in the puddle of cum that had formed under us. She stepped forward and my dick popped loudly out of her pussy, her legs still spread allowed her daughter to catch a good glimpse of the wad of cum that oozed slowly from her mother’s cunt. I felt it drip heavily on the tip of my wilting dick just before Deb turned around.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry, it just sort of happened,” Deb lied. She backed up against me and I felt her ass clench around my weakening dick, but that was doing wonders to get it back up. Her ass was coated in our juices and I wormed it between her cheeks.

“Bullshit!” Meg said, stamping her foot. She shook her head, her face a crimson mask of embarrassment and rage. “Bullshit!” she screamed and stomped back off to her room.

“I told you we should have gone to a bedroom,” Deb said, her hand reaching between us to slowly jerk my slippery meat.

“I think it would be best…” I started to say, but she cut me off with a squeeze of my shaft.

“I think it would be best if you just stop thinking,” she said, turning and dropping quickly, taking almost my entire length in her mouth and down her throat, sucking our fuck juices from my stiffening rod. She let it pop free of her lips, and it emerged ready for more. “Got another ride left in you, cowboy?” she asked, that devilish twinkle returning to her eye.

“Fuck yes,” I said, and we headed to her bedroom.

She ended up fucking me until almost dawn. I was so wore out from everything that I slept until way after 3 in the afternoon and I woke up to the smell of frying bacon. I stood up, stiff and sore in more than one place, and walked around to the kitchen, to the site of Deb cooking in only an apron.

“I think your girlfriend left you. Something about catching you fucking another woman. That’s not the exact words, she swore a lot and took the car,” Deb said, winking at me. I walked up behind her and grabbed her tits under the course material and pushed my rising pole against her ass cheeks.

“I think I’ll need a new place to stay,” I said, pressing her against me. She separated her thighs slightly and I bent my knees, my dick stroking against her ass and then finding her wet pussy, craving more attention.

“Oh fuck me. Stick that big fucker in me again,” Deb hissed. I thought it only too kind to comply, but I figured I’d tease her a bit first. I pulled back, dragging my dick against her boiling sex before rocking back forward. “You can’t stay here, but you can stop in any time you want for more pie,” she said breathlessly.

“Well, if I can’t stay,” I said, picking her up, this time letting my thick head slide half-way into her creaming pussy. “I’ll need a ride.”

“Fuck,” she sighed out long and low. “I think Meghan took your money,” she said. I slowly pushed further into her cunt, letting her juices flow out over my well-used rod.

“Well, I can call a friend and have him pick me up,” I said, my dick half way buried in her. I pulled out slightly until the crown was just at her g-spot and I hammered some quick short strokes into her.

“Fuck me, hard!” she screamed. “Quit teasing me and just fuck me!” she begged at the top of her lungs.

“Goddamn, woman! I don’t think I can keep you satisfied!” I said, bending her over and pounding her pussy hard. Her voice was a contorted scream of pleasure as her whole body shook. It didn’t take me long to flood her core with my white hot load again, but I knew this was just the first morning-wood, even if it was 3 in the afternoon.

“Really? You seem to be doing a good job…”

“Yeah, but I think I might need some help with you,” I said, grinning. Deb arched her back against me, squeezing my cock hard.

“What did you have in mind, you filthy little pervert?”

“Well, my friend’s going to want something in return for driving me all the way North,” I said. Deb almost purred and started rocking her hips against my already recovering dick.

“I think a fuck or 6 to get you where you’re going is just the thing for this old cunt,” she said, mauling my dick with her twat on every other word.

I grabbed the phone on the counter and slowly started to pump into my ex-girlfriend’s mom. My fingers flew on the buttons and she started to moan loudly.

“Jack, man, I’m at Meg’s house and we had a fight,” I said, our crotches slapping wetly together. “Yeah, it’s no big deal,” I said after a pause. “Sure, if you’re that interested about it, come pick me up. It’ll be worth your while…” I said, Deb cutting me off while screaming “Fuck me! Ride me hard, make me squirt, you bastard!”

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